1. Matt Tieger Game Director
  2. Steven Jay Blum Narrator
  3. Mike Niederquell Sound Designer
  4. Liam O'Brien Voice: Air Raid
  5. Steven Jay Blum Voice: Barricade
  6. Nolan North Voice: Brawl
  7. Crispin Freeman Voice: Breakdown
  8. Johnny Yong Bosch Voice: Bumblebee
  9. Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Voice: Cybertron
  10. Keith Szarabajka Voice: Ironhide
  11. Troy Baker Voice: Jetfire
  12. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Megatron
  13. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Omega Supreme
  14. Peter Cullen Voice: Optimus Prime
  15. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Ratchet
  16. Richard Epcar Voice: Skywarp
  17. Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Voice: Soundwave
  18. Sam Riegel Voice: Starscream
  19. Graham McTavish Voice: Thundercracker
  20. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Trypticon
  21. Jamieson Price Voice: Warpath
  22. Troy Baker Voice: Zeta Prime


Data and credits for this game contributed by Crazy Jezus, discoinferno84, lone_gamer, MikeQuell, odino, and oliist.

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