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Baby help? General
Backwards compatible? General
Can i download content from the sims 3 community page? General
Glitch ? Tech Support
Glitch from Police?? HELP ME PLEASEEE Build
How can I create a piece of furniture. Not just change style of one already in game? General
How do i fix a glitch? Tech Support
How do I lower stairs? Main Quest
How do i save sims when im out of the screen where it asks me to save them? General
How do you access the phone in Sims 3? Build

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How do i lower my fire meter, on sims 3? We can't buy anything else ? Build 1 1 week ago
Why cant i reset my characters without deleteing them, how do i fix this? (Xbox 360)? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
Can you change an already created sims hair cut? General 2 2 months ago
How EXACTLY do I enter cheat code "cheatsunabletrue" for Sims 3 on the Xbox 360? Build 1 2 months ago
how do I unlock secret home map on Xbox 360 moonlight bay sims 3? Side Quest 1 2 months ago
how do you move another sims u met in ur home? General 1 3 months ago
Where can I find a birthday cake? Side Quest 1 4 months ago
Why wont the game let me use the fishbowl? General 1 4 months ago
What do I do if my teenage sims are dating and one ages up before the other? General 1 4 months ago
Okay so on my game, it says the computer is in use by a sim but that sim isn't on it.. how do I fix it? General 1 4 months ago

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