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FAQ/Walkthrough by Arguro

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/26/18

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-shelled FAQ/Walkthrough/Boss 
Strategy Guide for the X-box 360 by Sam Skinner
Copyright Sam Skinner, 2009-2018.  See the final section of this guide for 
more information on the copyright.
*NOTE TO NEW READERS* Please read the copyright section before any other 
section of this guide the very first time you access this file.
Guide started on 08-10-2009
Version 0.50 completed on 08-10-2009
Version 0.55 completed on 08-11-2009
Version 0.60 completed on 08-12-2009
Version 0.75 completed on 08-13-2009
Version 0.80 completed on 08-13-2009
Version 0.85 completed on 08-13-2009
Version 0.88 completed on 08-13-2009
Version 0.90 completed on 08-13-2009
Version 0.92 completed on 08-14-2009
Version 0.95 completed on 08-14-2009
Version 1.00 completed on 08-14-2009
Version 1.01 completed on 08-21-2009
My E-mail = Arguro AT hotmail.com
Please direct any questions, comments or corrections to my e-mail.  Thanks.
Also, let me know what you think!  I need some feed back!

Table of Contents
To jump to any section, press crtl and F and enter the code that is in 
parenthesis ( ) in the box that pops up.

Introduction          (TMNTint)
Controls              (TMNTcon)
Items and Objects     (TMNTiao)
Characters            (TMNTchr)
-Level 1              (TMNTlv1)
-Baxter Stockman      (TMNTbs1)
-Level 2              (TMNTlv2)
-Metal Head           (TMNTbs2)
-Level 3              (TMNTlv3)
-Pizza Monsters       (TMNTbs3)
-Level 4              (TMNTlv4)
-Cement Man           (TMNTbs4)
-Level 5              (TMNTlv5)
-Tokka and Rhazar     (TMNTbs5)
-Level 6              (TMNTlv6)
-Leather Head         (TMNTbs6)
-Level 7              (TMNTlv7)
-Android Krang        (TMNTbs7)
-Level 8              (TMNTlv8)
-Krang in ship        (TMNTbs8)
-Shredder             (TMNTbs9)
X-box live tips       (TMNTxlt)
Achievements          (TMNTach)
FAQS                  (TMNTfaq)
Version History       (TMNThis)
Copyright information (TMNTcpy)

Introduction  (TMNTint)
TMNT Turtles in Time: Re-shelled is an x-box live arcade game that is a 
remake of the original Turtles in time Arcade game (NOT the SNES version, 
more on that in the FAQ section).  The Ninja Turtles have long been a part of 
my life, for over 20 years now.  I own every DVD and nearly every video games 
as well as several t-shirts, hats, toys, and yes, Ninja Turtle curtains 
hanging in my video game room.

This is my first FAQ in over a year.  I took some time off from writing to 
just play games.  This itch came back a few months ago and I thought this 
would be the perfect game to ease back into it.  As always, there will be 
typos/errors that are unintentional throughout this guide.  I do appreciate 
any and all feedback on these errors as well as general feedback.  You can 
direct this feedback to my e-mail which is at the beginning and the end of 
the guide.  At this time, I am NOT allowing any site to host this or any of 
my guides beside www.Gamefaqs.com  I will, if asked nicely, allow a TMNT fan 
site to host this guide if it meets my strict specifications.  E-mail me for 
more information.

For all intents and purposes, the boss strategies contained herein are 
conducted in hard difficulty mode.  The easier the difficulty, the less 
damage/time/counter attacks you will see a boss do.  These strategies work in 
all difficulties, but I used hard difficulty mode to derive them.

One thing to remember when fighting a boss is that every time you die, the 
boss gains health, up to three health bars (though usually only one).  You 
should never go into a boss thinking you have enough lives that it doesn't 
matter if you die once or twice since the boss will gain life when you die.  
Strategy is a must.

I appreciate all the feedback I have been getting via e-mail.  Thanks!

Controls  (TMNTcon)
Move      - Left stick or directional pad
Attack    - X button
Jump      - A button
Special   - Y button
Indicator - Left Trigger

The indicator button is pretty useless.  It is designed to help you find your 
turtle when playing an on-line game where you have three other turtles and 
fifteen Foot Soldiers cluttering up the screen, but there is such a lag to it 
that by the time it comes up on the screen, you can usually find your turtle 
through the mess.  It would be useful if you could hold it and have it 
permanently on, but it does not work in that manner.

You can perform a double jump by pressing the jump button once to jump, then 
again while in air.  To get maximum height, press the button a second time at 
the apex of your first jump.  You will come down slower than a regular jump 
and you can perform a double jump attack by pressing the attack button which 
does greater damage than a normal attack.

