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by ExtremePhobia

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 04/17/12

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Capacitor Helmet
Dog Tags

As with all Cerberus missions I recommend two squad members with overload and one biotic. This mission involves a lot of Cerberus killing but it's not a particularly large area. Just kill the Cerberus as you move from point to point and be careful. Make your way to the back right part of the map where you will find a Capacitor Helmet on the ground. There are loads of datapads scattered around the various houses. Your main objective are the survivors at the back right of the map. Make your way over there and find them to help them. At this point, you will have to escort them back to the extraction point which was your infiltration point. Cerberus enemies will start spawning indefinitely so you will have to slowly work your way there while fending off enemies. Be careful because they will start throwing a lot of engineers and turrets at you. I travelled right along that side of the map, through the long building and it will bring you right to the landing pad.

Capacitor Helmet.

Normandy 7

Talk to Traynar again. Check your messages for a message from Liara. Provided you do, head to your cabin as requested for a short chat. Visit the shuttle bay and check the white crates on your way to James for a model Quarian Ship. Talk to James while you're there. Visit Engineering and talk to Engineer Adams for a short chat. Visit Liara and the upgrade station. Check her terminal as while you are here. See what Joker and EDI are up to and then go to the CIC and to the Citadel.

Citadel 7

Go the Spectre HQ and check the Requisitions terminal for Information on Bilal Osroba. Talk to his father by the elevator to finish this mission. Check the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies terminal at the Bank on the Presidium Commons and buy the E-Gel Thermal Conduit for Adams. Go to the café and talk to the Asari bartender who you may recognize from ME2. After that, be sure to talk to Liara. Make your way to the Nos Astra Sporting Goods shop in the Meridian Place Market. Talk to the Asari on the right. When you board the Normandy, visit Adams in Engineering again.

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Armax Gauntlets
Old Grid Schematics

You should know the drill at this point. Take two overloads and a Biotic. There will be plenty of enemies around but just take it slow. You'll come across all sorts of enemies here including the new Nemesis type enemies. They attack using a Sniper Rifle with a red laser on it so if you so the laser duck or risk being severely damaged. Strip their shields and quickly hit them with a biotic ability to nullify them. If you miss that opportunity, they are very quick and might escape. Make your way to the Canon controls by the left path. In this first building, you will find some Salvage behind a large silver crate. Start killing the enemies here and work your way to the Canon controls. They will keep coming at you so you'll have to fight through and inch forward. Once you get there, go up the ladder to get into the building and go left. In this room, along the left wall will be the Armax Arsenal Gauntlets. Go into the next room and the extra terminal to find the Old Grid Schematics. The other terminal will have the button you need to press to control the canon.

Armax Arsenal Gauntlets.

Old Grid Schematics.

Power to the canon will be cut when you try to activate so now you'll have to make your way back to where you started to fix the power panels. This will be very similar to your first trip except that this is when the Nemesis should show up so take your time and be careful. When you get to the waypoint, you'll have to shoot the locks on the boxes to open them. Open them up and fix both of the power panels, then work your way back to the canon controls. This will be the same trip again except that you may have a little bit of a wake behind you so that you can make some quick early progress. When you make it back to the Canon controls and activate them, the mission will be complete.

Normandy 8

Head to the cockpit and talk to Joker and EDI. Head to the Shuttle Bay and talk to James. Talk to Adams in Engineering to finish a mission. Go back to the CIC and it's time to do some missions on Tuchanka.

Citadel 8

Visit the Citadel to turn in the mission Citadel: Improved Power Grid by talking to Alison outside of Purgatory.

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M-9 TempestSMG Magazine
PhaestonSniper Rifle Ammo
Hahne-Kedar ChestplateSMG Ultralight
Shotgun Smart ChokeSniper Rifle Barrel

I recommend Garrus and Liara for this mission. Move forward a hair and before turning right, Check left for an SMG Magazine Upgrade mod. Now turn righ and go through a tunnel to find a Turian Escape pod and some bodies. Near the bodies is the M-9 Tempest.

M-9 Tempest.

Go left and mantle over the rubble. You'll come up behind some Cannibals. Through some biotics at them and they will fall apart quickly. Start working your way up to them. When they are dead, take cover and start working on the Harvester. Use heavy weapons and lots of Warp to take it down. Make sure you focus your squad on them. Play it safe and the Harvester should go down pretty easily. Once it's dead, approach the gap and head right.

Climb the ladder and immediate turn left to find a Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo mod on the edge of the hole you just climbed out of. Drop off the edge. Up ahead just before turning right will be some Salvage. Turn right and near a dead Turian will be the Phaeston. Don't turn left there but go past the Turian and turn left into a dead end to find SMG Ultralight Materials. Now head back to the dead Turian and take that passage.


Follow it outside and you'll come to another battle where you've got the element of surprise. This time they will have Marauders with them though so try and take them out quickly. Use Overload on them and then get them off their feet. Once you've killed them and their Cannibal friends, a Harvester will appear. When it does, it will bring with it some Husks. Use Singularity to control the Husks and then kill them. As soon as they are done, turn to the Harvester and treat it like you did the previous Harvester. It's ok if you don't kill it this time.

Turn right from the battlefield and enter a hallway. Drop off a ledge to a windowed area. Turn right when you land and on the left after the window will be a Hanhe-Kedar Chestplate.

