Actor: Comic KidJake Loheofer
Actor: Friend of Comic KidJoel Abrams
Actor: Keith ColvinKeith Colvin
Actor: Toilet DudeLonny Watershed
Additional SupportCheryl Ash
Additional SupportJoe Berger
Additional SupportJulien Le Bras
Additional SupportDaniel Bullock
Additional SupportChris Cobb
Additional SupportLynn Duke
Additional SupportJason Fisher
Additional SupportJerome Crackersack Jr.
Additional SupportGriffin Spencer
Additional SupportBilly Toppletatch
Additional SupportNeil Viola
Art [Nikitova]Miroslav Baranenko
Art [Nikitova]Olya Baranenko
Art [Nikitova]Anton Evdokimov
Art [Nikitova]Maxim Ivanov
Art [Nikitova]Andrei Klimenko
Art [Nikitova]Aleksandr Kravchuk
Art [Nikitova]Anatoliy Kuzmich
Art [Nikitova]Vladimir Loban
Art [Nikitova]Tatiana Makarova
Art [Nikitova]Aleksandr Mendeleyev
Art [Nikitova]Alexander Moiseenko
Behind the Scenes and Twisted Pixel Base FootageJoseph Winchester
DeveloperJohn Bodek
DeveloperBrandon Ford
DeveloperMike Henry
DeveloperAmanda Henry
DeveloperDavid Leung
DeveloperMichael Wilford
DeveloperFrank Lee Wilson
DeveloperMarshall Womack
Developer / Additional Writing and DialogMatt Chaney
Developer / StoryJosh Bear
Developer / StorySean Conway
Developer / Writer and DialogSean Riley
Music: Achoo - Music and LyricsMatt Chaney
Music: AddTim Shymkus
Music: Add - VocalsT.J. Neveldine
Music: All For Me - Music and LyricsMatthew Trana
Music: Brad - Music and LyricsMatt Chaney
Music: Brad - VocalsBrad Hawkins
Music: Brad - VocalsStephanie Young
Music: Cutie Cutie Kid Cupids ScoreChristopher Robin Sabat
Music: Dance Floor Assassins - MusicMatt Piersall
Music: Dance Floor Assassins - Music and LyricsMatt Chaney
Music: Dusty - Music and LyricsTim Shymkus
Music: Dusty - Music and Lyrics / VocalsT.J. Neveldine
Music: I Love U - Music and LyricsBrina Palencia
Music: I Love U - VocalsTia Ballard
Music: I Love U - VocalsColleen Clinkenbeard
Music: I Love U - VocalsChuck Huber
Music: I Love U - VocalsBrina Palencia
Music: Improbable Paper Pals ScoreJohn DeBorde
Music: Nanoc the Obliviator ScoreJoshua R. Mosley
Music: Pumpkin Eater - Music and LyricsMarshall Womack
Music: Smiley's Awesome - Music and LyricsMatt Chaney
Music: Stop Making Sense - Music and LyricsTim Shymkus
Music: Stop Making Sense - Music and Lyrics / VocalsT.J. Neveldine
Music: Sufferin - Music and LyricsTim Shymkus
Music: Sufferin - Music and Lyrics / VocalsT.J. Neveldine
Music: Texas Women - Music and LyricsMatt Chaney
Music: The Adventures of Captain Smiley ScoreMatt Chaney
Music: The Stats Song - Music and LyricsMatt Chaney
New Splosion Man LevelsSterling Williams
Producer [Microsoft]Stuart Platt
Production AssistantTiffani Waters
Sound DesignTyler Cornett
Sound DesignMatt Piersall
Story / WriterMatthew Entin
Story / WriterEd Kuehnel
Stunts (Kung-Fu Karl Weinberg)Jum Butler
Title and Live Action Sequences [Slackcircus]Jay Allen
Title and Live Action Sequences [Slackcircus]Ryan Haines
Voice Direction and EngineeringRawly Pickens
Voice Direction and EngineeringChristopher Robin Sabat
Voice: Additional VoicesJosh Bear
Voice: Additional VoicesMatt Chaney
Voice: Additional VoicesSterling Williams
Voice: BennyKyle Hebert
Voice: BradBrad Hawkins
Voice: BradbotKatie Chaney
Voice: BradbotColleen Clinkeneard
Voice: BradbotMonica Rial
Voice: BradbotCarrie Savage
Voice: C.O.CJ. Michael Tatum
Voice: Captain Smiley / StarChristopher Robin Sabat
Voice: CocoCarrie Savage
Voice: Dr. WinklemeyerSonny Strait
Voice: Geisha PuppetsTia Ballard
Voice: Geisha PuppetsColleen Clinkenbeard
Voice: Geisha PuppetsMonica Rial
Voice: GerdaBrina Palencia
Voice: Hent High StudentsTia Ballard
Voice: Kung-Fi Karl WeingbergJ. Michael Tatum
Voice: LoloBrina Palencia
Voice: LouEric Vale
Voice: Mistress RopesColleen Clinkenbeard
Voice: Museum Security GuardsKyle Hebert
Voice: Museum Security GuardsChuck Huber
Voice: Museum Security GuardsJeremy Inman
Voice: Museum Security GuardsMike McFarland
Voice: Museum Security GuardsEric Vale
Voice: Museum Security GuardsTravis Willingham
Voice: NanaMonica Rial
Voice: NanocChris Rager
Voice: NordyaStephanie Young
Voice: Origami KidMike McFarland
Voice: Paper LadBrina Palencia
Voice: Pling PlingChuck Huber
Voice: The Maniacal SmileRawly Don Pickens
Voice: The PuttmasterR. Bruce Elliot
Voice: Villagers of NerthusKyle Hebert
Voice: Villagers of NerthusChuck Huber
Voice: Villagers of NerthusJeremy Inman
Voice: Villagers of NerthusJ. Michael Tatum
Voice: Villagers of NerthusTravis Willingham
Voice: Winklemeyer's OrderliesMike McFarland
Voice: Winklemeyer's OrderliesChris Rager
Voice: Winklemeyer's OrderliesJ. Michael Tatum
Voice: Winklemeyer's OrderliesTravis Willingham


Data and credits for this game contributed by UnrealDan, BGoldTLE, and misschu.

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