Items and Objects  (TMNTiao)
--Pizzas are the only source of health within the game.  Every level has two 
pizzas, one placed near the center of the level and one placed at the boss.  
In level three and level seven, there are multiple pizzas within one 
location.  Since the screen scrolls, there will be several placed in one 
area, giving you a chance to grab the second one if you miss the first one.  
Level seven is the only level that does not have one directly at the boss and 
instead has four pizzas located JUST before the boss.  
  Pizzas will ALWAYS grant you full health, whether you are missing one 
health bar or five.  It is always wise to save the pizza until the very last 
second.  All mid-level pizzas should be grabbed after all enemies are cleared 
and you begin to scroll the screen (unless you are below one health bar 
left).  All boss pizzas should be saved for the middle of the boss fight.  Do 
not grab the pizza right away unless you can't survive two hits from the 
boss.  Every boss strategy outlined assumes you know how and when to grab a 

Spin Attack
--Every level but level one, three, and seven contain one spin attack.  They 
always appear somewhere after the middle of the level, usually after the mid-
level pizza.  They look like a pizza that is spinning.  When touched, your 
turtle will launch into an un-defendable, un-stoppable, temporarily 
invincible attack where he rapidly spins with his weapon(s) extended.  It is 
a powerful, though short lived attack.  It is always best to wait until the 
screen is full of enemies before grabbing it, as to maximize its use.  Always 
go after Stone Warriors with it first.  It is best to sweep the screen after 
grabbing it in a clockwise manner.  It will also render all traps useless 
(planks on the ship in level five) without causing damage.  It does not hurt 
other turtles, but you can get caught on another turtle, hindering your 
movement, if he is in the way.

Traffic Cones - 5 points each
--Traffic cones are only found at the beginning of level one.  There are 
three lined up vertically.  They can be attacked and turned into projectiles, 
killing Foot Soldiers on contact.  They give you five points each.

Exploding Barrels 
--When attacked, an exploding barrel does just that, killing all Foot 
Soldiers in the near vicinity, damaging Stone Warriors greatly (killing them 
in easy mode) and will also deal damage to all turtles near by.  The turtle 
that attacks the barrel gets all the points from the resulting casualties.  
Once attacked, the barrels shake for a second or so before exploding, giving 
you time to flee.  They can be found in level one, just after the first pizza 
and in level two, near the beginning of the level.

Fire Hydrants - 5 points each
--Fire Hydrants are only found in level two.  There are two total, one at the 
beginning of the level and one at the end.  When attacked, the opposite side 
breaks off and water shoots out for a second, killing all Foot Soldiers it 
hits.  They also hurt the turtles.  Be careful not to do a dash attack at 
one.  If you do, you will run through it, hitting it on one side and getting 
attacked by it on the other side.  Points are granted for everything it 

Sewer Entrances
Sewer entrances are found only in level two.  They are a hazard and do not 
lead to anything special.  They are missing the manhole covers and just have 
a couple of pieces of wood covering them.  If you step on it, the wood breaks 
and you fall in, taking some health.  They can be entered again and again, so 
they should be avoided at all costs.  

Wooden Road Blocks - 5 points each
--These appear only in level two.  There are two groups of them, one just 
after the mid-level pizza and another just before the spin attack.  When 
attacked, they go flying and kill anything they hit before leaving the 
screen.  These are a quick, and effective way of killing the punching robots 
in one hit.  They give you five points each as well as points for everything 
they kill.

Land Mines
--These are only in level three.  They are the red things in the water that 
make your turtle scream, "My toe!  My toe!"  There is no way to remove them, 
so you must avoid them.  They appear in the same pattern every time.

--These appear in level four, in the cave area (strangely, there are no 
stalagmites...).  They hang from the ceiling of the cave and will fall when 
your character lines up vertically with them.  If you walk under a 
stalactite, it will fall on you and damage you.  These are very easy to avid, 
since they will fall when you line up, just move to the opposite side of the 
screen (up or down) and make it fall.  It is wise to make them all fall 
before the enemies appear on screen so you do not have to worry about your 
positioning when in battle.

--These appear only on the ship level.  They are noticeable as a different 
color board on the ship's deck.  If you step on them, they flip up like you 
stepped on a rake and will smack you.  You will be temporarily stunned and 
have some damage dealt to you.  Only the Turtles can activate them so it is 
best to avoid them altogether.  Once a plank it engaged, it will not pop up a 
second time.

Fireworks Box - 5 points each
--These work in the exact same way as exploding barrels.  They are found in 
level five and level six.  Hit them once and they start to shake.  Get out of 
the way and they will explode, killing all Foot Soldiers and damaging Stone 
Warriors heavily.

Rolling Barrels - 5 points each
--These appear only on the train and only at the beginning of the level.  
There are two sets of two.  When attacked, they go a rolling, killing 
everything they touch before flying off screen.  It is wise to do a dash 
attack into them so that the screen scrolls quickly and further than if you 
were running.  Doing this can potentially hit more enemies.  In addition to 
the five points, you get all the points from the resulting deaths.

