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by ExtremePhobia

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Guide and Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 04/17/2012
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2012 | Highest Rated Guide

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Version History

1.0 - March 15, 2012

First half complete including side missions
Finish this weekend hopefully

1.1 - March 26, 2012

Completed but needs cleanup badly.

1.2 - March 28, 2012

Sorry about the mix-up folks
Wrong version previously posted
Minor fixes.

2.1 - March 30, 2012

Major update, almost completely done.

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M-8 Avenger

You'll wake up in a room and James (no, you shouldn't know who he is) will come to get you. He'll take you down the hall to meet up with Admiral Anderson who will fill you in. Admiral Anderson will take you to the Command Council because they have some questions and you're going to be the only one with any answers. After all hell breaks loose, follow Anderson out of the "window." He'll travel left, follow him.

You'll come to a point where Husks will start to scale a building. You can shoot them as they climb or at the top as they run away. Kill a few (or run low on ammo) and you'll be sent to go down the nearby ladder. Empty your weapon and then you will have to melee the Husks to death. Go up to them and rapidly press the melee button to execute multiple consecutive melee attacks. After you kill them, the building next to you will explode, allowing you to enter the wreckage. Go inside. In the first room will be a Med Kit. Go into the next room and kill the husk stuck in the door with a heavy melee attack (executed by holding the melee button).

When you regain control after the cutscene, follow Anderson outside. Far in the distance, a dreadnought class ship will explode (in atmosphere!) causing you some problems. Follow the line of wreckage and you'll come across a couple of soldiers, one of which is wounded. You'll encounter your first new enemy here called a Cannibal. Cannibals were originally Batarians that have been horrendously altered by the reapers. They are capable of using guns and grenades. They can also eat the corpses of Husks and other Cannibals (where they get their name) which will restore their health and add a layer of armor that needs to be shot off to damage them. These enemies can't get to you so you can make quick work of them. Kill them and then cross your new bridge to the other side. Turn left and make your way up to the higher ground. Watch out for the Med Kit on the right as you go.


If you're short on kills for the Veteran Achievement/Trophy then the spot where you found the medic and the wounded soldier is a good spot. You'll start the battle in cover but if you step out (put the difficulty on Narrative) then the Cannibals will spawn indefinitely. The ammo just in front and to the right of you will also continually spawn allowing you to shoot and use powers constantly. While it seems boring, you can get as many kills in an hour here as you can in half of a playthrough.

You'll come to another encounter with Cannibals. This time it's a real fight so be careful. In particular, they will start to make use of their grenades which will force you to leave cover and brave their bullets. Remember that if you have imported a character, you should have full access to your abilities from Mass Effect 2 so use them to your advantage here. You have a decent amount of running up space so take your time and kill them. Once they are dead, head up to where they were and go left. Drop down and head to the far side of the wreckage.

M-8 Avenger

As you get close to the end, you will find an M-8 Avenger on the ground next to the Radio. Activate the radio and then you will be attacked. The goal for this encounter is to actually run out of ammo. This is the only way to trigger your rescue so use bullets for most kills and only use powers sparingly to keep yourself alive. Once you are low or out of ammo, your ride will arrive.


Before you leave Earth, make sure that you set your difficulty to whatever you would like it to be. Once you leave Earth, changing it can affect achievements.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

It is possible to actually just shoot your weapon backwards from behind cover (so that you don't stand up) and run out of ammo to finish this almost instantly. But where's the fun in that? It is also possible to use strictly powers and after a certain amount of time, the battle will end. Complete inaction (aside from moving) will not complete this battle however.

Collectibles Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Mars-c

M-92 MantisSMG Scope
Ariake GauntletsSMG Ultralight
M-4 ShurikenShotgun High Cal
Kassa ChestplateSniper Rifle Extended
M-23 KatanaSniper Rifle Concentration
M-15 VindicatorShotgun Shredder Mod

Before you actually land on Mars, you'll have a Paragon and Renegade interrupt opportunity while talking to James.

Level up if you need to (you likely do). When you are done placing ability points, follow the ridge along the right side. You will come to a point where you can drop down and when you do, you'll find the M-92 Mantis Sniper Rifle at your feet.


Picking up a new weapon will allow you to change your weapon load out. If you change to the new weapon, note that you won't have any mods on it. Remember that your carry weight affects Power recharge speed so if you are a power heavy class, equipping the Sniper Rifle may be more detrimental than helpful.

M-92 Mantis Sniper.

Follow the nearby path and you'll come to a Mako-like vehicle with a group of Cerberus. If you have the sniper, take a shot at one of the enemies and then immediately cue up powers for everyone. I would take cover behind the right barrier rather than the left. It seems to provide all around better cover so you aren't attacked as well from the sides. Watch out for grenades. If they throw one at you, go to the far side of your cover and you should see an arrow pointing directly to the other piece of cover. Hit A and you'll roll over to the other cover and be safe.

After they have been cleared out, make your way down to the vehicle. Then start going up the hill on the other side. You will encounter another Cerberus Group here that will be a little bit tougher. There are more of them, they have a height advantage, and the cover isn't close enough for a combat roll. My best advice is to have everyone on your squad focus on one enemy and be extra careful. If they throw a grenade at you, you're going to want your shields as high as possible so that you can run for new cover.

