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FAQ/Walkthrough by shan89

Updated: 08/23/10

               --=={ THE SECRET ARMORY OF GENERAL KNOXX }==--




Introduction              <s01> |
     contact info               |
Walkthrough                     |
     main story           <s02> |
     sidequests           <s03> |
Crawmerax Guide                 |
     introduction         <s04> |
     party requirements   <s05> |
     strategy             <s06> |
     rewards              <s07> |
New Enemies                     |
     lance                <s08> |
     rocketeer            <s09> |
     omega assassins      <s10> |
     drone                <s11> |
     devastator           <s12> |
     drifter              <s13> |
     skag raiders         <s14> |                      
     vehicles             <s15> | 
     bandits              <s16> |
Knoxx's Armory            <s17> |
New Class Mods            <s18> |
     *under work                |
Copyright                 <s19> |


INTRODUCTION                                                           <s01>


Hi guys, so this is my first walkthrough ever. I really decided to this
because there are about 4 guides for Borderlands and none of them cover any
of the DLC. I've tried to cover what I think are all the important things to
know, things I couldn't find anywhere else. I hope you guys enjoy this faq/
walkthrough and find it useful! 

You guys can contact me via email which as the bottom of this section. If
you have any questions or something I forgot or maybe just something new you
want me to cover, please email me.

EMAIL: 89.shan@gmail.com



IMPORTANT: I'm assuming you are playing on the second playthrough, meaning
you are above level 50. So the rewards, exp, etc. listed for the sidequests
are according to that. So let's get started!

I'm not going to cover the missions in a whole lot of detail, unless it's
unclear where to go or what to do, mainly follow your waypoint.
MAIN STORY                                                             <s02>

1. "Scooter?. But I Don't Even Know Her."
- Find Scooter
- So after the little intro movie is over turn around and leave the 
building, pretty straight forward. Scooter's in the building on the other 
side of the road. 

2. "Boost the Monster"
- Find 1 Supercharger, Nitrous tank, and Exhaust pipe
- Once you exit Scooter's, take a right and go past the intersection. 
You'll see some stairs going up, you need to go behind the staircase to see 
another set of stairs going down. Follow the broken up path around the house 
type thing and you'll find the supercharger. Go back up to the street and 
continue along the street going up. Once you reach the top of the incline 
turn left, getting off the street. The nitrous tank will be on the corner 
of the building on your right side in a pile of junk. Watch out though 
because as soon as you approach the tank, a rocket ship is going to crash 
land in front of you and out come some Omega Assassins!! They're actually 
pretty easy. There's 3-4 normal assassins and their leader. 
After you kill their leader a new mission is automatically accepted, 
"Wanted: Dead". I'll cover that in a bit. The exhaust is underneath a beat
up car near the checkpoint. Now return to Scooter and the easiest way is to
just jump of the left most ledge.

2.b "Wanted: Dead!"
- Survive Hera, Minerva, Ceresia, and Helicon's squad
- This is an interesting mission, along your travels 4 assassin squads will 
come to, well assassinate you. They're spread out along the main story. 
But honestly their not even worth fighting, their too much trouble for what 
their worth. You get below average exp and no special weapons. But since
their part of the story we have to utterly destroy them. You can use the 
same strategy for all of them. They have shields, a lot of health and are 
really quick. They all use melee attacks so Brick's special is really use-
full here. They're melee attack are really weak especially if you're near
their level. Use shock, RPG or whatever you want. I'll let you know when 
their about drop in. Also remember that these are part of the lance and
therefore are enemies of the bandits, you might get to take advantage
of this. When you have survived all the attacks, turn in this mission in
the Crimson Tollway. When you get to the bridge with the switch on it, look
on the wall to turn it in.

3. "Greasemonkey"
- Install supercharger, nitrous, exhaust, and upload specs
- I can't believe this is actually considered a mission. Just go the right 
and press on everything that's green and your done...

4. "You've Got Moxxi: Roadblock"
- Clear roadblock
- Finally we get to leave T-Bone Junction, but before you leave make sure 
you go see Marcus. If you look on your map, he's on the East most side(of 
the inner part not the road that goes around). Accept his mission "Core
Collection", you can complete this as you progress through the story because
it takes a very long time to complete. Exit towards the South side in the
Monster. The Monster is a new vehicle you get to drive. Its quite slow however
it has great offensive power. 

You're now in the Crimson Tollway. Look on your map and make a note of where
your objective is. Run past everything and everyone until you get there. 
You'll know your there when you see a giant red wall blocking your way,
that's why we're here. When you get there don't jump out right away, try to
run over as many lances as you can. Also watch out for those flying drones.
They are very annoying when your on foot, so use the Monster's homing
missile to shoot'em down. When your done go up the stairs, kill whatever
lance show up. They're a few new type of lances: pyro, chemical, rocketer,
and medics. I cover these units in another section. Follow the path, it's 
pretty straight forward. Once you reach the control panel which 
deactivates the barrier, continue past it and you'll see a new type of 
weapon crate. This one holds twice as many items as the others. Jump down 
from the bridge and run past the barrier to complete the objective. Now 
another objective comes up. 
- Find Moxxi
- Another straight forward one, just ride past everything until you get to
the next area, The Deep Fathoms. While you're driving you'll see a sign 
that tells you to exit off the ramp to reach Moxxi, don't. Continue and fall
off the broken bridge. Now just look at your map and follow. You'll have to
pass through a bandit camp, kill'em if you want. Take the ramp up, once you
reach the top you're gonna have to get out walk there. Stock up if you need
to, there's the regular vendors near the car station. Also Hera's squad is
coming up. Kill everyone on your way to the end of the bridge and enter
Moxxi's Redlight. 

