How the hell do some snipers shoot though the glass?

  1. When playing sniping against other snipers sometimes i find some that are hiding behide glass and i cant hit them but then they shoot me in the head then i go back and there in the same exact place and i shoot all over the glass to try and hit them and with out moving away from the glass they shoot through it again and hit me in the head, and i notice that they all seam to be higher lvl snipers

    how the hell do they do it?

    User Info: _____Chrono____

    _____Chrono____ - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    But ive seen snipers do this on vertical pains of glass aswell like at the spawn point

    User Info: _____Chrono____

    _____Chrono____ - 7 years ago


  1. Its a trick that my friends and I call corner sniping. On our and other players' screens we are behind the glass, but when we aim in we see slightly above the glass which allows us to snipe other people without them being able to get us.

    User Info: PhiLt4CuLaR

    PhiLt4CuLaR - 7 years ago 0 2

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