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Iron Man Guide by Sigfriedsfriend

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/06/2011

MM      M    AA    RRRRR   V           V  EEEEEEE  L
M M    MM   A  A   R    R   V         V   E        L
M  M  M M  A    A  R    R    V       V    E        L
M   MM  M  AAAAAA  RRRRR      V     V     EEEE     L
M       M  A    A  R   R       V   V      E        L
M       M  A    A  R    R       V V       E        L
M       M  A    A  R     R       VV       EEEEEEE  LLLLLLL

              V       V  SSSSSSSS
               V     V   S
                V   V     SSSSS
                 V V           SS
                  V      SSSSSSS

C        A  A  P    P C       O     O M M    MM           3
C       A    A PPPPPP C       O     O M  M  M M           3
C       AAAAAA P      C       O     O M   MM  M        3333
C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
CCCCCCC A    A P      CCCCCCC OOOOOOO M       M     3333333

Marvel Vs Capcom: Iron Man Guide

Written By: Darin Dye     <gamemaster53539@yahoo.com>

Completed On: 3/2/2011

Version History

 1.0 - All fields filled out
 1.1 [Done on 3/5/2011]
     - Added content in dialogue section

                           LEGAL STUFF
This game was created by Capcom and the other affiliated parties. All 
rights to the game go through them.

This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 

1.0) Background
   1.1) Game Profile
   1.2) Extended Profile
   1.3) Alternate Costumes
   1.4) In-Game Dialogue
   1.5) Titles
2.0) Movelist
   2.1) Assist Attacks
   2.2) Basic Attacks
   2.3) Skills
   2.4) Hyper Combos
3.0) Strategies
   3.1) Team Hyper Combos
   3.2) Solo Battle
4.0) Mission
5.0) Contact Information

Button Layout:::

Square = Light Attack (L)
Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
X = Special Attack (S)

   (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
   (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc

R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
Select = Taunt

NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows

789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward

1.0) Background
  This is section of the guide is completely worthless, but may be 
entertaining if you are looking to learn about who the character is. In the
following sections I provide the little snapshot the game gives him and info
I know about him based on the games I've played.

1.1) Game Profile
(This came from the game, unless otherwise noted, so credit goes to the
makers of the game for this section.)

Real Name: Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark

Occupation: Adventurer, President Emeritus of Stark Industries

   Tony's sharp mind and technological know-how allow him to develop and
maintain his own battle suit. As Iron Man, his armor is equipped with
various weapons, as well as the ability to fly.

   He has various weapons, including the repulsor ray he can fire from both
hands, anti-tank missiles, and the UniBeam he fires from his chest. He has
several armors with different functionality.

   Captured by a terrorist group in a war-torn region, Tony created a battle
suit to help him escape. Afterwards, he improved the battle suit to become
Iron Man and has dedicated himself to protecting the peace since.

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)

Intelligence      |  6/7   
Strength          |  6/7 
Speed             |  5/7     
Stamina           |  6/7   
Energy Projection |  6/7      
Fighting Ability  |  3/7    

1.2) Extended Profile
Unfortunately I have extremely limited knowledge on any Marvel character
because I only followed them in their cartoon exploits many, many years ago.
Having never read any of the comics I feel entitled to skipping this
section entirely so I won't offend any die-hard fans. I cannot though, 
because I do feel obligated to contain this section for all guides I produce
for this game, so I'll try my best (which is likely bad, so go easy on
me please).

Tony Stark is a very smart man who is good with machines, has way too much
money, has way too much free time, and is an apparent womanizer. Through
his time he has created extra battle suits such as War Machine, which was
sadly excluded after its long reign in the last 2 games, that have 
awe-inspiring technology. A virtual one-man army, his technologically 
advanced suits allow him to defeat his numerous adversaries throughout his

In the movies... (no further comment here. I have yet to see both movies and
probably won't find a successful correlation between that and the comics I've
never read).

Iron Man appeared outside of his original series as a member of the Avengers,
an elite gathering of superheroes from across the Marvel universe, but that
is all I know about that topic.

Iron Man's highly destructive Proton Cannon was introduced to the character
in the original Marvel vs Capcom and behaved almost exactly as it does in
this game. Though it could only fire horizontally in MVC 1 and 2, its full
screen beam caused wide-spread damage for the low cost of 1 hyper combo bar.
Another hyper combo called War Destroyer, where a backpack appeared that
released a salvo of missiles into the air, was omitted in this installment of
the game. I cannot complain about this, though, because that was a move of
War Machine's and not Iron Man's. His new level 3 hyper combo, Iron Avenger,
far makes up for the loss of War Destroyer.

1.3) Alternate Costumes

Costume 1 (X): Standard
  - The red and yellow armor characteristic of his original design.

