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Fable 3 is like a sandwich without the meat... or cheese... or mayo... or lettuce... but there IS a pickle and bread! 11/04/10 bahamut9999
Peter Molyneux, you lied to me 01/21/11 cbast1
Fable III: Because even the simplest minded of people deserve a game they can handle. 11/24/10 Mr_Chuck_Steak
The power of motivation, the motivation for power. 11/04/10 UnaidedCoder
Good, Evil, or Mediocre? 09/08/11 Bkstunt_31
Fable III: So bad, it makes Fables I and II not seem as disappointing. 01/23/12 CW_McGraw
The Insipidity that is Fable III 11/01/11 Goukakyuu91
It's good to be the king...sometimes 01/31/11 horror_spooky
Accessible and enjoyable game despite some glaring flaws 01/24/11 HoshunMk112
Fable III? More like Fable 1.9 11/08/10 Kowai_Kudamono
Why on earth was this game bundled with my 360? 11/22/12 nastynate3118
A few months of bug fixes away from being a GOTY contender. Some of the common glitches are BAD. 11/04/10 neonreaper
That Old Fable Charm 11/16/10 Ohio State
Fable needs nothing less than a revolution 11/02/10 OneEyedDragon
Good or Evil? King or Queen? The choice is yours. 11/04/10 Optimus Magnus
So much potential with the Fable series, this really is not good enough. 09/20/11 Osafune2
Damn you Molyneux... 11/05/10 PC
This series is what needs a Revolution 02/18/14 TKDBoy1889
A step backwards on the road to becoming a great game. 03/21/14 Unbridled9
What happens when good game designers get carried away with what looks good on paper, neglecting the fundamentals? 11/08/10 Vamphaery

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