5. "Prison BreaK: Road Warrior"
- Remove South and North roadblocks
- Once your done with Moxxi, we have to go back to T-Bone Junction, fastest
way without fighting anyone is to exit to the main menu and start it up 
again, seriously. But before you do, there's an area where skag spawn, right
below the bridge you're on. These skags give pretty nice exp considering how
easy they are to kill. Also you can ride the Racer, the fastest vehicle, 
however it's weak. Once you get back to T-Bone, take the Monster and head 
North this time to the Ridgeway. Make your way to the first checkpoint.
This is just like the roadblock we cleared before. Run over as many people
as possible and then head up the stairs. Before you reach the switch, you're
gonna encounter Minerva's assassination squad. Deal with them and continue,
stock up wherever you can, we have a long way to go.

Now before we reach the North roadblock you'll need to do some trekking. Before
you get out, there will probably be a drone chasing you, kill it while 
you're still in the Monster. This is a pretty long path that's why make sure
you stock up on ammo and whatever else you need. Its a very linear path and
loaded with shock troopers so watch out. A new unit also comes up, the 
devastator, not too much trouble. This part took me awhile to do with 
Roland. So when you finally finish just catch a ride, go to the road block
and finish it up. Once you pass the North barrier, you can turn in the

6. "Prison Break: Over the Wall"
- Outcropping Found
- Prison entered
- This is a fun little mission. Grab the new Racer and continue North to the
next area, Sunken Sea. This is pretty big area, much like the Deep Fathoms.
Open up your map, we need to go to the North-West corner, specifically the 
Western most car station. While you're in the Racer make sure not to go near
the giant spiked balls, their explosive mines and kill you instantly. When
you get near that area look for a ramp leading towards a hole, we're gonna
jump through that. It's fairly easy, get some distance, line up the Racer 
and only use the boost right before you hit the ramp, because if you do it 
too early, the Racer will be going too fast and you're gonna hit the top of
the whole and have to do it again. Once you get through make your way to the
top and get ready for another ramp. For this one move back as far as you can
on the Racer. You're gonna need as much speed as possible to make this jump,
so use the boost as soon as you can. If you miss the jump and happen to land
outside the walls, its ok, just carefully drive around the right side until
the car gets stuck. Get out and you should see an entrance into the prison 
grounds. There's a couple of bandits roaming around, kill'em if you want.
Go to the checkpoint and your done, now on to the prison itself.

7. "Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked"
- Kill Mr.Shank
- Acquire teleporter
- Find Athena
- This area has new enemies referred to as prisoners, obvious enough. But
they are exactly the same as the old bandits, they just have different 
names. Enforcers and thugs give the most exp like usual so focus on them.
Continue along the linear path. There's a claptrap along the way, he gives
you grenades regardless which playthrough you're on. He also gives you
access to a weapon crate. One thing to start watching out for is when you
open certain weapon crates a midget enemy comes out. In particular there's
a crate behind the claptrap and it has a "Mini Steve" in it. It's not too 
difficult however it deals shock damage so be careful. Continue along the 
path and you will eventually see a hole in the floor, right in front of a 
locked door. Down there is Mr.Shank, so stock up if you need to before you
jump down. 

Shank is a melee boss, very similar to the assassins. He has a very high 
shield so try to make use of a decent shock weapon if you have one. He'll
teleport around so be careful of that because sometimes he teleports right
behind you. Once his shield goes down, he's very weak, couple of critical
hits should do it. After you kill Shank make sure you pick the teleporter.
He doesn't drop any unique weapons which is a shame. Exit the room and 
follow the path. Once you get to the next room, with the high ceiling make
your way to the opposite corner and take elevator up. On the opposite side
is the repair kit grab it if you took the mission. Continue to the third 
floor and open the door on the opposite side, talk to Athena and your done.
Return to T-Bone, again fastest way is to reload your game. On a side note,
if you exit the prison by foot, on your way back you'll get to fight Chaz,
Shank's uhhh friend... He drops a Bone Shredder, pretty decent SMG. 

8. "Code Breaker: Analysis"
- Find info
- Before you set out also accept Athena's other mission, "This Bitch is 
Payback" because you can finish it along the way.
This is a very simple mission, first head towards the Ridgeway. The check
point is near the part where you had to trek through earlier, however this 
time the path has been cleared and you can ride through it. It's where 
you took the stairs to a path below the bridge and rocketeers came out.
Once you find it on to the second part. 

