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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jerecaine

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 01/18/12

                              /BROTHERS TO THE END\ 
        _____                        ____   __  __          __        
       / ____|                      / __ \ / _| \ \        / /        
      | |  __  ___  __ _ _ __ ___  | |  | | |_   \ \  /\  / /_ _ _ __ 
      | | |_ |/ _ \/ _` | '__/ __| | |  | |  _|   \ \/  \/ / _` | '__|
      | |__| |  __/ (_| | |  \__ \ | |__| | |      \  /\  / (_| | |   
       \_____|\___|\__,_|_|  |___/  \____/|_|       \/  \/ \__,_|_|   
Guide Type: Full Walkthrough      / ___  \                   Platform: Xbox 360 
                                  \/   \  \
                                     ___) /
.-----------------------------------(___ (------------------------------------. 
|                                       ) \                                   |
|                                 /\___/  /                                   |
| Developed By: Epic Games        \______/                  Author: Jerecaine | 
|                                                                             | 
|                   Published By: Microsoft Games Studios                     | 
Version 2.01 
*                        VERY IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS                         *
it has come to my attention now that this guide has been stolen twice: one on 
another site that shall not be named, and the other one on Amazon as a Kindle 

I really don't appreciate not being asked if you could host my guide on your 
site. Yes, Epic Games does own Gears of War, but I was the one who typed this 
up for the world to see. So if I find out my guide is hosted on a site without 
my permission, I will try to have it taken down.


*                        VERY IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS                         *
                            +Intro & Copyright+ 
Hello Gears Of War fans, and welcome to my full walkthrough of the most 
anticipated Xbox 360 game of 2011: Gears Of War 3! Unlike with fighting games, 
I do have a lot of history (if you call 2006 a long time ago) regarding the 
Gears of War series. I've played campaign/online in both Gears 1 and 2 for 
countless hours, so although I'm no expert I've definitely played enough to 
know my stuff regarding the games. If you have any tips or suggestions or if 
you want to send your thanks, email me at: undergroundpencilstbh@live.com with 
'Gears 3 guide' in the title.  
Also, recommend me at the top of the page. That would also really be 
This walkthrough will have VERY SLIGHT Spoilers for Gears of War 3, but it will 
have major ones for Gears of War 1 and 2, so IGNORE THAT SECTION IF YOU WANT TO 
GO BACK AND PLAY THE OTHER GAMES!!!. Also since this is an M rated game with a 
lot of naughty language and graphic violence, there will be cuss words spread 
throughout the guide from mostly character quotes. 
This Walkthrough is property of Jeremy Edwards (c) 2011. Gears of War 1, Gears 
of War 2, and Gears of War 3 is copyright of Epic Games Ltd. 
NOTE: As long as you ask permission at undergroundpencilstbh@live.com, I will 
allow you to host this guide on your site. But let it be known that the most 
updated version will always be found on Gamefaqs.com 
Version 1.00: Full walkthrough done, with included Achievement, Weapon, and 
Collectibles guide.  
Version 1.01: Includes 'Horde Command Pack' DLC achievements. A enemy section 
was planned, but I had decided against it since a LOT of them are very similar. 
Version 2.00: Includes RAAM's Shadow DLC guide and Achievements, plus a few 
little extra easter eggs, a small Gears Facts about me, and more MP characters. 
I apologize for the delays, but since Christmas is almost here in America, I 
have been quite busy (presents and stuff). 
Version 2.01: Includes 'Fenix Rising' DLC achievements 
I know a lot of people seem to struggle a lot on getting the Unlocks (Onyx 
Medals, Characters, etc), so if enough people request it either here on 
Gamefaqs/IGN/Supercheats/Neoseeker or my email (which I prefer), I am willing 
to do a boosting guide. Although I don't have Seriously 3.0 yet, I will try my 
best to find the fastest method to getting to Onyx. 
===========================---TABLE OF CONTENTS---============================= 
HINT: use CTRL+F to use the shortcuts listed beside each section 
.........................................................GEARS OF WAR 1 [HIS03] 
.........................................................GEARS OF WAR 2 [HIS04] 
...............................................................CONTROLS [GAM01] 
............................................................HOW TO PLAY [GAM02] 
..................................................................ACT 1 [WAL10] 
PROLOUGE - Troubled Past..........................................[WAL1P] 
CHAPTER 1 - Anchored..............................................[WAL11] 
CHAPTER 2 - Abandon Ship..........................................[WAL12] 
CHAPTER 3 - Homecoming............................................[WAL13] 
CHAPTER 4 - Helping Hand..........................................[WAL14] 
CHAPTER 5 - MVP...................................................[WAL15] 
CHAPTER 6 - Hanging by a Thread...................................[WAL16] 
..................................................................ACT 2 [WAL20] 
CHAPTER 1 - Shipwreck.............................................[WAL21] 
CHAPTER 2 - House of Sand.........................................[WAL22]
CHAPTER 3 - Forced Entry..........................................[WAL23]
CHAPTER 4 - Trench Run............................................[WAL24]
CHAPTER 5 - Hijack................................................[WAL25]
CHAPTER 6 - Airborne..............................................[WAL26] 
CHAPTER 7 - Touchdown.............................................[WAL27] 
..................................................................ACT 3 [WAL30] 
CHAPTER 1 - Unbreakable...........................................[WAL31]
CHAPTER 2 - Rescue................................................[WAL32] 
CHAPTER 3 - Breakneck Run.........................................[WAL33]
CHAPTER 4 - Ghost Town............................................[WAL34]
CHAPTER 5 - Brothers to the End...................................[WAL35] 
..................................................................ACT 4 [WAL40] 
CHAPTER 1 - Ashes to Ashes........................................[WAL41]
CHAPTER 2 - Crater................................................[WAL42]
CHAPTER 3 - Hang em High..........................................[WAL43]
CHAPTER 4 - Batten down the Hatches...............................[WAL44]
CHAPTER 5 - Bon Voyage............................................[WAL45] 
CHAPTER 6 - Watery Grave..........................................[WAL46] 
..................................................................ACT 5 [WAL50] 
CHAPTER 1 - Home Away from Home...................................[WAL51]
CHAPTER 2 - Blackout..............................................[WAL52]
CHAPTER 3 - Shattered Paradise....................................[WAL53]
CHAPTER 4 - Threshold.............................................[WAL54]
CHAPTER 5 - Ascension.............................................[WAL55] 
CHAPTER 6 - Reckoning.............................................[WAL56] 
DLC: RAAM'S SHADOW......................................................[DLC00] 
CHAPTER 1 - Evacuation............................................[DLC01] 
CHAPTER 2 - Darkness Spreads......................................[DLC02] 
CHAPTER 3 - Hide and Seek.........................................[DLC03] 
CHAPTER 4 - Under the Darkness....................................[DLC04] 
CHAPTER 5 - Kryllstorm............................................[DLC05] 
...................................................................SNUB [WEA01]
.................................................................BOLTOK [WEA02]
.................................................................GORGON [WEA03] 
.................................................................LANCER [WEA04]
............................................................HAMMERBURST [WEA05]
...........................................................RETRO LANCER [WEA06]
................................................................GNASHER [WEA07]
...............................................................SAWN OFF [WEA08] 
...............................................................LONGSHOT [WEA09]
.............................................................TORQUE BOW [WEA10]
...............................................................BOOMSHOT [WEA11] 
...............................................................SCORCHER [WEA12]
........................................................DIGGER LAUNCHER [WEA13] 
.........................................................HAMMER OF DAWN [WEA14] 
.................................................................MORTAR [WEA15]
................................................................MULCHER [WEA16] 
..........................................................VULCAN CANNON [WEA17]
...............................................................ONE SHOT [WEA18] 
...................................................................BOLO [WEA19] 
.............................................................INCENDIARY [WEA20]
....................................................................INK [WEA21]
..................................................................SMOKE [WEA22] 
.............................................................BOOMSHIELD [WEA23]
........................................................BUTCHER CLEAVER [WEA24]
                              S E C T I O N   I 
                       _   _ _     _                   
                      | | | (_)___| |_ ___  _ __ _   _ 
                      | |_| | / __| __/ _ \| '__| | | |
                      |  _  | \__ \ || (_) | |  | |_| |
                      |_| |_|_|___/\__\___/|_|   \__, |
"I shall remain vigilant and unyielding in my pursuit of the enemies of the 
Coalition. I will defend and maintain the order of life as it was proclaimed by 
the Allfathers of the Coalition in the Octus Canon. I will forsake the life I 
had before so I may perform my duty as long as I am needed. Steadfast. I shall 
hold my place in the machine and acknowledge my place in the Coalition. I am a 
~ Oath of the Coalition, sworn by all Recruits  
(Gears Of War: Anvil Gate by Karen Travis) 
[SPOILERS!!!!!] [SPOILERS!!!!!] [SPOILERS!!!!!] 
  ___                    ___   __  __      __        
 / __|___ __ _ _ _ ___  / _ \ / _| \ \    / /_ _ _ _ 
| (_ / -_) _` | '_(_-< | (_) |  _|  \ \/\/ / _` | '_|...................[HIS01]
 \___\___\__,_|_| /__/  \___/|_|     \_/\_/\__,_|_|  
I'm only going to post the basic summary of the story. 
You start off by meeting the main character of the series: Marcus Fenix right 
in the first cutscene. He's in a bit of a bind, as he is in jail for abandoning 
his post to save his father, costing lives. Things are even worse as the prison 
is being overrun by a frightening menace know as the Locust Horde, an enemy 
that came from underground many years ago. Luck is on Marcus's side as his good 
buddy Dominic Santiago comes and busts him out informing him he's basically 
been left for dead. 
"Welcome back to the army soldier" 
After escaping the Locust infested prison, Marcus and Dom meet back up with 
their superior Colonel Victor Hoffman, Delta Team Captain Mihn Young Kim, and 
gung-ho Private Anthony Carmine who doesn't exactly live long. They learn they 
need to find the 'resonator' from Alpha Team, which can map out the underground 
of the Locust home for a future lightmass bomb attack. Eventually they run into 
Alpha members Augustus 'Cole Train' Cole, who's always ready for a good fight, 
and Damon Baird, the sarcastic but highly intelligent asshole of the gang. Kim 
is killed in an ambush from the Locust by General RAAM, the main big bad of 
this game. 
"There's Kryll shit everywhere!" 
Once fighting through a Berserker and a stranded camp avoiding flesh eating 
flying bat things called Kryll, Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird (the new Delta 
Squad) run into an abandoned mine which leads to the underground tunnels where 
the Locust live. A new threat arises in the form of Lambent Wretches, once 
exposed to imulsion can explode on death. Foreshadowing! 
After planting the Resonator near an underground imulsion pump station and 
activating it, our heroes escape. Seems like all of the effort was in vain 
since they learn the information they received wasn't enough for an attack. 
Thanks to Baird (and to a behind the scenes thanks to Carmine), they manage to 
find a device that maps the entire underground. After fighting through East 
Barricade Academy, The Fenix Estate, and a train station where a train 
containing the lightmass bomb was, Marcus and Dom finally meet with the 
murderer of Adam Fenix and Lt. Kim, General RAAM. 
After finally killing RAAM, Marcus manages to set the bomb to explode as it 
runs off track into an ocean of Imulsion, being saved by Hoffman just before he 
joins a grisly fate. This manages to put a big dent in the Locusts horde....or 
has it? 
"They do no understand. They do not understand why we rage this war. Why we 
cannot stop. Will not stop. Why we will fight and fight and fight. Until we 
win... or we die. And we are not dead yet." 
~Myrrah, The Locust Queen 
[SPOILERS!!!!!] [SPOILERS!!!!!] [SPOILERS!!!!!] 
  ___                    ___   __  __      __          ___ 
 / __|___ __ _ _ _ ___  / _ \ / _| \ \    / /_ _ _ _  |_  )
| (_ / -_) _` | '_(_-< | (_) |  _|  \ \/\/ / _` | '_|  / /..............[HIS02]
 \___\___\__,_|_| /__/  \___/|_|     \_/\_/\__,_|_|   /___|
Gears of War 2 starts off at a hospital, where countless Stranded and COG 
soldiers are hurt from battle or Rust Lung sickness. We meet our Heroes Marcus 
and Dom again, along with newcomers Benjamin Carmine, the brother of Anthony, 
and spiritual Maori warrior Tai Kaliso, an old friend of Marcus. After fighting 
off an attack on the hospital by Locust, Dom grows increasingly worried about 
his wife whom he was searching for ever since GOW1. 
Later on the COG Chairman Richard Prescott rallies up the COG soldiers for an 
all out attack on the Locust horde as a last stand attempt, whom has come back 
stronger and with a frightening force that can sink entire cities. Using 
massive digger trucks called Derricks, The COG and Locust fight an all out epic 
battle to Landown, the locust overrun town where they will commence with the 
assault. Along the way Marcus, Dom, Ben, and Tai run into old favorites Cole, 
Baird, and new guy Dizzy Wallin, a former stranded and the driver of the 
derrick named Betty. 
"Don't worry, I got your back like a butt crack!" 
At a graveyard, the crew gets overrun by more locusts and the new pain in the 
butt Leader, Skorge. Marcus and Dom rush to go underground, but before they do, 
Tai and Dizzy manage to hold off Skorge while Marcus and Dom looks on in rage, 
being they can't get free from the pod that will take them underground. 
Once underground and running into Benjamin again, our crew manages to find out 
the reason behind the city attacks: a GIANT riftworm has been eating holes 
around the cities. Once running into Baird and Cole once more, Delta Squad 
manages to find Tai on a torture barge, alive but not doing so well. After 
fighting through more locust gangs, Delta Squad finally are about to be picked 
up by a King Raven Helicopter, but before they do they are literally swallowed 
by the Riftworm. In an epic fail moment, Ben falls out of the Raven's open 
sides right into the mouth of the riftworm. 
"I got your back Sarge!" 
~Ben Carmine 
After finding the body of Ben and cutting their way out of the riftworm (yes 
literally), Delta are assigned to check out an abandoned research facility to 
find info on the main Locust stronghold, Nexus. It is here where they meet 
experimental creatures named Sires, which seem to be Human and Locust mixed. 
After battling up an icy mountain, fighting across multiples lakes, and 
fighting a giant Leviathan creature, Marcus and Dom finally make it to Nexus 
intact. After some convincing from Dom, He and Marcus go look for Dom's wife, 
Maria. They manage to find her alive, but like Tai the discovery is a grim 
sight as she is too far gone to be saved. 
Fighting through Nexus some more, Delta squad manages to find the Locust Queen 
as we are introduced to her for the first time. She reveals her plan to Marcus 
that she plans to sink Jacinto at a certain time in order to kill the Lambent, 
imulsion infected locust that has declared war against the other locust for 
control of the hollow. 
"THAT'S the Locust Queen?" 
"I thought she was supposed to be butt ugly!" 
~ Baird and Cole 
after fighting off Skorge but losing Myrrah, Delta hijacks 2 reavers and high 
tail it back to Jacinto. They are attacked once more by Skorge on his own 
larger version of a Reaver, the Rhino Reaver. It is here he is damaged enough 
to fall off it and dies.  
Once at Jacinto, the Locust is already at work trying to destroy the city, but 
not without interference from the COG. Fending them off for now, Marcus gets an 
idea: Sink Jacinto themselves with a lightmass bomb before the normal Locust 
escape killing two birds with one stone. After fighting down another sinkhole, 
Marcus and Dom do the impossible and hijack a Brumak. Once blowing an opening 
for King Ravens to fly into to drop the bomb, the Brumak begins to mutate into 
an even larger monster due to imulsion. After losing the bomb, Marcus decides 
to use the Lambent Brumak itself to blow a hole big enough to sink Jacinto, and 
with a little help from a few Hammer of Dawn strikes the creature finally 
explodes, sinking Jacinto and ending Gears of War 2. 
"This is Adam Fenix. Is anyone out there? Can you hear me? This is Adam Fenix. 
Can you hear me? What have you done?!" 
                             S E C T I O N   I I 
                 ____                            _             
                / ___| __ _ _ __ ___   ___ _ __ | | __ _ _   _ 
               | |  _ / _` | '_ ` _ \ / _ \ '_ \| |/ _` | | | |
               | |_| | (_| | | | | | |  __/ |_) | | (_| | |_| |
                \____|\__,_|_| |_| |_|\___| .__/|_|\__,_|\__, |
                                          |_|            |___/ 
  ___         _           _    
 / __|___ _ _| |_ _ _ ___| |___
| (__/ _ \ ' \  _| '_/ _ \ (_-<
 \___\___/_||_\__|_| \___/_/__/.........................................[GAM01] 

