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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 04/23/12


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* Game:	        Mass Effect 3             *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		360, PS3, PC              *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *
* Web:		www.herostrike.com        *

Version 1.0 - first version with just the single-player game covered. An update
will include romances, character fate possibilities,the ripple effect of 
decisions from ME1 to ME3, and a few tips for multiplayer.

Version 1.2 - Added the four bottom sections. All are pretty light but I could
see them getting no updates or major overhauls. I do want to get a list of 
multiplayer items, weapons, and powers, but I'm usually bad about getting to
those these days.

Version 1.5 - Revised walkthrough and added more stuff. Didn't quite get 
everything in there, but will follow-up soon.

Version 1.8 - Just a few things missing and I'll be done.

Table Of Contents
Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Starter Tips			( TIPS222 )
3. The Guide			( FAQ3333 )

	Starting Out			0001
	Earth: The War Begins		0002
	Mars: Race to the Archives	0003
	The Citadel: Part 1		0004
	Menae: A Primarch in Peril	0005
	Eden Prime: Prothean Artifact	0006 ** DLC
	The Citadel Part 2		0007
	Grissom Academy			0008
	The Citadel Part 3		0009
	Sanctum: Cerberus Lab		0010
	Sur'Kesh: Eve			0011
	Utukku: Missing Scouts		0012
	Tuchanka: Cerberus Activity	0013
	Tuchanka: Downed Vessel		0014
	Tuchanka: Cerberus Bomb		0015
	Tuchanka: Shroud Facility	0016
	The Citadel: Betrayal		0017
	The Citadel Part 4		0018
	Lesuss: The Ardat-Yakshi	0019
	The Citadel Part 5		0020
	Gellix: Ex-Cerberus Scientists	0021
	Noveria: Cerberus Fighter Base	0022
	Benning: Cerberus Abductions	0023
	Far Rim: The Quarian Connection	0024
	Perseus Veil: Dread Not...	0025
	Rannoch: Save the Admiral	0026
	Rannoch: Geth Comm Hub		0027
	Rannoch: Reaper Base		0028
	The Citadel Part 6		0029
	Cyone: Fuel Reactors		0030
	Thessia: The Temple of Athame	0031
	Ontarom: Communication Hub	0032
	Horizon: Sanctuary		0033
	Exploration and EMS		0034
	The Citadel Part 7		0035
	Cronos Station: Cerberus HQ	0036
	Earth: Full Circle		0037

4. Characters 			( CHA4444 )
5. Critical Decisions 		( DEC5555 )
6. Romances 			( ROM6666 )
7. Powers, Armor, Weapons	( PAW7777 )**
8. Multiplayer			( MUL8888 )**
9. Author Info / Copyright

** The Prothean Artifact is the first DLC and it can be done at almost any
*** Incomplete

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Usually this is where you find me reviewing the game, but this time around I
want to tell you how to use this guide. I don't think there is any correct way
to make a text guide for this game. I have chosen to go with a pure all-
inclusive walkthrough from beginning to end. 

You'll find that I played with an imported ME2 character who had everyone still
alive from ME2 and a much higher level from the start. Pretty much you just
need to watch out for when I name characters who are not in your game, or if I
leave out characters like I left out Kasumi Goto. If you are completely new to
this series then you'll have to adapt or just go with it.

Another thing is that I purposely left out spoilers and did not go over all of
the decisions with you. I may try to put a section with key decisions in the
guide, but I want to leave the walkthrough as a chance for you to do as you
please. Of course I will provide insight to the big decisions, but the small
ones are for you to make.

I will say one thing about the ending of this game: i am very disappoint. But
at least up until then this was one of the best franchises ever...


* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

On the 360 you can use the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to command the squadmate
on the left and right of your screen to go to a spot. So if you want both to
go to the same spot you will press LEFT and RIGHT in succession.

Remember to turn on special ammo.

Remember to equip the right weapons on your teammates.

You can only have one bonus power.

Shotguns are decent at range.

When aiming, pick a spot ahead of where your target is moving.

You have five health bars and you will regain only the bar with any damage. The
other bars will refill during certain checkpoints and by using medi-gel.

Using a medi-gel in single player will refill your health bars and revive any
downed teammates. You don't need to target them or anything to revive at range.

If you didn't see the tip, you can use medi-gel at range to revive a teammate.
You can get an increased medi-gel max by buying upgrades from the hospital
shop, which is always on level 5 of your ship.

If you play the game one way, paragon or renegade, then you will find that on
alternate runs you will have massively different outcomes if you go opposite.
Some people won't die, some will join you, some will be your enemy. And of
course don't forget that you can always go back and replay and import ME1 and
2 runs for slightly different outcomes. 

That all being said, it appears that the paragon path is the "correct" way to
go as far as having everyone be loyal, your army at the fullest strength, and
everyone being alive for the most part. Not to mention paragon usually leads to
the romancing and the sex.

With minor dialogue from allies playing you can still do stuff like open up
terminals to read messages.

If you want to get 10 wins in multiplayer it would not hurt, trust me. This
will quickly increase your readiness rating, especially if you pick and choose
the battlefields to the lowest readiness zones.

If you have an iPhone or iPad then go grab the Mass Effect Datapad app. Login
and you will get your accounts connected in real time, and of course you at
least need to sign in to the EA servers in Mass Effect 3. As a quick note just
be sure to spend your first credits on the reduced time upgrades and throw in 
a few readiness bonus upgrades too. Balance those out for quicker results. All
of this is to increase your readiness rating in Mass Effect 3. Be sure to
reload the app and upgrade before deploying fleets.

*NOTE: In this game you may not see the full effect of your EMS being tops, 
but perhaps it will at some point...*

If you have an iPhone or iPad and have the cash for it, go ahead and buy the
Infiltrator app if you are impatient and want to increase readiness while on
the go. As with the Datapad and your copy of ME3 you need everything online.

A note on readiness rating, you don't need to max it out. With over 6000
actual war assets it will only take a few sources of increased readiness to
reach your 5000 EMS rating for the best ending.

If you're on the fence about the Prothean DLC, just know that the rifle you get
can be almost game-breaking. 3 squadmates with those and powers is a tall order
for the enemy.

There is no sitting on the fence in this series. For the most part you want to
keep your character to the top or bottom options. Other than for personal chats
you DO NOT want to mix and match top and bottom options on key decisions. Aside
from rep options you open up by sticking to one side, some decisions require
this kind of consistency for the best options. Though you may think pure 
renegade will get you into trouble, the game is built so that "mean" decisions
are pretty much equal. Discretion is always key, as is this guide.

If you want a complete Mass Effect decision background to take into ME3 but
can't find or don't want to play ME1 (due to the Mako I would tend to agree)
then you can find a ME2 copy, buy the DLC that let's you choose the ME1 
decisions, and go from there. I doubt ME3 will offer the same service for ME2,
but ME2 is a game worth replaying anyway. Though with so many dead-end romances
from ME2 I think a paragon FemShep Liara run and a renegade BroShep Ashley / 
Miranda / Ashley run seem like enough.

* 3. The FAQ  ( FAQ3333 )                                                     *

Starting Out		0001

If you played Mass Effect 2 you have the option of importing your old
characters. As with ME1 to ME2, there could be issues, and you will most likely
need to further customize the face of your old Shepard if you want him/her to
look the same or different. You'll find that you have more tools than in
previous games, so your final version of Shepard will probably be your best.

And if you didn't play ME2 you will just make a new character who lacks the
specific story decisions a fully-imported Shepard would have made. You will
choose an origin and military service past that we have never seen, but it has
come up in a few conversations - it's not a big deal which you choose. Then you
can choose to kill Kaidan or Ashley or more, but it's best to just choose one
to die if you want to meet everyone else (I think).

Next will be your class, which are the same six from ME2, and you can change
the one you may have had in ME2:

Class: Soldier
Summary: Best with firearms, weakest with powers
	Adrenaline Rush - slow motion for a short time
	Concussive Shot - damage power
	Frag Grenade
	Incendiary Ammo
	Disruptor Ammo
	Cryo Ammo

Class: Infiltrator
Summary: Stealth snipers
	Cloak - difficult to spot
	Incinerate - damage power
	Sticky Grenade
	Disruptor Ammo
	Cryo Ammo

Class: Vanguard
Summary: Close-range weapon specialists
	Biotic Charge - instantly ram into an enemy knocking them down
	Incendiary Ammo
	Cryo Ammo

Class: Sentinel
Summary: Biotic/tech combo.
	Warp - powerful boitic blast
	Cryo Blast
	Lift Grenade
	Tech Armor

Class: Adept
Summary: Best with biotics, weakest with firearms
	Singularity - pulls non-armored units into a void for some time
	Warp - damage power
	Cluster Grenade

Class: Engineer
Summary: Best with tech powers
	Combat Drone - pet that can have a powerful missile
	Sentry Turret
	Incinerate - damage power
	Cryo Blast

Pick any class you want, but new players should go soldier and it's just my
opinion that vanguard is pretty fun and powerful. Engineer is interesting as
you basically have a constant pet.

On replays you will get to apply one bonus power, but first games won't have
this option from here.

Earth: The War Begins		0002

As the game starts you get to choose a few minor chat options, as well as see
an old face. As the game starts in proper, pause to turn on subtitles, adjust
camera sensitivity, and it's best to turn off helmets in conversation. You may
notice you can turn off decision-making, but that is very, very bad.

*NOTE: When you run into the husks, looks down to the right and you'll see a
very interesting sight (it's the kid).*

Follow Anderson as you get introduced to the fluid controls. You'll run into
six husks climbing to a roof, so test your aim and climb down to kill three
more. When you run out of ammo you can melee from a good distance and you will
rush up to strike automatically. You can also hold melee to use a power attack.
Go into the room for a med kit and bash the husk through the next door. 

Grab ammo on the other side of the cutscene and feel free to run the rest of
the way, espeically since you have to at the gap. Hop down for a scene before
meeting enemies called cannibals. If you are unfamiliar with shooting then you
need to learn the "pop and shoot" technique to gunplay. You simply stay behind
cover while focusing on an enemy, pop up, and shoot at it a bit before
returning to cover. Simply repeat as your shields and health get hit. There is
plenty of ammo so we will have major problems if you can't beat these three

*NOTE: You have powers, so use them. Bring up your power wheel (hold RB on the
360) and you can set shortcuts. Remember, you have to apply ammo to each gun
when you first use them.*

Cross the bridge and there will be a bunch more enemies around the corner. Just
do your best to keep focus on one target. You do have control over Anderson,
but there isn't much reason to use it as he does a good job of finishing off
whatever targets you start on. There may be one or two more around the corner
on the right, and then grab ammo and the rifle before using the radio. Then you
just have to keep fighting off the cannibals for abount a minute until you are

In the next conversation you may get a chance for a quick-time chat option, but
you'll need to push it while the other dude is speaking; of course it's more
points in that path (Paragon or Renegade). 

*NOTE: The PARA/REN choices won't have a huge impact on the game, but it will
shape how other characters interact with Shepard. Obviously, it's easier to
get someone to like you if you treat them kindly, but sometimes a little fire
is needed to get what you want.*

Mars: Race to the Archives		0003

*NOTE: It will either be Kaiden or Ashley, which only one can be alive if you
didn't play the previous games.*

Once you land you can upgrade your squad, and if you imported then you will
have many more talent points to spend. Each talent has mini trees where the 
first three choices are cut and dry, while the last three give you many choices
in team composition. It usually boils down to survivability versus offense,
and you should favor offense. For melee and close-range characters you may want
to go for more survivability. Don't overlook reduced times and recharge speed
bonuses as those equal more damage output.

*NOTE: Feel free to set your quick-power uses from the power wheel (hold the
shoulder buttons on the 360).*

*NOTE: For you and your squad you should favor putting points into the bottom
talent (the "special" talent) but don't forget to at least get the first level
or the strongest abilities too. It's a balancing act to start for sure.*

As you move forward there is a new weapon to pick up and around the corner will
be a gang of enemies to test you team composition on. Don't forget that you
can pause the game to pull out your weapon or power wheels. You can move the
camera while in these wheels to set targets for your allies' powers, or change
weapons to the range of your enemies. Don't be shy about using these wheels
and powers often; so long as a power isn't on cooldown you should probably use

Once you kill the first group there is another, and feel free to play
aggressive and flank them from the side or back, or just sit back and use
range - just whatever your class favors. Head into the building for a scene,
and after you will have a new teammate and drop James. 

As the next battle picks up be sure to pause and give her talents. Power up
her singularity because you will have a hard time hitting these enemies without
it. You can't get up there, and the lift to the left is broken, so just spam
her sings until they are all toppled. After the fight grab the med kit and
find the computer console by the vehicles. Use it and climb up there to reach
the door above. Through the door are several more agents, so get the jump on
them while they are talking.

In the control room ahead you will find armor, ammo, a med kit, and a new
weapon. Use the console and head out. Drop down and hold the "see" button to
watch the tram roll by. Grab the armor at the next ladder and go up. Hop the
gap and you will enter a cafeteria where you will use flashlights. There is a
datapad on the floor and when you get to the lowest level the window covers
will reveal Cerberus agents on the other side. You can blast through these
windows and they can't see you in the dark. You can then hop through the window
to hit them close up. Don't miss the armor upgrade at the counter in the
cafeteria. Hop over, grab the items, and use the console.

Through the door will be a few items, a datapad, and a weapon bench where you
can change weapon layouts and modify if you have upgrades. It's a little 
confusing how to work with it, but you should try to take only the minimal
weapons you need as increased weight will result in slower cooldown times for
your powers. Through the next door will be a pack of agents prime for a sing,
but beyond them are guardians who have shields that require getting around them
 baiting them for another to hit their backs, or the use of powers like
singularity to just wipe them away.

*NOTE: I'll refer to singularity as sing, so when I say "sing them to death"
you will know what I really mean.*

Then you begin a long fight down three portions of a hallway to reach the other
side. There are plenty of agents and guardians in your way, so spam all your
powers to get through quickly. It would be best to move left, down and around
so you don't get flanked at each portion. At the end watch the orange beams
through the glass and stand by the control. Press it when the beams are
pointing the farthest outward so you can go in for the items, datapad, and so
you can use the door to get out.

Follow the path to face a turret. This is essentially a lesson in how to move
while staying in cover. Just follow the objective markers and for the most
part you just need to hold the cover button and you will be okay. When you
reach the half-covers you need to point the camera to the turret and then
press over to roll in cover. At the corner be wary of the button to turn in
cover (click LS on the 360), and then you are home free in the corner by the

Open it and go in heavy as these troopers will hit you hard. After the fight
be sure to grab the item, datapad, and use the console. Set your team either
on the circle or behind cover up top. Cerberus will enter from the middle of
the floor level, so have a sing ready for them and slowly pick the rest off.
Enter the tram and use the controls. You'll get ambushed, but if you use some
powers you may take them out a bit quicker as a sing may hold them in air as
the tram moves away from them. Clear out the enemy train and jump on to take
it the rest of the way. 

*NOTE: Don't forget to level up, or to check for talent points if you overlook
the notices.*

The next fight is another big one. If you want, you can quickly clear the
immediate area and then hop into one of the pits so you can easily hit all
areas of the room with powers. Just be ready to roll away from grenades and
careful of flankers. When you clear most of the first group another massive
wave of enemies will rush in, so have those sings at the ready. After the
battle claim the two weapon mods, med kit, and head out.

After the scene just follow the target and when it goes behind a door just
open and use the console to open the windows for you to jump over. Just keep
following, taking some care to avoid the attacks. When you reach the top just
be ready to aim for the head.

The Citadel: Part 1		0004

You will hear Diana Allers blabbering, so feel free to talk and there is no
harm in agreeing to her request and in fact you should. Feel free to talk to
the Avina program and then go to the elevator beyond the security fields. Go
ahead and visit Huerta. 

Recruit Dr. Chakwas, and then talk to Dr. Michel who was in the first game.
Enter the hospital and there is just a doctor talking to someone at the back,
then just go see Kaiden/Ashely in the room on the right.

Now head for the embassies. Go left to pick up an overheard journal entry, and
then go right where an old lady is talking to a clerk if you want to hear. You
can enter the first room on the left to see your old reporter friend. You can
then talk to Bailey after for quite a few bits of info. Enter the next door
down the hall to get the show started. And of course you hear nothing but good
 Speak to Udina after it all ends and after you can enter the Spectre
area where you have an email terminal and store to very powerful and expensive
 As you leave for the elevator you will be interviewed and the renegade
quicktime options are there for you if you want them, but it's better not to
and hit the quick paragon option. James is also by the elevator. Return to the

There is a sequence where all you need to do is follow.

The Normandy: Part 1

The War Terminal is used to assess the military might you've accumulated for
the final fight. Without knowing much about the final fight it is safe to
assume you want to be as much a completionist as possible until then. You can
start with the people on your ship, to gain rep and make them like you.

You can talk to Joker at the front of the ship, there are messages in your
terminal, and you can get acquainted with Ms. Traynor. From there you can take
the elevator to any of the other four decks:

Captain's Cabin - Armor locker where you can change your Normandy outfit and
modify the colors of your combat suit. In time you can change your armor, but
there are only two options now.

