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by Nerthing

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FAQ by Nerthing

Version: Final | Updated: 10/22/2018

Getting Started

The goal of the game is to answer trivia questions. You choose a subject from ten possible ones - two for each grade, and then get a question based off that subject to answer. Correctly answering a question will give you a higher prize. The goal is to answer all 11 questions without losing. You have 30 seconds to answer each question, and 90 seconds for the $1,000,000 question.

At any point during a question you can use a "Drop Out" button to finish the game with the prize amount you gained so far. The exception is the last round - you can only drop out before you've seen the question. Note that this question is pulled a different set of questions from the regular ones (located here).

You must type out the answer for the final round. The "alternate answer" sections are used for this question in case you answer differently than the main answer (i.e Twenty Four instead of 24 as the answer may still be correct).

PrizeNew Teammate After BeatenSafe Zone*Pop Quiz**Recess

*Safe Zone means your prize cannot be lower than that amount after losing once you've reached it.
**Pop Quizzes are questions to win additional money ($25,000 and $500,000 respectively) for answering a "pop quiz". Getting the question wrong will not cause you to lose. You cannot use cheats or a save on these questions.


At specific points in the game (shown above), you will play a recess game. These mini-games will give you a chance to win additional money. There are four possible mini-games which can only be played once per game.

  • Puzzle Time: Move the nine pieces at the bottom screen around to match the image on the top screen. You get 60 seconds.
  • Chalk Reveal: "Scratch off" the picture and then press the (A) Button to answer what item in the picture is. The amount of money gained is based on the number of questions answered correctly. You get 60 seconds.
  • Matching Game: Make six matches from the twelve panels available within 30 seconds.
  • Spelling Bee: Choose the word that is spelled incorrectly. The amount of money gained is based on the number of questions answered correctly. You get 60 seconds.

Cheats & Save

You get two cheats and a, that may be used at any time except for the last round.

  • Peek: A cheat that lets you see what your classmate chose for the answer. You will then choose your own answer.
  • Copy: A cheat that selects your answer to be your classmates. You will not see their answer until you choose to use this cheat (or previously used Peek and already know it). If they choose the wrong answer, you will lose. This cancels out the Save, since they didn't choose the correct answer.
  • Save: If you get a question wrong (and didn't use Copy to get it wrong), this will automatically be used if your classmate got the answer right. If they do, you will use up your Save and continue on with the game without losing.


When you first start a game, you must select a classmate. Certain classmates are good at certain subjects, which will help in case you are having trouble answering a question. Before picking the subject for a question, the subjects the classmate is good at will be bolded; touching their picture will also show their subjects. This will give a 100% chance for them to get the right answer, which is important for using Cheats and your Save. As a rule of thumb, always select subjects your classmate is good at. The subjects your classmate is good at is random for each classmate each time, so there's no point in picking a specific classmate. Classmates will be changed after a certain amount of questions, indicated in the table above.

Quick Play

This is a game mode that will let you play through the questions in grades 1-5. At the main menu, choose Quick Play and then the proper grade level.