Can you use a created fighter in career mode?

  1. I did a create a fighter now I just wanna know if i can use him in my career?

    User Info: kylesibert

    kylesibert - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. YES! But it took me forever to figure it out:

    1. copy your CAF (load fighter - copy)
    2. go to career mode, select "load career" (even though you don't have one to load)
    3. at the load fighter screen, hit RT until you get to "copy fighter", select your CAF, and you'll be told you need to re-distribute attaributes and skills

    There ya go, thanks to Yukes for utterly burying any useful information in this game. What's conditioning? Eh, who needs to know...

    User Info: bnrulz

    bnrulz - 10 years ago 9   0


  1. If you created the fighter in create a fighter, then no you can't use him in career mode. But if you start career mode you can modify the fighter and then you can use that created fighter in the career mode.

    User Info: shadeyguy

    shadeyguy - 10 years ago 2   0

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