Crew Deck - In the first four rooms you'll only find a model ship in the first
room on the right. Liara is roomed left of the crew eating area. Chakwas is in
the opposite room where you will also find some benches to reassign points and
bonuses; we don't have bonuses and it's too early to reassign points.

Engineering - Adams is an old face, there are two ships where Jack used to
sleep, and Diana will offer you a chance for a little extra rep. 

Shuttle Bay - Talk with Cortez to learn of his retail service of more expensive
merchandise from shops you visited, you can buy weapon upgrades, use the armor
and weapon stations, and there are quite a few models tucked in the corners
here. I say buy the upgrades for the weapons you specced for and apply any
upgrades you've found and want. Then go talk to James and get ready for a
quick bout. You have chances for rep, so take the ones you want but I believe
they will all cancel out if you take the same number of red and blues.

*NOTE: If you were not aware, there is a romance factor in this game and the
previous two. Liara and James are current flirts if you want, but be aware
that imports could weave a tangled web if not careful as more characters old
and new are sure to appear.*

Once you've done all there is to do, hop on level 2 and get on the Galaxy Map.
Not really anything to do outside of going to save the Primarch in the Apien
Crest system. If you are not sure about the scanning feature then don't bother
trying it now.

*NOTE: If you want to be an early completionist, refer to section 23 and 34 at
this time. 23 is the Prothean DLC which you will have access to now if you
downloaded it. 34 is about space exploration which is only something to think
about doing now for the sake of the minor upgrades you will find. But since the
space exploration is boring it is at the end. Also, Javik will need time to 
rest before going into combat if you get him early, so all you are doing that
mission now for is the free gun.*

Menae: A Primarch in Peril		0005
Exploration - Apien Crest

	Gemmae: all three on or around Pheiros, the two floaters being fuel

	Castellus: Digeris, fuel right of star

*NOTE: Exploration means within the nebula you can scan planets for creds, 
war assets, fuel, or upgrades. I don't have you go over all exploration at
once, and you can even do it at the end, but while in the nebulas or systems 
you could go ahead and explore. It may be better than and grand exploration
adventure before you start the final levels.*

As you land feel free to use a distance weapon or abilities on the husks, and
then you will engage them once you land. Clear the waves and hop up to go
around the fortifications to the base camp. You'll find items all over,
including a new guns and many weapon mods; one gun is on the rocky area in the
upper left corner and the other is in the middle lane on some supplies next to
a datapad. Speak to Corinthus when ready and after you have fully searched for
items you can leave through the side.

*NOTE: You want to stay on the straight and narrow paths here as you can get
an instant death if you walk too far off the trail; like if you try to find
the edges of the walking space.*

After you pass the pair of soldiers you will soon be attacked by husks from
ahead, so clear the wave that rushes you. At the tower you can send either
member to repair while you and the other fight off a few mobs of husks. Once
the tower is fixed your team is back to full strength and you will fight more
husks as you can head back to base after the fighting ends. 

Return to Corinthus and you pick up an old friend. Remember to give him talent
points before taking the gate to the next fight. You will run into several
marauders along with many husks. It's best to send your strongest attacks at
the marauders as they bolster any of their allies; use frags and big powers to
down them quickly. You'll fight several of them before the fight ends. There
is a mod near the front and creds to the right. 

Return to base and climb the forward ladder to man a turret. It has only so
many bullets, and you only need a burst to kill a husk anyway. They should all
favor one side to climb up, but occassionally one or two may take the other
side. You can always get off the turret to clear the barricade, but your team
should be competent enough to do that on their own. At the end you will face a
brute on foot. All you do is bullfight with him, meaning you let him charge
and step aside. Burn all your powers on him, keep your distance, and roll away
from his charge.

It's a long, long walk to the next objective, with a single husk ambush and
three items by some soldiers along the way. When you reach the camp quickly
start on the marauders before starting on the brute. The first big guy won't
be hard to down - just fall back to the left and kite him to death. But the
next pair of brutes will be a different story. You will have to switch strategy
and kill them first before the marauders simply because you don't have the
luxury with them cloggin the middle lane. There is a rocket launcher down the
middle alley, on the ground to the right, but you have little time to pick it
up before or while the brutes are bearing in. It's very powerful, so you will
want some distance from the target. Kill one brute, then the other, and clear
the area of hostiles before moving up to meet Victus.

The Normandy Part 2

Turn and use the console to speak to Hackett. Victus is by the war terminal,
and when you go out you are needed on deck 3. Go there and enter the AI core
through the medical bay. You can speak to everyone now and Garrus is in the
middle of the crew deck at his old spot. After you visit everyone be sure to
look at any new email, speak to Traynor, Joker, and the new girl. Get on the
galaxy map and leave the system through the mass relay.

You have many objectives blinking all over. With the emails you read it seems
like a good time to meet some people at the Citadel.

*NOTE: Now is a better time to go to Eden Prime if you have the DLC. All other
players should skip the next section. If you get the DLC later then refer
back to this section.*

Eden Prime: Prothean Artifact		0006

*NOTE: Must have the Prothean DLC or have the code that came with a special
edition version of the game.*

Set a course for the Exodus Cluster and land on Eden Prime in the Utopia
system. Remember, Liara is an archeology buff, and I say bring EDI. Head down
into the camp and go right to loot the shack. Use the elevator and you will be
thrown into a fight after. The nemesis at the back are top priority. Go up and
make your way to the right where a group of engineers will be waiting. Clear
it out and go in to view the first video. 

*NOTE: You have one chance to clear the side mission here. There is one intel
to the far left in a building, and one intel sort of in the middle. Those two
will pop your achievement. And the quest began in one of the first buildings
as you entered the area.*

When you go out you can take the right side path through a living area to
reach the third fight, and feel free to take the ladder to the roof for the
high ground. When clear head into the final shack for a computer. When you
come out there will be a pack of troops waiting, so clear and be sure to loot
each shack as you make your way back down the right side path. However, you
will be somewhat stuck if you do, so it may be wiser to go back through the
middle path and after the fight you can investigate the other shacks you
missed. The fight will have engineers, guardians, and turrets, so focus on a
type of enemy one at a time. 

Drop down where the bridge was and go left to climb up and get across. The
enemies will land where you came from at the start, so you can just defend
from the pod. The fight will be at an end when they come through the buildings.
As you have time before the second wave, run into the buildings as an atlas
will drop next to the pod and troops will drop in the open area; meaning the
buildings are the only safe places. Another batch will drop further down the
path you started from, so the buildings won't be completely safe either. Just
burn the mech down quick and keep your allies with you.

Go to the pod after and you will begin a long set of scenes and chats. At the
end of it you will have a new rifle and bonus power. 


Since this was DLC content and the regular players have no need for this, we
will just make the rounds of the Normandy ourselves. Feel free to upgrade that
new rifle, and FYI you can only have one bonus power. Liara and Garrus have
the most to say in passing, as will the people on deck 2. You will also get a
new email from the new guy.

*NOTE: It's very worth it to upgrade and have someone use that plasma rifle.*

The Citadel Part 2		0007

Huerta Memorial:

	Thane - He will be near the left window. He will not join your team.

	Sirta Supplies - Buy all the gifts in shop, and go ahead and grab the
	medi-gel upgrade.

	Ashley/Kaidan - They will accept a gift.

	Two minor quests to overhear.

Purgatory Bar:

	Aria - She offers a chance to gain war assets.

	James - Renegade quick trigger.


	Osoba - Info on a minor quest.

	Jondum Bau - Offers an investigation quest.

	Bailey - Best to suggest to see Sederis. 

	Udina - Just some dialogue.

	Spectre Office - Use the terminal to authorize hanar tracking and two
	engineers to join the Normandy. 

	Terminal - Check the terminal left of the elevator on your way out.

Holding Docks:

	Terminal - For the investigation quest.

	Front desk argument.

	Batarian State Arms - Mostly a shotgun shop.

	Overhear a minor quest.

	Kelly Chambers - If alive from ME2. Suggest she change her identity.

	Sales Clerk / Shepard VI - For lulz.


	Darner Vosque - Part of Aria's quest.

	Terminal - At the end for the investigation quest.

	Terminal - Revisit the same first one for the investigation quest.

Presidium: visit all the shops and you can access them from the Normandy

	Kanala Exports - Don't waste money on fish.

	Minor quest from a volus.

	Elkoss Supplies

	Barla Von - Nothing at the moment.

	Businessmen - Get war assets. 

	Narl - In the aparments you will complete another leg of Aria's quest.

	Minor quest you will pick up from Sellea near C-Sec offices.

	Sederis - If you choose to speak to her, the officer in the C-Sec
	room will let you speak to Sederis. Best to find another solution.

	Aeghor Munitions

	Cipritine Armory

	Nos Astros Goods

	Kassa Fab.



	Arguing Couple

	General Oraka - Part of Aria's quest. He sends you to the corner shop.

	Kannik - He asks you for an artifact.

	Liara - She sends you to Barla Von.

	Barla Von - Now he will talk (though you may need to leavea and return
	if he is glitched and not talking). He gives you a minor quest.

	Sayn - Go back to the Holding Docks and get him to take over the gang,
	which doesn't require him killing her. 

Return to the Embassies and meet with Jondum to the left. You only decide if
you pull the renegade trigger or not. It seems better not to, but it's your

When ready, return to the Normandy and there isn't much to do other than refit
your new weapon mods and maybe speak to EDI. Since we are on the task of
getting Aria's gangs to help, get on the galaxy map and set a course for Kite's
Nest. You'll need to leave the system through the green outer border and then
consume fuel to reach the Vular system to the lower left.

Exploration - Kite's Nest

	Harsa: Khar'shan, Verush, north of Dezda is some fuel

	Untrel: Adek, left of Adek is some fuel

	Vular: Vana, fuel NW of star
Fly over Vana and press the scan button and a meter indicating Reaper Alertness
will begin to fill and it will fill up more if you keep pressing the scan
button. If you do alert the Reapers you should quickly leave the system and
run from the ships before they grab you. 

But once you scan and the planet shows something is there, enter orbit and go
into the detailed scan. This scan doesn't alert the Reapers, so hold it and
move the cursor around until you close in on the bright white spot. Launch a
probe and you'll have artifacts. That is it. You'll notice a few percentages
by names of planets, systems, and nebulas as you leave, but those are just for
overall progress of finding stuff - you got what you needed so you should
leave. You'll have enough fuel to return to the mass relay.

From there you should go back to the citadel, speak to Kannik, and then Oraka
to complete the trio of gangs on your side. But you don't have to, and if you
do you won't need to speak to Aria after. You could complete some side missions
before going back to the Citadel if you want. If you don't, just remember to
conclude the quest at that time.

I say go save the students now. This is also a good time to go to Eden Prime if
you have the DLC.

Grissom Academy			0008

*NOTE: If you don't come here quickly enough, like you do other side missions,
then you will fail this mission.*

Enter the Petra Nebula and land on the Grissom Academy station. Feel free to
test out EDI in combat or whoever. Once you are in just move up and kill the
two agents to enter the room. After the scene, go through the doors and move
up to run into two more agents who have a student pinned down. Kill them and
talk to the student. There is an item if you go through the door next to the
one you came in from. Come back and there will be plenty of things to grab in
the first classroom. In the second you will run into a pack of enemies, so
take cover and use the explosives on the ground against them. Go left to get
a new gun.

Through the right door will be more items, another student in the left corner,
a locker, and a gun on some chairs. Move forward to run into another old buddy.
Take cover and get around the smoke so you can send powers at the robot. It
seems strikes from behind are more powerful, but however you get your hits in
will work. Blow it up and you can explore the area. There are many items
tucked away, including up where the students are, and then talk to Jack. You
can use the laptop before going upstairs because the next computer is in the
top room after you use the laptop. 

Head out and this fight is a big one. You start with a near endless stream of
Cerberus and a huge robot firing on you. Best to quickly go to the right and
engage the guardians that come out of the door in the corner. From this corner
you don't have the best sights on the enemies below but you are pretty safe,
and you are out of view of the robot. Just keep blasting the engineers and
their turrets when you see them. Once the enemies stop appearing, check below
for more through a doorway and then finish off the robot before moving on.

Take the door below to find a few items in a hallway that leads to the second
part of the area. This half is even tougher despite not tossing a big enemy at
you. There is no safe place for you to hide here except for maybe the stairs
just above the doorway you enter from. Anywhere else and you are putting your
neck out. Watch for guardians to come out of the doors to the left of the top
of the stairs. This fight will last a while if you are not a ranged fighter.

*NOTE: Opposite the tech students is a terminal with creds.*

The doors open after the battle. Kill the next two agents and use the top
option in chat for a quick solution. Hop over the debris in the hall and blast
the engineer to read a datapad on the ground. Jump in the mech and note that
you have a missile, single-shot gun, and a melee strike. Move forward and
engage anything on the ground that isn't one of your squadmates. The enemy
will come from all corners of the area after you blast the first group. Just
know that the missiles will fire low to the ground, so you need a mostly clear
shot to get a hit. There is nothing you can do but survey the area until you
see targets and squeeze; you may want to aim a little ahead of moving targets.
When the infantry are done and Jack tells you to watch your ass, turn to the
way you came in and another mech will challenge you. You have help, so just
get off a missile and pop bullets at it. Feel free to use the middle barrier
as strafing cover. You are free to exit the mech after.

There is a mod on a chair near the entryway, and then head for the corner door.
Feel free to decide if they are used as support or artillery, but remember
they were recommended as support... (plus you get a cool scene much later if
you send them on support, and I imagine it's a sad scene if you send them to
their dooms)

The Citadel Part 3		0009

The war terminal is more populated now if you want to browse. No one on deck 2
has much to say, but feel free to get the passing dialogue. Read your email to
hear from an old squadmate and your injured friend on the Citadel; both asking
you to see them. 

Deck 3 won't have much of interest other than passing chats. Deck 4 has a space
hamster you can catch on the lowest area (patience is key), the two old pals
you saved, and sorry to say but Jack is not in her old pad. The only person
with a meaningful conversation is Cortez on deck 5. Take the chance while down
here to swap, modify, and upgrade weapons (upgrades are cheap). You can also
buy mods from the shops you've visited for a slightly higher price. Don't
forget you have armor pieces too.

Javik would be at the lowest level of deck 4.

With emails read, return to the Citadel and don't take a transport.

First Dock:



	Asari Scientist - Will complete minor quest from intel you grabbed at


	Minor quest from the doctor in the other room.

Presidium: if you turned in the artifact and don't want to shop you can skip

	Kannik - Turn in the artifact if you didn't before.

	Oraka - Complete his quest if you didn't already.

Holding Dock:

	Preacher - Turn in artifact if you have it.

	Kelly - She has a new look if you told her to change.

Return to the Normandy and a plot a course for Sigurd's Cradle at the top.
Head to the Decoris system and land on Sanctum.

*NOTE: Don't forget to use Liara's terminal if you have any minor upgrades.*

Sanctum: Cerberus Lab		0010
Exploration - Sigurd's Cradle

	Skepsis: Watson, fuel left of the relay

	Decoris: Laena, fuel south of star

Go right for credits and a journal in the corner of the control area. Then try
to go up the ramp at the back of the room and you should run into enemies up
top. They are defending the computer, and you need to clear them so you have
time to open it and reveal the artifact. Once you have it, be sure to explore
this room for credits, a mod, and salvage, and then take the left exit out and
you should find a tiny room overlooking the floor where there is an item. 

*NOTE: Be sure to reload at the ammo piles in the major areas.*

When you return your artifact to the ship you will have to go back and get
another. For me, the second one was in the corner of the room on the right,
but I would not doubt the placement could be random. You will run into
resistance on the way there, and be wary of drops from above. Just go slow
until all is clear and then make a break for the artifact. 

*NOTE: Just be sure to get the medi-gel item as it completes as side quest.*

When you try to come back you will hear the ship leave and you should run into
heavy resistance. I say cut through the big lab area and make your way to the
left side of the landing pad area. From there you will just need to fend off
the attackers until Cortez arrives, and then make a break for the ship to exit,
regardless of if the coast is clear.

The artifacts don't go back to Kannik, but the medigel thing you found will go
to a doctor in the hospital at the Citadel if you have the time to waste, but
you know you will go back in the flow of the game so it's your call.

Sur'Kesh: Eve		0011

*NOTE: By about now you may notice some rep options appear on the left side of
the chat wheels. Feel free to use those as they are best.*

Enter Annos Basin and head for the ship. Depending on prior history you may or
may not run into an old, old friend. When Shepard is walking away you will have
a chance to grab some renegade points, though it is optional. 

Depending on if that certain old friend is with you, you may want to take
Garrus and Liara to almost completely reunite your old team in the opening
scene of this mission, as well as some nice dialogue.

*NOTE: If Wreav is here and you destroyed the research then you won't have much
to talk to him about.*

So if Wrex is with you you can talk to him down the steps for more insight on
the situation, but if it's not Wrex then it's another Krogan. There is also a
Major Kirrahe who was from the first game who will pledge support. Speak to
Padok and you'll go down the elevator. After meeting another old friend you
will meet the objective. When in control, go to the back wall for a mod and
log. You'll find the first exit is blocked, so take the opposite door and go
up the ladder.