Hanhe-Kedar Chestplate.

Continue on and drop through another hole. On some rubble in a corner will be a Flight Recorder. Left from that will be the Shotgun Smart Choke. Move down a ramp of rubble and you'll have Husks come up at you. Kill them and then check the bodies of two Turians for some Junk. Go down the ladder here. Turn left and take cover. You'll have some Cannibals come at you and a Harvester in the distance but the Harvester will soon fly off.

Kill the Cannibals and move up. Watch out for some Marauders as you progress. Turn left and you'll have to cross a room with a bunch of broken pillars. As you slowly move up through the Marauders and Cannibals, watch for an opening to the left and watch for fire from the Harvester in the distance. Take that left. Eventually the Harvester will die of fly off. Either way, clean up any stragglers and continue to the bottom of the ramp. Turn right at the bottom and drop down. You'll find a Med Kit on your right. Drop down again and when you reach a spot where you can see Victus through the rubble, you should find the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel mod at your feet. Continue the last bit of the way into a rather large room.

This is the final fight here. It's not an easy fight because enemies will continue to respawn no matter how many or what you kill. Start off by killing a Marauder if you can. Momentarily, a Brute will appear and join the fight. Focus all your attention on that Brute and try to take it down before it gets to you. If you are getting shot at and need more cover, back up a little into the previous hallway. Once the brute is dead, you'll have to make your way to the back left of this room and climb up the right side towards the Turian platoon. Try to leave a couple of enemies alive and use biotics to keep them from harming you. While they are in stasis or airborne, make a mad dash for the Turians. When you get there, more enemies will appear to fight you but once they are dead, you'll be finished with the mission.

Normandy 9

Talk to Wrex and Primarch Victus. You should have a message on your terminal. Talk to Traynor.

Citadel 9

Not visiting the Citadel.

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While the last mission was Reaper, this one is all Cerberus. When you land, fight your way to the back of the area but move slowly. There are a lot of Troopers, Centurions and Engineers in the area. There's a Generator about half way through the area that will provide cover for the Cerberus Troops. I found moving up the left side to be the safest way up. Work your way along until you get to a point where there's a little trough that you can drop into to protect yourself. From here, watch out for grenades and make your way up to the back of the area.

Once you get inside, go up the ramp to the left and at the top go straight into the dead end. You should find a Shotgun Blade Attachment here. Turn right and continue on. Doing this will lead you to some resistance. When you come upon the Cerberus Troopers, try to prioritize on the generators and engineers. There is a nice little alley to the right that you can move up to take flank the Cerberus Troops. From this angle, you can also hit the Shield Generators in the back. Clear the room and go through to the left back of the room. You'll find more enemies here with more Generators but they shouldn't pose a problem.

At the end of one of the dark hallways in this area should be the Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets. Just past that last group on some rubble to the right will be a Computer to salvage. Climb up on the next ledge and then climb up the ledge to your left. At the end will be an SMG Heat sink. From here, when you turn left, you'll come across a small group of Cerberus and fight them over the previous room. Do watch for the few Centurions in this group. Go over this bridge and to the next area. You'll come to a large room with a drop on the right. To the left will be a Pistol Scope and a Med Kit.

Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets.

When you go down the ramp into the lower area on the right, you should see a couple of Cerberus Centurions in the distance. Try and stop them quickly before they board the shuttle (it's ok if you don't). In their camp will be a Datapad. From their camp, turn left and start pushing towards the Cerberus Assault Troopers. You'll come to a Cerberus Shuttle in the air. When you approach it, it will fly off. That's when you'll see the bomb.

Turn right from the bomb and climb the ladder. At the top of the ladder on top of some boxes will be a Sniper Rifle Concentration Module. Move to the left of those boxes, down the hall and then go right into the building. In the rubble on the right will be a Pistol Melee Stunner. From there, turn left and go down the broken section of floor.

Turn left into the next room with the broken ceiling. Move up the left wall. Make sure you hug it and get to the lab machine. On that will be Turian Technology you can salvage. Use the lab equipment for cover and take out the auto-turret at the end. Where the turret was will be a Med Kit and the Turret Control Schematics. Go through the hole in the wall to the left. Follow the walkway and drop down the ladder.

Turret Control Schematics.

At this point, you'll have to protect Lt. Victus. Drop down off the ledge you are on to the wall that splits the path. Use the Radar to tell which side the Cerberus Troops are coming from. The first wave will just be Assault Troopers. Eventually, you'll get some Centurions as well. Just watch for where the shuttles go and you can likely take out a couple before they even have time to react. For those most part, the individual troops should be easy and you have plenty of room. At the end, however, an Atlas Mech will drop down. On the far right side of the area under the overhang will be a Hydra Missile Launcher that you can use on the Mech. Use it to take it out quickly. If it still lives, finish it up and clean up any stragglers.

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DeathmaskPistol Melee Stunner
Graal Spike ThrowerSMG Scope
Shotgun Smart ChokeAssault Rifle Barrel
Pistol Magazine UpgradeM-5 Phalanx

A good biotic squad will work well here. In the first room you come to, you'll have to fight a bunch of Husks. Kill them all (Use lots of singularity) and then a scene will play out.

