Killing sims?

  1. On a couple of questions i read about people killing there sims. How?

    User Info: theraccoon13

    theraccoon13 - 7 years ago

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  1. DROWNING- make a pool and build a wall around them when they are in it (both walls and pool r in build/buy mode) The old remove stair case rule is gone because they will climb out. GHOST will appear blue in color.

    AGE- With aging enabled wait the specific time. (options can lower and raise lifespan or use birthday cake once a day to speed this up) GHOST will appear white in color.

    FIRE- Place a sim in a room with multiple fire places remove door and with in time will burn. GHOST appears red in color

    ELECTRICITY- Repair alot of electronics. Over time your sim will be shocked. the first time he/she will live but the 2nd - 3rd time is certain to kill them. GHOST will appear yellow in color.

    STARVATION- In options turn turn off will power to puppet and wait or lock in a room with no doors (both ways take some waiting). Ghost will appear purple in color.

    Ghost will come in colors... TRY TO COLLECT THEM ALL! :D

    User Info: freelancer33

    freelancer33 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Very strange way of wording ur question, but i think u want 2 kill a sim. If you've unlocked 'Firestorm' karma, you can light your sims up, just take out any smoke alarms so the fire department doesn't show up. I guess another way would be starving ur sims to death, I've never done it, but it seems logical. If u want 2 do that, just make sure ur options are set to 'puppet' under control and push X(i think) to save, otherwise they'll make food to avoid death.

    User Info: ValeriaRocks

    ValeriaRocks (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I've killed my Sims a few times - wow, that sounds really bad - but what I did was, I singled the Sim I wanted to kill out and trapped it in a room with no windows or doors (take the door out after they enter). The room had a fireplace with no smoke detector, so I made my Sim continuously poke the fire until the room caught alight, and if it didn't work, I used the Epic Fail karma power to lower all the needs to nothing. Eventually, after poking the fire long enough, the Sim itself caught fire and died. Then I clicked 'Return to Netherworld' when the option came up. Try something like that if you want to kill your Sim.

    User Info: tiffehkupo

    tiffehkupo - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. This is how I kill a sim, well a little need of cost actually,... build a pool, let the sim swim and build a wall around it... taadaa.. just wait until the sim died

    User Info: michaelkenneth

    michaelkenneth - 7 years ago 0 0

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