What is the best armor in the game?

  1. Ive seen many armor sets in stores, but all seem to be not that good, and wondering if theres any superior or secret armor in the game.

    User Info: alexxx78

    alexxx78 - 9 years ago
  2. Indeed, is there a "best" set of armor? Based on the stats I've seen so far for armor in the game I would think that this is entirely subjective and dependent of your play style, character class, favored powers, and squad mates.

    So alexxx78, whats your Class and style? What powers do you use or intend to use? Who is in your squad? I'm not finished with the game yet so I don't have all the armor in the game but I think others might find this information useful for answering your question.

    I'll say that for my part, and this is in no way indicative of how anyone "SHOULD" play, I'm an Adept and prefer all out offense so i use the the Blood Dragon Armor. I don't think this armor would work for me though If not for my fighting tactics which rely heavily on Garrus and Liara providing support. Garrus removes shields, Liara removes the enemy ability to move, I detonate biotic combos. I only hide from heavily armored enemies like the atlas that can't be frozen with stasis or levitated with singularity. I play on insanity mode and it works out for me most of the time.

    User Info: 20_sided_death

    20_sided_death - 9 years ago
  3. Say, I use a Soldier Shepard, and basically snipe enemies with black widow plus incendiary ammo. I usually play ME games several times with different classes, but I think Ill do that in Multiplayer this time =)

    User Info: alexxx78

    alexxx78 - 9 years ago

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  1. There is no "best armor" in this game.
    It depends on your class and/or your taste.

    User Info: Crunchyz

    Crunchyz - 9 years ago 5   1


  1. Don't forget that each of the manufacturers has a "set" of armor as well, you just acquire the pieces individually. There are no set bonuses unfortunately. As an Infiltrator I use the Armax armor pieces with the Kuwashii visor. That gives me three pieces with damage/headshot damage bonuses along with two pieces with ammo bonuses which helps with sniper rifles.

    What I wouldn't give for the Kestral armor...

    User Info: HarlequinK

    HarlequinK - 9 years ago 4   2
  2. There is more than one and each costs 50,000 credits.

    Cerberus armor- Ammo capacity+10% Weapon damage+20% shields+10% health+10%

    Terminus Armor- Melee Damage+15% Ammo Capacity+15% Shields+30%

    Blood Dragon Armor- Power Recharge Speed+10% Power Damage+30% Shields+20%

    Inferno Armor- Power Recharge Speed+30% Power Damage+30%

    Collector Armor- Shield Regain Speed+20% Shields+20% Health+20%

    There is no best armor. Each of these are balanced out for different play styles.

    User Info: Blacktaski

    Blacktaski - 8 years ago 3   1
  3. Questions don't get much more subjective than this.

    In general, using any of the armor sets will grant you a total of 60% in bonuses to your stats, though no area will get more than +30%. Mixing and matching gives you only 50% total bonuses, but they can all be stacked onto one area if you want (such as +50% melee or +50% health, etc.).

    Use your own experience to answer the question. If you're constantly losing your shields and/or health, use armor that boost them. Likewise, if you have little/no trouble with your shields, boost your weapon damage.

    For me, I used Cerberus Armor until I got bored shooting at people and went melee crazy -- at which point I switched to Collector Armour. (Terminus armour seems like a good choice for the melee damage boost, but Ammo Capacity is lost on melee-ers.)

    As a Sentinel I was in love with the Blood Dragon and Inferno Armour sets. (I'd probably choose the same for an Adept.)

    User Info: gemu_ot4ku

    gemu_ot4ku - 9 years ago 3   3
  4. I like the armor that makes me look like Iron man!!

    User Info: da1tigers

    da1tigers - 9 years ago 2   2
  5. IMO, the best armor is the collectors armor, only because it increases the bonuses to health and shields, which always helps. Weapons have numerous ways of being upgraded and powered up. Theres few ways to upgrade shields and health tho imo

    User Info: deathscythe257

    deathscythe257 - 9 years ago 1   1
  6. I use soldier and I like the blood dragon, but I've found customizing my armor is the best way for me. I focus on weapon and headshot damages only.
    Helmet: recon hood
    Chest: hahne-Kedar
    Shoulders: armax arsenal
    Arms: armax arsenal
    Legs: hahne-Kedar
    All devoted to weapon and headshot damage, my headshot damage is at about 40% and weapon damage is about 85-90%. Still playing tho, only campaign, and haven't even done priority rannoch or side quests yet so I'm sure I'll find better.