Go up the hill the rest of the way and take a right into the compound. Once inside, you'll meet an old friend and send James back to the ship. After this point, you'll have a sort of tutorial on using Singularity. Use it to pull the troops out so you can shoot them. Kill them all and then head to the left to activate the nearby vehicle lift. Go up the nearby ramp, climb the boxes and jump over to the vehicle. Vault over the railing and then make your way over to the door ahead and to the right.

In the next room, take cover and slide to the right. Use the instant-kill melee attack from here. Any time you melee an enemy from behind cover like this, it will be an instant kill. This isn't particularly important in normal play but fantastic for Multiplayer. Clean up the other enemies but watch out for grenades. Head for the door at the back right of the room.

In the next room, check behind the large reception desk for the Ariake Technologies Gauntlets just as you walk in. On the nearby wall will be a Med Station and some ammo. On the floor between the legs of a dead man will be the M-4 Shuriken. Pick that up and watch the cutscene. From here, head up the stairs in this room and take the door on the right side. This will bring you outside.

Ariake Technologies Gauntlets.

M-4 Shuriken.

The M-4 Shuriken may not appear if your class began this mission with the weapon.

Outside, turn left and drop down the ladder. Turn left at the corner and head towards the ladder. Just before the ladder on the left will be the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate on metal stack. Go up the ladder now and jump the gap to the right. After you cross the gap, turn left and go into the dark doorway. Take a sharp left once inside and walk into the darkness to find that stairs lead downward. You'll come to a large dark room. There's a large ring around the outside. If you follow it, you'll find a datapad for some XP. From here, head down the stairs to the lower part of the room. You'll turn your lights off automatically. Go up to the far wall at the front and do an instant-kill on one of the enemies on the other side of the glass. Now fight the enemies off from here. These enemies shouldn't pose a problem because they likely won't vault the middle and you're on even ground. Kill them and hop barrier. Go up the small stairs and take the left door.

Kassa Fabrication Chestplate.

You'll find yourself in a small, damaged room. There is a work bench just to your right and a datapad by the stairs as well as a mod tucked into the wreckage in the middle of the room. Head up the nearby stairs and go through the door. When you open the door, you'll see some Cerberus in the distance who are unaware of your presence. Take cover just to the left and get ready to surprise them. Hit them with a singularity to start things off and then start blasting away. Because of the tight confines, you may have picked up three or more enemies with that one singularity and prevented the rest from moving on you. Kill the enemies here and then explore the right side of the next room for a datapad.

At the next corner, turn left and you will find more enemies. You may have to back track a little to get good distance on them. Be particularly careful of the Guardians here. Try to put a Singularity just behind them (or use Pull on them if you can) which will pull them back from behind their shield. Clear near the door way and move up to the doorway. Start clearing down the long hallway and gradually move up. Watch out for enemies flanking on the left as you go. Once you get to the end of the hallway, Cerberus will lock you out of a room.

Nearby, you'll find a terminal next to a door that leads into a side room. In the room are two laser walls. If you activate the terminal, the walls will start moving and if you activate the terminal again, they will stop moving. You want to stop their movement when they create a tunnel that leads up the stairs at the back and all the way to the door on the right. Once that is set up, go into the room and collect datapad and med kit from the room. Go through that door and at the intersection, go left. Turn right at the corner and in the distance on the right will be a dead soldier with the M-23 Katana nearby.

M-23 Katana.

The M-23 Katana may not appear if your class started this mission with the weapon.

Open the left door and watch out for the turret. You'll have to bounce back and forth up the hall to stay in cover and not be shot. When you get to the end, take cover in the middle and then slowly start making your way along the left. Use combat rolls to get from one piece of cover to another when you can. Eventually you will get behind the range of the gun and a group of Cerberus will come out to confront you. Go through the nearby door and take cover at the corner of the wall as the room turns right.

This room will open into a larger area with many Cerberus and they'll make frequent use of smoke grenades to obscure your vision. Keep hitting them with everything you've got and be opportunistic. Every time that smoke comes down, try to get another kill. If you get rushed or they throw a grenade your way, don't be shy about retreating out of the room and then pushing back up to that corner. The biggest concern here is that you need to be careful with your squad because they seem very drawn to the center of this room where they will die. Make your way to the other side of the room

After you kill them, go to the room on the other side. Near the glass will be a datapad and a locker just left of it which has a Sniper mod in it. Use the computer to the right to trigger a cutscene where one of your squad members has a great idea.

After the cutscene, place one of your squad members in the blue circle. Once they are there, place your other squad member wherever you would like. Get ready because a group of Cerberus are going to come through the middle of that large doorway below. When they come, they'll be aggressive and try to rush you. Use Singularity on the stairs leading up here from the lower level and they won't be able to get by. Now just shoot the fish in the barrel and board the tram they just used to get here. Part way to the other side, you'll be attacked by more Cerberus troops on another Tram. Singularity can pull them right out of the tram and let them fall to their deaths. Kill any stragglers and board their Tram. This will take you to the far end of the rail.

