General FAQs

Character FAQs

Guile (PS3) 05/21/10 magikbus45 1.2 45K
Hakan 08/28/10 DisturbedPeace 3 35K
Ryu (PS3) 04/20/11 Paltheos 1.0 103K
T.Hawk (PS3) 05/18/10 Heroic_Legacy 33K
Zangief (PS3) 06/23/10 kwix29 2.00 77K

In-Depth FAQs

Achievement Guide 05/09/10 AuTpBoRomulus 1.2 22K
Challenge Mode Guide (PS3) 05/18/10 siky 1.00 317K
Damage Guide (PS3) 06/01/10 DDark 1.4 10K
Quote FAQ (PS3) 07/10/10 Kano2005 1.0 116K

Secrets FAQs

Unlockable Guide (PS3) 05/11/10 Slateman 1.1 45K

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