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Guide and Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/22/2011

                   _                 _   _       _          
                  | |        /\     | \ | |     (_)         
                  | |       /  \    |  \| | ___  _ _ __ ___ 
                  | |      / /\ \   | . ` |/ _ \| | '__/ _ \
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                  |______/_/    \_\ |_| \_|\___/|_|_|  \___|

                        L.A. Noire FAQ/Walkthrough
                           Version 1.1 (5/23/11)
                           Written by ACTestaALT

 1. Version History
 2. Walkthrough
       2.1 - "Upon Reflection"
       2.2 - "Armed and Dangerous"
       2.3 - "Warrants Outstanding"
       2.4 - "Buyer Beware"
       2.5 - "The Driver's Seat"
       2.6 - "A Marriage Made in Heaven"
       2.7 - "The Fallen Idol"
       2.8 - "The Red Lipstick Murder"
       2.9 - "The Golden Butterfly"
      2.10 - "The Silk Stocking Murder"
      2.11 - "The White Shoe Slaying"
      2.12 - "The Studio Secretary Murder"
      2.13 - "The Quarter Moon Murders"
      2.14 - "The Black Caesar"
      2.15 - "The Set Up"
      2.16 - "Manifest Destiny"
      2.17 - "The Gas Man"
      2.18 - "A Walk in Elysian Fields"
      2.19 - "House of Sticks"
      2.20 - "A Polite Invitation"
      2.21 - "A Different Kind of War"
 3. Credits
 4. Legal Disclaimer

     1. Version History

Version 1.1 (5/23/11): Story walkthrough complete!
Version 0.7 (5/20/11): Story walkthrough complete up to Manifest Destiny.
Version 0.4 (5/19/11): Story walkthrough complete up to Studio Secr. Murder.
Version 0.3 (5/18/11): Story walkthrough complete up to Silk Stocking.
Version 0.2 (5/18/11): Story walkthrough complete up to Red Lipstick.

     2. Walkthrough

          2.1 - "Upon Reflection"

After the introduction sequences, drive to the flag marker located on the 
map. The crime scene is only a few blocks away from your current location.
Once you get there, follow your partner to the back of the alley. On the way
you might encounter some chimes for clues, but these are merely red-herrings
like a normal bottle.

At the back of the alley, you find the bloodstain clue. Press B to exit the 
look view and head to your left a few steps. Now look up at the open window 
to find the reflection of a gun. Follow your partner around the curve of the 
alley to a drainpipe that leads up to the roof with the gun.

After climbing up to the roof via the pipe, go left to find the gun. Examine 
it and find the model by rotating the gun to the right. Now press A to find 
out that two rounds are missing. Press B to exit the examination screen and 
head back to your car.

Press Y to enter the car or hold Y to have your partner drive you to the gun 
store. Either way, you need to select the gun store in the menu. Once you 
reach the gunstore, enter through the door and talk to the clerk. After the 
conversation, open the ledger and for Errol Schroeder in the name box or 
alternatively 27, 4 barrel, polished nickel, pearl grip in the item box.

Now that you have an address, exit the gun store and travel to Schroeder's 
apartment. Here, examine the mailboxes to find out Schroeder's apartment is 
listed as door number 2. Now go up the stairs behind you and look for door 
number two or the door with the gold handle.

After the dialogue, you must fight Schroeder. Hold LT to brawl and start 
throwing punches with A. When prompted, hold X to block Schroeder's attacks 
and after that hold X while moving the joystick to dodge his attacks. Now 
punch him a few more times, then press Y while close to him to grab him and 
headbutt him.

Now that Schroeder's been knocked out, search the apartment for clues. Look 
in the brown drawer that has been opened already to find a green book. Press 
A to open it and A again to flip through the pages to end the mission.

          2.2 - "Armed and Dangerous"

After the cutscenes, drive to the bank. As far as directions, drive forward 
until the big intersection (denoted by a bigger line on the map) then drive 
right to reach the bank. After another cutscene, you are in a firefight with 
a few criminals.

From cover, wait until the criminals peak their heads up to fire, then go out 
of cover and quickly fire at them. One criminal is behind each car; that is, 
unless you managed to kill them before they got behind the car. Now move up 
to the other side of the open doorway of your partner and press RB to take 

Wait until the criminals get out of cover before you take them down. You can 
also do blind fire to give your partner a little cover when he's shooting. 
Don't forget to reload by pressing B! There is one criminal on the left of 
the first floor behind the far pillar, one behind the clerk desk at the far 
side of the room on the first floor, and one behind the railing on the second 
floor. For the last, you can shoot through the railing to kill him.

          2.3 - "Warrants Outstanding"

While holding RT, press the left stick to run to the culprit who is running 
away from you. Scale the chain fence and follow him down the alley to a 
ladder. Climb the ladder and the stairs that follow to reach another ladder 
and finally the roof.

Follow him to the far side of the rooftop as he climbs up a drainpipe. Follow 
up the drainpipe and jump down the roof and climb back up on the other side. 
After another roof-to-roof jump, follow Wendell to the building's top exit to 
reach a cutscene.

When you have control again, beat the living daylights out of him the same 
way you did in the first mission. Take him down by grappling him with Y and 
then punch him for the Mike Tyson knockout.

          2.4 - "Buyer Beware"

After the opening cutscene, press A to examine the dead body. Press A again 
on the right side of his jacket to find a layaway ticket. Look down at the 
bottom to complete the examination of the clue. Near the body and the car by 
the road you will find shell casings. At the trash bin by the road on the 
perimeter of the crime scene you find the gun.

Examine the left side of the gun to find the make and model of the gun. Now 
go over to the man in the orange shirt to discover the girl in the shoe store 
might know more about what happened. Enter the shoe store and talk to Clovis 
Galleta. Ask the question titled "Eyewitness account."

Press Y for lie and after some more dialogue select the layaway voucher in 
the evidence section of the booklet. Now select "Possible murder suspect" in 
the questions menu. After conversation, press X to doubt what she said. 
Finally, select "Details of shooting" and press A for truth. Exit the shoe 
store and travel to Eagleson's Gun Store.

Enter the establishment and talk to the clerk to find out the location of the 
culprit - Hartfield's Jewelry Store. Travel there and enter the store. Talk 
to the man in tweed (?) in the back of the store. He states that he will get 
Mr. Kalou for you, and then he makes a mad dash via the back exit of the 

Hop over the counter and follow Kalou through the back room of the store and 
out to an alley. Keep on his tail as he goes through another store and 
crosses the street. Do not shoot at him or you will have to restart the 
mission. At the park, tap A repeatedly when prompted to tackle Kalou to the 

At the interrogation room, select the question titled "Argument with Gage." 
Respond with lie and use "Suspect positively identified" as the evidence. Now 
select the question "Possible religous motive" and when you can, select that 
you doubt what he has said. This completes the mission.

          2.5 - "The Driver's Seat"

After the cutscenes, exit the police station by following all of the exit 
signs. When you are outside, drive to the crime scene denoted by the flag 
marker on the map. At the scene, walk to the police officer for some 
dialogue, then go to the trunk of the blue car and open it.

Inspect the piece of paper to find out about the sale of the pig. Now go to 
the driver's side of the car to see the interior which is full of blood. Head 
in front of the car to marker A by the post. Inspect the wallet first: both 
the license and the picture. Now examine the eye glasses and move the 
joystick until you feel a vibration. Press A at that time and you will see 
the make of the glasses.

Walk to marker B to find a pipe with blood on it. Move the joystick until a 
vibration again to find the brand name.  Now that the area has been 
inspected, speak with the man in overalls. At the "Purpose at scene" 
question, select truth. At the "Knowledge of Adrian Black" question, select 
truth. At the "Contents of wallet" question, select doubt. Finally, at the 
"Bloodstained pipe found" question, select truth.

Go back to your car and head to the Black residence. Once you are there, 
knock on the door and enter the residence. Sit down the sofa to talk with 
Mrs. Black, but there are no questions; instead, you need to search the 
residence for clues.

Head into the dining room and look at the newspaper. On the other corner of 
the table opposite the newspaper, examine the inside of the matchbook to find 
a bar that Mr. Black might have patroned. Head through the kitchen and into 
the room with the orange-yellow rug.

