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Reviewed: 10/30/09

Alien Invasion v.s. American Consumerism (Fallout )

The interception of a signal is the only resemblance this DLC has with any other fallout add-on on the marketplace. Boasting an assembly of weapons with unremarkable damage, and remarkably similar to all the energy weapons already developed for the original packaging of the game. If rating this game were a multiple question problem (which trust me it's not) , with nothing below 5/10, we would all be forced to pick E.- none of the above. The inner design of, and size is larger than you would expect, until you realize the repetitiveness of the graphics. Simplistic pallet of white and grey, the only thing remarkable is how they made the add-on remotely maze like, as if hoping the *non-existent* primates playing this game would be fooled into awe of this insult on fallout.

However, it was enjoyable killing cluster after cluster of the same aliens a thousand times. Oh, until you reach the captain of the ship who has a slightly different pajama suit, and a sweet laser pistol. Which I picked up shortly before I decided to kill my handy cowboy sidekick (no I am not kidding...cowboy) whose pistol did more damage than my captains laser. Ugh...

The makers attempted to place you in an submissive state of suggestion as you see on your screen aliens with pointy tools staring, conversing, then staring back as you stir awake ( you fall back asleep to then wake up in a cell). Looking around you see a rebel whom seems to have been waiting for you to breakout. You beat each other to a pulp to kill the pitifully weak aliens coming to tame you in order to break out. When you reach a certain area the she-rebel says she'll repair you weapons for caps. Which fallout conveniently designed to rob you of unworthy virtual money as well. Through playing this excuse for an expansion I am reminded of the irony of " I don't want to set the word on fire" while traversing through the post- atomic wastelands. Our minds are forced into playing a semi-expansion we payed with our parents hard-earned wages. Further into the story you go through a predictable series of events which can be categorized as " beating up the spaceship" in order to eventually reach the top honcho, bag and tag, battle another spaceship at a unnecessarily slow pace, game over.

The bottom line being this game is dull, boring, trash, or (in other words) exactly what a DLC is expected to be. You could concede that the alien logs were a great story based contribution, allowing yourself to truly immerse yourself into the story, but that would be like saying you bought a DLC just for collecting cheap voice overs of various alien interaction. Go research rednecks on the news speculating Roswell, or watch independence day; leave this game unchecked on your marketplace download history.

Rating: 3

Product Release: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta (US, 08/03/09)

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