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Guide and Walkthrough by Cyllya

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/13/2011
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Walkthrough by Cyllya

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Use your browser's Find tool (Edit>Find or Ctrl+F) to search for the codes to
the right in order to jump to that section of the guide.

BATTLE BASICS .................................... [btlbas]
    Prologue / Tutorial .......................... [wlkpro]
    Sylvan Campaign .............................. [wlkanw]
    Haven Campaign ............................... [wlkgod]
    Necropolis Campaign .......................... [wlkfio]
    Inferno Campaign ............................. [wlkaid]
    Academy Campaign ............................. [wlknad]
ARTIFACTS LIST ................................... [artlst]
BOUNTY LIST ...................................... [bntlst]

BATTLE BASICS                                                          [btlbas]

The battlefield is a pair of 8x6 grids. For the record, a "column" is vertical,
and a "row" is horizontal. You can pick up units in the back of any column up
and place them into the back of any other column.

There are three categories of units:
1. Core units, the smalls ones that take up only one square. Lining up three
   core units of the same color vertically will create an attack formation.
   Lining up three or more horizontally will create a wall which will defend
   you against enemy attacks.
2. Elite units, which are one space wide and two spaces tall. Place two core
   units of the same color behind an elite unit will form an attack formation.
   They cannot form walls.
3. Champion units, which take up a 2x2 area. Place four core units behind a
   champion in a 2x2 formation to form an attack formation. They are very

Elite and Champion units are called Advanced Units collectively. You can equip
up to two advanced units, out of a choice of five for each faction. They come
in limited quantities, unlike core units which can be replenished indefinitely.

Attack formations take a few turns to attack; this will be shown with a large
number over the formation. The small number under the progress bar represents
the formation's current PWR--both its attack strength and its hit points. If
this reaches 0 before the formation attacks, the formation is destroyed.
Otherwise, when its charge time is up, it charges into the enemy to do damage
with its remaining PWR.

All units have three stats: 
--Toughness (arm icon) is the amount of defensive power this unit provides
  while idle. All idle units instantly die when they are hit by an enemy
  attack, but outside of certain circumstances, the attack will be weakened by
  the amount of Toughness the unit had. This stat improves as the unit levels
--Power (PWR)(sword icon) is the maximum attack power this unit can have with a
  fully charged attack formation. This also functions as the unit's HP; attack
  formations only die if this PWR is depleted. This stat improves as the unit
  levels up.
--Charge time (hourglass) is how many turns it takes for the unit to attack.

The goal of most battles is to have your attacks reach the colored line in the
back of the battlefield to do damage to the enemy's HP. (The enemy is likewise
trying to do this to you.) However, some battles have special goals.


When two or more attack formations of the same color attack on the same turn,
they are linked. Linking improves the formation's attack PWR by percentage.
Here's an explanation from Tarzanman0 from the GameFAQs board:
    --Core units raise attack power of all units they are linked with by 15%.
    --Elite units raise attack power of all units they are linked with by 25%.
    --Champion units raise attack power of all units they are linked with
      by 50%.
    --For example, if you link a Champion with 2 core units, the core units
      will be boosted by 65% each and the champion would be boosted by 30%.


When you form an attack formation behind another attack formation of the same
type AND color, they fuse together into a single attack formation of double
power. They will have the remaining charge time of the original formation. In
theory, you can keep fusing attack formations indefinitely. A fused formation
counts as two (three, four, etc) formations if they are linked with another

You can also fuse walls; but only to a limited point before separate walls are
made instead. (Note that unless you're playing as the elves, fusing is the only
way to get maximum strength walls.) If your new wall isn't perfectly lined up
with a previous wall, the overlapping segments will still fuse.

PROLOGUE / TUTORIAL                                                    [wlkpro]

The prologue functions as the game's tutorial.

--Once the various introductory scenes are over, you'll gain control of Anwen.
Use the left stick or D Pad to steer her along the nodes to reach the portal.
You can stop and press A at a node if you want to speak with the characters
standing near it. Along the way, you'll receive HUNTERS to fight with.

--Soon after reaching the portal, there will be a tutorial  teaching you how to
attack. After you finish it, take Anwen back toward the elf camp you started
in, and another demon will appear along the way. Walk into it to initiate a
tutorial battle that teaches you how to make walls. If you want to skip the
tutorial fights, you can press start during the battle and select "Skip" from
the menu. (You will still get the same amount of EXP.) If you're new to the
game, I recommend playing through the tutorials, but all the same info is
covered in the BATTLE BASICS section above.

--The next fight teaches you about removing units and making chains. After you
remove the two units indicated by the tutorial, follow the same process with
the other columns of units and, optionally, use your last move to call in
reinforcements (push L1). You will probably win at the start of your next turn

--Finish going back to the camp, and watch the story scenes until the end of
the prologue.

SYLVAN CAMPAIGN (Anwen)                                                [wlkanw]

--Now for the start of the proper Sylvan chapter of the campaign! Select
Irollan from the map (well, it's the only one you can select).

OBJECTIVE: Warning the Elves

--Head to the right. Along the way, you receive PIXIES! Pixies work similar to
hunters but with two major differences: it takes them 2 turns to attack,
instead of 1, and their attack power is boosted based on Anwen Magic Points.
Their base power is weaker than the archers, only partially because they're
currently at a lower level. (By default, the pixie is equipped in one of your
available core unit slots, leaving the other two as Archers. I recommend
leaving it like this for now OR replacing the pixies with hunters.) You'll get
into a battle where the Magic Points meter is explained, although you probably
won't get the chance to actually use the spell. When you fill up the meter,
push Y to activeate the spell, use the Left Stick to position the arrows, and
push A to fire the arrows at the enemy army. There is an optional tutorial
about linking.

--After the scene, Findan hands you some BEARS, your final core unit. It's
automatically equipped to your blue core unit slot.

OBJECTIVE: Searching for Clues

--First off, move to the treasure box to the right of Findan's lodge and
press A to receive a LEAF PLATE. It raises Anwen's HP by 25%! You might as
well equip it since you've got nothing better so far!

--Move to Maethorn, the elf to the left near where you met the pixies. You
will have to fight a demon as you approach him.

--You get DEER x5. Deer are your first elite units. A quick summary of elite
units: They can appear in any of your three colors and take up as much space
as two core units. Make them attack by placing two core units of the same
color behind them. Elite units can't make walls. They come in limited
quantities. If one is killed by the enemy or if you remove one by pressing B,
that unit is lost, and you'll have to buy a new one. If the elite unit attacks
successfully, it is not lost. Elite units are stronger than core units and have
some kind of special ability. Deer essentially negate one row of enemy walls.

--If you want to buy more deer, go up to the deer statue the game shows you.

--OPTIONAL: To the left of the deer dwell, you'll find treasure: gold and iron.
You'll also find a cave, but since the enemies inside are a bit tough compared
to your current strength, I recommend waiting until later to enter.