This room has quite a few clues. First, examine the closet to find a train 
ticket, then look at the stuff on top of the dresser. Of interest first is 
the glass case; open it to see that the brand name matches the glasses at the 
crime scene.

Pick the picture frame next. Press A while examining it to find a hidden note 
in the back of the picture. After doing all of this, go to the kitchen and 
look at the instaheat receipt on the table. Before going outside, look at the 
instaheat flyer to get a handle on how to put the waterheater back together 
without my lackluster directions.

Go outside via the white door in the kitchen and make a U-turn right to go 
around the side of the house to the waterheater. Press A at the pipe part 
selected already and put it in the top-right slots. Press A again and put 
this part next to the last one - to the left of it on the top. After 
selecting the next part that is highlighted to placing by default, put it on 
the far left. For the last part, put it together to make a straight line on 
the right side of the waterheater.

In other words, the S put goes on the right side, on top of the waterheater; 
the small straight pipe goes on the opposite side, on top of the waterheater; 
the R shaped pipe goes to the left of the waterheater; and the long orange 
pipe with different ends goes on the upper right part of the waterheater.

Once all these parts are placed, go back inside the house and head to the 
front entryway. Use the phone to find an address for the bar, then go over to 
the couch in the living room (family room?) to talk to Mrs. Black. For the 
"Slaugherhouse receipt" question, choose truth. For the "Cavanagh's bar 
matchbook" question, select truth. For the "Location of Adrian Black" 
question, choose truth. For the "Stenzel glass case" question, select truth. 
For the "Photograph signed 'Nicole'" question, choose lie and then back it up 
with the "Concealed message" evidence.  Finally, for the "Alibi for Mrs. 
Black" question, select truth.

Go back to the car and drive to Cavanagh's Bar. Head inside and talk to the 
bartender to find out Frank Morgan is in the back. Walk through the bar to 
the back and talk to Mr. Morgan. For the "Link to abandoned vehicle" 
question, select lie and back it up with the "Receipt for live hog" evidence. 
For the "Location of Adrian Black" question, select doubt to find out where 
Mr. Black is holed up.

Head back to the car and choose Morgan's apartment as the next destination. 
Once you are there, check the mailboxes inside the first floor of the 
apartment to figure out Morgan's room is number two. Up the stairs, go left 
and knock on door number two with the gold knob.

Once the chase is started, head through the rooms, out the window, and go up 
the stairs and ladder to reach the rooftops. Follow Mr. Black as he jumps to 
a lower roof, then slide down the drainpipe. Your partner will cutoff Mr. 
Black with the car and the mission will be complete.

          2.6 - "A Marriage Made in Heaven"

After the cutscenes, exit the police station and drive to Ray's Cafe. Talk to 
the policeman to review what you already witnessed in the cutscene. Go over 
to the body and examine it. First you need to look at the right inside pocket 
to find an insurance letter.

Now look at the left inside pocket to find his wallet. After examining his 
license, exit the body examination and dialogue will ensue. Once that is 
over, go south of the body to marker C to find a blood stain that has gone 
what seems to be twenty feet.

Head to marker B next to it to see the blood splatter where the victim was 
originally hit by the car. Now go to marker A to see tire marks which must 
mean that the culprit braked his car before hitting the victim. With all this 
examining done, go to the left side of the bar and examine the trash bin to 
find a bloody knife. Move the joystick until the vibration then press A as 

Talk to Shannon Perry who is standing just outside the bar next to a 
policeman. First talk about the "Eyewitness report," to which you need to 
respond with "truth." Next is the "Suspect vehicle description," to which 
again you need to reply "truth." Finally is the "Argument" and you must reply 
"Doubt" to this one.

After that, enter the bar and read the newspaper, then talk to the bartender. 
For the "Hit and run incident" question, reply with "Doubt." For the 
"Association with victim" question, reply with "Truth." For the "Argument 
overheard in bar" question, respond with "Doubt." Finally, for the "Joint 
business venture" question, reply with "Doubt."

Exit the bar and go over to the phone across the street near your car. After 
the call, drive to the Pattison residence. Knock on the door and talk to Mrs. 
Pattison after sitting down. For "Hit and run incident," select "Doubt." For 
"Nature of argument," select "Doubt." For "Partnership with Leroy Saboy," 
select "Lie" and back it up with the insurance letter.

Exit the residence and choose the Shelton residence as your next destination.  
Now we have one of those GTA chases, only you are doing the chasing this 
time! Stay right behind the red car and bash him the rear as you follow him. 
Be wary of the pedestrians and make sure not to hit them!

I believe you can get him to stop before the train station, but I have never 
been successful at it. Try as hard as you can bashing the back and sides of 
his car. When he reaches the train station, you can bash up against him at 
full speed to stop the chase, or you will need to catch him while he trying 
to open a locked door while inside the train station.

With the chase over, get on the phone and get the message from the Coroner. 
Report to the Central Morgue now via car. Go inside the room to the right 
when you enter the Morgue. After the dialogue, you can inspect the room for 
the clues you might have missed at the crime scene initially if Cole doesn't 
put two and two together.

Either way, you end up at the Pattison residence. After the scenes, you must 
chase down Leroy. Run through the outside and follow Leroy outside. At the 
alley is the best (and first) time you can shoot at him, so I suggest you do 
so. I haven't done this without shooting him here, so I am unsure if you can 
do it after. At any rate, the case is complete.

          2.7 - "The Fallen Idol"

Exit the police station and drive to the crash site. After the dialogue, go 
to the left of the policeman (and straight above the car you travel with 
which is denoted on the map) to reach a slope that leads to the *real* crash 

Look on the hood of the car to find two clues: underwear and a letter in a 
case. First inspect the underwear, then open the case to find the letter. 
Scroll down and read it, then look inside the interior of the car via either 

Talk to the coroner and he will give you a prop head. Examine it by moving 
the head to the front and pressing A at the vibration. After this, head back 
up the hill and speak to Mrs. McAfee who is on the back of a white car.

For "Doping allegation," select "Doubt." For "Injured female passenger," 
select "Lie" and supply the "Underwear" as evidence for it. For "Fake 
shrunken head," select "Doubt." Finally, for "Suspect Mark Bishop," select 
"Doubt" again. Afterward, drive to the Central Receiving Hospital.

At the hospital, go to the nurse to find out where Jessica is located. Go 
into the room behind you and look at the recovery sheet to find evidence of 
abuse. After this, talk to Jessica about the "Crash incident report" and 
reply with "Lie." Back it up with the underwear (LOL).

Now choose "Contact with parents" and reply "Lie" again - this time, backing 
it up with the letter from mother. For "Association with Mark Bishop," choose 
"Doubt." Finally, for "Evidence of criminal abuse," choose "Truth."

Once that is done, another cutscene ensues and you need to tail someone. Just 
stay a reasonable distance away from the car. This basically means you must 
stop when they stop, even if traffic is clogged up behind you. Again, just 
stay a reasonable distance and you should be fine.

At the cafe, run up to the entrance and press RB on the right side. Once the 
man exits, hold RB and press up onthe joystick, then walk over to the second 
table on the left with the newspaper to hear the conversation. Exit the booth 
and get back inside the car - this time, heading for Bishop's apartment.

Go inside the double doors and talk to the clerk, then go left to the 
elevator. Once the elevator ride is over, go left outside and knock on 
apartment 803 denoted by the golden knob. After talking to Mrs. Bishop, 
search the apartment for clues.

Head inside the room closest to the front door and look near the red closet 
to find a twenty-thousand dollar check. Exit the room and look at the saddle 
in the hallway. Go inside the move near here and look at the stone movie 
replica on the opposite side of the room. Also, look at the movie set 
photograph right next to it.

Go down the hall to where Mrs. Bishop is at but don't talk to her. Instead, 
look at the prop store photograph on top of the dresser. Finally, look out 
the balcony and then speak to Mrs. Bishop. For "Domestic disturbance," choose 
"Doubt." For "Whereabouts of Bishop," select "Truth." For "Check for 
$20,000," choose "Lie" and back it up with the check found in the room near 
the door. Finally, for "Abuse of Jessica Hamilton," select "Doubt."

