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Guide and Walkthrough by unboundbraniac

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 09/30/2013

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The Bureau XCOM Declassified Walkthrough for PC|

Copyright 2013 Samuel G, on twitter: @BraniacUnbound
email: unboundbraniac at yahoo dot com

This guide is only for GameFAQs. It is not allowed to be posted elsewhere.
Posting this guide elsewhere is a violation of these terms. No editing
this guide for posting else were is allowed. If you received a response
from me in your inquries of hosting elsewhere, that does not violate these

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

=Version history

Version 1.15
-Started adding side missions. Yeah, I still think this is a somewhat
fun game :D Only 1 side mission though, the mission was a glitchy mess and
kinda killed my mood.
-Added Weapons list.

Version 1.00
- September 04, 2013, Main story walkthrough completed and uploaded.

The Bureau Xcom Declassified is a game of cowboys versus aliens... well, the
character you play had a hat like Daniel Craig in that one movie... But, for
reals, it's CIA versus an alien invasion. Kinda like a what if scenario if
the roswell aliens broke out of their.... wait, that's the Independence Day
movie >__> This game is a 3rd person shooter, think Mass Effect. Yeah, I said
it. It really is.


1= Controls
2= Walkthrough
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3A
Mission 3
Mission 4
Mission 5
Mission 6
6= FAQs


Left Click: Fire weapon
Right click: Aim
G: Grenade
Middle Mouse: Click Zoom
R: Reload
Mouse wheel down: Next weapon
Mouse wheel up: previous weapon
Q: cycle weapons
F: Melee

W: move forward
S: move back
A: strafe left
D: strafe right
Left-shift: cover and sprint
C: dodge-roll
V: special cover moves

F1: issue go-to/Attack order to entire squad
F2: recall squad/issue follow order
Space: battle focus
1: order 1
2: order 2
3: order 3
4: order 4
5: order 5
6: order 6

O: objectives screen
E: Use or interact
F5: look at Point of Interest
arrow-up: Menu selection up
arrow-down: menu selection down
arrow left: menu selection left
arrow-right: menu selection right
Page down: next menu tab
Page up: previous menu tab
END: next menu page
HOME: Previous menu page

Mission 1: Invasion!
You'll be in a room, and your objective is to leave the building. Very
easy, as it is a one way, no-deviation route to the front door (no
fire exits in the house? XD) Follow onscreen instructions as it is a
mini-tutorial, and you can't progress unless they are followed. Once
outside, a cut scene occurs, and once you are back in control of the
player, shoot the aliens and proceed through the door the guy in the
cut-scene went through. Walk up to him, then grab the glowing yellow
cell phone on the counter. I know it's not a cell phone but bear with me,
while you are talky, do the walky by following the guy, Nils, where he
is going. Now exit through the fire escape (lol) and out the building,
down a metal stairs and head for the metal stairs like that in front of

After the cut scene, go through the doorway and grab the M14 on the floor,
then proceed to the glowing object just left of where you got the rifle,
and watch the film reel and follow the onscreen instructions, then shoot
the Mars Attacks dudes. Afterwards, proceed to the door to the left, and
if you want, there's some pistol ammo by the dead soldiers where you were
just shooting the previous aliens. Go back to Nils, and open the door
politely. Head on through the fires of... hades, and inspect the crashed
fighter plane in front of you. Then, press the Objectives button (F5) to
see where the elevators are, and enter another film reel, and your first
orders for your meatbag friend. Well, he won't be a meatbag if you don't
send him to the grinder, but order him to follow what you saw on the film
reel by following the onscreen instructions. Afterwards, dispatch the aliens
and then gather M14 ammo from the dead soldiers.

Head to the shiny yellow door handle at the end of this area, and bust
through. There's pistol ammo on the table to your right, then go up the
stairs and out of this building. Go into the hangar, kill aliens, then grab
the grenades on the back of those forklifts. At the elevators, there's a
shotgun nearby. Once you press the elevator switch, more aliens will show
up, so take cover. Once you kill a few, a bomb shaped thing will drop down,
and teleport new aliens for the meat grinder. Shoot it, because you don't
have unlimited ammo, and if you see a glowing red basketball, shoot it too.
After the last of the aliens are dead, head to the elevator and push the

Once the elevator stops, gather ammo from the floor and head through a door
with a red light on top. Turn into this control room to grab a letter, then
progress through (follow the blood trail on the floor). When you see a
"Welcome" sign on the wall, inspect a table to its left for a photo, then
head up to the projector and inspect photo. Continue on Blood Trail road,
all the way to glowing door handle again, and... it's choice time! Don't lie
now, and tell him it was destroyed, then gather intel from the next set of
choices (right for info, left to progress story).

