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Achieved 15 kills in a Crossfire Match
Hot Streak
Achieved a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match
Completed "Exhibition" Blitz mode
Seasoned Veteran
Completed "Season" Blitz mode
All Star
Completed "Playoff" Blitz mode
Outta My House!
Achieved a Ring Out during a Crossfire match
Achieved 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match
Flapjack Master
Achieved a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground Slam ability
Achieved Most Valuable Player in a Crossfire Match
Completed "The Scramble" Blitz mode
Caught 'em Nappin'
Achieved a kill on an opposing player while they were upgrading skills in a Crossfire match
Achieved a Triple Kill

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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