9. "Code Breaker: Time is Bullets"
- Find code
- Go to the Sunken Sea. Head towards the the checkpoint, clear the bandits, 
grab the code and get out, really simple. There is a weapons vendor there
if you want to check it out.

10. "Athena Set Up Us The Bomb"
- Detonator required
- Head to T-Bone, go the the place where Scooter is and Athena's in the back
room, grab the detonator and talk to her.

11. "Bridging the Gap"
- Activate bridge
- Also you can accept "Knoxxed Out" it's in the new area where we're going. 
So make your way to the Deep Fathoms. Head to the checkpoint, activate the
switch and notice the red bridge that's created above you, that's next.

12. "Armory Assault"
- Enter code
- Expose munitions
- Get in a car and up the hilly area, you're gonna have to get out of your
car eventually and fight through some lances. Make your way across the red
bridge and into the next area, Road's End. Stock up before you leave, 
Ceresia's assassin squad coming up. Enter Road's End and as soon as you 
take a couple of steps towards the right, the assassins should appear. 
There's a lot to explore here, however you can skip it if you want. There
are some hidden crates you can find but they're part of another mission 
which I'll cover in another section. Head towards the checkpoint, it's
pretty straight forward. Once you get to the part where you have to get off 
your car be careful, the enemies have a pretty good setup. The easiest thing
is to run up the stairs kill the lance that's up there and snipe from up 
there. Now for a semi hard part, as you move forward, the last assassin
groups shows up, Helicon's. However, the hard part is that a bunch of lances 
also spawn including a devastator. There's no cover here either, so what I 
did was I ran back and found some cover and lured the assassins over. 
Mop them up, but watch out for Helicon she's quite strong, even at lv 58. 
Snipe the rest and continue. This next is tedious because so you have to 
fight so many lances. You can run past them if you have enough life or are
playing as Liltih. Otherwise its the same old routine, there's plenty of
cover. Once you reach the end be careful of the two Badass lances that 
spawn. Make your way into the Crimson Armory. 

Now there's a Boss fight coming up, General Knoxx, so stock up. Before you
head towards him empty out as much space as you can in your inventory, I'll
explain later, it's VERY IMPORTANT. Now onto to Knoxx.

Knoxx is in a devastator type suit, so his only weak point is his head, 
which is exposed... Anyways Knoxx himself is quite easy, he has two types of
attacks: two shock blasts and a powerful stomp, which can leave you
crippled and sent you flying. You can take him down with any weapon that has
high accuracy. He is immune all elements so get your heavy hitters out. 
The only type of shotgun that would be effective against him would one of 
those types with 70+ accuracy and a scope. What's difficult about this battle
are all the minions that keep coming. Once you take off about a third of his
health two devastators show up. At around half combat medics come and at 
around 1/4 or less, two Badass devastators come. You'll know they're here
when you hear a siren in the background. The obvious strategy is to kill 
his minions first, however there's another problem. If you stay away from 
Knoxx for too long, and I mean like 10-15 seconds he'll regenerate his 
health back to full! Your best strategy is have a good corrosive weapon, hit
the other guys so that the corrosion starts killing them (for the combat 
medics you can use fire instead). Once they've been hit get back to Knoxx,
use the crates as cover to hide from the other enemies. Always keep an eye 
on Knoxx so he doesn't heal. Once you get down to the Badass devestators, 
and your in a good position you can try to just finish off Knoxx really 
quickly. Sometimes Knoxx will heal fully 2-3 times even after you've gotten
him down to 1/10 of his life each time. So it's very important you hit Knoxx
just even once or twice while your fighting the other enemies.

So after your done with him, he's drops a repeater (wtf!?!?!?), Knoxx's Gold,
it sucks in every which way, and I've killed Knoxx several times and never 
gotten even a decent repeater. Head to the check point, once you get the 
door at the top of the stairs you're gonna have to enter the code. There
are four slots each one can cycle through blue, cyan, orange and yellow. The
code is Blue-Yellow-Cyan-Orange, and the door should open. Now before you 
continue make sure have sold as much items/weapons as you possibly can to 
make room. Because once you make your way to the end of the hallway and 
finish the last objective there's no turning back. 

13. "Loot Larceny"
- Start countdown
- Steal loot
- Boom!
- Once you start this mission, the elevator you're in heads down. This mission
is more of a reward than an actual mission. You're given 2.5 minutes to take
as much weapons as you possibly can before the armory blows up. This is why
I said to make as much room as possible. You will mostly find Green weapons. 
3 tips you should follow: ignore Green and White items, not only do they
suck, they don't sell for a lot, second if you see 3-4 crates near each 
other open all of them before you look at them, this is a shortcut 
because the crates take 1-2 seconds to open and this will save a lot of 
time. Third don't wonder too far off, this armory is a HUGE place, and you
only have 2.5 minutes, so just loot the crates that are right in front of 
you. There is a glitch which I will cover in the other section which gives
infinite time to loot the armory so don't worry if feel you missed out on 
all the items. I'm not actually sure what happens if you get stuck so if 
someone has experienced please email me, because I'm a bit too lazy to 
bother with that.