After the conversation, use the phone in the hallway to find an address. Exit 
the apartment and drive to silver screen props. Go inside and talk to Marlon 
Hopgood - he will lead you to the soundstage. Here, first look at the mirror 
in the room to find out it is a peep hole (!!!).

On the other side of the soundstage on the blue rack is chloral hydrate. You 
will need to move the item a bit to get the name. Now go outside of this room 
and to the outside area of the building. Go over to the workshop desk on the 
far side of the room and inspect the plaster head on the right side of it.

You will need to manipulate this object by mashing A while moving the 
joystick around, too. Now go to the left to find a fake wall. Press A to bash 
it in. Open the door to the left in this area to find the secret camera room. 
Here, check the film canister titled "Jessica Hamilton Mark Bishop" to find 
out nothing is there.

Look at the rack next to this desk to find another film canister, this one 
with an address. Finally, look at the other one way mirror that looks in on 
the bathroom (>_>). Now go back and talk to Marlon about everything. For 
"Association with Bishop," choose "Lie" and then the empty film canister as 

For "Whereabouts of Bishop," choose "Truth." For "Relationship with 
Ballard," choose "Lie" and the empty film canister. After the dialogue and
cutscenes, you are in a firefight again. Just use the car as cover while you
take them out one by one, and more will arrive from the right, so take them
out as well.

Once that's over, drive to the Jungle Drums Set. Run up the stairs and down 
the stairs that Bishop went. Follow him through part of the set as he jumps 
over a small plank. Follow Bishop up the stairs and over the gaps in the set. 
Up the ladder, follow him as he goes around the set some more as the set 
collapses in front of you.

For one part, you need to be on the left side of the walkway as Bishop makes 
the right side collapse. Follow him to the end of the chase. Down the ladder, 
get behind a crate and fire at the henchman. Follow Bishop to more bad guys - 
eliminate them by firing at the rightmost barrel sideways on the ground to 
blow them up.

Follow Bishop and make the jump to another platform entirely. Take cover and 
shoot at the lone henchman. Now bad guys on the other side of the set shoot 
at you from afar. Take cover and shoot them down one by one. Now look ahead 
and shoot at the bad guy on the topmost platform and to the right.

Move forward and kill the two enemies ahead of you. You can blow one up with 
the red cans. Down the ladder, get out of cover as fast as you can and blow 
up the cans to the upper right of you to kill all the bad guys. Follow your 
partner to more bad guys - here, find cover and shoot at the two of them 
until they are down. Now follow the twosome until you reach the outside area. 
Kill the men by the cars to end the case.

          2.8 - "The Red Lipstick Murder"

Drive to the crime scene. After the cutscenes, inspect the body for clues. 
First, look at the left hand of the victim. Move the joystick around until 
you see a ring is missing from her finger. Now examine the head to see the 
blunt force trauma. Finally, look at the writings on the torso of the victim. 
When you exit, they will talk about it a little.

Go to marker B and look at the size 8 shoe prints. Head to marker A on the 
other side of the victim and look inside the red purse to find brand new 
lipstick. Go to Marker C now and look at the parlor game globe. Align all 
four parts of the puzzle until they make a world map. This is fairly simple 
and straightforward.

Once the globe is aligned a lighter is found from Bamba. Now that you have 
all the clues, head to the Bamba Club in your car. After talking with the 
bartender, go to the back of the club to find McColl in a raised booth.

When talking to him, select "Truth" for "Suspect seen with victim," choose 
"Doubt" for "Ring stolen from victim," and select "Doubt" for "Knowledge of 
husband." After the first quest, you will receive a valuable bit of 
information: a license plate number.

Before leaving, go to the phone and talk about the license plate. Now head 
over to the Henry residence. After getting inside, look at the newspaper by 
the front door. Now search the area for clues. In the dining room you will 
find a size nine shoe.

Head to the opposite side of the house and search the bedroom for clues. On 
the dresser in the room is a small black jewelry box that is empty. Go back 
to the opposite side of the house and into the kitchen. Here, look on the 
fridge to find a small note.

Now you must talk with the neighbors. Go to the light blue adjacent house 
with the women just getting out of her dark blue car and talk to her. After 
the conversation, drive to Henry's apartment. After breaking in, search the 
apartment for the two clues.

The first clue is behind you in the kitchen - on the wooden counter is a pad 
of paper. While examining it, press A to shade the area. When you are done 
shading the note, it will reveal a death threat. Walk into the closed room to 
find the bedroom with an open suitcase. Inspect the shoes inside the suitcase 
to find out he has a size eleven shoe.

Go talk to Jacob now. For "Movements of victim," select "Lie" and back it up 
with the "husband's alibi" clue. For "last contact with victim," choose 
"Truth." For "Motive for murder," select "Lie" and as evidence use the "death 
threat note."

The brawl against Jacob is a little tougher than your previous brawls. Keep 
your guard up and attack right after he throws a punch. Alternatively, dodge 
his attacks and while he is swinging at air punch him back. Go to the kitchen 
and call R&I on the telephone.

After the cutscenes, drive to the central police station. Go inside interview 
room two. For "Access to murder weapon," select "Lie" and back it up with 
"husband's alibi." For "Lipstick marking," select "Truth." For "Deterioration 
of marriage," choose "Lie" and as evidence use "marital problems." Finally, 
for "Missing jewelry," select "Truth." You will get 4/4 correct.

Drive to Mendez's apartment now. Check the mailbox next to the door to find 
out Mendez's apartment is number sixteen. Go up to the fourth floor and at 
the end of the hall is his apartment. Inside, go down the hall into his 
bedroom and LOOK AT THE BLOODY SOCKET LAST. If you look at before the 
lipstick, you will miss the lipstick,

After examining the two items, Mendez bursts in and you must chase him. 
Follow him through the window onto the roof, down the ladder, over more 
rooftops, and down a drainpipe. Run inside the police car and get ready to 
drive him off the road.

For the chase, just stay close to the vehicle until your partner says he will 
take care of it. This means you must get close to the vehicle while he blows 
out the tires. You don't really need to be to the side of the vehicle; merely 
be on the bumper to get the vehicle to stop moving. When this happens, the 
car will eventually stop. You need to get out of the car and go over to it to 
end the case.

          2.9 - "The Golden Butterfly"

Drive to the crime scene and have a look around. First things first, examine 
the body up the slope. First check out the right arm to see some maybe tied-
up marks, then the neck to see a rope pattern, and finally the left hand to 
find that some jewelry is missing (again!).

Walk to marker B and open the bag to find a name. Now go to marker C near the 
tree to see some small man's footprints. Music cued off, talk to the coroner 
to find out it is a similar MO to the last case. Now go back to your car and 
drive to the Moller residence.

After getting inside, go to a bedroom passed Michelle's bedroom and 
manipulate the shoes on the ground until you find out they are size eight. 
Now go over to the dresser and look at both jewelry boxes to get the missing 
jewelry evidence.

Walk back to the front room and talk to Michelle now. Do "Last contact with 
victim" first and respond with "Doubt" to get "Husband's alibi." After that, 
choose "Missing watch and ring" and reply with "Truth." Finally, for "State 
of parent's marriage" respond with "Doubt."

Mr. Moller shows up and you need to interview him now. For "Footprints at the 
crime scene," reply with "Lie" and back it up with the "Size eight work 
boots." For "Alibi for Hugo Moller," respond with "Lie" again and as evidence 
use "Husband's alibi." For "Missing person report," choose "Doubt." Finally, 
for "History of violence," select "Lie" and back it up with the "Butterfly 

Outside, go across the street and talk to the neighbor. After this, go run 
down Hugo. You will need to tap A repeatedly when you get close to him on the 
chase to tackle him to the ground. Once this is done, inspect the shoe to see 
that blood is on it.

After the cutscenes, go to the nearest telephone to get the number for 
Bellmont High School. Before going there, you will get a call from the 
Morgue. Go to the Morgue first and talk to the coroner. Examine each rope 
sample - this is important to the case. Also look at the body a little. 
Examine the footprint mold and press A over the eight number. Before leaving, 
use the telephone.

