Any good?

  1. What's this game like? How long is it? Is it any fun? Worth buying? I like the concept that it presents but how well is it put together? My local rental places do not have it for rent so I'm wondering if its that bad.

    User Info: TexasHH

    TexasHH - 8 years ago


  1. The game is okay in general, but it's pretty good for being a budget game. The game is 3-4 hours long (double if you go for it on hard) and has no multiplayer whatsoever, but it has a survival mode with online leaderboards. The levels are very short and linear, there is a decent choice of guns, the graphics are pretty good for a budget title, and only one of the three boss fights is even worthwhile. It is fun if you take it for what it is; mindless dinosaur killing and any easy 1000G or platinum trophy. I wouldn't buy it for more than $15 but I don't have the same obsession with dinosaurs as some people do. Try to rent it if you can but if you can find it for cheap and are a huge dinosaur fan then go for it, just don't expect anything spectacular.

    User Info: shaggydellic

    shaggydellic - 8 years ago 0 0

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