Are there any tips or strategies for Score Attack mode that work with all characters?

  1. I know with the first BB there were some helpful tips & strategies to help get through Score Attack mode & my question is simply are there any tips or strategies for CS's Score Attack mode that work for all the characters as opposed to having to buy them via dlc & if so what are they? Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

    Btw, I already know about the 'hit start on the second controller thing' so actual tips or cheesy tactics are what I'm asking about, thanks.

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  1. For unlimited Hazama, you'd best use long-range attacks if you character can while keeping out of reach of his drive. When he has at least 50% heat he will use his dragon serpent attack when you lower your guard so fake him with a weak attack then go into and instant barrier block. Playing keep away with a Health lead until the 99 sec. are up is another strategy against him with more close-range fighters like Ragna, Noel, Tsubaki, and bang. Just be extremely caution of the green field surrounding hazama.

    Helpful attacks:
    Ragna: Hell's fang, G. Hades, Berial edge, his drive
    Jin: The Ice car, ice blade, his drive
    Noel: Optic barrel, her drive
    Rachel: pretty much everything
    Tao: Cat litter attack (a and b), 6c, Im gonna beat the crap outta you!, her drive
    Tager: Gigantic tager driver (b), Emerald tager buster, Gadget finger
    Litchi: Her drive, pure skill, Four winds
    Arakune: just curse him and problem solved
    Bang: Shuriken specials (a and d), his drive
    Carl: his drive (if Nirvana if behind him), any distortion drives, Vivace, Nirvana's projectile
    Hakumen: Tsubaki, his drive, Infinity, steel slash
    Lambda: her drive, Spike chaser, legacy edge
    Tsubaki: Judgement lance and Sword (1)
    Hazama: his drive, Hungry coils, Dragon serpent attack
    Mu: Her drive, any specials or distortions.

    Results may vary.

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  1. Depends on who you're using. Usually the simply spamming A(X) works or try to distance yourself, spam a ranged move and if they get close spam A(X).

    If you let me know who you're using I could probably give you more in-depth advice other than spam...

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  2. Just like above said... Works wonders, especially on U-Haku. The only person it doesn't seem to work on is U-Hazama, who seems to know exactly what you are about to do. I find that just blocking a lot, and attacking during his especially laggy moves (chain, whatever that kick chain he likes to do is called) can earn you a victory pretty easily...

    Ragna's a lot easier this time around... And Rachel's a joke, so you shouldn't have too many problems with them.

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  3. Game plan for U-Hazama: Turn off console. Game Over. lol Hate Hazama. Hate him with a passion.

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  4. SPAM BUTTONS at a distance, it will cause the A.I. to flip out and do stupid crap like Jin will always use a random dragon punch move because they're programmed to react to your inputs.

    Use and abuse that regularly and you will have a distinct advantage.

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