--OPTIONAL: Talk to the Bounty Agent, the mysterious cloaked fellow just north
of Findan's lodge. He will give you a mission to fight someone in exchange for
money. Your target is Cromir, the elf standing near where Maethorn was just a
minute ago. Fight him and return to the Bounty Agent for your reward. This
unlocks more possible bounties. You can talk to the Bounty Agent multiple
times until you have agreed to fight both of the evildoers on his list
(Skullbrow and Cuthlion.)

OBJECTIVE: Anwen's Ambush.

--When you're ready to continue, go as far south as possible, then to the
right, under an arch. Push A next to the log to open up a path.

--OPTIONAL: There are some gems to the right.

--Once  you're ready to continue, go north for a fight against some imps.
You'll also get a tutorial about fusion.

--BOSS FIGHT: Continue north one step to fight the boss. The boss has the
Succubus elite unit, which shoots four fire balls, doing tons of damage.
If possible, try to attack and destroy any succubi while they are still idle,
so they they can be instantly killed. Otherwise, just fight normally, with
special emphasis on your deer. It should only take two well-aimed deer attacks
to defeat the boss!

--Don't forget to get the Golden Roots from the nearby treasure box.

OBJECTIVE: Druid Tree Attack

--Leave the cave and go north.

--OPTIONAL: Enter the cave to the left of the Deer dwelling. On the left side,
there's a demon enemy guarding the Deer Antler artifact. On the right is the
BOUNTY: Skullbrow. If he's too tough for you, you can come back later... but
there's not really any penalty for losing, by the way.

--You may want to buy more deer before continuing.

--Continue northward. When you get to the top of the map, keep pressing up! :)

--OPTIONAL: There is some gold to the right.

--Go up and get you some DRUIDS x3! Go ahead and equip them. They are weaker
than deer, but they attack faster, and their attacks will slow down anything
they don't kill. There is a druid dwelling to the right of the druid who spoke
to you, in case you want to buy more. When you're ready, continue northward up
the stairs. Shocking plot twist!

--OPTIONAL: There are some gems next along the path and upward.

--Fight the knight along the path. Note that his priestess elite unit will heal
his hit points whenever she is charging up an attack.

--Continue up the path to the comically ineffective-looking knights with a saw.
Your objective in this battle is to hit each of the two guys holding the saw.
It doesn't do any good to hit anything else except those two guys. Of course,
you still need to defend yourself. The saw and the men holding it will move
one space over every turn, so you need to think about timing. If all else
fails, just make as many attack formations as possible and hope one connects!

--OPTIONAL: Fight the guards to the right to get the Elder Staff artifact from
the treasure box. Go back to the right and get some iron along the way.

--Fight another knight and go further up the tree.

--BOSS FIGHT: Sir Strata (lv6 Knight, Swordsman Lv2, Griffin Lv 2). This battle
works like normal except that you should try to avoid letting your attacks hit
Euny, the elf elder. Euny moves one column at the start of every enemy turn.
He'll always move in the same direction he moved last turn, until he gets to
the edge of the battlefield and turns around. He'll always go to the back of
the row, though the enemy may move other units behind him. If one of your
attacks hit Euny, you instantly lose! Other than Euny, the most important
thing about this fight is the griffins. This is the first Champion Unit you've
faced. Champion Units are inconvenient to charge, but when they do attack, they
can do huge damage! But they die in one hit if they're idle, s try to destroy
any griffins while they're still idle. Failing that, try hitting them with a
druid attack to slow it down and/or put multiple rows of walls up to minimize
the damage you take.

--Make sure you get the treasures that appear afterward, since one is the
Doubling Cape artifact.

OBJECTIVE: Stop the War

--Leave the room, and you'll glide down to the bottom of the tree.

--OPTIONAL: Go back up the tree and find the guy with the puzzle icon over his
head. You get 250g/2i/1r for beating him the first time. Here's the solution
if you need it:
     1. Delete the wall above the yellow druid. The pixies will form a wall.
     2. Move the bear under the yellow druid to the column with the blue druid.
     3. Delete the remaining pixie. This should charge the blue druid.
     4. Move both archers behind the yellow druid.

--OPTIONAL: Talk to the same man for another puzzle. The prize is 750g/4i/2r
and the Vine Gloves artifact.
   1. Delete the yellow archer at the top of the fourth column. This makes a
      bear wall and an archer attack.
   2. Delete the bear in the fifth column.
   3. Move the pixie from the first column to the deer in the seventh column.
      This will charge the deer attack.
   4. Move the other deer to the first (or second column).
   5. Move the other two pixies behind that deer to make a deer attack.

--When you're ready to continue, go south from the big tree. The druid will
stop you and give you EMERALD DRAGON x2. This is your first Champion Unit. To
charge a champion unit, you need to place four core units of the same color
behind it in a 2x2 formation. Champion units are also limited, like elite
units. For now, you only have 2 dragons available and there are a few battles
in your way before you can buy more. So be careful with them. (Well, most of
those battles are optional, so you can skip ahead to buy more dragons, if you

--OPTIONAL: Fight the man to the left to unlock the secret unit: Unicorns!
However, he's very tough. You might need to come back later. He has level 5
Hunters, Deer, and Unicorns. Once they begin charging, a unicorn is pretty
close to invincible, as are the units (or walls) on either side. Once you
defeat this guy, you can go into the cave behind him and get this awesome unit
for yourself. There's also treasure, of course.

--OPTIONAL: BOUNTY: Talk to the Bounty Agent to get contracts for Sparky and
Angrod. (Now is also a good time to fight Skullbrow if you weren't strong
enough before.) Sparky is the red-haired guy along the path to the druid tree,
and Angrod is the elf in the druid tree past the puzzle guy.

--OPTIONAL: Do battle with Twigleaf the Treant near the entrance of are where
you received druids. Your prize is two Treants and the satisfaction of kicking
that condescending tree's leafy ass! (The dialog makes it sound like you need
to defeat Twigleaf in order to have ANY treants, but that is not the case.
You can just buy some in the nearby unit dwelling.) The objective in the
Twigleaf fight is to destroy the two treants. If they attack and successfully
reach your HP bar, they will remain on the field and continue to sap your HP
every turn until you destroy them. Note that they are linked, which boosts
their attack power. If you can destroy one before they attack, the other will
be weakened. Hitting one with a druid's attack will also unlink and weaken

--When you're ready to continue, walk to the right past the Treant Dwelling
and Twigleaf. Walk into the village and face Sir Varkas.

--You can finally buy more Emerald Dragons right above this.

--OPTIONAL: To the left, there is another pair of puzzle battles! You get
500g/4i/1r for the first fight.
     1. Delete the Archer under the dragon.
     2. Charge the dragon by moving the other two available bears into position
        under it.
     3. Two more bears will become available. Use them to charge the deer.
Then 750g/5i/2r and a Treant Sap artifact for winning the second one. Note
that you must have a treant to attempt this puzzle.
     1. Move the bear from the last column three spaces to the left.
     2. Delete the archer to create a bear attack.
     3. Delete the remaining bear in the last column, just because making the
        resulting walls gives an extra move.
     4. Use your remaining moves to move the pixies into position and charge
        the treant.

