Should I keep going?

  1. Hi everybody. Just wanted some opinions. Feel like I have been going full on masochist and been playing on Commander difficulty. Not too bad using 2 recon soldiers and owning everything. But I think AI ruined this game for me.
    I get to the point of Operation: Guardian and where you fight a sectopod. Finally take it down and out of ammo and a whole another wave of Outsiders, and elites swarm me and I only have one guy left, other one stabilized. They kill me easily and I threw my controller. Should I just restart? That is kind of bullcrap. Please help. Opinions, advice, tactic. Dang. Even cheat codes. I just wanna get past this stupid mission already.

    User Info: FuzzyKittyOwO

    FuzzyKittyOwO - 2 years ago

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