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Combat Simulator Strategy Guide by Eric43

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/22/2010


Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade

Combat Simulator Strategy Guide

::Table of Contents::

1. Introduction [1INT]

2. General Multiplayer Tactics [2GMT]

3. Weapons Overview [3WEA]

4. How Simulants Use Weapons [4SIM]

5. Default Weapon Setups [5DWS]

6. Map Strategies [6MAP]

7. Conclusion [7CON]

::Introduction:: [1INT]

Perfect Dark is one of the best FPSes of all time, most well known for 
being the spiritual successor of Goldeneye 007, its wide variety of 
weapons, and fast-paced gameplay.  The Xbox Live port released ten 
years later "perfects" the game with improved graphics, polished 
gameplay, and online matches.

This game is not so popular online anymore (this is a crime), but there 
are still things that I have learned about the game that I wish to 
spread to the audience (also because it's summertime and I feel the 
need to write something).  Hopefully you will learn a few new things 
from this guide and may help novices become experienced in a short 
amount of time.

This guide is mostly to describe weapon strategies, but I also cover 
some strategies and stuff.  This is basically a multiplayer guide with 
an emphasis on weapons.

This isn't the most organized walkthrough ever, but I want to get this 
info out ASAP before the game really dies.  Please note that the 
strategies mentioned in this guide are meant for the XBLA port of this 
game and NOT the N64 version, so don't get confused.

VERSION 1.0 - Just submitted the guide, may change some stuff later.

::General Multiplayer Tactics:: [2GMT]

Introduction to Multiplayer!

Everything you know about other FPSes should be thrown out immediately.

Perfect Dark multiplayer is a different kind of game.  This is "old-
school" FPS at its finest.  This game is down and dirty.  Not 
everything is going to way...

You will be spawn killed at times.

You will not always have the weapons you want.

You will not be able to regenerate health.

You can't spam stupid perks or killstreaks.

Your kills can be stolen.

Enemies WILL camp and you can't always stop them.

And finally...

KDR means NOTHING, it's about WINNING THE GAME, not about LOOKING GOOD 
for the leaderboards.  You can always pad your stats against MeatSims 
so who cares (not like there are online leaderboards anyway).  Let me 
remind you of this quote:

"You play to win the game!  You don't play to just play it!"

- Herm Edwards, Ex-NFL New York Jets head coach.

You can complain about how unfair this or that is or how this game 
can't be taken seriously, but you still go out to win.  This is a 
completely different game and if it's too foreign to you, stop whining 
or get out.

I'm not going to go into much detail about controls and this and that--
you can learn that stuff on your own.  Let's begin...

Aiming Tips

Generally, a good way to get better at aiming is to put the crosshair 
on the same vertical level as the enemy's neck (head/chest region) and 
strafe left and right into the target if you need to.  If you start 
jerking the crosshair around, you can miss a heck of a lot.  Standard 
FPS stuff.  Once again, practice against sims to get better at aiming 
ESPECIALLY against targets on different elevations as you.

Crouching doesn't just reduce weapon spread but also drops your 
sensitivity.  It is very, very useful to crouch at longer ranges for a 
more precise shot.  Beware that you move slower, of course.

Manual aim involves holding the LT button.  Nowadays, this isn't so 
useful anymore except with certain weapons (CMP-150 target lock-on, 
Farsight, etc.) or against unarmed targets.  It has its uses, 
especially if auto-aim is off and you need to make slight adjustments.  
When you do use it, strafe left and right if you're using manual aim to 
make yourself a harder target to hit.  Slide left and right, do a 
little dance, make a little love, get down tonight...

If you want to up your aim, practice against sims with auto-aim turned 
OFF.  You might say "Why would I want to do that when auto-aim is 
usually on?"  Two reasons--it makes you better with auto-aim ON, plus 
it helps you kill unarmed targets much better.  Auto-aim doesn't work 
on unarmed people, remember?

Strategic Tips

Learn the ways of speed-strafing.  This involves walking at a 45-degree 
angle.  Press up and left/right for maximum speed.  This takes practice 
because it's not as easy to do this as in the N64 version.  Once you 
push the joystick in the right angle, you'll feel yourself running like 
Speedy Gonzales--that's a good thing!  Keep it up...

Go for the best weapons and the shield.  Be snappy--don't waste time 
EVER.  If you have to camp the good items do it.

Always be near cover.  Don't go running out in the open like a dumb 
idiot.  When you're being shot at, hide during reloads or flee for a 
better weapon or the shield if you should.  Always have an escape route 
wherever you go.  Run as fast as you can, that's why speed-strafing is 

If you have a close-quarters weapon, don't go running out at long 
ranges.  If you have a long-range weapon, don't go running into narrow 
hallways.  Try to situate yourself in optimal locations so you can get 
a firefight that's to your weapon's advantage.

Grabbing ammo is important, but if you already have enough ammo, grab 
the guns laying on the ground so that your opponent can't pick it up.  
If the enemy gets ammo, it does them no good without the gun.

Know how to get dual weapons.  You need to pick up the gun from two 
different spawn points.  Usually a fallen enemy who's carrying the gun 
you need will provide you with a dualie since he got it from a 
different spawn than you did.

Memorize the Maps

Play each map against bots until you know the ins and outs of each map.  
You need to learn the layouts of the maps.  Sewers and Ruins are the 
hardest to pick up IMO, but other maps are quite easy--just practice, 
look at other FAQs, etc.

Know where all the weapon spawns are, especially the ones for shields 
and good weapons.  You should know where to go to get the item you want 
as well as you can.

While you're at it, use the radar as a reference A LOT.  You should be 
able to look at the radar and, in combination with your map expertise, 
know where the enemy is at all times. 

Game Modes

* Solo Combat - First to the score limit OR the the one with the 
highest score by the time limit wins.  You can camp, but it won't do 
you much good with 2 or more players.  Take time to gather good 
weapons, but be QUICK about it.  Don't get stuck in the middle of a big 
firefight--try not to draw fire from more than one enemy at a time.  
Kill stragglers that are vulnerable (have low health or have crap 
weapons).  It seems dirty, but you need the points.

* Team Combat - First one to the set score wins.  Check your radar to 
see where your teammates are.  REMEMBER THAT FRIENDLY FIRE IS ALWAYS 
ON.  Stick with them and give each other cover to double the firepower 
and keep the enemy from picking you off one by one.  Remember, you can 
figure out which team you're on by looking at the color of the person 
sprite on the bottom-left corner of your HUD.

* Solo/Team Hold the Briefcase - Grab the case and hide.  That's about 
it.  Kill everyone you see, but don't pursue non-briefcasers because 
you don't need to drain your health unnecessarily.  Use traps and camp 
the good weapons/shield if you need to.  If you have the case, stick 
with your teammates for cover, especially since they can grab the case 
if you die.

* Team Capture the Case - Get the case and return it to your base.  
Give the briefcase holder cover.  If the enemy grabs your case, you 
can't score until you kill the case holder.  Remember that if the case 
holder dies, the case automatically returns to its base.  Drop traps on 
either "case base" (especially in your opponent's base) to hinder the 
enemy's progress.

* Team King of the Hill - This one's like Capture the Case except your 
base is always moving.  You get one point for each team member in the 
hill whe the timer ends.  Memorize the maps so you can know the fastest 
route to each hill.  Remember that if at least one member of your team 
is on the hill, the others can run and go grab items and return when 
the 20 second timer ends to score multiple points.  If you're vastly 
overpowered and on the hill, lay traps and run away, wait for the other 
team to die, then get back on the hill while the other team is 
scavenging for weapons.

* Solo/Team Hacker Central - Grab the data uplink--it always warps 
around when the person carrying it dies.  Bring it to the computer and 
use it to gain points.  Obviously you are vulnerable while you're doing 
this so use traps or make sure your enemies are dead or very far away 
before the download.  Use teammates as cover.

* Solo Pop-A-Cap - This game's seldom played so I don't know the 
details on it.  One person gets randomly selected as "It."  Anyone who 
kills "It" gets a point.  If "It" kills someone, he gets a point.  
Nothing else about it except to go after the "It."  Blah...

Duty Calls Control Setup

I'm not going to go into much detail on the controls (use what you're 
comfortable with), but I use the Duty Calls setup.  It's basically the 
same as the default, except B is to crouch/stand up and you can't cycle 
weapons backwards normally.  But who cares!!??  Here's what you can do 
with this setup and more:

* Use the LB button to bring up the 8-way weapon menu.  This is 
1,000,000 times better than cycling through each weapon with the Y 
button or whatever.  You can pinpoint the weapon you want within 
milliseconds.  PRACTICE this because it will help a lot in multiplayer 
where you can't pause.  This helps if you want to whip out secondary 
items like grenades or proxy mines.

* When crawling through a vent, press the B button in a timely manner 
to stand up while moving forward.  You'll get up a little then crouch 
down again, but you'll get a speed boost.  So keep pressing B while in 
a vent to move faster!!

* Once again, stick with whatever control setup works best for you, but 
remember that this setup gives you the advantage above.

Good Options

Find a sensitivity that's good for you.  I play with about 50% 
sensitivity horizontal, 25% vertical.  If your sensitivity is too low, 
then you'll get whipped in close-quarter combat.  Play some matches 
against some sims to get a hang of a sensitivity that's good for you.  
Higher isn't necessarily better.  Remember that if you crouch, your 
sensitivity drops which helps for long-range shots.

Manual aim sensitivity--I set it to the lowest sensitivity because 
frankly, I can't hit crap with a higher sensitivity.  Once again, 
practice with what works best for you.  This option is only available 
with the update.