--OPTIONAL: Fight the knight to the right of where Varkas was, and you can get
Dragon Scales from the treasure box.

--OPTIONAL: BOUNTY: Cuthlion is across from the Emerald Dragon dwelling. In
addition to the usual monetary prizes, you'll also get access to a treasure
box with Boost Boots--my favorite artifact for elves! If you've done all the
other side quests as I've listed them so far, you'll get the "Sidequests
Complete" message when you turn this in to the bounty agent.

OBJECTIVE: The Mother Seed

--Follow Varkas north of where you fought him, and there will be a fight
against some knights. The Mother Seed will be smack in the middle of your
side of the battle field, and you need to keep the enemy from hitting it.
Note that you can move it around just like a unit.

--OPTIONAL: Get the nearby treasure.


--Continue along the path, and you'll come to a river and some logs. You must
knock the logs into the river in a certain order. From left to right, knock
the logs down in this order: #3, #4, #2, #1.

--Grab the Ring of Life from the chest on the little island.

OBJECTIVE: Rescue Godric

--Just fight the series of demons on the way to Godric! The first fight has
Nightmare elite units. Their special ability is that all charging Nightmares
attack at the same time, even if some of them otherwise needed more  turns to
charge. (The ones that weren't done charging will be weaker, however.) The
final fight starts with two succubi already charging; no fair!

--BOSS FIGHT: Azexes.
He doesn't have an HP bar in the back; you have to actually hit his body. He
follows this pattern: 
    1. He holds up an energy ball in each hand. After three turns, he attacks
       with them, unless you've destroyed them.
    2. Once the two energy balls are gone, he moves to the location indicated
       by the yellow circle.
    3. Again, he'll start two 3-turn energy balls.
    4. He moves.
    5. He holds a big 5-turn energy ball out in front of himself. This protects
       him against attacks.
    6. He moves.
    7. Repeat.
Note that he won't attack and move on the same turn, but if you destroy his
attacks on YOUR turn, he will move on his next turn.

--Now that that's out of the way.... Holy Cow! Godric has been eating his
Wheaties! o_O

--You've reached the end of the elves' campaign and unlocked Findan for

HAVEN CAMPAIGN (Godric)                                                [wlkgod]

--Go upward a bit, and you'll get SWORDSMAN. Go up a bit more for your first
fight. (Noooo, they're chasing you away from the treasure box! T_T Don't worry,
you can get it later.)

OBJECTIVE: Seeking Refuge

--In this alleyway, you have to avoid being in the guards' line of sight. Wait
until the closer guard goes around the corner, then head northward along the
path. Wait at the second-to-top node until he goes around the next corner,
then go up and left. Wait until he goes around the bottom corner before
continuing to the upper-left corner and path.

--OPTIONAL: The treasure box below this puzzle actually has a strong enemy in
it, so you might want to come back for it later. When you win, you get some
money and the Phoenix Feather artifact.

--There is a battle against a knight, and afterward, you get ARCHERS. The
Archers are the knights' fast core unit, but "fast" by knights' standards is
2 turns.

--OPTIONAL: You can go into the cave the archer came from for some money, but
the random battles are probably a bit tough for you now, so I'd be prepared to
skip them. The treasures contain money and the Lion's Tail artifact.

--Up ahead of the knight you fought, there's another guard-avoiding puzzle.
Take note of the extra node off the path on the right side. When the guards
just move onto the left and top sides of the path, quickly run over to this
node. Then when the guards move to the left and bottom of the path, run up to
the top of the path. When the left guard moves around the bottom of the path,
then move to the upper-left corner of the square. (Don't try to get the box of
gold until after the puzzle is completed and you don't have to worry about the
guards anymore.)

--Continue north, and you'll see the Knight unit dwelling. Too bad you probably
don't have the resources to buy any knights.... But go left of that, talk to
the guy who tells you the rhyme, then talk to the guard in front of the inn. 

--The goal in this battle is to hit the shields in the back in the correct
order, which is BLUE, GREEN, RED. (Or left, right, center.) You don't have to
hit them all in one turn. It's okay if you hit one twice. If you hit one too
early, they all light back up and you'll start over. It doesn't matter which
of your units hit the shields. The trouble with this battle is that the enemy
defends the shields against your attacks, so try aiming multiple attack
formations at a single shield, preferably all going off in a single turn.

OBJECTIVE: Prison Break

--After winning the battle, you'll automatically enter the Sleeping Stag Inn
and get SPEARMEN. And Varkas. And his dog, Rufas.

--OPTIONAL: Talk to the bounty agent, and fight Georgie, who's right across
the aisle.

--When you're ready to continue, leave the Sleeping Stag Inn and go to the
tower in the upper left corner. The guards will attack. You have to hit both
of the pulleys in the back of the battlefield on the same turn to win. You'll
get Knight X4.

--OPTIONAL: Buy a priestess, then go back to the innkeeper for the battle
    1. Move the swordsman from the last column to three spaces to the left,
       under the left priestess.
    2. Move a yellow spearman into the column with the priestess on the right.
    3. Delete the yellow spearman under the knight. The knight and the
       priestess should both be charged.
    4. Move the remaining priestess one or two spaces to the left.
    5. Move the remaining spearmen under her.

OBJECTIVE: Evelyn's Guidance

--BOUNTY: Boydon is next to the priestess dwelling. You can also get Valdo in
the cave that your Archers came from, but he's stronger.

--When you're ready to continue, go north of the inn and press A in the node
in front of the knight. There will be a battle. (Man, Count Carlyle sure is

--Go north into the courtyard. There will be three archer units in the fight,
and you have to hit them all. It DOESN'T have to be in the same turn, in a
certain order, or with certain unit colors, or anything like that. Just hit
them. They will possibly move one space in a random direction each turn,
possibly hiding behind the pillars. When they get into an attack pose, they
will loose an arrow the turn after next. It's actually a pretty strong attack,
so beware. Just keep making attack formations in the spaces where there isn't
a pillar, and you'll get them eventually.

--Go north to meet Godric's hot-for-an-old-lady aunt. You will receive a badass
disguise and PRIESTESS x4.

--OBJECTIVE: Emperor's Tournament

--Leave the courtyard and head to the right. Go buy at least one Griffin from
the unit dwelling to the west. Three is preferable.

--OPTIONAL: Go south from the arena and you'll be at the place you started this
chapter, where that elusive treasure box was. You can now get the Knight Armor
from it. There are also nearby treasures with money inside the city walls.

--OPTIONAL: Now that you have a griffin, you can do those battle puzzles.
Here's the solution to the innkeeper's puzzle:
    1. Delete the archer in the sixth column, to make a bunch of walls.
    2. Delete the archer in the third column, for another wall.
    3. Move the white swordsman under the white griffin.
    4. Move the archers under the blue griffin.
You'll get the Golden Spear for beating Rolly's puzzles. Sir Roderick is
outside Evelyn's manor with another puzzle:
    1.  Move the leftmost white swordsman to a space under the griffin.
    2. Move the rightmost yellow spearman to the space under the left
    3. Delete the white swordsman under the yellow priestess.
    4. Move the remaining white swordsman into a space under the griffin and
       delete the yellow spearman to charge the griffin.
    5. Move the last spearman to the space under the last priestess.