--The only times you have to deal with lasers will come once in level one 
when Android Krang pops up for a moment and again in level eight more 
frequently.  There will be one instance, near the end of level eight where 
two lasers will shoot out of the wall at the top of the screen at set 
intervals.  They are simple to avoid.  The other instance happens twice and 
are shot out of garbage can-looking robots earlier on in the level.  They 
move vertically very rapidly 	and are always in sets of two.  They shoot 
lasers quickly and will do so when just off screen.  You never want to stop 
the screen just before one, since it will be able to shoot you and you cannot 
kill it.  They take one hit to kill and the second one is always just behind 
the first.  The former set cannot be dispatched, but are much, much easier to 

Ice Obstacles
--There is one section of level eight that lights up blue periodically.  If 
your turtle is standing on one of the blocks that lights up, he will be 
frozen and a great deal of damage will be done.  An achievement can be gained 
for getting by this section without being damaged.  Check the Achievements 
section as well as the level eight walkthrough for more information on how to 
get by them.

Characters  (TMNTchr)
Throughout this guide, I will refer to every enemy, as well as every good 
guy, by their official names.  If you are not familiar with the Ninja Turtle 
franchise, this can be confusing since some things are named strangely.  This 
section is meant for those who are unfamiliar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja 
Turtles as a reference guide so you know what I mean when I say "Krang" and 
"Pizza Monsters."

Each of the four turtles have some different abilities.  While they are shown 
in a graph on the character select screen, I thought it might help to 
quantify each one with a percent.  This isn't based on anything other than 
the graph on the character select screen.  There are fifty total bars on the 
graph, each bar representing two percent, so this is what they total up to if 
you are having trouble telling.  I have included an average score just to 
help you decide what turtle may be best.

-The leader of the Ninja Turtles... wears blue and wields two Katana swords
--Speed          = 60%
--Range          = 80%
--Defense        = 70%
--Rush Attack    = 70%
--Special Attack = 90%
--Average        = 74%

-The genius of the group, if you will...  wears purple and wields a Bo Staff
--Speed          = 40%
--Range          = 100%
--Defense        = 90%
--Rush Attack    = 80%
--Special Attack = 80%
--Average        = 78%

-The most mellow of the group... wears orange and uses Nun Chucks as weapons
--Speed          = 80%
--Range          = 40%
--Defense        = 50%
--Rush Attack    = 90%
--Special Attack = 100%
--Average        = 72%

-Sort of an angry loner... wears red and has two Sais as his weapon of choice 
--Speed          = 100%
--Range          = 50%
--Defense        = 60%
--Rush Attack    = 70%
--Special Attack = 70%
--Average        = 70%

Foot Soldiers - 10 Points Each

These are the basic enemies of the game.  They are in every single level and 
in abundance.  They come in many different colors and the colors of them 
dictate what actions they do"
--Purple: standard Foot Soldiers and most common  They just punch and kick
--Blue: always hold a sword or axe, second most common you will see
--Orange:  There are two different kinds of orange; one kind throws knives 
and the other kind throws a hook on a chain.  Both can attack from distance
--Green: these guys have bows and arrows on the ship they fire flaming arrows
--Yellow: these ones have spiked boomerangs on all levels but dinosaur level
--White: these are the rarest kind and usually appear at the end of a level

Stone Warriors - 20 points each

These are the only other common enemy within the game.  They begin appearing 
in the level Prehistoric Turtlesauras and will appear in every level 
thereafter but Neon Nightriders.  They will carry different weapons and 
usually only appear in groups of certain weapon carriers.  They are large and 
brown.  They are part of the army that Krang commanded when he ruled 
Dimension X in the cartoon.  It is always best to take out Stone Warriors 
before anything else.
--Weaponless: just plain Stone Warriors
--Girder Carriers: Carry a steel beam from a construction site
--Bazooka Carriers: Carry a large bazooka that deals heavy damage
--Machine Gunners: Carry a large machine gun that also deals heavy damage
--Ray Gunners: Carry a large laser gun and only appear in level 8

Other Enemies
Punching Robots - 20 points each
-They appear only in level two and are just what their name says

Pizza Monsters - 25 points each
-These only appear in level three and are all over the place.  They also 
serve as the boss of level three.  They were an invention of Krang and 
Shredder in the cartoon episode "Case of the Killer Pizzas" from season two.  
They were eggs that were placed on pizzas that, when put in the microwave, 
turned into monsters, hence the name "Pizza Monsters."

Futuristic Punching Robots - 50 points each
-These appear only in level seven and grant the highest point-per-death of 
non-boss enemies.  They do not appear at all in easy mode.  They hover and 
are pink with blue fists.

