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    Legion Mode Guide by Brigg_of_Eden

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    		BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
    		     Legion Mode FAQ
    		    By: Brigg_of_Eden
    		      Version: 1.0
    This is actually my first FAQ for GameFAQs. So I'm hoping
    that the information I can impart to the community will be
    helpful and informative. For my first FAQ, I will be going
    over Blazblue: Continuum Shift's Legion Mode.
    This mode, in my opinion, is a nice change of pace from the
    normal rules of the other game modes. In this mode, you start
    with one character. As you defeat "armies" around the map, you
    recruit members to your team. The catch is, is that if a member
    of your army is defeated in battle, you lose that character
    permanently. Making matters worse, the more time that passes,
    the stronger the undefeated armies become. This requres you to
    harness a whole new level of strategy and judgment that goes
    beyond the here-and-now feel of regular battles.
    With this FAQ, I hope to show you the individual strategies I
    used for each map, as well as providing you with the "path of
    least resistance", to help you conquer the maps a little easier.
    I hope I can be of help. Enjoy the FAQ!
    Disclaimers and Things to note:
    Despite what you see in Network matches, everyone has a different
    "Main" and a different way of playing said "Main". I primarily
    use Rachel, Arakune and Tager. For this Walkthrough, I may be
    expressing a bit of favoritism toward my "main"s. However, this
    is not a way for me to demand you use the characters yourselves.
    Use and recruit whatever characters you are comfortable with.
    I would recommend, though, that you do a little training with
    every character so you're not stuck for recruitment choices
    throughout your journeys through Legion Mode; especially when
    it comes to recruiting *Unlimited* versions of characters.
    That being said, I will not be able to provide specific battle
    strategies since your army may look vastly different from mine.
    It would make no sense to me to tell you who to bring into a
    battle if you didn't recruit them. There are a couple of
    exceptions to this disclaimer, which you will see in the walk-
    through of the Hard Map.
    Also, note the timer on the top of the map screen. Every time
    you engage and defeat an army, one of the little diamonds will
    fill in. When the timer reaches a big diamond, all of the
    undefeated armies on the map will go up a level. (For example:
    from A-Rank to S-Rank) This will jack up the AI for the opposing
    army a notable amount, which is why it's good to carefully plot
    your course over the map.
    Lastly, your characters do not heal completely after every
    battle. They heal partially, and the more members you have in
    your army, the less each character heals. Also, as mentioned
    before, if one of your recruits falls in battle, they are lost
    permanently. Choose your battles wisely.
    Okay, on to the nitty-gritty. The individual map Walkthroughs.
    "Let's get this party started!" - *Easy* Map Walkthrough
    This is a pretty straightforward map with a fork after the
    first battle. Take note that the bottom row of opponents are
    A and B-Rank while the upper row is all C and D-Rank. A rule
    thumb to note for Legion Mode:
    "Take out the harder opponents before they have a chance to
    level up any higher." Remember this as you go through the game.
    Tackling the map:
    For this map, we're going to be taking the bottom row first.
    Your opposition is as follows:
    D-Rank: Iron Tager
    B-Rank: Bang Shishigami
    A-Rank: Hazama
    Defeat these three and recruit as you see fit. (I Started with
    Rachel and only recruited the Tager) At the next fork, you will
    have 2 options, one of them being a battle against some Unlimited
    Characters. Now the Unlimited Characters are only B-Rank. So now
    is the time to take them out before they have a chance to level
    up. Make sure you save your game before facing them so if things
    go awry, you can pause it and return to the main menu to reload
    your save. (If you Game Over, your save erases and you have to
    start from the beginning.)
    Your opponents are as follows:
    B-Rank: *Unlimited* Iron Tager
    	*Unlimited* Bang Shishigami
    After this series of battles, two of your party members will
    be healed at random as a bonus! You also get the chance to
    recruit an Unlimited Character. Obviously, I chose Tager, but
    if you're more of a Bang or Lambda person, then go for it!
    At this point, you are 1 timer-diamond away from the enemies
    leveling up. However, if you go back to the space where you
    fought the A-Rank Hazama and take the other fork, you will see
    that the bonus for defeating this 4-person army is to reduce the
    enemy levels by 1. So this is where you want to go!
    Your opponents are as follows:
    A-Rank: Carl Clover
    	Noel Vermillion
    	Tsubaki Yayoi
    	Jin Kisaragi
    You shouldn't have too much trouble sweeping them out with your
    new Unlimited Character (Or Lambda), and the bonus of having your
    party healed. But do save anyway, just in case.
