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Mass Effect 1/2 Sidequest Influence Guide by Swoopalz

Updated: 04/18/12


By Swoopalz 
(Contact via PM: 


This guide will list which sidequests/optional missions from ME1 and ME2 
affect and contribute to ME3 in some way, either through gained/lost war 
assets, dialogue, etc.

(Use Ctrl+F and search for a specific character/quest/subject for quick 




Mass Effect 1


- Doctor Michel
If Doctor Michel is assisted during her ME1 quest and sends an email to 
Shepard during the events of ME2, she can be recruited as the Normandy's 
on-board doctor in ME3. This allows for Shepard to have Chakwas stay in the 
lab and therefor gain war assets.

- Jenna (Rita's Sister)
If Shepard convinces Chellick to remove Jenna from the C-Sec undercover 
operation, she will return in ME3 to save Conrad Verner's life by sabotaging 
the Cerberus agent. If not, Conrad Verner is shot and dies.

- The Fan (Conrad Verner)
See ME2 quest description below.

- Elkoss Combine License
If Shepard purchases a license for Elkoss Combine (from Expat (Volus, Wards), 
Delan (Hanar, Presidium), or Opold (Hanar, Noveria)), it will play a role 
during Conrad Verner's quest in ME3.

- Gavin Hossle
If Shepard agrees to find and then returns the data Hossle, a scientist 
working on Feros, requests, Conrad Verner will contact him and use the 
information for use on the Crucible.

- Michael and Rebekah
Not actually in the journal. However, if Shepard helps them, they will appear 
in the Sirta shop on the 
Citadel in ME2 and then nearby the Apollo Cafe on the Presidium Commons in ME3.
Talking to them gains a slight Reputation boost (+5). If they are not 
interacted with in ME1, they will still appear in ME3, but as "Arguing Couple" 
and only give +2 towards Reputation.

- Bring Down the Sky (Asteroid X57)
ME1 DLC. If the Batarian terrorist is allowed to escape, he will return in ME3 
during the batarian code quest involving Officer Noles. Shepard can either kill
him or convince him to fight against the Reapers with the allied species. The 
latter results in gaining war assets. (If Balak is "killed" he will appear in 
ME3 anyway. His dialogue should change a bit to reflect this. Not a bug. Need 
confirmation on whether or not it is more difficult to convince him to ally his
fleets with the rest of the galaxy and/or the amount of war assets gained in 
comparison to letting him escape. If this DLC is not completed, ME3 assumes 
Shepard let him escape.)

- Zhu's Hope, Feros Colony (Shiala)
See ME2 description below.

- Wrex's Family Armor
Bit of extra dialogue if Shepard helps Wrex recover his ancestral armor. 
Occurs only if Shepard sabotages the genophage cure and Wrex confronts him/her.

- Rear Admiral Mikhailovich (Surprise Normandy Inspection)
Regardless of your choices in the conversation, the 63rd Scout Flotilla assists
in the final battle for Earth. Gain war assets. However, if Shepard saves the 
Council at the end of ME1, his fleet sustains heavy losses, which is reflected.
Mikhailovich himself is not counted among war assets (+25) if the Council is 

- Rogue VI
It is revealed in ME3 that the rogue VI at the Alliance's moon base was used 
to help create EDI. Bit of different dialogue on the Cerberus Base mission if 
this was/was not completed.

- The Fourth Estate (Khalisah al-Jilani)
See ME2 quest description below.

- Captain Kirrahe
If Kirrahe survives the assault on Saren's base on Virmire, he will return in 
ME3 and offer his support for Earth. Gain war assets. If Thane dies during the
ME2 suicide mission, Kirrahe will sacrifice himself to save the Salarian 
councilor during Priority: Citadel.

- UNC - Asari Writings (Matriarch Writings)
If Shepard finishes his/her collection of ancient Asari Matriarch writings in 
ME1, they will contribute towards Conrad Verner's quest in ME3.

- Rana Thanoptis
The asari scientist studying indoctrination at Saren's base on Virmire. If she 
is allowed to live, there will be an email at Shepard's terminal that reports 
she apparently murdered several politicians.


Mass Effect 2


Squadmate Loyalty Missions should be completed during ME2 to ensure that each 
squadmate survives the final Suicide Mission (if desired, of course). Miranda, 
Grunt, Zaeed, and Kasumi can all die during their ME3 quests if their loyalty 
is not achieved during the course of ME2. Some minor variations in dialogue 
occur in ME3 with some other squadmates based on their loyalty status (example:
whether or not Thane reconciled with his son).

- Conrad Verner
If Conrad's quest is completed in ME2, he will appear at the Citadel's holding 
docks in ME3 and will be recruiting for Cerberus. Conrad will reveal to Shepard
that he has a doctorate in xenoscience and will contribute to the building of 
the Crucible. Gavin Hossle's data, matriarch writings, and an Elkoss Combine 
license (all from ME1) will play a role in the quest. Each of those ME1 
sidequests listed will only grant 1 war asset each, but the altered dialogue is
worth it. If Jenna (the undercover waitress at Chora's Den) is not assisted in 
ME1, Conrad will be shot in Shepard's place and will die. Only a maximum of 
5 WA are gained.

