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The Pitt Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/10/09

   Enhanced Guide with videos at: http://www.supercheats.com/guides/fallout-3/
 .'                                       .,.                               `.
 |  MMMMMM    MM     MMM     MMM      .;tX, ,   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM    .MM.    |
 |  MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM   MMMM    XMM  MMM  |
 |  MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    @0  0MM.  |
 |  MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       ;ZMM   |
 |  MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM      .MMM;   |
 |  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       .iMMM  |
 |  MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    Yc.  WMM  |
 `.                                   .,                                     .'
                       | The Wasteland Survival Guide |


                               __________    __   ___________   ___________
                              |          \  |  | |           | |           |
                              |           | |  | |           | |           |
                              |   |¯¯¯¯|  | |  |  ¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯   ¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯
                              |   |    |  | |  |     |   |         |   |
     _______  _    _  _____   |    ¯¯¯¯   | |  |     |   |         |   |
    |       || |  | ||  ___|  |   _______/  |  |     |   |         |   |
     ¯¯| |¯¯ | |  | || |___   |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
       | |   |  ¯¯  ||  ___|  |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
       | |   | |¯¯| || |___   |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
       | |   | |  | ||     |  |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
        ¯     ¯    ¯  ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯            ¯¯       ¯¯¯           ¯¯¯
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Welcome to the Pittsburgh of the future!  This 	      Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO
irradiated place has become a location only rivalled  || © Absolute Steve ||
by Paradise Falls as far as slavery goes.  A plot     ||   Version: 1.00  ||
unravels and the fate of hundreds lies in the hands   ||     X360 / PC    ||
of you once again.				      ||faq@shillatime.org||
This Guide explores every corner of The Pitt.         Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO
Before you lies a Guide that allows you to find items 
which you would never have found otherwise - all in one compact file.  You can
also skip the exploration progress and do things your way.

Enjoy The Pitt, and I'll gladly see you again when Broken Steel comes out.  I'll
be sure to cover that DLC as soon as possible, including additional advice for
customizing your character.

- Absolute Steve
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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
 Use CTRL + F and copy/paste the [TAG] to find the section you're looking for!
 Sometimes, search the same [TAG] twice due to it appearing in the Walkthrough.

   [DLC-1.0] The Pitt
   [DLC-1.1] Into the Pitt
   [DLC-1.2] Unsafe Working Conditions
   [DLC-1.3] Free Labor






                       DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT QUESTS [DLC]
    |[DLC-1.0] The Pitt                                                   |

After buying the DLC you'll soon get the following message while exploring the

Into The Pitt

There are reports of a new radio message being broadcast across the Capital
Wasteland.  The transmission appears to be some sort of distress call, and gives
little information except the location and name of the man making the plea...

After this, Werhner's Distress Signal becomes available in your PipBoy, and you
can select the quest "Into The Pitt" as your current quest.

    |[DLC-1.1] Into the Pitt                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box, [] RadAway x2, [] RadAway x3,        |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] 10mm Pistol, [] 10mm Rounds x2, [] RadAway x2,         |
|       [] Dirty Water x4.                                                     |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Pitt Raider    o Wildman                                           |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

If you haven't explored anything nearby it's going to be a long walk all the way
to the Radio Station from which the distress signal is being sent.  Closest by
is the SatCom Array NN-03d, but it's still a little walk from here.

Should you attempt to walk all the way to the Radio Tower after starting a new
game then I can assure you that it's definitely possible, but it's a very long
walk, and you'll want to avoid pretty much all hostile encounters with the 
exception of Mole Rats and Vicious Dogs. 

When you (finally) arrive at the Radio Tower you'll find a stranger called 
Werhner fighting off two Pitt Raiders.  Feel free to help him, although he is
equipped well enough (with a Scoped Magnum) to handle them himself.  After this
brief encounter he'll jog over and tell the situation on The Pitt.  You are
directed to the Train Tunnel after this, which is located to the west.

You have two main options when you arrive at the Tunnel.  You can either buy
the slaves for 200 caps (talk to Ramsey), or kill the Slavers and loot the Slave
Outfit from one of the Slaves from the Slave Den - the key is on Ramsey.  Search
the shacks to find three [AMMO BOXES].  Head inside the tunnel and activate the
Hand Cart and you'll travel to The Pitt automatically.

Note: It is not possible to walk down the tunnel by yourself.

Werhner will do the talking, and he likes to talk with his magnum so lend him a
hand and a gun to clean the trainyard from several Raiders.  Explore the roof of
the western building to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [2x RADAWAY] on a table.

Follow Werhner to the gate on the northeast and he'll tell you that he won't go
any further.  He gives you the option to either sneak in a .32 Pistol or a
Switchblade when you inform him about sneaking a weapon inside.

Make your way to the bridge, or take a detour on the right side behind the 
wrecked vehicles to find three [RADAWAY].  Feel free to explore the destroyed
building on the left of the bridge, but you won't find any good loot and a few 
Wildmen will attack you for disturbing their peaceful home.  Wildmen are people
who have become crazy due to the disease that plagues The Pitt.

Crossing the bridge is no easy task as it is rigged with tons of Frag Mines (and
some Bear Traps as well).  Triggering a Frag Mine usually results in a chain
reaction of explosions as it blows up vehicles nearby.  Try to disarm all Frag
Mines to avoid this.

A Raider Sniper resides on a higher catwalk further north, and she'll make your
life even more miserable than it already was.  Fortunately, it's possible to
reach that spot by jumping on top of the car nearby the leaking radiation
barrels, and then leap over the right edge of the bridge to reach a walkway that
leads up there.

There's a decent stock of supplies here: An [AMMO BOX], [10MM PISTOL], [10MM
ROUNDS (x10) x2], [RADAWAY x2] and a mattress to heal up.  Make your way over
the remaining part of the bridge and you'll notice a few Slaves trying to make a
run for it, only to get blown to pieces by Frag Mines.  If you didn't have a
Slave Outfit yet, now's the time to do so.  Head around the corner and approach
the gate.