--OPTIONAL: Here are some enemies you already had access to but may have been
too strong before.
  Jarvis, that aggressively insecure fellow in the sleeping stag inn. 
  Fillion, a random necromancer in the area where the guard puzzles were. His
     zombies will poison any unit they attack, assuming they don't just kill
     it. This can wreak havoc on your elites and champions. Necromancers also
     tend to make a lot of walls.
  BOUNTY: Valdo, in the cave between the guard puzzles. His vampires heal him
     for any HP they take from you.
  The treasure box south of the guard puzzle; if you win you get a Phoenix

--BOUNTY: Erstam is near the arena. This cheater starts out ready to charge 
titan with only one move. Titans' attacks will destroy any walls adjacent to
the ones their attack hits.

--Now, onto the tournament! Talk to the man in front of the arena when you're
ready. You'll fight three battles:
  1. A knight. If you've been doing sidequests, you out-level him, but watch
     out for his angel champions, which heal damaged units while they're
     charging. (It's also just plain powerful, like all champions.)
  2. A wizard. If his mage elite units hit any idle units, the attack will
     travel through any adjacent idle units and kill them all, potentially
     wiping out your whole army in one blow. This Rakshasa (lion-man)
     champion reduces your MP as well as your HP.
  3. A necromancer. Not much to say about him. His champion damages all your
     charging units every turn to strengthen himself.

OBJECTIVE: Emperor's Errand

--Go around north of the arena and talk to the guards. You'll talk to the
emperor and get the awesome King's Crown artifact.

--From the castle entrance, go left to the next area. Note that you can buy
some angels here.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Sir Gerhardt next to the arena. Winning gets you money.

--OPTIONAL: Fight in the arena again! There are three enemies, a bit tougher
than before.
  1. A wizard. His Djinn elite units will freeze units, and they will thaw 
     after a few turns. His hero spell makes lightning bolts randomly strike
     your field. He will use it OFTEN. Upon winning you'll get the Feathered
     Helm artifact.
  2. A knight. His Hero Spell raises the PWR of any units that he currently has
     charging by 50%. Which means his griffin will totally kick your butt. You
     just get money for winning this.
  3. A wizard. His hero spell chucks a magic staff into the front of your
     battle field, immediately doing lots of damage to whatever it hits. Two
     turns later, it explodes, damaging anything roughly two spaces away. For
     winning you'll get the Crown of Elrath.

--OPTIONAL: Go do the last puzzle battle of this chapter. Here's a hint if you
want to figure it out yourself: your swordsman units must be level 5, and the
angel on the right is a red herring. Here's the solution:
    1. Move the archer in the fifth column to the fourth column.
    2. Delete the archer in the sixth column.
    3. Move the swordsman from the third column to the second column.
    4. Delete the archer in the third column to charge the angel.
    5. Move a swordsman into the last column to charge a swordsman attack.
    6. You'll have an extra move. Delete one of the extra people or end your
You'll get the Staff of Elrath artifact.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Sir Randy outside Count Carlyle's manor. This will give you
access to the knights' secret unit. While charging, the Sword Master damages
enemies in front of it. Enter the statue to get some treasure (including the
Holy Blade) and get this unit for yourself.

--BOUNTY: Carnax is in the cave with the Sword Master unit dwelling.
He's LV12! But you can beat him; I believe in you! ^_^b You can come back
later if you need to, but you're never going to be able to out-level him. When
you turn this in, that should be all your sidequests.

--When you're ready to continue, head into Count Carlyle's manor. (Who has
secret villainous meetings in their front yard?) Go up and talk to him for a
battle against demons.

--Get the treasure behind where Count Carlyle was standing. It has five
Angels (?!) and the Blessed Wing.

OBJECTIVE: Stopping Carlyle

--Head out of the courtyard and a demon will appear. You must fight it to

--There is another demon battle outside the courtyard.

--You have to fight some knights outside the emperor's castle.

--NOTE: This is the end of this chapter. Enter the castle when you're ready.

--BOSS FIGHT: He will spit out a row of green blobs which will creep forward
one space per turn until they reach your units, then they will charge into your
battle field doing damage. They're surprisingly tough. He will also charge up
his staff, and when the charge is complete, some of your idle core units will
be randomly turned into food items. Upon the boss's next turn, he will inhale
these foods and start charging his super barf beam attack. The foods he inhales
strengthens the barf beam. (You can move and delete the foods.) On the same
turn thathe uses the barf beam attack, he will begin repeating this process,
except with three large green blobs instead of eight small ones. If you hit his
staff while it's charging (it's in the sixth column), he won't be able to turn
your units into food. This means he will start charging his barf beam sooner,
but at least it won't be as strong. There's no way to weaken the barf beam, so
try to build walls, have champions in the way, or use your hero spell before it
goes off.

--You've unlocked Varkas for multiplayer. Despite expectations, he's pretty

NECROPOLIS CAMPAIGN (Fiona)                                            [wlkfio]

--Travel to the right. You'll get SKELETONS.

--Continue to the right and fight the zombies. You will receive ZOMBIES

--After the scenes, travel to the south and then over to the guards in front
of the cage. Choose to rescue the prisoner. You need to do eight points of
damage to the cage to win. You might as well make attack formations in the
center columns and make walls on the rest. You will get EBON GUARDS. You also
get the Cursed Shield artifact.

OPTIONAL: Go fight the zombies to the left of your starting point (north and
left of your current point). You just get money.

OBJECTIVE: Necromancer Trials

--Your target is the lower-right area, next to a unit dwelling where you can
buy VAMPIRES. Vampires are nice because they heal you if they hit the enemy
hero. You can also buy ghosts inside, but you'll get 3 free ones soon. I you
need more money, there's a chest of gold in front of the building to the left,
plus some treasure inside the building you're going to enter.

--OPTIONAL: There is a battle puzzle in this room. You'll get Blood of the One
    1. Delete the green zombie in the fifth column.
    2. Move the ebon guard from the first column to the eighth column.
    3. Move the two green zombies into the first column.
    4. Delete the blue zombie.
    5. Move the remaining ebon guard into the eighth column.

--OPTIONAL: Talk to the Skeleton near the boss. (The pictures in the room
depict a spider with 7 legs, some hourglasses where 1 is broken, and some coins
where 2 are shiny.) Talk again and answer 10. You'll get the Ritual Dagger.

--BOSS FIGHT: Go up to the ghost in the top center of the room. AT FIRST, your
goal is just to survive the attack of the death knight. Make a butload of walls
in front of him. Four rows should do. After that, this becomes a normal battle.
The boss has 50 HP, but low-level units. Her ghost elites can't be damaged
while they are charging, but your enemies can pass through her if they can
survive her damaging them.

--Leave the catacombs.

