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Money Making Guide by KADFC

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 12/20/2010

       Fable III (Fable 3) - Money Guide
   Created By: KADFC (aka Fabian Chang)
   Created On: December 17, 2010 @ 10:34 AM Pacific Time
   First Version Submitted: December 20, 2010 @ 7:30 AM
   Current Version: 0.80
   Current Version Submitted: December 20, 2010 @ 7:30 AM

   I'll do my best to not give spoilers, but sometimes, names must be given.
   I'll try to give location names instead. Regardless, I suggest to not read
   further down the guide as certain words can contain spoilers.

   If you're having trouble collecting enough funds for the ending, this guide
   is for you. I may not be a full expert, but I've have testing and
   understandings. On my first playthrough, I got to Bowerstone with barely
   a million before my game crashing glitch came up and I couldn't load my
   game. This took me 3 days worth of gaming to get to.

   I was about to give up, but after a while I decded to get back into it. I
   just told myself that it couldn't happen twice in a row can it? It went
   well. From now on, I just waited 30 seconds after saving.

   On my second playthrough, I got to Botwerstone with 4 million and this took
   only 1 day worth of gaming to get to (14 hours). Thus, I decided to create
   this guide. I want to share my success with all of you. If you've already
   amassed a huge wealth, you may have your opinions/disagreements with what
   I'm saying in this guid, and that is fine. Feel free to write your own guide

   - Invest early on and the profit generated will be huge
   - There's 2 Road to Rule Chests: Landlord Pack and Entrepreneur Pack
        These are different chests. You'll get access to Landlord first
        before you get Enterpreur.
   - Real Estate is for Houses/Homes; Enterpreur is for Businesses
   - Common Question: When will I be able to get Entrepreneur?
     Answer: Keep playing the game! It will be eventually be on Road to Rule
     Landlord: After Reliquary
     Entrepreneur: After The Hole
        * Both costs just 5 Seals Each
   - Once you get your house for rent or bought a business, income will be
          given every 5 minutes
   - Houses will have a higher ROI, but will require that you keep track
          of the conditions percentage (%) for repair cost
   - Businesses will have a lower ROI, but you don't need to repair.
   - If you're planning to sell a house, fully repair it first. You'll get a
      better price than just selling it as is. There is a noticable difference.
   - When a house's condition reaches 0%, the renter won't pay you. This will
          even be indicated by the game itself.
   - Once you own a business, you don't need to repair it
   - As you progress the storyline, properties will increase in value, and so
      will the profit/rent generated from it. It's very little from one area to
      the next, but time/story passes by, you'll notice a great difference if
      you're keeping track that is.
   * ROI: A business term. Stands for Return on Income.

       ROI = Profit / Investment

     If I invested 10 and get back profits of 30, that's 3, but that's
     unrealistic. Realistic is more like invest 10 and get back 1, which is
     0.10 or 10%.

     If you set it to highest rent/profit, you should get the following
       Houses   = 10% ROI
       Business = 6.6% ROI

   Frequent Asked Questions
   Question: Like Fable 2, do I get money from my investment without playing?
   Answer: No, they modified it. So, no, that doesn't work anymore

   Question: Is it really possible to get that much money for the ending?
   Answer: Yes, many have done it. It's not really hard. Just some patience
      and learning how investments work in this game.

   Question: How are you making so much money?
   Answer: Buy houses and businesses. Jack up the profit/rent to highest.
      Keep buying. Whenever you have free money, invest it back. If you've
      doing this since the beginning of the game plus working, that's about

   Question: But if I set all the rent/profits to high, won't people hate me?
   Answer: Yes, they will. However, giving the millions at the end of the
      game exceeds this paramete, making it obselte. If I'm playing as a good
      hero, I'd do the same thing. Just make sure to turn it down to normal
      and/or low by the end of the game.

   Question: Can you give me money?
   Answer: No. The question is, can you get it yourself?