Costume 2 (Tri): Evil Chrome
  - A "black" armor if you will. A very menacing look to an already awesome
    looking character. Maybe a tribute to war machine, another of his suits.

Costume 3 (Sqr): Red and White
  - Hooray, Santa's here and he brought a proton cannon with him!

Costume 4 (R1): Blue
  - A monochromatic blue across his entire suit (minus the evil red eyes and
    chest crystal-thing).

1.4) In-Game Dialogue
This section contains notable dialogue the character says during battle. 
Things like him shouting a character's name is omitted unless he refers to
the character in a special way. Also, sayings directed at him by characters 
that are unique are also written down. If I'm missing any please let me know,
but make sure it's not like: Phoenix while swapping mid-battle "Iron Man!"

   "Battle mode initiated."
   "Let's give this new armor a whirl, shall we?"
   "Business calls, so let's make this quick."
   "This is over before it even starts."

To Spencer - "Just the arm. Why? Can't afford the rest of the suit?"
To Hulk - "Probably could use that hulk buster armor right about now..."
to a female enemy - "So, you doin' anything after this?"
to Dr Doom - "Let's see who really has the better toys, shall we?"
to Captain America - "This armor knows your next move before you do, Steve."

When allies are Thor & Captain America - "Avengers, assemble!"

   "Pretty sure I just saved the world... again."
   "I could've used the Mark 1 armor and still won this fight!"
   "You can't improve on perfection."
   "What part of 'Invinsible Iron Man' didn't you understand?"

to Spencer - "Gimme a call if you want an upgrade, son."
to Hulk - "What was that about Hulk smash again?"
to a female enemy - "Told you. A nice candle-lit dinner would be better."
to Dr Doom - "[psh] You call that tech? I'll show you tech."
to Captain America - "It's like civil war all over again..."

When allies are Thor & Captain America - "They don't call us 'Earth's 
                                            Mightiest Heroes' for nothing."

End-Level Dialogue Box:

   "Don't feel bad about it. My armor analyzed your weakness and calculated
    every possible attack."

   "I've had meetings that were more gruelling that this."

   "You put up a good fight, but I had the superior tech, skills, and

   "A shame to waste the good armor on such an easy fight."

   "Got to call Pepper. Looks like I'm going to be fashionably late to yet
    another party..."

to Dr Doom - "Don't think I forgot about what happened at Camelot."   

Taunt: "Earth's mightiest heroes, nuff said" or "Let's lock and load!"

Proton Cannon Activation - "Target Acquired..."

Angled Proton Cannon Activation - "Here's the big one..."

Iron Avenger Activaiton

 - "All my power hither..."

HC Activation in a series:
   Middle - "Here's the finish..."
   Last - "Let's wrap this up..."

1.5) Titles

Steel Soldier     - Clear Arcade mode with Iron Man on any difficulty

[Unknown]         - Clear Arcade mode with Iron Man on Very Hard

Peace Keeper      - Complete 5 missions with Iron Man

Genius Inventor   - Complete 10 missions with Iron Man

C E O             - Use Iron Man 30 times

2.0) Movelist
  In this section I provide a list of his attacks and explain what they do
and how they perform. This can give insight as to how useful moves are and
different strategies they can be applied to. 

Button Layout:::

Square = Light Attack (L)
Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
X = Special Attack (S)

   (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
   (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc

R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
Select = Taunt

NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows

789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward

2.1) Assist Attacks

Alpha Type: UniBeam
 - Appears next to the player and emits a horizontal beam from his chest
   (8 hits)

Beta Type: Repulsor Blast
 - Appears next to player (occasionally slides towards enemy) and creates a
   jumbled mass of energy over his head, sucking nearby enemies up and over
   him (up to 5 hits).

Gamma Type: Smart Bomb
 - Appears next to player and floods the floor with mini-bombs. Picks up
  floored opponents, allowing for further comboing. (10 hits)

2.2) Basic Attacks

(L) - standard punch
(M) - kicks with a thrustering boot
(H) - emits a short-range, concussive spark from his hands
(S) - an almost vertical lunging kick (air transition)

(2+L) - standard foot kick
(2+M) - low kick assisted by thrusters (trips opponent)
(2+H) - produces a shoulder cannon and fires 1 missile near the floor.

air (L) - energy infused slap (one hand)
air (L), air (L) - energy infused slap (other hand)

air (M) - thruster kick (one leg)
air (M), air (M) - thruster kick (other leg)

air (H) - double fisted punch (horizontal)
air (8+H) - double fisted punch (diagonal up)
air (2+H) - double fisted punch (diagonal down)

air (S) - emits an angled, short-range expulsion of energy

Front Throw - blows enemy away with point-blank blast of energy
Back Throw - switches places before doing front throw animation

Front Air Throw - spikes enemy with a blast of energy
Back Air Throw - switches places before spiking enemy with an energy blast