Leave the morgue and drive to Bellmont High School. After the cutscene, chase 
down the man. This was next to impossible for me, even after taking the most 
direct route through the track field. He just seems to go faster when you get 
close, and you can't take him down when he is scaling a wall or fence. 
Luckily, all you need to do is herd him to your partner who traps him between 
the two of you.

For the fight, you really just need to grapple him and punch him once while 
he is on the ground. After the ensuing cutscenes, open the trunk and look at 
the bloody roe, overalls, and pipe. Go back to your car and use the 
telephone. Drive to the Central Police Station now.

Go inside the station and talk to the clerk. After, go left and left again to 
reach the captain. After this, go inside room one and talk to Rooney. For 
"Footprints at crime scene," respond with "Doubt." For "Place of 
employment," select "Doubt" again. For "Access to braided rope," choose 
"Truth." Finally, for "Motive of murder," reply with "Doubt."

Before you decide to convict him, you need to talk to Hugo Moller first. 
Follow your partner to the other interview room and proceed to interview 
Moller. For "Disposal of evidence," choose "Truth." For "Access to braided 
rope," select "Doubt." For "Victim's vehicle recovered," select "Lie" again 
and as evidence use the "Overalls" clue. Finally, for "Tire iron," choose 
"Lie" and back it up with the "tire iron" clue.

You can convict either Rooney or Hugo. I always convict Rooney, though, 
because he's scum and the other guy has a kid. It's your choice, however. All 
I know is the captain is positively beaming at the beginning of the next case 
when discussing this case.

          2.10 - "The Silk Stocking Murder"

At the crime scene, investigate the body first. Look at the left arm first to 
see that another wedding ring is missing from yet another dead victim. 
Examine the right arm to find a library card with the age and last name on 
it. Look at the deep wounds on the neck. Finally, look at the torso for the 
message in lipstick (*cough* yet again *cough*).

After the conversation between the foursome which kinda confirms my beliefs, 
go to marker A to find a bloody stocking. Now walk to marker C next to it and 
look at the trail of blood. Follow it to find a ladies hat. Follow to the 
trail of blood in the direction of your car until it veers off to a trash 
can. Examine the bloody shoe in the trash can.

Continue following the blood trail to reach a bloody pipe with keys on it. 
Manipulate the item to get the number on the key. The blood trail veers off 
to the left - follow it to find a sheet of paper with dots on it. Climb up 
the ladder near your partner to reach the rooftop.

On the roof, go to the wooden chicken area to find an envelop that is empty. 
Jump down from this roof to another and follow the blood trail to a gold-
plated makeup case. Go up the drainpipe and look at the ring dangling with a 
string. It is sparkling.

Jump the wall ahead of you and take a look at the bloody paint brush near the 
bucket. After that, look at the library card in the purse in the corner of 
this area next to the paint brush. The music cues off, and you need to drive 
to Antonia's residence now.

Knock on the door and talk to Barbara in the parlor. Afterward, go up the 
stairs and open the gold knob door at the end of the hall. Inside, examine 
the broken window and iron picket. Walk over to the dresser and look at the 
charm bracelet photograph. Finally, look at the petition letter in the 
luggage on the bed.

Run back to the parlor and talk to Barbara about the case. For "Possible 
suspects," reply with "Truth." For "Movements of victim," respond with 
"Doubt." For "Evidence of break-in," select "Lie" and use the broken window 
as evidence. Finally, for "Breakdown of marriage," choose "Lie" and back it 
up with the charm bracelet photograph.

Leave the boarding house and drive to El Dorado Bar. After a little dialogue 
with the bartender, open the envelop to see the divorce letter. For the 
questions with Diego, respond "Doubt" to "Missing jewelry" and "Truth" to 
"Movements of victim."

Drive to the fruit market. It will be closed, so drive to the Maldonado 
residence. Inside, go up to the third floor and bust down the door. This 
brawl is a bit tougher than the others; keep your guard up and look for 
openings after you dodge a punch. After a few successful blows, grapple him 
and punch him while he is on the ground.

After the cutscene, walk to the kitchen and look at the fruit market crate on 
the ground near the sink. On the other side of the sink on the counter is an 
El Dorado matchbook. Finally, there is a bloody long-sleeved shirt on a 
clothes-line in the kitchen also.

Interview all the people you can on the third floor. One guy works nights, 
and the other put his kids to sleep early. The woman at room 302 has a good 
story to tell, though. Drive to El Dorado manually when you are phoned by 
central station to come back.

Once you have driven there, follow your partner downstairs to technical 
services. Examine the letter and the poem. After a cutscene, walk to 
interview room two back upstairs and talk with Angel. For "Last contact with 
victim," select "Lie" and back it up with the husband's alibi. For the 
jewelry taken from the body, select "Truth." For "Divorce proceedings," 
choose "Lie" again and as evidence use the divorce papers. For the 
bloodstained shirt, choose "Doubt."

After the interrogation, drive back to the fruit market again. Go inside and 
talk to Clem at the checkout counter. For "Distinctive necklace," choose 
"Doubt." For "Contact with victim," select "Doubt" again. For "Movements of 
victim," reply with "Truth."

Now that you have interviewed a witness, go through the green doubledoors in 
front of you. Inspect the bloody scalpel on the desk, then look at the open 
file cabinet to find a box with a weird combination lock. Move the dice so 
they go 2, 5, and 3, and it will open. These are the same numbers as on the 
piece of paper in the beginning of the investigation.

Look at the jewelry that matches the charm bracelet, then exit the 
examination screen for a cutscene. For the chase, it will be a little while 
before he starts to go slower for the game to give you a chance to shoot out 
his tires and spin him out. Just stay with him and avoid pedestrians. When 
the moment comes (you will know this because he goes SLOW), get up beside him 
and take his car out. When he's immobile, get out of your car to end the 

          2.11 - "The White Shoe Slaying"

At the crime scene, examine the head of the body to find a dry cleaning 
label. Look near marker B to find shoe prints. Finally, go to marker C to see 
tire tracks. Walk back to your car when a policeman arrives with a witness of 
the homicide.

Talk to Catherine about suspicious people and reply with "Truth." After that, 
go to the phone and make a call to get the addresses for the two locations 
you need. Now that you have everything here, drive to Superior Laundry 

Go inside the laundromat and talk to the clerk at the back of the store. He 
will give you a ledger; look for "1X Green Silk Dress" on the first page and 
press A on it. Head back to your car and drive to 43 Emerald Street now. Once 
you are there, go inside and watch the cutscene, then get on the phone near 

It's time to inspect the area. First, head to the bedroom where the wife and 
husband sleep. Look on the dresser to find a matchbook - this will give you a 
new location to explore on the map. Also on the dresser of interest is a 

Head through the kitchen to the laundry room and look at all the different 
incriminating items here. Of interest is the muddy shoes, handbag, and wet 
jacket. The handbag on the counter contains lipstick (useless but Cole states 
it saves her an "indignity") and her license which is of particular interest.

Walk outside now and make a U-turn right to reach a boat. Go to the front of 
the boat and look at the cut rope. Go back inside and interview Lars 
Taraldsen. For "Possible suspects," select "Lie" and use the bow rope as 

For "Alibi for Lars Taraldsen," choose "Doubt." For "Victim's state of 
mind," select "Doubt" again. Finally, for "Last contact with victim," choose 
"Lie" and back it up with the muddy boots. Exit the residence and drive to 
Baron's bar.

Go inside to initiate a conversation with Benny Cluff. For the questions, 
choose "Truth" for "Last contact with victim," "Doubt" for "Vagrant male 
suspect, and "Truth" for "Yellow cab 3591." After the next cutscene, run 
after him and he will stop a car. Get it in and chase him down.

This car chase is more difficult than the previous ones, but that doesn't 
mean it's too hard. Merely follow him as close as you can and after a while 
he will get out of his car. Get out of your car and chase him down - the dumb 
dumb will run into a no exit alley.

When interrogating him, choose "Doubt" for "Contact with victim" and "Doubt" 
again for "Account of movements." After the cutscene, go down the street and 
across the intersection to a phone. After the conversation, drive to the 
Central Police Station.