Enable fixed aim which keeps the crosshair dead center (except during 
auto-aim).  The "rubber" aim of the old days is really hard to use now.  
Makes aiming a lot more precise.  This option is also only available 
with the update.

Enable "Highlight Pickups," "Highlight Players," and "Highlight Teams."  
All items will now glow light-blue which really helps save time if you 
want to scramble for items in a room.  Players will now shine which 
allows you to spot enemies more easily and tell who's your teammate or 
who's not.

Turn head-roll off.  Turn auto-aim on unless you're really good and 
prefer to play without it (it can be easier to get headshots).

The other options are basically preferences--I don't have much else to 

Shield Facts

Shields are Perfect Dark's version of body armor, but have some 
additional bonuses that give the shielded user a huge advantage in a 

The shield tacks on 100% of a player's full health, but has an added 
bonus.  Each shot that the shield absorbs, regardless of location, is 
the equivalent of a leg shot to a non-shielded player.  This means that 
shields are very rugged and are tough to take down, especially with 
lesser weapons such as pistols.  The drawback is that your hitbox is 
slightly larger, but that is negligible.

Against a shielded opponent, your best bet is to just aim at the center 
of mass.  More shots that hit the enemy equals more shield power taken 

The only non-explosive gun that can kill a shielded user with one hit 
is the FarSight XR-20.  The DY357-LX, the Crossbow secondary, and the 
Tranquilizer secondary will immediately drain any existing shields--a 
second shot means death.

With shields enabled, the divide between weapons becomes larger.  
Automatic weapons and explosives win the day here.  With shields turned 
off, weapon balance is much less noticeable.  For instance, a dual RC-
P45 wielder may be taken down by a simple MagSec 4, so beware of quick 
innings there.

Explosive Stuff

All explosions in the game are incindiary--that is they leave big balls 
of fire that scorch enemies that are caught in its wake. They are so 
powerful that with the lone exception of the Phoenix, any well-placed 
explosive will kill an shielded opponent.  They're practically 

Explosive weapons in order of smallest to largest explosion include:

* Phoenix
* SuperDragon
* Dragon, Proxy Mine, Remote Mine, Timed Mine
* Devastator, Slayer, Grenade
* Rocket Launcher

Breakdown of each weapon:

* Grenade Launchers - Bounce 'em off the wall, enough said.  Bounce 
them off the ceiling too.  An example would be if the enemy is huddled 
up on the top of the big stack of crates in the Warehouse.

* Rockets - Launch these at the floor or the wall that is adjacent to 
them.  Even though these shoot straight, don't go for direct hits.

* Grenades/Mines - Get used to the tossing velocity so you can know how 
far you can throw these things.  You can toss mines straight up about 3 
stories.  Throw at a 45-degree angle from the floor for max distance.

* Chain Explosions - If an explosive touches an explosion, it detonates 
immediately.  Therefore, the advantage usually goes to the person who 
shoots first.  If you fire a grenade or rocket in retaliation, it may 
just blow up in your face.  You can't fire back until the explosion is 

* Defensive Positions - If you're taking fire from explosives, force an 
explosive in front of you for the specific purpose of absorbing 
explosives that come your way.  Retreat for cover in the process.

* Extra Credit - When players die, they drop grenade and mine pickups.  
Also, any undetonated mines that they've placed become fair game.  If 
you can trigger an explosion that consumes the mines laying around, any 
players that die in the resulting explosion are given credit to you.

* Keep Moving - That's right, keep moving.  Because of the explosion 
radius, if you're stationary it's easy to just get a grenade plunked 
right in your face.  Take cover whenever you can and wait out the 
explosions before going back in.

Setting Traps

Traps include proximity mines (Dragons included) and Laptop Gun 
sentries.  This can also include things like remote mines, grenades, 
and N-Bombs.  Here are some places to put these bad boys to maximize 
damage and increase your defensice stronghold:

* Any high-traffic locations or intersections, free kills.
* Up against the wall around corners so the enemy can’t see it until he 
fully turns the corner (proxies).
* Under catwalks, like those in the Complex.
* Shields, a gimme.
* The spawning point of the weapon you pick up.  For instance, put the 
Laptop sentry by the Laptop spawn.  Stops the enemy from fighting fire 
with fire.
* The Hill or a nearby location.  
* The Briefcase or a nearby location.
* Weapon caches dropped by enemies.
* Doors.
* In holed-up locations where the enemy is camping.  They'll have 
nowhere to run.
* Poorly-lit locations (negated if "Highlight Pickups" is turned on).
* Enemy spawn points (Capture the Case).
* Generally, anywhere that the enemy will probably not look.

No Radar?  No Problem

If you play without radar, the game strategy becomes drastically 
different. You may want to turn off the music and listen to the sound 
as closely as possible for footsteps, gunfire, or other sounds that can 
tell you where the enemy is.  Also you need to be quiet--crouching 
helps you run much quieter.  

Always keep your back to the wall so it's harder for enemies to sneak 
up on you because getting flanked can be your Number One enemy in this 
mode.  If you have good weapons and don't want to run around, keep a 
lookout in high-traffic areas, preferrably long, narrow hallways where 
it's easy to ambush an enemy that's probably not paying attention.

Also, if you're in a room with little things like divots in the wall or 
crates, hide behind those and maybe you can sneak by an enemy who runs 
through the room not knowing you're there.

Shoot and Scoot

This is a special tip...

Some guns like the DY357 and the Shotgun have HUGE delays between 
bullet discharges.  One of the dumbest things you can do with these 
guns is to run out into the open, so do this.  Between shots, you duck 
behind cover until you can fire again.  That's it!  Peek out, shoot, 
hide, repeat.  Try it because it certainly makes these guns a lot more 
effective.  Beware that if you advance with these guns, always have 
cover nearby so you don't get stuck out in the open while you wait.

Double Fire

This is another special tip...

For dualies with a slow ROF that you can hold the trigger down 
(automatic), you usually want to fire both shots as close as possible 
so you can drop an enemy as quick as possible.  Damage will stack, 
creating the impression of a "double-damage" shot which can drop 
enemies quicker than usual.

To do this, tap the trigger and then hold the trigger as quickly as 
possible.  The time between both trigger pulls should be as small as 
possible.  If you did it right, should fire nearly at the same time.  
Keep the trigger held down until the clip runs out or you switch 
weapons.  Practice this because it can be quite useful.

Beware that if you fire shots in rhythm, the opponent may catch on to 
your antics.  This tactic is really useful with the DY357's, Pistol 
Whip secondaries, or the Knife slash attack.

::Weapons Overview:: [3WEA]

Here is a list of all weapons in the game in the order they appear in 
your inventory:

Falcon 2
Falcon 2 (silenced)
Falcon 2 (scoped)
MagSec 4
DY357 Magnum
Callisto NTG
Laptop Gun
K7 Avenger
Sniper Rifle
FarSight XR-20
Rocket Launcher
Combat Knife
Timed Mine
Proximity Mine
Remote Mine
X-Ray Scanner
Cloaking Device
Combat Boost
KF7 Special
ZZT (9mm)

In this section, I will list my personal rating on the effectiveness of 
each weapon/device (1 through 6).  In general, it's best to go for the 
weapons with the highest ratings first.

I also list the weapon's primary and secondary functions as well any 
preset setups that use it.

Note that sometimes, I'll say a weapon fires "non-automatic."  What 
that means is if you hold the trigger down, the gun will either fires 
onc and stop or it will fire slower than if you mash the button.  This 
mostly applies to pistols like the Falcon 2.

Now without further ado, here's a breakdown on each weapon.


Rating: *

Primary: Punch
Secondary: Disarm

Setups: All

Your basic defense is your fists.  Getting stuck in any situation where 
you are unarmed basically makes you a dead man walking, especially if 
you are spawn killed.  Punch secondary does crap damage, Disarm 
secondary knocks the weapon out of the enemy's hand but deals no 
damage.  Both disorient the target a little.

You should leave Disarm on default since you’ll use it 99% of the time 
because it is far more effective against armed opponents, of course.  
The damage dealt with the primary Punch is nearly worthless (unless 
you're playing one-hit kills/LTK or if the enemy is in the red).  If 
you’re going to do an unarmed attack, be sure to get the opponent as 
close as possible to use.  Doorways are the best place for this--wait 
for him to open the door and get in his face, though this may lead to a 
nasty headshot in return.

Also don’t forget that when you’re unarmed, enemies that aim at you 
lose their auto-aim abilities so that helps you a little, especially 
against novices.

Falcon 2

Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullets (non-automatic)
Secondary: Pistol whip melee

Setups: Pistols, Automatics, Tranquilizer

The game’s sturdy, go-to pistol.  It deals average damage, but has 
nearly-perfect spread and fires as fast as you can press the trigger.

Get used to mashing the trigger.  If you do this right, you can fire 
just as quickly as an automatic.  With dualies, you can drain shields 
and drop enemies quickly.  The main problem is that it is very 
complicated to move, aim, and tap the trigger at the same time.  It is 
easy to do two at once though, which leads to this strategy. . .

This is a good gun to use if you’re holed up somewhere.  If you’re in a 
narrow hallway and the opponent has little room to move, mash the 
button and strafe to keep in line with him.  You really don’t want to 
put a lot of effort into aiming--just spray and pray.  This takes a 
little practice though.

The Pistol Whip secondary is essentially a punch but with a delay 
before contact.  With two pistols, it’s like two punches in one, but 
still, don’t use it unless you are in a desperate situation.  Use the 
"Double Fire" trick mentioned above to make both pistol whips hit at 
the same time (a "double" punch).