Metallic Zapper Guys - 15 points each
-I have no idea what their official name is, but they only appear in level 
eight.  They die in one hit, so they are a great source for easy points.  
Krang will drop them out one by one in the boss fight at the end of level 

Big Apple, 3 AM  (TMNTlv1)
You obviously start out by walking right.  After two groups of purple Foot 
Soldiers, you will come to three traffic cones.  These can be used as 
projectile weapons by hacking at them with the weapon you hold.  You just 
have to line them up with a Foot Soldier.  They will take a Foot Soldier out 
in one hit.  You can jump over them and hit them the other way if you like.  
They will give you five points a piece, whether you use them effectively or 

After one more group of Foot Soldiers, you will come to a giant wrecking ball 
that slams down.  It will move up and down, but never left or right.  Don't 
stand under it, as it will squish you, taking life.  It can be used to kill 
Foot Soldiers if they are standing under it, but be aware: you do not get any 
points for Foot Soldiers that are killed by the wrecking ball.  Kill the Foot 
Soldiers by waiting on the left side of the screen.  Once they are dead, wait 
for the wrecking ball to be on the ground before continuing right.

There will be a tiny warehouse with a door.  The door will be kicked out and 
Foot Soldiers will pour out.  There is also a pizza just to the right of the 
door.  Unless you are in dire need of the pizza, you should leave it (and 
every pizza you come across in the entire game) until you are just about to 
scroll it off screen.  The reason is that the pizza always, ALWAYS, gives you 
full health and it shouldn't be used if it is still on screen and you don't 
need it.  Taking one health bar loss now, then grabbing the pizza is better 
than grabbing the pizza, being at full health, then just to lose some before 
you even scroll the screen.

Just to the right of the pizza is an exploding barrel.  Walk up to it and 
wait until there are a few Foot Soldiers in the vicinity, then hack it and 
run to the bottom right corner (jump if playing on-line to avoid being 
stopped by another turtle).  It will shake for a moment then explode, 
damaging or killing everything nearby.  You always get points for everything 
it kills.  You should try and save the pizza until after you explode the 

Continue right.  Some red and purple Foot Soldiers will appear.  Kill them 
and continue.  The screen will shake slightly once a diamond shaped "Work 
Ahead" sign appears.  Android Krang will appear in the background and shoot 
lasers at you from his eyes.  There will be Foot Soldiers in this area as 
well.  You need to navigate your way around without being hit by the lasers 
and at the same time, killing the Foot Soldiers.  It is best to keep the 
screen to the left until Krang shoots lasers twice.  Krang moves slowly from 
right to left, so you have enough time to kill all the Foot Soldiers on the 
left half of the screen.  Once the second laser set has been fired, run to 
the right and the screen will advance so Krang is on the far left, or 
possibly off altogether.  No, you cannot kill, damage, or harm Krang right 

There will be a small group of Foot Soldiers on the other side of Krang.  
Continue right through a couple more groups of Foot Soldiers and you will 
encounter a second wrecking ball.  The strategy is the same; keep the 
wrecking ball to your right until all Foot Soldiers are dead.  Once they are, 
wait for it to be on the ground before moving right.  Once right, keep the 
wrecking ball to your left until you can advance the screen once more.  
Remember never to stand under it.

At this wrecking ball, you will encounter your first white Foot Soldiers.  
White Foot Soldiers are typically the indication that the level is nearing 
the end.  You usually only see them just before a boss.  There will be a 
second set of White Foot Soldiers after the wrecking ball, then you move 
right and you face Baxter Stockman.

Baxter Stockman  (TMNTbs1)
Baxter Stockman is the one boss that I think gets substantially harder as you 
increase the difficulty level.  He is the only boss that I continually lose a 
life on when in hard core difficulty.  Baxter is different than most bosses 
because he has two different 'stances,' if you will, in which he can be 
attacked.  When he comes in, he will always be flying.  You cannot hit him 
from the ground.  Jump kicks and double jump attacks are the only ways you 
can get him.  I find jump kicks better than the double jump attack, simply 
because it is a faster attack.  You want to stay either above or below him 
when he is in the air because he will shoot you with his gun.  Jump up and 
attack him to coax him down to the ground.  You can also run around and wait 
for him to come down; he does come down on his own.

Once he is on the ground, come in at him from an angle, being closer to 
directly the top or directly the bottom rather than left or right.  Swing at 
him as soon as you can and MOVE.  Do not stand and attack.  Move one step 
closer to true north or south and attack again.  Move again in the same 
direction and attack once more.  Now run away to the closest corner of the 
screen.  He will sometimes shoot his gun first, but he will go back up into 
the air now.  Get under him and jump kick him.  The only same place from his 
gun is underneath him when he is in the air.  Continue to jump kick at him 
until he is on the ground.  Attack him in the same manner as before, coming 
in at an angle and leaving at another one.