Walk to interview room two and interrogate James Jessop. Reply with "Doubt" 
to both of the questions. Upon leaving, you get a message from a policeman of 
a disfigured "hobo" that matches your description (well, yeah, he's 

Head to the "Hobo" Camp in your vehicle. At the camp, you need to fight 
Stuart. Don't worry about the others as your partner will either shoot them 
or fight them. For this fight, just mash A repeatedly until you can grapple 
with Y. After that, it's as simple as punching him while he's on the ground.

After this, go into the shack and look at the newspaper for a cutscene. Once 
this is over, look inside the purse for a dancing receipt and also look at 
the bloody rope on the nightstand next to his bed. After all of this is done, 
head back to the Central Police Station.

Here, you need to interrogate Stuart Ackerman. For "Motive for murder," 
select "Lie" and choose the bloody rope piece as evidence. For "Contact with 
victim," select "Doubt." This ends the case.

          2.12 - "The Studio Secretary Murder"

Leave the police station and drive to the pawnbroker. Inside the store, talk 
to the pawnbroker and look at the engravings on the inside of both of the 
rings. After this, you automatically talk to the owner again and then you 
need to travel to the railyard.

At the railyard, inspect all of the clues. First is the body - look at both 
the right hand for a missing ring and the side of the head for vagrancy. At 
this point, the coroner will give you the time of death. After this, walk to 
the yellow blanket and look at all of those items.

Of interest here is the handbag, which contains both a torn letter and a 
movie lot job ID card. Look at the matchbook also on the blanket to find a 
bar address. Finally, inspect the grocery list for another address, this time 
to a liquor store.

Interview John Jameson Ferninand, who is the railyard worker in coveralls. 
After inspecting the lipstick, ask him some questions. First is "Interference 
with evidence," to which you should reply "truth." Second is "Discovery of 
the victim's body," to which you should respond with "Doubt."

After this, go to the phone and call for an address. Drive to the liquor 
store now. Once you get to the back, look at Aristotle's Metaphysics book 
near the bed and open it to get a name. In addition, inspect the bowling pin 
for the name of a place.

Walk back to the middle of the liquor store and speak to Robbins. For 
"Contact with victim," choose "Truth." For "Relationship with victim," select 
"Truth" again. Finally, for "Knowledge of McCaffrey," choose "Doubt." After 
this, drive to Mensch's Bar.

After the cutscene, walk over to the man behind you and talk to him. For the 
conversation with Grosvenor McCaffrey, reply "Doubt" to "Criminal history" 
and "Lie" (back it up with the Aristotle book) to "Relationship with 
victim." Once this conversation is over, go back to your car and get in when 
you get a call to go back to the police station.

Here, go inside and downstairs to the evidence room. After the dialogue, 
locate the nearest phone to get another address. Head back to your car and 
drive to Rawling's Bowling Alley. Once you reach there, walk along the left 
side of the lanes and go through the exit door to find your man.

He runs, of course. Chase him in the car. This car chase is a bit easier than 
the last few; just stay within distance of Tiernan and he will go into a 
tunnel. He goes slower at this time, allowing you to take out his tires and 
ram into his side to get him to stop. Get out of your car to arrest him.

Drive to McCaffrey's apartment now. Look at the mailbox outside to find out 
that McCaffrey is in apartment six. Go up the stairs to the right and take a 
left at next floor to reach the room. Bash in the door and take a look 

The first thing you need to look at is the other half of the torn letter on 
the desk in the family room/bedroom area to your right. After that, take a 
look at the bloody tire iron on the ground next to the bloody shirt. At this 
time, a lady walks in and tells you that McCaffrey spends his time in a 
chicken coop upstairs.

Go back out of the room and up the stairs to the third level. Take a right at 
the T junction and go up the stairs to your right to reach the roof. Here you 
will find McCaffrey and a chase ensues. Run over the catwalk and barrel down 
the ladder/stairs. Follow McCaffrey a few blocks and you will then have the 
option of repeatedly tapping A to tackle him to the ground.

Head back to the police station. Go to interview room number one to 
interrogate Tiernan. For "Relationship with victim," chose "Lie" and back it 
up with the victim last seen. For "Victim's book found," reply with "Doubt." 
For "Alibi for James Tiernan," choose "Lie" and back it up with the liquor 
purchase. Finally, for "Access to murder weapon," reply with "Doubt."

Leave interrogation and go to interview room two to interrogate McCaffrey. 
For "Alibi for McCaffrey," select "Lie" and back it up with the torn letter. 
For "Access to tire iron," choose "Lie" and use Tiernan's accusation. Exit 
the interrogation room and use the phone very close to you.

Walk back to James Tiernan and ask another question. For "Events prior to 
murder," select "Lie" and use McCaffrey's accusation as proof. Leave 
interrogation. Back at McCaffrey's interview room, for "Military service" 
choose "Lie" and as evidence use McCaffrey's criminal record. Charge 
McCaffrey with the murder to finish the case.

          2.13 - "The Quarter Moon Murders"

Examine the three items on the table from the Dahlia maniac. Drive to the 
square. Jump up the fountain and look at the two items. If you decipher the 
clue, you will know that the next place you need to go to is the Hall of 
Records. Press pause and go to the map screen, find the "?" for the 'hall, 
and drive there.

Inside, speak to the man at the desk. Climb the stairs and follow your 
partner to the maintenance room. Climb the ladder and open the door. For this 
little "minigame," you must walk across the tightrope to the chandelier. This 
is not very tough; when Cole leans one way, stop and move the joystick in the 
other direction to get him straight.

Once you reach the chandelier, inspect both clues - the watch and another 
letter. For the chandelier swing, just go with the motion until you can jump 
to safety. Back outside, go to your map and set the LA public library as your 
next destination.

After driving there, climb the drainpipe to reach a rooftop. Ascend to the 
next rooftop via the rack with the bucket on it. Here, run over to the 
ladder, climb it, and run over to the wooden plank. This is the same as the 
chandelier minigame; when Cole leans one way, correct him by pushing the 
joystick in the other direction.

Once you have reached the other side, go up the drainpipe, climb the ladder, 
and jump the gaps. Follow the linear path - going up and down ladders and 
crossing planks, until you reach the top. At one point, you will need to go 
back down - don't let this alarm you, as it is a step in the right direction.

When you reach the top, go to the direct opposite corner of the ladder to 
find the next clue and letter. Set the next destination as the Westlake Tar 
Pits on the map and drive to that location. It is in the lower left hand 
corner of the map.

After driving to the tar pits, cross the tar pit. You can see the faint 
bridge through the tar if you manipulate the camera to an aerial view. When 
you reach the island, look at the shoe and the next letter. Set your next 
destination as the LA County Art Museum. (It's just above the tar pits on the 

At the museum, follow the maze signs until you reach the maze. The maze is 
rather simple; just remember to go right at the first junction. When you 
reach the center, inspect both clues. Run back to your car and set the 
Intolerance Set as your next destination.

Climb the sets of stairs a little bit ahead of you and jump the gap. For this 
challenge, you must balance the platform. To do this, merely stand in the 
opposite direction of where it is about to fall. After your partner lays down 
a platform in front of you for you to jump, stay forward on the moving 
platform and jump onto the new one.

Follow the catwalk until you reach a yellow ladder. Down it, go up to the 
throne itself and inspect the ring and letter. After this, the set starts to 
fall apart. Turn right the corner and then go straight all the way to the 

Set the church (located right around the Intolerance Set) as your next 
destination. You must drive to it manually. When you reach it, go inside the 
church itself for a cutscene. After, go up to the altar to find that he is 
fleeing. Go left from the altar and bust open the door to the house.

Go left from the entrance and then right to reach the bathroom. Inspect the 
bloody tire iron and the bathtub. Go down the ladder and get ready for a gun-
n-run. On my playthroughs, I managed to kill him after the first corner. What 
I would do is run passed the first opening to the corner and the Dahlia 
maniac would just walk over to the corner. Once he was passed the corner, I 
would shoot the living daylights out of him. Case closed? >_>

          2.14 - "The Black Caesar"

After the cutscene, drive to the crime scene. Ascend the stairs and go right 
when you are up them, then take the last door on the left. Once the cutscene 
inside is finished, inspect the wallet on the ground right next to you. Look 
at the license and the numbers slip in the wallet.