Falcon 2 (silenced)

Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullets (non-automatic)
Secondary: Pistol whip melee

Setups: Golden Magnum

Essentially the same thing as the Falcon 2, except with a silencer.  In 
Combat Simulator, a silencer doesn’t mean jack, really, so it might as 
well be a Falcon 2.  Helps in No Radar matches, I guess.

Falcon 2 (scoped)

Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullets (non-automatic)
Secondary: Pistol whip melee

Setups: None

This scoped Falcon 2 has a 2x zoom instead of a 1x.  However, this zoom 
rarely comes into play so you should just use it like a normal Falcon 

MagSec 4

Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot a single bullet (non-automatic)
Secondary: Shoot three-bullet burst (non-automatic)

Setups: Pistols, Power, Grenade Launcher, Proximity Mine

Another normal pistol, it’s a Falcon 2 but with one more bullet in the 
clip and some noticeable spread.  Because of this, the primary function 
is not very practical.  The secondary Burst Fire function allows you to 
spray three bullets in rapid succession and negates the button mashing, 
allowing you to move and aim much easily.

With dualies, use Burst Fire and dump bullets into enemies.  A burst or 
two to the chest can drop an enemy quickly.  However, the weapon is 
just crap against shield and is lousy at long range due to the spread.  
Good to use on the move, but use other weapons if you can.


Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Primary: Shoot uncharged shots (non-automatic...just barely)
Secondary: Charge shots, eat up to five bullets per shot

Setups: Pistols, Heavy, Rocket Launcher

This is the most versatile pistol in the game.  It has the secondary 
Charge Shot feature that eats five bullets but turns the gun into an 
instant-kill shot.  Not only that, but the gun has a good trigger-hold 
ROF which helps a lot.  It has a huge clip too with a fast reload time.

Always keep this gun on secondary Charge Shot fire.  Pop shots at 
enemies and take cover.  If you miss the charged shot, you can just 
hold the trigger and deliver normal primary shots.  With dualies, a 
good player can wreck opponents with automatics and whatnot.


Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullets (non-automatic)
Secondary: Shoot an explosive shot

Setups: Pistols, FarSight

With primary fire, this gun is basically another Falcon 2, but with a 
slightly longer reload time.  The secondary Explosion fire is where the 
gun packs a punch and should be your default setting.  Each shot 
creates a mini-explosion that can drain shields and health quickly if 
you land a few shots in the enemy's chest.  The problem is the ROF is 
slow and the small explosions don’t give you any room for error.  This 
isn’t a good gun to go Rambo with because you can’t afford to miss many 
of your shots.  If you can catch an enemy in a confined location 
though, they're toast.

DY357 Magnum

Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullets (penetration)
Secondary: Pistol whip melee

Setups: Power, Classic Pistols, Classic Power

With its slow firing rate, long reload times, and the slight delay for 
the chamber to revolve, no kidding most people hate this gun.  However, 
it deals massive damage to enemies without shields.  Two shots to the 
chest or one to the head means instant death.  IMO, it’s the most 
stylish gun in the game to get kills with.

A tactic that really helps this gun is the "Shoot and Scoot" method 
mentioned above.  Basically, hide between shots.  This allows you to 
maximize damage while you're out in the open.  Also check out the 
"Double Fire" tactic to shoot two bullets in one, a handy trick that 
shoots "super bullets" that deal twice the damage.

This gun has penetration power too, so shoot people through doors and 
windows if you can.  This gives you the upper hand in levels such as 
Felicity and Car Park.  Also, it has no spread whatsoever, so it's kind 
of handy in long-range maps.

Almost forgot to mention the secondary fire--Pistol Whip.  See the 
Falcon 2’s Pistol Whip.  Same thing, it sucks so don’t use it.


Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Pistol whip melee

Setups: Golden Magnum

This is Perfect Dark's equivalent to the Golden Gun.  One-hit kills 
that will either take away an opponent’s shield or kill him outright.  
With dualies, don't use the "Double Fire" trick (unless your opponent 
is using shields).  Two shots are just as lethal as one so keep that 
trigger held down to fire a steady stream of shots that will mow down 

The biggest setback is the incredibly huge delay between the trigger 
and the shot.  Use tactics applied to the normal DY357.  The "Shoot and 
Scoot" tactic helps because convential weapons can drop you in a few 
shots--not that much more than the one-hit kill.  Also, this gun 
doesn't have penetration powers, so yeah, that doesn't help much.

The secondary Pistol Whip function sucks, just don’t use it.


Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Shoot and lock on to acquired targets (standard auto-aim 

Setups: Automatics, Tranquilizer, Golden Magnum, Grenade Launcher

Based off the TMP submachine gun, this go-to automatic is a reliable 
weapon in anyone’s arsenal.  It has a nice ROF and can drop targets 
quickly at close range.  It’s biggest flaw is the spread, which just 
kills this gun at long range.  Crouch to take out opponents at long-

The secondary Lock-On function works by using manual aim to acquire 
targets to shoot at.  If you get a lock on an opponent and he leaves 
your view, your aim will snap back onto him when he reappears--a 
fantastic feature in a 1-on-1 match.  In the heat of battle, this is 
very difficult to do so you may want to resort to acquiring targets 
while you’re peeking from cover or if you’re reloading.

Also, the Lock-On feature disables Auto Aim on non-targeted opponents 
so be careful.  If you're playing without Auto Aim on, then you might 
as well keep the gun set on secondary all the time.


Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Empties entire clip quickly

Setups: FarSight, Rocket Launcher

In terms of damage, this gun is practically Klobb-like in nature (very 
weak).  This is redeemed by its decent spread and huge clip.  With 
dualies, this gun is better than the CMP-150 at long range.

The secondary Magazine Discharge feature empties the entire clip in 
record time.  The gun’s accuracy goes to hell though so it’s only 
practical at point-blank range. You can’t abort the charge once you use 
it, so be careful when you use this.  Personally, I wouldn’t use the 
secondary feature--just use primary fire and go for headshots.

Callisto NTG

Rating: ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Shoot slower, more powerful bullets (penetration)

Setups: FarSight

This is a solid weapon.  The primary fire has a high ROF and you can 
mow down people with efficiency.  Watch out for bad spread so use at 
close range.  Compared to secondary fire, this mode kills enemies much 

The secondary fire slows down the ROF, but increases damage as a 
result.  The gun spits out magnum bullets that can penetrate through 
doors and windows with NO spread whatsoever.  This mode is very useful 
on maps like Felicity and Car Park.  It is good if want to conserve 
ammo, are firing over a long range, or are going for the penetration 

BTW, doesn’t the reload animation look like someone doing a reverse 
nose pick (putting the booger back in the nose)?  I’m just saying. . .


Rating: *****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Toggles cloak/uncloak

Setups: Power

Now this is a kickass gun.  The RC-P90 would be proud.  Huge clip of 
120 bullets, great spread, and good damage.  A go-to gun in basically 
every situation.

The secondary Cloak feature is lucrative.  When you use this, you turn 
invisible and disappear from the radar.  The best way to use this is to 
cloak and enter the room where your enemies are.  They have no idea 
where you are so you can ambush them from any angle before they can 
return fire.  However, cloaking eats your ammo quickly and also forces 
you to reload often, so grab gobs of ammo for cloaking fuel.  Also 
remember that when you shoot, the cloak goes away so you better make 
the best of your stealth attack.

Keep in mind that a cloaked player is not fully invisible--you can 
detect a small faint outline around the player if you are incredibly 
observant.  If an enemy is cloaked around you, you may be able to 
detect his whereabouts before he reveals himself.

Laptop Gun

Rating: *****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Toss sentry gun

Setups: Automatics, Proximity Mine

Two words--Sentry Gun.  That’s about it.  The secondary function causes 
the gun to fold up into a sentry that locks on enemies and kills them 
with very quickly with extreme prejudice.  Even if you die during the 
fold-up animation, you still chuck the sentry as you die.

The sentry has a max ammo of 200 bullets that is sapped from your 
inventory.  If the sentry runs out of ammo, you can pick it back up and 
chuck it again.  You can only have one active sentry at a time.  If you 
chuck another sentry, the old one explodes.

Place these in high-traffic areas for free kills.  It helps if the gun 
is pointing towards where the enemies approach.  For instance, if 
people come through a door or a hallway, place the sentry on the wall 
so that it points toward the approach point.  If you leave it on the 
floor or ceiling, it takes a second or two for the turret to aim 
towards the enemy and thus the enemy is already out of sight by then.  
See the "Setting Traps" section above to learn more about optimal 
sentry locations.

If you are faced with a sentry gun, you can shoot it down, but it’s 
such a small target and it takes multiple shots to destroy.  I swear, 
that damn sentry can thread the needle and murder you even if you peek 
out by as much as a hair.  Most of the time, the best way to deal with 
a sentry is to just stay the hell away from it.  Explosions do make 
quick work of sentries though.

Now for the gun’s primary fire which is quite good.  It’s equivalent to 
a CMP-150, but with a larger clip and better spread.  The main flaw 
with the gun is that it takes a long-ass amount of time to switch to 
and from because the gun has to do the damn folding animation.  Other 
than that, great gun.


Rating: ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Toss as proximity mine

Setups: Tranquilizer, Rocket Launcher

Like the Laptop Gun, it’s good for the secondary feature gimmick.  The 
Proximity Mine secondary allows you to chuck the gun and turn it into a 
proxy mine of death.  This easily changes the game’s strategy as you 
can now get killed even when out of range of your opponent.  See the 
"Setting Traps" section above for good places to throw there.

Toss as many Dragon proxies as you can.  If you have a Dragon and you 
come across another one, chuck the one you have and grab the one off 
the floor.