When he is at about half health, he will fly up close to the screen and say, 
"Ahhh rats!"  It is at this point he switches guns to a plasma-like hand 
thing that will knock you back if hit by it.  Thankfully the switch in guns 
doesn't mean a switch in actions.  Continue to attack him as you have.  He 
will shoot the gun more, but you should be able to avoid it, for the most 
part.  He can be killed in the air or on the ground.

If your health is low, and the pizza is gone, use the double jump attack when 
he is on the ground to avoid being hit by his gun and stay under him and 
attack with the jump kick when he is in the air.

Alley Cat Blues (TMNTlv2)  Max points eared: 1,985
This level is fought in a back alley on the streets of New York.  You 
obviously start out by moving right.  There will be a fire hydrant on the 
bottom right just as the screen starts to scroll.  Attack it once there are a 
couple Foot Soldiers on the other side.  Take out the first group of Foot 
Soldiers and move right to bring a second group on screen.  There is an 
exploding barrel here.  Once the screen is full of enemies, move to the 
barrel and hit it when the Foot Soldiers are close.  Quickly jump to the 
other side of the screen and wait for it to explode.  Mop up what the barrel 
didn't get, then off to the next set to the right.

Orange Foot Soldiers will jump down off of the balcony all along this area.  
Keep dispatching them and move right.  The orange ones throw three knives, 
one up, one straight and one down.  Try not to be in front of them with any 
distance between you two.  That's when they throw the knives.  Go after them 
from the top or bottom, then move right up next to them.

After two sets of Foot Soldiers, the balcony ends and you come to the first 
sewer entrance.  There will be a couple boards next to a dumpster at the top 
of the screen.  Do not step on the boards.  You will fall into the sewer and 
you will lose health.  Instead, stay on the bottom part of the screen and 
fight the Foot Soldiers on the right side of the screen.

The mid-level pizza will be at the top right of the screen, just past the 
sewer entrance.  Move right and it will stop in the middle of the screen.  
Here you will fight more Foot Soldiers as well as the first of the punching 
robots.  The punching robots take several hits to kill and will always move 
back once attacked, so keep moving after them.  When they are close, they are 
not as likely to charge and attack as when they are far away.  After killing 
all enemies here, grab the pizza if you haven't and move right.

There will be three groups of Foot Soldiers, mostly purple and orange.  At 
the far right of the screen during the third group will be two wooden road 
blocks.  Use these as projectiles by attacking them once.  If you walk up 
next to the top one, the screen will scroll just enough bringing a punching 
robot on screen (you will get up to three punching robots, depending on your 
difficulty level).  Smack the road block and send it flying into a punching 
robot for a quick, one hit kill.

After this, move right and orange and purple foot soldiers will jump the 
fence (notice the one fall on his face?).  Kill them and move right to fight 
a few random Foot Soldiers.  After these, more orange and purple Foot 
Soldiers will jump the fence.  Kill them and continue right.  Some purple and 
blue Foot Soldiers will come up from behind you.  Destroy them and move on.

There will be two more wooden road blocks.  Jump over the top one, then 
immediately turn to face it and smash it back the way you came to pick up a 
quick kill on another punching robot.  Foot Soldiers and more punching robots 
will enter from the right.  You will notice the first instance of white Foot 
Soldiers here (in hardcore mode).  This is the indication that the level is 
coming to a close.  After killing everything, move right.

You will see two open doors with a ladder in between.  At the bottom of the 
ladder will be the first spin attack.  Foot Soldiers will slide down the 
ladder as well as come out both doors and from both sides of the screen.  
Wait until you get several on screen then grab the spin attack.  Move 
clockwise around the screen, touching every Foot Soldier you can while 
spinning.  Once the spinning stops, mop up what you missed and move on.

There will be a rather long stretch without any enemies to speak of here.  On 
the wall, you will see purple graffiti as well as a strange drawing of a 
turtle.  Just beyond this at the bottom of the screen will be another fire 
hydrant that you can destroy for some quick kills to anything lined up on the 
other side.  More white Foot Soldiers will be here as well as a few blue 
ones.  Kill them and move right.  A couple more groups of the same colored 
Foot Soldiers will appear.  There will also be a pizza at the very top of the 
screen.  This is the boss pizza and will not scroll off screen, so leave it 
for the middle of the boss fight unless you are in dire need of it.  Move 
right and all the way to the bottom of the screen and you will trigger the 
battle with Metal Head.

Metal Head  (TMNTbs2)  
Metal Head is one of the easiest bosses in the game.  As difficulty levels 
increase, he becomes more aggressive and will counter attack you quicker.  He 
will land on the middle of the screen, so move to the bottom right corner 
before he enters to avoid the damage.