(A Button): Your overall all-in-one move button in Gears of War 3. This is used 
for going in cover, vaulting over cover, rolling, swat turns and roadie 
- Hold A to roadie run. 
- Tap A while holding the Left Thumbstick in any direction to roll 
- Tap A near cover to go into cover 
- While near the edge of a piece of cover, Hold forward on the Left Thumbstick 
while holding A to either vault over cover or to roadie run out of it. 
(B Button): Used to melee with any weapon. Only the Heavy Weapons can't be 
meleed with. If you are holding a grenade of any type, it is possible to tag 
the environment for proximity mines, or to tag other enemies/players. 
(X Button): Your 'Use' button. Used to open doors, pick up ammo, and press 
- In Gears of War 1 and 2, this was also the curb stomp button whenever a human 
sized locust was downed. In Gears of War 3, this now the Meat Shield button, 
where you can pick someone up and use them as a shield for incoming fire. 
Pressing X again will snap their neck. 
(Y Button): At certain points during the campaign, you will need to hold Y for 
points of interest. Y is also used for your special executions. 
(Left Stick): Used for moving your character. While in a tall piece of cover, 
pressing Left Stick will make you crouch. 
*A feature new to Gears of War 3, 'Spotting' is used to mark an enemy for your 
teammates to attack. Just press Left Stick in while aiming at the enemy to spot 
(Right Stick): Used for moving the camera and the aiming reticule while holding 
Left Trigger. With certain weapons, pressing Right Stick will give you a better 
zooming sight. 
(Left Button) Your TAC/COM. Used to locate squadmates. 
(Right Button) Reloading you weapons, or to cool down a turret to prevent it 
from overheating. 
- A staple ever since Gears of War 1, Active reloading is a feature where if 
you manage to press RB again at the right moment once the little arrow shows, 
you can either get a faster reload plus a damage boost, a faster reload, or a 
jammed reload. 
| B    |W|G       | B         | 
B = Black Area. Pressing RB in either of these sections will cause a 
jammed longer reload. 
W = White Area. The best to get, this causes a faster reload and a 
damage boost. 
G = Grey Area. Only causes a faster reload, nothing more. 
(Left Trigger): used to aim down the sights of your weapon. 
(Right Trigger): Used for shooting your weapon or throwing grenades. 
(D-pad): Used for switching weapons. Up is for grenades, Left and Right 
is for your two hand basic weapons, and down is for handguns. 
 _  _              _____      ___ _           
| || |_____ __ __ |_   _|__  | _ \ |__ _ _  _ 
| __ / _ \ V  V /   | |/ _ \ |  _/ / _` | || |
|_||_\___/\_/\_/    |_|\___/ |_| |_\__,_|\_, |..........................[GAM02]
|                           GEAR ACTIONS: EXTENDED                            | 
|Executions \ 
While not particularly new to the Gears of War series, the way you do them in 
Gears of War 3 is. To do these, the enemy has to be in a DBNO (Down but Not 
Out) state where they are crawling on the ground. 
TAP (Y): Your character will kick the enemy on their back, and then stomp their 
head in obliterating it completely. This is changed from Gears 1 and 2, where 
you had to Press X instead. 
HOLD (Y): These are called 'Extended Executions' and where introduced in Gears 
of War 2. Each weapon you have has a specific execution. In multiplayer the 
Snub Pistol and all grenade types each have the same execution, but the 
execution itself is different with each side. 
The COG (aka Humans) will slightly lift the opponent off the ground by the 
collar, and then repeatedly punch them in the face until their heads explode. 
The Locust will place a foot on the enemy's back, and then they will grab their 
arm and rip it cleanly out of the socket and bash them in the face with it. 
Both of these executions can be extended even longer by tapping Y during the 
animation which also gives you extra XP. Note that you are completely 
vulnerable to damage. 
TAP (X): Your character will pick the enemy off the ground and use them as a 
meat shield. While holding one, you can only use your handgun but you are 
mostly protected from any shots from the front. Explosives can still kill you 
regardless, and your head is perfectly visible for a sniper to get you. This 
was formally the A button in Gears 2, but it could be very easy to roll past 
your target. Tapping (X) again will make you snap their necks. 
TAP UP ON D-PAD WITH MEAT SHIELD: Your character will tag the shield with the 
current grenade you have, and kick them forward. Doing this could be a good 
distraction method if someone is on your tail. 
|Taking Cover & Moving From Cover\ 
The motto of the gears is 'Take Cover or Die'. This is definitely something you 
should take to heart, as Marcus (or whoever you play as) is no Master Chief 
here. You can't stand out in cover and expect to take a lot of shots as Marcus 
will easily fall. 
HOLD (A): The Roadie Run. This is what you will be using a lot to move. You 
will run for an unlimited amount of time until you let go of the A button. 
TAP (A) + LEFT STICK ANY DIRECTION: Rolling. Since you can't jump at all in 
this game, rolling is your best bet for dodging gunfire when out of cover. 
TAP (A) NEAR FLAT SURFACE: Take cover. The most important thing to remember, 
taking cover is the best way to avoid damage in this game. While in cover, 
depending on conditions you can do various actions 
If you're near the edge of cover, and there's another piece of cover on the 
other side of you, holding the left thumb stick in that direction and tapping 
(A) will cause you to do a swat turn to the other piece of cover. 
If you're holding forward over a low piece of cover and you tap (A) you will 
hop over it. If another enemy is taking cover on the other side of you, hopping 
over the cover will kick him off. 
|Down But Not Out\ 
In single or multiplayer, whenever you are shot enough, you will go into what's 
known as a DBNO state. If not revived by a teammate in time, you will 
eventually bleed out and die.  
LEFT THUMBSTICK ANY DIRECTION + TAP (A): Crawl. If you are near any piece of 
cover while DBNO, this is a good way to get to cover and revive without being 
RIGHT TRIGGER (WITH GRENADE EQUIPPED): Commit Suicide. If you are downed with 
any of the grenade types equipped beforehand, pulling Right Trigger will cause 
the grenade to explode in your hand. This is a really good way to kill a group 
of people in multiplayer, but the beeping of it can warn them beforehand. 
New to Gears of War 3 is the ability to 'spot' enemies. What this means is you 
can now point out to the rest of your team in multiplayer where the last enemy 
is hiding. Hold (LT), then aim over the enemy and click Left Stick. 
|Weapon/Ammo/Money Swapping\ 
Another new thing to Gears of War, Swapping are where you can choose to swap 
weapons with your teammates. Just aim your Crosshair over a person and press 
the corresponding button of your weapon you want to swap or if you want to give 
that person money. 
*There are times whenever a teammate goes down and it's not a good idea to 
revive them quite yet. This goes for solo, but mostly for multiplayer. 
Sometimes it's best to go ahead and kill the enemy instead of risking getting 
both of you killed. 
*For campaign on the harder difficulties, you never want to use a shotgun. In a 
close range fight with a Locust drone, they can easily melee or shoot you down 
in 1 hit, so you always want to take everything out from as far away as 
*While in cover, it is possible to shoot out of cover without aiming. This 
works wonders for boomer type enemies, but for regular sized drones, it's much 
better to actually aim due to their smaller size. 
*Learn to Perfect Active Reload as fast as possible. This is essential for 
Campaign and Multiplayer, as it gives damage boosts to get easier kills. 
                            S E C T I O N   I I I 
        __        __    _ _    _   _                           _     
        \ \      / /_ _| | | _| |_| |__  _ __ ___  _   _  __ _| |__  
         \ \ /\ / / _` | | |/ / __| '_ \| '__/ _ \| | | |/ _` | '_ \ 
          \ V  V / (_| | |   <| |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
           \_/\_/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__|_| |_|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__, |_| |_|
Welcome to the actual point of this guide! Here, I will discuss the strategies 
that I found useful for completing this game on Normal difficulty. I will also 
point any new enemies and new weapons you can use. I'll try my best to keep 
this as spoiler free as possible, but I will also add little quotes from 
characters in the game, 
                                 _      _     _
                                /_\  __| |_  / |
===============================/ _ \/ _|  _| | |===============================
                              /_/ \_\__|\__| |_| 
|                              P R O L O U G E                                | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                        <T R O U B L E D   P A S T>                          | 
Doesn't this cut scene seem familiar? Marcus once again wakes up in a prison 
cell, infested with a new enemy that you will meet later. Once you regain 
control, walk forward (Left Stick) out of the cell and follow Anya down the 
hallway right into another cut scene. Afterwards walk or run forward (Hold A) 
past the...self-building archway, and take cover along the brick wall (Tap A) 
along with your teammates. 
- Locust Drone 
- Locust Grenadier 
- Locust Boomer 
these guys are pretty much the same song and dance ever since Gears of War 1. 
They carry a variety of weapons (Grenadiers carry shotguns and frag grenades), 
and can take cover just like you. Luckily, you're smarter than they are, and 
you can easily mow them down as they come up the steps. To pop out of cover, 
hold Left Trigger to aim, and Right Trigger to shoot. If needed, make sure you 
let go of Left Trigger to take cover and regain health. 
|                             C H A P T E R   1                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                             <A N C H O R E D>                               | 
A dream? Anyway, walk out of your room and hold Left Button to find your 
objective. You can check out the scenery a bit here if you want, but eventually 
you'll have to get Dom to get the game going. 
[OBJECTIVE: Get Jace] 
Walk up the steps down the hall, and hold Y button if you want to look outside 
at a lambent stalk, a cause of a LOT of problems in Gears of War 3. Walk over 
by the steps leading up to active a cut scene, now adding a new addition to the 
squad: Jace Stratton. 
[OBJECTIVE: Meet Anya] 
Once again, walk up the steps and out the door here. Make two rights down the 
hall to complete your objective, or just meddle around for a bit. 
"You came between Dom and his radishes Lieutenant. This better be good." 
~ Marcus  
[OBJECTIVE: Meet Prescott on the Helipad] 
Walk back down the hall where you came from, and pull out your weapon when 
prompted. Take aim, and start firing once the new enemy busts through and kills 
a random Gear named Nash. 
- Polyps 
these little guys are basically like a lambent version of a Ticker from Gears 
of War 2. One shot kills them, and they explode on death but they don't blow 
themselves up like Tickers do, but they do jump far. The Lancer Assault Rifle 
is prefect for them since it doesn't waste ammo much, as long as you lightly 
tap the Right Trigger and hold it down. Continue on up the steps, killing more 
Polyps along the way until you get outside. 
- Drudge 
- Lambent Drone 
once you get outside, you'll run into an entirely new enemy: A Drudge. The 
Drudges are really no different than a drone (...for now). They will explode on 
death and they have a close range attack where they will throw up on you, so 
long range is preferred for them. If you chainsaw one with your Bayonet, your 
character will automatically kick them away.  
Rush forward and take cover on the piece of cover directly in front of you and 
take out the lone Drudge by shooting the glowing spot on its stomach. Turn left 
and take cover along the short walls here to take on the Drudges and Lambent 
Drones that hop over the railing.  
Once done, walk forward and turn right to either Chainsaw or Melee the lone 
Drudge that hops in front of you for some random reason. Turn around and go 
into the control room and raise the deck, picking up the ammo here if needed. 
[OBJECTIVE: Head to the CIC to view Prescott's message] 
That one Gear was kind of an asshole wasn't he? Anywho, go forward through the 
small patch of Garden here and take cover (you're going to see that phrase a 
lot, just so you know) around the sandbags to prepare for another fight. More 
Drudges and Dark Drones are here, so stay at a distance and shoot them with 
your Lancer. 
I should also point out now that you are allowed to pick up any weapon the 
enemies drop. They mostly carry hammerbursts, so ammo should be plentiful. 
Once you kill them all, head over to the right of the area in front of you and 
go up the steps. On the left side of the walkway, there's a dead body with a 
Longshot Sniper Rifle near it.  
Personally, I prefer to not pick it up and instead switch your shotgun out with 
a hammer burst. Ammo tends to be kinda scarce for the Lancer yet I like the one 
hit kill effect it has, so a Hammerburst on the side can help for firefights. 
Once upstairs go to the back of the walkway behind you from coming up the steps 
and open the door here for another cut scene. 
After that little moment, go back to the broken walkway and kill the enemies 
below you. The path downwards is the exact same as the way you came up, so 
fight your way downwards back to the steps leading outside.  
Getting downstairs you'll see that the doorway is on fire. Directly in front of 
you is a fire extinguisher. Use it to put out the fires, and then take on the 
Drudge and two lambent drones around this hallway leading back to where you 
found Anya. 
|                             C H A P T E R   2                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                         <A B A N D O N   S H I P>                           | 
[OBJECTIVE: Get to the Chopper] 
Down this hallway, some polyps will attack you from the vents, but they are 
easily killed using your rifle. In the room down the hall, more of the lambent 
enemies will attack across the room. Use the tables as cover, and work on the 
Drudges first before killing everything else. Frag grenades are really 
wonderful here. 
After getting help from Dom for opening the door, across from you are a Boltok 
pistol and some ammo. Hop over the soda machine, then head out into the hanger 
where more lambent will attack. You can choose to either go down below or stay 
up high, but I would suggest staying up high until all of the current ones 
below are dead.  
Work your way around until you see the Chopper that you'll need to help get 
out, but first you'll need to clear some glowies first. Head upstairs clearing 
out the lambent, and pull the switch inside the room to release Chopper #1. 
Go out the door into Hanger Bay #2, and head downstairs to activate another cut 
scene and a now dead chopper. The tentacle of a Leviathan will come into the 
bay tearing shit up, and you'll have to constantly shoot it for it to go away. 
Once that's handled, take out the other lambent near you and head upstairs, 
just like before, and pull the switch. 
Riding the helipad up, you'll notice a large cloud of smoke in one direction. 
At the top you'll see that the whole deck is on fire (well, just part of it). 
Take out the lone Drudge and Drone, and then go over to the valve to turn on 
the water. One more to go!   
Go through the now clear area and take out the lambent, and then turn valve #2. 
Go over the burnt area to find a COG soldier trying to put out the 3rd and 
final fire. The gas can next to him will blow up; killing him in the process, 
but you can pick up his extinguisher to put out the last fire. Another cut 
scene starts when you make it across the field. 
Now back inside, go down the path to kick open the door in your way to run into 
the Leviathan again. He will destroy the middle part, cutting off access 
across. At the end of the path, more lambent drones will come out from the door 
across the gap, and after a few seconds the Leviathan tentacle will spawn 
polyps behind you. Worry on the polyps until a piece of the deck falls where 
you get up top and the Leviathan goes away. 
The Leviathan isn't done with you yet. After going up the double doors and on 
the top deck, the Leviathan will push crates toward you that WILL crush you if 
you don't run across as fast as possible. To the right, is a garage with two 
The Silverback is a new portable 'turret', with two mulchers on each gun and 
the ability to roadie run, if you can even call it that. Tap (A) to huddle up 
to offer cover for your teammates and fire rockets. It's also like turret in 
the fact it can overheat. 
[OBJECTIVE: Dislodge the Leviathan] 
===========================BOSS: LAMBENT LEVIATHAN============================= 
It's BBBAACCCKKKKK! The Lambent Leviathan is more of an annoyance than an 
actual boss, but it is on a time limit. If you don't dislodge it in time, it 
will eat the deck and you, ending the mission. This fight isn't hard at all 
Use your newly acquired Silverback and constantly shoot it in the giant glowing 
eye. After a minute or two of shooting, it will pop and spawn polyps, but 
continues eating away at the deck. Damage it enough again for it to go back 
underwater. Now you have to fight lambent drones and polyps. If you don't want 
to risk getting your Silverback damaged, park it behind the wall on the right 
from where the gate is, and get out the Silverback to handle the small lambent 
enemies. Knock the Leviathan off three times and you win! 
===========================BOSS: LAMBENT LEVIATHAN============================= 
|                             C H A P T E R   3                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                           <H O M E C O M I N G>                             | 
[OBJECTIVE: Search for Survivors] 
Woah, you actually take control of the Cole Train for once! Walk forward and 
inspect the abandoned stranded camp, picking up the Hammerburst or Lancer ammo 
if you want. Circle around this area and go down the street here. Once you get 
far enough, a stranded with a spotlight will stop you.  
"Kinda anti-social aren't they?" 
"It's pronounced assholes" 
~Clay and Baird 
[OBJECTIVE: Find the Shopping Center] 
after the cut scene, walk down the alley to the large gate on the other side of 
the wall in front of you. Kick it down (or go to the right of it and pick up 
some shotgun ammo), and get ready for a fight with Lambent. It's the same deal 
with Drudges and Lambent Drones, but with a twist.  
During the cut scene, the first Drudge will mutate and sprout 2 tentacles that 
can spit imulsion at you. This makes them VERY dangerous as it does quite a 
large bit of damage, and it makes then even MORE dangerous at close range since 
it gains a new grab attack that instantly kills you. Make sure you take him out 
FIRST, and then worry about the pods on the Lambent stalks that continuously 
spawns enemies. 
- Lambent Wretches 
once the gate in the back of the playground opens, you'll run into old friends 
from Gears of War 1. They're pretty much the same since the last time you've 
seen them. The Gnasher works wonders for them, but the Lancer/Hammerburst works 
well too. After killing them off focus on the Drudges, Lambent Drones and the 
Lambent stalk down the street. Once you finish cleaning up, keep going down the 
street and hold open the razor wire here. 
Make sure you let Carmine go in front of you if you want to laugh at a slight 
nod to Anthony and Benjamin. Once the car goes past you, another lambent stalk 
across the gap will spawn more enemies for you to fight. Take care of them and 
the pods, then go around the corner and the door to the grocery store should be 
right there. 
[OBJECTIVE: Search for Supplies] 
Go forward and around the corner and Chainsaw the board blocking your way into 
the next room. If you dropped your Lancer, melee works too. After the slight 
convo between Baird and Sam, further down the aisles another Lambent stalk will 
spawn more enemies. If you need more ammo or a Boomshot (Get it. You will need 
it in the next chapter so don't use it), on the right way in the back of the 
area an Ammo box will be hidden behind some rubble.  
A quick note: One of the drudges might spawn only one tentacle. When he does 
this, whatever you kill him the single tentacle will still come after you and 
try to burn you with imulsion. It doesn't take much at all to kill it though. 
Continue onwards and kill the lambent around the left corner. 
Go around the shelves and fight off the Lambent around the giant hole in the 
floor. Once you finish go to the door on the other side of the room to finish 
this section. 
"The Cole Train runs on Whole Grain baby, WOOO!" 
[OBJECTIVE: Clear landing zone of enemies and drop off the supplies] 
Going to the door, Carmine will be Captain Obvious and point out there's a 
locker in the way. See the big wooden box on the left? Melee/Chainsaw it and it 
will reveal a switch. Pull it to open the door next to you and to gain access 
to a Loader Mech. It controls just like a Silverback without guns.  
Use it to kick down the locker, but get out of it to go in the slightly hidden 
room on the right for Boomshot ammo. Use the loader again to pick up the 
supplies on the floor, and then kick down the door on the left of the room. 
More stalks will spawn once you get outside, so take care of them before you 
continue onwards, kicking down the car and van in your way, getting to the 
green smoke and finally ending this chapter. 

