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Achievement Guide by Dgnslyr90

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/19/11


	 	           Dead Space 2
	 	       By: Gamefigureouter
		     Gamertag: ForeverMidnight
		     Email: dgnslyr90@yahoo.com


	The only way I post guides for achievements is if I have 
at least 99% of them. My guides wont have all of the fancy 
scripting and writing to make designs, its not intended for that. 
If you want an achievement you should just be able to look it up 
quick and easy without having to wade through hundreds of symbols 
that make silly designs.

	If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message
via Email or Gamertag and I will be happy to assist you.

+   Table of contents                        +
 1: Introduction to Dead Space 2      	     +
 2: Achievements			     +
      A: Game play tips			     + 
 *****1: Level Difficulty 		     +
         1-1: Made Us Whole		     +
         1-2: Mission Impossible	     +
         1-3: Hard to the Core		     +
 *****2: Normal Achievements 		     +
	 2-1: Shoot the Limbs  		     +
	 2-2: Epic Dismemberment	     +
	 2-3: Vacuum Cleaner 		     +
	 2-4: Skewered in Space		     +
	 2-5: Taste of Your Own Medicine     +
	 2-6: Going For Distance             + 
	 2-7: Think Fast		     +  
	 2-8: Frozen In Time		     +
	 2-9: ...And Stay Down               +
	 2-10: My Boom Stick		     +
         2-11: Lawnmower Man 		     +
	 2-12: Shock Therapy		     +
	 2-13: C-Section		     +
	 2-14: Clean Cut		     +
	 2-15: Necro Flambé		     +
	 2-16: The Nanny		     +
	 2-17: Bouncing Betty		     +
	 2-18: Brute Juke		     +
	 2-19: Its a Trap!		     +
	 2-20: Peek A Boo! 		     +
	 2-21: Sampler Platter		     +
	 2-22: Lightspeed de Milo	     +
	 2-23: Looking Good		     +
	 2-24: Collect Peng		     +
	 2-25: Picking Favorites	     +
	 2-26: Fully Loaded		     +
	 2-27: Fully Outfitted		     +
	 2-28: The Engineer/Librarian/	     +
	       Electrician		     +
	 2-29: Romper Stomper		     +
	 2-30: First Aid		     +			
 *****3: Secret Achievements		     +
	 3-1: Elevator Action		     + 
         3-2: Patient on the Loose	     +  
	 3-3: Derailed			     +
         3-4: One Small Step		     +
         3-5: Clever Girls		     +
         3-6: Torment Me No More	     +
         3-7: The Graduate		     + 
         3-8: Shut Down			     +
	 3-9: Powered Up		     +
	 3-10: Hornet's Nest		     +
	 3-11: Operation! 	 	     +
	 3-12: Knock Knock		     +
	 3-13: Cross your Heart, Hope to Die +
	 3-14: The Final Sacrifice	     +
	 3-15: The Fugitive		     +
 *****4: Disclaimer			     +

Introduction to Dead Space 2 

!!!!!!!!!! please note this is all just my opinion !!!!!!!!!!!!!

	Welcome back to your own personal hell. No matter where
you go, you just cant seem to catch a break can you?

	Its been 3 years since the events at the Ishimura in Dead 
Space 1 and Isaac is not having a good day. While being plagued 
by horrid visions of the past, it seems another outbreak has 
spread on the Sprawl; a massive space station on Saturn’s moon, 

	This game has brought back everything that was loved about 
the first game, namely the brutal violence and scares; then got 
rid of the things that was hated, the scavenger hunt feeling, 
0 gravity jumping, and lack of WTF moments. I challenge
you not to jump at least once.



Game play Tips

	The achievements can be obtained with a minimum of three 
playthroughs. I did Zealot just to play the game without focusing
on anything BUT the game, then New+ on an easier difficulty with
my upgrades to clean up the other achievements.

	There are no achievements that can be obtained for 
multiplayer, even if it calls for killing Necros. Its just there 
for enjoyment.

	Take your time! I cant stress that enough, especially if 
you are starting on a higher difficulty. By rushing through you 
may miss an important item or run mouth first into a spitters 
jawless maul.

	If you are wondering what number your on for that DO 
THIS x NUMBER OF TIMES, you can check the achievements in the 
start menu and it will show you how many more you need.

Level Difficulty**************

1-1: Made Us Whole 
beat the game on any difficulty- 10g

	From casual to Zealot, just beat the game and you will 
hear the familiar *ding

1-2: Mission Impossible
Beat the game on Zealot difficulty- 50g

	Here is what makes this "impossible"; you will find few 
health items, you will find little ammunition, the enemies 
damage threshold is max, your pain threshold is minimum. If you 
get hit enough in a row, you may still have a yellow on that 
health gauge, but you WILL get the death scene.