Congrats, you've beaten the story of "Secret Armory of General Knoxx". But
your mission isn't over. Head back to Athena to turn in the last mission to
receive a weapon from her, another repeater... Some things to look forward
to: Circle of Duty, it's just like the other Circle missions, except there 
are around 5 levels, and they are VERY long and the enemies are all lv 59+.
Marcus' new missions, after you complete his initial missions, he gives you
another go at the armory, two more times in fact. Crawmerax!!! Many of you
may have heard of him, the mission for him is now available. I'll cover him
in the other section. And of course there are all the Scooter, Athena, and 
bounty board mission left. There are some semi secret missons in the Sunken
Sea as well. So have fun!!


SIDEQUESTS                                                            <s03>


NOTE: The mission difficulty and reward scale with your level. These
missions, well most of them, are for around lv 58+, not that you have to be
that high anyways.

1. "Big Crimson Brother is Watching"
- avail. initially
- Location: T-Bone Junction
- Objectives:
     - Kill 5 drones
- Reward:
     - 33,000 Exp
     - $200,000
_ The drones are all stationary at first and don't come up on your radar 
or anything. Shoot them so they become active and then kill them.

2. "Road Rage"
- avail. after reaching Sunken Sea
- Location: Sunken Sea
- Objectives:
     - Kill 10 Bandit patrols
- Reward:
     - 17,000 Exp
     - $390,000
- The bandits are in their own version of the Monster. They're mostly
on the West side of the area. Make sure you are in your Monster as
well, easiest way, otherwise corrosive weapons are really good too.

3. "Power Lecch"
- avail. after reaching Lockdown Palace
- Location: Sunken Sea
- Objectives:
     - Find bomb
     - Place charge
     - Destroy powerline
- Rewards:
     - 13,000 Exp
     - $550,000
     - Grenade Mod
- The bomb is underneath the highway, where you'll see a ton of midget
raiders. Climb the structure that's on the far side, grab the bomb and
continue. The charge has to be placed on top the broken off highway,
access it from a ramp right under neath it. After that's its simple.

4. "Drifter Lifter"
- avail. after you find the code
- Location: Sunken Sea
- Objectives:
     - Kill Skyscraper
- Rewards:
     - 22,000 Exp
     - $450,000
- When you get there, make sure you get in a Monster. The Skyscraper is
roaming somewhere along the South-West side. Just stay in the Monster and
snipe him with the homing missiles.

5. "Bugged"
- avail. after completing story
- Location: Road's End
- Objectives:
     - Find lever
     - Activate gondola
     - Place bug
- Reward:
     - 26,500 Exp
     - $450,000 
- The first two objects are straight forward, there's next to no resistance.
But once you make your way up the lift, there's a bunch of lances, nothing
too special/dangerous though.

6. "Circle of Duty: New Recruit"
- avail. after completing story
- Location: Sunken Sea
- Objectives:
     - Meet Zach
- Reward:
     - 9,000 Exp
     - $200,000
- When you get to the Sunken Sea take a look at your map. The Circle of Duty
is the star that's farthest to the North. All the subsequent Circle missions
are the same strategy-wise. Basically find a good hiding spot. The spot I
used is immediately to the right as you enter the arena and up the stairs.
You can pick off a lot of enemies from here and provides good cover. Once
you've picked out your spot go the centre of the red circle to start up the
level and run for it. Below are the different levels you go through.

6a. "Cadet"
- Reward:
     - 9,000 Exp
     - $200,000
     - Shield

6b. "Private"
     - 11,000 Exp
     - $200,000
     - Repeater

6c. "Corporal"
     - 14,000 Exp
     - $200,000
     - Class Mod
6d. "Sergeant"
     - 18,000 Exp
     - $200,000
     - Shotgun
6e. "Medal of Duty"
     - 22,000 Exp
     - $200,000
     - Sniper

8. "You. Will. Die."
- avail. after completing story
- Location: The Deep Fathoms
- Objectives:
     - Kill Crawmerax
- Reward:
     - 36,000 Exp
     - $0
- I'm gonna cover this in the other section.

7. "Lost Lewts"
NOTE 1: It's recommended that you complete "OMG APC" mission before hand.
NOTE 2: This mission can only be accepted from within Road's End. Get to the
West most car station on your map and start going south from there, note
that you can't bring your car here. Stick to the left hand wall. Be careful
you'll encounter many, many skag raiders and their kind. Follow the narrow 
cliff like path to a hut. Open the crate inside and you can accept the
mission, kinda weird but yeah.

- Avail. when you reach Road's End
- Location: Road's End
- Objectives:
     - Find the 5 hidden stashes
- Reward:
     - 4,000 Exp
     - Contents of the stashes
- Btw these stashes are buried weapon crates, incase some of you were
confused. Basically what you're doing is driving all over Road's End in the
Lancer, and following the radar they give you. Now this mission can be done
without the Lancer, if you know the locations, you just have to look at the
ground a little harder. So lets start this mad hunt.