When you get to the dock, you'll have to fight some more Cerberus troops. I would set my two squad members up at the front of the tram car while you go further back and stand behind a pillar. This should keep you out of range of most grenades, allowing you to relax and pick out targets as well as to watch for any enemies trying to flank you and come in the door. Be careful of any shielded enemies that come at you. Make sure to take their shields so that you can use biotics on them. Once you've cleaned out most of the enemies, move up to the boxes just outside of the car. When all is clear, move to the back of the platform. On the back walls, grab the Shotgun mod on the right and the M-15 Vindicator on the left. Check inside the small ticket station for a med kit and then go through the nearby doors.

M-15 Vindicator.
SPOILER! Highlight to View

To get the best ending while having an Effective Military Rating in the 4k-4999 range (usually requires 5k+), you must use the Charm options available each time you talk to the Illusive Man. Intimidate will not help you do this.

When you regain control, you will need to try and catch Dr. Eva. You don't actually have to deal any damage to her so just keep running. Follow her out of the room and she'll go into the center security area (previously med kit). Go in and open the gates, then follow her up a ladder to the left. Once outside, you'll be attacked by some Cerberus in a hovering shuttle. Kill the two men and keep chasing her. At the end of this platform go right and down the small ramp. Follow her through the under areas and at the end she will climb up left and go up a ladder. Follow her up and continue the chase.

When you regain control again this time, shoot her a few times in the head until another cutscene is triggered.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

[2]To get the best ending while having an Effective Military Rating in the 4k-4999 range (usually requires 5k+), you must use the Charm options available each time you talk to the Illusive Man. Intimidate will not help you do this.

Priority: Citadel

Once you are on the citadel, head to the Hospital to check on your wounded comrade. I highly recommend checking the Sirta Industries shopping terminal in the middle of the Lobby and picking up any Medi-Gel upgrades. Your comrade will be in the first room on the right just after leaving the lobby. Now head to the embassies and take a right once you get there. Go up the steps and go to C-Sec office for a chat with an old friend. Then go to Udina's office just across the hall to be brought to the council.

Talk to the council for a bit and then you'll be returned to Udina's office. Check the Spectre office which is just across the hall. There are two terminals in here, one that will give you new information and allow you to authorize certain requests while the other allows you to purchase weapons, armor, and mission critical items that you missed on a mission. There is also a shooting range here so you can compare how weapons handle and see which ones you like. Now head back to the main lobby of the embassies and talk to the reporter. You'll have a Renegade and a Paragon interrupt chance. Use the Paragon chance to acquire her as a War Asset. You can also talk to James here by the window. Visit C-Sec and Udina again to "investigate" if you like.

If you return to the Hospital and you can talk to two doctors. Talk to Dr. Chakwas to get her back onboard the Normandy with you and then Dr. Michel who will tell you about your comrade's condition. Head to the Normandy Dock and talk to Diana Allers in the Lounge area. She's the reporter in the area who sounds remarkably like Jessica Chobot (because she is). She can join your ship (non-combat).

Just when you try to get on the Normandy, you'll have a very peculiar dream. You will be running through a forest and find the little boy from Earth in the white sweater. Try to talk to him and he'll run away. Keep running and trying to find him. When you find him the second time, the dream will end.

NOTE: You can recruit Dr. Michel for your ship's Med Bay instead of Dr. Chakwas. You must first have to turn Dr. Chakwas down and then have enough reputation to persuade Dr. Michel to join. This may not be possible on your first playthrough.


You'll automatically talk to Liara and meet your new Comms Specialist, Traynor. After that, you'll have a quick recap with Admiral Hackett. If you go to the War Room, you can check your Galactic Readiness (the higher, the better the ending) on the terminal there. You can head to the Galaxy map, talk to Traynor (Lesbian romance opp for FemSheps) and check your messages to the left of the map. Head up to the bridge and chat with Joker. Up one floor is your room but it's not particularly interesting since you can now change your armor and casual wear in the Shuttle Bay.

Head to the Shuttle Bay and check out the work bench, terminals, and armor station. Talk to Cortez nearby (Gay romance opp for ManSheps). You'll also find James further in on the left. After that, head to engineering and talk to Engineer Adams and Diana the reporter. Go to the third level. Talk to Chakwas. In the med bay are two tables which will allow you to equip extra abilities (1 at a time and costs money every change) and reset skill points. Now visit Liara to meet Glyph. There's a terminal to the left of the door which will have upgrades found during your exploration. There's also a terminal near the screens with additional information. When you are ready, visit the Galaxy Map and head to the Apien Crest. Look near Palaven for a moon named Menae. Go there to rescue the Primarch.

  • New Systems are available for exploration. Check the Galactic Exploration section for more information.
  • N7: Cerberus Lab is now available.
  • Priority: Eden Prime is now available if you have the DLC "From Ashes".
  • Recommend you wait to do both missions because your Squad will be more balanced for those missions after Menae.

Collectibles Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Palaven

M-97 ViperPistol Magazine Upgrade
M-27 ScimitarPistol Piercing Mod
Armax Should GuardAssault Rifle Piercing Mod
Hahne-Kedar GreavesAssault Rifle Magazine Mod
Sniper Rifle Enhanced ScopeSniper Rifle Ammo Mod

Make sure that you are leveled up and well equipped. As you make your decent to be dropped off, Cortez will tell you that the landing area is hostile and that you'll need to clear it out some. The side door will open and you'll have to start shooting at the Husks on the ground. Then you'll be put down and have to fend off a group of them. Use Singularity to stop them in their tracks and create choke points. Once they are done, talk to the nearby Turian guard to be pointed to the base proper. Just next to his building on the right will be some Salvage.

