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Bounty Hunter
Complete all bounty side quests
Collect 'em All!
Unlock all special units
Fusion Fanatic
Triple fuse an attack formation in battle
Hero of Might and Magic
Complete all main quest and side quest objectives in all Campaigns
Legend of Battles
Reach Level 10 in online multiplayer mode
Online Hero
Win a battle in 1 vs. 1 online mode
Create a link of 5+ formations in battle
Skilled Strategist
Complete all Battle Puzzles in each Campaign
Team Player
Win a battle in 2 vs. 2 online COOP mode
Treasure Hunter
Collect all artifacts of each single player campaign
Unstoppable Army
Reach a Hero level of 10 and max out all units to level 5 in any Campaign
Young Hero
Win a battle in the Sylvan campaign
Villains Achievements
Villains of Might and Magic
Win a battle using any of the playable Villain characters
Deal an additional 100HP of damage to the enemy Hero on the finishing blow

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master and Similac

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