|                             C H A P T E R   4                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                         <H E L P I N G   H A N D>                           | 
[OBJECTIVE: Head to the warehouse] 
Once you regain control, run down the imulsion surrounded path here under the 
bridge. Once back outside, check behind the truck on your right for some ammo 
and a Longshot. Remember when I said to keep the Boomshot from the last 
chapter? Switch out the lancer for the sniper if you want, but keep the 
boomshot for the new enemy around the building corner. 
- Gunker 
Gunkers are giant Lambent creatures who can be an extreme pain in the ass. They 
have a long range attack similar to a Mortar where they will throw a ball of 
Imulsion at you. Once it hits you, it does a lot of damage. At close range, it 
has a melee attack that can down you in one hit, so it's best to fight it long 
range since the Mortar attack is relatively easy to avoid if you're paying 
Use half of your Boomshot ammo on the first one you see, and save the other 
half on the second that comes down the street once you defeat the first. 
Whenever they die, they will cause a huge explosion that shouldn't be a problem 
if you stayed back. Once you take out the Gunkers and the other enemies running 
around, go to the stranded base down the street for a cut scene. 
[OBJECTIVE: Follow the Camp Leader and collect reward] 
After you stop laughing at Carmine almost getting shot in the head, follow the 
Camp Leader through the camp. Whenever you pull your guns out, make two right 
turns and you should see a brownish container. Inside of it is a boomshot if 
you want it, but in front of you once you go through the door is another 
container containing Lancer, Hammerburst, and Gnasher ammo. Collect whatever 
you need, and follow the Camp Leader outside to a huge ammo supply.  
[OBJECTIVE: Get to Cougars Stadium] 
Whenever you get past the stranded gate, more Lambent stalks will spawn and 
will spawn a few drudges and one Gunker. On the right side of the area should 
be another blue container. Standing on the right side of it should give you 
ample cover from the Gunker's mortar shots. Take care of the Gunker and other 
friends it has, and then go over to the far side to the interactive Garage 
Once you go through this area and across the bridge, after the cut scene take 
cover behind the barrels on the right. More lambent stalks will spawn 2 Gunkers 
and a drudge (not all at once, thank goodness). Take them out and continue on 
passed the locked gate. 
|                             C H A P T E R   5                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                                  <M V P>                                    | 
Once you regain control, go around the corner and talk to some old fans of 
yours. Right in the middle of the conversation, some rather rude Lambent will 
interrupt you and attack inside the stadium. Here you can choose to go either 
the higher road or the lower. Choose the upper path since it has the least 
resistance (only about 2 lambent drones), and it gives you a high up advantage 
on the lambent enemies below. Once you take care of them, a Gunker will spawn 
under the 'South Gate' sign. If you're out of boomshot ammo, use your frag 
[OBJECTIVE: Talk to the leader of the Hanover stranded] 
Once you take care of him, go under the sign and through the gate and two sets 
of double doors. Down this hallway is a flashback cut scene of Cole at the 
highlight of his Thrashball career. You know have to carry a bomb to a lambent 
stalk, while avoid drudges and using Thrashball (American football) moves! I'm 
not even sure if you can fail this part, at least I haven't yet, so just keep 
holding forward while Cole automatically dodges the spawning drudges and score 
a goal. 
"Ha, I still got it baby!" 
~Cole Train 
Go up the steps (pick up the boomshot here, you'll need it again!) and into a 
door for another cut scene. After meeting the obviously COG hating leader, take 
cover along the elevator as it rides up. If you choose to you don't have to 
shoot a thing, but at the top is a Gunker. DON'T waste your boomshot on him, 
but instead shoot the red barrels beside him to instantly kill it. 
|                             C H A P T E R   6                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                  <H A N G I N G   B Y   A   T H R E A D>                    | 
[OBJECTIVE: Cross Centennial Bridge] 
This is a slightly new chance of pace isn't it? Going down the zipline, you can 
shoot the red barrels on the right or ignore them completely. Whenever you get 
to the end of your ride, you'll instantly get attacked by drudges and a Gunker 
so IMMEDIATELY get behind the barricade to the right of you. Use your boomshot 
for these guys, and then go forward around the left of the now dead stalk. 
- Savage Grenadier 
- Savage Drone 
- Savage Boomer 
- Butcher 
'Savage' Locusts are basically the stranded version of the Locust Horde, due to 
being flushed out of their homes. They have slightly more health than the 
Lambent drones and carry Retro Lancers, but are capable of being executed. 
Anyway, use whatever assault rifle you have and use it to take out the snipers 
and use the grenades to take out any of the locusts behind the turrets. Once 
those are taken care of, a small convo will occur. Get ready to get in cover, 
because afterwards a gate will open revealing two Savage Boomers, a Butcher, 
and a Savage Grenadier.  
Stay behind cover and kill the two Savage Boomers first since they will cause 
the most damage. The Retro Lancer is a strong rifle for them since the retro 
loses accuracy badly overtime, but Boomers are so fat that and close-mid range 
the shots will still hit! 
Go through the now clear path, and down the bridge into another locust fight. 
If you managed to pick up any incendiary grenades, these are wonderful for 
those turret bastards! Once you handle the locusts here, go forwards around the 
corners and....damn...another turret! 
- Tickers 
Tickers are small tiny creatures from Gears of War 2 that scurry around the 
ground with explosives on their backs. Whenever they get close, they will blow 
themselves up. Try your best to not get downed near a ticker fight, as their 
explosion will kill you no matter the difficulty. 
Continue on down the path, and up the ladder into another fight with a few 
Savage locusts and a Savage Boomer. Go up to the razor wire to finally finish 
dealing with the turrets. 
Down the walkway, the path breaks away, forcing you to go in the area to the 
left. You now have another choice of paths to take: the lower deck or the 
catwalk. The lower deck has only about 3 enemies, one of them on 
a...turret...yes, I did lie.  
The catwalk has around the same amount of enemies, but it offers you the chance 
to sneak behind the turret locust. Most of the time however, Baird and Carmine 
normally can take care of the turret locust by the time you get up there so it 
doesn't really matter which path you choose.  
Going through the door here and down the bridge, a wave of tickers will come 
out to say hi. Fight them off and go up the broken upper deck bridge 
ramp...right into a Mortar crew!  
See the open containers? A row of them along the left side of the highway are 
all open for cover. Try to rush between them during each reload break, and take 
out the mortar crew FAST once you get to the end since there is no cover from 
them then.  
After they're taken care of, grab one of those mortars and use it to take out 
the lone Gas Barge that appears. It's kind of hard, but with a full distance 
shot in the direction it will go should do the trick. Go back down below and 
watch out for the Leviathan tentacles. It will drop polyps, so use your pistol 
or assault rifle to handle them with short bursts. Continue onwards into more 
Savage Locusts. Go out the door on your right and climb the ladder leading back 
to the upper deck.  
On this upper area are another turret guy and a Locust with a One Shot. This 
thing can kill you instantly even on casual, so try to take him out first. Once 
you get near the ticker crate, some more Savage enemies will spawn behind you 
but you can avoid them by interacting with the crate and FINALLY ending the 
first Act! 
                               _      _     ___ 
                              /_\  __| |_  |_  )
=============================/ _ \/ _|  _|  / /================================
                            /_/ \_\__|\__| /___| 
|                             C H A P T E R   1                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                            <S H I P W R E C K>                              | 
[OBJECTIVE: Search for the Raven's Nest] 
- Wild Ticker 
Hey it's Cole again! Walk forward past the flames to meet a new creature: Wild 
Tickers. They're harmless, but they are a nuisance because they can eat weapons 
lying on the ground. Killing them makes them drop the weapon, but if they eat a 
grenade they can explode like regular tickers.  
Try your best to kill the fast creatures with your slow Boltok, and pick up the 
Lancer that lies on the ground. Around the corner are a Gnasher, Snub pistol, 
and an open field. You know what that means! 
Take cover and take out the grubs that pop from the ground, and go over to the 
large piece of the ship that more Savage Locusts with knock over. Once that's 
done and dealt with, hop over the piece of ship (almost slipped there) and go 
on into another field of Savage Locusts and another cut scene, regaining 
control of Marcus Fenix. 
"What we got an echo in here or something? Yeah, Prescott's back, Michealson's 
dead and my Father's alive. Film at 11." 
~Marcus Fenix 
[OBJECTIVE: Regroup with Anya and Jace] 
Well, all good things must come to a end I guess. Take cover along second set 
of sandbags, and take out the Locusts and Savage Boomers that now have Digger 
Launchers, weapons that can down you from behind cover...oh joy.  
Way in the background high up is a sniper on the broken bridge, so make sure 
you look out for him as well. Acquire yourself a new digger launcher if you 
want, then continue forward towards the siege beast, taking out its crew. 
The Siege beast is basically a locust catapult, requiring winding back the legs 
of the beast to lob bombs at others. Use this one to take out the other two 
Siege beasts and a Brumak that shows up. Only 2 or so hits should kill it 
Go on down the path after handling that situation, and eventually you'll see 
Anya and Jace on the other side of some rocks. Look like they will need your 
help doesn't it? Right behind you is the path that leads to them, so hop to it! 
Whenever you handle all of the enemies, a cut scene will play. More enemies 
will attack afterwards, and then your second boss battle of the game will 
=================================BOSS: BRUMAK================================== 
No siege beast to help you out now huh? You actually have to fight a Brumak, 
one of the locusts' biggest (literally) threats since Gears of War 1, on foot! 
Actually, he isn't that hard on Normal. Near the back of the area is an 
infinite ammo pickup and cover, so that isn't a problem. Most of the time he'll 
focus on your teammates, so you'll have a lot of chances to shoot the giant 
rocket launcher on his back.  
You can also shoot the guns on his arms if they are giving you too much 
trouble, but make sure you focus your fire on the rocket launcher on its back 
because that will cause the most damage. 
Your only other threat are the occasional Savage Drone or Grenadier that pops 
on from the ground, but since there's 8 of you they are EASILY dispatched. Take 
care of them and the Brumak to end the chapter. 
=================================BOSS: BRUMAK================================== 
|                             C H A P T E R   2                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                        < H O U S E   O F   S A N D>                         | 
[OBJECTIVE: Find out where the Gas Barges are headed] 
Continue onwards down the path. Eventually, you get to a grassy field and Dom 
will point out movement in the background. See that cloud of dirt flying 
towards you? That isn't a Digger! 
- Savage Corpser 
A lot smaller than the previous ones from other games aren't they? Anyway, any 
attack from the front while it's walking at you is useless since the legs are 
armored. It can also dig underground and try to attack you with one of its 
legs. So how do you fight it?  
If it's going for a teammate, go to the side of it and shoot either the butt of 
it or the side of its head. It will recoil for a bit, then go underground and 
try to impale one of you. Repeat this process until you finally kill it. 
- Grinder 
Before you was rudely interrupted, go on down the path to find more Savage 
locusts, tickers, Savage Boomers, and a Grinder with a Mulcher that's on a far 
up ledge. He isn't an immediate threat like the Savage Boomers near you, but he 
can be a pain since he'll add a lot of additional damage if you are already 
hurting pretty bad.  
Whenever you take out the Savage Boomers near you, focus on him next, then 
finally clean up the other enemies running around. Pick up the Mulcher if you 
want, and go to the gate without making a soun-*Savage drone blows horn*-
- Savage Theron 
Whenever you are seen, behind you Savage locusts will spawn, including Savage 
Therons. These aren't as fearsome as the regular versions since they carry 
Butcher Cleavers now, but man, do those swings hurt like hell. Try to keep them 
away from you during this fight, and then go back over to the gate. 
After the short cut scene, turn left and roadie run as fast as you can down the 
cliff. A siege beast will attack you from another cliff, so you have to get 
down near the turret below as fast as possible. Take out the enemies and go up 
the ladders, leading to the siege beast. No one controlling the siege beast + 
locusts coming down the path you need to go = fun time!  
You only get 3 chances however before the siege beast run out. To the right of 
this area is another short area you can take to flank the stragglers. Continue 
past the gate to find a LOT of ammo, some Frag Grenades and a Longshot. Pick up 
the Longshot and a Hammerburst because you will need them both for the early 
part of the next chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   3                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                         <F O R C E D   E N T R Y>                           | 
[OBJECTIVE: Enter the locust stronghold without setting off an alarm] 
I should point out it's not essential to do this without the alarms, but it is 
required if you want a collectible. Anyway, pull out your Hammerburst, and 
shoot the first guy directly around the corner. About this time Wild Tickers 
will appear, but they aren't a threat if they eat the One Shot lying next to 
the boxes. The One Shot is too slow at killing one guard before shooting the 
next, so forget about it. 
Go forward to the boxes where the One Shot is, and look up to the gate where 
two Savage Locusts are. Pull out the Longshot, and snipe the one guy walking 
back and forth. Here comes the important part: make sure your reload are 
perfect, as it won't take long for the second locust to try to make his way to 
the horn. Snipe him also. 
Now the next area is a REAL pain in the ass. You have to be quick, and it can 
be really hard with the sniper to get both guards. If you couldn't find a 
Hammberburst, Dom will trade with you since he is normally the teammate that 
has one.  
Past the rock, go to the first piece of cover you see and pull out your 
Hammerburst and watch the movements of the two guards. See the barrels next to 
the turrets? Look down your Iron sights and quickly shoot both sides with your 
Hammerburst while the guards are near them.  
You'll know if you did it right if a cut scene plays of a gate opening that you 
can go through. Inside this side path on the lower side is ammo and two digger 
[OBJECTIVE: Secure the Locust stronghold] 
Right outside this gate is rather random area containing a turret, lots of 
corners and ditches, a Sawn off Shotgun wielding Locust, and more. Kill the 
Sawn off Locust and pick up his gun if you find him, because later it'll make a 
rather large fight real easy.  
To take out the turret, look under his little base and you'll see large Gas 
Barrels cluttered together. You know what that means...shoot it! 
Whenever all of the Locusts in this area are dead, a side door on the left will 
open to reveal two Savage Boomers. Take them out and continue down this ditch 
into another turret area. You'd think they would put a turret right directly at 
the door since you're doing so well...but hey, they're locusts. Near the turret 
is a Gate switch. Pull it to end this rather short chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   4                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                           <T R E N C H   R U N>                             | 
[OBJECTIVE: Find a way out of the bunker system] 
Once you hop over the sandbags at the end of this path, get ready to pull a Act 
1 Chapter 6 moment: A Gas Barge will drop bombs all around the area, and you 
will need to make sure you're under cover when that happens. Listen to your 
teammates also, as they will tell you when to run to the next piece of cover. 
If you get lost, the Tac/Com will point you in the right direction. 
[OBJECTIVE: Get to the Gas Barge landing tower] 
Whew! Go through the raised gate and down the path, meeting a rather large 
group of Savage Locusts and Tickers here that has a lot of cover. Luckily, so 
do you. If you don't have a Sawn off Shotgun yet, get it now from the Savage 
Theron. Whenever they're dead, open the door on the other side of where you 
came from on the right down a ramp. 
Surprise, more locusts! And you finally get to see the closest you'll get to a 
Ticker pet shop! They can't do anything to you however, but the other Locusts 
sure as hell can. Kill them and move on, and you'll see how those darn Locusts 
strap explosives to Tickers.  
If you shoot the Tickers while they're hanging, they will drop on the Locusts 
underneath them, killing them instantly. After quite a bit of cover hopping, 
continue on right into....another trap. 
Remember the Savage Corpser from earlier? It's bacccccccckkkkk! Same strategy 
applies, and you can use the Sawn off to shoot its butt. It will die after 
about 2-3 close range shots.  
After he's dead, a Butcher and 2 Savage Locusts will come through the now 
opened gate. Go to the right, some ammo and Frags will be off to the right. 
Hopefully this will fill your Sawn off to full because you'll FINALLY need it 
once you go up this ladder. 
Corpser Eggs.....sheesh. One tiny baby corpser will hatch and walk around for a 
bit, minding its own business. Marcus will tell Cole and Baird to shut up, but 
the baby will still find you eventually. After he alerts mom, a bunch of its 
little brothers and sisters will hatch. They don't take much to kill, so kill 
them with your rifle until Mom shows. 
[OBJECTIVE: Fight off the Mother's brood] 
===========================BOSS: CORPSER (AKA MOM)============================= 
Oh snap, it's mom! She isn't happy that you've been killing her children so 
you'll have to fight her to continue on. First thing first: Always aim for her 
eyes whenever she spreads her legs apart.  
Whenever one pops, she will scream and go back near the back wall to recover. 
Unarmored Savage Corpsers will spawn now, but now that you have your Sawn Off 
they will die in one shot in the face! Repeat this process 4 times, avoiding 
Mom's giant legs, and she's defeated...somewhat.  
When you pop her last eye, she will begin to freak out and run everywhere, 
trashing the place. You still have to get to the gate right on the other side 
of the room, so try to rush if possible since you're also on a time limit. If 
she runs into you you'll get downed instantly. Getting out of this hellhole 
ends the chapter. 
===========================BOSS: CORPSER (AKA MOM)============================= 
|                             C H A P T E R   5                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                               <H I J A C K>                                 | 
[OBJECTIVE: Get to the Gas Barge landing tower] 
- Shrieker 
- Elite Theron (not sure on that) 
Right away, you'll get shot at by new floating enemies: Shriekers. They look 
like tiny Gas Barges with guns on the side, and living up to their name they 
shriek...a lot.  
They go down almost as quick as tickers do, but they can also dodge your shots 
a lot better. Take them out and the other locusts, then go forward towards the 
railing and you'll meet a somewhat new enemy dropped from a Gas Barge. 
Elite Therons are the Queen's best guards. They mostly carry Torque Bows and 
Lancers, so close range is a big no-no. Still, they can be taken out just like 
every other enemy so show them whose planet this is.  
After killing the first wave of Therons, a gate will open that leads directly 
into a fork in the road. The right offers barely any cover against the turret, 
while the left has a Savage Boomer and a chance to sneak around turret guy. 
Take the left, but before you do turn directly right from the gate and kick 
down the door for ammo and a Boomshot. 
Yadda Yadda, kill all of the enemies, the go on and open up the gate at the end 
of the area. Go to the switch elevator at the end of the path, and go up to 
meet your new ride to Anvil Gate. 
[OBJECTIVE: Defend against attacking Gas Barge] 
Shooting the Gas Barge itself wont damage it for it to come to you, so don't 
even bother. It will drop 1 to 2 Elite Therons for you to fight each pass until 
it gets tired and rest.  
The Therons that drop on the towers carry Lancers, so if you want to be billy 
bad-ass and chainsaw them, kill one first. It can be very easy to die from the 
second one from a behind chainsaw attack. Whenever the Gas Barge stops, there 
will be two Therons on the Barge with Torque Bows. Take them out and climb 
aboard to finish this chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   6                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                             <A I R B O R N E>                               | 
[OBJECTIVE: Rescue Dizzy] 
Welcome to Gasbag Airlines. As you ride on to Anvil Gate, wait until you get a 
help call from an old friend: Dizzy Wallin. Go to the turret facing the other 
two barges and shoot them down. Since they're made of Boomshots, aim above them 
to get the best result. 
- Reaver 
when you land where Dizzy is, you'll now have to face off against Elite Therons 
and Reavers. If you've fought Reavers in Gears of War 2, they are really no 
different here. Its major weakspot is under its belly, but from where it landed 
it's practically impossible to hit, so the best thing to do is to hit its face 
with constant gunfire. Once everything is dead, another cut scene will start. 
[OBJECTIVE: Defend depot from attacking Locusts] 
Dizzy will open up a weapons cache containing unlimited ammo, a One Shot, 
Frags, and a Hammer of Dawn. The HOD is easily one of the strongest crowd 
killing weapons in the game, while the One Shot is the strongest single killer. 
Pick both up, and go near the Gas Barge to activate another fight with Elite 
Therons and Reavers. Personally, I like to use the One Shot on Reavers and save 
the HOD for later since it's very hard to come by, but if you want to use your 
HOD now then that's ok. Just remember you can't take the One Shot with you. 
Go back to the Gas Barge to end this short chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   7                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                            <T O U C H D O W N>                              | 
[OBJECTIVE: Eliminate incoming Gas Barges] 
This chapter requires no strategy at all. Remember the turrets right? Use them 
to take down the Gas Barges that try to take you down. Reavers are also thrown 
in the mix, but they can be easily shot down with your Lancer. The only Gas 
Barge you have to worry about is the one you run into near the end. You don't 
even have to kill the others! 
Eventually, Queen Myrrah will come in with her new toy: A Tempest. Don't even 
try to shoot her as this next part is scripted, but she can still hurt you by a 
highly damaging beam (Dragonball?). If you can find the console with the pink 
screen on it, to the right of it is the best spot to crouch. She can't hit you 
at all. Eventually she'll shoot you down and end Act 2. 
                               _      _     ____
                              /_\  __| |_  |__ /
=============================/ _ \/ _|  _|  |_ \===============================
                            /_/ \_\__|\__| |___/ 
|                             C H A P T E R   1                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                          <U N B R E A K A B L E>                            | 
[OBJECTIVE: Defend the Front Gate] 
Now you'll see why I like to save my weapons between chapters. Go up the steps 
and follow all around until you get to the Front Gate. You'll find quite a lot 
of weapons on the way, including a One Shot at the front. A ton of grubs and 
Reavers will try their damndest to break through. Use the Hammer of Dawn on the 
little guys, and the One Shot on the Reavers and Grinders. 
[OBJECTIVE: Defend the Second Gate] 
After a few minutes a siege beast will destroy the first gate. Retreat back to 
the second walkway where everyone else is, and pick up your first taste of the 
Vulcan Cannon. I. LOVE. THIS. GUN. It will turn everything into mincemeat, but 
it requires two people to operate it and you can't take cover with it, so 
expect to get shot a lot. After a few minutes Maulers will indefinitely spawn 
until you let them get the second gate. 
[OBJECTIVE: Defend the Inner Courtyard] 
Same song and dance as Gate 2, except Boomers will take the place of Maulers. 
No matter how many you kill, eventually they will break the door of the garage 
where you first started the chapter.  
Once you fight them off long enough, Hoffman and Bernie will tell you of 'Last 
Resort': Shooting a gas tank near Gate 2 that will completely block off the 
Locust. Follow your marker and shoot the Gas Tank to end this chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   2                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                               <R E S C U E>                                 | 
[OBJECTIVE: Rescue Sam and Anya] 
Another choice of paths moment. The left trigger path involves you and Cole 
providing cover fire from above, while Dom and Bernie ride the truck near to 
where Sam and Anya are. The right trigger path is vise versa. Here, I'll 
describe the right trigger path since it requires more work. The left path only 
involves staying in cover and picking off enemies with a One Shot. 
Whenever the truck crashes, go over to where Sam and Anya is and take cover. 
Take out the locust quick, because in a minute or two a lambent stalk will 
appear behind you, spawning Drudges. Further down the side of the fort, a 
second stalk will appear, and even further down the fort, ANOTHER stalk will 
appear spawning a Lambent Berserker. 
[OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Lambent Zerker] 
=============================BOSS: LAMBENT ZERKER============================== 
Yep. A LAMBENT Berserker. You remember the Berserkers right? If you don't, that 
is one enemy you did NOT want to screw it. Now it's a lambent version....damn. 
After the cut scene, don't walk forward. After the car stops moving, run around 
avoiding the Berserker Charges until Baird mentions the firing sequence has 
started. Get ready to run because in a few seconds the Hammer of Dawn will come 
down in your area. Go to the way point on your screen. 
"Did we fry that bitch?" 
No we didn't. Now we have to fight her on foot. Every time she (yes, she) gets 
ready to charge you, her ribcage will open up. Get your rifle out and shoot the 
glowing spot inside her chest, then roll out of the way when she's close. 
Sometime she'll stop and clutch her chest, and others she'll keep on going. 
You'll have to do this quite a lot since she has a ton of health. 
When her health is halfway, she will begin to leak imulsion every time she 
charges. This hurts you and if you're trapped against a wall you won't be able 
to get out without damaging yourself. The bigger the cloud of imulsion, the 
closer she is to death. 
=============================BOSS: LAMBENT ZERKER============================== 
|                             C H A P T E R   3                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                         <B R E A K N E C K   R U N>                         | 
[OBJECTIVE: Escort the fuel truck to Mercy] 
This is another one of those chapters that requires no strategy except to shoot 
things. You're on the back of a truck with unlimited ammo for the Vulcan 
Cannon. Throughout this whole chapter, you'll constantly get attacked by 
Reavers. Everyone once in a while, you'll have to shoot one that lands on the 
After shooting the pipes out of the way, you'll run into Savage Corpsers with a 
regular Corpser about halfway. Since you have the Vulcan Cannon now, she's no 
problem for you at all. Revenge is a dish best served cold, right? 
On the last leg of this chapter, you'll meet Locusts on turrets, mixed in with 
Savage Corpsers and Reavers. At the end, you'll run into a Brumak. He's the 
only thing that lies between you and Mercy, are you going to take that? Hell 
no! Whenever you get close enough, get ready to watch one of the funniest 
Brumak kills you'll ever see. 
|                             C H A P T E R   4                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                           <G H O S T   T O W N>                             | 
[OBJECTIVE: Follow the Pipeline and Investigate the Town] 
It's quiet...too quiet. Not a good thing. Go inside of the Imulsion station and 
pick up the Ammo behind the counter. You don't have to worry about any sneak 
attacks yet, so go forward down the street. 
However, whenever Sam tells you to stop, stop. To the left of you is a bomb on 
the pipeline and if it explodes, goodbye Marcus Fenix. When the icon appears, 
go over to the bomb and press X to deactivate it.   
Continue down the road, and you'll run into two more bombs one the pipeline. 
Wonder who could have done this? After the third one, a cut scene will 
Obviously the crazy old man was the one who set the bombs to prevent it from 
getting free, but what? Go down the stairs in front of you, and on the right is 
a scorcher. It'll help a lot for what's to come. Whenever you come out of the 
Deli, get that scorcher out because you'll need it for what's inside the 
You'll come across the old man's dead body, but something obviously killed him 
(don't worry; it's coming just around the corner). A cut scene will start with 
a lady in distress in the corner. Marcus will try to help her, but she won't 
need it.... 
[OBJECTIVE: Find a way out of the sewer] 
- Lambent Humans 
the imulsion has not only gone to locusts, but to humans also! This spells big 
trouble for the human race now doesn't it? Lambent Humans are easy to kill, yet 
they are highly aggressive and come in very large packs.  
Use the scorcher to kill the ones that attack you because it slows them down 
for a second, and since you're in a tight area, they bunch up rather well. 
"Kill me!" 
~Lambent Human 
Further down in the sewer, more will attack you. Eventually you'll run out of 
scorcher ammo since there's so many, so pick up the Gnasher you may have passed 
to replace it. Once they're all FINALLY dead, turn the value to drop the ramp 
that leads out of this hellhole. 
[OBJECTIVE: Search for the fuel pump] 
Once you get outside, you'll see a large building with a Vulcan Cannon on the 
steps. Pick it up and use it on the second giant wave of Lambent Humans until 
you run out of ammo. Switch to your Lancer and stand near the door and take out 
the remaining ones that hop over the sandbags.  
Whenever they're dead, the stranded at the top balcony will lower the ladders 
for you. On the balcony the stranded was on is a Retro Lancer. Swap it out with 
your shotgun. 
|                             C H A P T E R   5                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                  <B R O T H E R S   T O   T H E   E N D>                    | 
[OBJECTIVE: Search for the fuel pump] 
After the beginning cut scene, more Lambent Humans will attack. The Retro 
Lancer imo is the best weapon for these things due to its high power and wide 
On the right of the door is an infinite supply of Retro Lancer and Hammerburst 
ammo. Continue down the road to another gate you have to open. Finally, you'll 
get to the church where the fuel pump is. After the cut scene, turn around and 
get ready for another wave of Lambent Humans. 
[OBJECTIVE: Regroup at the Gas Station] 
After that's done and dealt will, go inside of where the first group of Lambent 
Humans came out of. To the left are boards you'll have to melee/chainsaw to get 
out. Go right down the path and to the elevator to get back to the imulsion 
Get ready, because you'll be in a large fight right after you regroup with 
Dizzy and Jace. Down the tunnel, a lot of Locusts and Boomers will spawn, and 
some will try to climb up where you are. Always try to watch your back just in 
After about 3 minutes of fighting normal Drones and Boomers, Lambent Humans and 
Drones will appear behind you. If you still have it, use the Retro Lancer for 
these guys. 
Now, sit back and watch for what is possibly the most emotional and best cut 
scene that has every appeared in a Gears of War game. 
"And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, The dreams in which I'm 
dying are the best I've ever had, I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to 
take, When people run in circles its a very, very....Mad world, mad world" 
~ 'Mad World' by Gary Jules 
                              _      _     _ _  
                             /_\  __| |_  | | | 
============================/ _ \/ _|  _| |_  _|===============================
                           /_/ \_\__|\__|   |_| 
|                             C H A P T E R   1                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                       <A S H E S   T O   A S H E S>                         | 
[OBJECTIVE: Search for Local Inhabitants] 
Now you'll see why the stranded are not the biggest fan of COGs. Those ash 
bodies are what are left of people caught in the Hammer strikes. If you want, 
you can rush past this first area without worrying about the bodies, but if you 
want to follow Marcus's comment about showing respect, get a achievement, or 
unlock a secret weapon stash, don't hold A to walk faster and slowly ease your 
way around the bodies. 
Eventually you'll get to where a piano will almost fall on you. Obviously 
someone doesn't want you there. Down the steps and over the cement cover, a 
turret trap will be lying in wait for you. It will destroy some of the bodies, 
but don't fret. As long as YOU don't destroy any of the bodies, you'll get the 
Onwards throughout the chapter at various points, the mysterious stranger will 
let polyps loose on your squad. To handle them, aim at the ground about mid 
distance. You don't want to risk a stray bullet hitting an ash body while 
aiming upwards right? 
When you get to the building, a couple of stranded will fire at you from hidden 
turrets. You can't shoot back so all you can do is take cover.  After a minute, 
a Lambent Stalk will spawn in the middle with its Drudge and Lambent Drone 
Take them out, and then follow your attacker to Griffin's office. If you 
managed to avoid all of the ash bodies, a cell door on the right of the hallway 
will open for you, containing unlimited Torque Bow, Boomshot, Incendiary 
grenades, and a chicken statue with a nice little pirate hat. Take what you 
want, then follow the rest of the hall to meet Griffin, then go through the 
small armory to finish this chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   2                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                               <C R A T E R>                                 | 
[OBJECTIVE: Get to Griffin's Refinery] 
Onwards to get fuel! Down this road, two lambent stalks will spawn some drones, 
mutating drudges, polyps, and lambent wretches. On the left side of where they 
spawn is a path behind the stalks containing frag grenades. You know the deal 
As you continue onwards to a set of stairs that goes into a subway, more 
lambent stalks will spawn. Inside the subway car on the left is a mulcher, 
which helps a lot for the drudge mutations. Once they're dead, quickly run 
forward up the steps and into the cave before the entire place falls on you. 
Finally, you're at your destination after fighting more polyps in the subway, 
but getting inside is another story. A lambent stalk will appear near the front 
door, and even after you kill the first set of pods, more will appear.  
This fight is tough not only because of that, but the pods are at an angle 
where you may expose yourself to fire and you barely have any cover at all. 
Adding to it, lambent wretches and drudges will ALWAYS rush you. If you have 
the Torque Bow, use it now on the pods and drudges until you run out of ammo, 
then pick up a rifle to replace it if you have the Boomshot also. 
[OBJECTIVE: Get to the Cable Car] 
Inside the lobby from where you came in, turn right to find a door with a 
authorized sign. Inside of the room is a switch to power up the elevators in 
the lobby. It doesn't matter which one you choose to try, but get ready to get 
in cover behind the lobby desk across form where you came in.  
Lambent Humans will spawn from every door in waves. The Boomshot can be useful, 
but it will be hard to not kill yourself since they're such close range 
enemies. Eventually more will spawn on both sides of the lobby desk, signaling 
this is the last wave. 
Once on the elevator up after pushing the car for counterweight, stand as far 
back in one of the corners as you can. About halfway up a Gunker will fall on 
top then crash through right in the middle. If you have your Boomshot still, 
use that sucker! Don't worry, as long as you're in the corner the Gunker death 
explosion won't get you. Making it to the top will end this chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   3                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                         <H A N G   E M   H I G H>                           | 
[OBJECTIVE: Disable the safety release] 
Directly in front of you on the ground is a Cleaver. Don't even bother with it 
because it is not a good weapon for lambent. Besides, if you go in the empty 
pool with it to get the incendiary grenade, you're not getting it back.  
In this first area, a rather small wave of Lambent Humans will attack. On the 
other side of the area where you came from is a Retro Lancer next to a dead 
body. You'll need it because the entire way to the Cable Car line is nothing 
but Lambent Humans.  
Follow your teammates inside the building, and follow them around fighting 
Lambent Humans the entire way. Once you make your way to the secure line, melee 
it if you don't have the regular lancer anymore.  
After it breaks, a door on the other side of you will open up with even more 
Lambent Humans. When you escape them you'll end up right back at the Cable Car. 
How convenient! 
[OBJECTIVE: Rescue Dizzy] 
While you were busy getting fuel for Griffin, Queen Myrrah managed to attack 
his building. Now, he and Dizzy are under fire from more grubs and you'll need 
to go save them since...it's the right thing to do.  
Whenever you're on the car going to the first tower, Gas Barges with 3-4 Elite 
Therons will appear on both sides. Each side has a Theron with a Torque Bow, so 
those are first priority. Whenever you kill enough, eventually they will fly 
off and leave you alone until you get to the end. 
When you get to the end and get inside the tower, it appears all hell has 
broken loose. Random stranded is dying (you can't save them), and Elite Therons 
and Shreikers is just tearing the place apart.  
As usual as you fight up to Dizzy, most are carrying Torque Bows and Lancers 
which makes close range a bad idea. Too bad you don't have much room to move 
around eh? After killing the few Therons at the top near Dizzy and Griffin, the 
chapter ends. 
|                             C H A P T E R   4                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|              <B A T T E N   D O W N   T H E   H A T C H E S>                | 
Like in Act 2, right away you'll be shot at by Shriekers and Elite Therons with 
a Boomer and Turret on the left. Take cover on the cover in front of you and 
handle the Shriekers first. The Boomer is behind the turret, so you won't have 
to worry about him right this second.  
Once they're taken care of, handle the turret and Boomer, and then go to the 
other side of the turret to find more Therons and Boomers. The Boomer is way in 
the back on the steps leading to the way out, so occasionally he'll take pop 
shots at you. Take care of the immediate threats near you, and then rush near 
the hangar door to kill the boomer and move on. 
This section is pretty straight forward as there are no enemies to kill. In 
this first hanger, the submarine is clearly unusable, so onwards we go to 
Hanger #2. Whenever you get outside, to the right of the steps before going 
across the wooden makeshift bridge is an ammo box. When you get across, an 
Elite Theron will spot you and release a new enemy for you to fight. 
- Giant Serapede 
Giant Serepades is one of those monsters that you have to depend on it to 
attack your teammates to really get a good shot on its weak point. If it 
attacks you, it hurts like hell, so don't even worry about trying to shoot it 
until it goes to another teammate and focus on getting away.  
On the back is a light spot that will break each section of the serapede until 
it dies. During this fight, two snipers and the Elite Theron will shoot you 
from high up positions, and another serapede will attack you after the first 
Well that was fun....go up the ramp and to the left to open the door and end 
the chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   5                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                           <B O N   V O N Y A G E>                           | 
Hooray, you've found the submarine, now it needs fuel and a rotor. Another 
choice of paths moment, but it really doesn't matter which one you choose first 
since you'll have to do both anyway. 
[OBJECTIVE: Find fuel for the submarine] 
The path I chose my first time through. After kicking in the door, follow this 
path around and as soon as you get in the hanger a turret, a sniper, a few 
Elite Therons, and a Kantus way in the back will constantly be shooting at you. 
- Kantus 
Kantus locusts are a returning enemy from Gears of War 2. They will stand in 
the back of an area usually, shooting with a Gorgon and chucking Ink Grenades. 
If a Savage Drone or Theron goes down, it can revive them. It takes a few 
seconds to do it completely, so if you happen to have a lancer on you, 
chainsawing it now is the best way to kill it.  
For the Kantus itself, it can't take cover but it can roll to the side like a 
champ. If you get close to it, its scream can stun you, but it is easier to 
chainsaw than in Gears of War 2. 
- Bloodmount 
After that whole shebang, go in the next area right into another onslaught of 
Elite Therons. A couple will even be riding on Bloodmounts, another Gears of 
War 2 returning enemy. These things get around by walking on their arms and 
attack you with their feet.  
They're pretty fast and aggressive, and an Elite Theron is always riding on 
their backs. If you follow Sam's advice, to the right of the area is a small 
garage containing a Silverback. You'll need it because the next area is flooded 
with Elite Therons, Grenadier Elites, and Two Kantus locust on the ship 
containing fuel.  
Take out the aggressive Bloodmounts and their riders first, and then take care 
of any locust that's on the turret on the ship. Since the Silverback is a huge 
slow target, the turret can make quick work of you. 
Use the Silverback to quickly rush over to the switch that moves the ramp to 
its side, then go on the ship and grind up some locust meat. Once they're dead, 
go to the little office behind the ship to pull the switch that moves the fuel. 
After that, a Gas Barge will come by and drop more enemies for you to fight. 
The Barge can easily take out your Silverback, so use the gun turret on the 
ship instead, being careful of the rockets it shoots out.  
Eventually, Reavers and more Bloodmounts will join in the fun. You don't have 
any cover at all once you're on the turret, and Bloodmounts can easily rush to 
where you are, so use that Silverback when they do! 
After that annoying battle, go out of the doors next to the office to get back 
to the submarine. No, you can't take the Silverback with you :(. 
[OBJECTIVE: Find the sub rotor] 
Immediately to your right, you'll see you'll have an unlimited ammo supply. 
Fill up your weapons, and then go in the next area to fight Wretches and 
Tickers. The Chainsaw works WONDERS for Wretches, and just meleeing the Tickers 
then shooting them on the grounds works too. 
Whenever you kill all of the Wretches and Tickers, the garage doors to the 
right will open up, revealing more random Locusts and Shriekers. Way in the far 
end, two are on turrets. You'll also notice that there are carts containing 
fuel tanks that you can push.  
After handling the locusts near you, rush over and quickly push the carts down 
the rail (the turrets can explode the tanks) to destroy each turret. If they 
happen to get destroyed, you'll either have to borrow a sniper from Jace or 
Sam, or quickly rush below under the turrets without getting shot to death. The 
borrowing option sounds better. 
After going back inside and up the elevator and then back outside, across the 
port is more Elite Therons, a Boomer on the left, a Grinder on the right, and 
even more Shriekers. I also wouldn't dare try to chainsaw anything here because 
at the top of the ship is a Kantus that continually shoots at you from far 
range, stunning you (I died by a Theron with a Chainsaw here because of that). 
Take care of the Therons and Shriekers first, and then work on the Grinder on 
the right next. Finally, kill the Kantus at the top of the ship before working 
on the Boomer (He's kinda far back). After a few minutes, another Gas Barge 
across the ship will drop off quite a lot of Therons, but you can handle it 
- Mauler 
Inside of the maintenance bay, Another Kantus will have its ugly self at the 
top of the area, while two Elite Therons and a Mauler will have the bottom. 
Maulers are strictly close range Boomers that can't do anything far away. When 
they do get close, they will swing at you with their lances with an explosive 
tip. Let's not let that happen, so take him out first. He will try to cover 
himself with a Boom-Shield, but you can still hit his back and feet.  
Continue on inside the area killing locusts along the way, and eventually 
you'll get to the rotor. Yay! Look behind you when you get upstairs for the 
loader to move this thing, then step on the pressure points to open the hanger 
doors back outside. 
You've got to admit Locusts are determined aren't they? A couple of Elite 
Therons, Grenadiers, Wretches, a Mauler, and a Reaver will attack. Hide the 
loader behind the first cover you see, then get out and take care of them. 
FIANNLY, stepping on the last two switches ends the chapter. 
[OBJECTIVE: Escort the submarine to the water deck] 
Nah just kidding with ya. In this first area, Elite Therons will attack up top 
near you, while a Grinder and Boomer will attack down below near Anya and Jace. 
Kill the Theron and pick up his Torque Bow (you'll need it), and then help out 
your other teammates without using the Torque yet. 
Area #2 involves you on the bottom while Anya and Jace are up top. You'll have 
to deal more Therons and a Boomer will little cover near the door. Effective 
use of your spotting move can make this section easier that it sounds.  
Once the bottom crew is dead, head up top, but don't go downstairs yet. Inside 
the office in front of you are a Vulcan Cannon and a lot of Boomers, Grinders, 
Therons, and Shriekers down below. Have fun! 
- Armored Kantus 
going downstairs into the area where the previous locust group came through, 
you'll get attacked by an Armored Kantus. Get that Torque out and start wailing 
on him, because regular bullets are ineffective against him. He's mostly fights 
like a regular Kantus, but he also has a new rolling attack (Anyone up for 
Sonic 3?).  
Once he's dead, another Armored Kantus will come in through the back area with 
an Elite Theron that has a Torque Bow. Maybe asking him politely for more ammo 
will work this time? 
Nope! Kill him and the second Armored Kantus, and then be prepared to fight 
another Armored Kantus helped out by an Elite Theron and two serapedes. There 
are four doors in this area, and which one an Armored Kantus and a Theron will 
spawn from appears to be random. When everything is finally dead, go to the 
value marked on your Tac/Com, and turn it to end this really long ass chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   6                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                         <W A T E R Y   G R A V E>                           | 
[OBJECTIVE: Travel to Azura] 
Another on rails segment. If you have a chance to play on a HDTV, check out the 
scenery. It's nice to look at! 
Anyway, you're now inside of the submarine from the earlier chapter. To get 
some practice with your flechette turrets, shoot the boards blocking your path 
when prompted.  
Eventually you'll pass through a mine field (they can't hurt you yet), and a 
sea creature that Dizzy follows. He may seem friendly, but in a second he and 
his little buddies will attack your sub.  
If you're familiar with games that has enemy fire notifications (like Halo), 
the blue marks on your screen tells you which direction they're hitting you 
They'll follow you into a seaweed field, eventually losing them in the dark. 
Now, you'll have a new threat to worry about: A Leviathan! I'm not sure it can 
kill you quite yet since I've never died on this part, but always shoot it in 
the face until you get to another minefield.  
Shoot every mine you see, and then the Leviathan will chase you inside a cave 
and get stuck a few times. Every time is does shoot it in the mouth until you 
Your sea creature friend is back, but he'll get swept up in the current. 
Whenever the same happens to you, shoot all of the mines that follow you. When 
you escape, underwater turrets will continually fire torpedoes at you. You'll 
have to deal with 4 turrets in this area, then after shooting down the door, 
two more at the end of the tunnel with be there. Once they're destroyed, you'll 
finish this chapter and Act 4. 
                               _      _     ___
                              /_\  __| |_  | __|
=============================/ _ \/ _|  _| |__ \===============================
                            /_/ \_\__|\__| |___/ 
|                             C H A P T E R   1                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                  <H O M E   A W A Y   F R O M   H O M E>                    | 
[OBJECTIVE: Secure the arrival terminal area] 
Alright, the last act in the game! Now it's time to finally finish this and 
score a win for humanity. 
When Dizzy drops you off, go forward and take cover along the bench to see a 
group of Elite Therons walking across from you. They won't notice you, but 
since you need to kill them to move on go ahead and do it. 
When you get near the steps, more Elites will attack along with a wave of 
wretches and on one guy on a turret. Depending on how close you are to the 
turret, worry about the other enemies first then take him out.  
Upstairs are more Elites and a train that comes down the tracks. The train WILL 
mess you up if you stay out of cover too long because it has two turret users, 
but luckily at the back is an explosive tank. Shoot it to kill everyone on 
board, and finally clean up the rest of the enemies running around. 
[OBJECTIVE: Follow the Maintenance tunnel] 
Whenever you get to the point where the path goes left and right, the left 
contains A Silverback, while the right is the way out. Outside is a cave you 
can go through with a Reaver at the end. Hopefully you took that Silverback 
with you.  
Past the Reaver, you'll now get to a beach....in the middle of a hellish 
rainstorm. From every which way Elite Therons and Boomers will pester you until 
you get to the other side of the beach, and it's quite the walk for a big slow 
moving target like yourself. You'll know you're about halfway whenever you duck 
in a cave from mortar fire. 
When you get to a dead end, turn around and go back the way you came. A gate 
will open revealing two Boomers. Now, you're inside the train station. Across 
the tracks are more Elites, and a train will pass by once. If your Silverback 
is still kicking, it IS possible to make it down the tracks in this next 
section before the next train comes, but you'll really have to rush as fast as 
possible to get there.  
Across the tracks from where you went to are Elites and Boomers. Follow this 
linear path all around until you can get around the Elite Therons, but you'll 
be in the line of sight of the Boomers. I managed to still have my Silverback 
at this point, but if you don't then take out the Therons first from behind the 
sandbags. When everyone in this area is dead, the chapter ends. 
|                             C H A P T E R   2                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                             <B L A C K O U T>                               | 
[OBJECTIVE: Find Service ladder] 
Congrats to anyone who made it this far with the Silverback. Give yourself a 
pat on the back. 
Going up the lift at the beginning of the chapter, it will suddenly stop at one 
of the open floors. Down the hallway with the number 1 on the wall, a wretch 
will notice you, and then his little wretch buddies will attack you along with 
a Flame Grenadier. They'll come at you from all four directions, so never turn 
your back on one direction for long. The #1 path is the way out, but the other 
paths offer some hidden goodies. 
[OBJECTIVE: Find Maelstrom Facility] 
When you fight the 3 Elites going upstairs, this is where the Silverback fun 
ends. Climb the ladders up into a warehouse of sorts. When you go outside, a 
Reaver will drop down on the helipad in front of you.  
Take him out with your Lancer or Torque, the move on to find more Elite Therons 
waiting for you carrying Lancers and Torque Bows. This area is also dark, so it 
can be kind of hard to see some of them if you have a low resolution TV.  
Whenever the Therons are dead, another Reaver will land near you. The best 
position to fight it is back on the heliport where the first one was. Pick up 
one of the Torque Bow weapons also. 
Around this U-turn after the Reaver fight, up ahead is finally the Maelstorm 
Facility. But will the Locust let you in if they have anything to say about it? 
Nope! At the front steps are an Armored Kantus, a few Shriekers and a few 
Therons. Make sure Shriekers are first priority, follow by the Therons and 
finally the Kantus. The Armored Kantus can't do much at all far range with two 
gorgon pistols on Normal (he sure as hell can on Insane!). Save him for last. 
[OBJECTIVE: Locate generator room] 
Inside once the lift stops, a Theron or two will attack. Whenever they die, a 
door will open and a Flame Grenadier will also go after you. Go in the room 
from wince he came to activate a cut scene. 
This close quarter's hall will spawn 3 Elite Theron and 3 Flame Grenadiers: Two 
Flame Grenadiers and a Theron will be down this first part, while the rest are 
around the corner down the hall. At the end of the whole thing is the generator 
room. It has three switches that you need to pull, and along the way a Flame 
Grenadier and some Wretches will attack. Don't let a little bit of fire stop 
you, so pull the easy to find switches, then go inside the office at the other 
side of the generator room for a cut scene. 
[OBJECTIVE: Close coolant values] 
Well, that plan went to hell. Shutting off the generators did nothing, so now 
you'll have to shut off coolant values. There are five you need to get on 3 
different floors in the middle area.  
Once you get inside, the entire time you'll get swarmed by Elite Therons that 
are on the floor with you and shooting from different rooms that line this 
area. To easily find the values, each one has a green light over it, and turns 
red whenever pulled. 
On the second floor, an Armored Kantus joins the fight. Near the steps leading 
to the third floor, a Boomshot lays. You'll need that sucker because two 
Armored Kantus will attack you.  
After the last coolant value is switched, a 1 minute countdown will start. Once 
you gain control again, roadie run to each waypoint as fast as possible. Don't 
screw around at all. Getting to the end of this race ends the chapter...after 
you kill the one Grinder in your way....GRRRIIIIINNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD! 
|                             C H A P T E R   3                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                   <S H A T T E R E D   P A R A D I S E>                     | 
[OBJECTIVE: Get to Azura tower] 
Gearheads, you remember Jack right? Well he's back, and ready to kick ass. Once 
you get up top, KR-06 will provide cover fire while you fight your way up this 
winding path. Wretches, Elite Therons, a Grinder and a few Butchers will pester 
you the whole way, but Jack now has the ability to stun enemies for a short few 
seconds. The only problem is it appears to be random which enemy he goes after, 
and the stun won't work on any of the Boomer types. 
Eventually, you come to a siege beast area that has Elite Therons and a Mauler. 
Take care of the Mauler first since he's the biggest threat, and then finish up 
the other guys. Take control of the siege beast and use it to kill off the 3 
gas barges that attack you, and then take out the few Elites that come up from 
behind you. 
[OBJECTIVE: Locate and destroy the remaining Siege Beast crews] 
Now inside of a hotel of sorts, down this hallway is a large room with tree in 
the middle containing...a rather disturbing 'keep out' sign. But it won't work 
will it? You're Gears! In the area where the tree is, a few spare ammo boxes 
and a longshot lies in wait. 
Right outside and to the right is another Siege Beast surrounded by Elite 
Therons. They don't see you yet, but it's really no use to sneak around. Fight 
your way around to the Siege Beast, and use it to take out the Dam. At this 
point, Reavers will attack. Ignore them and just focus on breaking the Dam to 
end this part. 
[OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the final Siege Beast crew] 
Nice Statue. Go around it to pick up a longshot if you want, then head out the 
door to find a lobby area containing Elite Therons, A Boomer and a Mauler. To 
the right of this area you'll notice steps leading up to a high up vantage 
Stay here because after this group is dead, another will burst through the 
doors down the hall in front of you, being lead by two bloodmounts. These are 
enemies you dont want to be on the same level with at all, so up high is going 
to be your best bet. Don't forget to pick up the Boomshot on the way out. 
Outside from where they came, the final Siege Beast awaits! But unfortunately, 
it's guarded really well by a few elites and two Armored Kantus. Use that 
Boomshot and Frag Grenades son! Another final group will attack, so kill them 
first and use the Siege Beast to take out the lone gas barge in front of you, 
afterwards pushing the Siege Beast off the ledge and ending the chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   4                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                            <T H E R S H O L D>                              | 
[OBJECTIVE: Reach the Tower] 
Yes, Baird actually felt sympathetic for something. Down this large hallway and 
across the large lobby area is the elevator you need to go up to. At the top, 
head outside and you'll see an Elite Theron across the lake from you with a 
Not only do you have to REALLY watch for him, but fighting around this path are 
Elite Therons, 2 Bloodmounts, AND two Armored Kantus near the top. For the 
Bloodmount, I highly suggest using a Retro Lancer or Sawn Off at close range 
since it does the most damage and kills it the quickest. If you didn't find a 
Sawn Off, Baird always has one so trade with him. 
Your biggest issue is going to be the Mortar, but you can't do a damn thing 
about it until you get up the path. Use the strongest weapons you can find (and 
any explosive for the Kantus enemies), and try to kill everything as quickly as 
you can.  
Whenever you do get to the Mortar, he only has a Boltok on hand. Go to the door 
at the front of the building to activate two lambent stalk spawns, one 
including a Gunker.  
You have two choices: Staying where you are and fighting off the lambent 
involves less cover, but a quicker revive from your teammates if you go down. 
It also has a Mulcher.  
Going to where the Mortar is involves more cover and a Mortar, and the only way 
the Gunker can get you is with its Lambent Mortar. It also means your teammates 
take longer to get to you if you go down. Either way is fine. Take out the 
Lambent and their spawn pods, and then clean up the stragglers and go to the 
door to end the chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   5                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                            <A S C E N S I O N>                              | 
[OBJECTIVE: Reach the top of the tower] 
'Surprise bitches, We Back!' 
Down this hallway, a group of locust will walk across a doorway not noticing 
you. You're not just gonna sneak past them are you? Take them out! Fight your 
way upstairs, and when you get there two bloodmounts will attack. There's also 
a Mortar behind the desk up here, but don't use it yet.  
When the locust down the upstairs path are dead, about halfway down it a Reaver 
will bust through the large window in front of you. Rush back behind the desk 
and grab that Mortar, but don't use it right in cover. There's a good chance 
the Mortar shell will hit the plank above you and come back to hit you. You 
only get one shot also, because the Reaver is quick at getting where you are. 
Whenever he's dead, I would highly suggest picking up a Torque Bow and stocking 
up, then a Lancer/Hammerburst before going to activate the elevator. Before you 
can go in however the lambent will attack with 3 stalks and infinite respawning 
pods. You don't have to kill all of them, just until the elevator gets here.  
When you ride up, a locust or two will use grappling hooks to get where you 
are. Those are the only enemies you'll have to worry about as long as you stay 
in cover. 
At the top after jumping onto Cole and Baird's elevator (you wont get crushed), 
you'll run into more locusts while heading up. One of them is a regular Kantus, 
so take him out first. When you get to the second set of stairs heading up, The 
Tempest will attack again. 
Your one and only focus now should be getting upstairs while avoiding the 
Tempest blasts. Go behind any UNBREAKABLE cover you see in short runs (a.k.a 
don't be fast and rush upstairs as much as possible, you'll get downed 
constantly). Take your time with this part and you should be fine.  
At the top, you'll have to cut 3 cables while avoiding Tempest blasts. I highly 
recommend the regular lancer, as the chainsaw cuts the cord in one attack. Go 
into cover after each slice 3 times until the above globe falls down.  
[OBJECTIVE: Find Adam Fenix] 
At the top of the elevator is a dark room. Follow Jack to the end, and open the 
door to find a couple of locusts waiting for the elevator. Little do they know 
you're right behind them. When Marcus says so, attack them with all your might. 
Work on the Grinder first obviously, and then focus on the Mauler across the 
way. Down the long hallway is a turret, but this can easily be avoided by going 
through the rooms, starting on the first right door and following around. Frag 
grenades are in the first pair of rooms you see, so use those on the turret at 
the end.  
Now, you have to shut off the laser grid. Each room on both sides of you has a 
switch you need to pull that' guarded, so kill the enemies and pull each switch 
to open the way to Adam's office. 
After that huge plot twist, go outside the office and get on the turret. a 
lambent stalk will spawn at the end, but they should be no match for you on the 
turret with unlimited ammo. Once everything is dead, head to the elevator on 
the right to end this chapter. 
|                             C H A P T E R   6                               | 
|                             -----------------                               | 
|                            <R E C K O N I N G>                              | 
[OBJECTIVE: Secure the rooftop] 
Alrighty then, are you ready for the final chapter in the game? All of your 
work has led up to this point, from the Lambent Leviathan to Mercy, it all 
comes down to this. 
Getting off the elevator, you'll be right in the middle of a firefight between 
Elite Therons and Drudges. You don't take sides here, so kill them all! About 
halfway, Clayton will come by on a King Raven offering support fire from above. 
================================BOSS: TEMPEST================================== 
Once everything is dead, the final fight between you and the Tempest will 
occur. This asshole is the reason why I may not do an insane difficulty guide, 
since this is probably the hardest thing I've done in a really long time. 
Luckily, we're on Normal for now. 
Right away, get behind cover to avoid the tempest blast. Now it becomes a game 
of 'Ring around the Rosie'. As you go around the pole avoiding its attacks, 
constantly shoot it in the mouth to damage it. Eventually it will go down, and 
now you have to pick up a Hammer of Dawn to hurt it in this state.  
Drop the hammer on its head until it starts to back off, and it will do a game 
of 'peek a boo', meaning it will occasionally pop up from below and fire a 
blast and quickly go under again. After the third time of doing this, it will 
repeat the first part all over again. 
When it falls again, Elite Therons will join in the fray with the few Shriekers 
in between. No matter what, focus fire on the downed Tempest with your Hammer 
first. If you run out of ammo, ammo boxes around the middle structure and the 
Hammer of Dawn will occasionally respawn during the fight. 
After the 3rd Hammer drop, it will start to attack the middle structure. Use 
your rifle to shoot the glowing spots on its back in order to get it off, and 
now it becomes a repeat of earlier. At least for me, the next Hammer drop is 
the final one, and you'll finally beat Gears of war 3! Huzzah! Sit back and 
relax, and pat yourself on the back. 
================================BOSS: TEMPEST================================== 
'We finally have a tomorrow' 
                            S E C T I O N   D L C 
                    ____      _        _    __  __   ____  
                   |  _ \    / \      / \  |  \/  |'/ ___| 
                   | |_) |  / _ \    / _ \ | |\/| | \___ \ 
                   |  _ <  / ___ \  / ___ \| |  | |  ___) |
                   |_| \_\/_/   \_\/_/   \_\_|  |_| |____/ 
                    ____  _               _               
                   / ___|| |__   __ _  __| | _____      __
                   \___ \| '_ \ / _` |/ _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / /
                    ___) | | | | (_| | (_| | (_) \ V  V / 
                   |____/|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|\___/ \_/\_/ 
|                             C H A P T E R   1                               |
|                             -----------------                               |
|                           <E V A C U A T I O N>                             |
'In life, there will always be struggle, such is the nature of things. But in 
life, there is also hope and happiness' 
[OBJECTIVE: Defend the Evacuation Zone] 
Now, Welcome to Zeta squad! Here you are introduced to new character Alicia 
Valera, as well as the original code holder Mihn Young Kim, returning spiritual 
warrior Tai Kaliso, and Michael Barrick, whose only appearance until now was in 
the Gears of War comic series. 
After that cutscene, your current position will be swarmed by various Drones, 
Boomers, and Reavers. Directly behind you is a hidden area containing an 
unlimited ammo supply, and to the right is a ramp leading up to a turret. 
There's also a longshot and Mortar here, but I never found the longshot useful 
at this point but you may need it later on. 
Once your turret gets destroyed, 2 emergence holes will appear: One on the left 
side of the area and one at the front. If you have grenades, chuck those 
suckers in the holes as quick as you can to avoid more trouble. About 2 minutes 
of fighting later, you will eventually gain access to a HOD command center that 
you actually aim (If you've ever played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, think 
of the level 'Wolverines!' and it's similar to that). Use it to clean up the 
remaining locust. 
[OBJECTIVE: Find Echo Squad] 
Once finished defending the Evacuation Zone, kick down the gates and take a 
nice little stroll through the city. Eventually you'll pass a Brumak (whom you 
won't fight), and then a group of wretches passing by through a gate. Going in 
the area were they came doesn't really hold anything interesting, so follow 
into the hallway on the right of this area. 
Once at the end, another e-hole will open. Just another day in the park, so 
take care of it and move forward through the building into a very large area 
littered to the brim with locusts. In the middle circular area is Echo 
Squad...or what's left of them.  
Head there, since taking on the locusts from here is a much easier spot to do 
it from. Now is also a good time to use the sniper behind you on the two 
snipers on top the buildings. After the current wave is done for and following 
a short convo, more e-holes will appear all over the place.  
The middle area where Echo Squad was provides cover from all sides, but it's 
mostly low cover. Over on the steps to the building offer only two pieces of 
cover, but it is the farthest away form the action. My preferred spot however, 
is over on the sandbags and crates on the right of the steps. It contains ammo 
and a Mortar to take care of the locusts that may spawn on the far end of the 
area. It's also a good sniping spot! 
'Do you have the code?' 
[OBJECTIVE: Find the Vault] 
Once inside and a door kick later, inside the burning bank is metal gate 
blocking your way into the Vault. To your left, an open door awaits with a blue 
panel on the side. Go inside and go to both unlocked rooms near the back, one 
containing ammo and the other having the switch needed to go on further. 
Down this winding hallway, you'll get ambushed by some wretches and a couple of 
grenadiers, and past them you'll finally make it to the outside of the vault 
itself. Various ammo for you and your team (if you're doing co-op) are inside 
different cages, and in the next area you'll get ambushed again by various e-
holes and flame grenadiers. Once everything is dead, open the door leading the 
vault to end the chapter. 