M-97 Viper Sniper.

Armax Arsenal Should Guards.

When you get into the base, the first building on the left will have a med kit. In the middle of the path will be a pile of boxes with a Datapad and M-97 Sniper Rifle. The first building on the right will have another Datapad while the second building on the right will have the Commanding Officer that you're looking for. Talk to him and he will fill you in on the state of the base. He'll ask you to help repair a Comm tower so that they can communicate with the planet below (above?). Just past his building on the right will be the Pistol Magazine Upgrade and a Datapad and in the next building will be the Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guards and a Pistol Piercing Mod. At the far end of the base, just to the left of the main barricade (with the big gun on it) will be a building containing a Med Kit, Datapad, and Hahne-Kedar Greaves. As you make your way to the gate to the Comm Tower, you will pass a small segment of wall with the M-27 Scimitar leaning against it and an Assault Rifle Piercing Mod on the ground next to it.

Hahne-Kedar Greaves.

M-27 Scimitar.

Follow the waypoint to a gate which will lead to the Comm Tower. You'll have to climb up a little bit to get there. When you do, you'll be attacked by waves of Husks while one of your squad members works on the tower. I would highly recommend James to do this task even if you are a biotic yourself. Biotics are fantastic and crowd controlling Husks. When they start attacking, use singularity aggressively to keep the Husks controlled. After enough Husks have been killed, James will come down and you will continue fighting until the General has made contact with his people. When he has, head back to the base and talk to him again to find out that the next person in line to become Primarch is a General on this very moon.

You'll have to send Liara back to the ship (which is kind of unfortunate) and then defend the base. Exit the base and go behind the nearest cover. There are Marauders here who have shields and have the ability to toughen Husks and Cannibals. Use Garrus' Overload on them and then hit them hard. Always try for marauders first because they shoot, have shields, and have support abilities making fights tougher. You will have to fight off a couple of waves. Hang in there and check your radar (power wheel) frequently. Once they are down, you'll want to search for a couple of items. The second set of cover after you enter the area should have an Assault Rifle Magazine mod and to the far right on a slightly raised piece of land is some Salvage. Now, head back to the base. Go to the front gate and climb up to the gun.

The gun has 50 shots before reload so reload when you can. The best spots to aim are near the top of the cliffs because the Husks slow down a bunch up there. Keep killing them and eventually you will be attacked by a Brute. The Brute will knock you off the wall. He isn't too tough except your team is a little dumb and dies frequently meaning you may have to deal with the Brute and Husks alone. Go into your weapon wheel and choose slow shooting weapons since they do more damage to armor. Warp is also useful. Also have both allies focus their attacks on it with up on the d-pad. Once it is dead, kill any remaining Husks.

From here, follow Garrus along a winding path and when you pass over some dead bodies, look amongst them for a datapad. When you pass another group of bodies, check amongst them for a Datapad. Once you pass the bodies, you'll be attacked by some Husks. Just keep back pedaling and kill them. Jump over a nearby gap and you'll come to a couple of Turians. There will be Med Kit, a Datapad and the Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo mod nearby. You'll pass by one more Med Kit on your right later and then come to a new camp.

This camp is difficult. Go just inside the doors and take cover. You'll have to fight Marauders and Cannibals. Use Garrus' Overload and kill a Marauder every chance you can, otherwise focus on killing the Cannibals to thin the number of enemies shooting at you. They will be aggressive with their grenades so be careful. Once they are dead, climb up to the higher level. It gets worse.

You will be attacked by a Marauder and a Brute. Try to take the Marauder out and focus fire on the Brute. Back up and there will be a round area that will be protected from the Marauder's fire for a while but big enough to run around in. Kill them both. It gets worse still.

Marauders will start swarming and then two more Brutes will come at you. It seems the Marauders won't stop until you kill the Brutes. Focus fire on one of them and take him down as quickly as possible. Make sure to keep an eye on the Marauders who are going to keep coming. Use Overload on one every chance you can just to keep them away long enough to kill the Brutes. After they are dead, you'll still have to clear the camp. First, turn around and check the open area behind you for a Med Kit and a Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope mod. Move through the camp and check left near a building for another Med Kit.

After all are dead, you'll talk to the General here and then leave.

  • New Systems are available for exploration. Check the Galactic Exploration section for more information. Recommend you explore before visiting the Citadel.

Normandy 2

Talk on the Comm a little bit and then enter the War Room to talk to the Primarch. Make your way to the third floor behind Chakwas Med Bay to the AI Mainframe to meet the new EDI. Go up to the flight deck and talk to Joker and EDI twice. Talk to Traynar and check your messages. Go down to the Shuttle Bay and talk to James. Go back to Crew Quarters and talk to Garrus who's calibrating the guns. Then go talk to Liara.

Citadel 2 NOTE: Missions that start in that area will have the entire walkthrough in that area. It may be more efficient to follow each area and complete what you can in each area but it is written this way for maximum readability.

