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You are surrounded
Entrap all Amoebas in any Arcade Mode cave.
Collect a total of 10.000 Diamonds in Arcade Mode.
Crush 100 Monsters in Arcade Mode.
Double KO
Crush 2 Monsters using a single Boulder in any Cave in Arcade Mode.
Great Escape
Clear all Caves of Arcade Mode.
Cogito ergo sum
Clear all Caves of Puzzle Mode.
Prison Warden
Entrap all Amoebas in any 5 caves of the Arcade Mode.
Mr. Shiny
Remove 1.000 tiles of Dirt in Arcade Mode!
Chain Reactor
Create a Chain Combo of at least 100 Diamonds in Arcade Mode.
Rock Slide
Crush 10 Monsters in Arcade Mode.
Retro Guy
Clear all Caves of Retro Mode.
Lazy Guy
Take a break in Cave 25 of Arcade Mode.

Originally Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4

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