Head back to the car station, if you don't have a Lancer yet get into the 
Monster, you'll be encountering a lot of drifters. Stash #2 is just a little
bit ahead to the left side. It's pretty easy to see. Continue Eastward from
there. #3 is past the stone arch and mine, just half way up the slight
incline. Continue East and into the separate area on the North side. #1 is
near the end of that little part. Now look on your map and make your way
South, but just a bit North of where the highway ends. #5 is at top of one
the small set of hills. Now head West a bit, towards the area thats directly
between the two car stations. #4 is right before the entrance I suppose, of
that area. This one is very difficult to see, hopefully you did the
Lancer mission! Return to the T-Bone bounty board to turn it in.


1. "Stain Removal"
- Avail. after you're done with Lockdown Palace*
- Location: Deep Fathoms
- Objectives:
     - Erase 5 graffiti stains
- Reward:
     - 8,500 Exp
     - $200,000
- The fifth one is actually on the way to the first one. Make your way to
the checkpoint, get off your car, get past the area
with all the skags and you should see a red lance symbol with an 'X' going
through it. The graffiti stain is to the right side of that wall. When you
get to the first one, the graffiti is at the bottom of the giant brown arc.
The second one is to left as you enter the bandit camp. The third one is
simple. The fourth one is under the highway, on the pillar.

*I'm not 100% sure about this, please email me if I'm wrong.

2. "Thrown For a Loop"
- Avail. once you reach Road's End
- Location: Road's End
- Objectives:
     - Perform a 'loop the loop'
- Reward:
     - 8,500 Exp
     - $650,000
- Get to the location via a Monster because there's some Drifters drifting
around, kill'em off, then get into the Racer. For this its all about how
well you're lined up with the loop. Remember that the loop curves to the
left a bit, so don't go straight at it, make sure to boost too.

NOTE: His location is in the Sunken Sea, near the ramp that takes you to the
Circle of Duty, on the South-East side. He's in the little hut beside pool of

1. "Purple Juice!"
- Avail. initially
- Location: Sunken Sea
- Objectives:
     - Restore 5 pumps
- Reward:
     - 13,000 Exp
     - $175,000
     - Repeater
- It's weird getting missions from one of the bandit midgets but 
anyways. Pretty straight forward, just go to the checkpoints and turn
the valves. You'll encounter a bit of midget resistance.

2. "Little People. Big Experiments"
- avail.  after completing "Purple Juice!"
- Location: The Rideway
- Objectives:
     - Investigate rumor
     - Kill Motorhead
- Reward:
     - 26,000 Exp
     - $180,000
- When you get to the checkpoint, follow the stairs at the back of the
little hut thing, grab the evidence and move on. When you get to Motorhead,
there are some stairs inside which you can use to get an advantage on him.
But imo he was so weak I just stood outside and killed him. As expected he
doesn't drop anything good.


1. "OMG APC"
- avail. initially
- Location: The Ridgeway
- Objectives:
     - Find digistruct module
- Rewards:
     - 8600 Exp
     - $ 0 
     - Lancer vehicle is available

- This is a very easy, snatch and grab mission. Couple of lances along
the way, no big deal. And you can now ride the Lancer vehicle.


1. "This Bitch is Payback"
- avail. after you save her from Lockdown Palace
- Location: The Ridgeway
- Objectives:
     - Kill Kyros
     - Kill Typhon
- Rewards:
     - 27,500 Exp
     - $07

- This mission gives you a lot of exp, each of them give you more exp than
the actual mission does. Both of them are in the Rideway and at different
roadblocks. Kyros is the first one you fight. Nothing too special, he puts
up a green sentry, meaning it will to do corrosive damage to you. Kyros
himself has a sniper, which deals explosive damage. He does have a lot of
HP so watch out for that. Once you kill him, he'll drop his sniper, it has
decent damage but overall it's not that great of a weapon. So make your way
towards Typhon.

Now the fight with Typhon is much more difficult. His SMG can deflects off
of walls, meaning hiding behind small cover isn't going to work. Not only 
that,there are a bunch chemical and engineer lances that you have to fight.
If you have a good sniper, try to snipe him from on top of the stairs and
as far back as possible. Otherwise your best bet is using corrosion or fire.
Trying to kill him straight up is very difficult. If you've managed to kill 
off his minions you could jump down there with him and circle around the 
crates, getting quick shots off. He also drops his weapon, Typhoon, a 
subpar SMG. 

2. "Knoxxed OUt"
- avail. after you complete "Athena Set Up Us The Bomb"
- Location: Road's End
_ Objectives:
     - Find 5 Echo recorders
- Reward:
     - 22,000 Exp
     - $0
- Not much to say, just follow the checkpoints. It's best to take this
mission when you first get it because the last recorder is at the very end
of Road's End.