If you come across a Dragon proxy on the floor, shoot it or just stay 
the hell away from it.

Also, I might add this golden nugget of information--ALWAYS remember 
where you've placed your Dragon proxies.  The last thing you want to do 
is stumble into your own traps.

As for the primary fire, it’s decent.  Good damage and spread, but 
there’s better automatics out there to use IMO.

K7 Avenger

Rating: *****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Shoots bullets and detects mines and sentries.

Setups: Heavy, Proximity Mine

This is it, folks.  If there was ever a gun that could give the RC-P90 
from Goldeneye a run for its money, it’s this.

This gun has two facets--high damage and high ROF.  Point this at an 
enemy, pull the trigger and he’s dead.  This thing eats up shields too.  
It’s a very lethal weapon in the hands of a professional.

Be careful about the gun’s clip size though.  The gun empties so fast 
that if you miss the target, you’re dead.  It's very hard to use one 
clip on multiple enemies.  Use duck-and-cover tactics to hide during 

The gun’s Threat Detector secondary feature is basically the same as 
the primary, except it highlights mines and sentries that are within 
sight, thus adding to the gun’s usefulness.  It also gets rid of the 
muzzle flash which kind of sucks, but it‘s worth keeping secondary on 
default.  Be aware of threats around corners that you cannot see until 
you swivel around, since the secondary feature can’t see through walls.


Rating: ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: Toggles between zoom-in/zoom-out while moving (auto-aim 

Setups: Automatics, Grenade Launcher

A noob-friendly assault rifle that resembles a fat FAMAS assault rifle.  
Somehow, some programmer decide to screw with the gun because it has a 
slower ROF and worse spread than the K7 Avenger.  It's better for crowd 
control than the K7 because the slower ROF which means better bullet 
distribution per victim.  It also deals good damage for an automatic--
almost as much as the K7.  Use this weapon at close-range to compensate 
for the lesser spread.

The secondary feature allows you to zoom while moving, the only weapon 
in the game that allows you to do this.  This is helpful to a certain 
degree especially when you want to drop aim sensitivity, but beware you 
can't switch zoom during a reload.  Because the gun's spread sucks at 
long range, it kind of defeats the Secondary fire's purpose anyway 
unless you're going prone.


Rating: *****

Primary: Switch to/shoot bullets
Secondary: Switch to/shoot grenades

Setups: Heavy, Explosive

Well, they weren't kidding about the "Super" part of the gun.  The 
secondary Grenade Launcher puts this gun on the map.  Grenades are 
lobbed at a moderate range.  The explosions aren't as big as the 
Devastator or the Rocket Launcher, but that is made up by the ROF and 
big clip.

Bounce grenades off walls around corners or shoot the floor when 
opponents approach to watch them sizzle.  Hey, even bounce them off the 
ceiling.  An example of this situation is the big pile of crates in 
Warehouse.  Beware that the grenade trajectory is slightly affected by 
which way you're moving.

The primary fire is identical to the Dragon's.  It's good but is 
outclassed by guns such as the K7 Avenger because the bullets don't do 
as much damage.  Primary fire is encouraged at long range since 
grenades are much harder to use at said range.  Also switch to primary 
fire if your grenade clip runs dry and you're in the heat of battle.

Be aware that if you switch modes without reloading, you will have to 
reload when you switch back later.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 


Rating: ***

Primary: Shoot single shell
Secondary: Shoot two shell burst

Setups: Power, Classic Power

Perfect Dark's only shotgun is outclassed by the assault rifles out 
there.  The reload time is horrid and the pellets are weak against 
shields.  Still, it's not too bad in close-quarters such as Car Park or 
G5 Building.  A full blast to the chest can drop an unshielded enemy 
with one shot.  Headshots can help because even if a few pellets hit 
the head, it can deal a lot of damage.

Keep the default fire on the secondary Double Blast because the pellet 
spread is much closer.  Try to get as close as you can to the enemy and 
keep him in your crosshairs for both blasts for max damage.  If you 
shoot an enemy running towards or away from you, odds are both shots 
will hit.  If you can't get close, use the "Shoot and Scoot" tactic 
mentioned above.  You only want to use primary Single Blast at point-
blank range.

This gun likes to screw with you.  When you have to reload, run the 
hell away and mash the reload button because sometimes, your guy will 
prematurely stop if you don't.  Pressing the fire button during reload 
will stop reloading.  Also, sometimes you'll switch to the Shotty only 
to find your clip empty.  I don't know why it does this, it usually 
happens when you frequently switch weapons without reloading so just be 
careful out there...


Rating: ***

Primary: Wind up and shoot bullets
Secondary: "Meat Grinder" melee attack

Setups: Heavy

Good, Perfect Dark always deserved an incredibly inaccurate alien 
minigun.  As you can tell, this gun will drop your accuracy stat like a 
brick, but who cares?  No online leaderboards or anything (lol, MW2).

The ROF increases the longer you have the trigger held down so warm up 
the gun prematurely to increase the ROF during the firefight.  It also 
helps to crouch while shooting to increase whatever accuracy can be 

This gun's lack of precision gets you killed in 1-on-1's because 
there's no guarantee you'll hit the target.  It does help if you need 
to lay down some suppressive fire or if you're a noob who doesn't know 
how to aim anyway.

The secondary Grinder feature is probably the best melee attack in the 
game as it can rapidly take down anyone who happens to come close with 
no delays.  It's like a chainsaw, but it should only be used in closed 
quarters like a doorway or something.

Sniper Rifle

Rating: *

Primary: Shoot bullet (non-automatic)
Secondary: None

Setups: None

In games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike, the glory of a 
sniper rifle headshot is enough to warrant YouTube montages of extreme 
kills or "No-Scopes" or whatever.  In this game, no such glory exists.

The Sniper Rifle in Perfect Dark is essentially a silenced Falcon 2 
with a huge scope.  You can only wield one at a time, the ROF is crap, 
and the scope is near-useless because most players will be running 
around like a complete spazz.  The zoom feature may come in handy if 
you can aim the crosshair where the enemy will run by, but it still is 
weak as all hell and is only useful as a Story-mode weapon against 
stationary targets.

Let's talk about positives.  With the update, the gun now has Auto-Aim 
features which make the gun more viable.  The gun's spread is nearly 
perfect so it's actually useable at long range without the scope (the 

This gun is useable when sniping mines or against enemies with weak 
weapons, but otherwise, it's tough to recommend.  If the gun dealt a 
lot more damage, then this would be another story, but still, what a 

FarSight XR-20

Rating: ******

Primary: Shoot bullet (non-automatic), manual aim is under your control
Secondary: Shoot bullet (non-automatic), manual aim locks onto enemies

Setups: FarSight

Every time you play Perfect Dark, you should get down on your knees and 
pray your enemies don't pick up this gun.

The FarSight is a gun that can shoot enemies through walls across the 
level.  It is a one-hit kill gun, even with shields.  If the bullet 
clips the shield hitbox but doesn't hit the person himself, the victim 
will lose his shield but not his life.

Use the seconday Lock-On mode ALWAYS.  Use the radar to face towards in 
the general vicinity of the enemy (12 o'clock) and the crosshair will 
slowly veer towards the nearest victim.  The lower your manual aim 
sensitivity, the slower the lock-on speed.

Since I use the lowest manual-aim sensitivity, the best method is to 
simply keep switch in and out of manual aim.  Do this if the enemy 
keeps outrunning the crosshair.  Try to anticipate where the enemy is 
going to move and shoot him as he moves onto it.  Hopefully, he will 
eventually move towards or away from you with little horizontal 
movement or will get jammed in a door or something.

Without a radar, this gun becomes a lot less useful since you don't 
know where your enemies are.  Always have a backup plan if someone 
sneaks up on you.  Take refuge in your teammates if you have any.  With 
the patch, the FarSight now has Auto-Aim making it lethal even without 
the zoom feature.  Use the "Shoot and Scoot" tactic mentioned above.

If you happen to be on the receiving end of a FarSight user, your best 
bet is to strafe like hell and try not to get hit.  DON'T EVER STOP 
MOVING.  If he's close-by, grab a gun and chase after him.  If he's far 
away, try to grab a FarSight off the ground, look and zoom on him and 
try to get off some shots because he's too far away to pursue 
especially in clustered maps like Base.  You have to do this very 
quickly because odds are your opponent is locking on to you as well.  
Easier said than done because any FarSight user with the upper hand 
means doom to everyone else.

BTW, I always though this gun looked like a swordfish.


Rating: *****

Primary: Shoot regular grenade
Secondary: Shoot sticky grenade

Setups: Explosive, Grenade Launcher

This is a very reliable explosives weapon.  It has tons of ammo, 
creates huge explosions (bigger than the SuperDragon), and has a long, 
predictable shot arc.  The only caveat is that the ROF can be a bit 
lengthy so if you shoot at the wrong time, you may screw yourself.

Rebound shots off the walls and ceilings, blah blah, read the 
Superdragon tips, kind of obvious here.  Practice getting your shots to 

The secondary Sticky function causes the grenade to be stuck to 
whatever surface it is on for a few seconds.  The grenade will then 
fall and cause an explosion.  This is very useful if you're being 
pursued by an enemy or want to lay traps for people who retreat to 
areas where you aren't at the moment.  It's also useful is the enemy is 
held up on a narrow ledge adjacent to a wall, such as the railings in 

Since you have tons of grenades, don't be afraid to use both primary 
and secondary shots liberally.  Really, let this bad boy rip whenever 
you can.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 

Rocket Launcher

Rating: ****

Primary: Shoot rocket
Secondary: Shoot homing rocket at locked-on target

Setups: Rocket Launcher

Yessir, the standard Rocket Launcher is back for more action.  This 
baby shoots a rocket in a straight line.  The result is a HUGE 
explosion, bigger than the Devastator's.  If you are strafing to the 
left or right, it can alter the trajectory just a little.  Launch those 
boys right at the wall that the enemy is adjacent to.  If the enemy is 
in the open, aim at the floor.  Standard stuff.

