Audio ArtistSteven Bigras
DirectorCasey Hudson
Lead Cinematic DesignerKen Thain
Lead WriterMac Walters
Voice of Admiral AndersonKeith David
Voice of Admiral HackettLance Henriksen
Voice of Ashley WilliamsKimberly Brooks
Voice of Commander Shepard (female)Jennifer Hale
Voice of Commander Shepard (male)Mark Meer
Voice of Dr. ChakwasCarolyn Selymour
Voice of EDITricia Helfer
Voice of Garrus VakarianBrandon Keener
Voice of James VegaFreddie Prinze Jr.
Voice of JavikIke Amadi
Voice of Jeff "Joker" MoreauSeth Green
Voice of Kaidan AlenkoRaphael Sbarge
Voice of Liara T'SoniAli Hillis
Voice of Tali Zorah vas NormandyAsh Sroka
Voice of The Illusive ManMartin Sheen


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, Ein, oliist, sbigras, demonplague87, 3dfilmmaker, and Hardkoroff.

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