	The good thing is that you can save as MANY times as you 
want, if your moving from room to room with waves of Necros, you 
can turn around and re-save before you die and you will start 
without having to fight that first or second wave.

	Again, TAKE YOUR TIME, especially if this is first 
playthrough. I don’t care how B.A you are, you WILL die a few 
times in this. No need to feel overwhelmed, with each death you
are learning a new strategy on how to get through that room. I 
would purposefully reload a checkpoint just because I knew that
if I played it just a LITTLE bit differently, I would make it out
with more ammo which probably means more health.

	Don’t remember putting that "dead" Necro there? TK pull it.
Did it come to you? Guess what, its still alive, and waiting for
an unsuspecting engineer to come walking to it. But since your
not unsuspecting (anymore at least), take aim and pop a few into
its legs, give it a reason to lay down.

	When it comes to nodes, focus on the most important 
things, the suit (the air is not important...at all), stasis, and 
your main primary and secondary weapons (the plasma cutter and 
ripper for me). No need on wasting important nodes on non essential 

	You may want to stoke up on ammo at the store for your guns
if you can, health as well. The amount you find is dismal and I
found myself on the empty side of a weapon in a couple important
scenes. Its a poor feeling when you leave the store with 50 rounds
and by the next store you are scrounging for that 3 round item drop.
The game may also realize that by giving you just enough ammo to 
kill a necro as most only need 3 rounds to kill.

1-3: Hard to the Core
Beat the game on Hard Core mode- 50g
	Whoever thought of this achievement needs to go and play 
on the freeway. Remember the little ammo and health you got in 
Zealot? Its less, bare minimum. Thinking about starting with a New+ 
game? Forget about that, you must start fresh. Remember all those 
saves you abused in Zealot? Yeah, you only get three. Three saves 
altogether on a two disk game! Those checkpoints? Gone, and if you 
die you go either back to the beginning of the disk or your last 
save...think about that.

	Now if your a B.A and don’t care about any of that (I see those
hand sweating), then allow me to go over the good news.

	Yes there is good news. The damage threshold for you and the 
Necros dropped down a difficulty from Zealot. So if you played that
first playthrough on Zealot, you have a feel for hardcore a bit. Did
I say there are no checkpoints...well I fibbed. Your one and ONLY 
"checkpoint" is that second disk. Once you pop that in, if you die 
shortly after, you will start at the beginning of that disk instead 
of ALL the way at the beginning. 

	The general consensus before tackling this, is to make this
the last achievement. Play through twice to get a feel for the 
difficulty and where exactly all the enemies are. If you played through
already, why not take advantage of a few of the playthrough guides that
detail where enemies will pop out so you can be extra ready.

	I will be using only the plasma cutter and ripper due to the
severe lack of ammo drops. For a few levels involving the Stalkers I
will be bringing the Detonator so I wont get surrounded. A lot of the
Necros can be avoided if you know exactly where they are and what 
triggers them.

	Last little nugget of advice, if you are going for this and you
own the game, walk away if you die. It very frustrating to play for 
three hours and something so stupid kills you right before you reach that
second disk. You don’t need to go back into it with a temper, it could
cause you to make a mistake. Which would lead to another, and another,
you see where im going with this.

Normal Achievements***************

2-1: Shoot the Limbs
Dismember 25 Necromorph limbs- 10g

	This will be one of your first 5 achievements, its impossible 
NOT to get it. Head, arms, legs, tail; these must be removed

2-2: Epic Dismemberment
Dismember 2,500 Necromorph limbs- 50g

	This one will normally take two playthroughs. I used the 
primary fire of the ripper and held it on them to cut off as much
as I could. Even dead...um...dead-er Necromorph limbs count.

2-3: Vacuum Cleaner
Decompress 20 Necromorph’s without getting sucked out yourself- 30g

	You cant get this on one playthrough because there are only
around 4 windows in the game. Here is how I counted it.