You can either kill Mex and his Slaver buddies, or talk your way past them.  If
you kill them you'll get a beating once you enter the Pitt (during a cutscene).
You're stripped off all your equipment either way, so it doesn't really matter.

If you were beaten, Midea will wake you up, after which you can follow to her
apartment.  Otherwise, make your way to her apartment yourself, which is
marked on your map.

While conversing with Midea, a Raider named Jackson rudely interrupts her.  Your
next objective should be quite clear: To collect Steel Ingots from the Steelyard
and return - and all of this just to look busy.  Grab four [DIRTY WATERS] from 
the cabinet and be on your way.

    |[DLC-1.2] Unsafe Working Conditions                                  |
|ITEMS: [] Broken TV, [] Auto Axe, [] Assault Rifle, [] 5.56mm Rounds (x24) x2,|
|       [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] Steel Ingot x4, [] Steel      |
|          Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] Rad-X x2, [] Jet x7.                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Pitt Raider   o Trog Fledgling                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 150 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

A few worthwhile items can be found across the street of Midea's room.  Check
the [BROKEN TV] to usually find some stimpaks.  Inquire about Slops with Kai.
She rightfully recommends against it, but anything goes when you're a heartbeat
away from your death anyway.

If you see a pink-haired girl called Milly walking around, hear her out about
Wild Bill.  Refer to the end of this walkthrough under 1-3 in order to find Wild
Bill.  Return to Milly and she'll give you [6x STIMPAKS].

Make your way back to the previous area and follow the marker that leads to the
blue door with "The Mill" on the wall besides it.

Look for Marco, who can be found in the control room.  Head west, then turn
north and walk around the corner to find the control room.  Inside, Marco will
give you an [AUTO AXE], a weapon that will come in handy very soon.  If your
Medicine Skill is 50+ you can help the slave just outside the control room, who
has agonizing pains.

To the west of the area, Everett will escort you to the Steelyard by taking you
through the inter laying Abandoned Area.  Head through the door at the end of
this area to enter the Steelyard.

The Steelyard:
Immediately loot the Pitt Slave in front of you, and pick up his [ASSAULT RIFLE]
and [5.56MM ROUNDS (x24) x2] and [STEEL INGOTS x2] that he kindly collected for
you already.  You can spot a few Trog Fledglings behind the fence to the south,
but they can't get to you.  Head west until you overhead a conversation on your
right between a slave and his brother Billy - who has mutated into a Trog.  If
you don't intervene, the Trog will kill the slave.  Even if you do, the slave
will mourn his brother's loss.

Continue past the large truck and dispose a Trog.  The dumpster next to the
stairs contains [STEEL INGOT x3].  Head back to the stairs nearby the truck and
climb up.  From the end of the truck, jump over to your left into the large
containers.  The first and the middle container both house 2 Ingots, making
[4x STEEL INGOTS] in total.  One more to go!

Climb the nearby stairs and hop over the broken fence. Turn right and 
immediately left afterwards to find two more [STEEL INGOTS] among some drums.
You should now have eleven Ingots, and upon picking up your tenth Ingot you gain
the Auto Axpert Perk automatically.  This perk increases the damage you do with
Auto Axes by +25%.

Make your way back through the Abandoned Area and kill a Trog that has torn
through the fence southern fence.  Traverse through it and search the mine cart
on your left to find three [STEEL INGOTS].  Return to Everett and he'll give
you the Laborer Outfit (a unique Slave Outfit) which is slightly better than the
Tattered Slave Outfit as it adds +1 STR and is in better condition.

Return to Midea, who explains that the next step of the masterplan involves you
fighting against gladiators in the arena.  Sparked your interest?  Read on..

Head outside and listen to Ashur's speech.  Return to The Mill and open the gate
on the right (north), just before passing the irradiated hole.  Head downstairs
and talk to Frayra about entering the Arena.  Be sure to check the locker on
your right for a few guns, and you'll definitely want to take the two [RAD-X]
with you, found on the surgical table next to Frayra.  Go through the Rusty
Gate to The Hole whenever you're ready.

The Hole:
Tip: It helps to use the two Rad-X before the first fight, and quickly do all
three fights after each other.  This will decrease the Radiation, making the
fights easier.

Note: The irradiated barrels will sometimes crush one of your enemies, either
hurting them really badly, or even killing them.  It has happened with Gruber
in my game.
   O-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |    FIGHT #1   | =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-O
   |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            |
   | The first fight has you up against three other Slave Fighters.  One of|
   | them has a Shotgun, the others usually carry Chinese Assault Rifles.  |
   | Quickly kill them, loot their bodies (and make sure to grab that      |
   | Shotgun), and rush out of The Hole before the radiation becomes fatal.|
   |                                                                       |

Frayra removes your radiation, but she doesn't heal you.  The water fountain can
help you with this, at the cost of two radiation per 24 health.
   O-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |    FIGHT #2   | =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-O
   |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            |
   | The second fight has you up against the Bear Brothers.  This sounds a |
   | lot more frightening than it actually is: Grudd Bear has a Flamer and |
   | Raider Iconoclast Armor, and John Bear has a Deathclaw Gauntlet, 5    |
   | Frag Grenades and the Gamma Shield Armor. If you picked up the Shotgun|
   | from the first fight, this will be a breeze.  Quickly get close to    |
   | them, target each of them in VATS and blow their brains out with just |
   | one shotgun shell.  Loot their bodies, equip the Gamma Shield Armor - |
   | which has +15 Rad Resis. - then make your way out.                    |
   |                                                                       |
   O-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |    FIGHT #3   | =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-O
   |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            |
   | You're up against Gruber.  Take out your Shotgun and unload a few     |
   | headshots in VATS mode to down this guy.  Be sure to take all his     |
   | equipment, including the Infiltrator, a scoped Assault Rifle (which   |
   | Mex and the Guards outside the gate of The Pitt were also equipped    |
   | with).                                                                |
   |                                                                       |

When you defeat Gruber, the Perk "Pitt Fighter" is automatically unlocked.  This
increases your Damage Resistance (DR) and Radiation Resistance by +3 each.