  • At the Citadel, talk to Dr. Michel and Thane in the Hospital Lobby, then visit your wounded comrade.
  • Go to the Embassy level and turn left. Toward the back will be a Volus Diplomat. Talk to him to complete Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk. and head over to the stairs and talk to Jondum Bau in the hall on the left. This will put you in the Spectre room. Check the terminal here for two new entries. Authorize the pardon for the two Engineers (if you wish) and enable the other entry. Go down the stairs again and immediately to your left is a terminal. Use it and then use the terminal all the way across the room from that one. Use the terminal on your left just as you come in. Make your way through the holding area and at the end, use the terminal on the right wall. Turn around and head back. Go back to the lift and just before you leave, use the terminal here again. head to the embassies and meet up with Jondum Bau again.
  • Visit the Docks Holding Area. Go through the blue beams and side with one of the two people arguing at the desk. Go up the long aisle and go into the first "room" on the right to talk to a Preacher and finish Kite's Nest: Pillars of Strength. Talk to Garrus at the end on the right.
  • Go to Purgatory and talk to James upstairs on the left and Aria upstairs on the right. On this level, go to the far end by the bar and turn right into the sitting area. Talk to one of the Turians to finish Apien Crest: Banner of the First Regiment. After the cutscene, go to the Embassies and talk to Commander Bailey. Go to the Presidium Commons and if you visit the apartments and Narl, it will automatically trigger a cutscene as if you agreed to help Aria. This grants a Galaxy at War resource but could be construed as a "bad" action. Visit the C-Sec Outpost here to talk to Sederis. Go to the Holding Areas and talk to Sayn and Darner Vosque. Go to the Presidium and talk to Oraka and then the Salarian Merchant, Kannik. Travel to Kite's Nest, Vular, Vana and scan the planet for the Black Market Artifact. Return it to Kannik and then talk to Oraka. Talk to Aria.
  • On the Presidium there's a few conversations to take sides in here as well. Check all the different shops, talk to EDI and Joker on the lower level. Talk to Liara in the café. She will send you to the bank on the Presidium to talk to a Volus, Barla Von. He will tell you about some mercenaries you can save.
  • Before you leave, make sure you explored everywhere for shops.

Collectibles Video: http://tinyurl.com/ME3-Labs

Sniper Enhanced Scope
Failed Medi-Gel Experiment

A piece of Reaper Technology will be marked for you. You'll have to go to it and deactive the force field around it, then retrieve it. On the way, you'll have to fight a variety of Cerberus enemies including centurions (shields) and Engineers (shields + Turrets). From the landing site, go up the stairs to the left and just inside turn left. On the ground, tucked away will be a Sniper Rifle mod. A little ways past that will be a Med Station to check. Past the Med Station on the left will be a Journal Entry for XP. Amongst the first set of terminals as you entered the room will be Credits on the right. If you follow that wall past an ammo crate, you'll find more Credits on another computer.

If you go in through the other door on the right, you will find Credits directly across from the doorway. Turn left and if you go down the stairs to the right, you will find a Journal Entry on the landing to the back right. If you continue past those stairs, you will go up a set of stairs and there will be a room on the right. Go inside to get the Medi-Gel Experiment which is part of the Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula mission.

Failed Medi-Gel Experiment.

Now for the actual mission. Go inside and fight your way to the first relic. Clear the room and use the computer to low the shield. Take the relic and another group of enemies will attack you. Kill them and make your way back to the landing pad. Drop the relic off with the shuttle.

This time, go up the stairs to the left and in the back left of the building, you will notice a room that's mostly closed off except for two doors right next to each other. Remember this room. Fight your way to the next relic and go through the same process. Immediately run back up to this room and position your squad mates near the doors while you take cover further back in the room by the pillar. You'll have to fight Cerberus until Cortez returns with your ride. Clear out as many Cerberus as you can, then head out to the landing pad. He still won't be here but you'll be ambushed again. Activate the ambush and then retreat to your safe room again. When it seems safer, use the radar on your power wheel to see how busy it is outside. Slowly make your way out, cleaning up any stragglers. Get to the shuttle and leave this place.

Normandy 3

New Messages in Liara's room. If you authorized the pardon of the two engineers, you can talk to Engineer Adams about them. Talk to Cortez or Traynar.

Citadel 3

Visit the Hospital and talk to Dr. Rivan to complete Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula. Talk to your companion who is now up and about. Visit the Normandy Dock and talk to Miranda.


This mission can be failed if you do not complete it in a timely manner. It is important to do it now to prevent that from happening.

Collectibles Video: http://tinyurl.com/ME3-Grissom-Academy

Assault Rifle StabilityM-96 Mattock II
SMG Heat SinkSniper Rifle Piercing
M-22 EvisceratorBiotic Amp Schematics
M-96 MattockSerrice Council Chestplate
Mnemonic VisorSMG Magazine
Assault Rifle Precision

For a squad, I would go with two people with Overload (primarily) and a good biotic (pull and warp would be very useful). The Engineers are more important. Once you land, go straight down the wall and take Cerberus Troops, then check the room to the right with the partially opened door. In the room, talk to Kaleigh Sanders (nice nod to the books). She'll send you to help her students. Back into the hall, take a right. In the room with the window go right again.

M-22 Eviscerator.