Go through the vault, look at the aliens through the window, and proceed to
the big yellow marker to head downstairs. Set up a battle plan and kill em
all. Once they dead, inspect the floating rocky cousin of 343 Guilty Spark,
and behind you in a corridor there's some shotgun ammo and grenades. Now
inspect the glowing letter by the pillar, and proceed through the glowing
handle doors and through the vault. Go left and kill the aliens, then go the
rest of the way to another vault door.

Follow the path all the way through to a set of glowing doors, and open
sesame them. Inspect the reactor, and continue on. You'll see some soldiers
under fire, so Battle Plan Nils to flank the turret and Critical Strike it.
Once the battle is over, proceed through this area to a control switch on
the wall and press it. Proceed through this area until you near another vault
door, and you can find 2 letters in this room. After you open these vault
doors, cut scene time and then choices time. I prefer choosing the choices
that learn more about the story, or you can be the anti-spy and skip it all.

After those scenes, go through the areas, when you are near the glowing ball
of light, go through the burning hole in the wall, and you'll run into some
enemies. Defeat them, then activate the glowing panel and jump aboard the
gravy train.

After the cut scene, head atop the building in front of you, and to your right
will be the radio set, stock up on ammo if you need to then activate the
radio. This battle is fairly simple, once the drop pods drop, wait for aliens
to gather near the gas cans and shoot them. The main objective is to destroy
the drop pods, so shoot those gas cans to clear the aliens, then shoot the
drop pods. Once that's done, activate the test, then another wave of
enemies drop close by, just hold off until the helicopter arrives, then scram
to it. Mission complete.

Mission 2: The Doctor

After cut-scenes, you can read some files, then go to the main room. More cut
scenes, then back in control, check the radio, then read the note, then go
across to the next room and talk to radio lady, when you get to the choices
about a strange signal, the correct choices are: 250, North, 892mhz. Then
head up to the second floor, invading the privacy of others by reading notes,
listening to recordings, etc. Talk to Faulk, then head back down to the
first floor, through the area 2 guards are guarding, then turn right. After
you talk to Da Silver one, there's two stuff to poke your nose into, then
select a team via that pulpit beside Da Silva.

After selecting your team (I chose recon man and commando man), head to the
infirmary. After that freakin long elevator ride, head to the infirmary,
through the glowy doors, then fllow your map to the exclamation mark, cut
scene then shoot away. Once that's done, there's a note to read on the
medicine cabinet, then before you get back aboard the snailevator, talk to
Da Silver one and then there's a document on some crates beside the
snailevator, then board the slow descent to the basement. After you leave
the elevator, you can turn right to read a note on the wall, then proceed
to the main room, and you'll see Faulke waiting to chat. Ooh, a new mission.
Be sure you sort your squad in order before heading out. This guide focuses
on Major Operations, so start the mission "The Doctor".

First job here is to take out the AA guns. Head dead straight until a story
event says to check the diner (on the right). After the cut-scene, exit via
the white glowy doors, head forward until you see a giant crater, then
proceed through the greenish building. This battle is a little harder than
the first mission, so make sure you Battle Focus your squad to win. After
the battle, check the door to the AA gun, and choose a agent to hot wire.
There's a mini battle here, so take out the drop pod to make it easier.
After the door is fixed, proceed up the platform and interact with the
control panel.

Now head through the doors into the next area, and up to the building with
glowing doors. Head down stairs and another cut-scene choice thing again.
After you talked your fill, go through the glowing door and out to the
white door, and have fun with the equipment crate that just dropped in.
Once you are done, go through the large crater and it's battle time again.

After the battle, head through the door with a glowing blue light like in
that movie Skyline, then go on through this area. Boss time! Or at least,
a tough enemy up ahead. It's kind of easy, but I shot him up with M14,
threw a grenade right at his feet, then finished it off with a full clip
from my machine pistol. Finish off the stragglers, then enter the Uni. Go
left through glowy doors, all the way through to a cut-scene, then inspect
more instagram photos on the wall. Then through the white glowing doors we

Oh, look, Alien weapon. Too bad you gotta sacrifice a weapon of your own to
carry it. Bring it though, because "the boys in the lab would want to take
a look at it". Go up the stairs and into a battle, Battle Focus your squad
in order to scatter the turret, take out the aliens by yourself and let your
squad deal with the turret, whatever works for you. Afterwards, stock up on
ammo then proceed through the glowing gates.