- Serrice Ice Brandy (Doctor Chakwas)
If Shepard agrees to have a drink with Chakwas in ME2 and then recruits her as 
the Normandy's on-board doctor in ME3, Chakwas will ask if Shepard would like 
to have another sometime during the course of ME3.

- Kelly/Prejek Paddle Fish
If Shepard has dinner with Kelly and she assumes the role of feeding his/her 
fish, they will transfer over to ME3 when Shepard talks to Kelly at the holding
docks. The Prejek Paddle Fish will unlock a gift from Liara.

- Normandy Crash Site
ME2 DLC. There will be twenty or so names on the Normandy's Memorial Wall. It 
is assumed these are the same crewmen who died during the Collector surprise 
attack and whose dogtags were recovered. (If this DLC is not purchased and 
completed, ME3 will assume that it has been.)

- Blue Rose of Illium (Charr the Krogan)
If the asari shopkeeper on Illium, Ereba, is convinced to pursue a relationship
(or not) with Charr the poetic Krogan, Shepard can then find a datapad during 
Grunt's rachni mission. The datapad can be returned to Ereba.

- Normandy Upgrades
The improved armor, shielding, and cannon that can be researched from the 
terminal in ME2 carry over to ME3. The medi-bay scarring upgrade does as well.

- Khalisah al-Jilani
Regardless of prior actions (ie. punching her in the face lol), Shepard can 
either: attempt to punch her again (which she dodges) or convince her to "keep
asking the tough questions". War assets result from the latter (10 WA). If 
al-Jilani dodges the Commander's first punch and the player doesn't follow up 
with a headbutt, she will sock the Commander back. If Shepard has punched her 
in both ME1 and ME2, but uses the Paragon interrupt in ME3, she will only 
contribute +5 WA.

- Minerals/Resources
The amount of minerals Shepard has on the imported ME2 save contribute to the
war effort as they are seized by the Alliance when the Normandy is grounded. 
The exact number of war assets gained is determined by whether Shepard has a 
"high/medium/low" amount of resources (100, 25, 10, respectively). Unknown 
what the specifics are currently, but most sources claim this relies heavily 
on how much platinum the player has. Over 250K resources with 15% or more of 
that total being platinum results in the full 100 WA bonus.

- Zhu's Hope (Feros Colony and Shiala)
If Shiala is left alive during the events of ME1 and Shepard assists her and 
the colony with the medical contract during ME2, Shepard will gain war 
assets for ME3. 30 WA.

- Matriarch Aethyta
If Shepard talks to Aethyta, the asari bartender on Illium, she will 
reappear at the Apollo Cafe on the Presidium Commons and can be interacted 
with prior to the Priority: Citadel mission. Also see the bit on LotSB below.
Slight dialogue changes depending on whether or not LotSB is completed.

- Overlord (David and Gavin Archer)
ME2 DLC. If David is rescued from the facility, he will reappear at Grissom 
Academy in ME3 and vouch for Shepard. He will also unlock a weapon storage 
room for the Commander (inside is a weapon mod and another Mattock). During 
Jacob's ME3 quest, Gavin Archer will thank Shepard for saving David twice. 
If the renegade path is chosen, Gavin will explain that David eventually 
died, but that he was able to determine more useful data from the project 
(resulting in more war assets). Either way, Gavin will contribute to the war 
effort and Shepard gains war assets. (If Shepard does not save David from the
Academy, it is presumed Gavin commits suicide during Jacob's ME3 mission, 
therefore no assets are gained). Gavin Archer is worth 25 WA.

- Firewalker (Mako vs. Hammerhead)
If completed, just a little easter egg-like conversation between Vega and 
Cortez debating the pros and cons of the Mako/Hammerhead. Can also be gained 
through completion of Overlord.

- Lair of the Shadow Broker (Feron's fate)
ME2 DLC. If LotSB is completed, Feron will survive. If it is not, he dies 
and Liara takes down the Broker on her own. Her dialogue also changes 
slightly to reflect this. Also, if LotSB is completed, ME3 will assume 
Shepard watched the video of Aethyta looking at a photo of Liara.

- Kasumi/Zaeed
ME2. Regardless of whether or not Shepard had Kasumi destroy the greybox, she 
will uncover the incriminating data. She and Zaeed are both counted as war 
assets when their ME3 missions are completed, 25 WA each.

- Arrival
ME2 DLC. If Arrival is not completed by the player, ME3 presumes the events 
happened, but that the relay was destroyed by some of the Alliance Fleet, 
resulting in lost war assets (-50). Also slight dialogue changes.


Thanks to MikeLeit89, Gigafreak gf, Dunncor, master_gamr1231, jamesz71kyle, and 
njorls for contributing additional information.


VERSION 3.2 (Last update: April 17, 2012)
Do not repost this guide without permission from the author.

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