OBJECTIVE: Twilight Urn

--Head into the large building to the left. Go up the central hallway, and
there will be a fight against demons.

--Fight the wizards. You can't damage their HP until you hit the switches in
the second and seventh columns.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Kozmo in the south part of this room. You need to hit his
end zone with all three parts of a triple link attack. Hitting him 3+ times in
the same turn with units of different colors does NOT count. Try using elite
units to make sure their attacks can make it through to the end zone. Save up
your hero spell to damage anything that might be in front of your linked
attackers. Try to set up your attackers so that you just have to delete a unit
and make a chain to charge their attack. I used Vampire + Ghost + Skeletons.
When you win, you'll get the Crown of Thorns.

OBJECTIVE: Secret Portal

--Exit the ruins.

--BOUNTY: Go into the cave nearby to the right and fight Bug-Eye Magurk. Get
the other bounties from the bounty agent.

--OPTIONAL: The Plague Rat artifact is in a chest in this cave.

--BOUNTY: Stumpy is south of the bounty agent. Bloodhorn is in the ruins you
just left. The mage is in the the catacombs (the building next to the vampire

--OPTIONAL: Fight Farnir Greenvine outside the ruins entrance. His specialty is
walls so you may want to use the artifact which weakens enemy waslls. He gives
you the Blood Ring.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Sir Skelton. He uses only skeleton core units. He gives you
the Spider Cloak, AND when you talk to him again, he gives you a hint on where
to find another artifact. After talking to him, go left to the middle of the
X-shaped path and press A to find the Book of the Dead. (No, you cannot get
the Book of the Dead before fighting Sir Skelton. :p)

--When you're ready to continue, go to the big rock to the right of Sir
Skelton. You'll have to fight a wizard enemy who has a Titan almost charged.
After you win, enter the shrine to the north of where the rock was.

--Go up and fight the demons (after you get the treasure ^_^).


--Go right from the shrine, into the next area. Continue along the path until
you reach a scene and fight some wizards. Don't forget that the mage elite
unit's energy beam travels through adjacent idle units. You'll get the Talon's
Talon artifact afterward.

--OPTIONAL: Go back and talk to the skeleton you passed along the path. You
don't get anything; it's just a cute scene. :)

OBJECTIVE: Death Cult Ritual

--Continue on south and to the right.

--OPTIONAL: Buy a Bone Dragon here and go back to the catacombs to do
Reginald's puzzle battle. You just get money, but your bone dragon will
appreciate the EXP.
    1. Delete the blue zombie in the seventh column.
    2. Move the zombie in the sixth column to the third column.
    3. Cancel the purple ebon guard in the third column.
    4. Cancel the purple ebon guard in the second column. This should for a
       bone dragon attack and a wall.
    5. Move both remaining ebon guards to the idle vampire.
    6. End your turn or delete a wall or something.

--OPTIONAL: Go right and fight Golobulus by the cave. Be warned that his
Wraith (champion with scythe) isn't strong but will instantly kill anything
it touches, INCLUDING YOU if it touches your end zone. :O If you beat this guy,
you can enter the cave and buy this unit. You might need to come back later
though. His very tough Bone Dragon is probably the hardest part.

--BOUNTY: Urolox is in the cave with the Wraith. If you could beat Golobulus,
you can probably beat Urolox. His elite unit will turn any unit it touches idle
(if it doesn't kill it), so make sure it doesn't hit your champions! You don't
have to backtrack all the way to the bounty agent; there's one alone the path
outside this cave. When you turn this in, you should get the "sidequests
complete" message.

--When you're ready, go north to the Eternal Shrine, then take another step up
to the worshipers.

--Your goal in this fight is to push the three worshipers into the back of the
battle field. They will fight back. Once their wand starts flashing, they will
attack next turn. (Their attacks have 25 power.) When they're not flashing or
attacking, they may move forward. Your elites and especially champions will
push them back further. I usually have to rely on champions to get them over
the edge. 


--Go to the right and enter the building. There are a series of fights along
the path.

--The first fight starts with a charged death knight in the center, but more
troops come in at the start of the enemy's first turn, and it's thenceforth a
normal battle.

--Likewise the second fight starts with two linked wraiths. You definitely want
to try to take one out, but weakening it may be enough.

--The third fight starts with one Death Knight and a bunch of walls. What a

--OPTIONAL: If you had trouble fighting Golobulus and Urolox before, you might
be strong enough now.

--BOSS FIGHT: She doesn't have an HP bar; you have to hit her body. On her
first turn, she raises her hand, and on her second turn, she puts two charging
Bone Dragons (not linked, thankfully) in the middle of her field in front of
her. When they're gone, she'll move (always to the left two columns I think)
and start charging a 4-turn attack that has 65 PWR. She'll move back to the
middle and start a different 4-turn attack which will attack your whole battle
field with a RELATIVELY weak attack. Then she moves to the right and starts
charging the energy beam again. then she moves back to the center and prepares
to summon dragons, but they won't be in the center this time.

INFERNO CAMPAIN (Aiden)                                                [wlkaid]

OBJECTIVE: Stranded in Sheogh

--Head toward the portal shown during the scene. Or you can pick up the gold
along the way. In the course of the scene you'll get all three of your core
  1. Horned Demons are the strong slow ones
  2. Hellhounds are the weak fast ones.
  3. Imps have "splash damage" meaning they can hit whatever's behind what
     they attack.

--A battle will begin. You need to hit each of the cannons just once. The
tricky part is that the bridges need to be in the correct position so your
units don't just go tumbling into the lava. (Just because the imps have wings
doesn't mean they can fly over lava, apparently.) The platforms move one
column every turn, and once they touch each other or the wall, they go the
opposite way next turn. When the cannons start flashing, they will attack next

--There's another fight outside, a more conventional one this time. Try to
resist making very many walls; not only are they horrendously weak at this 
point (less toughness than your idle units!), but you don't have a lot of
units to spare. If you do make walls, don't hesitate to sacrifice them with
your hero spell.

--(Man, "son of the Unicorn Duchy" sounds so non-badass.)

--I recommend going around to the south and up to buy some Nightmares before
going into battle with the murderous demon gal. You've now leveled up enough
that your walls aren't TOTALLY useless, but you probably won't use them much
for a while.  You need to watch out for her Succubi. And you get SUCCUBUS x3
when you win! Yay, finally those succubi who've been blasting you through the
whole game are finally yours!

OBJECTIVE: Screaming Hag Inn

--Go up, get the treasure, and go up to the demons in front of the building.
This battle seems to hinge on who get luckiest with the Nightmares.

--OPTIONAL: Go in the cave to the left and talk to Dillon for a battle puzzle.
You get the Thorn Whip when you win.
     1. Move the hellhound in the last column to the fourth column.
     2. Move the other hellhound in the last column to the sixth column.
     3. Delete the hellhound in the fifth column.
     4. Move the two horned demons over to the orange succubus.
     5. Move the two hellhounds to the gray succubus.
Here's the solution to the second puzzle. You'll get the Magma Shard upon
     1. Delete the middle horned demon in the sixth column (he's the third
unit from the top).
     2. Delete the second horned demon in the first column (under the gray
     3. Move the gray nightmare to the fifth column.
     4. Move the horned demons to the orange nightmare.
     5. Move the imps to the gray nightmare.