Uh-oh, now that's a boss. A metal spider with a giant weakness: the cockpit.
Target that part with your trusty alien laser gun you picked up earlier, and
it's easy pickin's. Finish off the rest of the small fry then proceed to
glowing gates. Ah, that special ammo crate which can transport agents to
replace your current/fallen ones. How do they do that? Never mind, I
suggest keeping the Scatter laser as the next battle has lots of ammo for
that scattered around. Give one of your buddies a scatter laser too.
So, same battle as the previous turret one, so Battle Focus your squad
appropriately. Mines are present, as well as explosive red crystal balls.
After you're done here, proceed through door with glowing blue ball.

Go through this area towards the Observatory (It's really linear, so no
getting lost), and it's a real boss fight this time. I suggest ordering
your squad to take cover within the tall pillars area, and have them
fire at the gunship while you take out the small fry. Just scatter laser
them and once they're taken care of, finish off the gunship (best with the
scatter laser while it's hovering above you). Mission accomplished!

(To progress the story, this mission or the other is required)

Well, you can do some stuff before your next mission, such as talk to radio
lady, or Analyst Krut. I'm up for some story missions. But there's 2 minor
ops to do, so for the sake of it's importance (alien artifact), I will do
Operation Grifter.

So, head on towards the barn, and a battle ensues. Look out for mines, and
the grenade happy Elites. There is one Drop Pod, so make short work of it
as soon as you can. Once that's done, head into the barn left of the
truck, and go into the room on the left, which has a laser pistol and a
ceiling dude from Half Life. Head back into the main room of this barn to
an area on the right, and you'll see glowing doors (and another blob guy).

An equipment crate, so have whatever fun you must. Proceed onto the river and
follow it through to the next area, where some blobs make a path for you so
thank them by killing them. Go up and into the next battle, watch out for
drones, mines and blobs. After you kill them, head to one of the railcars for
an alien SMG. Going to the next area, you have a drone that can levitate
you, and that Hulk enemy. You gotta kill the drone first, then the Hulk.
Grenade it as much as you can (you should have that grenade perk by now).
Gather what ammo you need from here and it's mission accomplished. Pretty
good haul I'd say.

Mission 3: Signal from Beyond

Time to go to the Engineering room. Through the door with 2 guards, it's on
the left. Talk to Faulke, then it's on to the Labratory. So for the
questioning, I opted for a no torture approach, which will yield a
satisfactory answer out of ET. Report back to Faulke (He's in his office),
then it's Major Mission Time.

So, head on through the street, and inspect the burned out car. Then move
forward and vault the truck, and battle time. Take car of the first set of
baddies, then a drop pod will arrive, so make work of that. There will also
be a sniper atop the car sales store. After you make your way to that car
sales store, a Command alien will show up, so kill it, then make your way
to the glowing doors of the car store. Snoop around inside, then make your
way through a glowing door and through the garage (there's a backpack
schematic on a lift just before the exit). There's an opening on the left, so
make your way through into Mattsons MAchining. MAke your linear way to the
KNOV radio station, and it's battle time. Battle Focus Da Silva to explode
traps near the enemies (it's on Carter's command list), don't blow them all
though, then head forward to speak to the silver one. Except, another battle
ensues, and this is where you can blow the rest of the traps. A hulk shows up
as the last enemy. After, stock up on ammo and then back to the glowing door.
Snoop some info, then talk to Da Silva, whatever choices works for you, then
it's out the glowing door. Equipment box! Have fun then proceed.