The left branch of this room has two enemies facing away from you. Kill them both, talk to the biotic and then hop the barrier into the next room to the left. The closest desk on the left has a datapad, the middle desk ahead has a mod and the teacher's desk at front has a datapad. Exit the door near the teacher's desk. In the next room, stay at the back and destroy the Generator at the far end to draw enemies in. If they throw grenades, roll left and right between desks. Make sure you use Overload to take out shields. Once they are dead go through the left door they came through and pick up the M-22 Eviscerator on the bench. Now go through the other door and pick up the M-96 Mattock on the bench in the middle. Just around the left corner is a survivor. On the bench by her is the Mnemonic Visor. Talk to her then walk down the long hallway nearby.

M-96 Mattock.

Mnemonic Visor.

The next room has the students. On the left is an Atlas (Hope you brought a biotic) and in the middle are enemies. Focus your teammates on the Atlas and make sure they keep using Overload when ready. Once the Atlas' shields are down, use Overload on the soldiers nearby as needed and clear out the minor enemies while your team takes down the Atlas (make sure they switch weapons). Make sure you keep an eye on the Atlas though because he's going to move around a lot and you'll need to move from cover to cover to stay away from him.

When you're done fighting, check the corner of the room just left of where you entered, collect the datapad there and use the computer. Check upstairs for the Assault Rifle Precision Scope mod and then activate the terminal to open the door. Go downstairs and talk to Jack downstairs. This will lead outside.

The next two fights can be very difficult because small enemies will respawn infinitely until you destroy the Atlas.. You will face an Atlas, Enemies with energy shields and regular shields, and engineers that will set up turrets. Go up the ramp to the right, set one of your teammates at the base of the ramp and one closer to the top. Take a position at the middle and take down the Atlas' shields. Set your squadmates to finish the Atlas and use their abilities to help you keep the enemies thin. This may take a while but you'll get there. Don't be disheartened if you die because I did quite a bit here.

After you've cleared the area of all enemies (including turrets), head down to the lower level and head indoors. Inside this hallway, grab the med kit to the right and check the computer on the bench to the left. When you come outside, you will find another infinite spawn area. Immediately as you come outside, check the left back area for an engineer running right. Try to take him out quickly with an Overload and biotics or bullets before he sets up a turret. After that, try to clear the lower area as quickly as possible and head for the base of the stairs. At the base of the stairs in a structure you can use for cover. When you feel comfortable, start making your way up the stairs, clearing enemies as you go. When you get to the top, the enemies will stop spawning. Go through the door on the lower level and through the door at the end of the hall.

In the next room, turn left and take out the Cerberus troops and then talk to the students. You may encounter David Archer here if you played Project Overlord in ME2 otherwise you'll have to persuade the students that you are friendly. If David is present, you'll be able to enter the office behind him and find a couple of upgrades and the M-96 Mattock again. If you took the previous one, this will upgrade the gun to level 2. Make your way to the Cerberus Shuttle and in the first hall will be a terminal on your right (by a door) that will have a Biotic Amp Interface for a mission. You'll come to a room with a burning bench. Off to the left side on another bench is a Serrice Council Chestplate.

Biotic Amp Interface.

Serrice Council Chestplate.

The next room has an empty Atlas and an Engineer in it. Leave (kill) the engineer, take the Atlas. You won't be able to use the Power Wheel or any powers in the Atlas but it's very strong. Watch for grenades and keep moving. Use large structures for cover. Watch for enemies up high when they start appearing. The Melee is pretty terrible, skip it. Use the minigun most of the time but don't be shy about the rockets either. They have minor homing but the lock on is fidgety. Once you've cleared the room, get out of the Atlas and get the mod at the beginning of the room and then follow the others through the door.

Normandy 4

Check your message terminal for a few new messages. Head down to the crew quarters for some fun chat with Garrus and Liara. There will be new messages at Liara's terminal as well. Talk to Cortez or Traynar (if you are romancing) and then stop by to visit James in the Shuttle Bay.

Citadel 4

Go to the Spectre HQ and authorize the lodging for the Grissom Academy Students. Go the hospistal and find the lab technician just past the waiting room. She will take the Biotic Amp Interface to finish a mission Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces. If Miranda survived ME2, head to the Docking bay and you should find her in the lounge area.

Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Surkesh

Assault Rifle BarrelSentry Interface
Shotgun BladePistol Scope
Shotgun Spare AmmoScorpion
Pistol BarrelM-13 Raptor
Armax Greaves

Travel to the meeting point just above Sur'Kesh. The war meeting will start aboard the Normandy and some words will certainly be had. You'll have an opportunity for Renegade Interrupt here, you'll be called a fool, and you'll walk out of the room confidently. Pack a couple of people with Overload and Biotic if you can. Make your way down to the planet and talk with the Salarians there. Eventually, they'll let you inside and send you downstairs to see the females. After talking to a possible old friend and the female Krogan, turn around and head for the door at the back left. That will be unsuccessful so head for the door to the back right and watch out for the weapon mod on the left side on a book shelf. After you have it, go up the ladder to get to a balcony.

Go around the corner and find a group of Salarians shooting at enemies below. Flank to the right and you'll see some Cerberus enemies kill the Salarians. From here you have a good flanking position to attack from. Kill them and make your way further along the lab. Toward the end, enemies will drop down from a shuttle. Try to take them out one by one as they come down. Once they are dead, investigate the area and you will find a med station on the wall. Check the bookshelves for a Shotgun Combat Knife mod. Head for the exit and go into the next room. Hop the barrier to get around the flame. After you hop the gap, pick up the Shotgun Spare Ammo mod that will be on the floor.

