How do I solve the bridge puzzle in the Spider Tomb?

  1. I'm playing co-op, and there is no dynamite on top of the ledge for me to blow up. Lara can grapple on the ring above the spiked spinning barrell, but she dies if she hits it. Has anyone gotten past this part in co-op? You're help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    User Info: bellydnce1103

    bellydnce1103 - 9 years ago

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  1. In co-op Totec can use your grapple as a tight-rope. Grapple above the spiked barrel and have Totec walk up and plant the bomb.

    User Info: Ender_007

    Ender_007 - 9 years ago 3   0


  1. When solo just shoot the TNT on top and then hang off the ledge of the bridge so you can go under the spiked cylinder.

    User Info: beausis

    beausis - 9 years ago 3   1
  2. If playing co-op, Lara must use her grapple on the ring above the spike thing. Totec must run up the line, lay a bomb next to the TNT and get back down. Detonate the bomb. The spike things will now come at the both of you. Its now best that both characters lay bombs and detonate them to give you enough time to roll under and head to the next room. If playing solo, just use Lara to shoot the TNT above, lay a bomb and detonate it as close to her as possible. When it flies into the air, same thing. Roll under it in a hurry and head into the next room.

    User Info: Egyptmania

    Egyptmania - 9 years ago 0   0
  3. If you hit the barrel with a bomb,it will fly up in the air giving you enough time to roll(press X)under it.

    User Info: Powerpwner

    Powerpwner - 9 years ago 1   4

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