Taunt - leans back and emits a pulse across his body from his chest

2.3) Skills

UniBeam (236+atk) in air OK
 (L) - Emits a beam from his chest (5 hits)
 (M) - Emits a beam from his chest (7 hits) [takes a little longer to do]
 (H) - Emits a beam from his chest (9 hits) [takes a lot longer to do]

Repulsor Blast (214+atk)
 (L) - Emits a small jumbled mass of energy overhead (up to 5 hits)
 (M) - Emits a medium jumbled mass of energy overhead (up to 5 hits)
 (H) - Emits a large jumbled mass of energy overhead (up to 5 hits)

     Repulsor Spread (during Repulso Blast 214+H)
       - The jumbled mass goes critical and instantly explodes for an added

Smart Bomb (623+atk) in air OK
 (L) - fires 2 bomblets in front of his feet (picks up downed enemies)
 (M) - fires 6 bomblets in front of his feet (picks up downed enemies)
 (H) - fires 10 bomblets in front of his feet (picks up downed enemies)

Flight (214+S) in air OK
 - After activating his foot and hand thrusters he gains the ability to 
  freely move in all directions for a short time. Input again to deactivate.

2.4) Hyper Combos

Proton Cannon (236+atk atk)
 - After summoning an enormous cannon out of thin air (which can hit and
   force enemies to take the rest of the attack) he fires an even grander
   constant beam of energy across the stage horizontally. (36 hits)

Angled Proton Cannon (623+atk atk)
 - Same as Proton Cannon, only fired at a 45 degree angle upward.

Iron Avenger (214+atk atk) Consumes 3 HC gauges
 - As the move activates he takes to the sky before divebombing the enemy
   almost instantly. If he hits the enemy a cinematic shows him drag the
   enemy into the sky before incinerating him/her with an epic beam of energy
   coming from his chest component. (68 hits)

3.0) Strategies
  In this section I will cover what combos I have developed that
makes him a formidable character. The first sub-section covers specific 
combos I have performed that are either very flashy or incredibly devastating
or useful. The second section is meant to set up basic combos with him when
he is the only character you have left.

3.1) Team Hyper Combos
All three of Iron Man's hyper combos can be used in hyper combo chains with
considerable success since they all have a very large effective range. 
Though 2 of his 3 hyper combos are essentially the same, the angled vs normal
proton cannon adds a much needed degree of freedom for him. Below is a
small list of chains Iron Man works well with.

Dormammu (Chaotic Flame) --> Proton Cannon/Angled Proton Cannon
 - Let all of Chaotic Flame hit, forcing the enemy to hit the ground before
  being able to recover. On their way down cancel into Proton Cannon (even
  though Chaotic Flame has ended there is still a period of time afterward
  to cancel into another attack). Angled Proton Cannon can be instantly
  canceled into, but you'll want to be midscreen from the enemy to hit.

Deadpool (Cuttin Time/Happy-Happy Trigger) --> Proton Cannon
 - Cancel into proton cannon just before the last shot in Happy Happy Trigger
  or on the last hit of cuttin time. Both are gauranteed combos. Cuttin 
  Time into Proton Cannon hurts considerably more though...

Dante (Million Dollars) --> Proton Cannon
 - As Dante unleashes the final shot cancel into Proton Cannon

Chris (Sweep Combo) --> Proton Cannon/Iron Avenger
 - Cancel into Iron Avenger just after the revolver shot. Proton Cannon can
  be cancelled shortly after the rocket hits, but don't wait too long (not
  all of proton cannon will hit, but it still is gauranteed hurt).

Chris (Grendae Launcher) --> Angel Proton Cannon/Iron Avenger
 - For both cancels into Iron Man, do it after you see or hear Chris fire the
  fourth grenade. If APC is used, the second grenade chris shot will still
  hit. Both do considerable damage.

Thor (Mighty Tornado) --> Angled Proton Cannon
 - After the last hit cancel into APC.

Thor (Mighty Punish) --> Captain America (Hyper Charging Star) -->
          Iron Man (Proton Cannon or Iron Avenger)
 - This is a fun move, made even more epic by the fact that it's done with
  Team Avenger. As Thor's hammer slams the enemy into the ground there's a
  brief moment the enemy bounces off the floor. Cancel right there into
  Hyper Charging Star and then cancel into Iron Man before the last hit.
  Failure to cancel Hyper Charging Star before the last hit results in a 
  combo miss. Note that Iron Avenger makes this move cost a total of 5 HC
  gauges and doesn't add a considerable amount of damage to the combo for
  the cost.

Spencer (Bionic Maneuvers) --> Proton Cannon
 - Cancel after the last hit

Spencer (Bionic Lancer) --> Angled Proton Cannon
 - Cancel as soon after the hit as you can

Amaterasu (Okami Shuffle) --> Angled/Normal Proton Cannon
 - Either version of proton cannon works, but you must cancel near the end
  of the thunder segment of Ammy's attack to let the last thunderbolt, which
  instantly floors the enemy, drag the target into your laser of death.