Go up the stairs and you will come to a new balcony. Enemies will drop out of a shuttle but most of them will be closer to you than the Pod. Try to kill them as they make their way over to the pod. Once they are all dead, make your way to the Pod and use the control panel to send the pod up a level. Check the terminal by the back wall for some credits and then go through the hole that Cerberus left in the wall.

While moving along the balcony, kill the enemies that are dropping down in the distance. Head inside a little bit and you should find a Pistol High Caliber Barrel mod. Grab that and continue to make your way across the balcony. Go up the stairs at the end and prepare for lots of engineers and turrets. You can actually manage these from where you come up. Just keep using Overload every chance you get and if you have a biotic, use warp to make short work of the turrets. Every time you have an engineer without shields, make sure to stun them in some way and then kill them so they can't repair or build turrets. Grab the salvage just inside on the right and then follow that wall to a locked door. Stand in front of the authorization terminal until the door unlocks and then go through. On the other side, grab the med kit and then grab the ammo on the floor around the corner.

Armax Arsenal Greaves.

Go through the door here and you will see a varren attack one of the Cerberus troopers. While your squad will direct you upward, there's a lot more to get down below. Directly in front of you on a desk will be the Armax Arsenal Greaves and further back around a corner will be a Sentry Interface and Spare Parts. It may benefit you to go upstairs right now though because it will give you a good vantage on the enemies below. Be careful because the enemy still has jet packs that allow them to come up through holes in the floor. Once you've picked up your loot and cleared the enemy, go through the door on the second floor.

Sentry Interface.

The next area is very dense with enemies. Make your way to the pod slowly so as not to die but if you find you are meeting little resistance, move faster because the enemies will really be after the Pod on this level. Kill them all and head to the back left of this balcony. Along the way, grab the Pistol Scope mod next to a research terminal. Further along, you will find the power conduit. Activate that and then check the corners of this room for a Scorpion pistol on the ground. Head back to the pod and use the control panel to lift the pod. You'll be attacked by Cerberus again. Kill them all and then make your way to where they came from. Jump the nearby gap and grab the M-13 Raptor sitting on the bench. Climb the nearby ladder to get to the top floor.


M-13 Raptor.

At the top of the ladder, you'll find more Cerberus. They will mostly start at the lower level but some will come up the stairs. Almost all of them will be focused on destroying the Pod. Kill the two that will likely come up and then clear the enemies on the bottom level. Hit the button to move the pod to the landing pad. When you do, a giant Atlas Mech will drop down and attack you. Back up a bit to fight this thing. Have your entire squad focus on it, including you. More Cerberus troops will show up too but they won't appear immediately so try and take the Atlas down first. Once you kill the Atlas, clean up the remaining Cerberus and you will be done.

Normandy 5

Make your way to the meeting room for a little chat, then head back to the War room and talk to Victus and the Urdnot leader for a couple of missions. Head out to the CIC and listen to Traynar. Check your messages and then head to the Crew Quarters. Talk to Engineer Adams and Dr. Chakwas in the bunk area. Head over to the Med Bay and talk to Mordin and the Krogan female, Eve. After you're done there, head over to talk to Garrus and listen to Liara's conversation with Wrex. Check Liara's terminal for a new message and then talk to Engineer Daniels in Engineering if you like. Allers will have a disagreement with one of your ensigns and you can take a side here. Head to the Shuttle Bay and talk to both James and Cortez (if you like). Lastly, head to the cockpit and listen to Joker and EDI. Now head off to the Citadel.

Citadel 5

When you visit the hospital, make sure to pick up the new Medi-gel upgrade. Check out the Spectre HQ terminal for a new authorization opportunity. Report to Barla Von in the Commons to complete Citadel: Barla Von. Go to the hospital and talk to the Asari Scientist just inside the Inpatient Wing to complete Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces.

Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Rachni

M-300 ClaymoreKrogan Dying Message
Pistol BarrelShotgun Spare Ammo
SMG BarrelAriake Should Guard
Shotgun Shredder ModPistol Piercing Mod

Travel to the Ninmah Cluster, Mulla Xul, and to the planet Utukku. A well rounded squad (with at least one biotic) would be good for this mission. Overload will be helpful in a few instances but you will only need one. Drop down to the planet and you'll meet up with a Krogan Squad which may be led by Grunt if he survived ME2. He will be leading the Aralakh Company. Talk to him and then when he departs, check the building to your left for Salvage, the M-300 Claymore and the Pistol High Caliber Barrel. Once you have all of that, head down the hill and check the next building on your left for an SMG High Caliber Barrel and some salvage just outside the building. Talk to the Aralakh leader and then head into the building.

M-300 Claymore.

After a nasty happenstance, you will regain control of Shepherd. Move down the tunnels and you will find a dead Krogan on the right side. Next to his body will be the M-451 Firestorm. This is a heavy weapon and you won't be able to keep it. Once it runs out of ammo, it's empty and you'll have to drop it. To drop it, simply change weapons. Carry this with you and use it to destroy the webs blocking your path and the spore pods scattered around. The Spore Pods explode if you get too close to them so make sure you destroy them before you proceed.