    After the 4-person army is dispatched and the Enemy-Level-down
    bonus has been applied. The last 4 spaces on the map should be a
    breeze to clear. Start with the 5-member B-Rank army on the crown-
    shaped space and work your way back across the top row. After
    defeating the army on the Crown-Space, the rest of the undefeated
    armies will be of D-Rank. Just tear through them and you're done.
    Congrats, you cleared the Easy Map! There's your "Napoleon
    Bonaparte" Achievement and 10 Gamerscore! (Or your trophy for you
    PS3 Folk)
    "Tougher Territories" - *Normal* Map Walkthrough
    The Normal Difficulty map is a different animal right off the bat.
    You have the decision to go to the left or the right from the start
    position, and you have only 3 battles before the enemy armies level
    up. Looking around a bit more, you'll see that the crown-shaped
    boss space is already SS-Rank(!) with an assortment of tough AI
    opponents! To aleviate the difficulty, we're going to have to be
    very meticulous about the order in which you dispach the armies.
    Tackling the Map:
    How you start off this map should be an issue of character preference.
    If you prefer Arakune, Start off my beelining to the right. If you're
    more of a Jin kind of person, then start off to the left. Either way,
    your first goal should be clearing the entire horizontal line from 
    where you started.
    From the starting position, going left, your opponents are as follows:
    B-Rank: Rachel Alucard
    	Jin Kisaragi
    A-Rank: Hazama
    	*Unlimited* Tsubaki Yayoi
    	*Unlimited* Jin Kisaragi
    After defeating the A-Rank Army, I prefer recruiting the Unlimited
    character of your choice. Now, not only do you have some big power
    early on, but the enemy and boss levels have been reduced by 1. However,
    this has only delayed the inevitable enemy level up that will occur
    after your next battle. So, from here, proceed to the right, ignoring
    the other two A-Rank armies for now.
    Your next opponents are as follows:
    A-Rank: Litchi Faye Ling
    After defeating these two, the undefeated armies will level up. So, your
    next opponent ends up as:
    S-Rank: *Unlimited* Arakune
    After defeating Arakune, you will get a "Health Potion" Bonus, which
    will heal two members of your party. Also, I HIGHLY recommend recruiting
    the Unlimited Arakune, even if you don't know how to play him, you can
    always put him on the front lines to powerhouse through as many enemies
    as you can make him before he bites it.
    Your goal now, should be targeting the the aforementioned SS-Rank Crown
    space, which is only two spaces down from the Arakune you just beat. The
    first thing you'll notice is the fact that the next space down has the
    "Level Down 3" Bonus, which will reduce the boss levels again!
    Your next opponents are as follows:
    B-Rank: Taokaka
    	Carl Clover
    	Bang Shishigami
    Now that the big boss stage is weakened to S-Rank, it is now the time
    to strike before they can level up again! Remember to save your game
    before tackling this!
    Your next opponents are as follows:
    S-Rank: Iron Tager
    	Ragna the Bloodedge
    	Rachel Alucard
    	*Unlimited* Hakumen
    	*Unlimited* Lambda-11 (v-13)
    After this grueling series of battles, the rest of the board will feel
    like a walk in the park! But before you get too comfortable, take note
    that there is one more boss square. It's at the far top of the board, two
    spaces up from where you fought the Unlimited Arakune. Backtrack and head
    up in that direction.
    Your next series of opponents are as follows:
    B-Rank: Iron Tager
    A-Rank: Taokaka
    	*Unlimited* Rachel Alucard
    After defeating the Tao and Rachel duo, there are no more boss rooms on
    the board. However, if you look to the left of your position, you'll see
    a "Level Down 2" Bonus is available to you in order to make the rest of
    the board a breeze. Fight this army next.
    Your opponents are as follows:
    C-Rank: Tsubaki Yayoi
    	Jin Kisaragi
    	Litchi Faye Ling
    After the Level Down Bonus takes effect, the rest of the undefeated armies
    are now nothing but beginner-level computer opponents. Begin systematically
    taking the rest of the opposition apart, starting with the strongest to the
    Here's a preferable order to do them in:
    B-Rank: Arakune
    	Jin Kisaragi
    C-Rank: Ragna the Bloodedge
    	Iron Tager
    	Carl Clover
    After that battle, the undefeated armies will level up again. Continue on,
    though. None of them are a real threat anymore.
    B-Rank: Litchi Faye Ling
    	Bang Shishigami
    	Noel Vermillion
    B-Rank: Ragna the Bloodedge
    B-Rank: Noel Vermillion
    B-Rank: Noel vermillion
    	Tsubaki Yayoi
    C-Rank: Bang Shishigami
    	Carl Clover
    And that's it! You've conquered the Normal Map! Enjoy your "Alexander
    the Great" Achievement and accompanying 20G or trophy!