After you get out of your vehicle, you will be at a rest stop. There will be quite a few things scattered around the area. Next to the Krogan working on the tires will be a Shotgun Smart Choke, Death Mask (armor), and a Pistol Melee Stunner. To the left of those by another vehicle will be a Pistol Magazine upgrade. Across from the vehicles, leaning on the rail by a Krogan will be the Graal Spike Thrower. There will also be a Med Kit near the Spike Thrower and another not far from it just barely covered by shadows. Talk to the Scout by the rubble at the far left.

Graal Spike Thrower.

Make your way into the Ruins. You'll fall down a small ledge and then turn on your light as you make your way down some stairs. Go up and take the door at the back right. You'll come to a room with a large fallen slab in the middle. Make your way through some rooms until you see a Mural of a group of three Krogan sitting before another Krogan. Go down a large flight of stairs. In a further room, you'll find a large Mural of Kalros. Walk past a Rachni body (if you've helped the Krogan Squad). Go up the large stairs and you'll come into a green ruin.

Outside, make your way along this platform. The platform will narrow and you'll be attacked by some Ravagers and Cannibals. Have your squad focus on the Ravagers because there's plenty of cover to keep yourself safe from the Cannibals in the meantime. Once they are dead, clean up the Cannibals but watch for their grenades. Head towards the back left and you'll come to some stairs and a bridge. Go over the bridge and jump the gap.

On the other side of the bridge, you'll come to an area with an indentation in the ground and a bunch of Cannibals. Kill the Cannibals and then head through the room. As you come to the back corner to leave, a group of Cannibals and a Brute will appear. Drop a Singularity/Warp combo on the Cannibals which should kill most of them quickly. As soon as you can, focus on the Brute and take him down. Thankfully the area isn't as easy for him to navigate as it first appears. If he gets close, you have plenty of room to back track. You can even go back over the bridge if you need.

Go past where the Brute came from and you'll come to an area that leads to what looks like a large city gate. You'll be attacked by Husks and Ravagers which can be very dangerous. Try and use powers to kill the Husks so you can stay mostly in cover while the Ravagers pound on your cover. Once you are fairly certain that you are safe, kill the Ravagers.

Go through the City Gate and between the large Krogan Statues on the bridge. Jump the new hole in the bridge and continue along this overpass. You'll come to a large, diamond shaped area with many Krogan Statues. You'll be attacked by a group of Cannibals from the left and right. Stay at a distance and take the Cannibals out. Once they are dead, Husks will appear and likely a Marauder from the left. Try and take the Marauder out if you have a chance so that he can't help the Husks. This may not be possible though so back track the Husks out of his range and kill them. Once they are dead, kill the Marauder. On this platform, you will find an SMG Scope near some ammo and a crumbled tower.

Go past the point where the Marauder came from. Go up the large stairs and when you see the big picture of Kalros, turn around and on the right side of the stairs (left as you came up them) should be the Assault Rifle Extended Barrel. Now go in past the picture of Kalros. On the other side, drop down to the sand to rejoin the Urdnot leader.

When you find out what the plan is, watch out for the Cannibals dropping. Just watch for the grenades because there could be a lot of them and the cover is at strange angles here. When you've cleared the area, go up the large staircase to the left. At the top you will find the M-5 Phalanx. From there, turn around and follow the hallway until it leads across a large bridge. Cross the bridge.

M-5 Phalanx.

You'll end up on the lower level. At this point, run straight up the middle towards the Reaper. Take cover near the stairs. At this point, you'll have to take cover every chance you get so that you don't get fried. Work your way up slowly. When you go down some stairs and come to a large arena like area, be ready for a fight. You'll be attacked by a large group of Brutes (like 6+). You can continually back pedal around the area and kill them all or you can just run for each of the Hammers and activate them to end this fight. Just be careful that you keep all of the Brutes in the same direction so that they can only ever attack you from one angle.

After you've returned to the Normandy, you'll take another funky nap but it operates just the same as the last one.

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This mission is actually called "Priority: Citadel" leaving you with two missions of the same name. The "2" has been added simply so the Index of the guide functions properly.

Assault Rifle Piercing ModM-25 Hornet
Recon HoodSecuritel Helmet
M-76 RevenantPistol Barrel
Sniper Rifle BarrelM-358 Talon
Pistol Piercing ModSniper Rifle Piercing

You'll get a message from Thane saying that the Citadel is being attacked. Go heavy Overload and make your way there. When you land, you'll be under attack by all manner of Cerberus Troopers. Make your way up the right side of the area and then come down to the door at the back. When you get there, the enemies will stop respawning. Just keep an eye out because the enemies are quite aggressive and can hit you from a lot of angles you wouldn't expect them able. Of note, watch out for the many, many Centurions and Engineers in the area.

Once the area is clear, talk to Bailey and he'll take you into C-Sec HQ and tell you what's up. Inside the HQ, go through the next two doors. You'll come to a ruined lobby area. Kill the Troopers in the lobby area and then watch for the Guardians and Engineers coming down the stairs. Go up the stairs and you'll come to a reception area. A couple of troopers will drop down so take cover. They shouldn't be a problem so kill them and then search the room. On the right side should be a Med Kit and Assault Rifle Piercing Mod on the table. Examine the corpse near the table and then leave the room by bypassing the door.

Recon Hood.