In that same inspection area, look at the popcorn container now. Manipulate 
the object around to look at the name on it, then press A to see that tape 
was on the bottom of it. Go to the man on the ground now and look in his 
right shirt pocket to find another wallet. Look at the license and the radio 
note in the wallet.

Walk to the table behind you and look at the folded paper on it. It is the 
strange doodle clue. You can also look at another popcorn container with tape 
on it again and a sheet of music here, too. The popcorn on the ground right 
next to the table has a syringe by it, so look at that, too. There are two on 
them - one seemingly empty and the other seemingly not used.

Head into the kitchen and look at another popcorn cup on the counter. 
Manipulate the object, then press A twice to see that there is morphine taped 
under it. Finally, look at the body on the chair in the front room. After 
this, exit the crime scene and drive to Black Caesar Food Hut.

After the cutscene, follow the man over the wall and up the drainpipe to the 
rooftop. Continue pursuing him on top of the roof until he knocks you out 
akin to another suspect at the beginning of the game. For the fight, keep 
your guard up and when you get an opening keep mashing A to hit him over and 
over. Soon the game will prompt you to press B to end the fight.

Go inside the food hut and open the brown box on the ground to find a 
morphine supply. On the opposite part of the room is a case that contains a 
musical instrument and two clues. First is the numbers slip inside part of 
the musical instrument. The other is the blue room pass. Walk back out and 
talk to Fleetwood.

For "Morphine overdose victims," respond with "Lie" and choose the morphine 
for distribution as the evidence. For "Numbers slips recovered," reply with 
"Doubt." After the cutscene, use the phonebooth behind you to get an address. 
Now head to Jones' Booking Agency.

Ascend the stairs and open the door. At the circular room with all the doors, 
it will be the door to your left. Inside, talk to Jermaine so he can "allow" 
you to search the place. Walk over to the radio in the corner of the room. 
Change the middle knob to FM and the right knob so it is on 275. Finally, 
turn the volume all the way up to reveal a secret compartment in the radio.

After the cutscene, fight the two guards. They aren't so tough - not even as 
tough as the last fights. When you take one down, help your partner with the 
other. Once you've knocked them out, look at all the items in the radio. Of 
interest is the cash, numbers slip, morphine, and label underneath the 
label's lid. Go back and talk to Jermaine.

For "Army surplus morphine," select "Doubt." For "Involvement of 'Ottie'," 
select "Lie" and use the distributor identified as evidence. Finally, for 
"Link to Ramez Removals," choose "Doubt." After the cutscene, use the phone 
to get another address. Drive to the numbers operation.

Here, open the door and ascend the stairs. After the cutscene, go over to the 
slot machine in front of you (it's lit up) and play the game. Your goal here 
is to make cherry, bell, and win in that order. You can hold one when you get 
it, so you don't need to keep it doing it with all three spinning; merely 
hold it when you see cherry in the left slot, bell in the middle, or win on 
the right.

In the secret compartment, look at the label on the lid, the morphine, and 
the numbers slips. After this, you need to chase down Merlon. He goes across 
a parking lot to a diner and in my playthrough he ran into a patron walking 
in and fell down. If that doesn't happen, just pursue him and tackle him to 
the ground when prompted.

After the cutscene, you need to open a cane to reveal a note, then you must 
talk to Merlon. For "Army surplus morphine," choose "Lie" and back it up with 
the Finkelstein identification. For "IOU note from Jose Ramez," select 
"Truth." Drive to Ramez Removals now.

Seems your purp just drove off. For this chase, stay with him and his truck 
should just fall apart on its own. Try to shoot out the tires by driving to 
the side of him or closely behind him. Spin him out when you think you've got 
some tires.

Once you successfully complete the chase, inspect the newspaper on the wooden 
desk in front of you. Examine the ledger behind you and look at the Polar Ice 
company and Merlon's name. Walk back to the entrance to see puddles of water 
everywhere. Follow the puddles of water as they go in and out of all the 
furniture in the center of the room. This leads to a ladder.

Climb the ladder and run over to the crane controls to the left and behind 
you. See the blue room? That's the ice room; use the crane to move the boxes 
in front of the door so you can enter the room. Once that's done, go back 
down the ladder and enter the room.

Inside, look at the ice block with a box in it. Cole automatically gets out 
his gun; shoot the ice block a few times for it to shatter and reveal the 
box. Look at more morphine in the box. Once the cutscene is over, chase Jose 
in the furniture store. He stops after a few turns (to what?) and you can 
shoot at him to injure him and end the chase.

Drive to the Polar Bear Ice Company. After the cutscene, chase Finkelstein 
through his ice depot. There are enemies around every corner in addition to 
the man you are chasing. When you reach the area with the ice blocks 
everywhere, take cover all you can. You can go as slow as you like because 
Finkelstein is trapped in here. Ascend the stairs once all the henchmen are 
down and kill Finkelstein in a quickdraw. Open the green crate near your 
partner to end the case.

          2.15 - "The Set Up"

After the cutscenes, go to the men pounding on the door. After the next 
cutscene, walk over to the locker that the man stated - the second from the 
left next to the pinboard. Look at the note of the odds for some fights. 
Nothing else is of interest in the locker. Go look at the newspaper to learn 
more about our "magical" psychiatrist.

Leave the locker room and enjoy the taunting cutscene. Go to the telephone on 
the map and use it to find an address. Drive to Hotel El Mar and talk to the 
clerk behind the desk. After the cutscene, look at "Winston Churchill" on the 
ledger. Ascend the stairs to the second floor and the room will be right in 
front of you.

Walk to the table and look at the handout. If you press A in the lower right 
hand corner of it, you will get a POI. Look on the dresser for a heart full 
of chocolates and a movie ticket. Look on the ground near the trash for a 
telegram. Finally, look on both nightstands for a calculation sheet and a 
stubbed cigarette.

Music cued off, go back to the car and select the Candy Edwards Address as 
your next destination. Go inside the lobby and talk to the lady about what 
apartment she lives at. Follow her directions, going back outside and up 
stairs, then go left and inside apartment seven.

This fight was very easy for me; I just mashed A and he went down cold. After 
the fight, inspect both of pockets for another odds bookie paper and a 
switchblade. The dresser next to him has a Cunard Line picture and a one-way 

For the conversation with Candy, choose "Lie" and magazine coupon for 
"Whereabouts of Hammond," select "Lie" and bookmaker's payouts for "List of 
odds recovered," and choose "Doubt" for "Plans to leave town." After the 
cutscenes, you need to follow Candy.

This can be tough if you just look at the map instead of Candy. She will turn 
back a few times and if you are moving at all, you fail the mission. Also, 
you can't get too close to her. Press A for incognito when prompted. Finally, 
you can't let her out of your sight or let her get too far ahead of you. With 
these parameters, follow her to the bookmakers.

For those that are having trouble, remember to *look at candy*. If you can 
see her, you will not lose her. She *will* stop a handful of times, so stop 
when she stops. Finally, she makes some quick turns through alleys and such, 
so you might need to run to get her back in your sights.

Back with your partner at the car, go into the store and talk to the clerk. 
Afterward, head over to the telephone and use the pencil to shade in the 
information you need to know. With the address, go back to the car and drive 
to the drugstore.

Go inside the store and after the cutscene look at the yellow cab card on the 
stand next to the phone. Use the phone, then talk to Mervin. Drive to Ray's 
Bookmakers and you will see Candy get in a cab. You need to tail her without 
getting caught. This is exactly like the other time you had to do it only 
this time you have to do A LOT of turns. Remember to stay back and don't turn 
too soon because the cabbie goes slower on the turns.

When you get to the depot, walk inside and stay at the corner. Candy goes 
into the restroom and you here a shot. Proceed to the restroom for a 
cutscene. Examine the gun closely and then look inside the purse for a 
theater ticket. Drive to the Egyptian Theater.