The main problem with the gun is ammo.  You only have four rockets max 
and the reload time is quite long.  Make your shots count.  Personally, 
I'd rather use the Devastator due to its ROF and larger ammo capacity.

The secondary Lock-On feature works like the CMP-150's lock-on.  Any 
manual targets you aim at become locked on.  When you shoot the rocket, 
it will slowly hover towards the target.  It's not too useful because 
it is a hassle to get a lock on the target and the enemy will probably 
get away before the rocket catches up to him.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 


Rating: ****

Primary: Shoot rocket
Secondary: Shoot fly-by-wire rocket

Setups: None

This is an alternative to the Rocket Launcher that uses the same type 
of ammo.  The primary Rocket launch is just utter crap.  Yeah, it's a 
rocket, but the shots are incredibly slow and the trajectory is highly 
altered by the direction you are moving upon launch.  Trying to hit a 
person with one of these at long range is like trying to win a light-
stopper game at the arcade.  It's more useful at close quarters where 
enemies don't have much room to move around.

The secondary Fly-By-Wire rocket is where it's at.  Shoot the rocket 
and you will be in control of the rocket with it's crappy yellow, 
static-y, fisheye camera.  The rocket can be flown around the level and 
will detonate on contact with a wall/explosion or when you pull the 
trigger.  The rocket will slowly accumulate speed so use the shoulder 
buttons (LB or RB) to slow the rocket so it can ease around corners.

When you use the Fly-By-Wire, make sure you're in a concealed location 
because you are defenseless if anyone catches you in this mode.  If you 
die, the rocket immediately blows up.  This is a good weapon to use in 
team modes under the cover of your teammates.  Use rockets to fly 
around the level and pick off enemies that come into view.

Note that before the patch, sometimes the Fly-By-Wire rockets will 
disappear into thin air when you try to detonate them.  With the patch, 
I have never noticed any problems with this.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 

Combat Knife

Rating (single): *
Rating (double): *

Primary: Switch to/knife slash melee
Secondary: Switch to/throw knife

Setups: Close Combat

In the words of Jameson from the Spiderman movie, this weapon is "Crap, 
crap, megacrap."  It's not wise to bring a knife to a gun fight.

The primary function is a slash.  There's a delay between the trigger 
and the actual attack so try to pull the trigger before you approach 
the enemy.  With dualies, use the "Double Fire" trick to stack damage 
into one swing.  Two knives to the chest or one to the back will drop a 
shieldless enemy.  Try to lure the enemy as close to you as possible 
before lunging at the enemy.

The secondary Poison Knife Throw isn't that much better.  The knife's 
trajectory is highly affected by the direction you are moving at the 
time of the toss, so you have to be standing still to get an accurate 
throw.  You have to get close to the enemy to have a shot.  Use "Shoot 
and Scoot" tactics here.  Stand still for an accurate shot.

When an opponent is hit with a thrown knife, he will lose some initial 
damage but he will accumulate more later, start making gagging noises, 
and will become incredibly disoriented.  A knife to the chest will take 
about half health away when the damage is through.  If you hit an enemy 
that you know is going to die, try to flee the scene and wait it out.  
A knife to the face is an instant kill no matter what.

Oh, and it goes without mentioning that knives are a joke against 
shields.  You can't stick shielded enemies with throwing knives.  
You're better off trying to disarm the suspect with your fists instead.


Rating: ***

Primary: Shoot sedative arrow
Secondary: Shoot instant-kill arrow

Setups: Close Combat

Before I go on, your default setting SHOULD be on the SECONDARY INSTANT 
KILL function.  Hmm, what would be better, sedating your enemy or 
outright killing him?  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that 
one out.  Seriously, I've played against people online who use primary 
fire which is a shame really.

The Crossbow has five shots per clip and acts sort of like a super-fast 
throwing knife.  The direction you move has a slight effect on the 
arrow's trajectory.  The fact that it has the power of a DY357-LX 
bullet saves this weapon from mediocrity.  Try to aim your shots in 
anticipation of the enemy's movement a second ahead to make contact.  
Close quarters help you connect your shots much easier.  Stand still 
for more accuracy if you must.

The reload feature is like the Shotgun's--you insert one arrow at a 
time and can abort reloading at any time.  The problem is when your 
clip runs dry, the game will usually only reload one arrow and stop.  
Keep mashing that reload button to make sure you put five arrows in the 
clip for maximum efficiency.


Rating (against humans): **
Rating (against sims): ****

Primary: Shoot sedative (non-automatic)
Secondary: Lethal injection melee

Setups: Tranquilizer

The Tranquilizer is an annoying weapon that disorients opponents' 
visions without outright killing them, even through shields.  The 
damage is mediocre at best.  It is very easy to disorient players with 
this, but it's easier to cope with in the XBL version (it also goes 
away when the player respawns).  Surprisingly, you can't dual-wield 
these (they're one-handed after all).  Stick to other weapons that 
actually kill the targets.

The secondary Lethal Injection attack consumes four shots and 
kills/drains the shields of anyone standing in front of you.  The delay 
between the trigger and the attack is quite significant so it is very 
difficult to kill people with this mode.  Not recommended unless the 
opponent is not moving at all.

Against simulants, the Tranquilizer is a different story.  The AI 
reacts much worse than humans do to sedatives/disorientation.  A 
PerfectSim will run around clueless and will have crap accuracy if 
pumped full of drugs.  This is very helpful in the Challenge 18 (Villa 
KotH with two Maians) where you can render the enemy useless for 
minutes if you drug them and run away.  Also, when a simulant dies, his 
"disorientation level" stays the same so he can still be drug-induced 
even after death, which is very helpful.


Rating: ****

Primary: Throw timed grenade
Secondary: Throw pinball proximity grenade

Setups: Golden Magnum, Classic Grenades

Grenades are fun little fireworks to leave behind and harass enemies 
with.  You get five per box and can hold up to ten, so don't be afraid 
to toss them around quite often.

The primary function tosses a normal grenade that explodes in four 
seconds.  At any given time, you can toss a few uncooked standard 
grenades at pressure points.  It's also good against stationary enemies 
or if you're good at dropping them as they approach you.  This takes 
some practice though.

The secondary Proximity Pinball is insane.  This one tosses a grenade 
that ricochets off the wall, slowly accumulating speed to the point 
it's like a freakin' Mad Scientist's device gone awry.  If it comes 
close to a player, it blows up.  Bounce a few of these into a room that 
the enemy is in and he will be taken down in a swarm of grenades.

When a pinball grenade runs out of gas, it will turn stationary like a 
mine, so be careful not to step on one of those thinking it's a 
standard grenade pickup left by a fallen player.

Be aware that pinball grenades bouncing back in your face.  If you are 
on the receiving end of a pinball grenade, run the hell away and leave 
the room.  Use standard grenades or any explosions you can muster as 
cover to detonate any grenades that are heading towards you.  See the 
"Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 


Rating: ***

Primary: Throw direct impact N-bomb
Secondary: Throw proximity mine N-bomb

Setups: None

This is Perfect Dark's equivalent to a flashbang or tear gas grenade.  
This baby explodes upon impact and creates a black, swirling tornado-
esque ball that causes anyone inside to drop their weapons and become 
disoriented.  It also makes the room dark for some reason.

If you anticipate where the enemy is moving, drop a few of these in his 
way to piss him off.  It's not good for outright killing the enemy, so 
use it if you're in a pickle and are lacking in the firepower 

The secondary Proximity Throw is a nice feature especially since few 
people know that the N-Grenade is capable of such a feature.  See the 
"Setting Traps" section for tips.

If you are caught in an N-Grenade's explosion, don't panic.  Don't 
switch weapons until you're clear of the tornado.  Switching weapons in 
an N-Bomb is a common novice blunder because you can lose your entire 
inventory in the process.

Timed Mine

Rating: ***

Primary: Throw timed mine
Secondary: Threat detector

Setups: Close Combat

It's a timed mine.  You toss it and it blows up in four seconds.  It 
sticks to walls and can't be cooked.  It's the least useful mine in the 
game.  Toss these where you expect the enemy to run by.  Try to conceal 
the mines so that your enemies will not notice it.  Toss them to 
ceilings or beneath thin floors if you need to.

The secondary Threat Detector allows you to detect mines, sentries, and 
other stuff just like the K7 Avenger can.  Keep in mind can't throw 
mines while in secondary mode.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 

Proximity Mine

Rating: ****

Primary: Throw proximity mine
Secondary: Threat detector

Setups: Proximity Mine

Alright, proxy mines!  This is where the action is at.  Toss these in 
lucrative locations as mentioned in the "Setting Traps" section.

The secondary Threat Detector works like the K7 Avenger's and Timed 
Mine's detectors.  You can't throw mines while in this mode though.

Proxy mines are also triggered by other proxy mines.  If your opponent 
has a minefield, toss some of your own proxies on them and kabam--they 
blow up too.  Good if you're pinned down or just plain pissed off.