*NOTE: Major Kirrahe may be replaced by a Tolan who will not be so welcoming
to you either way. If Mordin didn't survive ME2 then Padok will replace.*

The Salarians will be blasted and replaced with Cerberus, so be ready. Move up
to run into another pack of soldiers and dispatch them quickly before they take
cover in the lab. Enter the lab and the area outside the right side doorway for
three pickups. When you open the door you will need to hop left and jump the
gap to reach an item. Up ahead will be a meter of the pod, but you just need
to clear the enemies out quickly and it won't be an issue. Have them focus on
you, not the pod. When clear, go use the controls.

Blast the Cerberus on the ship, then go out the opening to face more enemies
on the balcony. Cut through them and make your way to the next fight where you
meet Kirrahe. Go right to flank but be sure to thin their numbers a bit first,
and to keep your team on your tail. Take out the engineers and then the turrets
so line of sight the turrets until then. Head through the door to the animal
lab where a lone subject is free and will be taken out. It's best to
immediately go up and engage the shooters on the second level, and once clear
you can rain lead down on the guardians below who should be fighting your
allies. However you do it, there is a mod, salvage, and an armor piece on the
lower level.

*NOTE: If you dilly dally at the final area and don't use the computer in
time you will face more troops.*

Bypass the door on the top level to quickly save the pod from enemy fire. There
is an item, log, and weapon in the furthest right corner. Use the power
terminal in this corner and then go defend the pod from another wave. After
that, use the computer in front of the pod. You will get hit again. Clear them
out and take the door near where you entered. Hop the gap and go up the ladder
to stop the assault on the pod. Clear them out and use the console. A huge mech
will show up, so if you can blow it up without having to move to new cover that
would be great, otherwise just fall back and finish it off. Once it is out of
the way you need to clear a few soldiers and that is it.

The Normandy Part 3

*NOTE: If it's Wreav, he will now talk to you despite how he felt before.*

Feel free to look over the army you've assembled, then talk to Victus to get
his mission. The Krogan (whoever it may be) will have much to say along with
the mission he gives you. Almost everyone on the ship is willing to talk, and
feel free to click the map to see where people are. EDI will talk twice; Eve
and Mordin will talk after the scene when you enter med bay; Garrus has a few
lines to recite; Liara doesn't add to her bit with Wrex (if it is Wrex); Allers
is having a spat with a crewman so I think you want to target him to side with
his argument; Cortez is up to the right of his normal spot; and don't forget
to buy upgrades for new weapons or improve old ones.

You have the choice of the scouts or the three objectives on the Krogan planet,
but let's get the scouts out of the way first.

Utukku: Missing Scouts		0012

*NOTE: Javik has an interesting bit to say to start if you bring. You want to
bring Javik if Grunt lives.*

Head to the Ninmah Cluster, the Mulla Xul system, and land on Utukku. There are
a few items in the room on the left. Head up for items in the next room before
talking to Dagg/Grunt if you want. Move up and you will arrive at the tunnel
entrance. Pick up the flamethrower and when the cursor turns orange you are in
range of the webbing. Burn through it and make your way inside. Around the
corner will be pods that explode on contact, so burn them to move on. More pods
will be up ahead, so burn your way through and move on. 

*NOTE: If you have the Prothean DLC you don't need the firestorms, and the
particle rifle works faster and webs, sacs, and bugs.*

You will run into a lit cavern where a new enemy type appears, a ravager. They
are walking turrets, so you will need some planning to down it. First you will
need to take out the husks that guard it, so run to the right and out of sight
of the ravager while you burn the husks and the little bugs. It will continue
to spawn swarmers, so kill them quickly. When the ravager is burned down it
will explode into swarmers. There is a weapon mod on the left near where you
entered. Use up your remaining firestorm on the eggs and webbing, then go grab
the fresh one, or the one up ahead. There will be a reaper console to burn and
when you burn the next web a scene will run.

It's easier to cut through the lower path, and there is some salvage through
one of the webs on the left. Around the corner is a husk, on the left is a
corpse with a minor quest, and grab a fresh firestorm on the right before
moving on. Up ahead will be a ravager, husks, and cannibals. Blow up the
little device that is in the middle and burn away the enemies while out of
sight of the ravager. Then strike swiftly to finish it off. When you move up
around the corner you will be hit hard by another ravager and many more
cannibals. Best to stay in the pits, but they may toss frags and cause you to
run away, but it's best to run backward. After the fight, grab the mod by the

*NOTE: Some sac clusters hide salvage.*

The pods up ahead will pop out a swarmer. Use your pistol ammo when out of fire
and just move slowly and use powers like singularity on groups. There is a
firestorm along the way and a mod. When you reach the krogan group, burn your
way to the room ahead and pop the console for a scene. Grab the mod and
firestorm to clear the pods ahead before examining the passage. 

The node you need to burn is up, and when you hit it the panel opens to reveal
a pack of enemies. Burn the smaller ones and then the ravager. Just push
forward to burn the next node as enemies appear behind you. Pick up the fresh
firestorm and head back to cut through more enemies. One your way to the next
node more enemies will spawn with a power barrier. Blast it first and then
burn the rest. Best to keep your distance and not try to flank. When you pop
this node you will have a heck of a fight with many smaller enemies and two
ravagers at once, all while swarmers are at your feet. You can't really flank
or get up close, so best to keep your team at distance. When clear, move up and
the scene pops.

*SPOILERS: These are decision spoilers and there are a few possibilities
depending on backstory.*

If the queen is artificial then you want to leave her to die, else she will
not be a reliable war asset. If the queen was spared by you in ME1 then you
may be best served to spare her yet again. If Dagg is your krogan then he will
die if you save the queen. If Grunt is your krogan then he will survive even
if you save the queen. I can only assume at this point that letting the real
queen die will result in some improved krogan war assets.

The Normandy Part 4

Go back to speak to Anderson on the vid comm, all on deck 2 have minor things
to say, Garrus is in the lounge, Liara will talk after a few rounds of silence,
Mordin only has new insights on the shroud, Eve has nothing, Allers has a minor
blurp that is not really worth the time, and Cortez and James have little to

Head to the Krogan DMZ cluster to enter Tuchanka for the first of three quests.
Put your cursor over the Cerberus site.

Tuchanka: Cerberus Activity		0013

To the right will be three guards doing a bad job of guarding, so feel free to
set powers to blast all three at one time. Make your way right so you can grab
some salvage. Any last enemies will be in the control room, so blast them and
the turret to clear it out. The rest of the area beyond this room does not
have items, so grab the mod, items, and plans on the console before using the
giant cannon. 

Power will cut off, so go out the front of the control room to retrace your
steps - going out the back way will be hard to get up the ladder. You will run
into a new enemy type called a Nemesis who is a sniper and requires a priority
kill. Slowly make your way inside the structure until all enemies are clear.
Blast off the locks of the power generators and use them to power back the

When you try to return to the control room a guardian and friends will be in
the way. Best to just go back up the front ramp to the control room, blast your
way in, and use the controls to end the mission.

The Normandy Part 5

Didn't want to put this here, but there are a few people of interest. Deck 2
has the usual minor chats from all, and there should be a new email for you.
You should know that sometimes the passing dialogue may take a moment to
trigger, so always wait before you engage someone or else you will miss that
chat. Garrus has nothing to say, but the email should and may have been from
Liara, who will ask to meet you in your cabin after. Adams on deck 4 should
have a new task for you. James and Cortez should chime in on Tuchanka, but
other than weapon or armor mods you don't really need to stop by. Head to your
cabin and invite Liara.

*NOTE: If Adams is not on deck 4 then you don't need to see him.*

Get on the map and put the cursor on the vessel site.

Tuchanka: Downed Vessel		0014

Best to bring Garrus for small dialogue insights, and anyone else but Liara is
fine. There is a mod around the corner of the start, and up the ladder use an
explosive on the husks for a quick clear. Grab the salvage and there is a
weapon up the ladder. You then will have the jump on four unsuspecting
cannibals, so make quick work of them to trigger a giant harvester to appear.
Just tear into it with armor damaging attacks, and maybe try to hit it in the
blue spots. After the fight, there is mod up the ladder. 

There is salvage straight ahead, a weapon in the corridor, and a mod around
the corner to the right. Hop down the ladder and move up to get the jump on
three enemies and a harvester will drop in. Quickly disrupt its attack and it
may just fly away, or kill it for more XP.

Down the path will be armor, a log, and salvage past the husks. A batch of
troops will be in front of a harvester ahead, but the giant will be chased
away easily. Around the corner will be marauders in front of the giant this
time. You can try to slip left and flank them after you chase away the
harvester. Down the path is a mod to grab as you hop down the final battle. As
the fight starts just focus on the smaller troops, basically hitting whoever
is closer. Focus fire on the brute when it gets in range. Move to the left
corner as a harvester will drop in. It should be weakened, so focus fire on it
before it causes damage and clear the rest of the area.

Approach the turians and you will get a follow-up mission. 

The Normandy Part 6

Oddly, you return back to the Normandy. All decks are full of just minor talks,
so feel free to ignore or listen; Garrus and Liara are in the lounge with a
few bits of dialogue. Maybe Allers has something, but I didn't take the time. 

Now hit the ruins to go after this bomb.

Tuchanka: Cerberus Bomb		0015

You start in a dogfight, so just focus fire and push up. I say push up the
left side, but do whatever works - slow and steady is an option. Once clear,
up the ramp will be a gun and then more enemies through the ruins. Hit the
engineers in both waves of enemies. Stay to the right side to blast the second
group from their flank. There is some salvage ahead, and after you climb up
the rubble you will face a squad. Past them is a med kit and a mod. 

Drop down and feel free to get the two soldiers before they zoom away. Some
items are where they vacated and then just move your way up the contested
roadway. You'll look at the bomb and then take the ladder to the right. Grab
the mod and head down the path. You can let the Cerberus guys go and they will
only leave a turret behind. Grab the items and head for the next ladder.

*NOTE: As with all final fights, use all grenades.*

You must now keep all the waves of troops at bay. You should just keep to the
area you begin, but you'll need to keep watch of both sides. The left seemed
to have less, so keep mostly to the right. After the first few waves centurions
will drop in, and once those are gone an Atlas will appear. It will not be
alone as more centurions will drop in, so don't go too far from home. Pick up
the missile launcher on the right and try to get the atlas and all of them in
one big blast. Mop up and you're done.

The Normandy Part 7

Everyone on deck 2 has minor chatting, and you smay have a mission in an email.
There honestly isn't much else to do but maybe visit Garrus for the most
interesting minor chat. You may also want to check and upgrade newer
weapons - just don't forget to actually use them in combat. Set a course for
the Shroud.

Tuchanka: Shroud Facility		0016

*NOTE: If you alert the krogan of the betrayal you won't be able to betray
them, duh. If Wreav is alive feel free to not alert and we'll decide later. If
Wrex is alive you should let them know of the sabotage.*

You'll notice there will be a major decision to make, so be ready with your
choice. I say bring Garrus and Liara as you face armor and non-armor. You will
start the mission by fighting off waves of husks, which should not be too much
of a problem. After a few long scenes you will be on the road. Grab the mod by
the forward truck and the weapon to the left, then talk to the scout. After the
next scene there are three items by the dead bodies.

Jump the gap and you can drop down the left side. Straight ahead in the corner
room is a nice piece of salvage off the wall. Come out and take the path down
to the next room where there is another wall salvage, and there is one more
painting down the tunnel. When you reach the ruins feel free to pause as your
squad talks. When you move up a group of enemies appear. Be sure your team is
in line of sight of the enemies to be useful. Either go big enemies to small or
the opposite. After you clear that group and cross the bridge you will face
two separate waves of brutes and friends. You can either retreat back across
the bridge or take cover in either corner beside the bridge, just make sure
your squad isn't exposed.

At the next fight you have best go left up the steps and stay there because
after you clear the cannibals two ravagers will appear. Clear everything and
move up to the memorial site. Once you reach the area where husks attack, stay
behind the first cover because once the husks are cleared two marauders will
appear to the left. Clear them out, grab the mod, then another in the corner
on the left ahead, and then drop down the right side to get away.

*NOTE: You may level up.*

A paragon moment in the scene with Wrex. You will start with a huge cannibal
assault, so hit cover and be ready to pop singularities all over the place. Up
the steps will be a new weapon. When you hop the gap ahead you will be in the
sights of the reaper. Just run and duck behind cover if you need to, but the
monuments will not be cover you can stand behind - it may be more cosmetic
than I realize but oh well, just run forward if nothing else.

After the scene you will have at least one brute coming at you. The reaper can
step on you, so watch where it steps and don't go there or it may crush you.
Now I believe the number of brutes you face depends on your level. On my first
game I only faced 3, but on my second game I faced 7; the second one having 
three waves of 1, 2, and 4. So whatever straw you get from the hat just be
ready to move out of the way. Hit the hammer on the left, clear any more brutes
that appear, and hit the hammer on the right. 

*NOTE: It could have been that on my soldier that by using rush I was giving
myself time enough to be stepped on by the reaper, because on my other 
character I was never close to being stepped on. Something to consider.*

If you have the old research, don't sabotage, and Wrex is alive you will lose
your pal. In which case it was best to reveal the sabotage during the chances
before, or do so now.

If you destroyed the research, do sabotage, and Wrex is dead you can save
your pal. You will need to choose "Delay him" or else he dies regardless. Then
with high enough renegade rep you need to choose "Why?" The paragon rep option
may have worked, but oh well.

If you mix and match anything in between, such as Wrex being alive and still
doing the sabotage then you will end up with less than if you go with the other
options. So if Wrex is alive you better go through with the cure. And you can't
save Mordin without doing all the above.

The Normandy Part 8

*NOTE: Adams will speak to you about a minor quest if he didn't already.*

You should get a summons to the Citadel, and after you can speak to Hackett
about the war effort. Through email you may gain war assets (though it may
only be by playing the past games). Garrus and Joker will be talking, and after
their jokes you can have a scene with them. EDI is back in the AI core on deck
2, and though I couldn't talk to her at first I talked to Liara and came back
to EDI and she spoke.  Go speak to Allers for an interview and if you are
positive toward the krogan you will gain some war assets. James has something
to say, but it's minor stuff.

Javik has a full chat.

Head to the Citadel.

The Citadel: Betrayal		0017

*NOTE: You'll be up against heavy shields, so Liara is a no-go.*

You land hot, so clear all the enemies out and move up one of the side paths.
If you can reach the sides of the door you can blast troops as they drop from
above, otherwise just clear them out. Speak to Bailey and after the scene just
move up to run into two unsuspecting enemies. Kill them an you'll have
sentinels and more in the lobby nearby. Take cover and clear the turret first.
After the fight grab the mod and look at the other items near the counter. 

In the next room you can get the jump on a few enemies, including an engineer
on the right. Clear them and move up to hit another clueless troop. Grab the
mod and turn on the elevator with the panel to use it. Move up to find a gun
on a body, and use the two computers in the top right room to open the doors
behind you. Now go back and check each room for mods, a gun, and a datapad. In
the next hall will be two enemies. 

In the next area there are creds and a med kit to the right, and ahead two
enemies will drop from above and more will be in the dining area. I say take
covere in the alcove on the left, but there aren't too many enemies to face.
Grab the med kit on your way out. 

After the long scenes you will be facing a bunch of nemesis snipers with
phantoms. You have to keep out of their sights and watch for when they cloak.
So if you see them go one way and disappear, chances are they are cloaked in
the area. You're best bet to to stay right and on the low ground and just
aggressively engage them before they can hone in on you. If you see a bright
red light you had better roll to the side or take cover. When clear you will
have to hop over and take a side path where you will find some creds on a
barrel. An atlas will greet you on the other side, so take cover in the room
and just pelt it before it gets too close. Finish off the enemies behind it
and take the door when done.

Hopefully you have two insta-hit abilities like concussive shot and carnage
because twice you will want to pop power sources on enemy elevators and these
kidns of ablities will ensure quick falls. The second one will have enemies,
so drop it to not fight them. The third one will be quick and troops will drop
onto your elevator quickly. The final elevator you need to jump to. During the
scene just be ready for a few rep triggers and I say it's best to hit them all
but maybe you don't want to - it's your call, but you should hit them all.

The Citadel Part 4		0018


	Authorize training at Spectre office.

	Turian in the corner at the back of the hall has a minor quest.

	Minor quest in the waiting area.


	Elkoss - Buy the conduit for Adams.

	Minor quest from the area left of the elevator, and another as you walk
	down the hall.

	C-Sec Officer - Item you picked up from Tuchanka will be turned in.

	Two people arguing.

	Officer Noles - By the C-Sec office. She gives you a quest.

	Two more people arguing in the office.

	Sommers - Also in the office. With high enough rep you can resolve his
	concern on the spot.

	Two merchants arguing.

	Liara - With nothing to say probably.
	Ereba - Turn in a journal you found.

	Kassa - Consider buying the Inferno armor set. 

	Minor quest from a guy in the middle waiting area.

	Arguing people at the cafe. 

	Minor quest from the turian in the corner by the cafe. 


	Minor quest from elcor near elevator.

	Jack - Will be waiting and hopefull has good news if you put the 
	students to support. Maybe choose paragon here.

	EDI - On the dance floor.

	Minor quest from asari at bottom of steps.

	Joker -  You should encourage him.


	Return to the Spectre office and authorize the four new items.


	Minor quest picked up from girl near elevator.