Run inside and go through the multiple sets of doors to reach the grand 
conclusion. This is a tough firefight. Take out the guys at the bottom of the 
theater first, then shoot at the main guy up in the booth. He will eventually 
run to the center - go to the other side of the theater, use the seats as 
cover, and take him out. In my playthrough, I had to go up the stairs to the 
center upper area to kill him. Once everyone is dead besides Hammond, the 
case is closed.

          2.16 - "Manifest Destiny"

Drive to the 111 Club. After the cutscene, look at the body at marker A to 
discover the man had a dozen rounds pumped in him. At the other dead body 
located at marker C, empty his right pocket to find some more morphine. At 
marker B, inspect the small metal mouthpiece and put it back to hear a 
clicking sound. Do this for the other two mouthpieces and you will open a 
secret compartment in the case.

Look at the blue room ticket and then the morphine in the secret compartment. 
Behind you is a side room marked "Exit." Go inside and look at both the Valor 
cigarette crate and the BARs next to the wall. Once this is done, the 
investigation music cues off.

Go back to the main room and talk to the hostess. For "111 Club shooting 
incident," choose "Doubt." For "Knowledge of McGoldrick," select "Truth." 
Exit the club (the exit is near the restrooms). Drive to the blue room and 
enter through both double doors to see Elsa.

Respond with "Doubt" to both "Army Surplus morphine" and "Morphine overdose 
victims." After the dialogue, you must follow Elsa to wherever she is going. 
She is in the yellow taxi cab. This tail minigame is no different from the 
others; stay a reasonable distance away, stop when the driver stops, and move 
in when Cole says to do so.

After that, you are at yet another club. Follow the host to the table with 
Mickey. For the conversation, reply with "Doubt" to both "Finkelstein drug 
operation" and the "111 Club shooting incident." Afterward, leave the club 
and drive to the Hollywood Police Station.

Go upstairs to the detective room where Harry is located. Look at the ledger 
and tap on everything circled in red - the cigarettes, the morphine, and the 
guns. After the cutscene, head back outside (follow the exit signs) and drive 
to the Bus Shooting.

A machine gunner is firing at will from atop a building. You need to take him 
out quickly, so run ahead as fast as you can to the building. You will get 
fired at a few times, but if you run quick enough and wait for cover fire, 
you should be fine.

At the front of the building with the machine gunner, go right and around the 
building to find an escape ladder. Up it, take cover behind the top of the 
building and kill the machine gunner. After the cutscene, run over to the 
body and look in his pockets to find a pocketbook. In addition, inspect the 
gun to find it is one of the same as before.

You must talk to Felix now - for "Informed of Coolridge heist" respond with 
"Doubt" and for "Motive for shooting" select "Lie" and as evidence use the 
pocketbook you found on the sniper. Run over to the street telephone to get 
Kelso's address.

After driving there, you will witness a few cutscenes and you need to 
interview Jack Kelso. For "Army surplus morphine," respond with "Doubt." For 
"Ex-Marine McGoldrick," reply with "Truth." For "Arms stolen from 
Coolridge," select "Truth." Finally, for "SS Coolrdige robbery," choose 

You need to drive to Robert's Diner now. After the cutscene, chase the two 
bad guys down in your car. You don't need to drive them off the road or shoot 
at their tires - merely follow them and they will stop at an alley. Exit your 
vehicle, take cover behind the corner, and proceed to gun them down.

After that's done, walk over to your partner to find a newspaper lying on the 
ground. Once you've seen the cutscene, examine the body of the bad guy behind 
you on the ground. Look in both of his pockets in his coat to find a list of 
people's names and a notebook. Drive to Grauman's Chinease theater now.

Once the cutscene is over, drive like hell following the bad guys around 
town. Again, you don't need to drive them off the road or shoot their tires 
out - just stay on their tail as they drive recklessly about town. Soon, they 
will spin out on their own. Once this happens, get out of your car and shoot 
them as they get out of their car. They tried to run in my playthroughs.

Drive to the Hollywood Post Office now to witness a firefight in progress. 
Behind a car, shoot down the three or four bad guys firing from the windows, 
then move up to the windows and take out the enemy behind the wooden counter. 
After this, go over to the inspect the body and you will hear a confession. 
Examine the card in the left hand. Run across the room and to the right in a 
small nook you will find another body. Search the pockets to find a note.

Go back outside to your car and drive to the meeting place. It's a trap! From 
cover, kill the two guys in front of you. I killed one before he even began 
to move, but the second decided to run behind the building to the left and 
shoot from there. Light him up when he peeks out.

Move up a little and fire at the new car with two enemies. Using the corner 
as cover, take out the guys to your right. When one is left, run behind the 
new car and fire at the enemy up the stairs. Run after the last few enemies 
fleeing (and yet staying close by) and kill them.

Drive back to the police station and go to interview room two (follow the 
signs). For "Sixth Marines being targeted," choose "Lie" and back it up with 
the shooter's notebook. Finally, for "SS Coolridge robbery," respond with 
"Lie" and choose Beckett's confession as evidence.

          2.17 - "The Gas Man"

Drive to the Steffen House Fire. On the left side of the house, right near 
the fence, is a blackened waterheater on the ground. Look at it to find out 
that it was serviced recently. Interview the man in the green shirt next to 
the house.

For "Travel competition," choose "Truth." For "Suburban redevelopment," 
select "Doubt." After the conversation, run down the street and use the phone 
for an address. Now drive to the Sawyer House Fire. Go inside the crime scene 
to talk to Mal.

After this, take a glance at the three bodies on the green blanket. In 
addition to the bodies, you will find a regulator valve on the sidewalk near 
the left-front of the house. After the cutscene, chase down the man. This is 
rather simple - follow him through the diner and when close press A 
repeatedly to tackle him to the ground.

After the cutscene, drive to Gullver's Travel Agency. After the scene, tap 
your hand over the Sawyer and Steffen family in the ledger. They are both on 
the first page. For the conversation with John, for "Suburban redevelopment" 
select "Truth" and for "Promotional travel contest" choose "Doubt."

Drive to the suburban redevelopment now. Go inside the gold knobbed door and 
inspect the memo on the desk in front of you. After this, drive to the fire 
station. Go inside to talk with Lynch and get a clue along with a name. For 
the puzzle, put the blue one (the regulator valve) in the middle, the yellow 
one on the right side, and the T pipe one on the left side.

Drive to the InstaHeat factory and go inside to talk to the secretary. Ivan 
is behind you - follow the "Manager" signs to reach him. For the questions, 
answer "Doubt" to "InstaHeat model" and "Lie" to "Heater service history" and 
back it up with the heater serviced by Ryan. Use the phone on the stand 
between the door and the light.

Talk to the manager again to get the three addresses. Look in the three 
lockers now to find anarchist pamphlets and mosquito coils. Exit for a 
cutscene. Drive to Clemens' worksite. For "Knowledge of Varley," select 
"Doubt." For "Employment with InstaHeat," choose "Doubt." Finally, for 
"Knowledge of Ryan," select "Lie" and back it up with Clemens' anarchist 

Drive to Varley's Worksite now. After the cutscene, chase down Varley. Just 
run after him and tap A repeatedly when prompted. Drive to Ryan's Worksite 
now. After the cutscene, you need to chase Ryan in the police car. You don't 
need to shoot at his tires or run him off the road - just stay close enough 
to him and he will get ran over by a bus.

Drive to the police station. Go to interview room two to find Varley. For the 
"Work  at Sawyer residence" question, respond with "Lie" and choose the 
heater serviced by Varley as evidence. For "Suburban redevelopment" reply 
with "Lie" and select the Walter Clemens' statement to back it up. Finally, 
for "InstaHeat Model 70," respond with "Lie" and as evidence use the mosquito 
coils. Leave the interrogation (do not charge him). 

Go to interview room one to meet Ryan again. For "Anarchist literature," 
select "Lie" and choose Ryan's anarchist pamphlets as evidence. For 
"InstaHeat Model 70," select "Lie" again and use Ivan Rasic's statement to 
back it up. For "Suburban redevelopment," choose "Doubt." For "Attempted 
murder charge," select "Lie" and choose "Ryan's criminal record" as evidence. 
Finally, charge Ryan with the murders and arsonry to end the case.

