1. Jake Loheofer Actor: Comic Kid
  2. Joel Abrams Actor: Friend of Comic Kid
  3. Keith Colvin Actor: Keith Colvin
  4. Lonny Watershed Actor: Toilet Dude
  5. Cheryl Ash Additional Support
  6. Joe Berger Additional Support
  7. Julien Le Bras Additional Support
  8. Daniel Bullock Additional Support
  9. Chris Cobb Additional Support
  10. Lynn Duke Additional Support
  11. Jason Fisher Additional Support
  12. Jerome Crackersack Jr. Additional Support
  13. Griffin Spencer Additional Support
  14. Billy Toppletatch Additional Support
  15. Neil Viola Additional Support
  16. Miroslav Baranenko Art [Nikitova]
  17. Olya Baranenko Art [Nikitova]
  18. Anton Evdokimov Art [Nikitova]
  19. Maxim Ivanov Art [Nikitova]
  20. Andrei Klimenko Art [Nikitova]
  21. Aleksandr Kravchuk Art [Nikitova]
  22. Anatoliy Kuzmich Art [Nikitova]
  23. Vladimir Loban Art [Nikitova]
  24. Tatiana Makarova Art [Nikitova]
  25. Aleksandr Mendeleyev Art [Nikitova]
  26. Alexander Moiseenko Art [Nikitova]
  27. Joseph Winchester Behind the Scenes and Twisted Pixel Base Footage
  28. John Bodek Developer
  29. Brandon Ford Developer
  30. Mike Henry Developer
  31. Amanda Henry Developer
  32. David Leung Developer
  33. Michael Wilford Developer
  34. Frank Lee Wilson Developer
  35. Marshall Womack Developer
  36. Matt Chaney Developer / Additional Writing and Dialog
  37. Josh Bear Developer / Story
  38. Sean Conway Developer / Story
  39. Sean Riley Developer / Writer and Dialog
  40. Matt Chaney Music: Achoo - Music and Lyrics
  41. Tim Shymkus Music: Add
  42. T.J. Neveldine Music: Add - Vocals
  43. Matthew Trana Music: All For Me - Music and Lyrics
  44. Matt Chaney Music: Brad - Music and Lyrics
  45. Brad Hawkins Music: Brad - Vocals
  46. Stephanie Young Music: Brad - Vocals
  47. Christopher Robin Sabat Music: Cutie Cutie Kid Cupids Score
  48. Matt Piersall Music: Dance Floor Assassins - Music
  49. Matt Chaney Music: Dance Floor Assassins - Music and Lyrics
  50. Tim Shymkus Music: Dusty - Music and Lyrics
  51. T.J. Neveldine Music: Dusty - Music and Lyrics / Vocals
  52. Brina Palencia Music: I Love U - Music and Lyrics
  53. Tia Ballard Music: I Love U - Vocals
  54. Colleen Clinkenbeard Music: I Love U - Vocals
  55. Chuck Huber Music: I Love U - Vocals
  56. Brina Palencia Music: I Love U - Vocals
  57. John DeBorde Music: Improbable Paper Pals Score
  58. Joshua R. Mosley Music: Nanoc the Obliviator Score
  59. Marshall Womack Music: Pumpkin Eater - Music and Lyrics
  60. Matt Chaney Music: Smiley's Awesome - Music and Lyrics
  61. Tim Shymkus Music: Stop Making Sense - Music and Lyrics
  62. T.J. Neveldine Music: Stop Making Sense - Music and Lyrics / Vocals
  63. Tim Shymkus Music: Sufferin - Music and Lyrics
  64. T.J. Neveldine Music: Sufferin - Music and Lyrics / Vocals
  65. Matt Chaney Music: Texas Women - Music and Lyrics
  66. Matt Chaney Music: The Adventures of Captain Smiley Score
  67. Matt Chaney Music: The Stats Song - Music and Lyrics
  68. Sterling Williams New Splosion Man Levels
  69. Stuart Platt Producer [Microsoft]
  70. Tiffani Waters Production Assistant
  71. Tyler Cornett Sound Design
  72. Matt Piersall Sound Design
  73. Matthew Entin Story / Writer
  74. Ed Kuehnel Story / Writer
  75. Jum Butler Stunts (Kung-Fu Karl Weinberg)
  76. Jay Allen Title and Live Action Sequences [Slackcircus]
  77. Ryan Haines Title and Live Action Sequences [Slackcircus]
  78. Rawly Pickens Voice Direction and Engineering
  79. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice Direction and Engineering
  80. Josh Bear Voice: Additional Voices
  81. Matt Chaney Voice: Additional Voices
  82. Sterling Williams Voice: Additional Voices
  83. Kyle Hebert Voice: Benny
  84. Brad Hawkins Voice: Brad
  85. Katie Chaney Voice: Bradbot
  86. Colleen Clinkeneard Voice: Bradbot
  87. Monica Rial Voice: Bradbot
  88. Carrie Savage Voice: Bradbot
  89. J. Michael Tatum Voice: C.O.C
  90. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice: Captain Smiley / Star
  91. Carrie Savage Voice: Coco
  92. Sonny Strait Voice: Dr. Winklemeyer
  93. Tia Ballard Voice: Geisha Puppets
  94. Colleen Clinkenbeard Voice: Geisha Puppets
  95. Monica Rial Voice: Geisha Puppets
  96. Brina Palencia Voice: Gerda
  97. Tia Ballard Voice: Hent High Students
  98. J. Michael Tatum Voice: Kung-Fi Karl Weingberg
  99. Brina Palencia Voice: Lolo
  100. Eric Vale Voice: Lou
  101. Colleen Clinkenbeard Voice: Mistress Ropes
  102. Kyle Hebert Voice: Museum Security Guards
  103. Chuck Huber Voice: Museum Security Guards
  104. Jeremy Inman Voice: Museum Security Guards
  105. Mike McFarland Voice: Museum Security Guards
  106. Eric Vale Voice: Museum Security Guards
  107. Travis Willingham Voice: Museum Security Guards
  108. Monica Rial Voice: Nana
  109. Chris Rager Voice: Nanoc
  110. Stephanie Young Voice: Nordya
  111. Mike McFarland Voice: Origami Kid
  112. Brina Palencia Voice: Paper Lad
  113. Chuck Huber Voice: Pling Pling
  114. Rawly Don Pickens Voice: The Maniacal Smile
  115. R. Bruce Elliot Voice: The Puttmaster
  116. Kyle Hebert Voice: Villagers of Nerthus
  117. Chuck Huber Voice: Villagers of Nerthus
  118. Jeremy Inman Voice: Villagers of Nerthus
  119. J. Michael Tatum Voice: Villagers of Nerthus
  120. Travis Willingham Voice: Villagers of Nerthus
  121. Mike McFarland Voice: Winklemeyer's Orderlies
  122. Chris Rager Voice: Winklemeyer's Orderlies
  123. J. Michael Tatum Voice: Winklemeyer's Orderlies
  124. Travis Willingham Voice: Winklemeyer's Orderlies


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, misschu, and UnrealDan.

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