    "Journey of all Journeys" - *Hard* Map Walkthrough
    This map is divided into 5 sections:
    The "Diamond" - The four spaces in your starting area
    The "Cross" - The four spaces to the right of the "Diamond"
    The "XX" - The mass of spaces to the north of the "Diamond"
    The "Triangle" - The 3 spaces to the right of the "XX"
    And the "Base" - The area surrounding and Crown-shaped Boss space.
    This is how I will be referring to the area on this map throughout
    this part of the walkthrough. You'll notice the crown space on this
    map is no laughing matter! As such, your primary focus should be
    both to recruit many of the powerful *Unlimited* Characters that are
    scattered over the map as well as carefully planning your course to
    weaken the big boss space in order to stand a chance against it.
    Well, let's get started.
    Tackling the Map:
    Start off by going right, directly toward the "Cross". Your opposition
    is as follows:
    B-Rank: Jin Kisaragi
    	Rachel Alucard
    A-Rank: Ragna the Bloodedge
    Now, you have a choice between 3 armies, each with an *Unlimited*
    character amongst thier ranks. You should also notice that you only
    have room for 2 more battles before the undefeated armies level up.
    What I recommend is defeating and recruiting 2 of them and ignoring the
    third one until later. That being said, I highly encourage your next
    opponents be:
    A-Rank: Arakune
    	*Unlimited* Taokaka
    A-Rank: Hakumen
    	*Unlimited* Carl Clover
    Side Note:
    "Why is this?" you ask? Two reasons:
    1. Against AI opponents, Unlimited Taokaka is absolutely broken. Her *D*
    attacks deal inappropriate amounts of damage and leave her unfairly safe
    even if blocked. She is the prefect weapon against the AI you will be facing.
    2. Unlimited Carl may as well be called "Unlimited Nirvana". Nirvana moves
    twice as fast, deals out twice as many hits and builds Carl's heat up
    blindingly fast. You can effectively take out whole armies using JUST
    Nirvana, leaving Carl out of harm's way with his "Vivace" maneuver.
    With these two Brokenly-powerful members on your team, it will be hard for
    you to lose to anything that isn't *Unlimited* or in the "Base" part of the
    map. Now, I could just tell you to save before every battle and just bash
    through everything with Unlimited Taokaka, wrap this FAQ up and call it a
    day. But that wouldn't make for a very interesting walkthrough, would it?
    However, I will stand on the mention that from this point on, you SHOULD
    save before every fight in the event you lose your Taokaka. Like I said, she
    WILL be an important teammate against the Crown space in the "Base".
    Moving on, as I said before, it would be in your interest to ignore the third
    army in the "Cross" in the interest of conserving your timer. Go back to the
    "Diamond" and challenge the army in the upper right:
    A-Rank: Iron Tager
    	Bang Shishigami
    After defeating them head into the "XX" part of the map, ignoring the last
    undefeated army in the "Diamond". Your first set of opponents are:
    S-Rank: Taokaka
    	*Unlimited* Hakumen
    Once you're in the "XX" part of the map, it would be a good chance to check
    the status of your army. As you can see, there are TWO "Health Potion" bonuses
    in the "XX" section. However, I wouldn't recommend taking any of them unless you
    REALLY REALLY NEED a specific member of your party restored. Remember, our goal
    right now  is to beeline for the boss space while getting all of the "Level
    Down" bonuses along the way. So, continue your journey to the next space toward
    the right. Here are your next opponents:
    S-Rank: Bang Shishigami
    	*Unlimited* Iron Tager
    Unlimited Tager is no joke! He starts with a full Electric Gauge and can fire
    TWO Spark Bolts off of a full charge. Making matters worse is he is MUCH more
    mobile! (As in, he can now DASH AND AIR DASH) He WILL close distance on you
    very quickly if you are not careful! Fortunately, when you best him, you can
    recruit him into your army. His sheer power is a great asset!
    Now it's time to do what we came here for. You'll notice that the center of
    the second "X" has a "Level Down 1" Bonus. This is where you'll go next and
    fight the following army:
    A-Rank: Taokaka
    Now that you have leveled down the opposition, go back toward the right and
    head toward the "Triangle", fighting this army along the way:
    S-Rank: Carl Clover
    	*Unlimited* Tsubaki Yayoi
    After this battle, the timer will have reached it's next big diamond, causing
    the undefeated armies to go up a level. But don't fret, there's plenty of help
    in the next section of the map: the "Triangle". The "Triangle" is three armies,
    two of them carrying "Level Down" Bonuses! Your next goal is to take out all
    three of these armies! Remember to save, because it's going to get real tough
    from here on out. Hope you still have your Unlimited Taokaka!