--OPTIONAL: Get the treasure in this cave, which is a Rage Shield. I recommend
buying an Abyssal Lord or two if you can afford it.

--Now head back to the Screaming Hag Inn. Walk up to the demons in the back.

--BOSS FIGHT: Lorhish. You have to hit his body. He primarily attacks by his
hellhounds randomly forming attack formations, but he also throws a torch at
you periodically. He'll hold it up first, then throw it the next turn. (Unlike
every other attack in the game, the torch doesn't hit the front of your
battlefield and then move down. It seems to hit a random spot vertically.) He
moves one space every turn. He goes in one direction until he gets too close
to the edge of the field, but he never gets in the first or last column. If
you have trouble hitting him, you might try setting up walls and using your
hero spell.

OBJECTIVE: Mount Nebyrzias

--OPTIONAL: Get the Burning Horn from the nearby treasure box. You can also
go in a little door to the upper-right and get some money.

--OPTIONAL: Get the bounty for Glut. He's outside next to the Nightmare unit
dwelling. Return to the bounty agent to get missions for Drak, Ra Stavari, Bly,
and Phlecher.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Dirge, the guy with a succubus babe on each arm (stand across
from the table to talk to him). If you win you get NIGHTMARE x10.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Talnir the elf outside the inn. Your prize is the awesome
Celerity Ring artifact!

--When you're ready, leave the inn and go right and north. Go up and fight the
pair of demons ahead.

--BOUNTY: Drak is ahead.

--OPTIONAL: Get the Pit Master's Tail, which strengthens Pit Fiends, from the
treasure box.

--OPTIONAL: Fight Gut and Moody, just north of that treasure box. This battle
is kind of like the one with Euny from way back in the elf chapter, except
there's two of them and you WANT to hit them. They one column in the same
direction they went last time until they get to the or bump into each other
and have to turn around. The green one moves first, then the yellow, then
they both move, then they repeat this cycle. (Once one is dead, the remaining
one will move every turn.) They will go to the back side of their new column.
Succubi are really useful in this fight because their splash damage does
count for hitting Gut and Moody. You can just keep making attacks wildly
until you eventually get them! The prize is Volcano Armor.

--Cross the bridge.

--OPTIONAL: Go down to the imp in front of the cave. In this cave you can buy
the secret unit, Sorcerers. The imp also uses sorcerers. They will turn any
unit idle if they don't kill it. You also get the Crippling Flail in a treasure
in this cave.

--BOUNTY: Bly is in this cave. He's a little tougher than his pathetic
personality would suggest.

--Finish going up the mountain. Enter the portal.

OBJECTIVE: Azexes' Portal

--Go down and fight the wizards. Then the demons.

--OPTIONAL: Go talk to the Succubus and Nightmare on each side to get some of
those units for free.

--Walk up to the portal. Walk up to the wizard when you're ready. You have to
hit the portal to damage the enemy HP; it's only in the fourth and fifth
columns. On the enemy's first turn, succubi will appear in the first and
eighth columns, and an abyssal lord will appear in the middle. Once they're
gone, nightmares will appear in the third and sixth columns. Then a pit fiend
(columns 2&3) and an abyssal lord (columns 6&7) will appear. And so on until
you win.

OBJECTIVE: The Jagged Tail

--BOUNTY: You should now be strong enough to take on the wizard Ra Stavari in
the cave to the right of the inn. (And you can go ahead and fight Dirge while
you're in the neighborhood, if you didn't beat him before.)

--When you're ready to continue, take the path east of the inn, that appeared
during the volcanic eruption.

--BOUNTY: Phletcher is on the rock nearby. After you go back to the bounty
agent, talk to him again for another battle. It's pretty tough, but there's
not really any special strategy here. You'll receive the Chaos Crown for

--Go back to the jagged path and start fighting demons.

--OPTIONAL: Get the Revive Flame from the chest across the bridge.

--OPTIONAL: You can fight the pit fiend across the second bridge. You'll get
PIT FIEND x5. This should be your final side quest.

--Walk up to the wizard and demon at the north end of the path. The wizard
attacks first. The demon fights you immediately after without giving you a
chance to change your equipment.

OBJECTIVE: Azexes Last Stand

--Go north. Then walk up to Azexes.

--BOSS FIGHT: He's not identical to the time you fought him in Irollan, but
pretty close.
   1. Two energy balls held out to the side, 3 turns. When they're gone, he
      moves to the yellow circle.
   2. One energy ball held in front of him, 5 turns. When it's gone, he moves
      to the yellow circle.
   3. He starts a counter. When it reaches 1, he randomly creates a bunch of
      walls, and on the next turn, they turn into fireballs that attack you.
      He doesn't move after this.
   4. Repeat.

ACADEMY CAMPAIGN (Nadia)                                               [wlknad]

--At the start of this campaign, you control some of the characters from the
previous campaigns. NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ARTIFACT EQUIPPED by default.
So when it gives you the unit equip screen, make sure to equip an artifact too.

--The first fight is Fiona versus the demon Jaxler. Every other enemy turn,
your battlefield is bombarded with fire, every column, on the second and third
row. This will destroy pretty much any attacking formation you have... except
ghosts! So don't equip any advanced units except ghosts. Then just make a
buttload of ghost formations. Any other formations you make should just be
for the sake of making chains to get MP. Between your ghosts and your hero
spell, you should eventually win.

--The second fight is Anwen versus the Titans. You just have to survive the
titans' attacks. The first pair is linked, which makes them WAY stronger.
(The middle one starts charging on the next turn.) Your highest priority is
to unlink them. The easiest way to do that is to hit one with a druid's attack
(just one of them though); the other way is to somehow kill one. Unicorns are
also very useful in this fight, if you can make sure it's charging its attack
in front of the titan just as the titan is about to attack. Supposedly unicorns
aren't totally invincible, but I've never seen anything get past one! Other
than those two strategies, just build a bunch of walls, try to weaken the
titans a bit, and hope for the best!

--The third fight is Godric versus a wizard army. (Just a reminder, the mage
elite unit will cast an energy beam that that will travel through any adjacent
IDLE units it hits, potentially wiping out ALL of your idle units, if they're
placed just right.) All of your attacking formations take damage at the start
of every enemy turn. You might consider using the angel as a way to counteract
this. Linking and fusing will also help make up for the damage. Otherwise,
just fight like normal. The enemy has less HP than you'd normally fight at
the end of Godric's campaign, so it sort of balances out.


--Now you play as Nadia, that gal who's pretty much never been mentioned since
the prologue. The game starts to feel kind of rushed at this point. You
immediately start at level 7 with all three core units. You also receive the

--By the way, some people start to find this part of the game a little tedious.
I recommend trying to focus on offense in most fight; if you're a wall-aholic
like I was, try to reign in you wall-making habit because you'll easily end up
with a crazy excess of walls. I also recommend skipping the random battles in
this chapter, unless you find that you NEED to level grind (which is unlikely).