Also remember where you place your mines so you don't kill yourself 
with them.  If you go around sprinkling these all over the place (a 
common tactic, usually against Sims), they may backfire on you by 
putting you in bad spawn locations and generally inhibiting your 
progress.  It's a gamble to impulsively chuck the whole box when you 
pick these up.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 

Remote Mine

Rating: ****

Primary: Throw remote mine
Secondary: Detonate remote mines

Setups: Classic Mines

A remote mine is a mine that is thrown and detonated at your will (like 
C4 in CoD).  It's a good way to scare the living daylights out of 
enemies and keep them from advancing on you.

To use remote mines efficiently, toss them as usual and then press on 
the right joystick (fire secondary mode) to detonate them immediately.  
The time between which you can throw and detonate a mine is longer than 
it was on Goldeneye so remote mines aren't a viable option if you're on 
the assault.

Place these babies in narrow hallways or in concealed locations and try 
to dupe enemies to walk within range.  You can also place mines in 
points of interest like you would any trap, but it's hard to tell 
exactly where the enemy if you're not looking at the mines itself, so 
use the radar to get the exaggerated whereabouts of the enemy's 
location compared to your mines.

Notice that when a player dies, all of the undetonated mines he has 
thrown are no longer under his control and sit idle waiting to be blown 
up.  If you notice a bunch of mines lying around the enemy's vicinity 
and you make them explode on your own, you can gain the upper hand 
and/or score some kills at the same time, so keep a look out for groups 
of vacant remote mines and use them to your advantage.

See the "Explosive Stuff" section above for more details. 


Rating: *

Primary: Burst fire
Secondary: Short-range laser stream fire

Setups: None

The word "Laser" is an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated 
Emission of Radiation."  While the name sound badass, this game's 
version of said device is anything but this.  The Moonraker Laser is 
crying somewhere.

The Laser's primary fire is essentially a Falcon 2 shot fired at a 
slow, steady rate.  It has infinite ammo, doesn't have to reload, and 
can puncture walls, but that's about it.  It hardly dishes out any 
damage and is outclassed by most other weapons in the game, mostly due 
to its mediocre ROF.

The secondary Laser Stream fire is just like the Watch Laser from 
Goldeneye.  It shoots out a short stream that deals a moderate amount 
of damage, sort of like a Star Wars lightsaber.  However, it can't kill 
as quickly as it should so this weapon is pretty pathetic and only 
worth it just for the roflcopters.

X-Ray Scanner

Rating: *

Primary: X-Ray vision
Secondary: None

Setups: None

I think everyone and their grandma knows this item is a piece of crap.  
When enabled, this provides ONE use--it can see through walls.  It 
doesn't let you see targets past a certain range which kind of kills 
its usefulness in any non-CQB maps.  It also doesn't even let you see 
cloaked enemies.  If it could it may be semi-useful (Infrared Scanners 
can but not this).  Unless you're playing very small maps such as G5 
Building with No Radar, forget about this piece of junk.

Cloaking Device

Rating: ****

Primary: Cloak
Secondary: None

Setups: None

This is a very good item to have that pretty much turns you invisible 
and removes you from the radar!  Fantastic!  This is just like the RC-
P120's cloaking function, except the Cloaking Device has its own timer 
and can cloak users who use any weapons.  When you attack, you lose 
your cloaking abilites until you cut it out for a few seconds.

Your best bet with Cloaking Devices is to run around and pick up as 
many as you can.  You get 20 seconds worth of cloaking per device you 
pick up.  Killed enemies who drop the device tack on another 20 
seconds.  Like the RC-P120, it's best to sneak up on enemies and open 
fire when they're not looking and  take them down before they 

When someone is cloaked, he is not entirely invisible--a faint outline 
can be seen if you are incredibly observant.  If you pay attention, you 
may be able to detect an enemy before he sneaks up on you.

Combat Boost

Rating: ****

Primary: Slow-down boost
Secondary: Revert boost

Setups: None

A combat boost slows down the game to Matrix bullet time.  When a 
player uses a boost, all other players are essentially slowed down 
except for you, allowing you to run circles around everyone else.  Use 
this in a big firefight to give you the edge.  Sprint circles around 
enemies and go for headshots.

Each primary boost adds 10 seconds to the boost timer.  A secondary 
boost reverts the clock so if you don't like speeding up, you can cut 
that nonsense out quickly.  If the boost user dies, then the slow-mo 
effects go away.


Rating: ****

Primary: Gives player a full shield
Secondary: None

Setups: All

Um, yeah, it's a shield.  This is Perfect Dark's equivalent to the body 
armor.  You should always be hovering around the shield's location and 
should grab it whenver you need to.  See "Shield Facts" above for more 

Keep in mind while it's great to have a shield, you also need a good 
weapon to take down enemies with, so don't always go for the shield at 


Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullet (non-automatic)
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Pistols, Classic Automatics, Classic Mines

Yes, the classic Goldeneye weapons!  Kickass!  This PP7 remake based 
off the Walther PPK is basically the equivalent to your average pisol 
(Falcon 2).  Most of the techniques that apply to the Falcon 2 apply 
here.  Mash the trigger as fast as you can while entrenched in a 
defensive stance to deal the most damage as possible.


Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullet (non-automatic)
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Pistols, Classic Automatics, Classic Power, Classic 

Another classic Goldeneye gun, this one's based off the DD44 Dostovei 
which is based off the TT33 Russian pistol.  It's basically the same 
thing as the PP9i which is basically the same thing as the Falcon 2.

Compared to the PP9i, this gun has one extra bullet per clip but it has 
more spread.  Use the gun that you like more.  See the Falcon 2 section 
for tactics.  Mash the trigger as fast as possible to turn dualies into 
an automatic.


Rating (single): **
Rating (double): ***

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Automatics, Classic Grenades

This gun just sucks so bad that the infamous "Klobb" is a legend among 
FPS fans.  Based off the Skorpion SMG, this gun has a slow ROF, awful 
spread, and crap damage.  Its only redeeming factors are the automatic 
fire and the moderate clip.

It's on par with the PP9i and the CC13.  I prefer pistols over this 
piece of crap, but if I'm not in the mood to mash the trigger, I'll use 
these Klobbs.  Crouch for max accuracy.

KF7 Special

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: None

Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Setups: Classic Grenades

Based off the SMG-sized AK47, this gun is leagues better than the 
KLO1313.  It's on par with the standard Perfect Dark automatics 
(noticeable spread included), but with a faster reload time.  It has a 
2x manual zoom, something that is nearly insignificant.  There's some 
noticeable spread at long range, so you must crouch for better 

There are guns that outclass these, but with dualies, you can deal some 
good damage.

ZZT (9mm)

Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Mines

Another Goldeneye automatic, based off your typical Uzi SMG.  It has a 
good ROF but with some noticeable spread.  Once again, the dualies 
combined with their fast reload time contribute to its usefulness.


Rating (single): ***
Rating (double): ****

Primary: Shoot bullets
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Automatics

Woohoo, another Goldeneye gun.  Based off the MP5K SMG, this gun has a 
slightly slower ROF than the ZZT but seems to have slightly better 
spread.  Like the ZZT and KF7, dualies are good enough to hold your 
ground with.


Rating (single): ****
Rating (double): *****

Primary: Shoot bullet
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Mines

This is the second best Goldeneye gun in the game.  Based off the M16 
assault rifle, this one has good spread, good ROF, and good damage.  It 
has a 3x manual zoom which is a nice feature.  It's similar to a 
standard Perfect Dark assault rifle but with the dual-wield feature 
that tacks on the firepower.  Go for these babies whenever you have the 


Rating (single): *****
Rating (double): ******

Primary: Shoot bullet
Secondary: None

Setups: Classic Power

The RC-P90 from Goldeneye is considered the most powerful weapon in the 
game, capable of delivering the Wrath of God upon the bullet's 
recipients.  The Perfect Dark rendition is nearly identical.  The PD 
XBLA version of this gun looks much more like the P90 it was based off 
of, but the damage remains the same.

This gun is astounding while wielding just one, but the fact that you 
can dual wield this is just overkill.  I mean, imagine if you could 
dual-wield K7's, FarSights, or Devastators.  With dualies, this gun's 
the best in the entire game, only being beat by annoying FarSight 

This gun has two "weaknesses."  It cannot penetrate doors/windows like 
its Goldeneye counterpart.  It also eats tons of ammo so make sure you 
load up on ammo whenever you get the chance.

::How Simulants Use Weapons:: [4SIM]

While this guide mostly details info against other human players, you 
will play against sims quite often.  This section tells you sims' 
(usually Hard/Perfect/DarkSims) proficiency with certain weapons so you 
can look out for what's ahead when you play with certain weapons.  Most 
are normal but some are different than usual.  Check it out:

* Unarmed - Will disarm if you have a weapon.  If they don't grab your 
weapon, they'll run away, otherwise they will shoot you.  Watch out 
since sims are very proficient at disarming you even if they come 
close.  Will sometimes use punch if you are not holding a weapon.

* Falcon 2 - Normal, will fire dualies quite fast but not as fast as 
you can if you mash the button.  May use Pistol Whip if out of ammo but 
very rare.

* Falcon 2 (silenced) - Normal, see Falcon 2.

* Falcon 2 (scoped) - Normal, see Falcon 2.

* MagSec 4 - Normal, see Falcon 2.  Never uses secondary Burst Fire.

* Mauler - Normal, see Falcon 2.  Never uses secondary Charge Shot.

* Phoenix - Uses secondary Explosive Shot always.

* DY357 Magnum - Fires shots at a much faster rate than you can.  Will 
not shoot through walls.

* DY357-LX - See DY357 Magnum.  Watch out, sims are very accurate with 
this gun and are very lethal.  Approach with much caution.

* CMP-150 - Normal, just auto-fires you.

* Cyclone - Normal, see CMP-150.

* Callisto NTG - Will use both primary and secondary fire.  Will not 
shoot through walls.