This is the first boss battle that features a hazard on the screen.  In the 
top right is a sewer entrance that is boarded up.  You lose health if you 
fall in, so avoid it.  One problem that occurs with the sewer entrance is 
that Metal Head can and will hide in the very top right corner, just behind 
it.  When he does, it makes it tough to do this strategy I have laid out.  
You can avoid having him ever go up there by never going up there yourself.  
He will follow you around, so try and keep all the action on the bottom half 
of the screen.

As soon as you see Metal Head's health meter appear on screen, run and hide 
in the bottom right corner.  Metal Head comes crashing in at the center of 
the screen and can damage you if he hits you when he enters.  Run up to him 
and hit him ONCE.  Immediately run away at the same angle you came in, but 
only move one or two steps; just enough to get out of the range of his 
counter attack.  Run back in at the same angle and attack again and move two 
steps away.  NEVER come in at him from the left or right.  He has a gun in 
his chest that he can fire that deals significant damage.  

Eventually there will be a couple blue orbs that appear on Metal Head and he 
will begin jumping.  He jumps three times, always in your direction, which is 
why you should never go behind the sewer entrance.  It is easiest if you jump 
around to avoid him, always double jumping just before he lands after his 
third jump, so you can land a double jump attack on him just as he stops.  
Continue your attacks, hitting once and moving back just enough to avoid the 
counter attack.  Your attacks should be quick.  Attack, step back, step in 
attack, repeat.  Keep the pizza in the top left until you need it.  I can 
usually get through Metal Head on hardcore without the need for the pizza, 
but it is always nice to finish a boss with full health.  As far as I know, 
he doesn't have an indicator for when he is getting low on health, other than 
his health bar on screen, so don't change your strategy.  Keep going after 
him and he should be done fast.

Sewer Surfin'  (TMNTlv3)

I don't care what anyone says, this is THE hardest level in the game by far.  
In easy and normal difficulty, it isn't too bad, but ramp it up to hardcore 
difficulty and this level is nightmarish.  There are so many enemies on the 
screen that you cannot see the mines in the water.  Pizza monsters will 
appear from off screen and hit you before you have time to react and you are 
almost guaranteed to lose a life.  Hardcore survival mode would be a walk in 
the park if it wasn't for this level.  This walkthrough is done in hardcore 
difficulty so you will experience an easier time with less enemies in any 
other mode.

The second you can take control of your turtle, move him to the bottom left 
of the screen.  Hold him there.  This will be the best area to try and keep 
your turtle in for the duration of the automatic scrolling.  There will be a 
spiked gate that comes down just after several Foot Soldiers appear on 
screen.  Do not attack the Foot Soldiers just yet.  The gate will slam down 
twice.  After the second slam (it should hit a Foot Soldier or two for you) 
quickly move right and out from under it to avoid it altogether.

Now go after the Foot Soldiers.  There will be mines almost immediately, so 
stay in the bottom left until you see the first two go by.  Now move up ever 
so slightly, maybe a surf board and a half's width.  Once you see a land mine 
go by on the very bottom of the screen, move back to the bottom.  You have to 
do all this WHILE fighting Foot Soldiers.  Keep mashing the attack button and 
watch your back.  These are purple and orange Foot Soldiers, so be on the 
lookout for the three knife throw as well.

After the mines, the sewer will open up in the background and more Foot 
Soldiers will appear, regardless if you killed all the previous ones or not.  
There will be a purple one half in the water, barely hanging onto his board 
at the top right.  Blue sword wielding ones as well as more orange knife 
throwing Foot Soldiers will appear.  Make sure you are in the bottom left.  
Another spiked gate will come down.  Do the same as before and wait until the 
second time it hits to move forward slightly and out of the way.  Now try and 
do your best to kill the Foot Soldiers that the gate didn't get.  

At the same time, Pizza Monsters will appear for the first time.  There will 
be some bubbling in the water as a warning sign that they are about to 
appear.  Pizza Monsters never move up or down once they spring out of the 
water and will always move to the side of the screen that has more area.  
They can and often do in harder difficulties, jump up off screen and slam you 
from behind before you can react.  If this happens, just get back up and keep 
trying.  The Pizza Monsters are always easiest killed by jump kicking them. 

The sewer will open up again in the background, then immediately close off as 
more mines appear on screen.  Stay low until you pass the first couple, then 
move up slightly to get past the rest.  Pizza Monsters will be attacking at 
the same time and can knock you on your backside.  If this happens, you are 
likely to hit a mine, sending your turtle screaming about his toe.  Just try 
and avoid the Pizza Monsters altogether.  Since they give you a warning of 
where they will be, move slightly up or down, deepening on where the next 
mine is about to appear, to avoid getting severely damaged.

After this set of mines passes, the sewer will open up briefly, then close 
back up.  This is the indication that pizzas are coming up shortly.  Move up 
to the top of the screen but stay to the far left.  Kill the Foot Soldiers if 
you can (if you have any left).  There will be two pizzas about to scroll 
quickly across the screen.  They are almost right next to one another 
vertically, but separated horizontally.  The first one is at the very top of 
the screen and the second one is in the middle.  Just align yourself in 
either position (whichever is easier to get to) and wait for the pizza to 
come to you.