OBJECTIVE: Prison Break

--Go up to the door.

--After the conversation, go talk to the mage nearby. 

--Go up to the door again for a battle. You need to hit the glowing blue
circles with mage attacks simultaneously. It doesn't need to be the same
color mage. Just make sure they go off on the same turn and they've got
enough power to hit the back of the battlefield. You get the Absorb Circle.

--NOTE: You  can talk to the mage as many times as you want to keep getting
your supply of mage units replenished.

--OPTIONAL: Go back to the chest behind you for the Absorb Circlet.

OBJECTIVE: Gemstone Floor 1

--Leave the prison. You'll have to fight a series of battles. After the
second one, you can get the Battle Wand. After the third, you get DJINN x10
and the Djinn's Sash.

OBJECTIVE: Gemstone Floor 2

--OPTIONAL: Backtrack to the first floor and fight another wizard to get the
Binding Orb, which improves LINKs.

--In the first battle on floor two, the enemy not only starts with a charging
Titan, but he also seems to get more Titans really often! See if you can use
your hero spell to take them out while they're still idle. After the battle,
you'll get TITAN x5.

--Fortunately the second enemy only has mages and djinns again. After you
beat him, you can get the Golden Fist from the chest.

--As you try to head to the third floor, you will encounter another enemy
with Rakshasas. He starts the battle with two of them already charging.
(Cheater!) After winning, you will receive five Rakshasas of your own. However,
I don't recommend equipping them, as their special ability (depleting enemy MP)
is useless in the campaign.

--Then you have to fight the guy who gave you lip before the last battle; he
has both Titans AND Rakshasas. You'll get the Scimitar after the fight.

OBJECTIVE: Gemstone Floor 3

--Go to the third floor.

--OPTIONAL: Backtrack to the previous floor and fight a guard. You will get
the Revival Ring (revive after death once per battle with 5HP and a full MP

--Back on the third floor, there is a required fight right in front of you.

OPTIONAL: Fight the guard in front of the door. This allows you access to
Nadia's secret unit, the Phoenix, plus you can replenish your other advanced
units for free. Just talk to him and select a unit, and he'll give you as
many as you can hold. You can do this as many times as you want.

--Fight the last guy on the third floor.

OBJECTIVE: Battle for Ashan

--There is another battle wherein you control Godric versus a demon army.
Again, note that your artifact is not equipped! The enemy seems to use
Nightmares and Abyssal Lords regardless of what you had equipped. And in fact,
he has two abyssal lords ready to be charged! That makes this battle pretty
tough. I recommend focusing mostly on making walls until after those two
Abyssal Lords have attacked. Remember that any other enemy units you kill
with strengthen the Abyssal Lords. He has the Fiery Brimstone hero spell, but
it's not a huge threat for the most part...

--Now you have Aiden versus Azh Rafir! (Again, don't forget to equip an
artifact!) At first he just plops charged units onto the field, starting with
two Rakshasas, one on each side. When they get to 2 turns, he adds a phoenix
to the middle of the field. Once the phoenix is gone, he calls in
reinforcements, and the battle proceeds like a normal one. But then a few
turns after that, Azh Rafir apparently gets bored of fighting fair, wipes his
battle field clean, and starts over with the two Rakshasas. o_O But if you're
using any champion units, that just makes it that much easier to lay tons of
damage on his HP bar. I liked using the Abyssal Lord in this battle, since so
many of my guys kept getting killed, hahah. :P

--OPTIONAL: It totally destroys the dramatic atmosphere, but you can go back
outside :P and fight another guard for an artifact. This one is the Transform
Gem, which lets you fuse any mages regardless of their color. Just remember
you can come back after beating the game, so you don't have to do this now if
you're really itching to fight the last boss.


--This is the last boss fight! Walk up to him when you're ready. Here are my
recommendations for a strategy:
     a. DON'T USE CHAMPIONS!!! Don't use elites either!
     b. Equip the Absorb Circlet.
     c. Spend the battle making a buttload of walls, with chains if possible.
     d. Use your hero spell as much as possible.
  First his two hands will start charging attacks for 3 turns. Then, before
the hands attack, his head will start charging an attack. The head's attack
doesn't have a turn counter; it will go off the next turn after it reaches
100 power. It automatically gains 10 power per turn PLUS more more power
based on the toughness of any of your troops that are killed by the hands
(hence why you don't want champions, who are going to interfere with your
walls and beef up the head attack quickly). If you "Kill" either hand before
it attacks, it will spend a turn drooping and start charging again next turn.
His head attack is very powerful, hitting four full columns. In the course of
battle, you'll end up with shards of walls that make it harder to form new
walls, hence why it's handy to have the Absorb Circlet. Just keep making
walls and blasting him with your hero spell, and you'll win in no time!

And that's the end of the game! Congratulations! 

If you missed any sidequests or artifacts, you can at any time load your game
and pick a previous campaign from the map menu.

ARTIFACTS LIST                                                         [artlst]


Leaf Plate
  --Increase Hero HP by 25%
  --Next to where you meet Findan
Deer Antlers
  --Deer jump over all enemy walls, rather than just one row
  --In the cave northwest of Findan's lodge
Golden Roots
  --Walls regrow even if they are completely destroyed
  --In the grotto south of Findan's lodge
Elder Staff
  --Increase Druid ability by 1 for each linked Druid
  --In the druid tree, by fighting a knight
Doubling Cape
  --Increases Fusion power bonus by 50%
  --In Euny's room after defeating Sir Strata.
Vine Gloves
  --Wall units regenerate twice as fast.
  --Win both puzzle battles at the druid tree
Treant Sap
  --Treant roots leach double the HP from the enemy every turn
  --Win both puzzle battles in the elf village
Dragon Scales
  --Acid Dragon goo lasts for an additional turn
  --Defeat Sir Nathanson, near where you fought Sir Varkas.
Ring of Life
  --Revive after death once per battle and regenerate 2% of your max HP every
    turn after revival
  --In a treasure box after the log puzzle
Boost Boots
  --Attack formations gain a PWR bonus for every row traveled across the
    enemy's field
  --Defeat Cuthlion, get the chest behind him.


Lion's Mane
  --Fused attacks receive an addition 50% of PWR.
  --In a treasure box in a cave between the two guard puzzles
Phoenix Feather
  --Revive after death once per battle, with 25% of Max HP.
  --In a treasure box that also has an necromancer enemy, south of the guard
Knight's Armor
  --Knight formations start charging at full PWR.
  --In a treasure box at the city entrance, though you need to wait to get it.
Golden Spear
  --The spearman's First Strike ability is also applied to wall units.
  --Rolly's battle puzzles.
King's Crown
  --Reinforcements don't use a turn
  --Automatically obtained in the storyline
Feathered Helm
  --Reduces the Griffin's charge time by one
  --Beat the first optional battle in the arena.
Crown of Earth
  --Your spell meter charges twice as fast
  --Win the third optional battle in the arena.
Staff of Elrath
  --Charging priestess hurt the enemy instead of healing the Hero.
  --Beat both of Sir Roderick's battle puzzles.
Holy Blade
  --20% chance of your attack formations dealing a critical hit.
  --In the cave with the secret unit dwelling (sword master); defeat Sir Randy.
Blessed Wing
  --Angels completely heal all charging attack formations back to full PWR
    every turn.
  --In the treasure box in Count Carlyle's court.