You'll enter a room with sprinklers going off. You'll have an unaware Engineer to your right. Kill him and then take cover. A Guardian and Centurion will come down the main hallway. Just off to the left on a table next to a couple of crates will be the Recon Hood. Not far from that will be a bathroom with the M-76 Revenant next to the sinks. There are also some Credits in one of the lockers. Check the corpses nearby if you like. Leave the bathroom and make your way through the room with the sprinklers. As you go to leave the room, there will be a Med Station just to the left of the door.

M-76 Revenant.

In the hallway will be a couple of Cerberus in a side room through broken glass windows. Take out the Engineer first and then the other. Check the nearby bookcase for the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel. Activate the Elevator Door in this room and then go back into the hallway and out. Use the Elevator to go up.

M-25 Hornet.

When you get to the top, you'll come to a hallway with rooms on either side. Enter the right side room and pick up the Pistol Piercing Mod next to the computers. In the main hallway next to a body will be the M-25 Hornet. If you go up to the rooms on the left, you'll find a Pistol High Caliber Barrel and the Securitel Helmet in the room on the right. If you go to the left doorway on this side will be the M-358 Talon and a Datapad. Go back to the hallway and in the last room to the right will be the Door Controls and a Computer with credits on it. Open the door at the end of this room.

M-358 Talon.

Securitel Helmet.

You'll come to a hallway with a couple of Cerberus standing around. Killing them and go through the door on the left side at the end. In the next room, check the kitchenette to the right and grab the Credits on the counter. Just after the end of the counter will be a Med Station against the wall. When you make your way into the room proper, you will be ambushed by Assault Troopers and a couple of Centurions.. Retreat to the kitchenette for good cover if you need it. In the second desk area, in the corner will be a Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod and near the closest door will be a Med Station. You won't be able to leave the room except through the door by the Med Station. Go up the stairs and through the door at the top.

When you regain control, you'll be on a balcony. As you make your way along the balcony, you'll come across new Cerberus Troops called Phantoms (as well as the Nemesis if you haven't already encountered it). Strip their barriers and hit them with a singularity. Try to kill them quickly because they will use jets to right themselves and escape the singularity. Once they do, they'll turn invisible and run away to regenerate their barriers. This makes it crucial for you to kill them if you decide to attack them.

Kill your first phantom and the Troopers that accompany it. Continue along the balcony and jump the gap. You'll come to an area with a bunch of parked vehicles. You'll fight a Phantom up close and some Troopers/Centurions in the distance. Lure the Phantom into the area with the parked vehicles so that you can have some space to fight them. Take them out and then kill the assorted Cerberus Troops here. Run to the end of this Balcony and then enter the maintenance area beyond.

In the maintenance area, when you have to vault up to a higher level, turn left to find Credits on some barrels and then continue to the right. You'll return to the balcony and have some room to fight a few troops. An Atlas will also drop down though so you may want to retreat so that you have decent cover. Drop it's shields with a bunch of overloads and then hit it hard with a focused attack of heavy weapons and warp. Once it's dead, go up to the Council Elevator at the top of the stairs.

You'll get on the top of an elevator. As you come up on elevators, you'll have to shoot the power conduits under them. This will stop their elevator and you will pass them. When you come to the second Elevator, try to kill the phantoms quickly because in this tight space, they can be dangerous. After you drop the third elevator, a couple of troopers will drop onto yours. You will be able to jump onto the fourth and final elevator.

During the following cutscene, you'll have a Renegade Interrupt that you might not be able to ignore.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Whether you take the Renegade Interrupt or not, Udina will be shot either by you or by the person who was just guarding them.

Normandy 10

Speak to Traynar. She will tell you about a mission and put it on your map. Check your messages and you'll likely have a lot of them. Youre your way to the cockpit and make sure you talk to both Joker and EDI. Head to the crew quarters and talk to Garrus by the Memorial Wall. Make your way over to the Med Bay and talk to Dr. Chakwas about a trade of medical supplies. You can listen to a conversation in Liara's Cabin and check her terminal for a new message. Go down to the Shuttle Bay and talk to James. Head up to your cabin and you should be able to invite people to your cabin for various reasons. If you are a FemShep, you'll have the chance to Romance Traynor and Diana Allers at this point. If you are a ManShep, you can only romance Diana. Go through your meetings and then head to the CIC.

Citadel 10

Go to the embassies and check the spectre headquarters. Check for the location of Din Korlack. Also purchase Rosenkov materials Greaves. Exit the headquarters and turn left. Go down the stairs and talk to the embassy guard beyond the elevator. Talk to him again when you're ready. Listen to all three entries on the computer and then check for the bug on the opposite side of the room. You'll regain control in the presidium commons. Make your way to the residential area and try the doors at the end of the halls. After you find the Volus make your way to the holding area and talk to Tactus. You can also find Zaeed and James here as well.

Just outside the C-Sec outpost on the commons, you'll find a couple of arguing citizens. Talk to them and then go inside the C-Sec outpost talk to captain Somers.

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Pistol Magazine
Heating Unit Schematics

Two overloads and a biotic. Immediately take cover and begin killing enemies on the balcony above. Watch for enemies coming up the ramp on your left. When the area is clear, make your way inside, go down the stairs and activate the nearby computer. On a bench near the computer will be a Pistol Magazine Mod. From the computer go down the stairs again. The room of the bottom there will be many Cerberus troops but most will not have shields. Clear the room and enter. On the terminal just your right will be some salvage. On the computer in the back corner will be a datapad and on the wall above that will be Heating Unit Schematics. From the datapad, turn right and access the control center.