|                             C H A P T E R   2                               |
|                             -----------------                               |
|                     <D A R K N E S S   S P R E A D S>                       |
After a little bit of walking through the Bank, once the resulting cutscene 
ends you'll finally be able to take control of one the biggest locust bad asses 
in the series: The Wretch! 
Actually im kidding, it's RAAM. 
[OBJECTIVE: General RAAM, clear the way for the Tremor to get to the Seeder 
Playing RAAM is different than playing any other locust from Beast mode. First 
off, his immense size means he can't take cover on any short walls or cars, so 
he's a big walking target. To remedy that, he is protected by his infamous 
kryll sheild. 
RAAM also has his own special set of attacks. His main one is the kryll summon, 
where aiming at a Gear and HOLDING the right trigger down causes the Kryll to 
eat them alive, but it leaves you exposed to gunfire. Similar to the Hammer of 
Dawn however, every use of the Kryll requires charge time before you do it 
RAAM also has two executions: One being a reskinned version of the Retro Charge 
(and the only way RAAM can run), and the other being his own custom made one, 
done by holding Y on a downed opponent. 
Outside of that, this part of the chapter is rather easy. RAAM's abilities 
backed up by two Maulers with reflective shields and an Elite Theron, makes 
this section a walk in the park. At certain points however, the Tremor with you 
will pound a spike in the ground and you will have to protect it until it 
After the first stop point, the COG will start to get serious. One of the COG 
in the next alley will have a One-Shot, which HURTS if you don't have a kryll 
shield on, so kill him first thing. In a little bit, a King Raven will come 
into play. All you have to do as aim the kryll at the gunner to take it out, 
and now you can move on to the next section. 
Now, the COG gets REALLY serious. Boomshots, turrets, and even a few 
Silverbacks with rocket lie in wait in these next few sections. The boomshots 
aren't that bad, but the Silverbacks can be. Luckily they're mostly stupid and 
will go after your team instead, so they can easily get picked off from far 
away. At the next stop point and defending the Tremor again, the RAAM section 
[OBJECTIOVE: Make your way to the Evac center] 
Bah, the boring ol' humans. Outside the door leading...outside, you'll 
instantly get attacked by two snipers and an e-hole. Take cover immediately and 
take care of the e-hole and snipers, then turn the next corner and duck under 
the small roof on the right.  
Two Mortars will shoot at you from a high up balcony, and afterwards another 
group of locust will attack near the exit, including a few boomers. As long as 
you stay in your little Mortar hole, you should be fine. 
Within the next two areas, prepare for what I would assume to be an annoying 
battle on insane. The next area contains 4 seeders who need to die in order for 
the evacuation to take place. Since you have no one to 'drop the hammer' with 
*cough*, a little thinking is required. 
See behind you? Infinite Boomshot ammo!  It won't work on the seeders 
themselves, but if you shoot the 2 pillars behind them twice, part of the 
building will crumble on them. So, that's 4 seeders, two pillars each, and they 
have to be shot twice. Multiplying that together, that's 16 shots total. 
During the entire time, various locust drones and a few nemecysts will 
constantly bombard you. I like to stay on the right of the sandbag in front of 
the boomshots, as it seems to give me the most cover. After everything is dead, 
a Brumak will bust through the building in front of you. You have infinite 
ammo, so use those boomshots! Killing the Brumak ends the chapter. 
A weird glitch I got here was when I played Arcade mode: I had the super reload 
mutator on, and I shot the brumak with one shot of a Super Reload Boomshot 
which killed it in one hit (I was on casual). For some reason, the building 
still fell, but the Brumak still stood proud!

