How do I open the cellar door under the church? The one outside.

  1. How do I open the trap door by the grave yard outside the church? The one that looks like a cellar door by the wall toward the back of the church beside the graveyard. Close to where Romon walks back and forth.

    NOT the door inside the church on the back wall where you go in to fight Arden and get his sword. But the one on the OUTSIDE of the church.

    User Info: jctthe3rd

    jctthe3rd - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. when you deal with the drunken seekers in the black boar tavern and that commander guy (I think his names louis) comes to yell at them, convince the commander to overlook the incident, then find the same seekers in the second floor of the barracks and they'll tell you that the commander leaves his stoarage can then open the trap door next to the church...after you loot it you can then tell the commander that they ratted out his storage if you want some laughs

    User Info: scarecrow1298

    scarecrow1298 - 7 years ago 0 0

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