   Question: What's the best way to earn money?
   Answer: Read the "The How to Become Rich Guide" section

   Question: What if I don't like working for money at the beginning?
   Answer: Well, you could just find a friend and have them send/gift you
      some money. About 300K should be a good starter since you can buy one
      of the best investments with that kind of money. Another way is to use
      the duplication cheat, which requires a 2nd controller. Another thing
      you can do is by selling those rare gems you've collected (via digging)

   Question: Can you teach me the Money Cheat?
   Answer: Uhh, no. One, it's prepatch only. Two, need a 2nd controller.
      Three, I'm against cheating especially when the game's mechanics can
      be easily abused.

   Question: What is better, buying real estate or businesses?
   Answer: Real Estate gives a higher pay, but you need to repair it every
      once and a while. Businesses pay less, but you don't ever need to
      repair them. Overall, I'd say business is better, unless you like
      reparing every hour of gaming.

   Question: How much better is Real Estate than Business?
   Answer: Real Estate gives about 11% of what it's worth. Business gives
      about 6.6% of what's it's worth. This worth value is displayed after
      you've bought the property.

   Question: So overall, would you personally buy everything?
   Answer: No. I would buy all the businesses since I don't need to pay
      attention to them once I got them. Then I would only buy the 3 houses,
      more like servant's mansions, at Millfields. I would only then need to
      repair those 3 houses, and I would be set for the rest of the game.

   Question: Is there a point to own everything? (Every single property?)
   Answer: No, not really. There isn't even an achievement. The only thing
      close is the Magnate Personality, but that only requires you to have
      2 million worth in properties.

   Question: How much do I need for the "good" ending?
   Answer: Depends on your goal. Good Deeds and Promises take about 2 million.
      To save everyone, you're looking about 6.5 million. 1 point of gold
      is to save 1 life. If you're evil, you don't give, but rather, you take.
      So, if you're evil, you need just the 6.5 million to save everyone. If
      not less, since you take about a million or so.

   Question: When do I get the other Treasury?
   Answer: When you become king. You have your santuary's when you first start,
      but then you gain the castle's treasury when you become king. All your
      king's decisions is based on the castle's treasury, not yours.

   Question: Do they automatically skip my options if my treasury is empty?
   Answer: No, you can still go along with it. However, you'll be in debt
      instead. That means it will have a red, negative number being displayed.
      Until that's paid off, you won't have anything. This debt can build
      up. Question is... how long can you keep this up.

   Question: Can I just deposit 10 million and make everyone happy?
   Answer: Yes, that's about right, if not more than what is needed

   Question: How do I transfer from 1 treasury to another?
   Answer: Just go to any treasury. There's a box that lets you transfer to
      the other treasury. There's a max transfer of 1 million each time.

   Question: Why does it take forever to set it to 1 million for transfer?
   Answer: Try using the bottom pad (D-pad?). Just holding the right direction
      button. This should take about 30 seconds, more or less.

   Question: I'm on day 121! I need money! Help!?
   Answer: Become evil and use that money to invest. Invest all of it. Don't
      stop until you spend every single piece of that gold. Every 5 minutes 
      you'll recieve some payback. Invest that as well. Do this until you
      own EVERYTHING. Then just wait a few hours. A few of the Doors have
      money as well, which serves for some boost (a few million)

   Question: But I want to stay as good though... Help?
   Answer: By putting in 8 million into the castle's treasury, you'll become
      a good hero again.

   Question: Ohh... so then how do I become evil? I don't get it!
   Answer: You want to become evil!? Let everyone die, my friend. Just let
      them all die.

   Question: So the castle's treasury controls me being evil or good?
   Answer; Techincally, yeah. When you have 0 in there, you're evil since you
      let them all die. Have 6.5 million is the max for a pure good hero.
      So within 10 minutes, you can change from evil to good, or from good to
      evil. Sounds fun doesn't it? Bipolar disorder anyone?