	Sirta has more medi-gel upgrades.

	Use the console.

	Minor quest in the left room of the hospital.

	Minor quest in the research room.

	Conflict at the back.

	Thane is in the back room. 

Dock 1:

	Use the console.

	Cortez - At the viewing with one quick rep chance.

	Minor quest from soldier nearby.

Holding Docks:

	Solik - He asks you to take some pictures for him. 

	Photo #1 - Near the memorial wall.

	Photo #2 - At the wall.

	Photo #3 - Guards as you go to docks.

	Nurse - Let's you speak to Ghorek, where letting him live is mean.

	Photo #4 - In the second holding area.

	Doctor - Gives you a quest to repair the medi-gel dispensers in this

	Kelly - She will be here alive if you had her change her name. 

	Dispenser #1 - On your way to the third holding area.

	Dispenser #2 - In the third holding area.

	Minor quest from the people at the end.

	Dispenser #3 - At the end.

	Console - At the end as well. Use a rep option to gain war assets.

	James & Photo #5 - At the card table.

	Doctor - Return to him once you repair the dispensers.

	Solik - Return to him after all five shots.

On your way back to the ship you will have a chance to recruit another old

The Normandy Part 9

*MOTE: In short, do everything, see everyone, and do anyone you can, lol. Also,
don't forget to equip armor if you bought.*

*NOTE: I think maybe Ashley doesn't have anything to say here, but Kaidan just
won't shut up.*

Traynor wants to speak, and there are many emails waiting for you. Traynor,
James and Allers should want to meet you in your cabin, and Jack should also
send an email saying she's at Purgatory - which we already did and she is not
there anymore. Garrus is in a new spot and your new friend is left of the
elevator - quick rep opportunity and a few things to say after (you may want
to skip renegade rep as you get a bonus power if he/she likes you). Go speak
to Chakwas for a quest. The engineers will update you on the part you
bought on the Citadel. Not much chatting on deck 5, but you can examine any
new mods, equipment, and weapons.

Now go to your cabin and if you got those three emails (and possibly if you've
been playing nice) you can ask up Traynor, Allers, and then James. Respond as
you see fit, but you gain war assets if you are nice with Allers. Play nice
with James and you should get his bonus power. Finally, when you hit deck 2
you should get a call from Anderson in the comm room. 

You are free to pick any of the many quest objectives on the galaxy map. The
main one is way up top, but we have so many lesser ones that we should start
clearing them as well.

*NOTE: You could go right back to the Citadel as we did pick up a few things to
do there, but let's wait.*

Lesuss: The Ardat-Yakshi		0019
Exploration - Nimbus Cluster

	Pelion: left of star for a fuel recovery site, Trategos, near Trategos
	is another fuel site, some fuel near the relay

	Agaiou: Carcosa

	Kallini: fuel left of star

*NOTE: I say Garrus and whoever is the new squadmate, but it's your call.*

Head to the Mesana system in the Nimbus Cluster and land on Lesuss. Look at the
shuttle, grab the mod to the left, and hop down the elevator shaft. In the room
you will find a console ahead, a note on the table ahead, go left first for
items in a room, then go right to loot the other corner room, and then examine
the corpse. Hop over the barrier to reach the door, and go right to pass the

*NOTE: You can roll to avoid banshee blasts at the last second because they
will track you down if you move just a little.*

After the scene, go right to grab a note. In the courtyard be ready for a new
enemy to appear on the right side. Banshees are tough and slow, and they
launch a big blast that appears to cause damage over time. It is best to keep
distance from it to give time to avoid the blast. Burn it down, stay away, and
then you will have a few waves of cannibals come from the door. After the scene
you can go left for a pointless look at a damaged door. On the right is a
computer and then go through the door.

There is a cannibal ahead and one in an area on the right where you will find
a few items as well, and there are more in the opposite room across the way.
Down the steps will trigger another banshee, and it may be a good idea to
retreat up the steps to at least reduce LOS of the cannibals. Burn down the
banshee at range and mop up the troops. In the next room will be a mod and
corpse before you take the elevator.

There is medi-gel on either side that you may want to save for the fight, and
then go to the bomb control. You will fight two banshees at once with a few
husks. Burn the husks firsts as you don't want them all over you, and then
have your team focus fire on one banshee at a time. You will most likely need
to run all the way around the room, a few times even, and don't forget about
those medi-gels. It's also just as key to keep your squad moving with you or
anywhere away from the banshees. Use the bomb after and during the scene be
quick to hit that rep moment so that you can recruit your friend to the war
effort by telling her not to stay. If you let her off herself then you can do
as you wish to the daughter.

*NOTE: If Samara died in ME2 or you spared Morinth in ME2 I'm not sure how
this plays out. Most likely just a random person helps or no one does. Morinth
will not replace Samara here.*

The Normandy Part 10

You can speak to Hackett, but he has little new to say. Traynor tells you to
meet Adams, and you should have a ton of emails from people wanting to relax
on the Citadel (apparently they all want to take a break, lol). The nomadic
Garrus should be in the lounge, and you should have found a special signature
on the last mission. Use it at the intel terminal in Liara's room and choose
one of the two bonuses. Adams will conclude the part quest and you will gain
war assets. 

Since all want to go to the Citadel, let's go. Just be ready to break some
hearts in the process.

The Citadel Part 5		0020

You cannot take on more than one romance, so now is the time to choose to deny
all but one. 


	Asari Widow - Near the steps leading to the mid-low shop area will
	take the fallen troops note.

	Kassa has a ton of new items.

	Liara - She will offer you the chance to hook up.

	Kaidan - Would be at the cafe trying to hook up.

	You can pick up a minor quest from a guy at the apartments.


	Javik - Will be just left of the elevator. (remember, he's is DLC)

	Samara - Opposite side.

	Use the Spectre terminal to begin a quest. (if you had Zaeed in ME2)

	Miranda - Use the new terminal in the office. 

	Embassy Guard - Now he will be by the office to the left of the
	elevator. Go in, play the recordings, and find the bug in the corner.
	(only if you had Zaeed in ME2) You will then be in the Presidium, so
	go to the apartments and check both doors to find him. Use a rep
	option to get both. 

	Kasumi Goto ? I don't know, but maybe this is where you will also run
	into her. Either here or some time soon. She was DLC in ME2 and I did
	not get it. Perhaps it was also in the Spectre terminal. Just check
	your map to find a point of interest.


	Joker & EDI - Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G....
	Trainer - If you explored the last nebula you may have her artifact.
	Otherwise no worries.

	Minor quest picked up from some nearby soldiers.

Holding Docks:

	Ashley - She will be at the memorial wall. Positive if you want to 
	romance her, so hit the quick rep. 

	Cortez - As will he. Hit the quick rep if you want a bonus power.

	James - He's in the first holding area.

	Zaeed - He will become a war asset if you did the previous mission.

	Kasumi Goto - I guess she will too if she's here or wherever.

	Tactus - Complete the quest for Chakwas.

	Kelly - Nothing new.

Dock 1:

	Garrus - He will have a moment with you, which I guess is the time
	you ladies can make it official.

With all that done, return to the ship - feel free to flip through the map for
any points of interest you may have missed.

Only Chakwas has anything useful to say, and she will send you to Liara's
special terminal to pick either a +5% health bonus or heal any scars you may
have. I believe the scars are only involved if you didn't heal them in ME2.
Either way, the health bonus is the way to go.

Again, you have many lesser objectives, and you are always free to break from
this guide and do as you wish. I say let's get more "side quests" done.

*NOTE: You may want to hit Eden Prime now as it is the DLC content you may
have purchased.*

Gellix: Ex-Cerberus Scientists		0021
Exploration - Minos Wasteland

	Fortis: Pietas, fuel near the relay

Head to the Arrae system in the Minos Wasteland and land on Gellix. You may
want to bring Garrus for the old friend you may run into. You have a few
to clear as you approach the fighting area. There are shield generators if you
want to blow those up quickly, but it may be faster just to kill the enemies.
It's a simple fight and after just go up to speak to Jacob if he is alive.

Inside, speak to Dr. Brown, grab the two datapads, and the speak to Dr. Archer.
There is a mod through the door and medi-gel through the next door. After you
meet Brynn you can speak to her again and grab two more datapads. Jacob is in
a room on the side with four items. There is a mod by the door as you exit, and
don't miss the turian poison data in the cornerfor a minor quest before you

Ahead you get the jump on three enemies, so pop the generator and burn the
engineer first. When you drop to the next part you will have enemies rappel
from above and you won't have many safe places to hide. You could run to the
right and even take cover on the raised area for complete protection. When all
is clear go turn on the satellite. Then you must turn and head for the roof.
There will be a ton of enemies pour from the upper rooftop, so lay low and out
of sight of the turret and mow them down. Hop up there when all seems safe and
then make your way forward quickly. Your team may clear any guys above who
cross the bridge, grab the mod behind the crates, and go up to finish any
enemies off. Go right to turn the first valve and on your way to the second
you should drop down the ladder behind the turret to grab a mod at the dead
end. Grab the datapad and gel before using the second valve.

Put your weakest ally on the repair and then get on the turret. It should go
enemies are put on the roof, down to the left, roof, down, and roof again, so
just pan over the area. Fire in bursts and reload between volleys. Use the
valve when repaired. You can choose to wait which allows you time to find any
items you may have missed, such as those in the med room, and when ready you
can use the console.

You then start under fire by a few soldiers, so clear and head back the way
you came. There are three more enemies in the bay, and outside are many more
waiting for you. Clear the quickly and set up a defensive position near the
bay doors as enemies will land on the pads above you to the left and right, so
you don't want to advance. You will have many waves to endure, and toward the
end a phantom will appear with many centurions. Once all seems quiet an atlas
will drop in as your final test, so lay low and burn it down. Mop up any
troops and you will be done.

The Normandy Part 11

You can make the usual rounds, including someone who may be waiting for you in
the crew quarters. You can run to and from James and Garrus to hear their chat
go on and on. Chakwas offers you something, and that's pretty much all there
is to do. I say continue knocking out the smaller quests.

Noveria: Cerberus Fighter Base		0022

*NOTE: Ashley and Javik with grenades make these N7 missions a breeze. There
is no reason to save medi-gel, so use recklessly.*

Land on Noveria in the Horsehead Nebula. You got heavy incoming, so you may
want to clear left down on the lower pad and then go right. From there you can
either take the left or right way; right being safer but you could also corner
yourselves. I say just stay outside taking the left path and clear the final
room. Then explore the area for items, and not using the computer console
until you have.

Once you do you will be down an ally and have to fend off attackers. You may
find it best to leave your partner by your other partner and then go right to
the outer area, though you will need to be very aggressive and not let your
other guy get swarmed. Then you must make a heavy retreat back to the landing
pad and it's best to this time go through the building, which means going down
the left path or else you will find it hard to go up the ladders. There will
also be a nemesis in with the group. Once you make it back to the starting
point an atlas will drop nearby, but if you are at the very point you came in
from then you can take cover and never get hit.

No use wasting time on the Normandy, just check your email, maybe visit EDI,
and head to the next mission.

Benning: Cerberus Abductions		0023
Exploration - Arcturus Stream

	Arcturus: Arcturus Station, fuel near Themis

	Euler: left of star is some fuel

*NOTE: Ashley and Javik with grenades make these N7 missions a breeze. There
is no reason to save medi-gel, so use recklessly. Well, with 3 particle rifles
they make all missions easy.*

Go to the Euler system in the Arcturus Stream and land on Benning. This is a
simple fight, just circle the perimeter for items and go where the fighting is
taking place. The key item is an armor piece at the very back. The fighting
will be thick, so just keep you back to a wall and move quickly so you aren't
swarmed. Enemies will continue to pour in, so just hold whatever safe spot you
initially occupy. Once you clear the first fight scour the area for items.

*NOTE: Don't miss the dog tag in the middle of the ground near the back where
you found the armor piece.*

Next you must fight your way to some civilians. Shouldn't be hard to fight your
way to them, but getting them to the landing pad will be difficult. I don't
think you need to hold their hands, but stay near them and pick off any
Cerberus forces you see. They can come from anywhere at all times, so watch
your backs. The landing pad will be the toughest, but taking cover in a
building is your best tactic, such as the one on the right. After the long
fight is over just get in your ship.

Nothing new on the Normandy.

*NOTE: If you don't have the Prothean DLC, now is a good time to get it and
still get a good deal of use out of it. And I can confirm that to this point
there isn't much you've missed without it. Now is a good cut-off point as we
head down the home stretch.*

Far Rim: The Quarian Connection		0024

Head for the Far Rim and visit the Quarian ship in the Dholen system. Choose
how the Quarians will proceed and that's it.

Perseus Veil: Dread Not the Dreadnought		0025

In the adjacent cluster will be the Tikkun system with the reaper ship. You're
bringing Tali (if alive) and anyone else (I say Garrus, if alive, lol). Be
sure to upgrade Tali's final talent and her combat drone, as well as her
sabotage ability. But the mission starts with you walking. Just find the solid
surfaces and twist and turn your way to the other side. When inside go left for
a mod and head straight to the ladder. Hop the gap and through the doors you
can go left for some creds. Go up the ladder to use the controls. 

Grab the pistol and just know it's strong against shields and armor if you
want to equip it. Look the the computer, grab the mod, and use the bridge
controls ahead to get in a fight. Clear the first few and move up so you can
flank or them from the left. Drop down the ladder for another fight and when
you move up watch out for the hard-to-see trip mines on the floor. Grab the
date at the end and head out through the door.

In the next few rooms are some consoles and two items including a geth rifle.
In the control room you will run into hunters, geth that can stealth. Hit them
hard, watch for cloaks, and careful for a few mines around the room. Grab the
mod and salvage before you use the main computer. Many more hunters and geth
will pour into the room, so burn down the visible targets as the hunters move
in; use Garrus' mines if you got em.

*NOTE: Your squad is immune to the cannon fire.*

Make your way to the cannon. You don't have a ton of time between blasts, but
you do want to quickly move up to the point where you can go right and through
a side area so you don't have to worry about the cannon, and don't worry about
the area to the left as there is just a few credits over there but you are too
vulnerable to take a cannon blast. You need to be directly behind cover to be
protected from the cannon. There are tons of hunters and rocket troops, so
use your medi-gels or keep your team close; the ramps are good points. When
clear, move up and use the console between blasts and more through the tube

The next fight has two halves; both hard to conquer. To the left and up is 
another ramp and this might be the best place to park your team and defend 
against the machines. Whittle them down and then go out to finish them off.
When you hop down the ladder you should consider climbing back up as there is
nearly no cover to speak of down this final area. Just push through the buzzsaw
and go up to the door.

*NOTE: I found a nice glitch on the above part. When you reach the ladder to 
hop down for the last group to fight, try not to "take" the ladder down. Try to
back up or stick a squadmate at the top so you don't trigger the animation. I
believe without the animation trigger you can skip the fight. Or it could have
been some other factor that caused the glitch, but it was more than welcome.*

There is some salvage around the lift and then go up. Be ready to run to
safety. At the top you should save your old friend if it is there. Grab the 
upgrade nearby and then take the lift up and just use the controls. Now begins
a long fight as you move around to reach the ladder. In your way are a few
hunters but most notable are the prime units which are very strong and will
require a lot of firepower to down. Best to clear the minions first. You will
fight one halfway and one at the end. As always, keep your distance and keep
your team close. Drop down the ladder and then follow the doors out. There is
always a path, so just keep ahead.

The Normandy Part 12

*NOTE: Of course if Legion and Tali did not make it from ME2 then you will
have dealt with generic characters and those two or one won't be here.*

Attend to the distress call so it shuts up. Legion is in the war room and has
much to say, then go see Tali, and Raan has a bit to say too if you care. You
may have a few emails, and EDI and Joker have a few things to say. Garrus has
a good chat for you and Liara and Joker should be having an small argument.
James should finally be ready for a long talk. Javik will have quite a bit to
say about the geth.

*NOTE: Don't forget any upgrades at Liara's terminal.*

Tali should have asked you to meet in your cabin, so do that to unlock her
bonus power. Then land on Rannoch.

Rannoch: Save the Admiral		0026

*NOTE: It will be dark and there are some mines in your path, so be ready to
roll away if you hear a high-pitched buzz. Also, best to bring a few overload
allies. Javik's lift grenades are good too.*

You are free to take anyone, but it's still geth you are fighting so Tali is a
good choice - plus, you never know if she will stay with you... As the mission
starts you will climb up the path to run into a few geth. Examine the corpse
and watch for the mine in front of the new gun up ahead. You have to go all
the way to the end of the path to get down, or a biotic charge to reach the
next group. More will show up, so kill the ones with rockets first. 

Further up will be the first AA gun, and it is heavily defended. You have to
focus fire on the white units who usually have the rocket launchers, and hope
your team or their powers will catch the weaker geth as well. Don't rush up
because more will appear from the right side by the gun. After the fight just
grab the Geth Spitfire, the salvage, and send your weakest ally to disable the
gun. You and the other will have to fend off a small group led by a prime unit.
Wipe them out, your other ally will rejoin, and finish off the hunters. 