    |[DLC-1.3] Free Labor                                                 |
|ITEMS: [] Jet x7, [] Jet x4, [] Jet, [] Jet x4, {} Jet x2, {} Buffout x2,     |
|       {} Jet, [] Buffout x2, {} Ammo Box x5, {} Grenade Box, {} Assault      |
|          Rifle x2, {} 10mm Pistol, [] Pre-War Money x4, {} Frag Grenade x5,  |
|       {} First Aid Box, {} Friday's Supply Locker, [] Buffout, [] Psycho,    |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3, {} Buffout x5, {} Bloodpack x2,      |
|       {} Jet x3, {} Jet x3, {} Buffout x4, {} Ammo Box x2, {} Jet x4,        |
|       [] Jet x4, [] Darts x20, [] Teddy Bear, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum,          |
|       [] Bloodpack, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Psycho x2, [] Purified |
|          Water, [] Rad-X, [] Power Fist, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Pre-War    |
|          Money x4, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Radaway,           |
|       [] .44 Rounds x20, [] Scoped .44 Magnum, [] Hat of the People,         |
|       [] Ammo Box x3, {} Jet, {} First Aid Box, {} Med-X x2, {} Dairy #1-4,  |
|       {} Mentats x2, {} Stealth Boy x2.                                      |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Pitt Raider   o Trog Fledgling                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 150 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Exploration of The Upper Mill:
Having down your duty down in The Hole, all that remains to be done is meeting
Ashur - leader of The Pitt - and somehow acquiring that cure.  

You can retrieve [ALL YOUR PREVIOUS EQUIPMENT] from the footlocker next to the
locker.  This definitely helps around here, don't you think?  Head towards the
northeast gate of The Mill and go upstairs first.  Follow the catwalk to a room
with a few "Le Tired" Slaves and about [7x JET] in total that are lying on the

The other rooms contain several lockers and two bunk beds.  Head downstairs and
snatch a few Nuka Cola's from the pyramidal construction that the designers most
likely have had fun with.  There's also a Nuka Cola Vending Machine on the way

At the intersection, don't bother going right; That way only leads to a guard on
patrol.  Follow the arrow pointing left to the Arena instead, and explore the
open area to your right (west) where you can find [JET x4] on a table, and one
other [JET] on the table between the two benches.  If you have any desire for
alcohol, this is the place to chill.  Now that you've fully explored The Mill,
backtrack to the gate on the ground level and go through the brown door on the
west, which leads to Uptown.

Don't bother exploring the irradiated ground level to your east, as there's
nothing of interest over there.  If you want to skip straight to Haven, unlock
the (Easy) Gate to the north and simply follow your marker.  For the exploring
player, the next few paragraphs detail all items of interest in Uptown and Upper

Optional Exploration:
Climb the catwalk to the east and search around the Raider apartments.  The 
staircase to the west contains [4x JETS] in total.  The game displays taking
these items as stealing, but no karma loss is given for grabbing them.  Just
make sure that no one sees you and you'll be fine.  Back in the apartment, two
more {JETS} and {BUFFOUT x2} can be found, although someone will most likely
notice it when you take these items.

Explore the apartments to the south and check out the dummies with their wicked
mohawks made out of pencils!  One of them even expenses a {JET}.  The door leads
to Downtown - that is, the higher catwalk area of Downtown that you couldn't
access before.

Upper Downtown:
Explore the building to the southeast and look for [BUFFOUT x2] on a surgical
table in the southeastern-most room.  Check the DPW Mail Terminal for some
background information regarding several patients, and then check out Friday's
shop.  Many items can be stolen around here: {AMMO BOX x5}, {GRENADE BOX},
{ASSAULT RIFLE x2}, {10MM PISTOL}, [PRE-WAR MONEY x4] (on counter), {FRAG 
GRENADE x5}, a {FIRST AID BOX} and of course, the locked {FRIDAY'S SUPPLY 
LOCKER}.  You can also loot the Cash Register.

You can jack all these things by using a Stealth Boy and crouching - AND of 
course stay hidden.  The Supply Locker can only be opened if you kill Friday,
but I wouldn't recommend that .. yet anyway.

Head down the catwalk and glance over the table in the apartment to the west,
on which you'll find a [BUFFOUT] and a [PSYCHO].  A crazy bold-headed raider
named Bingo inhabits this room, but he isn't very talkative seeing how he only
repeats his own nickname .. Riight, let's move on with the exploration.

Move north over the catwalks and you'll be close to where you started.  The
apartment with toilets (and Jackson, who seems to like it there) doesn't hold
any items.  Instead, move up a level by the catwalks.

Supplies galore in the northern apartment.  Check the bedroom up ahead to loot
a [FIRST AID BOX] and [3x AMMO BOXES].  An unlocked Safe with quite a decent
stash of chems can be found at the end of the eastern corridor.  There's also a
shelf with {BUFFOUT x5}, {BLOOD PACK x2} and {JET x3} here, but remember to stay
out of sight as you snatch these chems. There aren't any raiders nearby, so that
won't be difficult at all. Before you move on, check the terminal for background
information regarding a director some 200 years ago. *Yawn*  Let's move on.

The Pitt's Pub, maintained by a raider named Harris, can be found on the roof
west of the apartments.  {3x JET} and {4x BUFFOUT} can be found on his counter,
but you'd need to be hidden in order to snatch anything.  Harris himself sells
beverages and some chems.  It's not worth killing him, as his supply fridge 
only contains a few chems and beverages as well - nothing you don't already have
either way.  Now that you've explored Upper Downtown, return to Uptown the way
you came.

Back in Uptown:
At the intersection of catwalks in between the two apartments, continue east
to higher ground.  A purple-haired raider called Vikia is bringing her sniper
rifle into practice by shooting at bottles across the street.  Two {AMMO BOXES}
and {JET x4} can be found close by her practice spot, but she won't like it if
you fool around with those items when you are detected.  Instead, sneak behind
her and keep focused on remaining hidden.  You should be able to snatch the
items as long as no other raiders see you.