Heating Unit Schematics.

At this point you'll be attacked by more Cerberus troops. There will be roughly eight that will attack from any door. Kill them as they enter the room. When they are dead activate the other command center console. Some Cerberus troops will set up defenses on the landing pad above. Head back up to the landing pad by the path you came. Watch out for turrets. Once you clear out the enemies on the landing pad, Cerberus will drop an Atlas Mech. Once you kill the Mech the mission will end.

Normandy 11

Talk to Admiral Anderson. Go out and check your messages. Go down to the crew quarters and talk to Dr. Chakwas. Head to Liara's and use the upgrade terminal. Go to the CIC and to the citadel.

Citadel 11

You go through security checkpoint in the docking bay and talk to Garrus. Head to the commons and talk to Liara. Visit the hospital and buy the Medi-Gel upgrade. Move into the lab services area and turn right twice. In this room check for a console. Go to Spectre HQ at the Embassies. Used the left most console to talk to Miranda. Check the requisitions terminal for heating stabilizers and give them to the Salarian, Sellea, in front of the C-Sec outpost of the presidium commons. Make your way to the docking bay and find another console in the lounge. Go to the holding area and talk to Ashley. Be prepared for a Paragon Interrupt. Move to the end of the holding area and find the last console.

Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Scientists

Assault Rifle MagazineM-6 Carnifax
Kassa GreavesSMG Barrel
Turian PoisonSniper Rifle Piercing
Shotgun BarrelShotgun Ammo

Go to the Minos Wasteland, Arrae, and land on Gellix. When you land in go down the stairs. Kill the two Cerberus of the bottom and make your way to the stairs further ahead to the left. You'll encounter a lot of Cerberus troops but there will be far in the distance. Just watch out for Guardians. Once they are dead and you'll head inside.

Kassa Fabrication Greaves.

Turian Poison.

Inside talk to the scientists on your right and then go up the stairs and talk to Dr. Archer. Just beyond Dr. Archer are two datapads. Go in the nearby room and take the assault rifle magazine upgrade next to the work bench. Go up the stairs and work bench and check out the med station. At the top talk to Dr. Cole. After the conversation talk to her again. To your left will be another datapad. Move into the next room and talk to Jacob. Find the Datapad in the med bay and the Kassa Fabrication Greaves on crates by the door. Exit the medical bay and turn right. You will see a scientist by a door. Around the corner to the left from this scientist will be a microscope on some crates. Check that to find a Turian Poison. Next to that scientist on the floor is a Shotgun High Caliber Barrel. Go past the scientist, through the door and up the ladder and at the top, find the M-6 Carnifex on some pipes to your left.

M-6 Carnifex.

Go around the corner to the right and take cover behind the pipes. Get the jump on the two Cerberus troops. Use an overload on the shield pylon and one on the Combat Engineer. Hit them with a singularity and then kill them both. More troops will appear but you've got a good start. Kill as many as you can. Some will retreat off the back. Drop down behind them and head right but watch for an Ambush from the corridor to your left. You'll come across more Engineers here and the enemy might be right on top of you but if you keep using your powers, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Just to the left of this corridor behind some crates will be an SMG High Caliber Barrel. Make your way of the corridor, and activate the telemetry console. You'll be attacked by Cerberus from behind.

Kill the Cerberus troops and climb up to the platform on the left. When you get close to the platform shuttles will start dropping enemy troops slowly make your way across the platform and more troops will be dropped and further ahead room. Watch out for the trooper on the turret on the right. When you make your way up to the next platform that trooper will get off the turret. Check the left for a med kit on the platform into the back check for the sniper rifle piercing mod. Climb up to the left AA Gun. Walk around the left side of the roof and use the AA Gun Control. Make your way over to the other AA Gun. Collect the datapad from the vent near the second Control and the med kit under the datapad. Use the control and Cerberus will attack you. Have one of your squad members repair the controls.

The Cerberus Troops will come across the bridge from the first AA Gun which makes for a nice natural choke point. The only thing to worry about are the Phantoms. Once you've defeated these enemies, you'll head back inside. You can start the evacuation whenever you like with no detriment for waiting too long so if you need to find some gear, take your time. Once you are ready, use the console to start the evacuation.

You'll have to fight your way out and protect the shuttles as they leave. Kill the three enemies who drop into the room. Make your way downstairs and kill the three more enemies in the shuttle bay. Once you get outside, the fighting starts in earnest. Make sure that you destroy the shield generators as you go. There are quite a few of them and they make this battle kind of tough. Make sure you go slow because they will drop more troops in first on the left and then on the right. Even if you want to move up, make sure that the troops have already dropped in first before moving ahead. You'll have to fight Centurions, Troopers, an occasional Engineer and at least one Phantom eventually. However, if you take it slow, there's plenty of cover to use to defeat them. Make sure you kill all of them, particularly the engineers because once they are all dead, an Atlas Mech will drop behind you. If there are any Engineers left, they will be able to repair the Mech faster than you can damage it making this fight really difficult until all Engineers are dead. Once you've defeated all enemies, the mission will end.