|                             C H A P T E R   3                               |
|                             -----------------                               |
|                        <H I D E   A N D   S E E K>                          |
[OBJECTIVE: Find Dr. Wisen's office] 
Time for some exploring! Kicking open the front door into the school is 
worthless since the pathway is blocked, so go around the left way into the 
window, back outside, and through another window to get inside. Signs of life, 
but no thing living? I smell ambush. 
Continue throughout the school, making sure to use LB to find the waypoint in 
case you get lost, until you find the switch that unlocks the doors that you've 
passed. Go down into the basement (?), and get your Gnasher out: Wretch ambush! 
The best place to defend off the swarm is by the gate that the lone wretch 
closed on you. None others spawn from there, and the wretches get easily 
distracted by your teammates. The only problem is there is quite a lot, so you 
may have to make a few mad dashes the ammo box in the middle of the area. 
[OBJECTIVE: Clear the Courtyard] 
After that grueling fight, continue onwards outside and get ready to take cover 
immediately again. A drone way on the other side of the courtyard has a One-
Shot, which WILL kill you in one shot, even on casual. You can either sneak 
around on the right or left, but I've never been right so left it is! It 
contains a sniper you can use, and also a really easy path to take care of an 
e-hole with no issues. 
Near the One-Shot drone, Two maulers will come down to greet you, so never rush 
up inside until they are taken care of first. Whenever they do die, rush inside 
and kill the drone. Now you have an instant death weapon at your fingertips! 
Use it to clear up the remaining stragglers, and then head inside the building. 
[OBJECTIVE: Find the gymnasium] 
Finally, Wisen's Office! But unfortunately he isn't there, only another 
Wretchbush (heh), although it isn't as large as the last one. When they're all 
all dead, head through the now opened door, thanks to Jack, and go down the 
long hallways into the cafeteria. 
Walking forward a bit will activate a swarm of Explosive and Wild Tickers. The 
best place I found to stand at is right at the entrance, since they all spawn 
in the back and have to come to you. The annoying thing about this fight is 
since they are tickers, they can easily go under the tables out of sight and 
can come out of nowhere next to you. Standing by the entrance gives you a 
better chance of seeing them before they see you. 
Behind the Cafeteria and into the result locker room, another e-hole will 
appear at the end of the room now contains a few Therons and Wretches. There's 
a longshot here than can help for now, but in a little bit it wont be. After 
using it, drop it for a Gnasher, and continue on until you get to another 
locker room...covered with eggs and webs...oh joy. 
Get that Gnasher out, because you're in for one hell of a fight. At the end of 
the Locker room, you'll get attacked by two giant serapedes, A Mauler, and a 
few grenadiers. I highly suggest working on the mauler first, as he can be a 
major asshole while trying to dodge the serapedes. Now it's kind of just a 
matter of hope that the serapedes go after your team instead of you.  
After you kill the first two serapdes, another appears. He only has a lone 
Grenadier backing him up, so he shouldn't be as hard to deal with as the first 
wave. Outside of that hellhole, get ready for another one. Finally inside the 
Gymnasium, a Berserker will appear once you get down from the first set of 
Now I know what you're thinking: hurry to the second switch to activate the 
bleachers out right? Nope! First you gotta play a game of Chicken: Trick the 
berserker into destroying the 3 crates blocking the bleachers, and then get the 
fuck out of there! Finally, she's trapped inside-SHIT! 
Once you get outside, she will break out into the parking lot and run into a 
car, setting herself on fire. After the Derpserker recoils, run up to the other 
side of the car and give her all you got. The general plan is to either get her 
to run into cars, shoot the cars when she's next to them, or when you run out 
of cars pick up the scorcher lying around since she takes the most damage while 
on fire. When she finally drops, the chapter ends. 
|                             C H A P T E R   4                               |
|                             -----------------                               |
|                   <U N D E R   T H E   D A R K N E S S>                     |
Hey it's RAAM again! 
For this part, the objectives stay the same as last time: Protect the Tremor. 
As you follow it through the streets, you'll notice that it's really 
practically the same as last time, so unfortunately I can't really offer much 
advice. The only real difference I noticed is the areas are smaller and offer 
less cover, plus a few scorchers are added in the mix which hurts like hell 
against your kryll shield. Make them your first priority, and you win! 
[OBJECTIVE: Locate the Seeders that are jamming communications] 
'Time for Seeder hunting! Like boar only uglier' 
whenever you get past the gate in front of you, around the block next to a 
barrier is a Sawn Off shotgun, and around the next building more tickers will 
attack including two e-holes. The first one appears on the left, while the 
second appears on the right side of the parking structure. Speaking of which, 
when both e-holes are taken down a boomer with two wretches will come from 
there. If you managed to find the Sawn Off, one shot at very close range should 
kill it instantly. 
Throughout this entire section, if the random fires weren't evident enough a 
Flame Grenadier occupies the first floor, followed by his buddies. After 
showing them the meaning of Fire Safety, go over to a gate with an ammo box 
next to it. Be careful to avoid the flaming car that rolls to you, and then 
head up top to fight more drones and a boomer. To get a little payback, on the 
other side of where you came is a car you can push to below to crush two 
Outside is another choice of paths moment. You can either take the rooftops to 
provide cover (and take out a turret easier) and gain a mulcher, or go through 
the streets but eventually end up in a building. The Rooftops options is 
obviously easier, but at the end a bloodmount appears, who is normally faster 
than your Mulcher can shoot, so be wary of that. 
[OBJECTIVE: Get inside City Hall] 
Inside the next building is an infinite supply of Lancer ammo if needed, and 
back outside again is the outside of City Hall which you'll need to go in order 
to drop more hammers. Whenever the nemacysts above you are dead, open the large 
gate to get inside the front garden. 
On the front steps, a couple of drones with Retro Lancers and Gnashers lie in 
wait backed up by a few Wretches. The best thing to do is just hang back and 
pick them off one by one, then rush up there before the second wave of enemies 
come up. The front sandbags contains a Vulcan Cannon behind them which is 
helpful for taking out the boomer, grinder, and 2 reavers that appear later in 
the ambush. 
Inside of City Hall, the doors on both sides of the staircase will open to 
reveal more locust and 2 Grinders. Once you kill them and kill the wave of 
locust coming form the top floor, head upstairs to run into...more locusts! 
Don't worry, as after these guys is the Hammer of Dawn control center. Use it 
to kill the 3 seeders, and then take cover on the doorway to kill the remaining 
locust that comes from where you came. 
[OBJECTIVE: Make your way across the construction site] 
Easier said than done....anyway, take cover inside the red open crate to take 
out the two drones and grenadier that attack you from the unfinished building. 
Going to where they came from, heading upstairs are two more locusts lying in 
wait with Gorgon pistols. They don't hurt as much as a Retro, but they 
definitely do hurt, so be careful. Heading back down again contains a Loader. 
Picking up your nice shiny Loader, use it to kick down the gate into the next 
area, and then use it to pick up the yellow/black cover. In the area right 
after this are two troikas down the hallway you need to go, but I assure you, 
you can't get hit going down here.....unless you turn around. 
Once past the troikas, prepare for a big fight. Stay behind these sandbags and 
take out the first group of locust. If the next set doesn't spawn for you, jump 
out of cover and go forward a little until they do. You'll want to stay either 
on the sandbags or by a unbreakable piece of cover near the sandbags. 
On the far side of where the sandbags are is a Mulcher, which is helpful for 
when the eventual bloodmount and boomers come into the fray. This entire area 
is littered with Therons with torques and the occasional drones, so going 
shotgun-happy will get you downed fast. If you so happen to run out of ammo, 
there are other weapons lying around from dead enemies than you can pick up. 
After that grueling fight, go past the now opened gates to pull the switch that 
operates the mechanical crane. Going into the now opened path, the chapter 
|                             C H A P T E R   5                               |
|                             -----------------                               |
|                           <K R Y L L S T O R M>                             |
[OBJECTIVE: Find a new path back to the orphanage] 
Final chapter of the DLC! When the chapter starts, immediately to your left 
you'll get shot by locusts. Go in the first piece of cover you can, and take 
them out from far back. Some of the drones have Lancers, meaning getting in 
close is a very bad thing to do. 
When the first wave is finished, a couple more e-holes will spawn around this 
area. Down below near the edge to the cliff is a mulcher, however it's probably 
at the worst place you can be to defend yourself. Not only do you barely have 
cover, but a e-hole will appear right next to you! 
After a while, both doors on each side of this area will open, and the two 
mauler elites (from RAAM's gang) will come out to play. If you have been paying 
attention, you'll know that you can't just blindly shoot at them. Every shot 
has to be even more precise than against a regular mauler since the bullets can 
reflect back and damage you. Other than that, they are no different than a 
normal one. 
===========================MINI-BOSS: ELITE THERON============================= 
Go inside the left doorway and head through the building back outside into a 
sewer canal (?). Once you jump down off the broken pieces of building, RAAM's 
Elite Theron will finally decide to come out. 
The rules to this fight is rather simple: When he charges you with the Torque 
Bow, shoot him down. Pretty easy right? Not quite. Whenever he goes down, he 
won't die just yet.  
A kryll shield will protect him until he revives himself and run into one of 
kryll infested pathways all around this area. The entire time he does this he's 
invincible, so don't bother with shooting him and start focusing on the Tickers 
and Grenadiers that constantly spawn. 
After repeating this process about 5 times, he will finally go down without his 
kyrll buddies to protect him. Here's your chance to do whatever you wish to 
===========================MINI-BOSS: ELITE THERON============================= 
'This is for Echo Squad Grub!' 
~COG Gear 
Oh COG gear...you will be missed. After going up where the new path opens, head 
inside the next room to restock on Gnasher, Retro, Lancer, or Sawn Off ammo. In 
the very next area contains an infinite ammo supply near the front of the 
orphanage, but sadly I've only seen it in co-op. Take out the locusts covering 
it if it's there, and get ready for the final fight of the DLC! 
==============================BOSS: GENERAL RAAM=============================== 
this is one of those 'multiple stages' boss fights, similar to the Tempest in 
Act 5 chapter 6 of the main story. First thing to note is whenever RAAM lands 
on a building with his reaver (he lands on the same 2 spots every time), he 
can't be damaged if the reaver is lighten up green. Whenever the lights go 
away, unload what you can on his position until he flies off.  
Whenever he flies off, he will call out to other locusts and various e-holes 
around the area will start to appear. Speed really isn't gonna do much since 
they will continually spawn the entire fight.  
The only attack RAAM has on the reaver is the kryll rocket, which is basically 
what it sounds like: he'll shoot a rocket at you, and instead of killing you on 
hit, Kryll will begin to follow you for a bit damaging you. Whenever the reaver 
stops and the next cutscene ends, part 2 of the boss fight begins. 
Now you're fighting RAAM when he's on foot and boy is he PO'ed. Similar to when 
you played RAAM earlier, the only attack he really has is his kyrll summon. 
He'll target a random member of your team, and during that time he's completely 
open to attack. Hope that he isn't aiming at you, and then shoot him down from 
behind cover, making sure to look out for the other locusts that are backing 
him up. 
After repeating the process of knocking him down a couple of times, he'll 
eventually get back on his reaver and will start to fly around with two other 
reavers following. One by one the reavers will land, but fortunately they don't 
need an opening for you to shoot them. After taking those out RAAM will finally 
land, although you'll have a short window to shoot before he flies off again. 
He'll mostly stick to the air at this point. 
Yadda Yadda, repeat the whole shooting thing, and there you go: You finally 
defeated RAAM, ending this DLC. Congrats! 
==============================BOSS: GENERAL RAAM=============================== 
                             S E C T I O N   I V 
                 __        __                               
                 \ \      / /__  __ _ _ __   ___  _ __  ___ 
                  \ \ /\ / / _ \/ _` | '_ \ / _ \| '_ \/ __|
                   \ V  V /  __/ (_| | |_) | (_) | | | \__ \
                    \_/\_/ \___|\__,_| .__/ \___/|_| |_|___/
Here we will go over the various weapons you can use in Gears of War 3. The 
only types of weapons not included are non portable ones, a.k.a turrets. 
In Gears of War 3, the Extended executions has to be unlocked by getting a 
certain number of kills with that specific weapon. This goes across all versus 
modes, although they are already unlocked in Campaign. 
Any weapon that you can select at the start of a match requires 200 kills. This 
includes: Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, Gnasher, and Sawn-Off Shotgun 
Any weapon that you have to collect from any of the maps or an enemy in 
campaign require only 40 kills. This includes: Boltok, Gorgon, Longshot, Torque 
Bow, Boomshot, Digger Launcher, Scorcher, Hammer of Dawn, Mulcher, Mortar, One 
Shot, and the Butcher Cleaver. The Vulcan Cannon is the only portable weapon in 
the game that doesn't have an execution. 
| S N U B |[WEA01] 
*note: these ratings are out of 5 
DAMAGE                | 2
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 3 
RATE OF FIRE          | 3
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 4
SCOPE                 | Zoom-In 
The standard issue COG pistol. By default this is a single shot weapon, but if 
you want to maximize the strength of this gun, rapidly tap RT to increase the 
rate of fire.