Head north to meet two raiders, Duke and Reddup, of which the last should ring
a bell.  He was the fucktard who had you beaten to near-death upon your entrance
to The Pitt.  Provoke him to a battle and blast his ugly face on the walls;
Don't worry about anyone else - they will gladly mind their own business.

Move up the ramp you just passed by on the southeast and explore the apartment
to the west in order to find {JET x2} on a desk.  There's also a Queen-Sized Bed
in here, if you feel like taking a royal nap.

Continue north and head down, ignoring the room to your right - which holds
nothing of interest.  You'll come across another apartment with a picnic table
and {JET x4} lying on it.  When you're back on the streets, either continue the
main Pitt quest, or head down the northern street and enter the Abandoned
Appartments through the door on your left.

Abandoned Apartments:
You can find [DARTS x20] to your immediate right, a [TEDDY BEAR] next to the
baby cariage (these teddy bears will be worth more cash soon) and there's a
(Hard) Safe at the other side of the counter.  Be WARNED, however, as these
apartments are far from abandoned, and tons of Trogs are roaming freely through
the rooms, just waiting to get a slice of you.

Tip: Just a reminder that you should always loot Trogs.  They often hold a chem
     or bobby pin.

Move through the bedroom and kill a group of Trogs that you most likely alerted
by now.  The kitchen contains [DARTS x20] and [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM x2].  Continue
through the western door and head through the corridor.  Unlock the first door
to your left (Average Lock) and immediately kill the Trog inside this room.
You'll get used to the fact that these bastards sneak up on you, sometimes
scaring even the bravest players to death.

Inside this room, look for a [BLOODPACK] and [FIRST AID BOX] on the counters,
another [FIRST AID BOX] on a small table, and some [MENTATS] on top of the 
bookcase.  You can also grab a ton of sigarettes, either loose, in packs or in

Exit the room and make your way to the end of the corridor.  The collapsed
ceiling in the next room comes paired with a gas leak, so toss a Frag Grenade
in that direction to avoid getting fried in advance.  Locate a [FIRST AID BOX]
under the kitchen's counter, and check the far southwestern bathroom to find a
somewhat hidden [AMMO BOX].  Even more hidden are the two [PSYCHO'S] in a wooden
box on a shelf on the wall near the Queen-Sized Bed.  Lift the box to the ground
with your right stick to grab the items more easily.

As soon as you head up, you'll be attacked by three Trogs - trust me, they come
out of nowhere.  After dealing with those pests, move to the highest level by
jumping around like a rabbit and search for the following items: The bucket
contains a [PURIFIED WATER] and a [RAD-X] buried beneath two Instamash, and the
other bucket contains a [POWER FIST].  The [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is difficult to
miss, and you should also search for a [PRE-WAR MONEY x4] in total under the
counter, some lying next to the [FIRST AID BOX] placed under there as well.

Jump back down to the second floor and continue down the hall, since the kitchen
in this room contains nothing of interest. The first room to your right contains
a [FIRST AID BOX] under the kitchen's counter, and a very well hidden [RADAWAY]
can be found by pulling the wooden box from the kitchen shelf.  Other items of
possible interest include the two Nuka-Cola Trucks and the Pre-War Bonnet.  The
bathroom's hole in the ground only leads to the room directly underneath, which
has a door leading to Uptown - it's nothing you haven't seen already.

Unlock the (Very Easy) door in this room and search the shelf on the wall near
the Queen-Sized Bed for [.44 ROUNDS x20] and a [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM].  A few Pre-
War Money bills are lying on the floor, but of more interest is the partially
hidden (average) floor safe that contains some ammo and the unique Chinese
Officer Hat: [HAT OF THE PEOPLE].  Check the other part of the room to find
three Chinese Assault Rifles and [3x AMMO BOXES].

Now return and continue down the hall and toss a Frag Grenade in the room at the
end to deal with the gas leak.  Hopefully, this disposes of a few lurking Trogs
in the bedroom.  Go inside the bedroom to kill the remaining ones.  Now that
you've fully explored the Abandoned Apartments, go back to Uptown (use the
shortcut by jumping down the hole in the other apartment's bathroom), and set
foot towards the large scyscraper east of the map, also known as Haven.
End of Optional Exploration

The moment you enter it becomes apparent that Haven looks a lot better from the
outside than the inside; the place is a mess. Go upstairs and enter the elevator
or explore the second floor first: A single {JET} next to an intact garden gnome
is all you'll find up there either way.

Ashur is waiting for you upstairs.  During the discussion with him you can lie
about Werhner, but it doesn't matter much.  You'll have to make a decision on
who's side you are on.

NOTE: You can still collect Steel Ingots for Everett no matter which side you
      choose, allowing you to complete the "Steel for the Mill" sidequest.

1. If you tell Ashur straight in his face that you're here to kill him and take
   the cure away you'll need to kill him and the raiders.  You can figure out
   that the baby is the cure by reading/listening to the Holotapes that his
   wife Sandra drops, or get Holotapes from his Safe.

2. Otherwise, if you lie about not knowing Werhner, he'll let you talk to his
   wife and everything appears to be fine.

But these minor differences aside, a riot will take place regardless of what you
do.  Choose between Werhner + Slaves, or Ashur + Slavers.

You can find a {FIRST AID BOX} and {MED-X x2} in the room with Sandra and the
baby, although you're likely to get caught by Sandra.  Unlocking the (Average)
Safe in Ashur's room reveals {Dairy 1: To Marie}, {Dairy 2: The Scrourge}, 
{Dairy 3: The Mill}, {Dairy 4: The Cure}, {Mentats x2} and {Stealth Boy x2}.

Whichever side you take, head back to Midea (who sometimes approaches you sooner
by herself) and tell her the situation.  If you sided with the Slaves she wants
to take a look at the cure and then redirects you to Werhner, who resides in the
Steelyard.  Otherwise, if you sides with Ashur, find Midea - or if you can't
find her, read her notes in her quarters - and then head for the Steelyard to
meet Werhner.