    User Info: Stgall5905

    Stgall5905 - 9 years ago 0   0
  7. I like the kuwashii visor too, but the recon hood is cool because it almost maxes out weapon damages in trade for head shots, plus incedianry ammo fully maxed and combat mastery fully maxed (increase weapon damage bonus by another 10% and increase damage of all ammo powers by 40%) so when I pull out the mattock v with weapon dmg mods, or ESP the graal v with fully upgraded dmg and accuracy mods (IMO the strongest possible gun, esp when charged) I just kill abso-fckin-lutely everyone.

    User Info: Stgall5905

    Stgall5905 - 9 years ago 0   0
  8. If your a soldier the best armor is the n7 defender armor but that is a pre-order code but im with everyone else your armor would depend on your playstyle and character build

    User Info: pointman25

    pointman25 - 8 years ago 0   0
  9. I used the Reckoning armor from the Reckoning demo, provided good shield, damage, melee boosts to my soldier. Added bonus, looks awesome. I agree with 20 sided and say you need to figure out what your best attributes are for class and mod those. Do you snipe? Do you biotic? Or are you like me, incendiary ammo + adrenaline rush and snipe with valkyrie(Or mattock if you didn't get gamestop pre order?)

    I recommend soldier as it's great all around, and maxing out adren rush just makes it that much easier. Gonna do a biotic next play through for extra achievements and what not.

    User Info: barisaxplayer

    barisaxplayer - 9 years ago 1   2
  10. Well, I tend to stick with the basic armor, and mix and match parts of it, in order to get the bonuses I like. For example, since I play a soldier in My primary game, I tend to not bother with "power damage" bonuses, and instead go for weapon damage, and headshot damage.

    User Info: SSJ3Monkey

    SSJ3Monkey - 9 years ago 0   1
  11. As a soldier I'm in the line of fire ALOT, just like any other soldier. So i personally like the Collectors Armor. Away from how sick it looks, It offers alot towards defense. It adds 20% Shields, Shield Regeneration, and Health, which in a way is a little bit of everything towards defense but for an offensive armor I'd suggest (this is my set) the Death Mask or Kuwashii Visor, with the Armax Arsenal (Ammo Cap) or the Hahne Kedar (Weapon Damage) chest plate, Armax Shoulders (Weapon and Headshot Dmg), Hahne Kedar (Weapon Dmg) or Armax Arsenal (Weapon and Headshot Dmg) and Hahne Kedar (Weapon Dmg) legplates. That set is mostly Based of of Armax Arsenal or Hahne Kedar because they either offer Weapon Dmg, Weapon + Headshot Dmg or Ammo Capacity.

    User Info: cyfreenix

    cyfreenix - 9 years ago 0   1
  12. There's no secret armor. There's also no best armor. As a soldier, you said you sit back and snipe with the widow. I would use a full set of Armax Arsenal armor for the headshot damage and weapon damage. Otherwise, a full set of Hahne-Kedar. If you have it already, the Delumcore Overlay you get near the end of the game goes great with sniper rifles as well. As for full armor sets, Cerberus armor is probably your best bet.

    User Info: Leinad_RD

    Leinad_RD - 8 years ago 0   1
  13. IF you care,the dragon armor looks awesome.it has the blood dragon from the front of dragon age origins on it.but,thats just style.

    User Info: manic2

    manic2 - 9 years ago 0   2
  14. I am currently using Cerberus armor, which is a good all-around set. You get some extra ammo, as well as a mix of health, shields, and weapon damage. Blood Dragon is also a well-rounded set. However, if boosting your biotic or tech powers is more important than added protection, go with Inferno armor.

    User Info: arb456

    arb456 - 9 years ago 0   2
  15. The armor from sinding that mission if you choose to kill him thus my opinion because I haven't died since may3rd so I choose that armor thanks

    Pls pick mine :))))))))))

    User Info: NinjaNinja9901

    NinjaNinja9901 - 8 years ago 0   3

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