Normandy 12

Talk to Traynar, EDI, and Joker. Head down to the Crew Quarters and listen to James and Garrus. Talk to Chakwas in the Med Bay. Listen to round two between Garrus and James. Check Liara's terminal and then head back out for round three between Garrus and James. Talk to your old comrade (Ashley or Kaiden). Go to CIC and make a quick stop at the Citadel's Hospital to drop off the cure for the Turian Poison.

Citadel 12

Drop off the Turian Poison to the Salarian Doctor in the Hospital. Head to the Presidium Commons and talk to Miranda in the Residential Area.


I believe this mission is misnamed since Kallini is the name of a neighboring Solar System and not the one in which this mission takes place. I merely point that out because I was confused trying to find it myself.

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Assault Rifle StabilityAsari Widow Message
Pistol Melee StunnerDisciple
Gallae's Electronic Signature''Serrice Shoulder Guard
Sniper Rifle AmmoAssault Rifle Precision

Travel to Mesana in the Nimbus Cluster and land on Lessus. Take a Biotic heavy team for this one. Once you land, check the shuttle car to the right and then in the left corner will be an Assault Rifle Stability Dampner. Go inside and make your way down the ladders until you come to a living area. Go straight left and there will be an open double door with a Pistol Melee Stunner on the floor. Behind that will be a Gallae's Electronic Signature for an Upgrade Kit. Make your way along the back side of the long room and collect the datapad on the conference table. Just next to the table will be a tall terminal. Use that. Make your way to the far end of this room and approach the broken door. Just to the right will be a small room with a safe (credits), a Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo mod and a datapad. Collect them and then go towards the broken door.

Gallae's Electronic Signature.

At the broken door, turn left and mantle over the barrier. Open the door on the right. In the large window room, go through the door on the right to meet an Asari Justicar (Samara if she's still alive). Check the PDA for Asari Widow Message by the dead Asari to the right in the next room for a new Citadel Mission. Go through the door to the left. Outside, go down the stairs to the courtyard.

Asari Widow Message.

Meet the Banshee. Try to take the Banshee down as quickly as possible. They are hard to hit because of the way they move but once they get close, they slow down. If you time your attack just right, you can stop the jumps by hitting them just as they jump. Kill her quickly and then clean up the Cannibals as they approach. Make your way to the far side of the courtyard and into the building. Inside the building, check the left side for a broken door and check right for a computer. Go through the door on the right and kill the Cannibals in the distance. A Marauder will appear to assist them but they should pose no threat at this point in the game. Kill them and then investigate the small room on the left for a Disciple and the Serrice Council Shoulder Guard. Go around the top floor to another room just before a dead end to find two computers and a safe and a workbench.


Serrice Council Shoulder Guard.

Head down the big stairs in this room and a fight will start. You'll be attacked by a Banshee and some Cannibals. Try to draw the Banshee to the stairs and up so you don't have to fight both her and the Cannibals at the same time. Once she's dead, clear out the Cannibals as they drop in from the far side. Make your way up but watch out for some modified Cannibals. They will heal a little at a time so it's best to focus your squad on them to kill them quickly. Go through the door at the other end.

In this next room, move along the wall to the left and you'll come across an Assault Rifle Precision Scope. Check the middle of the room for a dead Asari Commando. Go through the door at the far end of the room and activate the terminal inside the elevator. When you reach the bottom floor, run straight through the middle of the room and grab the Med Kit. Activate the Bomb Console.

This fight is pretty tough. You'll be attacked by two Banshees and some Husks. I recommend going for the Husks first so that you have plenty of room to move around. Once they are done, focus on one Banshee at a time. Pull the shields down and the constant fire should keep them from teleporting. Feel free to use Medi-Gel to revive teammates here because this is the last fight here. Make sure you keep backpedalling around the area and keep firing. When they are both dead, activate the Bomb Controls. When you get outside, be prepared for a Paragon Interrupt. If you play Paragon, you definitely don't want to miss this one.

Side-Mission Cleanup

Travel to the Valhallan Threshold, go to Paz and scan the planet Garvug for Prothean Data Discs. In the Shrike Abyssal, go to Urla Rast and check Talis Fia for the Prothean Obelisk. In the Athena Nebula, go to Vernio and check Polissa for the Hesperia-Perod Statue. Go to the Nimbus Cluster to Pelion and check Trategos for the Intact Reaper Weapon.

Normandy 13

Talk to Traynor and check your terminal. Talk to Joker and EDI. Talk to Liara downstairs and check both of the terminals here. Talk to Garrus in the Lounge area, then Ashley in her room. You can take part in a discussion in Engineering. Talk to Cortez and then head back to the CIC.

Citadel 13

Talk to the Soldier in the docking bay. In the Embassies, talk to Samara and the Volus diplomat. Go to the Presidium Commons and talk to the Asari Scientist at the Bank. Perhaps another authorization here if you've heard about the transfer request from the woman in the Docking Bay. Go to the Holding Area and talk to the Batarian Preacher there.

Speak with Quarians

Go to the Far Rim. Meet with the Envoy Ship. Afterwards, head to the War Room to talk to the new Quarians there. Afterwards, you can go to your cabin and invite Tali up from your terminal if you'd like.

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Shotgun Smart ChokeGeth Pulse Rifle
Arc PistolSMG Scope
Sniper Rifle ScopeAssault Rifle Scope
Archon Visor

Go to the Persius Veil and dock with the Dreadnaught. You will have to take Tali with. Take at least one person with Overload. You could take a second if you already have Overload. You'll have to go on a spacewalk. You are wearing mag boots and will have to make your way to the far side with them. If you reach a point that you can cross, start walking to the side until you find a spot where you can proceed.