The way this weapon should be used in multiplayer is for getting that one last 
shot on someone close to death. Want to get that last little bit of damage done 
on that one annoying Grenadier Elite player that won't go down? Use this. 
As expected from a pistol like this one, it's the weakest weapon in the game.
Unless you're playing campaign or horde where you could pick up ammo boxes, a 
lot of the time you won't get that much ammo for it online because other people 
will hardly ever use it. If conservative, you won't ever need to use this gun 
since you have much better pressuring tools (lancer, hammerburst, retro 
| B O L T O K |[WEA02] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 3
ACCURACY              | 2 
RATE OF FIRE          | 1, 3 with perfect reload
MELEE                 | 2
RELOAD SPEED          | 2, 1 if failed reload 
SCOPE                 | Zoom-In
This thing could be really mean in the right hands. Stronger than the snub but 
slower than the other two, this is the middle guy of the group. It only holds 6 
shots per clip, but it could kill/down any drone or player with 2-3 shots. The 
active on this gun makes it more powerful AND it shoots faster.

It does have faults though. 6 shots isn't a lot, and the accuracy isn't that 
great because of recoil, so first time users will probably waste ammo a lot. 
It's clearly the only thing this weapon is good for is pure damage and nothing 
else. It also suffers from the same problems as all of the pistols: finding a 
sufficient ammo supply online. (Although it isn't as bad with the Boltok/Gorgon 
since they have weapon pickups). 
| G O R G O N |[WEA03] 
DAMAGE                | 4
RANGE                 | 2
ACCURACY              | 1 
RATE OF FIRE          | 4
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 2, 1 if failed reload 
SCOPE                 | Zoom-In

Formally the Gorgon Burst Pistol in Gears 2 was a 4 shot weapon that was REALLY 
strong but highly inaccurate and slow. It rarely saw the light of day, and was 
a bitch to handle under lag. 
In Gears of war 3, this has changed to a Gorgon SMG. It's still highly powerful 
but not to the level it was in Gears 2, and probably one of the best pistols in 
the game for assisting a teammate. Used with a Boom-Shield, this thing is hands 
down the best pistol to use due to the fact it's fully automatic and can create 
constant pressure on someone while moving with cover. 
| L A N C E R |[WEA04] 
DAMAGE                | 3
RANGE                 | 3
ACCURACY              | 3 
RATE OF FIRE          | 4
MELEE                 | 5
RELOAD SPEED          | 3
SCOPE                 | None
The overall main weapon of the series, the Lancer is an automatic assault 
rifle. A lot of the time this will be your weapon of choice in most situations.
Surprisingly the accuracy isn't as bad as you would expect it to be, and its  
one of the best weapons to use against players online and any locust for 2 
reasons: Number Uno is the stopping power is great since you have bunch of 
bullets hitting at once, and number 2 is the melee. Hold B to rev your chainsaw 
and anything that isn't a Ticker or fatter than a Boomer enemy will instantly 

Sadly, it's not perfect. The chainsaw, whenever you're shot while holding it, 
will sputter and cause you to not use it for a good 3-5 seconds. This will put 
you in a REALLY bad spot if your enemies are feeling aggressive. Other than 
that I can't really say much else on the faults of this gun. If it does have 
more, the chainsaw one overshadows all of them. It is the weakest of the 3 
assault rifles in Gears of War 3.

[NOTE] If you rev your chainsaw facing the front of another player who's also 
holding a lancer, you'll be put into what's called a Chainsaw Duel. Both of the 
characters will slam their chainsaws against each other in order to overpower 
the other. Tap B as fast as possible to win. Keep in mind that other enemies 
can kill you while you're doing this though. 
| H A M M E R B U R S T |[WEA05] 
DAMAGE                | 4
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 5 
RATE OF FIRE          | 3
MELEE                 | 2
RELOAD SPEED          | 3 
SCOPE                 | Iron Sight
Not as fast as the Lancer, but definitely outdoes it in power and accuracy. The 
stopping power on this gun is incredible, and new to Gears of War 3 is the fact 
you can actually aim down the sight of this weapon helping out your aiming 
greatly. Like the snub, if you tap RT quickly you can dish out more locust-made 
pain at a higher rate.

Here's also where one of its main problems comes in (and one of the main 
reasons I don't use it much): The fact you constantly have to pull the (RT) can 
make this weapon a chore to handle. Plus, it lacks the other two rifles biggest 
strength: instant melee power. Although it totally avoids the nasty stun you 
get for getting shot while trying to melee up close. 
| R E T R O   L A N C E R |[WEA06] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 2
ACCURACY              | 1 
RATE OF FIRE          | 3
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 2 
SCOPE                 | None
New to Gears, the Retro Lancer is a throwback to what the COGS used to have 
before Tai came around (props to the serious gear head that gets that 
reference!). Instead of a Chainsaw attachment, it is replaced by a regular 
bayonet. One thing this thing has over the others is sheer power, even stronger 
than the hammerburst! On an active reload the amount of time it takes to down 
an enemy or human player is borderline insanity, and is a REALLY good counter 
for shotgun rushers. 
With all of that power, it comes at a huge cost. The kickback of this gun is 
terrible, so you will need to CONSTANTLY readjust your aim on the enemy so 
short bursts are needed for this weapon. There's also the fact you lose your 
quick one hit kill melee attack but gaining another in its place. 
If you are far enough from your enemy, holding (B) will cause you to charge 
with the bayonet. If it connects it's an instant kill, but it's hard to aim 
directly at your intended target. 
| G N A S H E R |[WEA07] 
DAMAGE                | 4
RANGE                 | 2
ACCURACY              | 1 
RATE OF FIRE          | 2
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 3 
SCOPE                 | None
People came for the chainsaw, but stayed for the shotgun. This is the most used 
weapon online, and for good reason too. Its fun, pretty quick, has decent ammo 
capacity, and (if you're REALLY lucky) can take out a whole team with one clip!
Expect to find a lot of ammo from dead players :D. For single player, it could 
tear any lambent drone to shreds (considering if you're on casual and normal).

Like any other shotgun from most games, the power of this thing is pretty much 
shot if you're far away. If you're playing on insane in single player, getting 
close is a very bad thing to do so definitely switch this out for something 
else. Online it's a LOT more improved from the previous games, as it's 
noticeably much more consistent at gaining kills.  

| S A W N   O F F   S H O T G U N |[WEA08] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 1
ACCURACY              | 1 
RATE OF FIRE          | 1
MELEE                 | 2
RELOAD SPEED          | 1
SCOPE                 | None
Another new one to Gears, the Sawn-Off is one of those 'high risk, high reward' 
weapons. Power is in no way shape or form an issue, as ANYTHING up close to you 
will just get destroyed without even having to aim it. It's highly possible to 
gain a triple kill at once with this baby online. 
Now, the 'high risk' part, and man does it have some risks. Everything else 
about this weapon is BAD. Reload speed, range, accuracy, and the fact you only 
get one shot before reloading doesn't help at all. The opponent has to be at 
least 3-4 feet in front of you for it to do any real damage, and god help you 
if you miss since the reload is SLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. You thought the 
Gnasher sucked on insane? This is even worse. Stay away from it as much as 
| L O N G S H O T |[WEA09] 
DAMAGE                | 4
RANGE                 | 5
ACCURACY              | 5 
RATE OF FIRE          | 1
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 1
SCOPE                 | Long Distance Zoom-In
The sniper of the game, this is a highly accurate gun. It has a longer zoom in 
than the handguns and is a lot more powerful. 2 body shots (active or not) to a 
player or one body shot to a locust drone on casual will kill it. For best 
results, aim for the head for instant high powered death.

Now for the bad news: The reload speed on this gun is horrendous. Having only 
one shot in the chamber, missing an active reload in close range is very bad 
news for you. Then again you shouldn't even be in close range with the gun. 
It's strictly a long distance weapon only. 
| T O R Q U E   B O W |[WEA10] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 5
ACCURACY              | 4
RATE OF FIRE          | 1
MELEE                 | 4
RELOAD SPEED          | 2 
SCOPE                 | Laser sight
This is an explosive mid/long distance weapon. Lacking a scope, it's replaced 
by a somewhat accurate aiming sight. This weapon will instant-kill any player 
or drone, no matter where it hits them. It's also the only weapon that can 
headshot a Boomer without any prior damage done to it, being that its an active 

Being a bow, you have to hold RT to charge up your shot to full power before it 
will penetrate an enemy. Although the wait isn't AS long as the Longshot 
whenever you mess up a reload, it can still put you in a pickle if you mess up 
a charged shot and you have to reload/charge again. Another thing to look out 
for is don't be too close to cover when you aim. Even if the aiming reticule 
shows you aiming past the wall, it's possible the bow can hit the wall beside 
you and cause you to kill yourself from explosive damage. 
| B O O M S H O T |[WEA11] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 3
ACCURACY              | 2 
RATE OF FIRE          | 1
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 3 
SCOPE                 | None
The main weapon of a Boomer. A Grenade Launcher at heart, this gun has a larger 
splash damage area than the torque bow. A pretty much guaranteed kill :).

Keep in mind that the shot 'arcs', so you'll have to aim a little higher than 
your target to actually hit them. This can be a little troubling sometimes.
Although it has extra splash damage, I personally don't see any difference in 
this gun and the Torque Bow in terms of effectiveness. Either one will kill on 
impact the same way. 
| S C O R C H E R |[WEA12] 
DAMAGE                | 4
RANGE                 | 3
ACCURACY              | 2 
RATE OF FIRE          | 5
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 3 
SCOPE                 | None
Burn Sucka Burn! As it wasn't obvious enough, this is the weapon that shoots 
fire. It's basically a Gnasher and a Lancer mixed since it's only really 
effective at close/mid range, yet it fires continuously. It does incredible 
damage to players (if you hit them head on), taking them out in at least 3-4 
seconds. A popular strategy used online is to down a person, then lie in wait 
until his teammate comes and revives him. 2 locusts with one stone baby!

The thing with this weapon is it's very hard to hit a mobile opponent since the 
flames are extremely slow at going side to side. Plus, ammo can go quick, so 
you're going to have to very selective on how you use it. 
| D I G G E R   L A U N C H E R |[WEA13] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 3 
RATE OF FIRE          | 2
MELEE                 | 3
RELOAD SPEED          | 2
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Arc sight
You wanted an underground grenade? You got one! The Digger Launcher is a 
underground mine weapon that can dig under certain cover that your enemy is 
hiding behind. This is a good alternate to a grenade, since on hit it will kill 
an opponent. If you manage to hit someone directly with the Digger, it will 
quite literally eat them inside out before exploding. 
Alas, it's very easy to see coming since it leaves an obvious trail of dirt 
flying everywhere and it has a distinctive sound to it. Anyone paying attention 
can easily dodge it. In a way this can be viewed as a good thing too since the 
opponent HAS to get out of cover to avoid death. 
| H A M M E R   O F   D A W N |[WEA14] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 5
ACCURACY              | 4 
RATE OF FIRE          | 4
MELEE                 | 2
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Laser sight
For those who've played Unreal Championship on Xbox will probably notice this 
reverts back to the T.A.G Rifle/Ion Cannon. Sucks the splash damage is nowhere 
near as devastating. Anyway, this marker is basically the "pointer" for the 
real weapon, which is in the atmosphere above earth. Another charge weapon, you 
have to hold RT over where you want to shoot and wait until the laser forms and 
blows enemies to hell. If you keep it held down, you can add even MORE damage 
to that stubborn Boomer or Kantus that didn't go down the first hit.

Alas, there are a lot of faults with this weapon. One is the laser wont hit 
anyone inside a building. That's right: Outside only my dear reader! The only 
way to hit them in a building is if their standing right near a door and the 
splash damage from outside gets them. Fault #2 is after the first blast, you 
have to wait for about 5 seconds for the lasers to recharge. The whole 'not 
being able to pick up ammo for it' thing isn't a problem since the damage more 
than makes up for it. 
| M O R T A R |[WEA15] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 5
ACCURACY              | 3 
RATE OF FIRE          | 1
MELEE                 | None
RELOAD SPEED          | 1  
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Distance meter
You'd think a laser beam from the sky would be stronger, but this big mama of a 
weapon will pretty much demolish anything, even a Brumak in 2 shots! Whoever 
this thing hits, you won't have to worry about him much at all anymore. How 
this gun works is you have to hold down LT and RT, just like the torque bow. 
But unlike the torque bow you can let go anytime and it would still hit at full 
force. Holding it down just measures how far you want the shot to go out, at 
max 150m.
Like I mentioned above, don't be ridiculous and carry this around in a real 
match. The blind fire on this gun is terrible, and after shooting off a load in 
the sky while standing out in the open, you'll get stuck in the reload 
animation and...well...goodbye to you. Oh, and like the Hammer of Dawn, this is 
an outside only weapon unless you want to shoot the ceiling and potentially 
kill yourself. 

| M U L C H E R |[WEA16] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 2
ACCURACY              | 2 
RATE OF FIRE          | 5
MELEE                 | None
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | None
This is the portable turret of the game. You can blind fire it, but it will 
overheat, so constantly tap that (RB) button to cool it down. The best way to 
use this monster is to go to low cover and hold (LT). When you want to drop it 
quickly, just select any weapon you're currently holding using d-pad.

This fault goes with both heavy duty weapons: when you're holding them you walk 
INCREDIBLY slowly. Unless you get surprised and have no choice, it's very dumb 
to walk around the whole match while holding one of these and will get you 
killed very quickly. It's worst to do it with the Mortar, and I'll explain why 
in a bit. Another thing is you have to hold down (RT) for a second to give the 
barrels time to wind up.
| V U L C A N   C A N N O N |[WEA17] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 3
ACCURACY              | 2 
RATE OF FIRE          | 5
MELEE                 | None
RELOAD SPEED          | Ammo Box 
SCOPE                 | None
The Mulcher not quite getting the job done for you? The Vulcan Cannon can 
easily remedy that. The way it shoots is just like a Mulcher, yet it does WAY 
more damage. Boomers and other huge enemies don't stand a chance against this 
mother of a gun.  
Since it's so fast, the ammo goes QUICK. It requires two people to operate it: 
One holding the gun, and another with the ammo box constantly tapping (A) to 
feed ammo into the Vulcan Cannon. Since it is a two person machine, both of you 
need to go in one direction. You can't split off into a different direction or 
you may have to deal with a pissed off co-op partner. 
| O N E   S H O T |[WEA18] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 5
ACCURACY              | 5 
RATE OF FIRE          | 1
MELEE                 | None
RELOAD SPEED          | 1 
SCOPE                 | Long Distance Zoom-In
If you thought the Longshot was a Danger at long range, then the One Shot would 
like to have a word with you. Like the Mulcher and Mortar, this is a heavy duty 
weapon. Whenever you aim with it, it automatically makes you look down the 
scope and once you get a good lock on an enemy, it will make a beeping noise. 
Fire whenever it does this and it's an instant kill no matter what. 
One thing to note is since you automatically aim down the scope, someone 
rushing you at close range can easily go out of sight. Since you can't switch 
to another weapon quick like you can with a Longshot, the One Shot can easily 
get you killed fast in a tight area. 
In multiplayer, the other player you're aiming at can see a laser sight of 
where the person holding the One Shot is aiming at. This gives them ample 
warning to get back behind cover. 
+ = The longer you stay in the field of effect, the more damage it does 
| B O L O   G R E N A D E |[WEA19] 
DAMAGE                | 5
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 4 
RATE OF FIRE          | None
MELEE                 | 5
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Arc sight
The Gears version of a Frag Grenade, luckily Epic Games was kind enough to give 
you an aiming sight for accurate grenade throwing. Chuck that sucker behind an 
online camper, and laugh at his attempts to get away before he explodes. Laugh 
even more if you manage to melee him with it since they will explode after a 
few seconds, just like a Torque Bow.
...until he can follow you and catch you in the resulting explosion. It can be 
very easy to kill yourself with this since the grenade bounces. Also be aware 
of aiming upwards if there's a ceiling above you. It can be VERY easy for the 
grenade to hit the ceiling and come back at you! 
| I N C E N D I A R Y   G R E N A D E |[WEA20] 
DAMAGE                | 4+
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 4 
RATE OF FIRE          | None
MELEE                 | 5
RELOAD SPEED          | None
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Arc sight
A mix of the Bolo Frag and the Ink, the Incendiary grenade can kill instantly 
if the opponent is nearby the initial explosion, yet it has a lingering effect 
on the ground for a few seconds afterwards similar to the Ink Grenade. 

| I N K   G R E N A D E |[WEA21] 
DAMAGE                | 4+
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 4 
RATE OF FIRE          | None
MELEE                 | 5
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Arc sight
The basic idea of an ink grenade is to add additional damage while you mow 
someone down with gunfire. The burning damage can add up to be really powerful 
if combined with a Retro or Hammerburst fire. Tagging someone with this 
wouldn't kill them, but it will down them. It's also funny seeing someone try 
to run away from the gas cloud even though they can't shake it off. 
| S M O K E   G R E N A D E |[WEA22] 
DAMAGE                | None
RANGE                 | 4
ACCURACY              | 4 
RATE OF FIRE          | None
MELEE                 | 1
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | Replaced with Arc sight
Only available in multiplayer in your starting weapon set, the smoke grenade is 
only meant for a distraction. If the opponent is turned another way, throwing 
this out of sight can disorient them and they can lose track of where you might 
come from. 
| B O O M - S H E I L D |[WEA23] 
DAMAGE                | None
RANGE                 | None
ACCURACY              | None 
RATE OF FIRE          | None
MELEE                 | None
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | None
Like the smoke grenade, this is only used to make your life easier and to not 
do damage to enemies. For a piece of portable cover, it can take on any hit, 
even a direct Boomshot...shot!

You can only use handguns with it though, but once you get this and a gorgon 
you can be really hard to take down at times. 
| B U T C H E R   C L E A V E R |[WEA24] 
DAMAGE                | None
RANGE                 | None
ACCURACY              | None 
RATE OF FIRE          | None
MELEE                 | None
RELOAD SPEED          | None 
SCOPE                 | None
This weapon marks the very first time a 'true' melee combat weapon has been 
introduced in the Gears of War video game series. One swing of this can ruin 
someone's day since it does a LOT of damage per hit. Like any of the Heavy Duty 
weapons you move kind of slow, and it's not like you can shoot back at enemies. 
It is fun on casual difficulty or Casual Horde slicing enemies while you barely 
take damage at all! 
                             S E C T I O N   V  
                ____      _ _           _   _ _     _           
               / ___|___ | | | ___  ___| |_(_) |__ | | ___  ___ 
              | |   / _ \| | |/ _ \/ __| __| | '_ \| |/ _ \/ __|
              | |__| (_) | | |  __/ (__| |_| | |_) | |  __/\__ \
This section will describe all of the Collectibles (including COG Tags) in 
Gears of War 3. Obtaining these will net you the 'Collector', 'Pack Rat', 
'Hoarder', and 'Remember the Fallen' achievements.