	First window: In chapter 3 the window will be directly in
front of you in a hallway once you get into the unitology church. 
Go slowly because two of the Pack, an Exploder, and a Slasher will
crawl out. Shoot the window and suck em out. Count- 4

	Second window: In chapter 4 you will enter a room that’s 
locked on the left and you have to move some nodes around in the
right room. Once you finish the node movement you will leave the
room and two necros pop out. Shoot the window and suck em out. 
Count- 2	

	Third window: In Chapter 7 the A.I will recognize you as 
a threat and activate those exploding sensors and a few necros pop 
out. As soon as you enter the room a crawling slasher comes at you,
stasis it, then run to activate the rest of the necros. They come
out of random holes but its usually a baby or two and a Crawler. 
Shoot the window and suck em out. Count- 3 or 4

	Fourth Window: In Chapter 9 you will enter a room and spot
the window on your left. This is an ambush room; run forward, turn
right, then run as far as you can. Turn around and pop the window 
to suck out the two Necros. Count- 2

	Altogether you will get around 10 at a minimum, so two 
playthroughs and on that fourth window you should get it.

2-4:  Skewered in Space
Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow 
out- 15g

	Easily got on the first window. Shoot off a claw, grab it,
then impale them into the window. Alternatively using the Rivet gun
works, one of the only good uses for it. 

2-5: Taste of Your Own Medicine
TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher's arm, it 
must stick to the surface- 20g

	A lot easier than it sounds; just pick up a slasher arm,
position it between you and a wall, fire. I picked this up before 
I picked up when you get the telekinesis ability. Ripped off the 
first Necros arm and impaled the second one that came into the

2-6: Going for Distance
Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters, it 
must stick to the surface- 20g

	You can use the rivet gun for this but its easier with TK.
If there is a large space between the Necro and the wall, pick up
preferably a metal spike and launch it at one.

2-7: Think Fast
Kill 30 Necromorph’s with Kinesis objects- 15g

	Easily done when your saving ammo and impaling with pointy
things like metal spikes, Necro spikes, stalker hands, scissors, or 
basically anything pointy that is pointed forward when you TK it. 
Hitting a cyst doesn’t count.

2-8: Frozen in Time
Kill 50 Necromorph’s while they are in stasis- 10g

	Just freeze them with your stasis or a stasis canister and
give them separation anxiety from their limbs. Its easy to forget
about stasis and how long it takes to recharge, but with an 
upgraded pack and the advanced suit; it wont take you long at all.

2-9: ...And Stay Down
Kill 25 crawling enemies with stomp- 10g

	Shoot out the legs then step on that head. Best done when
no other enemies are around to hit you. There are a few levels 
where the enemies are already legless coming at you for an easy

2-10: My Boom Stick
Kill six enemies at once with the Line guns Alt-Fire- 20g

	Have them get close together by following you, stasis them,
fire the mine, laugh hysterically.

2-11: Lawnmower man
Kill four enemies with the same Ripper blade

	Fighting the pack I think I got around six or so before
the blade was finished.

2-12: Shock Therapy
Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 
three others- 10g

	Easily done with the pack, you can possibly hit more. I 
actually got it impaling a Slasher while it was surrounded by 
those little leaches in the Unitology chapel.

2-13: C-Section
Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with 
primary Fire before it stands up- 10g

	Its an easy 10g. Wait for a Slasher to shamble to you, RB,
then blast that thing back to hell. Don’t need to upgrade it at all

2-14: Clean Cut
Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun primary 
fire shot- 10g

	This can be a little tricky, if you aim to low you may not 
get it as it took me two tries to get it. Make sure the Lurker is 
on the floor or on the roof so the horizontal line can get the 
tentacles. When its nice and close just stasis it and aim and the 
middle portion that the three are closest to each other. Putting a 
node or two into beam width wouldn’t hurt.	

2-15: Necro Flambé   
Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower- 10g

	One of only two reasons to ever need to use this weapon. 
The packs are one hit kills while everything else usually shakes 
the initial couple of blasts off. Just be patient.

2-16: The Nanny
Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them- 10g

	The Crawlers are the little babies with the exploding 
backs. It takes one shot per baby so I would recommend this on an
easier difficulty because of the ammo needed. When the babies crawl 
towards you, aim the reticule a little bit in front of the face
and the shot should take the head off. If the baby flips and lays 
out, aim to the left side of the body and kill it that way.

2-17: Bouncing Betty
Kill a Cyst by catching its mine and throwing it back- 10g

	A lot easier than it looks. When you get close to a Cyst 
it will launch a mine that explodes on contact, giving you little 
time to catch it without getting hit. Anything that makes contact
with it will launch the mine, so why not throw a stasis bomb at it?

	With the stasis bomb, the Cyst and mine freeze giving you 
time to pat it on the tentacles before catching the mine and 
throwing it back at it.

2-18: Brute Juke
Kill a Brute without taking any damage- 10g

	If I can get this with all of the brutes on Zealot, you
can too. The brutes seem a bit easier than DS 1, they will walk
towards you a bit before charging, which gives you plenty of time 
to line up a shot. Their charges are easy to out maneuver even if 
the Brute isn’t in stasis. Just take your time and aim your shots, 
no need to try to get it on their first charge. You can also use 
mines to soften them up if you know its coming.