* RC-P120 - Will cloak for several seconds at a time and mow you down 
if they get the chance.  Usually doesn't try to ambush you, they just 
pop out and blast away.

* Laptop Gun - Uses normal primary fire, never throws Sentry Guns (I 
think they did in the N64 version, but not in this one).

* Dragon - Uses normal primary fire, doesn't throw Proxies (I think 
they did in the N64 version, but not in this one).

* K7 Avenger - Normal, doesn't seem to be aware of traps.

* AR34 - Normal.

* SuperDragon - Usually uses secondary Grenade Launcher, quite lethal 
so watch out.

* Shotgun - Will use single and double fire, sims suck with this 
weapon.  Will use over weapons such as the RCP-120 and the AR34 so take 

* Reaper - Normal, but more accurate than usual so look out.  FistSims 
will use Grinder.

* Sniper Rifle - Normal, very crappy with this weapon.

* FarSight XR-20 - Will not shoot through walls.  Snipe him from afar 
and he's dead meat.  If he gets you in his sight, he usually can't hit 

* Devastator - Uses primary fire but is lethal so watch out.

* Rocket Launcher - Mostly uses secondary Lock-On fire which sucks.  
Not as lethal as grenade launchers.

* Slayer - Will use both primary and secondary fire.  Watch out for 
Fly-By-Wire rockets which can really surprise you.

* Combat Knife - Usually throws knives and may use primary slash.  Not 
very accurate, easy to kill.

* Crossbow - Always uses secondary Lethal Shot.  Normal accuracy.

* Tranquilizer - Uses primary fire, may use secondary Lethal Injection 
if he gets close.  If a sim gets even slightly disoriented, he can't 
hit the broad side of a barn so expect tons of easy kills here.

* Grenade - Will throw trails of regular primary grenades.  May use 
secondary Pinball Proxies but I doubt it.

* N-Grenade - Throws normal nades.  For some reason if he gets hit with 
a nade, he can't do crap and usually dies.  Also, sims in the N-Bomb 
may glitch up and drop 20-30 N-Bombs like a guy dropping a jar of 
pennies on the floor (River City Ransom, Barf!!!)

* Timed Mine - Will throw Timed Mines at you like grenades.

* Proximity Mine - Will throw Proxy Mines at you like grenades.  
Doesn't seem to deliberately hide them.

* Remote Mine - Will throw Remote Mines but will never detonate them.  
Go for free kills (see Extra Credit in the Explosive Stuff section).

* Laser - Uses primary fire.  FistSims use secondary Laser Stream.

* X-Ray Scanner - Doesn't use.

* Cloaking Device - Will use like the RCP-120 secondary.  Watch out for 

* Combat Boost - Doesn't use.

* Shield - Will go for shields frequently.  Watch out if you deal some 
damage to the enemy because he may retreat for the shield if he can.

* PP9i - Normal, see Falcon 2.

* CC13 - Normal, see Falcon 2.

* KLO1313 - Normal.

* KF7 Special - Normal.

* ZZT (9mm) - Normal.

* DMC - Normal.

* AR53 - Normal.

* RC-P45 - Normal, watch out for dualies, very lethal.

::Default Weapon Setups:: [5DWS]

This is a list of all the default weapon setups that are used in the 
game.  While most people like to use Custom weapon setups, you will run 
through these preset setups if you play Online Quickplay.  Get used to 
these and the best strategies for each one.


Falcon 2
MagSec 4

None of these weapons really outclass each other, although the Mauler 
is the best choice.  All guns use the same type of ammo so don't worry 
about running out.  Make the shields a top priority since pistols 
generally suck against shields.


Falcon 2
Laptop Gun

Sheesh, why did they have to put the Laptop Gun in this setup?  Go for 
the Laptop Gun every chance you get an lay a sentry down whenever you 
can.  Other than that, use dual CMP-150s and the AR34 are good assault 
weapons.  Be careful for sentry gun ambushes.


MagSec 4
DY357 Magnum

Get the RC-P120.  Grab a lot of ammo and go into cloak mode and sneak 
up on everyone.  The rest of the weapons just suck against shields so 
if you get caught without the RC-P120, you're hugely outclassed.


Callisto NTG
FarSight XR-20

Run like HELL for the FarSight.  Also make sure that you grab the 
Callisto or dual Cyclones for some close-quarter combat.  If an enemy 
picks up a FarSight, strafe around like an idiot.  Grab another 
FarSight and try to take him out quickly or get a good gun and move up 
and kill him.  Easier said than done though.


Falcon 2

The Tranquilizer is not that useful here.  Keep tossing Dragon proxies.  
This is a good time for the dual CMP-150's to shine.


K7 Avenger

All the guns here are viable options.  The K7 is your best bet here 
because of the sheer damage it deals.  The SuperDragon is able to kill 
anyone with a few well-placed grenades.  Dual Maulers with charged 
shots can bring down rifle users quickly.  The Reaper is the odd man 
out here, but you can still score a few kills with it if you handle it 

Golden Magnum

Falcon 2 (silencer)

The DY357-LX seems like the best choice here.  However, don't 
underestimate the dual CMP-150's and the grenades.  Dual CMP-150's can 
make quick work of golden gun users if you catch them out in the open.  
Pinball grenades can also mess around with them too.  This is also the 
only setup that uses the silenced Falcon 2.



Yep, nothing but grenade launchers.  If you aren't good at landing 
grenades in proper locations, you're going to have a rough time.  Be 
careful of in-your-face explosions that cause your shots to add fuel to 
the fire.  I would prefer the Devastator due to its usefulness at close 
and long range.  Don't be afraid to use the SuperDragon's primary fire 
at long range if you need to.  ALWAYS KEEP MOVING.  Expect some 
stagnant battles because players are too hesistant to run into the 
other guy's explosions.

Grenade Launcher

MagSec 4

Go for the Devastator whenever you can.  The AR34 and dual CMP-150's 
aren't too bad either.  Always be careful of grenades that rebound 
around walls.  Try some hit-and-run tactics on the Devastator user 
because you are outclassed there.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

Like the Heavy setup, all the weapons in this setup are viable choices.  
Get the Rocket Launcher if you can, but if you can't, toss Dragon 
proxies and use dual Cyclones/Maulers.

Proximity Mine

MagSec 4
Laptop Gun
K7 Avenger
Proximity Mine

The title might as well be renamed to "Camper Central."  If you're 
playing a non-Combat team game, expect Laptop sentries and proxy mines 
up the wazoo.  Also be sure to get the K7 as the Threat Detector helps 
enormously.  Expect a high body count in this mode because it's so easy 
to die here unless everyone camps.

Close Combat

Combat Knife
Combat Knife
Timed Mine

I call this the "Crap Weapons" setup.  This setup gives you tons of 
knives which pale in comparison with the Crossbow.  Get the Crossbow 
and the Shield and go for lethal kills.  The Timed Mines aren't bad 
either if you can lure opponents to walk into them, though the Crossbow 
is the best choice for direct combat.  Expect a low body count in this 
mode because the weapons are so weak here.

Classic Pistols

DY357 Magnum

DAMN, this setup uses four slots instead of five, thereby screwing up 
the standard Shield locations used in all other setups.  All three guns 
in this mode are basically the same rating-wise.  Use the DY357's to 
penetrate through walls or against non-shielded players.  Use the two 
regular pistols against shielded players.  Just go for the Shield and 
dualies on any gun as quickly as possible to give you the upper hand.

Classic Automatics


This setup is vanilla in every sense of the word because all the guns 
are incredibly bland.  The DMC is a not a spectacular gun but it's your 
best choice here.  As for the rest, just use the first dualie set you 
get as you scavenge for the dual DMCs.

Classic Power

DY357 Magnum

There it is, folks, the RC-P45.  Make a mad dash for it as soon as you 
can.  Expect quick deaths in RC-P45 firefights.  The rest of the guns 
are just crap in comparison, but use the DY357's to shoot through walls 
or the Shotgun to blast away at point blank range if you're desperate.

If the RC-P45 user gets a shield, the only way to fight back is with 
another RC-P45 so get one ASAP.  If you have the RC-P45, it's best to 
get a lead and then camp the RC-P45 spawns to prevent other players 
from picking one up for themselves.

Classic Grenades

KF7 Special

Grab the KF7's and use Grenades liberally.  Sprinkle pinball nades in 
rooms where the enemy is present and they will probably die.  The KF7's 
are best for assaulting the enemy.  The other two weapons are useable 
but not recommended.

Classic Mines

ZZT (9mm)
Remote Mine

Try to go for the AR53's if you can.  If you can't get them, the ZZT's 
are are a decent substitute.  If you're lacking in firepower, you can 
play keep-away with the Remote Mines and make life difficult for them.  
Place those mines in narrow approach points so they can't advance on 
you.  Don't be afraid to peek out and toss some mines right in the 
enemy's face.

The following weapons don't show up in ANY default setups.  I think it 
would've been cool if a setup had been made out of them ("Rejects")...:

Falcon 2 (scoped), Sniper Rifle, Slayer, N-Grenade, Laser, X-Ray 
Scanner, Cloaking Device, Combat Boost

::Map Strategies:: [6MAP]

Here’s a list of all the maps:

G5 Building
Area 52
Car Park

I will list some general strategies for each map.  I won't go into much 
detail, but I will give you a few pointers if necessary.  When I 
mention shields, I'm taking about in generic weapon setups (four 
weapons, shield, disabled).