Up the path will be a mod and gel on the left, there is another mod ahead,
some salvage, and a dying quarian. Grab the mod up the path. Go left for no
real reason. As you begin to take fire you can either flank from the left or
right. Right seems like the best answer since you won't have to climb a ladder.
Clear them out from behind, send someone to the console, and get on the gun to
mow down the incoming geth with ease. 

A pyro and friend will emerge from the door to the third gun, and when you
head for the console a small group will appear. One more time you need to
split up and man a turret. This time it will be pyros and a prime with a few
weaklings. With the turret in the middle you will just have to target what you
can see and go from there. Exit to trigger a scene.

The mission will conclude with you either saving the admiral or his people. I
think you need to save Koris, but it's up to you. You'll be on a gun fighting
off the geth at the front, and then at the back.

The Normandy Part 13

The war room won't be too chatty, and feel free to make the usual rounds for
minor talks with everyone.

Javik should be in a spat with EDI in the AI core. 

Read an email and head down to do the following mission which can only be done

Rannoch: Geth Comm Hub		0027

It matters not who you bring. You will see why. Just follow the path as it
forms and shoot the orange in your way. At the third stop you need to blast
the side orange areas and "eat" away the blockage. 

In the second zone you will run into a dead end. You will need to turn around
and clear the big solid block of orange. The orange will pop up in new spots
as you take it out, so just find the orange on the big block until it goes
away. Click the view button to roll the footage. Move up to the next solid
block to clear it like the first. Watch the scene, go up for another, and head
to the next zone.

In the third zone the first blockage will regenerate, so look up and hit that
spot before completely blasting away the part blocking you. At the first block
you will need to look to the left side for the weak points, and for the
remaining orange parts you'll need to hit two weak points. The next data block
will be the same as the last. View the final vision and head back to reality.


*NOTE: Ashley should want to see you if she's here. She's on the floor...*

On the Normandy you have an email and feel free to make the usual rounds.
Javik and James should be yucking it up in the mess hall, and at Liara's
terminal you should have two upgrades from the geth consensus. I went with the
power bonuses, but it's your call. Then head back to the final Rannoch mission.

Rannoch: Reaper Base		0028

*NOTE: Be sure to check your weapons as you start because mine were messed up
for whatever reason.*

Tali is coming, so bring another anti-shield player. You start out under fire,
so fight out of the corner and move down the slope, popping all your anti-tech
powers against the 16 or so geth. In the very corner by the wall will be a mod.
Go up the pipes on the side and climb up to meet a waiting geth, and then more
further back. There is another mod and when you climb up the ladder you may
need to quickly dispatch another waiting enemy. Hop up to the higher area and
the pro thing to do is find the ladder on the left, go up, and either shoot
the rocket geth from above or drop down for a close quarters flank.

Grab the salvage through the door, and outside there is a mod to the left after
you kill the lone geth. Then start cutting your way down the path as there are
just mounds of geth coming at you. Don't miss another mod in an alcove on the
right. When you get to the tunnel watch the left for a rocket platform. There
will be a new gun, salvage, and more salvage at the end.

*NOTE: The geth shotgun can be charged up, but it's more like a rifle as you
can't really move around well with it. It's powerful and worth trying in my
opinion, especially if you have a backup sidearm.*

*NOTE: The best way to use drones is to set them out just before a fight breaks
out, or at the very start. They can't be deployed during non-combat times or
they fade away.*

At the next area you'll run into resistance down the middle path, so clear it
and just know that there is a gel opposite the console if you need it. When
you use the first console you will spawn enemies down the left path, so hit
them hard. Use the second console and the elevator will come down bearing a
prime. Hit him hard and hopefully his minions won't cause trouble. Up the
elevator you will run into three primes and a weaker geth. Grab the spitfire
and burn down one of the primes, then another with the same gun. There are
spitfires to the left and right where two of the primes came from, so move
around to get one to finish off the last prime. The drones can get annoying,
so pop those when you see them. After the fight just run up to the platform.

When you fall just run to the hovercraft. You don't actually do anything on
the turret, so feel free to fire as you wish. After the stop you are tasked
with painting the red spot 4 times. The first one is not too hard as you can
just avoid the first beam and then target. The key is that the focusing of
your orbital strike will maintain progress, so after the first hit you will
have to run back and forth to dodge the reaper beams and then resume focusing
your beam. It gets quicker in the last two strikes, so you'll have to wait for
the reaper to swing by you and then fire, and you will see the indicators of
when you can focus; so if you can't target then you can't target and should be
running around. Also, staying to the back helps ever so slightly. Finally,
after four hits it will be right on top of you so you just look up and aim for
one final hit. You should have a renegade quick trigger, literally.


In the scene you will decide the fate of the Geth War. Will you kill the Geth;
save the Quarians; or try to save both? You will need high rep to have the rep
options appear, but I will let you know that you would want to start by giving
your geth pal the okay to upload, and then you will have a second chance to
stop the upload. This is the key when you have the second chance because if
you have an imported character but no rep options appear here you will only
be able to save one side. If you kill the quarians then you will lose Tali. 

There is no reason to not let Legion begin the upload other than you want to
spare the quarians and see Legion die another way. Short of that curiosity
which you can see on youtube, it is best to get to the second chance.

Other possible factors for peace:

	Koris was saved and you did the server mission
	Killed heretics in ME2
	Used a rep option to not get Tali exiled in ME2
	Got both Legion and Tali to like each other in ME2

You will know if you can get peace if when you have the second chance to stop
or allow the upload there are no rep options. If so and you want to save Tali
then end game and replay from the last save.

I know on my renegade import something must have been done to not give me the
chance, because I know I had high enough renegade rep for a rep option. I will
say that if you are rolling renegade it is of my opinion that sparing the geth
seems like a good moral call as the quarians made the mistake to create the 
geth and then kill the geth, while the geth could have destroyed them all if 
they wanted. So it's more a question of if you really want Tali on your team.

The Normandy Part 14

Hackett will have a few things to say if you know what to ask, and if you
haven't been a complete failure you will have a ship stacked with people to
meet from top to bottom, and then back in your cabin. Check your emails, make
sure you call Allers up to your cabin, and then head back to the Citadel. 

*NOTE: You should ignore Aller's advances should you wish to romance another I
believe. Otherwise it's at your own risk. Youtube anyone? Also, no one seems
thrilled if Tali is dead.*

*NOTE: Now is another good time to go explore for resources. Refer to section
34 or just wait for later. Either way is fine.*

The Citadel Part 6		0029

Now is the time to tie off a few more romances if you didn't before, well, if
you've got Miranda and Ashley on your radars. There is also Kelly if she lives.
You could always make a save file if you want to see both play out. If you want
the "pleasure" or turning people down, or just want to know if you even have
options, visit the girl you want last.


	Miranda - She will be waiting in the apartments. If you loved her in
	the last game now is the time. Remember, once you "lock in" a romance
	you can't change your mind unless you reload a prior save.

	Ashley - She will be at the cafe with her chance to seal the deal.

	Tali - I suppose if you didn't kill her she will also seal the deal
	Sellea - Quest turn-in.

	C-Sec Officer - Quest turn-in.

Holding Docks:

	Kelly - I think she will now offer a chance to hook up.

	Should be some new stuff in Batarian State Arms.


	Jacob - He will be here if you want to speak.

	Doctor - Turn in a quest item you found a while ago.


	Elcor ambassador will give you a minor quest.

	Spectre Terminal - Buy some things if you want or can. Should include
	three upgrades I think.

	Asari Councilor - Meet with her to take up the next priority mission.


	Cortez - At the upper bar. I think maybe you could seal the deal with
	him if you so choose. So fellas, be careful - don't let your niceness
	up to this point unintentionally lock you in, lol.

	EDI & Joker - Same spot by the lower bar.

No one should anything to say, and that includes any romancers you picked up.
We have a few options, and on the galaxy map there should be one more blinking
place in the Silean Nebula. Don't forget to apply and upgrades at Liara's

Cyone: Fuel Reactors		0030
Exploration - Silean Nebula

	Kypladon: Hanalei

	Loropi: Yasilium, fuel south of wreckage

	Nahuala: Hyetiana, SW of star is fuel

	Phontes: Dekuuna, Oltan, fuel to the right of star

	Teyolia: Nevos, Quirezia, right of star for fuel

*NOTE: Ashley and Javik with grenades make these N7 missions a breeze. There
is no reason to save medi-gel, so use recklessly. Consider trying some new
weapon and power tactics.*

Land on Cyone in the Kypladon system in the Silean Nebula. To the left of start
is an armor piece, and up to the left is a note, but don't go into the gas in
the area below. Go meet Riley and the path will open. Go up and to the right
to the crane control. Open it and move it to the right, use the middle control,
move it left, use the middle control, and then send it to the right to move
the blocks.

Use the vent and then go to the fuel rod control and grab the pda before
activating the fuel rods. Go back up the ramp as husks and a marauder appear
from the start of the level. Wipe them out and then go hit the two seals down
the way; there is a pda at the very end. Use the control after and then you
can send an ally to help with the other team, but that leaves you with one to
face a brute and two marauders. Whether you send someone or not, put your team
as far back as you can and you get to some other far away point. Focus fire on
the brute first and hope the collateral damage hits the marauders. Turn on the
reactor after and return to start where your other ally saved the other team
from total death.


The Normandy is mostly devoid of interesting things, and Tali didn't have
anything to say either. If you've been lazy before then now would be a time to
make the rounds of the ship to catch up with the dialogue, or you may still be
lazy and possibly still don't want to.

Thessia: The Temple of Athame		0031
Exploration - Athena Nebula

	Parnitha: Tevura
	Orisoni: Egalic, fuel far right of star

	Ialessa: Trikalon, fuel to the right of star

	Tomaros: Pronoia, fuel SW of star

	Vernio: Polissa, fuel NE of star

Set a course for the Athena Nebula and land on Thessia. Grab the armor piece
on the ground (check for more as you don't get a chance when you get on the
turret), and then go speak to Kurin. Get on the turret and mow down the brutes.
But you should keep an eye on the barrier as husks appear near it throughout.
You would have time to just kill the brutes and still mow down the husks, but
however you want to juggle them is your call.

Down the bridge will be some cannibals and a marauder, so blast them and move
on. In the courtyard you have a long fight to the other side, so stick to the
left and move up slowly. When you get to the end a banshee will appear after
some pop out of a hole in the wall. When she appears just get your team and
retreat a bit while blasting powers on her. 

Follow the path to the courtyard where snipers will help you kill the three
enemies, and to the right will be salvage on the ground and look up to grab two
more items. Up on their perch is a mod and new weapon. Take cover and blast
the waves of incoming before heading out through the opening to the outpost.
After the scene stay behind cover and just focus fire on the banshee and hope
the marauders die by other means. Hopefully the banshee stalls in a semi-glitch
if you stay still, otherwise you'll need to make her eat powers before she
closes in on your position. Once she is down you can let the chopper kill the
ravager ahead - it is providing good help.

Up the path will be a mod when you reach the balcony and a few waves of husks.
At the end when the harvesters appear you should fall back and hope your
teammates get to cover quickly. You can kill both harvesters, but start on the
marauders, try to hit the barrier generator between the harvesters, and just 
try to avoid the ravager shots. Also it's wise to set your team behind the long
piece of cover on the right and you take the small, vertical cover in the 
middle/left. You don't have to kill the harvesters, or you may not kill them
in time before they fly away on their own. Finish off the ravagers and then
go forward for a mod by the temple entrance.

Inside you can look at everything but the statue up the middle to learn about
asari history. Go to the statue to roll the scene, then go revisit each of the
objects until you have four link to the statue. When you begin the fight just
pour everything into him, and when he retreats to recharge you will be stunned.
From then on you just repeat until he ends the fight.

The Normandy Part 15

Funny how you are given credits for failure... Read your troll email and make
your usual rounds. A nice talk with Garrus should give you his bonus power of
proximity mines, and at 800 max damage it seems like a no-brainer but it's your
call (remember, only one bonus power and it's in the med bay). You may want to
go see Javik (if he's here) first and then come back up to see Liara so you
can hear Tali speak twice. Speaking with Liara should give you her bonus power
which is stasis and not too good in my opinion.

Traynor gave you a side mission, which is in the Kepler Verge near the main
mission, so let's go there first.

Ontarom: Communication Hub		0032

*NOTE: Ashley and Javik with grenades make these N7 missions a breeze. There
is no reason to save medi-gel, so use recklessly. Last chance to "test" out
different weapons. I say try a sniper, one of the widows would be good.*

*NOTE: Find the codes after the first wave. They are on a terminal on the left
and are for a minor quest.*

You'll start under fire, so cut your way up the right side, kill the turret,
and mop up any troops remaining. No need to explore the area as you will cover
it all. Just use the controls and then come out to the ground level where many
enemies will appear, or if you want to avoid them as long as possible you can
go up through the building path but you will face them all eventually. If you
go to the ground you can grab some items to the right on a support column,
and once you clear the ground you can go back and through the building to clear
any hiding enemies. There will be salvage on the right side of the map, and
more by the hacking point, including codes on a side terminal for a side quest.
You will then make a final push to the building which is guarded by some heavy
troops, so be careful and ready for close quarters combat. An achievement
should pop saying you finished all N7 missions if this is your first game.


On the Normandy you can make another round for minor chats, though at my
progress I only got something from Cortez about the last mission and it wasn't
exactly worth it. So feel free to see EDI and just go to the Shadow Sea.

Horizon: Sanctuary		0033

Up ahead a few phantoms and a sniper will be on you, so move between cover and
to the right for a safe spot and salvage. Kill the sniper from range and
go through the door. There is gel to the right, and in the middle of the area
are a few logs on the desks, so check all and the one on the left. Head down
the steps at the back and to the left by the car are two logs. And in the next
room are a few live troops. Enter the hallway and on the console you could hear
from a familiar person (unless dead), and grab the salvage nearby. 

*NOTE: There are barrier generators in most fights, but in most cases you can
just kill the enemies through the barriers.*

Use the water pump and follow the path to find salvage and an armor piece. In
the control room just use the middle computer. In the next room there is a pda
and in the corner you can use another terminal. Through the next door a pack
of husks will be waiting for you. Listen to the two logs before going out to
the middle corridor where a banshee and friends are waiting. Fall back into
the room and let them come to you, and when you clear the big targets you can
take out the marauders who spawn on a walkway to the left. Further up will be
a room with two more logs and a creepy banshee looking at you through the

Use the terminal in the next room and then grab the pda and salvage nearby.
Next will be two paths where most of the enemies will be down the right side
but some will slip through the left way, so watch your flank. Clear them out
and grab the gun down the right path, a log on the left, a terminal in the
left corner, a pda nearby, and then up the ladder.

Move up to the top level and start picking off targets, but you may want to
start with the barrier generators on the ceiling. Pick off closest targets
first and advance until clear. Nothing is in this area, but there is salvage
and logs in the next. Hop the gap, shoot off the cover on the tram, and use
the control. Hop over and in the next area you will have two brutes incoming,
a third after, and a banshee. Fall back to either corner to survive the
banshee, and kill the brutes with haste. Remember you can run all the way
around the area to avoid the banshee. There is a gel, salvage, and use the
model pod to open a pod in the room for a new gun. Take the elevator up and
try to resolve the situation with a rep option.

The Normandy Part 16

You should make a complete round of the ship. EDI should give you her bonus
power after a talk, and decoy can be fun, though I find the mine too useful to
drop. Tali should have a most interesting chat in the lounge, and Javik too
who should give you his second bonus power. Feel free to upgrade your new guns.

The Beginning of the End (Minor Quests and EMS)		0034

At this point you should make a save file and keep it.

If you've already got 5000 units (check the terminal in the war room) then
you only need to raise your readiness rating and would not need to explore. 
Feel free to fully explore, but beyond 5000 is not needed.

The endings of this game are varied depending on the army you've gathered,
decisions you make in the final missions, and decisions you've made prior. The
degree of that difference is up to you to decide after, but I won't spoil my
thoughts on it now. Suffice it to say, if you just want to end the game with
whatever ending you want, then feel free. There is really only one "good"
option in my mind and over 5000 EMS is the way to see it.

EMS refers to your effective military strength. Readiness is a tricky stat that
relies on three factors currently: your success in multiplayer, your play in
the iOS game Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and what you do in the iOS app Mass
Effect Datapad (this is free, hint: buy upgrades). Word on the street is that
you need 5000 army strength to get the best ending.

One option would be to just fill that bar and get all the assets you can and
go forward and see what happens. Worst thing that can happen is you see some
of the good endings. Or you could just play your game and use this thing
called youtube - I don't know if you've heard of it but it would save you the
time of playing hours of this game just to see slightly different outcomes.

The best thing you can do is to have started on the Datapad app from the
beginning, play a few multiplayer games, and get as many assets as you
possibly can. Having all assets requires a ton, and I mean a ton of work that
by this point is too late to change. But the below exploration will help you
tip the scales. Whereas a 100% readiness and less assets would be just as
effective, it really all depends on your ME3 situation. And again, at this
point in the game it's too late to change anything prior.

If you have followed this guide you will know that we did not once go outside
of the main, side, and N7 missions. So if you open your journal you should
have a ton of quests. I will call these minor quests and all they involve is
you exploring all the star systems you can. Below I will include a complete
list of every nebula, system, and the minor quests.