Make your way through this area (there's a grave on the right), and make your
linear way till you see a sign "-> Green Estates", go left towards some alien
boxes for a Backpack schematic, then proceed to Green Estates. Go through an
opening in the fence for a battle among shootable balloons. Nothing too hard,
just a Commander type and some snipers besides the usual guys. Proceed to the
opening of the alien structure for your newest weapon. Don't move. Reload it,
grab the energy clip and go back outside to gather remaining energy clips, as
this new weapon could use some ammo. Then back to that structure and through
door with a glowing blue ball on it. Make your way to that cliff overlooking
the gas station, then shoot a few of the aliens, and once Da Silva one goes
out with a boom, proceed left through the linear way, and once you are back
onto the streets, it's another battle. There's usual fry, and then a drop
pod arrives, and then that metal spider mech. Had to revive my squaddies
twice. Afterwards, go through the marekt via the ENTRANCE sign, make your
way to the exit, and you can see the good Doctor holding a rifle again. How
did this guy learn to shoot again? He was living in a lab last I remember.

Oh lol, he's a WWII vet. Salute! Now proceed to the glowing door where the
doctor went, and make you way to the other glowing door and down the stairs
to the basement.... that has an equipment box. How did the helicopter guy
drop that in here? I know Da Silva's men didn't drag that in... go through
the hole in the wall, and inspect the dead agents. Going the rest of the
linear way, you'll come across a barrier, and it's time to defend the good
doctor. Only tiny aliens and blobs to deal with, then when the door is open
drop down the cliff and go your merry linear way, inspecting a control
panel on the way. Gon onward until you see what looks like the Stargate
ring transport, and warp away. When you re-atomized, grab the backpack
schematic, then proceed through 2 blue light doors, and activate the bridge.

After you go through 2 more doors, here's where the glitches just get
frustrating. I saw an idea on Steam about it, but it never worked, so what
I did to make this work is that, make sure you squad is with you before
you cross this bridge with the sleepwalker pods overhead. Then, activate and
cross the bridge, waiting in front of the door, have a few of those
transports pass by while staring at the door. By then the "empty door" bug
should not activate, and the level will proceed. Go until you reach a large
room, on the right will be a door with ammo and info, then head back through
the other door. Finally a save past the glitched part, and spy the aliens
behind the window, and make your way around this area, and a battle ensues.
You will be dealing with a turrent, several shield commanders, floating
drones and a Hulk. Typcial solution is take out the drones, take out the
shield commanders, take out the turrent, and then run the Hulk around the
area so you can use the red explosives around the place to kill it.

Now go your linear way through the door, more london bridges, all the way to
the transponder, take it, then cross the bridge that appears and through the
door. A mini battle here, with 3 guys, just end their misery and continue
your linear way. When you see some Stargate rings transport some guys, just
throw a grenade over there, it will easily kill them lol. Then, ring out to
the next area, and go your linear way. Oh look, an equipment box. Get some
heavy weaponry and proceed through the door to face a new boss: the Titan!

This thing is a.... lol Stargate that shoots a laser through the wormhole XD
To defeat it, you shoot the glowing part where the laser comes out of. Best
way is to shoot it before it shoots you, as your teammates are useless in
this fight. Once you beat it, it's cut-scene time and... plot twist time :D


Oh boy, they had to start you in the infirmary. You gotta take that boring
long elevator ride again. Only this time, when you exit, take a left towards
Operations, and talk to Dr. Heinrich, then proceed to Faulke's office, then
follow BEHIND Angela to her room and have a chat.

Now to first talk to Radio lady, then to the doctor. Before you head to that
lousy decontamination room, go to Engineering, and Helicopter man will talk
to you about Ze Russian. You can recruit the guy, and send him to the meat
grinder at the Missions selection, then head to the Labratory. Talk to the
doctor (he'll call you out), then you can either talk to the rest of the
people down here (including prisoner dude), or return to Faulke. Before you
do, have some fun in your office and a flask of whiskey. Drink 3 times to
Da Silver one and his team, drink again for Hoover and the USA, keep drinking
until he drinks to himself, and he'll pass out drunk XD

Your co-workers actually wanted a drink too? Anyways, head to Faulke, have a
chat, listen as a helicopter is hijacked, then prep for the mission to

Head along the linear trail, until you reach a pink/red cottage. To the right
is towards the mission, down the trail to the left is a few notes and a
backpack schematic. Continuing with the mission, head forward and watch out
for Elites, a shield commander and drones, take out the drones first. Once
that's done, watch out for mines blocking your linear path, and continue on.