Note: You can also clear the rest of Downtown by now. Killing Friday and Harris,
      the shopkeepers, allows you to loot their supply caches with fair amounts
      of ammunition and other items.

The Steelyard:
|ITEMS: [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] RadAway x2,|
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel    |
|          Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2,      |
|       [] Steel ingot x3, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel      |
|          Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2,  |
|       [] Note From Wild Bill, [] Wild Bill's Sidearm, [] Ammo Box x2,        |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Steel ingot x2, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box x2,   |
|       [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x4, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Combat Shotgun, [] Shotgun Shells (x2) x3,       |
|       [] Steel Ingot x4, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Steel Ingot x12, [] First   |
|          Aid Box x2, [] Steel Ingot x7, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2,    |
|       [] Steel Ingot x4, [] Auto Axe.                                        |

Note: The first 14 Steel Ingots are described earlier in this Guide, also see
      [DLC-1.2].  Furthermore, consult the section below regarding the Ingots
      found in the Supply Plant.

Move west until you get to the burning barrel.  If you want to collect ingots,
head right (north/northeast) past the train tracks.  You'll cross the door to
the Power Plant, and you'll also walk past four Protectrons.  If your Science
skill is high enough (75+) you can activate them, and they'll save you the
trouble having to deal with the Trogs.  Continue NE until you stumble upon a
dead slave with [2x STEEL INGOTS] lying next to him.  You'll also encounter at
least 4-6 Trogs, so be on your guard.  There's also a manhole to the NW of the
slave's body that leads to The Pitt Underground, but it is locked for now.

Head up the stairs to the southwest and instead of moving over the broken down
fence, walk north over the ledge until you see two [STEEL INGOTS] on the yellow
freight car to your right.  Hop over to grab them by moving over the steel beam
(the third, counting from when you were going over the ledge), and drop down on
the cart to grab them.  Return to the third beam just like you did just now,
except this time walk all the way over it without dropping down, and hop into
the container at the eastern end to find [3x STEEL INGOTS].

Head back to the stairs and climb them once again.  Go over the broken fence
and turn left.  From here, check the cabin almost immediately to your right
(west), which contains [RADAWAY x2], [FIRST AID BOX x2] and [STEEL INGOTS x2].

Move through the gate and walk all the way south until you reach a large
container.  Turn left and climb the stairs so you can easily dispose of several
Trogs down below while you're on the roof.  From here, jump inside the container
on the west (indeed, the one you just passed) to find two [STEEL INGOTS]
inside.  Don't hop down yet, instead hop over the *southern* fence.  Head to the
right (west) after leaping over the fence and check the very end of the passage
to find a dead slave and [2x STEEL INGOTS].

Hop on the pipes and use the ramp to get back out.  Climb the stairs of the
building you were at just now once more and drop down the other side (north).
You can find [2x STEEL INGOTS] and a [FIRST AID BOX] here among some possibly
human remains.

Still on the ground level, head east, turn right, open up the gate and head all
the way down the hill to your left.  You should be able to spot a dead raider
in the gutter straight ahead.  Loot him from his Gamme Shield Armor if you don't
already have one, and loot the [AMMO BOXES x2] and [STEEL INGOTS x3].

The area is heavily irradiated and it's no wonder why if you look to your left.
Three [STEEL INGOTS] are lying just in the middle between these piles of drums,
and there are also two Trogs to be aware of.  Head back to the building's stairs
to reach the roof, then proceed west and use the ramps to reach a longer walkway
leading to another building to the NW.  [2x STEEL INGOTS] can be found in the
middle of this walkway.

Move ove the walkway bridge to the next roof and make your way over to a lower
roof on the NW to find [2x STEEL INGOT].  Drop down and check the nearby shelves
to find two more [STEEL INGOTS].  Head southeast and check behind the stairs to
find another two [STEEL INGOTS] hidden between the tires.  Continue through the
gate and head all the way south.  Near the end of the area, climb the stairs to
your right (west) and you'll find a Slave named Wild Bill, along with two [STEEL
INGOTS].  He holds the [NOTE FROM WILD BILL] - used in the unmarked quest you
might've gotten from a slave named Milly in Downtown - and he also holds [WILD
BILL'S SIDEARM], a unique .32 Pistol.

After going up the next flight of stairs, inspect the makeshift shack to find
two [AMMO BOXES], a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [STEEL INGOTS].  You might stumble 
on a few Wildmen here as well. The top of the shack - use the ramp to reach it -
contains a [GRENADE BOX] and [2x MINE BOX].

Note: If you're looking for Werhner's Hideout, the door leading to that area is
      next to this makeshift shack.  This Guide will first locate the remaining
      Ingots before speaking with Werhner.

Follow the eastern catwalk along the pipes to the very end north.  A Wildmen
will probably shoot some Trogs off the nearby roof, but expect another wave to
attack you.

Don't move onto the roof just yet.  Instead, hop onto the pipe to your right
(east) and carefully walk to the very end.  A Trog Brute is most likely feeding
off some flesh.  Dispatch it and grab the two [STEEL INGOTS] from the remains of
what most likely was a slave once.

Return to the catwalk and while standing on the wooden planks, drop down to the
building below you.  Continue westwards, drop down again, turn north into the
small alley, then immediately west again. A Wildmen will be fighting off several
Trogs here, so all you have to do is dispatch the survivors.  The mining cart
contains [4x STEEL INGOTS], an [AMMO BOX] and a [FIRST AID BOX].

From here, continue down the northeast alley and follow the alley around the 
corner, where another dead slave and [2x STEEL INGOTS] can be located, along
with a [COMBAT SHOTGUN] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS (x2) x3].