3.2) Solo Battle

Iron Man is not the best solo fighter, but functions very well as a multi-
purpose character. Though his combos are limited he possesses some of the
most over-usable skills in the game and can be a very imposing threat if
used properly or not. Below are some combos I've discovered for him when he
is the one on the field.

2+L, 2+M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, jump, air L, air M, air S

2+L, 2+M, H, 236+L, Proton Cannon, X-factor, Iron Avenger
 - This move is really quick and costs a lot of hyper combo gauges, but it is
  a match ender. This takes off roughly 95% of captain america's health from
  full. Just make sure to X-factor before Proton Cannon finishes.


...214+(M or H), Angled Proton Cannon

2+L, 2+M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, jump, air L, air M, air S,
   623+H, Proton Cannon, X-Factor, Angled Proton Cannon

4.0) Missions
In this section we tackle the missions (or at least the ones I can do).
Most missions are straight forward, but for some characters beating a mission
requires rediculously perfect timing and if I have completed them this 
section will be useful to those who are stumped.

Ones I've Completed: 1-10
Ones I have not completed: N/A

Mission 1 - Attack using UniBeam
 Solution: 236+H

Mission 2 - Attack using Smart Bomb
 Solution: 623+H

Mission 3 - Perform a combo using a cancel
 Solution: 2+L, 2+M, H, 236+L

Mission 4 - Perform a combo using a hyper combo cancel
 Solution: air 2+H, 2+L, 2+M, H, 236+L, 236+atk atk
 Strategy: jump and hit the enemy with the first attack on the way down just
         before you land. Continue through the combo and cancel from unibeam
         into proton cannon before the last hit. Summoning the cannon should
         count as a hit and guarantee the finish.

Mission 5 - Perform an air combo
 Solution: 2+L, 2+M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, jump, air M, air S
 Strategy: After taking the enemy into the air, press M, M, H and jump the
         moment you hit and continue as quickly as possible in order to get
         the finish. It's a very fluid combo once you go airborne.

Mission 6 - Perform an air combo
 Solution: 2+L, 2+M, H, 214+L, 2+M, H, S, air M, air H, air S
 Strategy: The trick to this is hitting the enemy after repulsor blast 
          carries Viper over your head. While the repulsor is going hold down
          and mash M until it hits and finish the combo. It can be a bother
          if you accidentally keep holding down when you press H (you will 
          fire a shoulder rocket if you do).

Mission 7 - Perform a combo with a crossover assist (corner only)
 Solution: 2+L, 2+M, H, P2, 623+L, S, air M, air H, air S
 Strategy: The goal is to pretend P2 isn't in the combo. This means you must
           practice hitting L M H 623+L in one fluid combo. When done right
           MODOK will hit just after smart bomb and allow you to pop the
           enemy into the air with S and finish the combo.

Mission 8 - Perform a combo using X-factor... (corner only)
 Solution: air 2+H, 2+M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, jump, air M, air S,
          623+H, 236+atk atk, X-factor, 214+atk atk
 Strategy: jump and hit with the first attack just before you touch the
         floor. Continue the combo into the air and spike the enemy onto the
         ground. Before the enemy has a chance to get up you must hit him
         with smart bomb and cancel into Proton Cannon before activating X
         Factor and finishing with Iron Avenger. DO NOT let Proton Cannon
         finish or you will fail.

Mission 9 - Perform a flight combo (corner only)
 Solution: air 2+H, 2+L, 2+M, H, 214+S, air L, air M, air M, air H, air 2+H,
          air S, H, 623+atk atk
 Strategy: THIS IS AN INSANELY hard mission. If starting it wasn't awkward
           enough, flight cancelling and maintaining the combo is even more
           rediculous... but possible. The trick is to cancel into the flight
           mode the moment you hit with H and press L M M H 2+H S H as quickly
           as Iron Man can unleash them and end the combo. This took me a
           long time to get used to the flight portion of the combo and 
           finishing out of it, but having patience and keeping a calm state
           of mind really... REALLY helps.

Mission 10 - Perform a special combo (corner only)
 Solution: 2+L, 2+M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S, P1, H, S, air M, 
           air M, air H, air S, 623+H, 623+atk atk
 Strategy: After the initial air combo, rapidly mash P1 so X23 can pick the
          enemy off the floor. Once she hits take the combo into the air for
          last segment, spike the enemy and quickly follow up with Smart
          Bomb to pick him up yourself and finish will APC. So much easier
          that it looks and SOOO much easier than mission 9.

5.0) Contact Information
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Below is my contact info.

Name: Darin
Email: gamemaster53539@yahoo.com

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