Once you reach the drained out lake, you'll have a small battle, 3 drones
and a Hulk. Drones first, then nade Hulk. After the battle, go into the shed
by the water for some stuff, then continue the mission. Before you hotwire
the control panel, get some new grenades to the left of it, then proceed to
hotwire. A battle ensues, consisting of a drop pod, drones, and that
metal spider mech. Drones first as always, then drop pod, and the rest. Then,
restock and continue the mission. Head on till you run into Angela, choices,
then continue on and activate the space bridge. To the left of the space
bridge is a sleeping person, to the right is the mission. When you are inside
a cave like structure, you'll come across a fork, right is to a backpack
schematic, left is mission. Continuing the mission yields another battle,
against snipers and 1 shield commander, and small fry. This room has one nice
new weapon, the pulse rifle, so get it when you're done with the battle, then
proceed with the mission through blue door.

Not long after passing this door, is another tough battle. You got shield
commanders, drones, and then a hulk will come down the way you came in, so
shield guy first, drones then nade the Hulk, then proceed to the objective
marker. Erm.... Angie? Since when was Carter familiar with her? At first it
was Weaver, then Angela, then Angie.... hmmm... Anyways, I chose "let her do
it", so sit back and get popcorn. Actually don't wait, look to the left for a
photo, then try to take Angie's rifle and she'll say "MINE, get your own gun"
So go back the way you came, through the next blue light door, and when you
get to a fork, left is a backpack schematic, right is mission. Mission battle
has some serious enemies, shield commanders, blobs, and regulars. You get to
control Angie this time, so have her snipe some while you waste your precious
ammo (ballistic weapon ammo is so scarce this level). After the battle, pick
up alien weapons, stock them up, and proceed to objective marker.

Ah, Battle Axis time. Not only do you have to shut down the shield generating
bunkers, but you have to deal with elites, Hulks and more elites. Tough fight,
but once you take down the shield around Axis, time for a real fight. This
guy not only teleports, but he has a Wave Blast skill, which will knock you
down. Make the battle easier by having your squad focus fire on him, while you
try to go for the headshots. Mission accomplished.

Back at base, head to Weaver I mean Angie's office, have a chat then it's on
to Dr. Weird's office. Before you go to see Weird, you can do 2 sidequests,
helping Heinrich test the cure, or help Helicopter man fix fuel leaks. Once
you talk to Dr Weird though, it's back to the story and on to see Faulke.

After you talk to Faulke, go to the Hangar bay for the Avenger and fix the
leaks (Battle Focus, scan them, then shut off the top valve). Now before you
start this mission, keep in mind you will be visiting a human installation,
that means ballistic weapons galore, so equip at least 1 human weapon.

So, after the amusing flying screen (hey, they piloted on black and white
television screens?), make your way into the dam, and follow the linear path
until you see a sleepwalker, it's too late for them, so shoot them because
they will turn into blobs. Once you go through the glowing doors, prepare for
the fight of your life. It's a two stage fight, the first stage is the area
you enter, with about 3 shield elites and regulars and snipers. The second
stage activates a gunship, plus mind-control elites and shield elites/
regulars. If you had the M14, let it loose as there are 2 ammo boxes for it
in the building nearby. Dispatch these aliens, then proceed to the next set
of glowing doors.

Ah, equipment box. Have fun, then proceed through, and spy a teleporting
alien. Follow where he's going and continue on and on until you see the
gennie's, press F5 to progress then continue downstairs. Shut off the first
genny via the glowing panel, then proceed around it, and once you get down
the stairs, it's a hell of a fight, as it's tough shield elites, throw
grenades like crazy, I actually died in this part. Once they dead, proceed
around the room to the next genny.

This must be the last level because going through those doors is an even
more tougher fight, with drones, shield elites and karate elites. Yeah, I
said karate elites, they jump around the place and try to kick you. Kill em
all, then shut off the second genny. Going towards the 3rd genny will
activate the next fight, and it's a hulk plus shield elites, I just naded
the heck out of the Hulk and focus fire on shield man. Shut off the 3rd
genny, and then another grueling fight with shield elites, drones and
regulars, really tough fight as those drones are your primary target. Shut
off the main breaker, then stock up what you can, head around to the 3rd
genny and don't forget the backpack schematic near it, then through the new
door that is opened. To the right is only 1 note, and a bunch of blobs. To
the left is mission, so head down there. A few regulars, then proceed the
rest of the way down, and a nice equipment box is behind glowing doors.
Try that new laser backpack with a laser SMG :D (not much ballistic
weapons from here on, so I suggest going all laser)