    S-Rank: Hazama
    	*Unlimited* Lambda-11 (v-13)
    S-Rank: Carl Clover
    	Jin Kisaragi
    	*Unlimited* Noel Vermillion
    S-Rank: Tsubaki Yayoi
    	Ragna the Bloodedge
    	*Unlimited* Rachel Alucard
    After your done, check your army again. Do you have any characters that need
    to be healed? If so, I suggest you turn back to the "XX" and fight one of the
    armies that provide a "Health Potion" bonus. Preferably this one:
    B-Rank: Ragna the Bloodedge
    	Jin Kisaragi
    In my run-through to write this FAQ, I HAD to do this, so to aleviate any
    confusion, I will continue the walkthrough as such. Go heal your party. But
    only ONCE. You don't have a whole lot of time left before the "Base" levels up
    again! After healing, it is now time to approach the "Base". SAVE YOUR GAME!
    Your first battle in the base goes like this:
    S-Rank: Bang Shishigami
    	Iron Tager
    	*Unlimited* Litchi Faye Ling
    	*Unlimited* Arakune
    Watch out! These S-Rank Unlimited characters can pack a serious wallop of
    you're not careful! Arakune's Curse is instantaneous on hit, like it was in
    Calamity Trigger, and 3-times as many insects appear during the curse. Litchi
    is fast as lightning and can take out half your life bar before you even know
    what's going on. (I don't play Litchi at all so I don't really know all of her
    changes) Engage all of these opponents with caution.
    After you take out the first army in the "Base", it's time to go right to the
    heart. Attack the Crown-Space now while it's still weakened by your bonuses!
    Save your game and prepare for a the toughest army Legion Mode has to offer!
    And as tedious as it is to say this, it's still necessary: SAVE YOUR GAME!!!!
    S-Rank: Tsubaki Yayoi
    	*Unlimited* Rachel Alucard
    	*Unlimited* Jin Kisaragi
    	*Unlimited* Ragna the Bloodedge
    	*Unlimited* Hazama
    If you get through the battle with less than 3 characters left in your army,
    or you lost a member you rather would not have, then I would recommend
    reloading your save and trying again. If not, then congrats! You've cleared
    the strongest army in all of Legion Mode. Now all that's left is to sweep up
    the rest of the undefeated armies.
    Before you select your next target, take note that the enemies will level up
    again after your next battle and will level up again every other battle after
    that. So you want to stay in the "Base" and clear it all out before you do
    anything else.
    To the right of the Crown-Space, is a "Health Potion" Bonus. If you want to
    heal right away after the tough battle you just endured, you should. So, your
    next 3 battles go as follows:
    A-Rank: Bang Shishigami
    	Rachel Alucard
    	Ragna the Bloodedge
    Then the Enemies level up, so you now have to fight:
    S-Rank: Litchi Faye Ling
    	Iron Tager
    S-Rank: Carl Clover
    	Noel vermillion
    	Tsubaki Yayoi
    	Jin Kisaragi
    After defeating these armies, the rest of the undefeated spaces will level up
    again. Go back to the "XX" section of the map and clear out the three remaining
    armies. Unless you're desperate for a "Health Potion" Bonus, I recommend you
    tackle the S-Rank Armies first (So they don't become SS-Rank):
    S-Rank: Noel Vermillion
    	Tsubaki Yayoi
    S-Rank: Rachel Alucard
    After these two battles take place, the last few armies will get one final
    Level Up. Start with the last battle in the "XX" area and work your way back
    toward the "Cross". The final 3 battles of the long-fought Hard Map are as
    In the "XX"
    S-Rank: Carl Clover
    	Litchi Faye Ling
    In the "Diamond"
    S-Rank: Noel Vermillion
    And lastly, in the "Cross"
    SS-Rank: Litchi Faye Ling
    	 *Unlimited* Bang Shishigami
    *Note that throughout this entire walkthrough, the very last battle is the
    ONLY SS-Rank battle you should encounter in ALL of Legion Mode if you followed
    this guide to the letter ^_^
    There you have it! Congratulations! You've completed Legion Mode on Hard! Enjoy
    your "Genghis Khan" Achievement and 30G/Trophy!
    If there's anything you may feel I need to add, feel free to contact me
    at BriggZain@gmail.com
    Thank you for checking this out! I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and
    also hope to be inspired to make another one in the future.
    This Legion Mode Guide is for use on GameFAQs only. If you find it anywhere
    else, please notify either myself or GameFAQs staff.

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