3. "This Bitch is Payback pt.2"
- avail. after completing "This Bitch is Payback pt.1"
- Location: Road's End
- Objectives:
     - Kill Commander Ajax
- Reward:
     - 28,5000 Exp
     - $0
- Ajax can be quite tricky. He's a rocketeer with a very strong machine gun
(while he's using it anyways) and he's surrounded by other lances, including
Badass devastators. The best thing to do is to enter his area from the East
side on your map, lure him out and run back out of the area. This way only
Ajax will follow you. Also, despite his high attack he's quite weak. A good
fire or corrosive hit can do wonders here, just try to get some cover while
it kills him. He drops an Ajax Spear, another subpar combat rifle.


1. "Core Collection"
- avail. initially
- Location: Anywhere
- Objectives:
     - Collect 50 power cores
     - Collect 25 speed cores
     - Collect 100 Shock cores
- Rewards:
     - 14500 Exp
     - $855000

- This takes a long time to finish, just play normally. What the cores
do is pretty obvious, it's in their name.

2. "Mop Up"
- avail. after completing story
- Location: Anywhere
- Objectives:
     - kill 5 Badass lance
     - kill 10 pyro
     - kill 10 chemical
     - kill 10 shock
     - kill 10 rocketeers
- Rewards:
     - 15000 Exp
     - $0
- Simple mission, but there are places where certain enemies are more
frequent. Where you fought Kyros in the Ridgeway, you'll find a lot of
pyro lances, and where you meet Typhon there are a lot of chemical
lances. The rest are pretty much everywhere.

3. "Super-Marcus Sweep"
- avail. after completing "Core Collection" and "Mop Up"
- Location: Crimson Armory
- Objectives:
     - Countdown started
     - Steal loot
     - Boom!
- Reward:
     - 9,000 Exp
- So this is your reward for doing all that crap for Marcus. It works just
like how it did during your first run through. Watch out though, Knoxx is
back, and by now you are probably lv 61, meaning so is he and all his

4. "Local Trouble"
- avail. after completing "Super-Marcus Sweep"
- Location: Anywhere
- Objectives:
      - Kill 50 prisoners
      - Kill 25 Skags
      - Kill 100 midgets
- Reward:
     - 20,500 Exp
     - $200,000
     - Repeater
- Another annoying Marcus mission. The best place for the skags and midgets
is Sunken Sea, where the first objective is for the "Power Leech" mission 
(under the highway on the far East side). The prisoners obviously found in
Lockdown Palace. But don't worry you get another reward for completing this.

5. "It's Like Christmas!"
- avail. after completing "Local Trouble"
- Location: Crimson Armory
- Objectives:
     - Countdown started
     - Steal loot
     - Boom!
- Reward:
     - 0 Exp
     - $200,000
- This is your final time to loot the armory, once you complete this
there's no way you can go back, so PLEASE read the armory glitch section
before you do anything. VERY IMPORTANT.



INTRODUCTION                                                           <s04>

So finally made it to here huh? It's not going to be so easy, well it depends
mainly on how many people you have, I'll get into that a bit later. He's
located on the Northwest corner of the Deep Fathoms. The star take you to his
lair. Here's a little rundown on what to expect:
     - Crawmerax lv 65, gives around 150,000 Exp
     - Immune to damage except at his critical spots
     - Has long range and melee attacks
     - Surrounded by 3 different types of Crab worms at lv 62, each
       vulnerable to a different element, which also keep respawning
     - You're on a high cliff, meaning if you get knocked off, you die
Also please read the whole section before you run off to fight him so you
know exactly how to be prepared.

PARTY REQUIREMENTS                                                     <s05>

First off, you don't HAVE to be lv 61 to win here. All you need is a decent
weapon. The extra life and skill point you get for being at lv 61 are almost
useless, however you're capable of equipping all weapons. To do damage to
Crawmerax himself, you're gonna need a hard hitting weapon, with good
accuracy and a scope. However, with SMG's and combat rifles accuracy is not
as important because you can just spam bullets at him and have random ones
hit. If you're going to try this on your own, then dealing as much damage as
possible in the fewest amount of bullets is best, meaning revolvers or
snipers should do it. One important note, if you plan to solo this, you MUST
have a powerful rocket launcher with a huge blast radius. Ones that shoot 3
rockets at once are the best for this.

The main problem is he's not alone out there, his ridiculously strong
minions can't be ignored. You're gonna need a fire, corrosive and a shock
weapon to take care of the different types. Trying to do normal damage to
them will make it impossible to kill them fast enough, no matter how strong
the damage is.

Now if you're partying, imo Mordecai is a must. He has very good sniper and
revolver class mods which make his weapons even more beastly. Of course you
can still use smg's and combat rifles, but Mordecai is the best at this. 
Brick is actually quite good if you have enough life for him, having his
health and shield boost abilities is really needed. Roland is great for
support, his sentry gun is also great for distracting the Maggots. As for
Lilith, her use is less relevant in a party. She can however solo Crawmerax
the easiest with her Phasewalk ability, but again you would need a very nice
smg, with a good scope. On to the actual strategy.