MAke your way through here, towards that big hole in the wall. On the way
are sleepwalkers and blobs, kill em all, then proceed. Go through the hole,
inspect the poor prisoner, then up a platform and you'll see a regular with
his back turned towards you, headshot him starts a mini battle with 2 more
of them, and proceed to the objective marker. Through the door is another
mini battle (are they running short of troops or did we kill them all?),
then proceed through the barrier, then you have to reactivate the Venn gate.
Going through this area has shield elites, drones, and that karate guy, if
Carter has the Drone skill now, use it because it helps. Once they dead,
activate Venn gate, then a hellish fight awaits. Take out the minion
commander first, as this guy will spawn drones likes mad, if you found
the assault cannon in this very area, use it on him, and have your squad
keep the karate guys at bay. Once they are done, head to the Avenger, and
don't forget the backpack blueprint on the way, and it's Stargate time.

Ah, a brave new world. And you get space helmet now. Too bad it doesn't
increase your health :P There'll be a equipment box when you leave the
Avenger, so equip accordingly (no ballistics), then proceed through the
door. This is an insane fight, after you activate the panel in front of you,
there's a mecha muton that will fly in dramatically, and a whole bunch of
Shield commanders + karate guy. When muton get's weak, he'll fly away, and
when he returns, a gunship will follow and deposit some troopers. You need
to just shoot at Muton and the soldiers that drop in, do not shoot the
gunship as it's pointless, once Muton does his fly out fly in routine at
least 3 times, it should be all the fuel he has so target him with everything
you got, drones, blobs and your laser toting buddies. After this is done,
proceed further and activate blue light panel, then go through.

Ah, run on through because this is the end of the level. Enjoy the cut-scene,
and then mission end.

Mission 6: THE LAST WAR
Back at base. Before you head to Faulke, visit Mr prisoner alien, and have a
chat. Then head to Faulke for the Last War.

Well, it's actually a cut-scene. Should've been named The Last cut-scene, it's
a long one so get some popcorn, then when you regain control of Carter, head
left downstairs to the glowing door, oh look another cut scene, then track
down the Infiltrator (I suggest equipping Heavy Plasma Pistol and M14).
Don't bother shooting him, he has plot armor, so just follow where he's
going, then when you get to a secure area, it's battle time. Save your Heavy
Pistol for the shield guys, as it kills their shield instantly, and M14 the
regulars (lol @ aliens using human weapons). Afterwards, head to the end of
this area, and go upstairs, again following Infiltrator around until you get
to another secure area much like the previous one. This is the last fight
for Mr. Infiltrator, so make sure you Heavy pistol the shield guys, heavy
plasma the spider mech's cockpit, then kill the Infiltrator.

Oh wait, it's not over, get to the choppa is what Ahnold would say if he was
the protagonist. Make your way forward, then up the elevator, and from here
on it's linear like the very first mission. More cut-scenes, and then this
is where the fun begins. You'll come across a choice, leave Carter or stay.

I chose leave, so you'll be presented with another set of choices. I read
that these are different endings, and I'll list them as best as I can without
being spoilery:

[Contact Agent Angie]
"Murica Yeah!"

[Contact Director Faulke]
"I like tools because I use them, they don't use me."

[Contact Dr. Weir]
Did you watch Pacific Rim? Kinda like Charlie Day's character, "ooh Kaiju".

For the sake of this whole torturous game, I contacted Faulke. With another
cut-scene, the mission ends.

Aha, we are now in control of Faulke XD. Mosey around, then depart for final
mission! Once you leave the Avenger, make your way around to a platform,
activate it, then wait for it to move to the other side. You know, I gotta
rant a bit. Why the hell do they do this in the game? Remember the labratory
decontamination chamber? That thing takes so long to fart gas at you, and
then there's places like this platform, and the base elevator, I know this
is the stinkin' 60's, but damn these stuff move slow.