Once inside the ship proper, you'll have to climb over some debris to get to a ladder and climb to the catwalk above. When you get there, turn right and jump over the new gap. Go through that door and the next one. In the next room, go forward and take a left. You'll find the Airlock Controls that you can access. Use it to let your party in. Head back a little ways and get up to the catwalk above to hit the Secondary Airlock Controls.

Arc Pistol.

Grab the Arc Pistol and then follow Tali through the doorway. Make your way along the walkway and you'll find a large computer. On the right side will be a Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope. Continue along the walkway until you find a computer on the left side. You will then be attacked by Geth. You will have to work your way through the Geth but they shouldn't be too tough since these are just the introductory versions. The only real challenge will be a Rocket Trooper. Make sure to Overload and Sabotage every chance you get to make things easier. Once shields are down, use Biotics if you like but usually you don't have to.

Work through the area and drop down a ladder. Continue along and surprise the lone Geth which will start a small long range skirmish. After the fight, move along this path but watch out for the mines. When you activate one, quickly roll backwards to avoid it. Further along the walkway will be Geth Data in a terminal on the left. Salvage that. Go through the door opposite the Geth Data.

Archon Visor.

In the next room, move up the right side for a Signal Terminal and the Archon Visor. Toward the end, activate the console on the left, then go through the door. In the next room, use the Network Terminal. Turn left and make your way up the hallway. On the right side of the room will be the Geth Pulse Rifle. Go through the door.

Geth Pulse Rifle.

In the next room will be a tough fight with Geth Hunters. You have to really focus on the Geth Hunters or they will slide right in and kill you. As soon as you see one, hit it with a rapid fire weapon to keep it's shields down for a moment, then hit it with overload. Finally, kill it or use Sabotage to temporarily turn it to your side. Do this with each of the Hunters as you find them. Make sure you look for the shimmers. It won't be easy to find them all. Once they are dead, clean up the troopers in the room. Go down to the middle area of the room and follow the center around to the right for a Data Console. Go up to the back of the room and grab the SMG Scope next to the Operations Center Console. There is some Geth Data just to the right so make sure you get that as well.

One you activate the Operations Center Console, you'll be attacked by a rather large group of Geth. Watch out for Hunters. I recommend you move to the far right side and let the Geth come up the stairs at you. This will make it easier to see everything approach since you don't have to worry about a Hunter sneaking past your squad. Let the Hunters come up, Hack one and Overload a second if it appears. Clean the two up, rinse and repeat until they are thinned out. Then just clean up the stragglers. When you are ready, proceed through the door at the back left of the room.

Move down the long hallway, walk around the catwalk and go down the ladder. Do that again and after the second ladder, watch the left side for more Geth Data. At the bottom, go through the door and enter the room that has the energy pulses being shot. You'll hearing a whining sound that indicates that it will shoot. When it revs up, get behind cover and when it winds down, move. Move through this hallway slowly because you will be attacked by Geth and you don't want those Hunters right on top of you. Move up slowly until you trigger the Geth ambush and just work on them from range and they'll soon fall. Once they are dead, go up the ramp on the right, over the walkway, down the ramp on the other side and you should see a little path that leads to a console. Activate the console to deactivate the gun.

In the next area, you'll have to sprint to the end before the gun reactivates. When you get to the other side, you'll find yourself in a similar gun tunnel as you were before. Immediately take cover because it's going to start firing again. Get in cover and slide to the left. You'll be attacked by more Geth. Sabotage the Rocket Trooper that stands on the catwalk at the back. Watch out for the Hunter in this room though he may not appear until you advance further. Kill the Geth around here and head up the ladder to your left. Follow the catwalk to where the Rocket Trooper was and use the height to kill any stragglers. When you go down the ladder, more Geth will appear but they won't be any different from other Geth groups and you'll have some good distance. Just watch out for Hunters.

When this second group is dead, make your way to the end and go left up the ramp. At the top, bypass the door and then go through the next door. Get on the elevator and then jump off. Follow the walkway around and climb the large ladder. Collect the Med Kit from the nearby computer and then go through the door at the end. Inside, you may run into an old friend. Free him to terminate the Reaper Signal. Just to the right of the Geth will be an Assault Rifle Precision Scope. Grab that and head over to the lift. You'll go upstairs and then deactivate the shackles to set him free.

After you do this, you'll be attacked by a whole group of Geth. There will be Troopers, Rocket Troopers, a Hunter and two Geth Primes (who have armor instead of health and use both drones and auto-turrets). Most of the enemies shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Fight them from long range and use any spaces to the left to get better angles on them if you need them. If you see a Geth Prime but you're already swamped with enemies, they can be hacked. Do so and clear out as many minor Geth as you can before it starts to attack again. At this point you will have to kill it because you can't hack it again but hopefully you should only be fighting the Prime now. Repeat this process and just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any Hunters lurking about. When you make it around the room, you'll find that you need to make it to the Hangar. Just before the door leading out of this room will be some Geth Data on the left. Run along the relatively straight path and when you fall to a lower level, climb the ramp to the right to get back to the upper level. Be prepared for a Paragon Interrupt in the following conversations.