Head back to where you dropped down from the wooden planks just now (backtrack
to the shack by going upstairs, then move over the catwalk).  Head up the roof
of the building, then move west and head upstairs to get on the roof of the
factory.  Continue left (south), but don't head all the way to the next flight
of stairs.  Keep a close eye on the wall to your right (west); When you can move
in between the buildings, do so and explore the NW corner of this area with
sphere-shaped objects.  A Trog is feasting - kill it - nearby [4x STEEL INGOTS]

A few more Wildmen are doing their thing down south.  Climb the stairs to the 
very top of the factory now, and expect to encounter around five Wildmen.  At
the top of the factory, collect the [12x STEEL INGOTS] and loot the [2x FIRST
AID BOXES].  Note that three Trogs spawn below you and are headed up as soon as
you pick up anything.

Head down - but not all the way.  Instead, hop on the very lengthy catwalk
leading straight down east.  It's extremely long and looks somewhat like a
conveyor belt.  At the very end, drop down the platform to find [7x STEEL

Return to the first roof of the factory (where Wildmen used to patrol the area
to the south).  Move all the way south (past the stairs) and drop down to your
left (southeast) after popping some Med-X to lighten the damage.  It's possible
to hug the southeast pipe to prevent the damage.  Either way, drop down another
level on the east and you'll be on a platform with three huge silo's.  Check
between the first two silo's to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [AMMO BOXES]
behind two pipes.

You can find the four last [STEEL INGOTS] in this area behind the final silo
next to a dead slave.  There's also an [AUTO AXE] lying next to him.  Note once
again that three Trogs assault you after picking anything up.  Return to the
freight cars nearby the entrance of the area and head through the door next to
the Protectrons to enter the Supply Plant.

Supply Plant:
|ITEMS: [] Steel Ingot x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Ammo Box,  |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Rad-X x2, [] Grenade Box,    |
|       [] RadAway x3, [] Steel Ingot x8, [] Bobby Pin x6, [] Rad-X x4,        |
|       [] RadAway x4, [] Steel Ingot x6, [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber     |
|          Rounds (x5) x4, [] .32 Caliber Rounds (x5), [] Jet x2, [] Man Opener|
|       [] Flamer Fuel (x12) x2, [] Jet, [] Steel Ingot, [] Jet, [] Flamer     |
|          Fuel (x12), [] Jet x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Med-X.                  |

Move into the generator room on the east, requiring you to head through the
irradiated hallway.  Two Trogs will be chasing a running-scared Wildman, so
use the situation to your advantage and deal with the bunch.  Three more [STEEL
INGOTS] can be found in the generator room.

Continue through the next hall and quickly dispatch the three Trogs waiting
around the corner.  Be sure to loot the [FIRST AID BOX] from the shelves before
moving into the next area.

It's possible to dispatch three Trogs from the catwalk, as they're feasting on
some human remains down below on your right side.  Descend with caution as more
Trogs may roam the area.  The cabin on the east contains [3x FRAG GRENADES], an
[AMMO BOX] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The (average) terminal allows you to shutdown

A matress allows you to heal when you reach the bottom floor - it's nearby the
flipped mine cart.  The munching noise that you'll hear as you continue west
comes from two Trogs on the floor above you, and is nothing to worry about as of
yet.  The shelves at the intersection contain two [FIRST AID BOXES], [2x RAD-X],
a [GRENADE BOX] and [RADAWAY x3].  

Continue down the right (northwest) hallway and dispatch of two Trogs around the
corner, dropping them next to a whole lot of other Trogs and corpses.  Make sure
to grab all [8x STEEL INGOTS] next to the flipped mine cart at the very end.

Return to the intersection and proceed down the other hall.   Grab the [6x BOBBY
PIN] scattered around the floor near the three skeletons and try them on the
door.  This (average) locked door leads to a storage room that contains [RAD-X
(x5) x4].  The Terminal has several private entries on it regarding the skeleton
on which you're standing at this very moment ..  Lastly, another pack of [.32
CALIBER ROUNDS (x5)] can be found on top of the terminal.

Head upstairs, grab [2x JETS] from the small table, and continue in the next
area to find the [MAN OPENER] Auto Axe on the Queen-Sized Bed, along with [2x
FLAMER FUEL (x12)].  You can find another [JET] on top of the desk, and more
importantly, the final [STEEL INGOT].  Another [JET] can be found if you move
the body of the dead Wildmen a little, and two more [FLAMER FUEL (x12)] can be
found in the small wooden box nearby.

The shelves on the NE contain three more [JETS] and a [FIRST AID BOX], and yet
another two [JETS] may be found closeby the skeleton up ahead.  As you continue
east, defeat the two dining Trogs and search the ground near the skeleton for a

The southern hall has a gas leak, so throw a frag grenade inside before
proceeding.  The door at the end leads back to the start of the Supply Plant,
allowing you to easily backtrack to Everett for your rewards.

Here's what Everett will reward you with, corresponding with the amount of Steel
Ingots you hand over to him:

        |Amount of Ingots:|Rewards:          |Type of Item:           |
        |       10        |Laborer Outfit    |Unique Slave Outfit     |
        |       20        |Filtration Helmet |Unique Supervisor Helmet|
        |       30        |Steel Knuckles    |Unique Brass Knuckles   |
        |       40        |Metal Master Armor|Unique Metal Armor      |
        |       50        |Metal Blaster     |Unique Laser Rifle      |
        |       60        |Bombshell Armor   |Unique Raider Armor     |
        |       70        |Leather Rebel     |Unique Leather Armor    |
        |       80        |The Mauler        |Unique Auto Axe         |
        |       90        |Perforator        |Unique Inflitrator      |
        |      100        |Tribal Power Armor|Unique Power Armor      |
         Note: Finding all 100 Steel Ingots in the Xbox 360 Version will
               grant you the Mill Worker (20G) Achievement.

|ITEMS: [] 5.56mm Ammo x120, [] Stealth Boy, [] Mentats, [] Bloodpack,         |
|       [] Med-X x2, [] RadAway, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Jet x4,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Jet x2, [] Factory Employee ID, [] First Aid Box, |
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Jet x2, [] Psycho.                             |

Wehrner's Hideout:
Head over to Werhner's Hideout, which is located in the southwest corner of the
Steelyard, and if you've been collecting Steel Ingots then you've passed it
occasionally already.