          2.18 - "A Walk in Elysian Fields"

Drive to the crime scene. Follow Mal inside and watch the cutscene. Look at 
the burn victims and the photograph at marker B. Head outside and read the 
newspaper on the ground to your left. Behind you is another waterheater to 
inspect on the house's edge.

Now go to the neighbor next door who flagged you but before talking to him 
look at the two clues near the tree in his yard. The first is the multiple 
cigarettes and the second is the footprint. Talk to Dudley the neighbor about 
the case.

For "Suspicious activity," select "Doubt." For "Morelli fire witness 
report," select "Doubt" again. For "Planned demolitions," choose "Doubt" a 
third time. Finally, for "Promotional travel contest," choose "Truth." After 
the cutscene, press A on the paper to unfold it. After another cutscene, look 
at the Elysian flyer.

Use the phone on the wooden pole and then travel to Rancho Escondido. After 
the cutscene, brawl the two guys until you've knocked them out. After this, 
look at the brick on the house's corner you are nearest to see it fall apart 
completely. Travel to Elysian fields.

Go inside, talk with the secretary, and go upstairs to talk to another 
secretary and finally Monroe. For "Elysian linked to arsons," select 
"Doubt." For "Promotional travel contest," select "Lie" and back it up with 
the Elysian fields flyer. For "Local land acquisition," choose "Doubt." For 
"Rancho Escondido fire," select "Lie" and choose poor cement quality as 

After the cutscene, walk out of the office and at the upstairs secretary's 
desk look at the paper list. Tap on Chapman's name. Head back downstairs, go 
through the door on your right, and make a call to dispatch on the phone. 
After the cutscene, drive to Chapman's apartment.

Look in the back of the car to find ammo, another mosquito coil, and finally 
another flyer. After the ensuing cutscene, follow the tram as it wreaks havoc 
on the area. When prompted, get to the side of the tram for your partner to 
blow out the wheels. Once this happens and the tram stops, get out and kill 
Chapman to complete the case.

          2.19 - "House of Sticks"

Scroll down to the bottom of the letter. For the file, move the pink paper 
and read the letter. For the conversation with Elsa, choose "Doubt" for 
"Disputed claim payout." For "Connection to Buchwalter," choose "Doubt" 
again. Finally, for "Motive for dispute," select "Truth."

Follow the secretary to Mr. Benson's office. After the cutscene, drive to the 
Elysian fields site. Go inside and look at the receipt, order, and memo on 
the two desks. Exit the office to meet a fight. Press A repeatedly and press 
Y when prompted. Drive to the Demolished House destination.

Look at each of the construction supplies at the red flag markers, then go 
left to reach the back side of the house. Piece together the wood (it's the 
first default selected) to find a name. After the cutscene, run from the 
bulldozer and fire at him to slow him down. After that, use the phone down 
the street and drive to Keystone Film Company.

After the cutscene, hop the fence and go down the road a little until you see 
a doorway on your left. Go inside and walk up to the film projector on the 
table. Turn it on and adjust the settings so you can see and hear what is 
going on in the film. To do this, switch the direction of the film (bottom 
lever), slow the speed of the film, and change the focus so you can see it.

After this, look at the film canister on the table behind you and exit the 
room. Go straight around the building and then right to reach an area with a 
bunch of lumber. On two of these piles of planks you will find two clues: the 
inferior quality lumber clue and a receipt.

Hop the fence and use the phone at the guard post. After this, you 
automatically drive to the Blue Room. Once the cutscene is over, drive to 
Elysian fields site two. Go inside the house with the flickering light and 
ascend the stairs. In the back room you need to fight some enemies after a 
cutscene - lose on purpose to speed up the process

After the cutscenes, run to the street and a man exits his vehicle. Get in it 
and drive off. I didn't need to use any avoidant tactics while fleeing away 
from the henchman; merely keep your foot on the gas to get away. Follow the 
golden marker to reach the apartment and end the case.

          2.20 - "A Polite Invitation"

Once the cutscene with Elsa is complete, exit the hospital and drive to 
Benson's apartment. At the apartment area, knock on apartment door two. After 
the cutscene, examine the share certificate in the folder on the table and 
the insurance agreement on the desk next to the table. Burst open the 
doubledoors and then talk to Benson.

For "Motive for fraud," select "Lie" and use the share certificate as proof. 
For "Suburban redevelopment," choose "Lie" again and as evidence use the 
insurance agreement. Finally, for "Buchwalter case settlement," choose 

Drive to California Fire and Life. Go inside and use the elevator. Inside 
Kelso's office, look at the case file on the desk. Tap the top right letters 
on the blue paper, then tap on February on the pink paper. After the 
cutscene, go inside and speak to the guard/clerk.

Ascend the first set of stairs, then go left to reach the room you wanted. 
Talk to the clerk and follow him to the ledger you need. Turn the page by 
press A in the lower left hand corner and tap Courtney Sheldon's name on the 
opposite page.

Follow the clerk to the green table and use it to find the lot number. Set 
the latitude to 34-04-29 and the longitude to 118-17-58. You will get the lot 
number - 1876988 - which you need to divide by 90,000 on the calculator that 
the clerk brings you to next. You get 20, or 21 after adding 1.

The letter is U, so go to that section and look at the ledger. Tap Randall 
Jones' name to find out the projected value and profit. After the cutscene, 
kill all the enemies in the area. Stay behind cover and gun them down as they 
peek out of cover.

After the ensuing cutscene, go inside Kelso's apartment and answer the phone.  
Drive to Leland Monroe's Mansion now. Here, you must kill all the enemies in 
the courtyard area. This is actually pretty easy as they are mostly running 
around and prone to fire.

Once the area is clear, enter the gold knobbed door and kill the two enemies 
in this room. Bust through the doubledoors and keep busting through doors, 
killing enemies along the way, and soon you will reach Monroe's office. Here, 
look at the photograph and newspaper on the desk behind the main desk and 
open the manilla folder on the main desk. Look inside the safe to find a 
notebook, a certificate, and a police report.

          2.21 - "A Different Kind of War"

Drive to Rapid Exterminators. Talk to the man at the front desk, then read 
the newspaper on that same counter. Drive to Nuclear Bug and Rodent Control. 
After talking to the man at the counter, head to Westlake Pest Control. Here, 
speak to the man at the counter to get an address.

Inside the house, go left at the junction to reach the appointment office. In 
the following room, look at the morphine in the blue cabinet. Go inside the 
office now and shade the blank piece of paper on the desk. Now put the 
newspaper under the shaded paper to see something new.

Look at the newspaper also on the desk. Read the blackmail papers on the 
stand by the door you entered to get in here. Flip the white page and tap on 
the red circled stuff as well. Examine the crystal ball on the ground next to 
the cabinet and Dr. Fontaine's neck.

After the cutscene, run up to the house and bust the door down. Look at the 
flamethrower on the right side of the entrance. Head right then left to reach 
a room with a lot of origami paper everywhere. Examine the photograph by the 
wall at the doorway entrance, the origami stuff, and the map to your right on 
the wall.

Once the cutscene is over, we are in a protective chase. You don't need to do 
much besides stay with the car - the enemies in the cars kill/disable 
themselves after a while. When you reach the sewers, go right and use the 
cement poles as cover as you kill the enemies in front of you.

At the end, go left and follow the trail to water. Go down in it and kill the 
enemy. Go to where he was at and continue along, killing the guy going down 
the ladder, and go up the ladder. Kill the enemy at the top of the ladder, 
then go in the room he was near to find a good gun.

Go back to the ladder and go right. At the corner, take cover and kill the 
two men ahead of you. Proceed along the linear path to reach a big room with 
a lot of bad guys. Run back and forth to the overlooking walkway and kill 
them one by one.

Head right and descend the stairs. Down here, kill the three enemies and loot 
the flamethrower from the room at the end. Go back out of the room, turn 
left, and trudge across the water. Go through the railings in the center to 
reach the other side.

Up the ladder, kill the enemy at the end and run to the stairs. Two bad guys 
descend it - kill them, then go up the same stairs. Shoot down all the men on 
the catwalks and then go left, left again, and run to the room with Elsa. 
This completes LA Noire! Enjoy the final cutscenes!

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