STRATEGY                                                               <s06>

There are two ways you can kill him: run around avoiding all the Maggots and
dodging all of their attacks OR make use of a glitch to make it EASIER, not
easy. The if you go to certain spots in the arena, all of the enemies get
stuck in one place, and repeat this weird animation over and over again. The
two spots are on the left side as you come up the elevator. One is where the
edge of the cliff meets the wall. You'll notice that along the edge of the
cliff, the ground is slightly lowered than the rest, you need to be on the 
lowered area. For the second spot stay in the lowered area, and about halfway
to the wall you'll see a bit of rock that sticks out from the higher area,
just stay near the rock. To get better visualizations of these just look it
up on YouTube.

I'll talk a little bit about both strategies as I know some people look down
on using glitches. So if you're the "i dunn give a shit bout hon0r!"-type
then listen up. I actually recommend reading this part anyways because I'll
cover useful information in this part which you WILL need to know. When you
get to the either of the spots, look at Crawmerax to see if he's doing the
flailing arms glitch, you'll recognize it right away. Also jump up to see if
there are any Maggots near you, because sometimes if they get close enough
to you, they won't get glitched. If you see one that isn't, than you're just
gonna have to kill it. First take a look at its name and here's what to use
against it: Craw Maggot = shock, Armored Maggot = corrosive, Green Maggot =
fire. And make sure you aim at their eye for criticals. Once you're safe
focus on Crawmerax and pull out your heavy hitter. If you look closely you'll
see glowing purple spots under each of its arms and its eye, those are its
weak points, so start waling away. The arms are tricky at first because their
always moving, just take your time. Once you kill off all if the weak spots,
you'll notice he's not quite dead yet, because there's still one on its
backside and it's painfully annoying to get to. This is where your rocket
launcher comes in. What you're gonna try to do is aim for one if its spikes
on the back, the angle is kinda tough but if you're at the farther spot
(beside the wall) you should be okay. If you're hitting the right spot, the
explosive impact should damage its weak spot and eventually kill it. To get a
better idea of where the weak spot is, just do a trial run and get behind him
to see where it is. If you decide to do a trial run, do it BEFORE you start
hitting his other spots. Another way to do the last part is use Lilith's
Phasewalk and get behind him and get to the pillars, use those as cover. This
is much easier if you have a second character decently leveled (50+) and do
split screen. The second character is used as a distraction from behind him,
so Crawmerax looks toward the distraction and you can easily hit em.

Luckily if you decide to not use the glitch, the strat is much simpler. Use
Lilith and just run around, get shots off whenever you can and use Phasewalk
when you're in trouble. Make sure you have Phasewalk reduction and healing
abilities maxed out. Second method is to get in a party and do the same thing,
except Lilith isn't a must. Have another look at what I wrote about each of
the characters earlier. You're best bet is to use the pillars as cover, fend
off against the Maggots as best you can. Keep hitting all of its frontal
spots, and only once their gone have someone run behind him to create the
distraction. Of course partying is much easier and much better in terms of
loot as well.

REWARD                                                                 <s07>

When you finally slay this beast, he drops a shit load of weapons, mostly
blues and purples. You won't have enough to carry it all even with two
people with maxed out slots. I have yet to find any Pearl cyan weapons; I've
killed him about 20-30 times which actually isn't a lot, because once you
figure out a method of slaying him, it takes around 2 minutes to kill him.
You can just exit his lair and come back to fight him again, so you can
imagine in about 2-3 hours how many times you can kill him, assuming you're
lucky enough to get ideal conditions each time.

If anyone has gotten Pearl cyans from him, please email me letting me know
how many tries it took you, because it's really starting to bother me!




There's quite a bit of new enemies, some have just been renamed. I'm only
going to mention the completely new ones, and I'm gonna try hard to write a
little section for them, because it's all off memory.

Lance                                                                  <s08>
These guys are pretty much just like the normal lances except they are very
resistant to fire obviously. They can also sometimes deal fire damage to 
you. Their Badass version can set up sentry gun just like Roland's, which
also deals fire damage. Corrosive attacks are best against them.

The corrosive version of the pyro's, pretty much in every sense. Both pyro's
and chemical give the same amount of exp, which is slightly higher than the
normal lances. Fire attacks are best for these guys.

Combat Medic:
These guys can be very annoying. They don't deal any elemental damage but
their sentry can heal all nearby units. If you have even a weaker elemental
weapon it's worth using it on them to counter act their healing, or just
shoot their sentry. They give a bit higher than pyro's, and good thing 
there's no Badass version of them.

Rocketeer                                                              <s09>  

These are very similar to normal lances, except they can hover around. Fire
or chemical is best against them as you'll be missing a lot trying to hit
them. I think they give as much as pyro's do, not sure here because you
rarely encounter them. Watch out for their Badass versions, they shoot
rockets at you which can be very deadly.

Omega Assassins                                                        <s10>

I mentioned these guys earlier under the "Wanted: Dead" mission. Basically,
there very fast melee fighters, so its hard to get shots off at them. I
prefer using rocket launchers on them, the splash damage always hits. The
leaders of these packs are pretty much the same, except they have more life.
And they also have this jump kick attack which can send you flying back,
possibly sending you over a cliff or something.