Depending on who you sided with, you'll have to do the following:

Siding with Ashur:
You can try to speech challenge Werhner into leaving The Pitt forever, or you
can use the Black Widow Perk if you have it.  It's also possible to kill Werhner
without karma loss if he shoots first, which might be worth the trouble as he
drops the Power Plant Key.  If you chose to side with Ashur you'll be given
access to the Ammo Press, and you are also given a repeatable quest to collect
Teddy Bears from all over the Wasteland.  This quest is called "Toys for Tots"
and can be started by talking to Sandra.

Siding with Werhner:
If you sided with Wehrner & Midea, then Werhner will ask that you hand over the
baby and head to the Underground where you must release Trogs upon The Pitt.
If you have the Black Widow Perk you can ask Werhner for help, and he'll spare
you [120x 5.56MM AMMO].  He'll give you a [STEALTH BOY] and the Power Plant Key.

Items in Werhner's Hideout:
The small table on the ground level contains a [JET] and three Pre-War Money.
Look for [MENTATS], [BLOODPACK], [MED-X x2] and [RADAWAY] on the desk upstairs.

This Guide will now continue for players who have sided with Werhner.  Those who
sided with Ashur will already be done with the quest.  Head to where the
entrance to the Supply Plant was (next to the four Protectrons in The Steelyard)
and head northwest until you reach the manhold next to a burning barrel.

The Pitt Underground:
Make your way down the sewers and anticipate your safety by dispatching two
Trogs behind the bars.  Continue through the hole and tread through the bloody
passages that follow.  Before heading upstairs, loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on the
wall.  Head upstairs again in the next chamber and proceed through the long
corridors, laying groups of Trogs to rest as you go.

A dead slave and a [FIRST AID BOX] can be found at the end of the catwalks. When
you proceed to the lower floor, four Trogs will spawn behind you and will rush
from the corridor you just walked through.  After dealing with them, ignore the
red arrows on the floor altogether (as they lead you past two frag mines), and
continue south.

You can find [4x JETS] next to the garbage bin.  As for the area itself, it's
crammed with Trogs in here.  There is, however, a trick to dispatch all of them
very quickly.  You may have noticed that the walls on each side of the area have
two generators hanging above each other, up to around 6 on each wall.  If you
shoot the middle generators on the southern wall it should blow most of the 
Trogs away.  Backtrack to the hall and blow up the other generators when Trogs
get near and it'll finish the job.

A [FIRST AID BOX] and a vending machine are all that remain in this area.  
Tread with caution as you prepare to loot the dead slave's body in the hallway
up ahead, as a frag mine has been placed nearby.  Quickly make a turn and throw
a grenade in the next chamber to incinerate a good deal of the upcoming Trogs.
Dispose the rest of the bunch with your good old guns.

Two [JETS] can be found on the floor - one near the stairs and one nearby the
makeshift bed.  Head upstairs and inside the room to the west. Before activating
the Factory Protectron in this area, collect the [FACTORY EMPLOYEE ID] from the
other side of the catwalk first.  The Protectron will now help you in your
fight against three assaulting Trogs.  Heal up any wounds with the help of the
[FIRST AID BOX] in the corner next to the dummy terminal.

Deactivate the Uptown Floodlights by using the aptly named terminal on the south
and proceed down this hall.  This leads to an exit of the Underground.  Explore
the room to find two [FIRST AID BOXES].  Two [JETS] and a [PSYCHO] can be found
on top of the bricks next to the bench, and there's also a workbench here.

The End:
You'll find Ashur outside and he ain't too happy to see you.  Fortunately, a
whole horde of Trogs isn't too happy with him either, so that balances things
out a little.  Waste anything that stands in your way and make sure you snatch
Ashur's Power Armor (or come back for it soon). When you reach the Market Square
in Downtown, Werhner will congratulate you, and the "Booster Shot" Perk is
granted.  This permanently increases your Radiation Resistance by +10%!

Using the Ammo Press:
The Ammo Press can be used upon completing The Pitt.  It's located in The Mill.
Head for The Hole (not inside, but the actual Hole on which you can stand and
look down inside), and look southeast.  That's where the Ammo Press Terminal is
located at.  As for the Materials Bin, it's located directly south when you are
looking from The Hole.

Place ammo or Scrap Metal in the Materials Bin and operate the terminal.  Select
which ammunition you want to create and start to press.  Use the formulas below
to calculate how much ammo you'll get:

                         |Ammunition:   |Ammo Value:|
                         |5mm           |      1    |
                         |10mm          |      2    |
                         |5.56mm        |      3    |
                         |.32           |      5    |
                         |Shotgun Shells|     10    |
                         |.308          |     15    |
                         |.44           |     15    |
                         |Scrap Metal   |     20    |

            [Amount of units in Materials Bin * Ammo Value] = TOTAL

        [TOTAL / Value of Ammo being made] = Amount of Ammo you receive

                         II) EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT [EQP]

                              Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Steel Saw           | 200| 20|---| 65| 16|----|----|----|----|  16|Melee      |
|Auto Axe            | 200| 20|---| 65| 35|----|----|----|----|  35|Melee      |
|The Mauler          | 200| 20|---| 50| 45|----|----|----|----|  45|Auto Axe   |
|Man Opener          | 200| 20|---| 65| 35|----|----|----|----|  35|Auto Axe   |
|Infiltrator         | 400|  7| 24| 23| 34| YES| ???| 1.5| YES|  38|Rifle      |
|Perforator          | 600|  7| 24| 27| 40| YES| ???| 0.5| YES|  25|Rifle      |
|Metal Blaster       | 999|  8| 24| 17| 55|  NO| ???| 2.5| YES|  82|L. Rifle   |
|Steel Knuckles      |  20|  1|---| 14| 15|----|----|----| YES|  14|Melee      |
|Wild Bill's Sidearm | 250|  2|  5| 20| 10|  NO| ???| 0.5| YES|  10|Pistol     |

o The Steel Saw is a weaker version of the Auto Axe.  Slaves often wield this.