Cog Tag #1
As soon as you can move, go outside of your cell but DON'T go down the hallway 
just yet. On the right of you is another cell. Kick open the door to get the 
first COG tag.

====================================ACT 1======================================

20$ Bill
Once you wake up from your sleep, turn left and pick up the $20 bill lying on 
the table.

Dom's Psych Report
Going outside your room, go to the room across the hall from yours. It should 
be lying on a table in the back.

Requisition Form
Down the hall, pass Dom's room and you should see another room on the left near 
the steps. The form is lying on the table in here.

COG Tag #2
Once after the battle in the garden (after the Prescott cutscene), in front of 
you near the ship railing should be a noticeable red COG symbol on a container. 
Behind that container, look up on the scaffold here and you should see a dead 
lambent locust just 'hanging out'. Shoot it and he should drop your next COG 


Silverback Manual
Whenever you get outside and to the garage that holds the Silverback, look on 
the left side of garage and you should see it flashing on top of some boxes.

During the conversation between Baird and Sam about living in a house together, 
Focus on the left side of the street. Eventually you'll come to a door that you 
can kick down next to a 'Best Breakfast in Town!' sign. The journal should be 
lying in plain sight.

Child's Diary
After the Lambent fight in the Playground area, go over to the structure with 
the slide connected to it. Climb up the back and it should be on the left.

Grocery List
Once inside the Grocery Store, continue on as normal intil the first fight with 
the Lambent. To the right side, all the way in the back should be checkout 
counters. One of them should contain the Grocery list.

Cog Tag
Whenever you kick down the locker with the Loader Mech, go to the right of this 
area and you should see an open door behind some boxes. Go to the back of the 
room and it's lying on a table.

Clipping, Times-Tribune
Once inside the stranded camp, Follow the woman until you get to the point 
where you pull your guns out. Directly right should be a blue shipping 
container. On the other side of it should be another shipping container and the 
collectible on the other side of that.

Cog Tag
Directly after coming out of the stranded gate after going through the camp, go 
left. There should a dock here with a dead body at the end and a COG tag next 
to it.

Cougars Season Program
Whenever you are given the choice of taking the upper or lower path, take the 
upper one. Down the hall past the metal gate and on the right, this collectible 
should be behind a counter next to some ammo and grenades.

Cougars Player Handbook 
Immediately under the South Gate sign, turn right and you will see a blue 
vending machine. Beside it lays your collectible.

Cole's Championship Ring
After the Thrashball flashback scene, go forward until you see a UXO sign. 
Right under it should be a collectible next to a dead body.

Toll Booth Tokens 
After the toll booth bridge fight, go to the middle one and look behind it on 
the right. Hello tokens!

Once after the gate, look for a open shipping container on the right with a 
large wooden box in it. Break it with melee attacks and it's lying in plain 
sight behind it.

Cog Tag
After the first Locust fight under the destroyed bridge, look left for a Van 
and a Gear symbol painted on the bridge beam here. In front of it should be a 
ladder you can climb down. Go down this path and it should be around the small 
cover here.

Sightseeing Book
Once you take care of the Mortar Crew and fight down the lower deck, after 
climbing up the ladder turn right once you get outside. The book

====================================ACT 2======================================
Tomatoes: A Beginner's Guide
Once you start the level, go to the container right in front of you. Kick open 
the door and you will see it flashing on the ground.

Octus Medal Diploma
Once you get to the second wide open area, look to the right from a crashed 
helicopter and 3 shipping containers. Behind them is your collectible next to a 
broken piece.

Captain's Log
Once after taking care of the Brumak with the Siegebeast, go down the path, 
staying to the right. It's kinda hard to see, but look up and you should see a 
wooden box above an area with a Longshot. Shoot it to make the collectible fall 
to where you are.

Cog Tag
After the Prescott cutscene, look for a container with the usual gears logo on 
the side. Behind it is your COG Tag.

Cog Tag
At the beginning of the chapter, take out all 5 guards without them sounding 
the alarm. A door will open up containing 3 Savage Locusts that shouldn't be a 
problem to handle. Continue inside, and down the lower path a COG tag should be 
near an ample supply of ammo and Digger Launchers.

Locust Hammer
After avoiding the Bomb rain from the Gas Barge, make a u-turn right once you 
get to the path leading to the gate. The Locus Hammer should be right behind 
some boxes.

Queen's Symbol
Immediately after the first gate, turn right and you'll see a tower with a door 
you can kick in. Inside is the Queen's symbol lying next to a Boomshot.

After picking up the ammo you need from Dizzy and the locusts destroys the 
gate, go over to the left of the next area next to a fire. The collectible will 
be next to a truck.

Cog Tag
In the same area, go up the steps next to a yellow container and turn right. 
See the wooden roof building? Inside is your COG tag on the left.

====================================ACT 3======================================
Anvil Gate Plaque
As the chapter starts, turn around and you'll easily see it on the wall 
flashing behind you.

Watercolor Painting
Where you found the first collectible, go up the right set of stairs. 
Eventually you'll see a room on the right. It's set up on the wall next to a 

Sam's Father's Medals
Continue down the same path and you'll come to another room containing a 

In the area where you fight the Lambent Berserker, look around the circular 
structure for it.

Cog Tag
In the same area, walk along the left wall from the door. You should see it 
behind some drum barrels.

Panicked Note
After meeting the crazed old man, go down the steps in front of you. On the 
right side near the windows, is a note left by the same man next to a scorcher.

Cog Tag
Inside the Deli, go out the door behind the curved counter, and it should be 
behind the sandbags in a blood puddle.

After fighting off the giant wave of Lambent Humans, the stranded will drop 
down the ladders for you to climb. Climb up the left one, and go down the 
hallway on your left at the end.

Air Raid Shelter Sign 
When inside the church and going to meet Jace and Dizzy, turn left instead of 
right when you break the boards. Your collectible is hanging on a wall

====================================ACT 4======================================
Cog Tag
Whenever you get to the door that requires two people to lift, look over to the 
left and you will see a building with a Gears logo at the top. Next to the 
burning barrel is flipped over crate with a dead cog and a cog tag on the 

At the very start, look right for a wooden door and a broken building. Inside 
of it is your collectible.

Fuel Order
After fighting off the small Lambent Human horde and going past the swimming 
pool, stick to the left of the area while going forward. Eventually you'll get 
to a metal shack on the left and a dead body/collectible on the right.

Old Magazine
Once you get to the roof, you'll come across a room with a burning wall, two 
couches, and a desk. Next to the couch on the way is, the Old Magazine is lying 
on the floor on a paper pile.

Whenever you fight the two serapedes, on the right of the lower area is a 
staircase next to a blue shipping container. Is this little hidden area is Frag 
Grenades and a collectible.

Cog Tag
On the fuel path after the first locust fight, go across the boat and make a u-
turn right. Behind a small stack of boxes and next to an orange container is a 
COG tag.

On the rotor path where you meet the Mauler for the first time, to the left of 
the lower area is a room containing the bulletin next to a wall.

Contractor Report
When escorting the submarine, in the office with the 1 beside the opening is 
your collectible next to a pile of ammo boxes.

====================================ACT 5======================================
Upstairs at the train platform, look all the way left at the end to find the 
collectible flashing on the ground.

Assault Plans
Take the Silverback and head down the beach area until you get to the point 
where you need to go in the cavern to avoid mortar fire. Hang around the left 
wall until you get to a fenced off area. Kick it down and the collectible 
should be in the back right corner.

Cog Tag
This one requires that you manage to get the Silverback all the way to the lift 
at the start of this chapter. When the ambush happens, go down the pathway with 
the number 3 along the walls. When you see the open area, there is a door that 
you can't get through without the Silverback. Kick it down and it's on the 
ground on the right.

Inside of the Facility after going up the elevator, on the other side of the 
desk in front of you is a switch. Press it, and to your right a hidden 
compartment on the wall will open containing your collectible.

Money Stack
When you get inside of the building, go down the hall as normal. Before the 
first right turn however, to the left is a door with a hidden 'X' prompt in 
front of it on the floor. Press it to find the collectible.

After breaking the dam, inside the next building is a white statue. Go up near 
it, and on one of the couches surrounding is your collectible.

Cog Tag
In the room right after the white statue, way at the opposite end is another 
door. In the front of it on your right (the door's left), lying on the ground 
is a dead body and a COG Tag.

Memorial Announcement
When Baird is asking you a question going down the hall, directly at the end is 
a bust (head only statue) of a woman. Go up to it and press X.

After going up the elevator and exiting, call the elevator again and the one 
next to the one you came from will open. The collectible is on the wall in 
plain sight.

Whenever you get to the point where you come off the elevator, instead of going 
upstairs like normal, continue around heading downstairs. Across the large 
window is a couch, and to the right behind the pillar is your collectible.

Cog Tag
After handling the tempest, get off the elevator and head right. Next to a 
Gears logo in this dark room are some wooden boxes. Destroy them and pick up 
the final COG tag in the game.

Fenix Research
After rescuing Adam Fenix, turn around and look on the table next to the large 
telescope to pick up your last collectible in the game!
                            S E C T I O N   V I 
          _        _     _                                     _       
         / \   ___| |__ (_) _____   _____ _ __ ___   ___ _ __ | |_ ___ 
        / _ \ / __| '_ \| |/ _ \ \ / / _ \ '_ ` _ \ / _ \ '_ \| __/ __|
       / ___ \ (__| | | | |  __/\ V /  __/ | | | | |  __/ | | | |_\__ \
      /_/   \_\___|_| |_|_|\___| \_/ \___|_| |_| |_|\___|_| |_|\__|___/
You know them, you love them, and it's Achievements! Gears of War 3 only has 
one achievement that can be tough and highly time consuming to get: Seriously 
3.0. While not 'controller throwing hard', this will easily take you 4-5 months 
to get since some of the medals take a EXETREMELY long time to unlock to onyx. 
                             | CAMPAIGN RELATED | 
| 5 G | Marcus, It's Your Father | 
Story Progression in Prologue (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Swimmin' in Glowie Gravy |
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | We Struck Gold, Son! |
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade) 
| 10 G | My Turf! Cougars Territory! |
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Putting it Scientifically? |
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Okay, Now We Find Hoffman |
Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 1 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Oh Yeah, It's Pirate Time |
Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Thanks For Flying GasBag Airways |
Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 7 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Anvil Gate's Last Resort |
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 1 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Was it Good For You? |
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Lost Your Good Driver Discount |
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Brothers to the End |
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Think You Can Handle That? |
Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Baird's Favorite Kind of Toy |
Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Welcome To -redacted- |
Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Look at That, Instant Summer. |
Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got It. |
Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade) 

| 10 G | We've Finally Got a Tommorrow |
Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade) 
[TIP] Just complete campaign as normal. If you're having trouble at a certain 
chapter, check in the walkthrough for advice that hopefully will help you get 
past it. 

| 50 G | Ready for More |
Complete all campaign Acts on Casual or Normal Difficulty (Standard or Arcade) 
[TIP] Just complete campaign as normal. If you're having trouble at a certain 
chapter, check in the walkthrough for advice that hopefully will help you get 
past it. 

| 50 G | Ain't My First Rodeo |
Complete all campaign Acts on Hardcore Difficulty (Standard or Arcade) 
[Refer to 'That's Just Crazy' for tips] 

| 75 G | That's Just Crazy |
Complete all campaign Acts on Insane Difficulty (Standard or Arcade) 
[TIP] Hardcore and Insane are your 'Hard' and 'Very Hard' difficulties of Gears 
of War 3. Both are similar in tactics, just note that Insane you take a rather 
big difference of damage compared to any of the lower difficulties, so you will 
need to stay in cover a LOT more and pop out to shoot periodically. 
* Play Insane Mode in Arcade Mode with Mutators. My preferred choices are Super 
Reload, Infinite Ammo, and any other one that isn't Headless Chicken (enemies 
can still live after headshots and attack you), Big Explosions (this can make 
some Boomer fights extremely tough) or set to Hard difficulty. 
* For Hardcore and Insane, Long distance is the best distance. In a close range 
fight with a Locust drone, they can easily melee or shoot you down in 1 hit, so 
stay at long range as much as possible and definitely drop your shotgun for a 
* To add to the above, the Lancer is the best weapon to use on Insane due to 
its high ammo count, good speed, and one hit kill attack at close range. The 
Hammerburst is also good for longer range shooting, plus you'll find ammo for 
it more. The Retro Lancer is more for mid-close range encounters, so you 
probably wont use it as much as the other two. 

* There are 3 parts that imo are just pure unfair on Hardcore/Insane and can be 
extremely frustrating solo: The beginning of Act 1 Chapter 6, the first 
encounter with the Armored Kantus on Act 4 Chapter 5, and the final fight. I 
VERY HIGHLY suggest getting 4 people co-op and doing arcade mode with easy 
mutators active. They take a while to unlock, but it's seriously worth it. 
* After trying out Insane some more, I have come to realize the more people you 
have, the harder it becomes. Having 4 human players is nice for that constant 
damage, but the enemies come in greater numbers to compensate and you can (and 
will) die very quick. The AI is not the smartest, but they can never die and 
can offer a GREAT distraction for a few enemies while you handle the others. If 
they go down, the other AI partners will (hopefully) revive them for you. 
                               | MULTIPLAYER | 
| 0 G | Welcome to the Big Leagues |
Demonstrate your skill in Casual Versus multiplayer. 
[TIP] Just play a match in Casual Versus multiplayer. 
| 10 G | Wait, What Time is it? |
Earn the maximum Consecutive Match Bonus in Versus multiplayer (Standard or 
[TIP] To gain this achievement, you have to play a certain amount of matches in 
Versus in a row. You can switch gametypes, but you can't go to Horde, Campaign, 
or Beast. I'm not sure if that this can also be done in private matches with 
| 50 G | Lambency |
Execute an Epic employee, or someone who already has Lambency, in Versus 
multiplayer (any mode) 
[TIP] A viral achievement, meaning you have to EXECUTE (not just shoot) someone 
who works for Epic Games or EXECUTE someone who has. The easiest way is to use 
the Lancer Chainsaw randomly until you get it, since there's no way to tell 
which is which. 
| 70 G | Socialite |
Earn the Onyx "War Supporter" medal 
[TIP] Participate in 30 Events. Check the Event Calendar on the main menu daily 
to see what even is being hosted, and make sure you play in that event at least 
| 10 G | Welcome to Versus | 
Kill 10 enemies in Team Deathmatch (Standard or Casual) 
[TIP] This can only be done in Versus mode online. Since you're fighting actual 
people, there is no 'easy' way of going about this. 10 kills should come in no 
time however since it's not really a lot. 

| 10 G | The Versus Sampler Platter | 
Complete one match of all six Versus game modes (Standard or Casual) 
[TIP] Another online only achievement. Play at least one match in Team 
Deathmatch, Wingman, Warzone, Execution, Capture the Leader and King of the 
                                  | Co-Op | 
| 50 G | My Fellow Gears |
Complete all Campaign Acts in Co-op (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade) 
[Refer to 'We Few, We Happy Few...' for tips] 
| 50 G | We Few, We Happy Few...  |
Complete all Campaign Acts in 4 Player Co-op (any difficulty, Standard or 
[TIP] What these 2 achievements require is you that you go through the entire 
campaign with a friend (or friends). These achievements stack, meaning that you 
can do 'We Few, We Happy Few...' and still obtain 'My Fellow Gears' so it's 
best to get a 4 player session going at the start. 
                            | Arcade/Beast/Horde | 
| 10 G | Welcome to Arcade Mode |
Complete 5 Arcade Campaign chapters in co-op (any difficulty) 
[TIP] Just do the Prologue all the way to Chapter 4 in Act 1 with a friend. It 
can be either online or local. 
| 10 G | Welcome to Beast Mode |
Survive all 12 waves of Beast mode (any difficulty, any map) 
[TIP] Not really time consuming, but you can't heal on your own (depends on the 
creature) and you have to deal with defenses by the Humans. 
*Once again, get a full room of people to help out on Casual. The humans die 
relatively easy early on if you know to work together. 
*Have someone be the designated Kantus type if they have gained enough 
experience. The Kantus is the only creature that can heal other enemies so he 
is essential for waves 6-12. 
*Watch out for when the Heroes start to show up a lot. They are smarter than 
the stranded, and have much better defenses on guard and dodge more. The worse 
ones to fight are Prescott and his Guards on the final wave since they can 
carry Vulcan Cannons and One-Shots 
*Berserker = Win. Only one is allowed, but any attack it does can clear 
defenses out like *snaps fingers 3 times* that! If you have a Berserker on your 
team, have him destroy all of the defenses while you go after the humans. 
| 10 G | Welcome to Horde Mode |
Survive the first 10 waves of Horde mode (any difficulty, any map) 
[TIP] Extremely easy. If you have a group of friends, this can easily be done 
with 3 to 5 people on casual difficulty. 
| 10 G | Enriched and Fortified |
Complete all 50 waves of Horde mode (any difficulty, any map) 
[TIP] Time consuming, but not mind numbingly hard to gain. This requires you to 
complete every single wave of Horde. 
*Get 4 other people to help on Casual. 5 is much better than one after all, and 
on casual enemies die really quick on the earlier waves. 
*Pick a map that has a good cover for you to make a stand on the later waves. 
My personal choices are Overpass, Sandbar and Thrashball. On Overpass, the 
steps in the middle of the map that leads up high only have one way up so 
enemies can easily funnel right into your defenses, the only problem being 
enemies that can shoot you from long range.  
Thrashball has only 2 entryways to the up top area, so having two guys watch 
each side is a good strategy.  
Sandbar is a HUGE map, and going to the middle area where the Scorcher spawns 
offers the best cover. 
*Every 10th wave brings something new to Horde mode: Bosses. Bosses from the 
main story are mixed in with the normal enemies. They can range from Savage 
Corpsers, Reavers, A Group of Gunkers, Lambent Berserkers, regular Berserkers, 
and even a Brumak!  
*The most annoying bosses to deal with is any Berserker type because of 3 
reasons: One is because they don't die fast at all from far range, so it's much 
better to take them on close range.  
Two is the fact since they put you down in one hit, having you and their large 
body in a small area is suicide. So whenever they go through your defenses (and 
they will) you need to run out of your safezone. And finally, three is the fact 
that running out can easily get you killed by the various Grinders and Maulers 
that lie in wait to pick you off. 
*If you die on a boss wave a certain number of times, the bosses may switch to 
something else. For example, if you find the berserkers too frustrating to deal 
with, die and restart the wave until you can get a boss you can easily deal 
* It may be tempting, but the Silverback is not as useful as you would think. 
It does GREAT damage, but it's slow as molasses and on the higher waves it can 
be too much of a hassle to use. 
| 10 G | Wreaking Locust Vengeance |
Get a kill with every Locust monster in Beast mode (any difficulty) 
[TIP] Get a kill with every locust type in Beast mode. Even on casual, this is 
hard because of the fact you can die so easily with the earlier types. 
                               | Collectibles | 
| 5 G | Collector |
Recover 5 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade) 
[Refer to Collectibles section] 
| 10 G | Pack Rat |
Recover 20 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade) 
[Refer to Collectibles section] 
| 15 G | Hoarder |
Recover all 42 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade) 
[Refer to Collectibles section] 
| 15 G | Remember The Fallen |
Recover all 15 COG Tags during the Campaign (any difficulty, Standard or 
[Refer to Collectibles section] 
                                  | Others |  
| 5 G | Level 5 | 
Reach level 5 
[Refer to 'Seriously 3.0' for tips]  

| 10 G | Level 10 | 
Reach level 10 
[Refer to 'Seriously 3.0' for tips]
| 15 G | Level 15 | 
Reach level 15 
[Refer to 'Seriously 3.0' for tips]
| 25 G |Level 25 | 
Reach level 25 
[Refer to 'Seriously 3.0' for tips]

| 50 G | Level 50 | 
Reach level 50 
[Refer to 'Seriously 3.0' for tips]
| 10 G | Judge, Jury and Executioner | 
Get a kill with every possible execution finishing move (any mode) 
[TIP] This achievement requires you get EVERY execution possible in the game. 
Below is a list of executions available. 
- Curb Stomp (Tap Y) 
- Lancer Chainsaw (Hold B) 
- Retro Lancer Bayonet (gain some distance, then hold B) 
- Neck Snap (Tap X for meatshield, then tap X again) 
- Face Bash (Human, Snub/Grenade) 
- Arm Rip (Locust, Snub/Grenade) 
- Shield Bash (Boomshield) 
- Lancer 
- Retro Lancer 
- Hammerburst 
- Gnasher 
- Sawn-Off 
- Boltok 
- Gorgon 
- Torque Bow 
- Longshot 
- Boomshot 
- Digger Launcer 
- Scorcher 
- Hammer of Dawn 
- OneShot 
- Mulcher 
- Mortar 
- Cleaver 
It's best to do these in campaign mode (except the Arm Rip obviously), as it 
will take a while to unlock them in Versus. 
| 25 G | It's All About the Loot! | 
Earn the Bronze "Loot Courtesan" medal 
[TIP] What this means is you have to complete 10 horde challenges. In Horde, 
you gain a specific Bonus challenge every certain number of waves. They can 
range from gaining a certain number of headshots, shooting the gas tanks on a 
flame grenadier, or getting 6 kills with a Lancer Chainsaw/Retro Bayonet 
Charge. The easiest way is to play with a group of friends on Casual mode, and 
work together on the same goal instead of leaving it to one person. 