2-19: Its a Trap!
Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state- 20g 

	A Star Wars reference in a sci-fi game? No...

	If you are playing on a harder difficulty, the mines 
become your best friend and you will get this easy. Just place 
mines when you know your about to be ambushed. Not sure if you use 
it on a Pack cluster and it counts all, but the mines MUST be 
fully deployed with the motion sensor lasers; firing it like a 
grenade launcher wont count.

2-20: Peek A Boo!
Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode- 20g

	Now it doesn’t matter what the Stalker is doing; peeking at
you, charging, crawling, or running around. It doesn’t have to be 
just one shot, as long as its zoomed in when you drop it, the 
achievement will pop. If your having trouble, just stasis them.

	Note: if you throw a stasis bomb while they are peeking, 
they will duck behind whatever they were peeking from and be
stasised back there making it impossible to get the shot. Just
use your normal stasis.

2-21: The Sampler Platter
Kill a Necromorph with every weapon in the game- 20g

	You can find the schematics in the node power rooms or in
certain places around the game. It doesn’t have to be just a 
slasher, as long as its trying to kill you and isn’t a Cyst, it 
will count. 

2-22: Lightspeed de Milo
Dismember the Lightspeed boy Statue- 10g

	You can miss this so you have to keep a lookout. As you 
enter the main shopping area before you go to the Unitology 
sector, you will see the Lightspeed boy statue on the left hand as
you enter; its hard to miss because its giant and spinning around.
Just take off the arms and head to get the *ding

2-23: Looking Good
Purchase the Advanced Suit- 10g

	You will find the schematic in a power node room in 
chapter 11, the suit costs 35,000 credits which is not hard to 
come by.

2-24: Collect Peng
Find the Peng treasure- 20g

	A little bit easier than in the first game. In the final
room before you destroy the A.I, you must raise the shield on the
cooling tanks. You do this by TK'ng little plugs with symbols into
the right outlet, the plugs will turn green. When you go to leave 
the final room, another plug map will have appeared next to the 
vent. Switch the plugs to this map, this time they will turn blue, 
and an option to rotate the vent to the left will appear, follow 
the vent and Peng will be awaiting in front of you

2-25: Picking Favorites
Upgrade one weapon completely- 30g

	Your going to have to buy nodes in order to get this, due
to the face that it takes 20 or so nodes to upgrade a weapon and 
you will be spending some on a rig or other weapons as you play so
you can stay alive. I recommend using the Classic suit because it
knocks the price from 10,000 to 9,000, essentially making that 
11th node pay for itself. The Elite Classic suit, which is picked
up in New+ game, will knock it down to 8,500. 

	Also if you pay attention to the node map layout on each
weapon, you can avoid putting some nodes on empty spots when you
can just go around, the only ones that count for the achievement 
are the ones that effect the weapon. For my Plasma pistol I was 
able the save four nodes.

2-26: Fully Loaded
Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons- 50g

	Same advise as above, your going to have to get this in a
New+ game because it will cost WAY to much to attempt this on one 
playthrough. You do not need to have them all in your inventory
at the same time, some can be in your safe.

2-27: Fully Outfitted
Upgrade your Rig and Stasis completely- 30g

	Here is a tip for this, go ahead and do the stasis 
completely but leave the Air nodes in the suit for last. You do 
not need an upgrade for the game. Once your down to those last 
three. Save your game, then apply the nodes at a bench but DONT 
back out, the *ding should pop up and you can just reload your last 
checkpoint. You will start with the achievement and those three 
nodes back you can contribute to Fully Loaded.

2-28: The Engineer/The Librarian/The Electrician
Collect 10 schematics/100 logs/ 10 Semiconductors- All 10g

	Someone may ask why im not posting a location for all of 
these, its because there is MORE than the 10/100/10 required in 
the game.

	There is one schematic for every gun, for every gun there
is ammo. That’s 10 right there! But don’t forget; stasis, the three
health’s, the three suits, and the power node. As a bonus you get
three or more New schematics at a New+ game

	There are text and video logs scattered throughout the
game, but what the achievement doesn’t tell you is that the sound
and video logs that you take apart of throughout the game add to
the count as well.

	I cant even begin to count how many semiconductors there
are throughout the game. It doesn’t matter which it is, from Bronze
to Diamond, it will add up.

2-29: Romper Stomper
Stomp 10 containers- 25g

	You know those hundreds of little green boxes that you 
find throughout the game? Stomp on 10 of them and this is yours.