This big map has large, vacant rooms, similar to the Stack/Library from 
Goldeneye.  There's not much cover here, so duck behind any pillars 
when you have the chance.  Stick with long-range weapons if you can.  
There's three shield locations distributed equally across the map so 
there's no excuse not to have one.  Stay out of the distant parts of 
the map (the hilly room with the hole to the hallway, the ramp leading 
to the overlook with the railings) unless you're trying to camp.


This map has some big rooms but has some close-quarter action here too.  
The bottom level with the pipes and long hallways isn't a good place to 
be because  there's many places to be ambushed from above and you can 
only get up to the next level through two ladders.  Stay up high but 
try not to stand on the grates for too long because they provide no 
cover from below.  Use elevation to your advantage as a means to run 
away or ambush an enemy.  Use close-quarter weapons in the area by the 


This map is all long-range so use the proper weaponry for the 
situation.  The bottom level with the narrow hallway with the ledges 
above is a bad place to be because you can easily be bottlenecked 
between the two exits.  Don't ever use that yellow pipe at the bottom 
because you have no cover whatsoever and because climbing the "ladder" 
is a pain in the ass.  Stay around the midway point so you can advance 
or retreat easily, especially since the two shields are around that 
vicinity.  Fire at people on levels below you, especially through the 
grate walkways you can see through.

G5 Building

This level is all close-quarters, so prepare for some fast-paced 
action.  There's some ledges to jump off of that can allow you to 
ambush the enemy from above.  Be careful not to fall off the walkways 
above the pit.  If you get shot over these walkways, you may get pushed 
over the edge which means -1 for you.  The corner of the map with that 
long walkway going down over the indoors pit is a bad place to be 
because there's only two exits, there is little cover, and usually all 
you get a mediocre weapon.  The ledge with the railing that faces the 
center pit is good for ambushing those who cross the walkways, but be 
careful if enemies come from behind since you have nowhere to run.


This map ties the Ruins with the most confusing map.  The bottom level 
is basically a square--not too tough to figure out.  The top level is a 
bunch of walkways that go every which way.  Try to get to the top level 
where the shield and a bunch of holes are for a speedy escape.  The 
center pit with the ladder is like a deathtrap--don't go down there.  
Use tons of cover and hide behind walls in the upper levels in this 
close-quarters location.  If you're trying to play keep-away, go to the 
level opposite of your enemy, wait for him to come after you, run to 
the other level, rinse and repeat.


This map is a big circle with a bunch of big rooms being connected by 
narrow hallways.  Try to catch opponents in the narrow hallways so they 
have nowhere to run, but remember to retreat if you lose the upper-
hand.  Each big room has some sort of cover such as pillars or crates 
so always have somewhere to retreat.  The catwalks in the big room are 
kind of useless unless you're trying to camp.  When going through the 
vents/tunnels in the room, tap the B button while moving to go through 
vents quicker as mentioned in the "Duty Calls Control Setup" section 
above.  For some reason, the sims love to congregate these vents for 
predictable kills.


This level looks Matrix-like and that's pretty cool.  The elevator 
looks tempting, but if you go in it, it makes you a sitting duck.  Also 
try to stay out of the big room where there's no cover.  Use pillars 
for cover frequently.  Try to stay on the upper levels as much as 
possible since you can grab the shield up there and you can retreat to 
the other side of the map if the enemy is in pursuit.  Use penetration 
and explosive weapons in the hallways and the hallway with the two 
doors since those tight areas don't offer people many places to run.


Oh boy, this level is really hard to wrap your brain around.  The 
canyon-like area with the multiple routes a good place to hang out 
especially since you can access most any part of the level through it.  
Watch out for the doors that take an eternity to open.  If you hang out 
in the upper levels, memorize places to jump down especially since you 
can drop into two rooms which usually have shields.  You can catch 
enemies in long, narrow hallways often so try to seize on this as much 
as you can.  The map changes between close and long ranges so be 

Area 52

This map is quite simple with some minute elevation changes.  Use the 
doors as cover since they shut quite quickly.  DON'T use grenades near 
these doors since they can shut on you and cause the nade to rebound in 
your face.  Avoid being caught inside the rooms that have one door 
entrances since you can get caught inside with little room to maneuver.  
The big room with the three towers and the ditch is kind of stupid so 
don't wander around except to grab the shield in the ditch.  There's 
also another shield in that vent--use the B-button tip mentioned in the 
"Duty Calls Control Setup" section above to grab it quickly.


The shields are in two opposite locations--one is on a ledge in that 
huge room with the ramp and the glass walkways with the railings, the 
other is in that spiral "staircase."  Grab them and meet in the middle 
room to plan an attack by jumping down where necessary.  The long-range 
hallways make for some brutal sniper combat.  Place traps behind the 
little "poles" sticking out the hallways.  Use the levitating platforms 
and ramps to change elevations since those ladders are a piece of crap.  
Camp and use the rails as cover if you need to--for some reason you 
can't shoot penetration shots through glass floors, what a piece of 


This map sucks for anything besides Capture the Case.  All four sides 
of the map have the same weapon locations.  Usually the good weapons 
are in the black rooms in the middle so you don't have to go down low 
ever.  As a matter of fact, the maze-like floors at the bottom of the 
level are basically suicide since you have no cover and it's really 
easy to fall off.  Even if you move into a building, with radar on it's 
really easy to get ambushed.  The shields are all in the upper ledges 
in the center of the map so if you keep the enemy trapped inside the 
buildings, you can essentially own them and keep them out of the 
enemy's hands.


This map is kind of confusing, but you can pick up it easily.  There's 
hardly any cover in this map so be careful when on the move.  Grab the 
shield in the center room in the center of the map with the three 
entranceways a lot.  There's also a shield on that high-up ledge which 
can give you access to half of the level.  Don't get stuck in the 
bottom floor of that room since you have little cover.  Be aware that 
in that moderate-sized room with the crap weapon and one exit, you can 
walk on the white ledges over to the back hallway which can help 
because it provides a second exit.

Car Park

Not a very conventional level since there's three levels with four 
"stairways" connecting them.  Prepare for some close-range combat on 
the ramps above or below you.  If you have a long-range weapon, open 
the doors and shoot inward--don't try running in since you lose your 
escape route when the door closes.  One of the shields is on top of the 
yellow staircase.  Abuse the hell out of traps on each of the doors 
especially since there's hardly any room to move on those staircases.


This map's a Goldeneye classic.  Big rooms lead to long-range 
firefights.  Try to refrain from running out in the open.  Use traps or 
close-quarter weapons near that giant stone doorway leading to the four 
rooms.  Jump down the big hole in the ground to sneak up on enemies.  
This map has a lot of broad routes so memorize the map and try to 
maneuver away from threats.


This is a complicated map, for sure.  Plus it's a Goldeneye classic so 
channel any memories you have of it.  The room with the three levels 
has a shield on the very top level.  It's a good place to camp and 
waste time.  Despite enemies appearing to be on the same level as you 
on the radar, they can be up on the second floor which is close to the 
first floor.  This map is mostly mid-range combat so mix up your 
weapons.  Use the B-button trick in the "Duty Calls Control Setup" 
section above to get through the vent quickly.  Again, try to memorize 
the map.


The last Goldeneye classic that everyone loves.  This map is split up 
into two parts--the bathroom region and the back alleys with the 
concrete stuff.  There's a shield in both parts of the map.  It's easy 
to corner people if you catch them on one part of the map since they 
have predictable escape routes.  Place traps in the center of the map 
for easy kills or to keep enemies on the opposite side of the map as 
you.  Use penetration weapons through the glass windows.  Try not to 
get caught up in the bathroom or the two big rooms with the single door 
since there's not much room for you to run.

::Conclusion:: [7CON]

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide very much, this is my third guide 
and it's nice sharing information with the community...

This guide is copyright Eric4372, aka Eric Frichter, the GameFaqs user 
who wrote this guide.  It was specifically submitted to GameFaqs.  
Don't steal it or I'll snipe you from across the world with my 

If you like the guide, e-mail me at eric_4372@hotmail.com or send a 
message to my Xbox Live gamertag "Eric4372" to tell me you liked the 
guide or to offer any advice, changes, things I forgot, etc.  Be polite 
and don't send me spam, hate mail, etc..  If you send me friend 
requests, please be reasonable since I already have tons of friends and 
I just don't feel like playing all the time, especially since I'm 
trying to get 1000/1000 on Quantum of Solace and also have to play Rock 
Band 2 a lot to warrant the money spent on DLC songs...

I would like to thank two major sources.  First, I would like to credit 
Hu Man Being's Weapons FAQ on the site for some specific details on the 
weapons (damage and spread).  I would also like to credit the old 
Perfect Dark Detstar site for some basic references.  It's currently 
down but you can still view it here: 

I would also like to thank:

* Rare for making the game in the first place (among other great game 

* 4J for porting the game--hey it may not be perfect but they still did 

* Goldeneye: 007 for the N64 and its fanbase which propelled Rare into 
making a worthy sequel to this classic.

* Ian Fleming for creating the James Bond character that led to a great 
series of movies, particularly Goldeneye which led to the N64 game 
which led to Perfect Dark as we know it.

* Microsoft for making the Xbox 360 and allowing the game to be 
downloaded (though they need to cut down on the RRoD crap).

* Counter-Strike 1.6 for providing another FPS game that I really like 
which gives me the motivational fuel to write stupid guides like this.

* The guys at the OutRun Online Arcade message board whom give me the 
support to keep up my endeavors.

* The "Gold-N-Fly" mixtape made by Alex Kresovich which gets me pumped 
up for some classic GE/PD action, see here: 
http://goldnfly007.blogspot.com/.  Rap music & guns, ha ha, real funny.

* My friends and family.

* God and Jesus, AMEN!


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