Review by UltrosSquidLord

Reviewed: 04/04/12

Quality over Quantity, not the other way around.

Graphics 7/10

The game's graphics aren't anything spectacular, they really reminded me of WoW. I'm not entirely sure that I cared for the cartoony looking graphics. Nonetheless, I can't really find much to complain about in this area.

Sound 5/10

This is an area where I felt that the game could use some improvement. It just mostly plays the same sounds over, and over again. There isn't a great variety in music, and sound effects are nothing to write home about. I just found myself bored with the soundtrack.

Gameplay 6/10

This is an area where the game would have been at it's best if not for the fact that this game is pretty much devoid of any actual difficulty. I actually did enjoy playing this game, the problem is that the game simply doesn't offer any actual challenge. Even the bosses can be stomped using the "reckoning mode" without putting any thought, or using any tactics against enemies.

I just couldn't believe that bosses went down so ridiculously fast from just regular attacks even. Totally eliminates any need for careful character development, or having to even think about how to fight enemies.

Story 5/10

The story just didn't interest me all that much, this game has plenty of lore, the problem is that there just isn't much substance to back it up. Okay, I guess the main storyline was actually somewhat interesting, but it really didn't pull me in much. I'm the "fateless one" so why do I have to be led by the hand along the path that the game has set for me? I would say that this form of rpg is just a little outdated, and should be left in the past where it belongs.

RPG elements/Character Development 4/10

This is an area where the game is clearly not doing well in, and for two important reasons. First, since you can respend your points anytime you want (with a negligible cost) there is no need for careful planning, and it also pretty much kills any replay value that this game may have had. As for the other "RPG elements" I find them to be quite lacking since every NPC seems like the same person, most of them even sound the same.

In other words this is a game that is likely to become very monotonous in a fairly short amount of time. Nobody is going to want to play this game for the 200+ hours that the game developers bragged about. There is no actual motivation to even bother with most of the side quests, since most of them all seem like more, or less the same thing. Honestly, the only reason I even bothered with the faction quests was mostly because they gave me a new set of armor/twist of fate ability.

I really think they could have done much better on the side quests. Perhaps if they had focused more on quality, and less on quantity then it could have been much better.

Conclusion 5.4/10

So to sum it up, this could have been a great new IP if they had actually worked on the areas that they needed to. They forgot something that even little kids know "quality over quantity" quality is always far more important than quantity. If you had a choice between eating ten pounds of grass, and a delicious pizza which would you take? Exactly.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (US, 02/07/12)

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