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Serious Beginner
Complete any level in single player.
Game Master
Complete the game.
Serious Sam
Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.
Look, It's a Secret
Find at least 80 secrets in single player.
Cathedral King
Complete The Grand Cathedral level on serious difficulty without dying or loading.
Coin-op Co-op
Complete the entire Coin-op coooperative game on normal or higher difficulty.
Capture The Flag Beginner
Win a CTF match with at least 2 players on each team.
My Burden Beginner
Win one My Burden match with at least 3 players.
Beast Hunt Master
Win a Beast Hunt match on all game levels.
Survival Beginner
Earn at least a bronze medal on any level in single player Survival.
Deathmatch Master
Win 100 deathmatch games.
Sam I am
Accumulate a total of 100,001 enemy kills and frags combined.

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

Additional Hints and Other Information Contributed By: Shadow.

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