how do I get the achievment brains?

  1. It doesnt give me the mission and im looking everywhere

    User Info: themythofasgard

    themythofasgard - 9 years ago
  2. I cant find tk anywhere where is he

    User Info: themythofasgard

    themythofasgard - 9 years ago

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  1. This achievement will take the longest to complete but can be done whilst completing other missions. Also if you have more than one player all players can collect towards the total this will make it far easier and quicker.
    To activate this misson you have to take TK's wooden leg to his new "zombiefied self" His leg is located on a porch at the south west of the map in Hallows End once you have this in your possesion go into the buiding you found the leg on and give it to zombie TK.
    He will then give you the missions to collect zombie brains to feed TK.
    1. Collect 10 Brains
    2. Collect 25 Brains
    3. Collect 50 Brains
    4. Collect 100 Brains
    5. Collect 250 Brains
    To get the zombies to drop a brain upon death try to kill them by a head shot I found using a shotgun and aiming point blank in their face worked best, as opposed to using a sniper rifle.
    After collecting each stage you have to return to TK who will eat the brains in front of you and then puke up a collectable as a reward. (I received a guns, shields, and a hunter mod but its probably random)

    User Info: omallystwin

    omallystwin - 9 years ago 9   0


  1. TK is inside the house where you found his leg. PS any brains that you pick up previous to obtaining this mission don't count- I was very annoyed

    User Info: cousinit1492

    cousinit1492 - 9 years ago 1   1
  2. also it appears that the brains picked up only apply to the current total and WILL NOT be put towards the next total.

    User Info: ciotog

    ciotog - 9 years ago 1   1

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