Normandy 14

Once you regain control, check the War Room console in the middle for a scrambled message. Have EDI unscramble it and during the message, tell the nearby Quarian that the message is running. Talk to Tali and Legion in this room and then head to the CIC. Listen to Traynor, check your messages, and then visit the cockpit. Do the rounds for the rest of the decks as well

Citadel 14

We're not visiting the Citadel just yet.


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JavelinSMG Magazine
Assault Rifle MagazineArmax Chestplate
Shotgun ShredderJamming Tower Data

After you touch down, make your way along the cliff and kill the two Geth here. One of them is a Geth Pyro which can do lots of damage and blind you pretty well. Kill both of them and then investigate the Quarian bodies nearby. On the ground not far from here will be the Javelin.


Further along the cliff you will find a group of Geth below. Wait for them to come out a little and Sabotage one of the Geth at the back. Clean up the group and then head down to the bottom by going left. More Geth will drop in. They shouldn't be particularly difficult. Kill them all and then Proceed past them. You'll come to some metal walkways and more unsuspecting Geth. Just be careful to watch your left flank and it should be no problem. There's some Salvage on the walkway and then to your right will be the AA gun controls. You'll need to have one of Squad members use the controls to deactivate it. I would keep Tali with you if you have her.

This fight will involve some simple troopers and a Geth Prime. I would find the Prime and Sabotage him immediately. He will likely get rid of all the other Geth on his own. Quickly take down his shields and slam him with heavy weapons. The path to the left of the AA gun will make a loop with the point where the Geth appear so feel free to back pedal around the loop to kill him. Just watch out because I had him frequently spawn auto-turrets behind me. Once they are dead, you'll get your squad member back and a token Geth attack will happen but it's only a couple of troopers. Make your way across the bridge that the Geth came from and just after you get off the bridge, on the left will be a small plateau that you can get on with an Assault Rifle Magazine upgrade and a med kit.

Make your way through the canyons beyond and you'll come to some dead Geth. On the ledge just to the left of them will be a Shotgun Shredder Mod. Nearby will be a dying Quarian. Talk to him and then just past him will be an SMG Magazine upgrade on the ground. Just down the hill from here and take the left path to the AA Guns. When you get there, take cover behind the long covered rail. Start taking out Geth and watch out for the Pyro. The most important thing to watch for is Geth on the turret on the left side. This isn't too bad if you have Tali, just have her Sabotage him and the turret becomes a non-issue temporarily. Clear the Geth and make your way to the control Console.

Pick somebody to deactivate the AA Gun. It doesn't really matter who because you're going to jump on that turret and mow down the Geth with ease. Destroy them and make your way to the nearby door. To the right of the door will be Jamming Tower Data hanging from the wall on a terminal.

Jamming Tower Data.

Go inside. Watch for the Geth Pyro coming out. Kill the two Geth, go inside and make your way out the other side. When you get here, kill the few Geth and make your way to the AA Gun controls. On the way, grab the Armax Arsenal Chestplate and then have one of your Squad Members deactivate the AA Guns again. Jump on the new turret here and get rid of the Geth resistance.

Armax Arsenal Chestplate.

After you're finished here, you'll hop on your shuttle and have to make a pick-up. Protect them from the attacking Geth and kill the ones who are shooting rockets at you. I believe (though it's not really important) that it is possible to shoot the rockets out of the sky too. Kill two waves of Geth and you'll return to the Normandy

Normandy 15

In the War Room, you can take sides between two Admirals having a disagreement. Visit Joker, EDI, Traynor and your terminal in the CIC. Talk to Garrus and Ashley in the Crew Quarters and Cortez in the Shuttle Bay.

Citadel 15

Skipping the Citadel for now.

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Reaper Code Fragment

You will have to complete this mission alone (despite taking allies with you). Follow the path through here and use the gun to destroy the Orange colored blocks so that you can pass. The gun will recharge if you don't use it. Follow the path to the end and enter the blue lighted circle. When you come out the other side, continue doing as you were doing until you come to a room with a large round block of blocks and Legion/Geth VI mentions an infected code. On the left side of the path, you should see a normal dark string which is shooting little orange boxes out of it. Inspect this for the Reaper Code Fragment.

Reaper Code Fragment.

After you have that, start working on where the strands connect to the large structure in the middle. Get rid of these strands and a scene will unfold. Make your way past the next two Data Clusters (and scenes) to find another blue circle. Step into it to come to another section. The Infected Streams now repair themselves and you will have to destroy nearby other streams first before destroying the primary streams that block your path. Make your way to another Data Cluster. The main streams here may require you to destroy more than one auxiliary stream before you can destroy them.

Once you witness this scene, go around the large cluster nearby to an infected cluster beyond. Clean that Cluster up, watch that scene and then return to the last Data Cluster here. Enter the blue circle and then in the next room, run back to your pod to exit.

Normandy 16

Talk to Legion in the War Room, Traynor at CIC and Joker and EDI in the cockpit. Head down a level and find Ashley on the floor of the Observation Port, talk to Garrus in the battery, check with Liara and particularly with the Upgrade Terminal. James will be in the Kitchen in the Crew Quarters. There's an interesting bit of dialog in Engineering. Go down to the shuttle bay and check the boxes by the Kodiak for a couple of models.

Citadel 16

Not visiting still.