*NOTE: If you have the Eden Prime Resistance minor quest and already have
Javik it is a glitch that you still have the journal entry.*

Here are some tips for successful exploration:

-Once reapers are on your tail you can still scan while running away
-You can use fuel depots while running from reapers "no time to stop, just
throw it in the back!" lol
-You don't need to fill up on fuel all the time, 800 seems good
-Once a system has reaper alertness it won't lose it, so you'll have to either
forget what you missed or get them while running from reapers. I think if you
explored and played core missions it would go away, but at this point it will
-Fuel is cheap, and can be paid for off of what you salvage during exploration.
-You can avoid the reapers almost on contact so long as they haven't chased
you for more than a few seconds at which they are moving too fast to avoid.
-If you think you can't grab something in time try popping in and out of the
system to get a new spawn point.
-If you are in a reaper alert system and don't like the spawn point, just hit
the border behind you to leave, duh
-Fuel Depot locations: Annos Basin, Apien Crest, Athena Nebula, Krogan DMZ,
Horsehead Nebula, Ismar Frontier, Ninmah Cluster, Silean Nebula.

*NOTE: I'll say this a few times below, but if you find any special upgrades
you apply them at Liara's terminal.*

Hades Nexus
-Prothean Sphere
In Sheol system on Gei Hinnom
-Obelisk of Karza
In Hoplos system on Kopis

Hakate: Asteria, fuel near relay
Hoplos: left of star near border is fuel
Pamyat: Dobrovolski, fuel south of star

Sigurd's Cradle

Skepsis: Watson, fuel left of the relay
Decoris: Laena, fuel south of star

Hourglass Nebula

Osun: Erinle, fuel south of star
Ploitari: Zenethu
Faryar: Alingon, near Alingon is something
Sowilo: Hagalaz, north of the star is fuel

Valhallan Threshold
-Prothean Data Drives
In the Paz system on Garvug.

Micah: fuel right of star and something else too, Elohi
Paz: right of star is some fuel

Shrike Abyssal
-Prothean Obelisk
In Urla Rast system on Talis Fia

Xe Cha: Zada Ban, fuel south of star
Urla Rast: NE of star is something

Ismar Frontier

Aquila: Metaponto

Minos Wasteland

Fortis: Pietas, fuel near the relay

Nimbus Cluster
-Library of Asha
In the Agaiou system, on Carcosa.

Pelion: left of star for a fuel recovery site, Trategos, near Trategos is
another fuel site, some fuel near the relay
Kallini: fuel left of star

Athena Nebula
-Hesperia-Period Statue
In the Vernio system on Polissa

Parnitha: Tevura
Orisoni: Egalic, fuel far right of star
Ialessa: Trikalon, fuel to the right of star
Tomaros: Pronoia, fuel SW of star
Vernio: fuel NE of star

Silean Nebula
-Rings of Alune
In Teyolia on Nevos

-Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients
In Phontes system

-Dekuuna: Elcor Extraction
In Phontes, on the moon of Oltan

Kypladon: Hanalei
Loropi: Yasilium, fuel south of wreckage
Nahuala: Hyetiana, SW of star is fuel
Phontes: fuel to the right of star
Teyolia: Quirezia, right of star for fuel

Apien Crest
-Banner of the First Regiment
In the Castellus system on Digeris

Gemmae: all three on or around Pheiros, the two floaters being fuel supplies
Castellus: fuel right of star

Aethon Cluster
-Book of Plenix
Head to the Aethon Cluster and in the Aru system scan Irune

Aru: Cherk Sab, fuel NW of star
Esori: Solu Paolis, right of star is fuel
Nura: Oma Ker, fuel north of star
Satu Arrd: Nalisin, fuel south of Nalisin

Arcturus Stream

Arcturus: Arcturus Station, fuel near Themis
Euler: left of star is some fuel

Exodus Cluster

Utopia: Zion, SE of star
Asgard: Tyr, Borr, Loki, Terra Nova, fuel way NW of star

Kite's Nest
-Pillars of Strength
In Harsa system on Khar'shan

Harsa: Verush, north of Dezda is some fuel
Untrel: Adek, left of Adek is some fuel
Vular: Vana was where you found the Prothean artifact a long time ago, fuel NW
of star (you don't need to return here if you already got the artifact)

Hades Gamma

Antaeus: near the relay is some fuel, Trebin
Plutus: Nonuel
Cacus: Chohe, fuel near the marker to Dis
Farinata: fuel north of star, Junatauma
Dis: fuel right of star, Klensal (you can hit both with one scan)

Gemini Sigma

Han: Mavigon, near the relay is some fuel
Ming: Parag, fuel just right of star

Argos Rho
-Citadel: Kakliosaur Fossil
In Phoenix system on Intai'sei

Hydra: Canrum, south of star is some fuel
Gorgon: Camaron
Phoenix: right of Intai'sei is some fuel, Pinnacle Station

Attican Beta

Hercules: Eletania, fuel south of star
Theseus: Feros, fuel left of Feros

Nubian Expanse

Dakka: Pragia, fuel SE of star
Qertassi: Norehsa, north of Norehsa is some fuel
Kalabsha: Yamm, NE of star is some fuel

The Citadel Part 7		0035

And here is a quick list of where the quest-givers were as you and I have most
likely forgotten, as well as anyone else of interest:

Commons: Volus left of elevator, bank teller nearby, asari scientist nearby,
researcher on the top courtyard, a C-Sec officer at the cafe, and a salarian
in the apartments.

Holding Docks: Refugee at the end and the preacher in the first alcove.

Embassies: Diplomat to the left, elcor ambassador to the right, asari near the
elcor, and Officer Dellk at the end of the hallway. In your Spectre office you
can authorize Riley if she survived the fuel mission a while back.

*NOTE: The quest for the cerberus codes can be bought at the Spectre terminal
if you missed them in the last N7 mission. You can also buy out the Reaper
Code Fragments and Target Jamming minor quests the same way.*

Huerta: Consultant near the elevator, may as well get all the medi-gel upgrades
 speak to Dr. Silon, and another doctor further back.

Purgatory: Elcor near the elevator, turian officer in the lower bar, asari
near the dance floor steps

Dock Level 1: A soldier by the Normandy door.

If you didn't meet all the people to turn in quests then it means you didn't
get the artifact from the exploration above. It's okay to come here after some
exploration because the Citadel refuels you. You can also run around to the
shops as upgrades move around once bought, or just eat the 10% markup and hit
the Normandy terminal.

When all minor quests are complete (that one Eden Prime quest is glitched),
and you have all but some fuel nodes from exploration, you are pretty much
done with everything in the game and are ready to finish the fight.

And if you did all that exploration you should have a ton of upgrades in
Liara's room.


Feel free to make a last run through your crew if you didn't make rounds every
time before. They shouldn't have anything new if you have. Go ahead and
buy/modify weapons and armor as that money won't do any good in your pocket.

Go ahead and assess your war assets one last time. You should easily have 6000
total, but at only 50% readiness you won't be in line for the best endings.
Though it's a rumor you can get the best endings in single-player only, feel
free to hit up some multiplayer or the iOS games if you want. Otherwise just
make a save file, keep it there, and head out.

*NOTE: It took me a good solid weekend of multiplayer to go from 50% to 100%.
I had a little bit of the Datapad going, but all I did was rotate around to
the sectors with the least readiness and in time the overall readiness went up
as well. Again, you don't need 100%, I just did it so I could get the

Cronos Station: Cerberus HQ		0036

Head to the Horsehead Nebula and enter the Anadius system and land on the
Cronos Station when ready to go. You will also seal a romance here, so be
ready for action! Not a bad idea to bring your bed buddy for at least one part,
but it's just minor.

*NOTE: I believe the second atlas you face you can snipe the glass to hijack
the mech for the hijack achievement. Or you could come back after you beat the
game as this is the point you return to.*

You will bring EDI so bring almost anyone else, but range would be nice. You
start out under heavy infantry fire, so slowly peek out and clear targets. An
atlas will drop in, so blast it quickly. At some point you need to hit the
sniper up to the left. When clear go up that ladder and use the controls.
Three troops will try to ambush you, and further down the path another pack
will be waiting for you to cross the walkway. Clear them, use the controls,
grab a pda, and drop down. After you use the controls on the floor to make an
entrance, an atlas will show up, You should be able to clear it yourself, but
know that there is an atlas suit to the left that you can take. It will be
useful in handling the one to the opposite right. Blast it away and hop out.

*NOTE: If you lose health bars don't be shy to using gel to regain them.*

Go through the opening is a door and drop down the ladder. A few troops will
zero in on you, and there is a sniper at the end so flank from the right.
There is salvage in the corner and then go up the ladder. Then you just fight
through a ton of engineers and troopers. As always, flanking is a good idea.
There is a pda and ammo through the next door, and then be sure NOT to jump
down the hole in the wall and continue into the nearby room for an armor piece
and another terminal. Then go back and drop down the hole.

Ahead will be a bunch of strong soldiers, such as phantoms and nemesis, so
either keep or close the distance and keep your line of sight on them. Up a
ladder you will run into a small group. Before you take the exit door, turn
around for some items on the walkway, and then there will be the same items in
the room. Head up to the main room.

This fight has three phases, and at all times you want to avoid him until you
have nothing else to do. As it starts pump lead into him while moving away. He
will go to the top of the room and smash the floor, so get away and be ready
to blast a few troops first. Burn him down again and he will run to the right
of the room and bring down more troops. Again blast them first and have your
team occupy that foxhole for when the boss runs to the left. This time he will
summon two phantoms who need to die quickly. Remember they will be vulnerable
to biotic powers when their health bars are showing. Then blast away the boss'
shields and he will die quickly when his health is exposed. During the scene
be ready for a quick renegade save.

The Normandy Part 17

*NOTE: You can't make a save, so it's all autosaves from here. And don't worry
if you want to play a different character you've made, all career saves are
separate. So you don't have one autosave file for all.*

Hit up everyone: Traynor, EDI, Joker, Liara, Kai/Ash, Chakwas, Tali & Garrus
(who should be together if you weren't romancing either), Javik, each engineer
once, Allers once, James, and then you may as well buy everything you can from
the Normandy's shop connection, and go over all of your weapon and armor

One last time, don't forget any upgrades you may have found while exploring
the universe. They can be applied at Liara's terminal.

And then you have only one place you can go: earth.

Earth: Full Circle		0037

For my squad selection I took Javik and Garrus, both with particle rifles, but
feel free to mix it up a bit more. If you are saving any talent points, now is
the time to blow them all unless you are fairly close to a level up and want a
big final perk. Otherwise just spend all you got.

You start at the bottom of a slope and need to fight your way up. Move up to
the right and clear the steps so you can get up. It's best to set up shop at
the very top of the steps rather than going to a side. You want as much time
as possible and with as much time to have a line of fire on the two brutes
that will be incoming from the right; one after the other thankfully. It's a
tough fight, but just stay alive and pop your powers as often as possible.
Watch the right for the brutes and burn them fast. Once the brutes are dealt
with you can then move up the left side. As you approach the corner a few
cannibals will come down the rubble. Scour for ammo if you need and go up the

A few enemies will be standing between you and the crash site. Fight your way
to it and once clear pick up the gun on the ground. Go back to where you
entered the rooftop and fire at the huge reaper from there; just squeeze and
hold at it's body and it will fire automatically. There will be a long pause
and you just need to wait until enemies appear at the other end. You simply
hold the change weapon button to drop that depleted gun (hold X on the 360 or
use your weapon wheel), and clear the banshee and friends. When the shuttle
arrives quickly cut a hole and just make a dash for it, blowing any gels you
must in the process. A biotic charge comes in most handy and however you get
to the shuttle just run to leap to it.


Inside there is a quick rep option and you will soon be in a safe place. James
will be on the street below and Kaidan or Ashley will be at the other end by
the door. Inside you can talk to a number of old squadmates at the terminal;
with added dialogue from those you were nice to. Now go up the rubble of the
building to find Victus and Garrus, and with Garrus is a quick rep moment.
Through the door you will get on a turret where you just fight off a few enemy
forces. Then you will meet Liara through the next door, and then grab the gel
nearby. There is a pda in the next hallway, and your Krogan ally through the
door. In the last room you will find more gel, Tali, and EDI. Then speak to

*NOTE: You cannot make a save file. And Javik was somewhere, possibly behind 

Now you make your final squad selection. You'll be fighting brutes, cannibals,
harvesters, and marauders, so just make sure to bring a good mix of allies.
You start with a small group, and after the tank is destroyed you will fight
another small group. Further up you will face a harvester with a tougher group
on the ground. A banshe will join in and more enemies show up, so it's best to
fall back a bit. Clear it all out and go into the parking garage. You will
face a few husks and then two brutes at one time, so fall back as needed. Up
the ladder you will get the chance to ambush some ravagers and turret gunners,
so hit them hard and clear them out. There is gel and ammo.

The door will have husks on the other side, and in the street just hang back as
a ravager will be on the mound of rubble at the other end. Just move up slowly
and stay out of the ravager's line of sight while you deal with the waves of
marauders first, or the other way around if you like. When almost done a brute
will show up with some husks. Clear them out and then you must fight your way
through a grocery store. Start by out-flanking them to the right and then just
power up the middle. 

You have to fight out of the hole in the street and into the corner of the
building. Through the door will be a huge group of enemies waiting, so sit
back and be patient. There are many more in the alley, capped with a brute.
Use the gel here if you must and push forward to run into two brutes at the
end. Fall back and hit them hard. There is a pda and ammo before you take the
door to watch a scene.

A few cannibals are spread out. Use the first missile controls and get ready
for a big incoming from the direction of the reaper. It's a bunch of marauders,
cannibals, and some husks, and I say to the right of the missile is a good
place to set up shop. Now you have to defend the left side from just small
troops at first, but soon a constant stream of banshees will be incoming. Fall
back as far as you want and survive the banshees. When clear, go use the back
missile controls. 

Now it all goes to shit. You have at least four brutes honing in on you, so I
say clear the left side and fall back to it. After you clear the brutes then
an endless steam of banshees and marauders will converge on you. Be sure to
call your team to safety and the key here to just survive. Roll to dodge
banshee blasts and just try to avoid the marauders as best you can. After you
kill several banshees you should wait for the order to get on the forward
missile control. A biotic charge will help, but do whatever you must to run to
that console to end this - pop all gels if you must.

The final sequence is mostly on you. Run, shoot, walk, pretty much all
scripted from here. You should be ready for a quick trigger.

When you get to the final decision you are limited to certain choices unless
you got over 5000 EMS (effective military strength), in which case all choices
are open to you. And skip the credits to see a final scene.

*NOTE: It is of my opinion that the 5000+ destruction ending is the "best"
you can see for a tiny bit of footage during the end scene.*

*NOTE: You can load up a restart of the end to see the other endings, or just
watch youtube. That restart goes away if you load up your last saves and go

*NOTE: And then you can research the many things on the internet devoted to
the terribleness of all endings lol.*

*NOTE: You will then return back to the autosave file that was made before you
made your final assault on the Cerberus HQ.*

*NOTE: You can now start a new game and import this character to start over
with everything you have from the last game for whatever reason. I say just
role a new class and go after the new and improved Ashley if you didn't
already, lol.*

*NOTE: Not sure if this will last for a while, but as of 3/27/12 this link is
currently correct: http://www.herostrike.com/2012/03/mass-effect-3-ending.html*

*NOTE: As of early April we learned that a new free DLC is planned that will
"expand" on the terrible endings. Until it comes out we can cling to hope of
indoctrination theory holding up, though it seems that BioWare is actually just
really dumb to have greenlit these middle finger endings.*

*NOTE: Now google up Marauder Shields and enjoy.*

* 4. Characters ( CHA4444 )                                                   *

Here is a list of all the characters you can interact with in each game. 
Useful mostly for players who just joined us in ME3. 


Mass Effect 1

In ME1 we had just 6, then 5, and possibly only left with 4.

Ashley Williams - Human female soldier. Romanceable by males. She or Kaidan
will have to die on Virmire. Reminded me of a Michelle Rodriguez character. 
For my fellow bros out there, this one gets much improved as a love option in
ME3 ;)

Kaidan Alenko - Human male biotic. Romanceable by females. He or Ashley will
have to die on Virmire. Didn't seem very notable, but then again I'm not a 

Garrus Vakarian - Turian male tech/sniper. Easily the "best" character in the
series. Can't go wrong with him in your squad.

Liara T'Soni - Asari female biotic. Romanceable by anyone. Hide your lesbians,

Urdnot Wrex - Krogan male soldier. He can die on Virmire as well, which is a
bad decision.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya - Quarian female tech. Never tickled my fancy, but she's
certainly interesting.

Mass Effect 2

As far as characters go, ME2 is where the pool is filled for the ME3 roster.
There were a bunch of love angles and two who you had to pay for.

Pretty much every ally can die in the final mission if you don't do their
personal loyalty missions before then. I don't think all will die if you fail
to do the missions, but everyone's name is in the hat I would imagine. But you
want everyone alive for ME3.

Only Tali and Garrus will be allies in ME3, so everyone else can die and you
won't lose squadmates in the next game.

	* Squad *

Garrus Vakarian - Romanceable by females. I hear the romance is awkward, and
if you know Garrus you know that means it's probably pretty funny. Youtube
Garrus romance scenes anyone?