The area is a rather linear set of corridors and at the few places where the path splits, it leads back to the same path. You will soon come to a large open room and will be introduced to your first Ravagers. Watch out for the Ravager's rockets and make sure that you destroy the Barrier Engine here (This is why you brought Overload) quickly because a Ravager with shields is bad. Set your squad to attack the Ravager while you keep off the Husks and Cannibals that will swarm you. When the Ravager dies, it will release little bugs called Swarmers. They carry a corrosive material that does damage over time which prevents shields from recharging and does serious damage besides. They'll also leave a puddle of it on the floor when they hit you which will have the same effect on you. From where you dropped down into this room, if you turn left you will find a Shotgun Shredder mod. Move up the hill in the distance.

Reaper Node.

You should find another Firestorm at the base of this hill. Grab it and make your way to the top of the hill. Destroy the pods with your new Firestorm. Not far after the pods will be a web with a barrier on it. If you look to the right, you will find a Reaper Node. Destroy the Reaper Nod to get rid of the barrier and then burn the web like you normally would. You'll find another Firestorm not far from here and then there will be a crash. Continue on down the tunnels and watch for some Reaper Tech behind one of the side webs. Further along, before you come to another large room will be a dead Krogan behind a web. If you check his body, you'll find a message that starts Citadel: Krogan Dying Message. Move a little further ahead and you'll come to another large room similar to the previous one.

Krogan Dying Message.

This room actually uses the same strategy as before but just be careful because you are at a height disadvantage. This will cause you more problems in visibility than anything else since the ranged enemies are likely too far away to shoot you. Destroy the Barrier Engine, stop the oncoming Husks, take out the Ravager and clean up the Cannibals. Further on you will be ambushed by another group of similar structure but smaller and closer. They shouldn't pose a real problem though you may want to back up a little to get better cover. Kill them and you should find a small slope just behind them and to the right. On that slope will be another dead Krogan and a Spare Shotgun Ammo mod. Take that and move down the hill.

Jump off and move forward. Destroy the Spore Pods to the left and you should find some Reaper Tech there. Moving forward, you should eventually find another Firestorm on the left. Go over a bridge and then jump over a small gap. In this new room, you'll find more Pods. Destroy them and find the ramp at the back right. Go up this ramp and at the point where you have to start climbing upward, you'll find the Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard. Destroy more pods and jump across another gap.

Ariake Shoulders.

Now go down a ramp and you'll see the Aralakh squad in the distance off to the right. Burn through some webs and you'll find a dead Krogan. Near the Krogan should be a med kit, a new Firestorm, and the Pistol Piercing mod. There will be a Reaper Node nearby. Destroy that and you will regroup with Aralakh Company. After a short talk, they'll stay behind to protect your back. Go through the door near the dead Krogan and destroy the pods to the right to find more Reaper Tech. There will be a crawl space so start crawling. On the other side, run forward to the dead end and look up. You'll find another Reaper Node up above you. Destroy it.

This will trigger an attack from your left flank. The barriers will lower and you will be attacked by a group with two Ravagers, a good amount of Husks and some Cannibals. I would back up and use the cover on the left but be careful for the frequent grenades. Again, have your squad focus on one of the Ravagers and do everything you can to slow down the advancing Husks. Keep laying singularities to slow them down. This fight will be a little messy so don't hesitate to use some Medi-gel if your squad mates go down or if you need it. Once you've dealt with most of the Husks, use biotics to hinder the Cannibals so they stop using grenades on you. Hopefully your squad will have killed one or both of the Ravagers by this point and can help with the cleanup. When you are down, move past the dead enemies and you will find another Reaper Node to destroy which will start another wave.

This fight is more of the same as the last one except that you have more distance and a little bit of height. Otherwise, use the same tactics as before but watch out for the Swarmers that might sneak up on you. The toughest part of this fight is going to be finding good cover but back up and there will be a large section of rock that will allow you to fight off of both sides. Once this group is clear, move to central bridge for another similar fight. Again, your biggest battle is going to be finding cover. Don't hesitate to move backwards because the enemies will slowly come towards you and around the corner to fight. This will allow you to control the pace of the fight better. After they are dead, go past them, destroy another Node and fight one more group. This group is pretty simple compared to the others but just watch out because you have even less good cover here. I would try to stick to the right if it's possible since it seems to be the cover that gives you the most distance. Once everything is dead, head back to the bridge and go straight up the middle to find a (potentially) old friend.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

If Grunt was loyal to you in Mass Effect 2, he will survive should you choose to save the Queen. Since I found the difficult decision to be whether I was up for genocide to save Grunt, it might be comforting to know that you can save both in the right circumstances.


Normandy 6

You should talk to Wrex (or Wreav). Head out to the CIC and listen to Traynar. Check your messages again and then talk to joker and EDI. Go to the shuttle bay and talk to James briefly. Go to the crew quarters and talk to Dr. Chakwas in the sleeping quarters again. Talk to Garrus in the lounge for a change. Head over and talk to Liara and check her terminal while you're there. Go to CIC and use the galaxy map to start your next mission. You need to go to the Eular system in the Arcturus Stream. Land on the planet Benning.

Citadel 6

You do not need to visit the citadel at this time.