Beating the two demons infront of Godric?

  1. (SPOILERS) I'm stuck on the part in the Elven area where you find the two demons (Klaw and Vilrak I think?) and you have to fight them to save Godric. I can't figure out a way to defeat these guys since they rip me apart with their Advanced Units. I use: All bears, Deer, and Druids. I am level 7, all regular units are level 5, Deer/Druids are lvl 4, and I also have Treant/Emerald Dragon at level 1. Also, if there is another fight afterwards, A heads-up on that fight would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

    User Info: Foxina

    Foxina - 4 years ago


  1. Personally, when running Elven I ran all archers, treants and Unicorns. I'm well past there on storyline so can't recall if there is a fight after those two. I'd go back and level up treants and uni's and see if that helps. Basically, I overload attacks with my archers since they are a one turn charge.

    User Info: macavele

    macavele - 4 years ago 0 0

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