Leave the platform and proceed. It's very linear, so no getting lost. You
will then come across a door, go and a little cut-scene, then proceed
straight and ...lol a small chamber, that farts gas at you. I just ranted
about too... Anyways, proceed your linear way through, keep going until you
reach a fork, left is a Lightning Cannon, straight is mission. When you keep
going and drop down a ledge, there's 3 blobs in this room, deal with it, then
proceed towards the objective marker. You'll be in a large room, and when you
reach the end of it, a door will open and small fry will appear, deal with
them then proceed whence they came. Keep going until oh look, a slow
elevator. The devs are laughing at me now...Once it stops, proceed through
the door, and make your way around the blue orb that was ripped out of
Crash Team Racing. Ah, cut scene, then it's a me, battle! Tough one, but
if you brought the heavy plasma pistol and Lightning Cannon, it's even
tougher. So use what you have, then when empty, take the dead aliens weapons
and use it against them. Once they're dead, it's choice time: save Weir or
Angela. I chose Angie because hey, the Doctor is Weird, and well, if I save
Angela, maybe Faulkey old boy can earn the right to call her Angie :P

So going through the door to Angela leads to a lone shield commander, so
deal with him, then proceed... to another slow platform. Oh my funky google,
I've had it with that. Wait for it, get a cup of joe, something anything,
then when it stops proceed your merry way. Through the door, it's a fight,
so shoot the Minion Commander first, then the drones, then mop up the rest.

Once you finish this upper level, head to the lower level and a mecha
spider shows up. Heavy plasma pistol works best on the cockpit, have it,
use it. But that's not all! Another one shows up, with some drones and
Shield commanders, so go all out on this one. Once done, head through
the doors, and approach the first relay and activate it. Cut scene, then...
oh man, another person to save XD use the equipment box if needed, remember
going all laser, then Stargate Ring outta there. Proceed through, then right,
2 regulars are here so kill them, then proceed where the gunfire ringeth.

You thought saving Angela was hard? This one has snipers, minion commander,
drones, karate guy and I counted 4 MUTONS. Four of those blasted things, good
thing I turned my drone into a healer. Once you are done, proceed forward
towards the objective marker, go to the terminal, then it's back to ringing
out Stargate style.

It's choice time, and... decide for yourself, and go through the door in
front of the Stargate rings. Proceed forward for the fight of your life
(again lol). This one is maddening, it's got drones, Minion commanders,
karate guys, and MUTONS. If you survive, congrats, if not, retry. I had
to 3 times. Key thing to remember is to take out the Minion commander when
you see him, and if you purchased it, mind controlling one of the Mutons
is also helpful.

Once the objective to open the Mosaic core shows up, run to it, sit back
and enjoy the cut scene. Congratulations! If you are reading this, you
either braved the numerous bugs in this game, and fought bravely, or you
just skipped to this part just to see what the hubbub was about.

These are minor operations, and not required for completing the main
storyline. It might help get a better grasp of the story, probably >_>

So in front of you is a barn, with some enemies around the playpens. Target
that shield commander first, and then when the going gets tough, a drop pod
will arrive bringing in more Elites and drones. As usual take out the drop
pod and then when all enemies are down, proceed to the glowing barn doors.

After opening the barn doors, heading directly left is where you need to go,
so head down the stairs and punch the russian egg family doll, and grab the
backpack schematic and then cut the fuel supply. Oh no, now we need to head
on out through the door opposite of the one you came in.

Leaving the barn will trigger blobs to attack you, so dispatch them. Heading
forward reveals some more elites, a Shield commander, then once they are
dead, a drop pod will arrive bringing more elites + a Muton. There are
explosive barrels around the place, targeting them will make it easier to
take down the Muton. Once done, the objective is at the left side of this
red barn, so hit that clown doll (it's a clown?) and hit the glowy switch.

Incoming glitch. I swear, following that level breaking bug in one of the
main missions, I gotta say that these bugs are frustrating and ruining
the gameplay experience. The other door in this room did not open
immediately, I even re-loaded the checkpoint and same thing. So I said
screw it, left Carter in front of the door, and without pausing I went AFK
for a good 20 minutes, I come back and what do you know, that door is open.

Go to the next area, and you'll be facing a shield commander and 2 snipers,
plus additional Elites. Once you beat them, you'll have to disable that
shield barrier, but... can you believe, not only does your buddy say "that's
the last of them", if you try to near the shield, more drop pods will arrive
and you'll have to deal with Elites, a drone and a Sectopod. And I got that
notification to disable the barrier, after defeating the Sectopod, I got that
notification again lol... Disable the shields at the glowing thing in front
of them, and proceed. Wait for Barnes to give you the coordinates, then punch
the glowing button and mission accomplished.

I decided listing them here is less spoilery, and just a nice checklist as
for some funny reason, weapons don't have stats. Like, damage bars, range of
weapon, etc. In the game it's just a list of weapons and short descriptions.