Drone                                                                  <s11>

Man these guys are annoying, even more than the combat medics. You'll
usually see them as you're driving along, and it's best to kill them while 
you're in a Monster. But the problem is they follow you for awhile, so you
decide to get off soon after running into them, chances are they're probably
right behind you. So you want to use shock weapons here. They heavily rely
on their shields, because once those are down, just a couple more shots and
there dead.And the worst part is they don't even give you any good exp.

Devastator                                                             <s12>

These guys are supposedly very strong, but their not... Their attacks
disoriented you but its very weak. Corrosive is your best choice here, also
make sure you aim at their eyes or whatever for criticals. Their Badass
versions are much harder, more life, and they shoot rockets at you, which
can kill you really quickly. Their exp is pretty good, better than the

Drifter                                                                <s13>

These guys have to be the toughest enemies out there. Basically these giant
walking spiders take next to no damage unless it's a critical, which by the
way are under neath it and very small. The yellow spots on them is what
you're looking for and the best way is to use an smg or combat rifle. They
have two kinds of attacks, corrosive shots or a jump, on you. They give much,
much more exp than any other enemy so it's worth it to take the time kill
them. However, the Monster's homing missile is you're ace in the hole. You
can snipe them from very far away with them ever chasing you. They drop tons
of loot, but most of it is money and ammo.

Skag Raiders                                                           <s14>

So these guys are a different type of midget. Most of them are riding skags, 
including pyro, corrosive, etc. There are two new types that I've seen:
ravagers and rustlers. Rustlers are a joke really, they come at you with a
machete or something, which can actually do a lot of damage, but their so
easy to dodge. Not only that they die very quickly, even without criticals.
On the other hand ravagers are a pain in the ass. They throw grenades at
you and have a lot of life, and when you finally kill them and go to collect
their loot, they drop a last grenade on their body right before they 
die. That killed me too many times... There are also Badass midgets, which
are like normal Badass enemies. You also have to kill the skags their
riding, most of them are quite weak though. They also give you great exp.

Vehicles                                                               <s15>

There are two types of vehicle enemies you'll encounter: Lancers and Cheeta
Paws (or something like that), which are Monsters. Nothing too special, just
use the Monster do kill em off.

Bandits                                                                <s16>

Last and certainly least, the bandits. There's not much to say really, they
just renamed the same old bandits. Some are scattered over the ends of
T-Bone Junction and another set is in Lockdown Palace.


The Not So Secret Armory of General Knoxx                              <s17>


If you read the walkthrough than you know that at end of the story you get
access to his armory, but only for two and a half minutes. Through some of
Marcus' later missions you get other chances to come back to the armory, for
total of 3 times. In this section I'm going to discuss the glitch which
allows you infinite time down there.I suggest you do this on the third time,
mainly because that way you get access to the "Local Trouble" mission.

 So before you begin, it's HIGHLY recommended that you make a copy of your
save file. This is because if you mess up you'll never be able to get back
into the armory, so you should make a clean copy just incase. Okay so once
you accept one of Marcus' missions which allows you access to the armory
("Super-Marcus Sweep" and "Its like Christmas!"), head to the armory. You'll
have to fight Knoxx, not too difficult, get past him go past the door with
the color code. Now once you get to the red hallway, take a look at the
entrance of it. You'll see a thick darker grey line on the floor, kind of
separating the red hallway from the previous one. If you look to the side,
meaning facing along the line and stand on the line, your character should
fall through the floor, and that's the glitch! Just crouch and jump off from
where you are. You are now inside the armory and the timer never starts.
**WARNING** DO NOT ENTER THE HEXAGONAL ROOM. It's the room with the elevator
and all the computers. If you enter that room, the 'Steal Loot' objective
gets check marked, and what this does is close off the red hallway, meaning
even if you reload your game, you can never enter the armory again. And
that's why I had you make a copy of the game save. There's also several
YouTube videos of it, so check it out if you're bit confused.

The armory has 2 floors; find the bridge that's right in front of the wall of
red little rooms of loot. There's an elevator type thing in front
of it, you can use it get to the second floor. The rarer items are up there,
around lv 59, the items behind the red walls are all around lv 48. The items
on the main floor are also lv 59, but I've never found a single decent weapon
from there. Overall the weapons aren't as rare Crawmerax's loot.

It takes quite awhile to go through all the crates, so enjoy!! Just Make sure
you don't ever enter the dreaded hexagonal room (or is it octagonal!?!?).


CLASS MODS/WEAPONS                                                     <s18>

I don't have details for this section, so if anyone has any information
please help me out, of course you will be credited. There are new class
mods, one for each character I think. There are also Pearl cyan weapons,
which I still haven't gotten...


Copyright                                                              <s19>

This guide can only be used for personal use. If you want to use it on your
website or some sort public display ask permission first, it'll probably be a
yes, but it is in violation of copyright.


Copyright 2010 Zeshan Mahmood




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