Cursed Shield
  --Weakens enemy walls by 50%.
  --From a treasure box after meeting Markal.
Blood of the One
  --Increases Vampire attack PWR by 25%.
  --Beat Sir Reginald's first battle puzzle.
Ritual Dagger
  --Deleting an idle core unit deletes a random enemy core unit in the same
  --Answer "10" to the skeleton near the ghost boss.
Twilight Urn
  --Doubles the PWR of walls created by fallen idle units.
  --Obtained in the storyline.
Crown of Thorns
  --Enemy hero loses 2 HP every turn
  --Defeat Kozmo in the ruins of Nar-Haraad
Plague Rat
  --Improves Zombies' poison attack
  --In the cave with Bug-Eye Magurk
Blood Ring
  --Defeating idle enemy unites replenishes your HP
  --Defeat Farnir, the elf outside the ruins in the starting area
Spider Cloak
  --Reduces your max HP by 75% but increases the PWR of all formations by 75%
  --Defeat Sir Skelton
Book of the Dead
  --Revive after death once per battle, absorbing idle units for HP
  --Defeat Sir Skelton, talk to him again, then go to the center of the
    X-shaped path to the left and press A
Talon's Talon
  --Bone dragons absorb 2x the Toughness of idle units it kills


Thorn Whip
  --Nightmares reach their max PWR when launching in unison with other
  --Win the first battle puzzle with Dillon.
Rage Shield
  --Flame damage is applied to enemy formations for an additional row.
  --Treasure in the cave left of the Screaming Hag inn
Magma Shard
  --Abyssal Lord receives 100% of the PWR of fallen ally formations.
  --Win Dillon's second battle puzzle.
Burning Horn
  --The Succubus receives a 25% boots to her attack power (she shoots an
    extra fire ball)
  --In the Screaming Hag Inn
Celerity Ring
  --Adds one extra move per turn
  --Defeat Talnir the elf
Pit Master's Tail
  --Reduces the charge time of the Pit Fiends by 1 turn
  --In a treasure box on Mount Nebyrzias
Volcano Armor
  --Burn damage is applied to enemy units that pass through your charging
  --Defeat Gut and Moody.
Crippling Flail
  --Reduces the starting charge PWR of enemy formations
  --In the cave with the Sorcerer Unit Dwelling
Chaos Crown
  --Receive HP instead of MP when creating chains
  --Do all bounty missions, including the battle after turning all the others
Revive Flame
  --Revive once per battle with 5 HP and launch all attack formations at full
  --The Jagged Tail

  --Pick up and move wall units
Absorb Circlet
  --Get MP when deleting a wall
Mana Shield
  --Enemy attacks reduce MP before affecting HP
  --Treasure box in the prison
Battle Wand
  --Begin every battle with full MP
  --Treasure box, first floor
Djinn's Sash
  --Frozen enemies shatter when struck by a djinn attack
Binding Orb
  --Increase Link bonus by 50%
  --Backtrack to the first floor of the tower and defeat the guard.
Golden Fist
  --Titan attacks destroy all walls
  --Chest on second floor
  --Rakshasa's MP depletion is not weakened by enemy units
Revival Ring
  --Revive after death once per battle with 5HP and a full MP bar.
  --Backtrack to the second floor of the tower and defeat the guard.
Transform Gem
  --You can fuse mages regardless of color
  --Backtrack to the second floor of the tower and defeat the guard.

BOUNTY LIST                                                            [bntlst]


Cromir (Elf)
    Lv 2 Bear, Druid
Skullbrow (Lv5 Necromancer)
    Skeleton, Zombie, Ebon Guard, Vampire
    In the cave northwest of Findan's lodge
Sparky (Lv8 Knight)
    Spearman Lv4, Griffin Lv3
    Along the path to the druid tree
Angrod (Lv7 Elf)
    Bear lv5, Pixie Lv5, Archers Lv5, Deer lv3
    In the druid tree
Cuthlion (Lv8 Wizard)
    Golem Lv 5, Apprentice Lv5, Gremlin Lv5, Rakshasa Lv4, Djinn Lv4
    Right after the fight against Varkas, across from Emerald Dragon dwelling


Georgie (Knight lv 4)
     Swordsman Lv2, Spearman Lv2, Archer Lv2, Knight Lv1
     The Sleeping Stag Inn
Boydon (Knight Lv6)
     Spearman Lv5, Priestess Lv2
     Next to the priestess dwelling left of Sleeping Stag Inn
Valdo (Necromancer)
     In the cave between the guard puzzles.
Erstam (Wizard Lv8)
     Apprentice Lv5, Titan Lv4
Carnax (Demon Lv12!)
     Imp Lv5, Horned Demon Lv5, Hellhound Lv5, Abyssal Lord Lv3, Nightmare Lv5


Bug-Eye Magurk
    In the cave on the lower-left side of the staring zone
Stumpy (Elf LV3)
    Elf Lv4, bear Lv4, Pixie Lv3, Druid Lv3
    Outside in the starting area
Bloodhorn (Demon Lv7)
    Horned Demon Lv5, Nightmare lv3, Abyssal Lord, lv1
    In the ruins of Nar-Haraad
Balah (Wizard Lv4)
    Apprentice, Golem, Gremlin, Djinn
    In the catacombs (building in the lower-right of the starting area)
Urolox (Demon Lv9)
    Horned Demon Lv5, Imp Lv5, Hellhound Lv5, Sorcerer Lv5
    In the cave where you buy Wraiths (defeat Golobulus)


Glut (Demon Lv4)
    Hellound, Horned Demon, Imp, Nightmare
    Next to Nightmare unit dwelling
Drak (Necromancer Lv6)
    Skeleton Lv3, Zombie Lv3, Ebon Guard Lv3, Ghost Lv5
    On the path up Mount Nebyrzias
Bly (Demon Lv8)
    Horned Demon Lv5, Abyssal Lord Lv3, Succubus Lv4
Ra Stavari (Wizard Lv8)
    Golem Lv4, Gremlin Lv4, Apprentice Lv4, Titan lv2
    In the cave to the left of the Screaming Hag Inn
Phlecher (Knight)
    Swordsman Lv5, Archer Lv5, Spearman, Lv5, Griffin lv3, Knight Lv5
    On the Jagged Tail path
????? (Knight Lv10)
    Spearman Lv5, Archer Lv5, Swordsman lv5, Angel Lv5, Sword Master lv5
    Talk to the bounty agent again after turning in all the other missions
    Receive the Chaos Crown for winning


There are no bounty missions in Nadia's campaign.

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