Immediately after the health pizzas, Pizza Monsters will appear, effectively 
draining all that life you just picked up.  Another spiked gate will come 
crashing down, so move immediately to the bottom left and wait two slams 
before moving forward.  Try and avoid the Pizza Monsters and kill the Foot 
Soldiers the whole time.  

After a few seconds, some mines will appear and the sewer will open up once 
more.  Foot Soldiers and Pizza Monsters are abundant, so do your best to not 
lose health.  Avoid the mines in the same way as before, by hiding in the 
bottom left until a couple go by, then move up slightly.

As the screen scrolls right, the sewer will open once more and you will have 
a moment without Pizza Monsters.  Reddish-orange Foot Soldiers will appear on 
the right side of the screen as the sewer goes narrower again.  Move to the 
bottom left.  Blue Foot Soldiers will appear from the top left of the screen.  
A few seconds later, Pizza Monsters will re-appear.  Kill what you can and 
avoid the rest.

Mines will also appear here.  This is a likely place to lose a life because 
you have mines, Pizza Monsters and Foot Soldiers throwing knives and all 
sorts of other Foot Soldiers punching and slashing at you.  Hope for the best 
as you navigate through the mines.  Try jumping up and down to avoid them and 
most of the Pizza Monsters.

The sewer quickly opens then narrows right as the mines end.  This is your 
cue go bottom left again, and quick.  Another spiked gate will be here.  
Again, wait two slams then move forward to avoid being it.  There will be a 
small area without mines or Pizza Monsters, so take advantage and move around 
and kill any remaining Foot Soldiers.

After the sewer opens up, some mines will appear.  Also, white Foot Soldiers 
will appear on both sides of the screen.  Yes, white Foot Soldiers.  
Indication the level is coming to an end!  FINALLY!  Avoid the mines and kill 
what Foot Soldiers you can.

Go bottom left again.  After a brief second or two, another spiked gate 
appears.  Avoid it like usual and get prepared for another one.  There are 
three total here.  The gates help to eliminate the Foot Soldiers, so you 
shouldn't have to worry too much about them.  After the third gate, move to 
the very top of the screen.  One random purple Foot Soldier will appear and 
promptly fall off of his surfboard and into the sewage.

The screen will stop auto scrolling here.  A pizza will be in the bottom 
left.  This is the boss pizza.  Grab it if you need it and get ready to fight 
a whole slew of Pizza Monsters.

Pizza Monsters  (TMNTbs3)
The Pizza Monsters at the end of Level 3 I think are THE absolute hardest 
boss in the game simply because they keep coming at you.  They will knock you 
in your butt and knock you down again before you can recover.  The good thing 
about them is you don't have to kill a single one of them.  You can avoid 
them altogether and still pass the level.  The harder the difficulty, the 
more that appear on the screen and the faster they come at you.

I have found that jump kicks are the best way to defeat as many as possible.  
Jump kicks are fast attacks and keep you moving about the screen so you 
aren't as likely to get hit.  Timing is key here.  There will be bubbles in 
the water where a pizza monster is about to pop up.  I like to start in the 
center of the screen, in the top half, and wait until I see the bubbles 
starting.  I will jump in the air a split second after I see where the 
bubbles are, then at the apex of my jump, hit the attack button and the 
direction of the bubbles.  Ideally, you will hit the pizza monster jus as he 
comes out of the water, before he makes his move forward.

Remember that they will always go in the direction that is opposite where 
they appear.  For instance, if once comes up on the right, he will always 
move to the left of the screen and visa versa.  They also have a tendency to 
appear just off screen, especially on the bottom left, so keep your eyes 
peeled and never sit and wait in that section.  I try to avoid the bottom 
left altogether, expect to grab the pizza about half way through.  When 
playing multi player, split the screen in half with one guy taking the top 
and one taking the bottom.  If you have a four player game, put two in the 
middle and have everyone attack left and right and never up and down.  This 
is all about survival, so if you miss a pizza monster, don't worry about it.