o The Auto Axe is a unique weapon that looks like a modified concrete saw.  This
  type of weapon can be repaired by Rippers.

o The Mauler is a unique Auto Axe that does more damage at a lower AP expense.
  You get this weapon from Everett after collecting 80 Ingots.

o The Man Opener ignores DR (Damage Resistance), like the Deathclaw Gauntlet
  also does.  This ability makes it an extremely powerful Melee Weapon.  It is
  found deep inside the Supply Plant.

o The Infiltrator is a silenced and scoped Assault Rifle.  It is not as accurate
  as a Sniper Rifle, making it less reliable for long distance combat.  Mex and
  his slaver buddies (standing guard at the entrance of The Pitt) come equipped
  with Infiltrators.

o The Perforator is an unique Infiltrator, acquired after collecting 90 Ingots
  for Everett.

o The Metal Blaster fires 9 laser beams at once while expensing only one round.
  Collect 50 Ingots to receive this weapon from Everett.

o Steel Knuckles are a melee weapon with a low AP expense.  You get them upon
  collecting 30 Ingots for Everett.

o Wild Bill's Sidearm is a unique .32 Pistol found on the dead body of Wild
  Bill, who can be found in the southwest corner of The Steelyard on a set of

                             Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|Tattered Slave Outfit        |   6|  2|   100|  2|+1 AGL, +1 END              |
|Worn Slave Outfit            |   6|  2|   100|  2|+1 AGL, +1 END              |
|Laborer Outfit               |   6|  2|   100|  5|+1 STR, +1 AGL, +1 END      |
|Supervisor Helmet            |  50|  3|    50|  5|                            |
|Filtration Helmet            |  70|  3|    50|  5|+10 Rad. Resis.             |
|Hat of the People            |  30|  1|    20|  1|+5 Small Guns               |
|Welder's Mask                |  20|  3|    15|  5|                            |
|Leather Rebel Armor          | 160| 15|   150| 30|+1 CHR                      |
|Raider Iconoclast Armor      | 200| 15|   150| 18|+5 Rad. Resis.              |
|Raider Commando Armor        | 200| 15|   150| 18|+3 Unarmed, +3 Small Guns   |
|Raider Trowdown Armor        | 200| 15|   150| 18|+3 Unarmed, +3 Small Guns   |
|Raider Ordinance Armor       | 200| 10|   100| 18|+4 Small Guns               |
|Bombshell Armor              | 160| 15|   150| 24|+10 Big Guns, +10 Explosives|
|Raider Paingiver Armor       | 200|  5|   100| 18|+4 Unarmed                  |
|Metal Master Armor           | 160| 15|   150| 36|-1 AGL, +10 Unarmed,        |
|                             |    |   |      |   |+10 Energy Weapons          |
|Gamma Shield Armor           | 520| 45|   750| 36|+15 Rad. Resis., -1 AGL     |
|Tribal Power Armor           | 740| 40|  1000| 35|+1 STR, +1 LCK, -1 AGL,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |+5 Melee Weapons, +15 AP    |
|Ashur's Power Armor          | 740| 45|  1000| 40|+1 STR, +1 CHR, +1 LCK,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |-1 AGL, +10 Rad. Resis.     |

o Laborer Outfit is a unique Tattered Slave Outfit given to the player when
  they've collected the mandatory 10 Steel Ingots for Everett.

o Filtration Helmet is a unique Supervisor Helmet, given by Everett after
  retrieving 20 Ingots.  The +10 Radiation Resistance makes it an excellent
  protective headwear in areas with radiation.

o Hat of the People is a unique Chinese Commando Hat.  It's found on the 2nd
  floor of the Abandoned Apartments, in an (Average) Safe.  

o Welder's Mask is a unique mask found only in The Pitt.  It's worn by many
  slaves in The Mill.

o Leather Rebel Armor is a unique armor handed to the player after fetching 70
  Ingots for Everett.

o The various Raider Armors can be found on the numerous Raiders in The Pitt.

o Bombshell Armor is a unique Raider Ordinance Armor, given by Everett after
  collecting 60 Steel Ingots.

o The Metal Master Armor has a very decent DR as well as fair bonuses.  It is
  given by Everett when you've handed over 40 Steel Ingots.  This armor can be
  repaired with Leather Armor.

o Gamma Shield Armor is found on dead bodies of Wildmen in The Pitt.  It's 
  weight (45) makes it a cumbersome loot.

o Tribal Power Armor is the final reward from Everett for collecting all 100
  Steel Ingots.  It comes with stat increases and a +15 AP bonus.

o Ashur's Power Armor can only be aqcuired from Ashur.  Either kill him or
  reverse pickpocket him (place a fully repaired Tesla Power Armor in his 
  inventory while you're hidden and having used a Stealth Boy).

                          III) EXCLUSIVE PERKS [EPK]

Auto Axpert: 1 Rank
Requirements: Collect the first 10 mandatory Steel Ingots from The Steelyard in
              The Pitt DLC, and this Perk will automatically be granted.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the damage that you do with Auto Axes by 25%.  The following
four weapons qualify: Steel Saw, Auto Axe, The Mauler, and Man Opener.

Pitt Fighter: 1 Rank
Requirements: Survive the fights in The Hole - part of The Pitt DLC - and this
              Perk will automatically be granted.

Useful: YES

This Perk permanently increases your DR and Radiation Resistance by +3%.

Booster Shot: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete the third and final quest "Free Labor" from The Pitt DLC,
              and this Perk will automatically be granted no matter which side
              you chose.

Useful: YES

This Perk permanently increases your Radiation Resistance by +10%.

                              IV) VERSION HISTORY

• 1.00 [04 May 2009]
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o First release.

                                  V) CREDITS

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hosting of your guide, I would *highly* recommend you to friendly decline the
offer and check the CheatCC website within a week to see if they have taken your
guide (or someone else's guide) without permission. If you have given permission
to CheatCC before, I would recommend that you revoke your permission and have
your guides removed from that site; otherwise you are indirectly supportive.

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