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?I am playing fable 3 on the Xbox 1 and have accidentally used all my save spaces. I would like to start new but can't. General
Anyone got a spare skorms justice and blood craver they can trade? Side Quest
Anyone willing to trade their dragon stomper .48 for any of my legendary weapons? I have a sand goose upgraded. Side Quest
Avo's Lamentation for trade!? Side Quest
Can anyone give me jack's hammer please? Side Quest
Can i get this weapon morph set? Side Quest
Chicken race? Tech Support
Co-op stat copying glitch? General
Family home not showing as family? General
Help with weapons please.(?) Side Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Do you need to put the 8.5 million into the treasury or do you need to keep it? Main Quest 1 4 weeks ago
Is anyone still playing Fable 3? Main Quest 2 1 month ago
Post game, after being a good hero, are there any open shops? I haven't played in a while so I've forgotten a lot. Help? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
What Leveling stats requires? Build 1 3 months ago
Furniture vender was killed now there is no one to run store. Will someone move in and take over? Build 1 4 months ago
How do I get gold? Main Quest 1 5 months ago
Can i re-marry my wife if i divorce? Tech Support 1 6 months ago
How do I find my family again in Fable 3? Main Quest 1 6 months ago
Is it effing possible to win with Colonel, does anybody have proof he can win betting 10000 on him? Side Quest 1 7 months ago
What if you let logan live, do you still become king? Plot 1 8 months ago

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