What expression do I use on Knothole Island (drought quest)?

  1. I'm trying to do the quest where you solve the drought, but I can't figure out the second expression statue, after the chicken one. I looked at guides, which all said laugh, but when I use the Point and Laugh expression I get knocked away. Is it a different expression, or is my game just glitched?

    User Info: KingMattress17

    KingMattress17 - 9 years ago


  1. No it isn't glitched when you get close enough you should be giver set choices one of the is the laugh to gasin the laugh to use when ever you like you need to try and max out your good level quick way play the lute infront of alot of people and do quest with a possitive out come

    User Info: dark_lorican

    dark_lorican - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. The expression is called laugh not point and laugh it is a totally diffrent expression. It should be on the expression D pad when you are at the statue.

    User Info: zeldafan44310

    zeldafan44310 - 8 years ago 0   0

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