Tali'Zorah vas Neema - Romanceable by males. Go... get... em... tiger???

Miranda Lawson - Human female biotic. Romanceable by males. 
	  )) <--- enough said if you know what I mean...

Jacob Taylor - Human male biotic. Romanceable by females. Like Kaidan this guy
didn't ignite my inner gayness. It's inside all of us you know... and he also
finds another woman in ME3 so a romance here really goes nowhere.

Jack - Human female biotic. Romanceable by males. There is an early option for 
a romp in the basement, but that ends any romance. You have to fight off the
demons of temptation and go paragon to get a true romance. In ME3 you don't
really get much out of this romance.

Grunt - Krogan male soldier. Essentially replaces Wrex. If he dies you probably
won't miss him much.

Mordin Solus - Salarian male tech/biotic. Another funny guy. He can be teased
with the idea of a romance, but it doesn't happen.

Thane Krios - Drell male biotic/soldier. Romanceable by females. His life is
at an end, so obviously the romance doesn't go far in ME3...

Samara - Asari female biotic. She teases the idea of romance, but the Code
forbids it of course. She can be killed if you choose Morinth, but that is a 
bad choice.

Morinth - Asari female biotic. Daughter of Samara, and deadly in bed. You can
have her join your team, and you can even romance her, but romance results in
death and she will merely be a lowly enemy in ME3.

Legion - Geth tech. He followed Shepard after ME1 and at the Normandy crash
site used some of Shep's armor to repair itself. You can sell him to Cerberus,
but that is a bad decision.

Zaeed Massani - Human male soldier. A DLC character that most probably got for
free. He was not too inspiring.

Kasumi Goto - Human female infiltrator. A DLC character most probably do not
have or are not aware of.

	* Allies *

Urdnot Wrex - He will be the leader of the krogan and will not join you. He 
will be replaced by Wreav if he died in ME1.

Ashley Williams - Met on Horizon if alive.

Kaidan Alenko - Met on Horizon if alive.

Liara T'Soni - Met on Illium. She becomes a notable side character and will
keep a romance alive if not in the most pleasing way. She will also be 
heavily involved in the Shadow Broker business. If you want to ensure her 
survival in ME3 better kill the heretics, resolve her court hearing with a rep
option, and make her and Legion like each other.

Kelly Chambers - The last-place prize for anyone without an active romance in
ME2, and I believe this applies to anyone who stayed loyal to Liara from ME1.
You can be nice to her the whole game, have dinner, and at the end you can have
a little fun in your room. This is not an official romance, and won't affect
any you have later, but she can be pursued to a degree in ME3.

Mass Effect 3

If you played this game then you should know these, but if you completely 
failed in ME2 you could be unaware of these characters' roles.

I believe all the romances can be resumed, dropped, or you can start new ones
if you wish. It may require ME1-ME3 loyalty, but I know Ash/Kai will dip their
toes at least. 

You are guaranteed to have Liara, Ashley or Kaidan, EDI, and James. I believe
most fresh ME3 runs will include Garrus and Tali.

	* Squad *

Liara T'Soni - She rejoins you on Mars. 

Ashley Williams - If alive to this point, she can die during the Cerberus
attack on the Citadel if you can't resolve the matter peacefully. She will join
you after and you can continue a romance or you can start anew. The "new and
improved" Ashley, lol

*NOTE: I'm not sure what happens with Ash/Kai if Thane/Kirrahe fail to stop
the council assassination. I would only assume they survive.*

Kaidan Alenko - If alive to this point, he can die during the Cerberus
attack on the Citadel if you can't resolve the matter peacefully. He will join
you after and you can continue a romance or you can start anew. He can be 
romanced by males in ME3... why exactly I am not sure... but I choose not to
crack wise about it.

EDI - AI "female" tech. She and Joker "hook up" with your help.

James Vega - Human male soldier. Though a big flirt with the ladies, he is not
a romance option.

Garrus Vakarian - He will be met on Menae if he survived ME2.

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy - She will join you when you enter the Geth/Quarian
war theater. She will die if when you reach the upload part and you do not
stop the upload when you are given a second chance and do not get rep options
to ensure peace on both sides. Otherwise, even on an import character, you will
lose Tali if the upload goes through.

Javik - He is a DLC character who has much more depth than Zaeed and Kasumi. He
offers insights between missions about what is happening, but you can of course
youtube all of that. He gives you a nice rifle and he's a solid fighter.

	* Allies *

Eve - I put her first because she is a war asset who can die if you chose to
destroy Maelon's research in ME2.

Mordin Solus - He can survive the cure if you sabotage the cure, did not save
the research from ME2, and Wrex is not alive. Under those circumstances you can
tell him the truth before he goes up the tower and he will live. But without
all of that he will die I believe. I think you also need high renegade rep. 

Urdnot Wrex - He will remain the leader of the krogan. If you sabotage the cure
he will find out and you will lose the krogan war assets.

Urdnot Wreav - If Wrex is dead he will not discover the sabotage if you do it.

Miranda Lawson - She chats with you throughout until you meet her on the 
Citadel late in the game to rekindle any romance.

Jacob Taylor - He will be met on Gellix where he has a new love interest and 
then you will realize you will have to find a new soul mate.

Jack - She is at the Grissom Academy, and while you can play puppy love with
her throughout the game there isn't much payoff to keeping the fires of love

Grunt - He will be on Utukku if alive, or replaced by Urdnot Dagg. If he was
loyal in the last game he will survive regardless of your choices, but if he
was not loyal in ME2 then he will die. He will be a minor war asset.

Thane Krios - He will die through no fault of yours. If he is not spoken to
before the Cerberus Citadel attack, or if Captain Kirrahe did not survive
Virmire, then the assassination on the council will be successful.

Samara - You will run into her on Lesuss where her surviving daughters are at
an Ardat-Yakshi monastery. I can only assume if she died in ME2 then she just
won't be present and no one replaces her. If she is there then you will have
a chance to prevent her suicide which you should.

Legion - He could have died in ME2, or have been sold to Cerberus. If sold he 
will be an enemy you run across and nothing more. If he lived he will be a
primary figure for the Geth/Quarian war, but he will die regardless of outcome.

Geth VI - The Geth VI replaces a dead Legion in almost mirror fashion, but the
fluff dialogue may be worth hearing in youtube.

Morinth - She will be a banshee you run across if you spared her in ME2. That
is all.

Zaeed Massani - A minor war asset.

Kasumi Goto - A minor war asset.

Diana Allers - Be sure to pick her up when you first hit the Citadel because
there is no reason not to. During the interviews she will offer a chance to
heat up the relationship.

Samantha Traynor - Romanceable by females. She is a minor romance option, but 
she could be your only option if you don't follow-through with other romances
timely enough. When she comes to your cabin take the shower option or don't, 
but I'm thinking you can change to another romance option after. But she can
be your major romance I believe.

Steve Cortez - Romanceable by males only. We'll just leave it at that...

Kelly Chambers - She is the final romanceable option for anyone who take up no
romances. She had to have survived ME2, was taken to dinner, invited to the
cabin at the end of ME2, and you had her change her name in ME3. If she 
changes her name in the docks then after the Cerberus attack she will still
be there and advance the mild romance.

* 5. Critical Decisions ( DEC5555 )                                           *

This section highlights the decisions you make in the series that affect the 
events in ME3. I know I will end up leaving out many of the lesser events, but
we will at least go over the major points. Spoilers, duh.

And something to keep in mind, though there are some obvious "bad" choices or
even choices you don't want to make, there is usually a lot of extra dialogue
from squadmates on all outcomes. So even bad choices give you something

Mass Effect 1

I don't know if it's good or bad, but it seems like people who want to import
a character is probably better off just playing ME2. There are only four 
decisions. None of which have a huge affect on ME3.

Decision: Rachni Queen
Choices: Kill or spare
Effects: She returns in ME3 and can be an ally.
Replaced by: Artificial Queen who will promise war assets but does not follow

Decision: Council
Choices: Save or sacrifice
Effects: Won't be a spectre in ME2 so easily, but honestly I don't think they
have much impact on ME2 and less on ME3.
Replaced by: New councilors (big whoop)

Decision: Kaidan or Ashley
Choices: One or the other must die
Effects: You can either have a male or female romance option here or in ME3. I
almost say go Ashley regardless, but it's up to you.
Replaced by: Kaidan or Ashley, lol

Decision: Wrex
Choices: Let live or kill for no reason
Effects: He is not an squadmate past this game, so 
Replaced by: Wreav in ME2 as krogan leader

Mass Effect 2

Decision: Maelon's Research
Choices: Destroy or save
Effects: Can increase war assets in ME3 by bolstering krogan forces by saving
the data or having a chance to spare Mordin with destroyed data.
Replaced by: N/A

Decision: Legion
Choices: Sell or keep
Effects: Lose squadmate. Happens soon after recovery.
Replaced by: Geth VI in ME3.

Decision: Tali's Trial
Choices: Lie for Tali, tell the truth about her dad, or use a rep option
Effects: You can lie to keep her happy and so that she lives, but in order to
have geth and quarian peace in ME3 you want to use a rep option. Exposing her
dad effectively kills her no matter what.
Replaced by: N/A

Decision: Geth Heretics
Choices: Kill or rewrite
Effects: It's unclear whether you must kill in order to have the geth and 
quarians reach peace in ME3. I believe the correct choice will always be to
Replaced by: N/A

Decision: Collector Base
Choices: Destroy or save
Effects: None that I can discern.
Replaced by: N/A

Decision: Loyalty Missions for each character
Choices: Complete or not
Effects: Potential death of the character in ME2, or loss of war asset in ME3.
Replaced by: All roles in ME3 will be replaced or just left out.

Mass Effect 3

Obviously being the final game the decisions here are less impactful as all you
can get in return are war assets. The list of potential war assets is large, so
this will just cover the key points.

Decision: The Genophage
Choices: Administer or sabotage, Maelon's data and Wrex being the wild cards
Effects: Data/Wrex - Eve survives, cure, full krogan army, Mordin dead
	No data/Wrex - Eve dead, cured, incomplete army, Mordin dead
	Sabotage/data/Wrex - Eve dead, no cure, incomplete, Mordin dead, Wrex
	further reduces war assets and will also die
	Sabotage/no data/Wreav - Eve dead, no cure, more krogan war assets than
	if Wrex is alive, Mordin ALIVE as a minor war asset

Decision: Geth/Quarian War
Choices: Kill either or save both
Effects: Legion will ask to upload the reaper upgrades to the geth while the 
two sides are about to attack each other in space. Here are the outcomes:

	Legion will die regardless. If you upload then he will die to finish
	the upload. If you deny the upload he will die by you or Tali, and
	thereby choosing the quarians over the geth.

	You can also upload the codes, use rep options to have the quarian
	fleets stand down, and this will result in having both as war assets.

	If you upload the codes watch for that second chance to stop the
	upload and if you have no rep options you then have a choice to either
	have the geth join as war assets or lose Tali by not stopping the

Decision: The Final Decision
Choices: Red, Green, Blue Endings (lol)
Effects: Of all the times I could have inserted youtube videos, this time I
will defer to a link rather than provide insight:


Copy and paste to see what "differences" you are buying into. Refer to the end
of the walkthrough for insight on EMS and it's effect.


There may be more, and I could be flubbing a few details, but as far as big
decisions I think I got most of them. Feedback is welcome.

* 6. Romances ( ROM6666 )                                                     *

This is just a recap of the romances in the series. I may expand it, but 
highly unlikely.

Protip: paragon all the way!

The best thing you can do is to investigate and learn everything you can about
the partner you want. Usually it's in those extra chats that you kindle a

Mass Effect 1

No much to add to these three other than don't kill the one you want to romance
which seems obvious but you never know with some people. It also kind of 
seems like a faithful relationship to ME3 doesn't really amount to much 
difference. This furthers the idea to start all import games from ME2 - just

Ashley - Males only. 

Kaidan - Females only. 

Liara - Anyone. 

Mass Effect 2

Slate is pretty much clean with ME2. The only key to note is that you can stay
faithful to your ME1 mate and still get to fling with Kelly.

Don't forget all can die except for 2/3 of the ME1 people.

Garrus - Females only. The only "correct" option for females? Just a thought.

Jacob - Females only. Dead-end romance in ME3.

Thane - Females only. Dead-end due to the death in ME3.

Tali - Males only. She can die in ME3. If you want to ensure her final romance
in ME3 you have better kill the heretics, use a rep option at the end of her
hearing, and make her and Legion like each other. Short of these you may lose
her or you'll have to lose the geth army.

Miranda - Males only. Though not on the squad in ME3 there is "payoff".

Jack - Males only. Don't take the early bait. Patience. Though there isn't much
done in ME3.

Chambers - Anyone. A minor fling you can have if you have no ME2 romance. It
can even escalate to a heavy minor fling in ME3. One key is to go to the 
Collector Base ASAP so you get there in time to save her.

Morinth - Anyone. She kills you - 'nuff said.

Ashley - Males only. You can stay faithful, though there appear to be no real
consequences to playing around or swinging both ways in this game.

Kaidan - Females only. You can stay faithful, though there appear to be no real
consequences to playing around or swinging both ways in this game.

Liara - Anyone. You can stay faithful, though there appear to be no real
consequences to playing around or swinging both ways in this game.

Mass Effect 3

Honestly, all of the ME2 romances who are just allies in this game don't seem
very fruitful. I'm not telling you to cheat or trade-up, but I'm telling you to
cheat and trade-up.

	* Payoff *

Garrus - Females only. Cannot make new romance. A very tame love scene by any

Tali - Males only. Cannot make new romance. I suppose extra incentive to not
genocide her species. But see the ME2 entry on her above to think about the
fact that in this game that if you want to ensure she's alive you'll need to
either call off Legion's upload when you have the second chance or else she
will die.

Ashley - Males only. One last time, the new and improved Ashley. Disregard all
other females. It may require getting all books for her in the hospital from
the Sirta shop.

Kaidan - Anyone *coughs*. No comment submitted.

Liara - Anyone. No real consequence for having a ME2 romance, or start anew.

Traynor - Females only. You may think she is just a "fling", but there is a
love scene near the end if you take the shower and don't take up anyone else.

Cortez - Males only. Okay then.

	* Meh *

Chambers - Anyone. "Romanced" in last game, not romancing anyone in this game,
and you have her change her name to survive the Cerberus attack. She will then
offer a minor fling. Better than nothing I guess, but it is pretty lame.

Allers - Anyone. I would just say avoid and not risk trying to have her and

Miranda - Old flame. Cannot make new romance. Love scene.

Jack - Old flame. Cannot make new romance. No love scene.

Jacob - Old flame. Cannot make new romance, and he has another woman.

Thane - Old flame. Cannot make new romance. No love scene and he dies.

* 7. Powers, Armor, Weapons  ( PAW7777 )                                      *

Powers and Abilities

Single-Player Classes

All classes have two additional powers at the bottom, with squadmates getting a
single passive power at the bottom. These passive powers are stat increases,
but you need to get them, especially the one with rep increases. You need to
get the passive ones, so early in the game you will spend your first few levels
with a single point invested in each combat ability, and then focus and save to
get the passive bonuses quickly. 

Import characters don't have to worry about that; they can get all the passive
talents fully unlocked and get three tiers into each combat ability, or almost.

Almost all powers have a 1 sec stun/knockback or whatever you want to call it.
It could even disrupt them before they do some ability of their own; such as
stopping a pyro from using fire.

Class: Soldier
Summary: Best with firearms, weakest with biotic powers
	Adrenaline Rush - slow motion and boost weapons for a short time
	Concussive Shot - instant shot
	Frag Grenade - basic grenade
	Incendiary Ammo - slight damage over time, weaken armor
	Disruptor Ammo - good against barriers and shields
	Cryo Ammo - chance of slowing and freezing target

Class: Infiltrator
Summary: Stealth snipers
	Cloak - difficult to spot
	Incinerate - powerful fire against armor
	Sabotage - attempt to turn a tech unit against the enemy
	Sticky Grenade - grenade that sticks to surfaces
	Disruptor Ammo - good against barriers and shields
	Cryo Ammo - chance of slowing and freezing target

Class: Vanguard
Summary: Close-range weapon specialists
	Biotic Charge - instantly ram into an enemy knocking them down
	Pull - make an enemy float in air
	Shockwave - send a wave of energy forward
	Nova - use shield energy to create a 
	Incendiary Ammo - slight damage over time, weaken armor
	Cryo Ammo - chance of slowing and freezing target

Class: Sentinel
Summary: Biotic/tech combo.
	Warp - powerful boitic blast
	Overload - disable shields and cause a little damage otherwise
	Cryo Blast - a direct blast to freeze an enemy
	Throw - blast the target away
	Lift Grenade - a powerful grenade that may lift enemies into the air
	Tech Armor - increase protection and use to blast nearby enemies

Class: Adept
Summary: Best with biotics, weakest with firearms
	Singularity - pulls non-armored units into a void for some time
	Pull - make an enemy float in air
	Shockwave - send a wave of energy forward
	Warp - powerful boitic blast
	Throw - blast the target away
	Cluster Grenade - a cluster of grenades of course

Class: Engineer
Summary: Best with tech powers
	Combat Drone - pet that can have a powerful missile
	Sentry Turret - create a stationary turret
	Incinerate - powerful fire against armor
	Cryo Blast - a direct blast to freeze an enemy
	Overload - disable shields and cause a little damage otherwise
	Sabotage - attempt to turn a tech unit against the enemy

Squadmate Powers

This is just a rundown of what each has, what you should get them, and how
to best deploy them.

