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Reviewed: 07/21/10

Something for fans of old and new

For many, Monkey Island 2 was/and still is a very nostalgic game for gamers.But many gamers {such as your humble reviewer} have never experienced Monkey Island 2,and the special edition is a chance to for most gamers who were in the 90's to relieve Guybrush Threepwood's second adventure,but for new players to experience it for the first time.

Story: One year after the events of The secret of Monkey Island, Guybrush Threepwood,now a full-fledged pirate,is out on the hunt of The treasure of Big Whoop.But Guybrush later finds out that his old ghost pirate nemesis Lechuck is back as a rotting corpse seeking vengeance on Guybrush and stop him from reaching Big Whoop, which is believed to have a secret.Guybrush must go on a quest to get the four map pieces that lead to Big Whoop.The dialogue and characters are very hilarious and not too many games are like this anymore.

Gameplay:This is a point and click adventure game, which means you click on an area to move, pick up items, combine items,and so on.But now you can use the left stick to move Guybrush around,which is very awkward to control.You can also transition from classic mode to the new HD mode at any time.And you can unlock concept art of never before seen backrounds, character designs etc, the challenge is at a good difficulty, making puzzles challenging.There are 4 islands in the game,You need to travel from island to island to get certain items for certain puzzles, this can be annoying since you need to travel back and forth to get a certain item , you can get hints by pressing X and can highlight items if you don't know on what is obtainable.

Graphics/Sound: The new art style is gorgeous, you can tell the artist put alot of time and effort into it, and there is a little bit of 3D. like your humble reviewer said before, you can change back to the games old art style to play it old school if you want to.One thing old school fans will find disappointing is that the originals iMUSE is not featured in this, but it doesn't impact the overall game.The Voice acting is great, Dominic Armato truly is Guybrush.

Replayability:You don't want to replay right after you beat it, but its good to re-visit in the future.usually you can replay to get to the top of the leaderboards
Conclusion:its no wonder why Monkey island 2 is a classic in gaming,from the comedy to the witty puzzles, Monkey Island 2 special edition Lechucks Revenge has something for the veterans of monkey island and new players alike.Check it out

Rating: 8

Product Release: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge (US, 07/07/10)

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