2-30: First Aid
Use quick heal 10 times

	With a health pack in your inventory, hit b. I challenge 
you not to get this.

Secret Achievements********

There is only one of these achievements that is NOT story based,
that will be the first one, the rest are gotten sequentially as
you play.

3-1: Elevator Action
Knock off every Tripod during the Elevator Sequence- 15g

	Best obtained on casual or normal with a Ripper with 
alt-fire damage and capacity upgraded to max. Before you ride the 
elevator, you may want to save your game. With the ripper in hand 
ride it up and you will be attacked by a hoard or Tripods, if you 
get to close they will lash out and hit you. Fire the alt-fire 
blade at the weak point and it will completely sever the arm from
the body, killing it. Once you get to the point where you are 
almost "out of air" and you haven’t heard the *ding, reload your 
checkpoint. If it starts you at the top of the elevator, then 
reload that save you did earlier and try again.

3-2: Patient on the Loose
Get your first Suit- 15g

	When you get to the first store, buy the only suit

3-3: Derailed
Survive the Train Sequence- 20g

	When the train crashes and your sliding down, you don’t 
need to shoot the Necros that you see, you should be able to avoid 
them. But once your hanging upside down be ready. TK a spike and
aim in forward, a crawling necro should appear. Impale it then aim
a little to the left for the Exploder. Once its sploded you will 
have two necros coming from the left and one or so from the right, 
I did this a couple of times and those last few Necros varied 
where and when they wanted to show. Stasis if you have trouble and 
shoot the legs if they get to close. It will lessen the chance 
that they hit you by a lot. Then you have to hit the Tormentor in 
its arms sweet spot a few times.

3-4: One Small Step
Get through the first Zero-G area- 10g

	Just follow the instructions, when you get to the trash
tunnel, just stay in the bottom corner and you will avoid all of 

3-5: Clever Girls
Survive your first encounter with Stalkers- 10g

	In the Unitology church, when the gates are lowered and 
you hear their cries, back up to the door that blew out, it gives
you an effective funnel for them to come at you and there are 
plenty of spikes to impale them with. They will only charge one at 
a time so have fun.

3-6: Torment Me No More
Kill the Tormenter- 20g

	After it throws you when you sever its arm, stasis it and
TK the door open behind you. Run for the window, initiating the
cut scene, then shoot the floating barrel.

3-7: The Graduate
Win the fight at the school- 20g

	Just make it through the school and you will get it.

3-8: Shut Down
Defeat the A.I- 10g

	As soon as you destroy the cooling tanks you will get it.

3-9: Powered Up
Complete the Solar Array Puzzle- 15g

	There are two solar panels outside, the terminal is on the
right side of the panels. Align the beams of light to the opposite
array for both and you will get it.

3-10: Hornet's Nest
Destroy the Tripod nest- 30g

	Its not as hard as it seems. When you have to throw the 
fire canisters at the giant tanks to get the railcar moving you 
will be attacked by Tripod's. If you kill a Tripod, another will
arrive. Just sever one arm, then stasis it, gives you plenty of 
time to fire the rest of the canisters and get on the elevator. If
you wait too long, the ensuing explosion will kill you.

3-11: Operation!
Snare the Shard with the Ishimura- 15g

	Just make it to the captains cabin on the Ishimura and you
will get it.

3-12: Knock Knock
Complete the Drill Ride- 25g

	Riding atop the giant drill can be a pain. Kill the Necros
that climb up to you and avoid/kill the Lurkers on the ridge above 

3-13: Cross your Heart, Hope to Die
Survive the Eye Poke Machine- 30g

	If you move it to fast, Isaacs heart rate will speed up 
making his eye move to much, but you can go fast all the way till 
its about to hit to speed things up, then let his heart rate slow 
down. You have to get it blue in the pupil.	

3-14: The Final Sacrifice
Destroy the Marker

	This is a boss fight. The final boss will slowly walk 
towards you and taunt you will you try not to be killed by the 
shadow pack. If you get to close to the boss it can kill you in 
one hit. Run around till the pack are nice and together, then a 
few rounds from your weapon of choice should thin them out. Hit 
the boss enough and a shockwave should happen that will kill the 
shadows and expose the "heart" of the marker. Shoot that thing 
like crazy. Rinse and repeat a few times. 

3-15: The Fugitive
Escape the Facility

	Sit for half the credits and your ride should appear, 
boost upwards avoiding the debris until you get to the button 
mash sequence, after that you are home free.


This guide was created with the help of the Dead Space 2 video game.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. The only website
with permission to use this guide is GameFAQS.com.


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