Remember to activate their more passive abilities between combat, when you
don't have line of sight on an enemy, but not when you need their damage
abilities on live enemies.

Don't be shy to use their grenades on clusters of enemies early and often.

It's usually best they buff their own power types

Liara - Singularity, Warp, Stasis, Warp Ammo
Best used against reaper forces where her sings will eat up husks.

James - Carnage, Frag Grenade, Incendiary Ammo, Fortification
Rifles and Shotguns
He's not good against shields, so bring an overloader and he works anywhere.

Garrus - Concussive Shot, Overload, Prox. Mine, AP Ammo
Sniper Rifles and Rifles
He is more notable for his sniper rifle, and with overload he is the most
solid option you have.

EDI - Incinerate, Overload, Defense Matrix, Decoy
Despite her overload she isn't strong against much else but shields, so she
is a poor option all around.

Tali - Combat Drone, Energy Drain, Defense Drone, Sabotage
Her combat drone effectively gives you another squadmate, so keep one up at all
times. Her drain is very effective against geth.

Ashley - Concussive Shot, Inferno Grenade, Marksman, Disruptor Ammo
Sniper Rifles and Rifles
Similar to James, but without carnage she is a bit less versatile to deploy.
Her sniping ability is what gives her more usability.

Kaidan - Cryo Blast, Overload, Reave, Barrier
Rifles and Handguns
He's has the most utility, and he has a barrier.

Javik - Dark Channel, Lift Grenade, Slam, Pull
Rifles and Handguns
Hard to tell how effect he is with DC, but he's one of the few with true
biotic powers. He's more notable for his plasma rifle, which you can give to
anyone who can use.

Bonuse Powers

These are unlocked by chatting with your squadmates between missions. They
usually lean toward being nice, so paragon is the surest way to go. Not all
of the more involved chats happen after key missions, so always roll through
your crew unless it's an N7 mission you just finished.

Warp Ammo, Liara - more damage to "floating" enemies; good for biotic powers
Stasis, Liara - stop an enemy for a time

Fortification, James - more protection
Carnage, James - powerful direct attack; best in my opinion

Armor Piercing Ammo, Garrus - more damage through armor
Proximity Mine, Garrus - shoot a mine in a direct line to a surface

Defense Matrix, EDI - more protection
Decoy, EDI - creates a decoy to absorb enemy fire

Inferno Grenade, Ashley - splash fire at a location
Marksman, Ashley - better rate of fire and accuracy for a time

Barrier, Kaidan - create a barrier over your shield
Reave, Kaidan - damage enemy 

Defense Drone, Tali - shocks enemies who get close
Energy Drain, Tali - powerful tech blast, better against barriers and shields

Slam, Javik - lift the enemy up and slam to the ground
Dark Channel, Javik - damage over time that will move to a new enemy if the
first dies


One thing to keep in mind is that guns usually trade damage per "round" for 
number of rounds per reload.

Some guns are not viable without upgrades.

Heavy Pistols

These are normal handguns which should not be completely dismissed. If you can
pull that trigger rapid fire you can do some serious damage.

Name: Predator
Locaton: Default
Summary: Basic pistol, don't under-estimate viability.
Rating: 7

Name: Scorpion
Locaton: Sur'Kesh
Summary: Powerful little bomb you shoot that sticks. Interesting choice if you
can master it, but slow.
Rating: 6

Name: Phalanx
Locaton: Tuchanka - Genophage Cure
Summary: Powerful gun, but smaller clip than the Arc.
Rating: 8

Name: Talon
Locaton: Citadel Cerberus Attack
Summary: Handheld shotgun. Very nice choice.
Rating: 9

Name: Carnifex
Locaton: Gellix
Summary: Very powerful, but inaccurate and tiny clip.
Rating: 4

Name: Arc Pistol
Locaton: Geth Dreadnought
Summary: If you squeeze the trigger fast enough you have a very powerful
weapon here. You can also charge up for handheld shotgun blasts.
Rating: 10

Name: Paladin
Locaton: Spectre Requisition; 200,000 creds
Summary: A much more powerful Carnifex.
Rating: 7


These are fairly reckless, but if you can get a lot of the bullets to land you
could have a formidable weapon.

Name: Shuriken
Locaton: Mars
Summary: Basic SMG.
Rating: 7

Name: Tempest
Locaton: Tuchanka - Turian Squad (Downed Vessel)
Summary: Bit stronger than the Shuriken.
Rating: 9

Name: Hornet
Locaton: Citadel Cerberus Attack
Summary: 3 burst weakling.
Rating: 2

Name: Locust
Locaton: Horizon
Summary: Almost no recoil, but weak.
Rating: 3

Assault Rifles

The easiest weapon to fall back to.

Name: Avenger
Locaton: Default
Summary: Smooth RoF, quick reload, solid
Rating: 7

Name: Vindicator
Locaton: Mars
Summary: You can fire 8 bursts of 3 bullets. Powerful, quick reload, and
smooth handling.
Rating: 8

Name: Mattlock
Locaton: Grissom Academy
Summary: Only 16 shots to reload, and you have to squeeze each round, but it's
very powerful and if you can master it you will be effective. Like a mini-
sniper rifle.
Rating: 9

Name: Phaeston
Locaton: Tuchanka - Turian Squad (Downed Vessel)
Summary: Basically an Avenger with a bigger clip.
Rating: 8

Name: Revenant
Locaton: Citadel Cerberus Attack
Summary: Very strong, but highly inaccurate. Mod to make better.
Rating: 7

Name: Geth Pulse Rifle
Locaton: Geth Dreadnought
Summary: Large clip, a bit weak, but solid.
Rating: 8

Name: Saber
Locaton: Horizon, hidden, use test tube controls
Summary: Very powerful, but long reload on 8 shots. You can shoot like 2 each
second if you want.
Rating: 7

Name: Falcon
Locaton: Cerberus HQ
Summary: Mini grenade launcher, but not as powerful as you think a direct hit
should be.
Rating: 6

Name: Particle Rifle
Location: Earn by retrieving Javik from the Prothean DLC.
Summary: A laser beam with unlimited ammo, a large clip which will run out if
you hold too long and cause a long reload. It will refill without the reload
if you let it cool off before it reaches zero. Possibly gets stronger and 
shoots faster over time.
Rating: 10

Sniper Rifles

Very difficult to use without adrenaline rush and mods. You almost have to have
a backup pistol or up close you'll only have powers to use.

Name: Mantis
Locaton: Mars
Summary: 1 shot per reload, but quick reload
Rating: 7

Name: Viper
Locaton: Palaven
Summary: 5 shots to reload, not too powerful, but the reload is quick so this
is a solid choice.
Rating: 8

Name: Raptor
Locaton: Sur'Kesh, or Batarian Arms if missed
Summary: Like a long range normal rifle with a decent clip and quick reload.
Not terrible, but may as well get an assault rifle.
Rating: 7

Name: Incisor
Locaton: Tuchanka - Cerberus Bomb
Summary: 3 burst weakling, terrible.
Rating: 1

Name: Javelin
Locaton: Rannoch - Koris
Summary: Powerful, but a weird 1 sec hold to shoot.
Rating: 5

Name: Widow
Locaton: Thessia
Summary: 1 shot nuker with a long reload. Better not miss.
Rating: 6

Name: Black Widow
Locaton: Spectre Requisition; 250,000 creds
Summary: 3 shots to a reload makes this the best by far.
Rating: 10


Don't think they are completely useless at medium range. Like a handgun you
could get a big clip and rapid fire. If you get a small clip then you could be
better off with a sniper rifle.

Name: Katana
Locaton: Mars
Summary: Decent clip, fast reload, solid.
Rating: 7

Name: Scimitar
Locaton: Palaven
Summary: A bit weaker than the Katana, but bigger clip and good reload. Though
it's not rated high, this is the best option for non-gambling players.
Rating: 8

Name: Eviscerator
Locaton: Grissom Academy
Summary: Extremely powerful, but just 3 shost per reload. With quick reload 
time and great distance it is not a bad choice.
Rating: 9

Name: Claymore
Locaton: Utukku
Summary: It's like crushing a rocket and splattering it at an enemy if you
know what I mean. It's an insta-killer, but single shot and long reload. You
better not miss.
Rating: 6

Name: Spike Thrower
Locaton: Tuchanka - Genophage Cure
Summary: You can fire 3 spikes at enemies each reload, and they are basically
insta-kills. If you hit it is deadly at range, but too unreliable.
Rating: 6

Name: Disciple
Locaton: Lesuss
Summary: Very similar to the Claymore, but 3 more shots per reload, bit faster
reload, and more shots total.
Rating: 10

Name: Geth Plasma Shotgun
Locaton: Geth Dreadnought
Summary: Not bad with regular shots, but you can hold to charge up. The recoil
kills any hopes of a high rate of fire, so it's more of a medium ranged 
Rating: 5

Name: Wraith
Locaton: Spectre Requisition; 250,000 creds
Summary: A more powerful Eviscerator, but only 2 shots.
Rating: 6


Unlike past games there is no longer a difference of heavy and light armor.

In ME3 there are only 5 pieces of armor or a complete set. 

Armor Sets

Bonuses listed first, Citadel shop location listed second. Remember, all armor
can be bought on the Normandy later, but they will be very expensive. It's best
to get some price reduction upgrades and buy on the Citadel if you really want
one of these.

The reason why these are not completely useless is because you get a little
more for your money in terms of numbers. I say Inferno is the one to get. I
believe in all cases it's the one power that works for any character build.

Blood Dragon - 20% SH, 30% PD, 10% PR; Kanala

Cerberus - 20% HP, 10% SH, 20% WD, 10% AC; Elkoss

Collector - 20% HP, 20% SR, 20% SH; Nos Astra

Inferno - 30% PR, 30% PD; Kassa

Terminus - 15% MD, 15% AC, 30% SH; Batarian

N7 Defender - 10% HP, 10% SH, 10% WD, 20% MD; pre-order

Reckoner Knight - 10% HP, 10% SH, 10% WD, 20% MD; Kingdoms of Amalur demo

Armor Pieces

*coming soon*

* 8. Multiplayer ( MUL8888 )                                                  *

I'm not sure if I want to expand this section as the multiplayer is not hard
to grasp at this time. You run around, kill stuff, everyone does nothing but
cause damage, and you will only lose if everyone splits up.

The main reason to do multiplayer is to increase your readiness rating in the
Galaxy at War system. It's simple, you win in a sector and that sector's rating
goes up by a fair amount, which then increases the overall rating. By the end
you will want to pick your setting to tap out your lowest areas.

Multiplayer is composed entirely of 4 player co-op in a Left 4 Dead style of 
just fighting enemies. However you only choose from a few arenas that you run
across in the story. They are decent in size, but after a few games you will
likely be sick of them.

You just need to survive 11 waves to successfully complete the mission and get
max rewards, but you will also earn XP and readiness rating for failure. These
waves can be simple kill counts, capturing nodes, defending a node, and the
final wave is survival at the extraction point. In all waves but the last you
must fully kill all enemies before you can move on.

Since there are no healer or tank classes, you are encouraged to go all out to
get kills and play recklessly smart. You only get XP you earn, so you have to
inflict damage to get XP and money.

Credits are spent in the store for packs that give you random items based on
the cost of the pack. You can earn and spend credits you earn, or you can pay
real money for the better packs (please don't). Look out for weekly specials on
packs for better rewards.

XP levels you up for more talent points in your abbreviated talent trees.

The level cap is 20.

All level 20 characters can be promoted to war assets for your story modes for
75 strength. You will lose the levels for that class and be reset to 1, but you
keep the items of course. You promote from the character screen in multiplayer,
which is done with the X button on the 360.

If you're curious about that number by your name in the lobby, that is your 
N7 rating which is based on a number of factors. You can increase this by
performance or you can promote level 20s which adds 10 to the N7 rating which
you will never lose.

The time it takes to reach level 20 is about a day or two, depending on your
skill and items unlocked.


	Cerberus - The easiest of the three factions. Only phantoms can insta-
	kill you. Their big enemy is the atlas, which is slow, easy to hit,
	and easy to evade.

	Geth - Their pyros are very powerful, plus they have cloaked units
	with shotguns. Their big guys are primes which seem fairly easy to

	Reapers - The toughest of the types. Though they bring the least number
	of units with shields and barriers, they have three big enemy types.
	Ravagers are deadly if they have clear line of sight, and they even
	pop those bugs. Brutes are not terribly hard to kill, but in groups
	they are. Banshees will insta-kill you if close and seem to be the 
	toughest enemy to kill.


	Dagger - A bright, compact map.

	Ghost - A more spread out map with many buildings. Easy to get lost or
	lose enemies or get ambushed.

	Giant - A fairly simple map, but easy to lose enemies in either 

	Glacier - Very compact map with choke points.

	Reactor - Another simple map with two ends, a high road, and a low 

	White - A compact map where it is easy to get ambush if you aren't 
	watching your sides.

	Condor - Resurgance Pack (free). A very large, dark map. 

	Hydra - Resurgance Pack (free). A very large, bright map, similar to

When you create and host a match it's best to choose random everything except
challenge level so you can get bonus XP. Don't worry so much about boosting
areas of the Galaxy at War map, but you are welcome to pick and choose.


I like just using an Arc Pistol and having faster power recharge time for
powers. Works with any class.

Melee works. Krogan are especially good at it.

Tech armor and other "detonate" powers just require you to re-use the power to
do the detonation. And don't underestimate their usefulness. Though they are
reckless they can prove very useful in the right hands.

Speaking of which, your powers matter more than your guns. Unless you are 
super accurate you will likely lean on powers.

Smash the button displayed when down to stay alive longer. When you see someone
down you should defend them as a curb stomp will take that player out for the 
wave. Players revive at the end of each wave.

Don't underestimate the power of melee.

When you are low level you won't be too competitive, but with more talent
points you will be a force. It's that simple.

Between waves you get about half of your total ammo capacity back. But there
are plenty of ammo stashes all over. Find them and frequent them. Each pile
only has so many grenades.

Carry the least amount of weapons you need. A rifle with a big ammo capacity
is all you may need. The less weight you have means more powers. While weapons
are great, powers are better in most cases.

Always spec into your class talent, get 1 point in each other power, and then
focus on one of your "heavy hitting" damage abilites. It's just easier to 
rely on one power and the harder it hits the better. The single button powers
are good choices (carnage, singularity, incinerate, etc.)

Hopefully everyone will cover spots as a wave is about to begin. As greedy as
it may sound, you kind of don't want to be focusing on the same targets unless
it's a big one like an atlas or banshee.

When facing bigger foes you can either run and hide, somewhat ignore if it's
not focused on you, or have everyone focus fire to kill it as quickly as 
possible. Focus fire is best, but not everyone will help and those big enemies
have a lot of health.

Follow the sounds of war. Your best way to know where the action is is if you
listen for fighting to begin. 

Enemies usually spawn in two or three spots in a short area, which will always
be away from the players. But if you are running around solo between waves you
are at risk to get ambushed.

Due to lag and also to the single-player game as well, you should aim for in
front of moving targets.

To maintain readiness rating I believe you must either disconnect from the
grid, play multiplayer from time to time, or keep up with the apps like the
Datapad or Infiltrator game on your iPhone/iPod. The Datapad is easy to keep
tabs on, and you can simply go for the fleets and big missions so you have the
least time spent on it. Remember, there is DLC to come and if you play new
games you will want a high readiness rating I would think (maybe it doesn't
matter in the end). And once you get the 100% readiness achievement you most
likely won't need 100% again, just a high number.

However, once you reach 100% you will gain bonus XP. So if it's not a bother
feel free to keep tabs on the Datapad or play an online game every now and 

Store Packs

Please DO NOT spend real money on these. Think about it, for $2 $3 $5+ you 
could buy complete app games on your phone or virtual console stores. But here
not only are you buy maybe one or two items you could use, but you might not
get anything useful. The multiplayer is fun, but most of the stuff you earn
will go unused. 

Recruit Pack - small chance for an uncommon item
You should buy 4-6 recruit packs after a few victories, just so you don't have
to get them later.

Veteran Pack - 1 uncommon or small chance for better
Go ahead and buy these when

Spectre Pack - 1 rare with small chance for better

[Special Pack] - I've seen quite a few different ones. They are usually a 
better value than the Spectre pack and guarantee rares.

I may list the contents of these packs as the final thing I add to this guide.

Multiplayer Classes

The thing about multiplayer classes is that there isn't as much concern with
the armor / shield / health damage as you never know what kind of enemies you
will face. 

You have only 3 powers and their shortcut buttons are set (maybe you can
change them on the PC), so rather than max all of those powers you should 
instead at least get all powers and from there focus on one - maybe two - and
max your passive powers. Your passive powers at the bottom are not as sexy, but
they are equally as important as your damage powers.

The class decision here is not too important because you can always switch to
another if you want. The only decision to make is to swap out character skins
which may swap out a power for another of the same class.

Also note that you can to use ammo packs to apply the special ammo.

* 9. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *


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