   Question: When I become king, can I do any sidequests? I just have a lot of
      time to kill for the 5 minute payoffs.
   Answer: Yes, of course. Just don't enter the throne room, which triggers
      decision making, as well as storyline progress. Just take your time for
      any quests you might have, if not... leave your 360 on for a long period
      of time.

   Question: What can I expect every 5 minutes from doing what you're doing in
      the guide?
   Answer: You'll get about 200K each time. More if you buy other real estates.
      That might seem a little compared to a few million, but it builds up over
      time, assuming you're not purposely rushing through the game in a speed
      run of some sort.

   The How to Become Rich Guide
   Question: How much money do we need to save everyone AND pay for all
             promises made?

   Answer: * To save everyone, it will take 1 gold to save 1 life. In the game
           itself, it gives a value of 6,500,000. So that's how it will will
           cost to save everyone.
           * To pay for all the promises, this will take 2,000,000
           * Final Answer (with AND): 8,500,000

   When you start out, you have 0. So, how do we get to 8.5 million? I'm going
    to set this up into areas of where you get new access to RoR (Road to Rule)
    I will try my best to not give spoilers.

   It's best to do this early on in the game. You can't build wealth until you
    reach Brightwall however. Even then, I advice to do the first storyline
    quest at the Academy before anything else. After that, get the Real Estate
    chest. Yes, houses is just a stepping stone. We don't depend on them until
    we're rich and we want to become richer.

   Quick Review of Purchase Summary:
     1) Buy the 2 most expensive houses in Brightwall
     2) Buy All Businesses in Brightwall
     3) Buy All Businesses in Bowerstone 
     4) Buy All Businesses From Everywhere Else
     5) Bowerstone Storage Building
     6) Buy the 3 Mansions in Millfields. Any any other real estates if you
          feel like repairing them often. I don't.
     7) Watch the Money Pour In! (~200,000+ Per 5 Minutes)

   1) After Reliquary -> RoR -> Get Landlord Pack

   2) Introduce to Jobs. Just do this until storyline objectives is done. Don't
      do anymore, even if you're attempted though. The reason is, not fully

   3) Finish Mercenary -> RoR -> Upgrade "Job" to Level 2
       * For easiness and a lot of players agree on this, pick Pie Maker
       * Thus, Upgrade Pie Maker to Level 2

   4) Start Quests for Followers, but don't do any of them quite yet.

   * Working For Money: Now, this part might take awhile, but it's worth it.
    Some of you might agree with this, other won't. We can buy houses, but how
    do we start? Work!

   * When I say take awhile, I mean about 60 to 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes)
    worth of Pie Making. I got about ~8Ks in 30 minutes. The goal is to stay
    in the higher multipliers for much as possible. Get from multiplier of 1
    to 8 constantly. If you can do 9 and 10 (Max), even better. Not required,
    but it will speeds thing up.


   5) Earn about ~15,600 from Pie Making. When you're doing this, you can
      buy some houses (don't repair them though), and go back to work. Just
      remember how much that house is worth, so that you don't overwork, for
      when you sell it.

   6) Buy Spurious Nuttock. This house is just outside of Brightwall (SW). Set
      it's Rent Level to Highest, so that you'll be getting a rent of 1790.
      Don't repair it yet, even if you have the money. Better to invest in
      something else than to repair now.

   7) Finishing Quests for Followers. Chicken, Missing Play, and Missing
      Child is what I did. By the end of those 3 quests, I had 13K.

   8) Buy House of Cluck, which costs 9K. Set rent to highest. Rent will be
      at another 1K. With this, we get 1.7K + 1K = 2.7K per every 5 minutes.

   9) Finish all possible quests and find new ones. If not, start talking
      to people with full expression holding. Just to pass some more time.

  10) Dweller Camp Celebration -> RoR -> Didn't get anything
      * I didn't get Pie Maker 3, you can if want, only if you want to work.
      * I had about 50K saved to reinvent for businesses.

