How do you get both Geth and Quarians?

  1. i saw in a walkthough that you can get both the Geth and Quarians on your side. i'm wondering, how do you do that?

    User Info: monsterlord-18

    monsterlord-18 - 9 years ago

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  1. There is a specific formula.

    Requirements are:
    Recruit Tali and keep her alive in ME2
    Recruit Legion and keep it (him) alive in ME2
    Complete Legion's loyalty mission in ME2 (either way)
    Complete the geth mission that leads to Rannoch in ME3

    From there, you need at least five points from the options below:
    DESTROY the heretics (not rewrite) in Legions LM in ME2: +2
    Prevent Tali's exile in her ME2 loyalty mission: +2
    Make peace between Legion and Tali during their argument in ME2 (you can't have picked one - YOU HAVE TO MAKE PEACE): +1
    Do the Quarian mission leading to Rannoch: +1
    Save Admiral Koris during the above mission, NOT the citizens: +1

    In addition, you need at least four bars of Paragon in your Reputation. This will allow you to let Legion upload himself and simultaneously call off the Quarians.

    I did everything except destroy the geth (couldn't do it - I rewrote), and I successfully acquired both species.

    User Info: Dawn_Reaver

    Dawn_Reaver - 9 years ago 11   4
  2. Can confirm that the paragon/renegade dosen't matter as i had full paragon going into the mission and still had both options enabeled so it's just the reputation score that matteres.
    Suggest doing the side missions and talking to the crew every now and then for reputation ass most story dialogue only promotes paragon/renegade

    User Info: Vladetare

    Vladetare - 1 year ago


  1. What pyromite said is true I had max reputation idk if that affects paragon or renegade but having legion survive ME2 and also rewriting heretics helps u get geth primes I think

    User Info: fallenangel2100

    fallenangel2100 - 9 years ago 7   2
  2. You need to have either high Paragon or Renegade scores. Have Legion transmit the upgrades and warn off the Quarian fleet. If you miss either of those, then you will lose one or the other.

    User Info: pyromite

    pyromite - 9 years ago 8   4
  3. not real sure on this one. Had max paragon but accidentally handed off legion to cerberus in my play through & had to choose one or the other. might hinge on doing both their loyalties in ME2.

    User Info: Blazeking777

    Blazeking777 - 9 years ago 4   5

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