-<>-M1911 PISTOL-<>-
Standard U.S. military model 1911. A mid-range semi-automatic .45 caliber

-<>-M14 RIFLE-<>-
Standard U.S. military model M14 Rifle. 7.62mm ammunition, fully automatic.

-<>-M1897 SHOTGUN-<>-
Standard U.S. military model 1897 12ga. pump shotgun for close combat.

-<>-M1903-A4 SNIPER RIFLE-<>-
Standard U.S. military model 1903-A4 high-powered .30-06 bolt-action sniper

European .32 caliber machine pistol. Fully automatic, effective at close

Compact semi-automatic laser weapon. Maintains accuracy at high rates of fire.

Close-range weapon that fires lasers in a wide pattern, capable of rapid fire.

-<>-LASER SMG-<>-
Mid-range fully automatic laser weapon with a high rate of fire.

Long-range laser rifle that fires three-round bursts. Press MOUSE MIDDLE
BUTTON to toggle zoom levels.

Fires an extremely powerful plasma bolt that can pierce multiple targets.

Fires powerful plasma shots that burn targets on impact.

Automaticall charges while aiming for maximum firepower. Press MOUSE MIDDLE
BUTTON to toggle zoom levels.

Fires three rocket-propelled explosives that accelerate after detecting a

Standard U.S. military fragmentation grenade.

Timed explosive that adheres to targets until detonation.

Backpacks boost your character's weapon and or ability usage, with some
really nice results. Last mission + Laser Efficiency Pack = FUN.

Standard issue backpack offering no bonuses.

All weapons inflict additional head-shot damage.

Reduces damage from enemy attacks and increases clip size for all weapons,
allowing agents to fire longer bursts.

Significantly inceases weapon damage against armored targets.

Reduces damage taken from all attacks.

Increases ability range and weapon damage. Reduces damage from enemy fire.

Significantly increases damage against enemy shields.

Increases weapon damage against enemies without shields.

Significantly reduces recharge times for all abilities, but weapons become
less accurate.

Significantly increases range of all abilities.

Significantly increases damage against enemies with low health.

Increases weapon damage against shields and armor.

Doubles laser weapon clip size, allowing agents to fire longer bursts.

Increases maximum health. When revived, the wearer also recovers additional

Slows bleed-out time when the wearer is incapacitated.

6= FAQs

Q: Mecha spider? Karate guy?
A: Sorry, first time XCOM player, and one of the reasons why I found the game
fun was that the battles were quite intense, and I only noticed the health
bar of enemies at the top of the screen (Rookie), and didn't notice until
later in the game that their names were there too.

Q: What's the best weapon?
A: It depends. If you are doing missions where humans have gone before, best
to bring human weapons because there will be ammo for them through out the
level. But like the last mission, where no human has gone before, Laser
weapons are best because there will be more ammo for those. But through my
experience, I would have to say I love the Heavy Plasma pistol, works very
well for headshotting, while the human grenade seems to have a better blast
radius than the sticky one. For rifles, Plasma Assault cannon is dependable,
but my style of play suits the Laser SMG best, coupled with the Laser
Efficiency Backpack, that's a 75 round clip!

Q: Did you kill Carter!?!?
A: Yeah, it was an accident though. I was wondering where to go next, and
I didn't know it was the transporter behind me, I went forward to that large
glowing ball, thinking that's the place to go, but nothing happened, so I
thought I need to shoot Carter >__>

Q: I found a typo!
A: Please email me! I will credit the name that you tell me, if you don't
instruct which name, I'll use what was in the email.

Final thoughts

I couldn't help but think about all the alien movies when playing this.
Skyline, Independance Day, Mars Attacks, Battle LA, just to name a few
lol worthy ones. It really feels like this game borrowed heavily from them,
and if you forget the bugs and silly squaddies, it was an amusing ride,
if for the odd feel of such an apocalyptic event, and all the main characters
had their game faces on. No agitated newbie, no guy cracking smart jokes
every now and then.... man, it felt so flat.

-Thanks to.... hard to say. This game was more frustrating than fun, more
get-to-the-next-area than I thought it'd be, and minus the linear part,
it didn't feel like a lot of heart.
-But I would like to give a small thanks to the voice artists, who I felt
did a great job of deadpanning the entire game XD

COPYRIGHT 2013 @BraniacUnbound
email: unboundbraniac at yahoo dot com

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