  11) Keep spending time until you get 60K. We want to buy the Blacksmith Shop
      later on. I decided to go back to Pie Making with Level 2. If you like
      Level 3 (more button pushing per round) go ahead. We don't actually work
      for the whole 60K, since this includes the 2.7K per 5 minutes.

   The Hole
   1) Finish "The Hole" -> RoR -> Entrepreneur Pack

   2) Buy Blacksmith Shop. Set to highest, which gives 3.6K Profits
       3.6 + 2.7 = 6.3K per 5 minutes

   From now on, we aim for all the other big businesses in Brightwall. The
    order that you get them doesn't matter, as long as you get them. Once you
    do, set profit to highest as well. If your 2 houses at Brighwall has a
    condition less than 50% at this point (assuming you didn't repair them),
    repair them now before they reach 0%. For 0% Condition, you get no Rent

   My next buy is the Furniture for 43K, which is bought before entering
    Bowerstone. Major buys include the Pub and the Pawnshop at Brightwall.

   Bowerstone (Resistance)
  Continue the story through the mortar til Bowerstone. As apart of the
   storyline, you need to gather a lot of Seals, which in turn, takes quite
   some time. Spend a lot of time doing these. I actually talked to everyone
   in all possible towns/cities. Hold RT to see who can give you another seal.

  I am not going to give a step by step process of which properites to buy.
   Yet, I'll offer a list of the ones you want to buy over a long amount
   of time. Whenever you get enough funds/money to buy one, buy it.

  The prices may not be what you have right now, since price do change over
   time the time of the game itself. Numbers are Price/Profit (in thousands),
   The price is what you paid for in order to buy it, the profit is how much
   you get back every 5 minutes assuming you set it on Highest.

  It will not be on this list if it can't generate at least 1K profit set
   on Highest

     Weapon:        60/4
     Pawnbroker:   140/9
     Pub:           76/5
     Stylist:       15/1
     Clothing:      39/2
     Furniture:     47/3

     Werehouse:     25/1

  Millfields (All Houses)
     Fakeney Hall: 170/17
     Clixby-Stann: 172/15
     Timmins T:    152/13

  Mourningwood: NOTHING
     Fort:      NO PROFIT

  Bowerstone Industrial
     Pub:           24/1

  Bowerstone Market
     Potions:       28/1
     Pawnbroker:   238/15
     Stylist:       15/1
     Storage:       93/3
     Weapons:       61/4
     Pub:           74/4
     Clothing:      55/3
     Furniture:     47/3
     General Goods  38/2
   Buy these one at a time, til you get them all. Keep on progressing with
    sidequests and storyline like a normal gamer.

   Voyage to Aurora
   During a certain part in this area, you can't access the world map to buy
    anything, nor to travel

   As King
   If you're playing as a good hero, you should be all set if you followed the
    guide. You should have enough money to pay all the promises and save
    everyone. If you don't have all the money, that can be a problem. You can
    either leave your 360 on in hopes that your investments will rack money
    over time (with the help with rubberband, if needed). If you don't have
    any investment, then you're screwed (too bad). Mind as well start over.
    OR you can become evil in order to save everyone.

   If you're playinf as a evil hero, even if you have no investments to build
    your huge fortune, you're in luck. That's because every single evil deed
    that you pick as king will get you a lot of money. Then in turn, you can
    use that money for investment in businesses. Backlash is that you need to
    plan on your promises, since not every single one of your decisions as king
    is based on your storyline promises. Yet, if storyline promises isn't an
    issue, then you should be fine to use these evil money to create your
    wealth, as well as save everyone.

   However.. if you're evil anyways, wouldn't it be more evil to just let
    everyone die? However, there wouldn't be anyone left to be the victim of
    your evil ways...

  Return to Aurora
  As you return to Aurora due to a quest, you can start buying businesses there
   Here's the list of ones that you might want to buy.

     Stylist:        17/1
     General Goods:  23/1
     Weapons:        49/3
     Pawnbroker:    144/8
     Clothing:       30/1

  KADFC: For Making this Short Guide (which is me!)

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