| 10 G | All for One, One for All | 
Earn the Bronze "Force Multiplier" medal 
[TIP] In Arcade mode, whenever you gain a certain amount of points in a row, 
you'll see in the top left corner a 'multiplier' bar. Get this up to 10x 
multiplier TEN times on different chapters (or repeat the same one), and you 
should get the achievement. 
* Here is a video link to the strategy I used for this achievement, uploaded by 
NikkeSWE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1H2XjxA0do 
| 25 G | First Among Equals | 
Earn the Silver "Number 1" medal 
[TIP] Gain the highest amounts of points in a Campaign Arcade session 60 times. 
This can easily be boosted with a second controller. Just let it sit idle while 
you kill everything. 

| 25 G | Award Winning Tactics | 
Earn at least one Onyx medal
[TIP] New to Gears of War, medals are basically mini-achievements for doing 
various actions over and over again. The Onyx rank is the highest (Bronze, 
Silver, Gold, and Onyx). All you need is one Onyx medal to get the achievement. 
Although it's tough as hell, the one that will take the shortest amount of time 
is beating campaign on Insane. 
| 100 G | Seriously 3.0 | 
Reach level 100 and earn every Onyx medal 
[TIP] Alright, here's the big one here. A LOT of time and effort is gonna go 
into this as you have to max out EVERY medal in the game. Also, you have to 
reach level 100 by doing well in Versus, Arcade, Horde, and Beast. Some medals 
you'll get overtime, others you will have to grind a LOT (when I say a lot, I 
mean it) with AI bots in local multiplayer if you want the easiest way, and 
finally there are some that force you to play against other players to get. 
Hope you like Gears of War 3 enough to play for months! 
| 5 G | Respect for the Dead | 
Your respect for the dead earned you access to Griffin's special weapons stash 
[TIP] During Act 4 Chapter 1, you'll notice that various people has been turned 
to ashes. Get through this section without shooting or touching the ash people 
and you will unlock the achievement. 
                                   | DLC | 
| 25 G | The Host with the Most | 
Host a private Horde Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack 
map (any difficulty). 
[TIP] Extremely simple. If you have 4 other friends, host a private match of 
Horde on either one of the 3 maps that comes with the DLC: Azura, Rustlung, and 
Blood Drive. Complete at least one wave to unlock the achievement 
| 25 G | Places to See, People to Destroy | 
Host a private Beast Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack 
map (any difficulty). 
[TIP] Same as above, except now it's done in Beast mode. 
| 50 G | It's Hammer Time! | 
Achieve Level 4 in Horde Command Center fortifications. 
[TIP] First, upgrade your Turrets to level 8 to unlock the command center. 
Then, play horde as normal until you can get your Command Center to level 4. 
| 50 G | What Does This Button Do? | 
Get 500 Silverback rocket kills in Horde (any map, any difficulty). 
[TIP] You need to first unlock the use of the Silverback by upgrading your 
barriers to level 7. Once that's done, upgrade your Silverback to level 3 to 
enable the feature of using rockets. 
If you want a relatively quick way of gaining money, use this method: 
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=331934. Note that the 
lower the difficulty, the more money you will need to upgrade a certain fort. 
| 100 G | Kill Locust (Like a Boss) | 
Defeat a Boss Wave as 5 Onyx Guards (Hardcore difficulty). 
[TIP] I'd suggest playing from Wave 1 to 10 (so you'll have defenses), and 
using mutators, preferably Super Reload. The Onyx Guard is one of the 3 
Characters that come with the DLC pack, and all 5 players have to use him for 
this achievement. 
| 25 G | Welcome to Zeta | 
Complete 'RAAM's Shadow' in Standard Campaign on any difficulty. 
[TIP] Self Explanatory 
| 25 G | Some Friendly Competition | 
Completed 'RAAM's Shadow' in Arcade on any difficulty. 
[TIP] Self Explanatory 
| 25 G | Help from my Friends | 
Completed 'RAAM's Shadow' in 4 player co-op in Arcade or Standard Mode. 
[TIP] Self Explanatory 
| 15 G | Finger of Doom | 
As RAAM, kill 50 gears using your Kryll. 
[TIP] Whenever you begin to play as RAAM, use your Kyrll sheild to kill 50 
gears. To do this, charge up your attack and release (similar to the Torque 
| 15 G | I'm Rubber, You're Glue | 
As Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets using your shield. 
[TIP] This requires that you join a co-op RAAM's Shadow session as either the 
3rd or 4th player. The maulers you play as are just like in Beast Mode, however 
whenever you hold your shield up, bullets can be reflected back! Kill 10 gears 
this way for a achievement 
| 15 G | Death from Above | 
Using the Hammer of Dawn Command Center, kill 50 Locust. 
[TIP] Whenever playing in the beginning fight of Chapter 1, about midway a tent 
will open containing a Hammer of Dawn command center similar to Horde. The only 
difference is you can actually aim where the HOD beam will go. If needed, 
restart the chapter/checkpoint repeatedly until you gain the achievement. 
| 15 G | Unarmed and Dangerous | 
Using the Loader, kill 10 Locust. 
[TIP] The loader is the yellow non-mulcher fitted version of the Silverback. 
One is found at Chapter 4, but it's near the end of a long chapter and you only 
really get a chance to kill maybe 2 drones. However, the one you find in the 
main campaign in Act 1 Chapter 3 counts too. As long as you don't pick up the 
supplies before going outside, you can very easily run up and punch the lambent 
drones running around. 
| 15 G | Ghosts from the Past | 
Play 10 matches of Versus as a member of Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, or Valera) 
(Standard or Casual). 
[TIP] While playing in Online Multiplayer, use any of the new Zeta Squad 
members: Alicia Valera, Michael Barrick, Mihn Young Kim, and Tai Kaliso 
| 25 G | Foreshadowing | 
As RAAM, execute Minh 10 times in Versus MP (Standard or Casual). 
[TIP] This one is probably the most annoying of the new achievements. In Online 
Multiplayer on the locust team, use RAAM. Whenever you find a Kim player, 
execute him. The easiest to use is the Lancer Chainsaw bayonet, as more than 
likely you won't see Kim a lot. There's also the issue of other RAAM players 
stealing your kill. 
| 75 G | Zeta Team, Go! | 
Complete waves 1 - 10 of Horde with 5 players as Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, 
Valera, and Jace). 
[TIP] Complete the first 10 waves of horde with 4 friends using a member of 
Zeta Squad: Alicia Valera, Michael Barrick, Mihn Young Kim, Tai Kaliso, and 
Jace Stratton 
| 20 G | Now They Begin to Understand |
Complete 12 waves of Beast on all Fenix Rising Maps 

[TIP] Self Explanatory. Just complete a session of Beast mode on each of the 
new DLC maps: Academy, Anvil, Depths, Escalation and the Slab

| 25 G | Defending the Past |
Complete all 50 waves of Horde on any of the Fenix Rising Maps

[TIP] Self Explanatory. Same as above, but with Horde mode.

| 15 G | Come to Poppa |
Win a Versus multiplayer match as a team of five Recruit Claytons (any mode)

[TIP] This is easier with a group of friends, but basically just win a online 
match as one of the new DLC characters, Recruit Clayton.

| 15 G | Locust, Forever |
Win a Versus multiplayer match as a team of five Savage Marauders (any mode)

[TIP] On the locust team, win a online match ass a Savage Marauder.

| 50 G | Time to Re-up |
Achieve level 100 and choose to re-up for another tour of duty 

[TIP] If you are in anyway familiar with the Call of Duty franchise, what this 
is similar to is Prestige. What that means is get to the highest rank (100 in 
this case), and then choose to reset your rank. You'll start over at 1, but 
you'll keep your rank 100 wings and rank unlocks

| 50 G | Again! |
Achieve level 100 a second time and choose to re-up for another tour of duty

[TIP] Do as mentioned above, and then....do it again! :P

| 75 G | I've Done it All! |
Earn at least one of each of the original 132 combat ribbons

[TIP] In your stats and awards, you'll see the complete list of ribbons you'll 
need to unlock with an added description of how to unlock them. Some are for 
campaign; others are for horde, beast, arcade, and etc. 
I know a lot of people seem to struggle a lot on getting the Unlocks (Onyx 
Medals, Characters, etc), so if enough people request it either here on 
Gamefaqs/IGN/Supercheats/Neoseeker or my email, I am willing to do a boosting 
guide. Although I don't have Seriously 3.0 yet, I will try my best to find the 
fastest method to getting to Onyx. 
                            S E C T I O N   V I I 
                         _____      _                 
                        | ____|_  _| |_ _ __ __ _ ___ 
                        |  _| \ \/ / __| '__/ _` / __|
                        | |___ >  <| |_| | | (_| \__ \
                        |_____/_/\_\\__|_|  \__,_|___/ 
This will describe all of the unlockable customizable skins for your starting 
weapons in Gears of War 3. DLC items are not included since not everyone has 
Xbox Live. 
Have the Gold Lancer from Gears of War 2, or play a multiplayer match of Gears 
of War 3 in the first week

Have the Gold Hammerburst from Gears of War 2, or play a multiplayer match of 
Gears of War 3 in the first week 
Unlocked in Gears of War 3 beta for getting 100 kills with the Gold Retro 

Unlock the Veteran Gear achievement in Gears of War 2

Unlock the Commando achievement in Gears of War 1

Reach level 100 
Earn 'Don't Hate The Player' achievement in Gears of War 1

Earn 'Dirty, Dirty Horde' achievement in Gears of War 2

Earn 'Domination' achievement in Gears of War

Complete the campaign in all three Gears of War games

Earn 1 achievement from Gears of War 1 PC 
Unlocked for playing in the second week of the Gears of War 3 beta

Unlocked for playing in the first week of the Gears of War 3 beta

Unlocked for playing in the fourth week of the Gears of War 3 beta

Unlocked for playing in the third week of the Gears of War 3 beta 
Earn 'Welcome to Beast Mode' achievement in Gears of War 3

Earn 'Welcome to Horde Mode' achievement in Gears of War 3 

Earn 'Welcome to Versus' achievement in Gears of War 3

Earn 'Welcome to Arcade Mode' achievement in Gears of War 3 
Earn Bronze Veteran medal in Gears of War 3

Earn Silver Veteran medal in Gears of War 3 (Play 250 multiplayer matches)

Earn Gold Veteran medal in Gears of War 3

Earn Onyx Veteran medal in Gears of War 3 

Earn Onyx Lancer medal in Gears of War 3

Earn Onyx Hammerburst medal in Gears of War 3

Earn Onyx Retro Lancer medal in Gears of War 3

Earn Onyx Gnasher medal in Gears of War 3

Earn Onyx Sawed-Off medal in Gears of War 3 
This will describe all of the unlockable Characters for multiplayer in Gears of 
War 3. 
Reach level 2

Reach level 4

Reach level 7

Reach level 10

Reach level 14

Reach level 17

Reach level 23

Reach level 30

Reach level 34

Reach level 45

Reach level 50

Reach level 75

Earn Silver 'Veteran' medal (Play 500 matches)

Earn Gold 'MVP' medal (Get the highest score in the entire match 100 times)

Earn Bronze 'War Supporter' medal (play in 5 events)

Earn Silver 'Allfathers' medal (Play 300 matches of every Versus gametype)

Finish the campaign

Earn the onyx Big Money medal (gain 5,000,000$ in horde), or like the Gears of 
War 3 facebook page before launch and download a code.

Played 100 matches in the "Gears of War 3" beta

Download the 'Horde Command Pack' DLC 
Download the 'Horde Command Pack' DLC 
Download the 'Horde Command Pack' DLC 
Download the 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC 
Download the 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC 
Download the 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC 
Download the 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC 
Download the 'Fenix Rising' DLC 
THRASHBALL COLE (Limited Edition) 
Download the 'Fenix Rising' DLC 
Reach level 3 

Reach level 5 

Reach level 8 

Reach level 12 

Reach level 20

Reach level 26 

Reach level 39

Reach level 60 

Earn the Gold 'Rifleman' medal (Gain 2000 kills with the starting 3 rifles)

Earn the Gold 'Master-at-Arms' medal (gain 2000 kills with all 5 starting 

Earn the Bronze 'Headshot' medal (gain 100 headshots)

Earn the Gold 'Medic' medal (gain 600 revives)

Complete 12 waves of Beast on Insane without failing 
Download the 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC 
Download the 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC 
Download the 'Fenix Rising' DLC 
SAVAGE KANTUS (Limited Edition) 
Download the 'Fenix Rising' DLC 
Hidden in Gears of War 3 are certain Easter Eggs, aka little humorous things 
meant to be there for humor or nods to other things from the past games. 
- Act 1, Prolouge 
Not much of an egg, but if you manage to use your Tac/Com to look at the other 
soldiers with you and Dom, you'll see that they are the fan favorite Carmine 
brothers whom died in Gears of War 1(Anthony, the original) and 2 (Benjamin). 
Golden Lambent Chicken 
- Act 1, Chapter 1 
whenever you talk to Prescott and fight off the lambent that attacks afterward, 
on the left area you'll see two pipes. Look down both of them until Marcus says 
'Helllooooooo'. Under the above walkway across from you are two more pipes. Do 
the same thing to these two, and a chicken will hop out. Shoot it enough with 
your rifle and it will suddenly grow larger than you and breathe fire! Killing 
it in Arcade mode wields almost a 3x Multiplier! 
Cole's Hat/Gears of War 2 quote 
- Act 1, Chapter 3 
inside the shopping center, go behind the counters on the right around the 
corner form the first Lambent fight. On the bench should a special hat only 
Cole can wear backwards or forwards. Right next to it is a standee of Cole 
promoting 'Thrashies' cereal that you can press. Press it enough times though, 
and you'll hear the quote of Cole trash talking the Locust Queen from Gears of 
War 2! 
Ticker Pit 
- Act 2, Chapter 2 
whenever everyone is dead at the Ticker 'pet store', to the right of the area a 
light will come on in a window. Go up to it and press (X) to watch a couple of 
Drones chillin' and watching two wild tickers fight in a pit. The first rule of 
fight club.... 
Sawn Off Chicken 
- Act 4, Chapter 1 
- Insane Difficulty 
You don't have to worry about the bodies here. Go onwards until you get pass 
the first machine gun trap. Go around and on the left you'll see a building 
with some red writing on the wall. Look through the window on the left and you 
can barely see the edge of a COG helmet sticking out.  
Shoot it with whatever you want (I suggest using the Longshot from Jace or 
Sam), and around the front a hidden door will open. Kick it down and inside 
you'll find a Hammer of Dawn and an Arcade machine you'll have to kick 3 times. 
When it starts up, you'll now have control of a chicken wearing a COG helmet 
and two Sawn Off shotguns on the side....let me repeat that: A chicken, wearing 
a COG helmet, holding two Sawn Off shotguns. You only get to play for a few 
seconds however. 
- Act 4, Chapters 1 through 3 
- Insane Difficulty 
this one is the hardest of the lot, since you actually have to fight enemies on 
> Step 1 < 
Avoid the ash bodies until you get to Griffin's first tower. A room will open 
containing Torque Bows, Boomshots, and a chicken statue with a pirate hat. 
Press (X) on it for it to explode in flowers 
> Step 2 < 
In Chapter 2, near the beginning you'll see an ammo box on top of a car. Go up 
near it to make it fall over the edge. 
> Step 3 < 
Still in Chapter 2, whenever you get to the subway area before the big fight in 
front of the second tower, look left on the broken train tracks to see another 
ammo box. Go to it for it to fall over. 
> Final Step < 
In Chapter 3, clear out the wave of Lambent Humans outside, then go around 
until you see another ammo box on top of some stacked barrels. Kick them over, 
and then the pirate chicken from earlier will carry up an ammo box shaped like 
a Chicken. After a few seconds it will poop out 4 'cluckshots' that you can 
use. Other than the fact it shoots out chickens instead, it's no different from 
a regular Boomshot. 
Dancing Wretch 
- Versus 
- Map: Checkout 
if you're doing this alone without a second controller (like me), I suggest 
going to King of the Hill with one casual bot and starting with the 
Hammerburst, set on the highest score count. I would also suggest being on the 
COG team. 
> Step 1 < 
On the left wall in the Home Goods spawn (COG) is a fire alarm that you can 
press. Whenever you do, the alarm will go off. 
> Step 2 < 
Go right and head into the electronics section. A door with a box behind it 
will be there. Shoot the box open and you'll find an extinguisher on the 
ground. Pick it up. 
> Step 3 < 
Head around the right into the Pharmacy spawn (Locust), and in the back is a 
fire alarm switch on fire. Use you extinguisher to put it out (it takes a 
while). Outside the metal bars a cart will roll by with a Red top hat. Shoot it 
with your Hammberburst until it explodes. 
> Step 4 < 
Carry your extinguisher around to the pair of windows on the right outside of 
this spawn. Stand in front of the left one and aim into it in order for another 
Red Hat to appear. This one if tough to hit through the tiny crack in the 
window without a accurate gun like a hammberburst. Shoot it until it explodes 
> Step 5 < 
Head into the checkout area, and a truck will catch on fire. Use your 
extinguisher again to put the fire out. Your character will make a comment 
about 'Throwing Smoke'. 
> Step 6 < 
Still hanging on to that extinguisher? Go across to the right of your spawn 
into the bathroom. In the ceiling you'll notice Griffin's cane is hanging down. 
Shoot it until it bleeds and retreats back up. 
> Final Step < 
Go into the Electronics area again and look for a microwave on fire on the left 
of the door in the back. Put it out, and a smoke grenade will go off behind the 
doors. Look inside of the window and you'll see a Wretch wearing a top hat and 
cane dancing to some old time music! 
Crying Dom 
- Versus 
- Map: Mercy 
same settings as above, but starting weapons doesn't matter. Play on this map 
as normal, and then head inside the church and go up to where the weapon spawn 
is once you hear the church bells play (should start around 6 minutes in). On 
top of the altar, a picture of Dom and his wife Maria will appear. Shoot it and 
you'll hear Dom crying, taken from Gears of War 2. 
Dom's Beard 
- Campaign 
- Act 1, Prologue 
- Insane Difficulty 
after you get outside, DONT go under the rebuilding archway yet. Stand by Dom 
until he says 'yo'. Continue on as Normal, but make sure you spend the entire 
time near Dom until the chapter ends. When Act 1 Chapter 1 starts, everyone 
will have beards (even the females and COGs wearing helmets!) 
'Mad World' Instrumental 
- Versus 
- Map: Gridlock 
First off, you gotta have at least 2 rounds in the match, gametype doesn't 
matter. Make it through the first round without anyone destroying the ash 
bodies, and on the second round an instrumental of Gary Jules' Mad World will 
RAAM's Gift 
- Horde 
- Map: Bullet Marsh (must download Horde Command Pack DLC) 
This can be done in wave 1, but it is very picky on how it works. Before you 
build your command post (you don't have to do it before, but it's a lot 
easier), shoot the generator in the middle of the map. 
When the Kryll appears, in various locations on the map a piece of RAAM's sword 
from Gears of War 1 will stick out that you have to grab before the kryll 
leaves (you'll know whenever you hear RAAM speak). However, here comes the 
tricky parts: 
* For some reason, they may not always appear at all, and will take a few tries 
to get them to show. 
* The locations they appear in, although in pre determined locations, are 
random also. 
Assuming you follow the overhead map, the locations are: 2 near the left sniper 
spawn, one near the right sniper spawn, and one in the Boomshot area. Once you 
gain all four parts, you will become 'possessed' by Kryll and now you have a 
portable Vulcan Cannon. Thanks RAAM! You're the best! 
Here is a little 'about me' regarding gears, incase anyone was ever curious. 
* My favorite COG character is Tai, whereas my least favorite is Anthony. 
Strangely, I like his brothers Ben and Clayton a lot even though they basically 
have the same lines. 
* My favorite Locust characters are RAAM and Grenadier, whereas my least 
favorite is Myrrah. 
* I actually loved Gears of War 2's multiplayer. I did hate it at first, but I 
eventually grew into it. 
* Overpass and Sandtrap sucks. Great Horde maps, but I hate them for any other 
* My Favorite all time multiplayer map is River from Gears of War 2, followed 
by Clocktower (Gears of War 3 version). 
* Screw Act 1 Chapter 6 on Insane. Matter of fact, add Act 4 Chapter 5 to that 
* By the off chance you figure my gamertag, i'm not accepting FRs. Although 
always meeting new people is nice, I'm perfectly happy with my current Gears 
buddies that I play with. Plus I don't have the space. 
* I don't care for 'Smaller character = Smaller hitbox/Faster run'. Everyone 
from the big Augustus Cole to the small Samantha Byrne runs and gets damaged 
the same, so to anyone who believes otherwise: It's all a mind trick. 
                             S E C T I O N   X I 
                          _____ _             _      
                         |  ___(_)_ __   __ _| | ___ 
                         | |_  | | '_ \ / _` | |/ _ \
                         |  _| | | | | | (_| | |  __/
                         |_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_|\___| 
Wooooooooooooo, man that was a tough one! For my very first full on guide I 
didn't think I would make it through. First I would like to get out of the way 
the thank you for anyone involved in this FAQ 
- Gamefaqs for hosting the first and most updated version of this guide 
- Epic Games/Cliff Blenzinki for creating Gears of War 3 and the Unreal 
Tournament series 
- Carlos Ferro, and Fred Tatasciore for voicing my favorite characters: Dom and 
- http://network-science.de/ascii/ for the ASCII art
- The Readers 
- Omegamustard here on Gamefaqs for his helpful Collectible/Achievement guide 
- Gary Jules for 'Mad World': Listening to the same song since Donnie Darko and 
Gears of War 1. 
- Karen Travis for the Gears of War Novels and Script of Gears of War 3. 

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