Glitch from Police?? HELP ME PLEASEEE

  1. Ok so my teenage sim met an older friend. Her friend got pregnant and when she was over at their house she starting having her baby, so I had my teen sim take her to the hospital. But it was like 2am and past curfew, so a cop came and tried to take her back home. When she got out of the hospital, it first said she was going with the mother sim, and then it said the police officer was taking her home. She got in the police car, but then glitches back onto the sidewalk and now she's just standing there with 'waiting'. She's been there for two days and I can't move her. I can't even leave the hospital with a different sim. Every time I try to, it says 'you cannot leave the area right now. Police officers are investigating a disturbance in the vicinity'. She has zero energy left, and is getting really hungry but I can't do ANYTHINGGG. I HAVE OTHER CHILDREN SIMS AT HOME, I don't want this to make child protective services to come and take them away! I can't even go back home or anywhere else and I'm stuck. Please help me! Please!!! :((

    User Info: Anave1

    Anave1 - 4 years ago

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