Eventually, Shredder appears on screen and says he is, "banishing you to a 
time warp from which you will never return!"  This is the indication that the 
boos battle is over.  I like Shredder's proper use of grammar there, not 
ending a sentence with a preposition, unlike me where I do that at least once 
per paragraph.  On to level four now.  The game can only get easier from 

Prehistoric Turtlesauras B.C. 250,000,000  (TMNTlv4)  Max Points: 1,800
The first level of time takes you to some 250 million years in the past, to 
an age when dinosaurs and Cement Men ruled the Earth.  Obviously start by 
going right and almost immediately you will encounter your first group of 
Foot Soldiers.  Some jump out from bushes while others are air lifted in on 
what I assume are pterodactyls.  They are easy to dispatch, so do so and move 

The next group is all purple Foot Soldiers, so they won't be hard at all.  
However, a flying dinosaur will swoop in and drop some exploding rock into 
the area.  Avoid this as it will do damage to you as well as the Foot 
Soldiers.  It can kill the Foot Soldiers, but you will not get the points 
from the resulting deaths.  Move right to find blue and orange Foot Soldiers.  
There will be more exploding rocks dropped from above this time, so be on 
your guard.  If you sink to the bottom of the screen, you will have an easier 
time avoiding them.  

Move right and more Foot Soldiers will be air lifted in as a few jump at you 
from the primordial ooze in the background.  Move right and more Foot 
Soldiers come at you as well as some Stone Warriors.  This is the first 
instance of Stone Warriors in the game.  Throughout the game, they will 
appear carrying different weapons, but these ones are unarmed.  They take a 
little bit extra to kill and can deal more damage in one shot than a Foot 
Soldier, so they should always be your first target when they appear on 
screen.  Stone Warriors can send you flying across the screen in one hit, so 
be on your guard.  They usually appear in groups and all from the same area, 
and you can hit multiple Stone Warriors with one swing of your weapon, making 
them easier to dispatch.  These Stone Warriors come in at you from the right, 
so take them out quickly then focus on the Foot Soldiers.

Move right once everything is defeated.  More Foot Soldiers will move in.  
Here you will meet green Foot Soldiers for the first time.  They wield a bow 
and arrow and can shoot you from across the screen.  They like to run and 
hide off screen, so try and take them out early.  The arrows they shoot are 
small and difficult to see as they fly across the screen, so keep a close eye 
on them for they actions that indicate they just fired an arrow.

After everything hear is dead, move right and you will enter the cave.  
Several Stone Warriors come at you from the right (up to four in Hardcore 
mode).  Dispatch them quickly, then slowly advance the screen.  There will be 
some stalactites hanging from the ceiling here.  They fall when you line 
yourself up vertically with them, so if one is hanging at the top of the 
screen, you can go to the bottom and have it fall, missing you by quite a 
distance.  You should never stand under them.  

Make the first two stalactites fall, then there will be a few enemies on the 
screen, including a new one: a yellow bomb holding Foot Soldier.  The bomb 
guys cannot hurt you until they throw the bomb.  Once you attack them, they 
will drop the bomb and it will explode after about half a second, so do not 
stand over a bomb.  It is best to attack them once, then run away and wait 
for the bomb to explode.  Since there are also Stone Warriors here, take them 
out then go after the yellow bomb Foot Soldier and the rest.

Advance the screen, making sure to cause the stalactites to fall by moving 
around them.  Eventually more enemies will appear on screen.  A Stone Warrior 
will show up on the top left and the top right and several bomb Foot Soldiers 
will appear in the middle right.  Kill them off quickly, avoiding the 
explosions and any stalactites that might still be hanging.  

Advance right past a few more falling stalactites and a pizza will appear at 
the top right of the screen.  Save it if you don't need it right away and get 
rid of the Foot Soldiers and the Stone Warrior here.  Move slowly right to 
set up another battle while keeping the pizza on the screen.  Several bomb 
Foot Soldiers will appear on the left with orange knife throwing ones on the 
right.  Grab the pizza once they are dead and move right.

Avoid more stalactites and continue right until you see the cave walls and 
floors changing colors.  This indicates the cave is coming to an end, but 
first you have to destroy several Foot Soldiers.  

Go past the last of the stalactites and there will be a spin attack at the 
top of the screen.  Wait until several mallet-wielding Stone Warriors appear 
at the bottom left, then grab it and go to town on them and everything else 
you can get to before it ends.  Do some cleanup duty then move on.

Stay in the center of the screen as you advance right.  After a few green 
Foot Soldiers and a Stone Warrior (these might not show in the easier 
difficulties) some chaos will happen.  You want to be in the center of the 
screen.  Foot Soldiers riding dinosaurs will appear (you get four in hard and 
hardcore, less in easier difficulties) as well as several other Foot Soldiers 
you have to deal with.  You can either jump kick the Foot Soldiers off the 
dinosaurs, or do the easier rout and attack the dinosaurs, causing the Foot 
Soldier to fall off.  Beware: the dinosaurs have fire breath and will burn 
you if you are standing in front.  They don't come into center screen, so 
this is the best place to be.  The dinosaurs make several passes as long as 
they have a rider, but will eventually disappear if not attacked.

Move right and another set of dinosaurs and random Foot Soldiers will appear.  
Use the same strategy as before and stay in center screen, swiping at the 
dinosaurs as they go by (you can hit all four before they all go off screen 
one time).  Now head to the top of the screen and continue right.  

A pizza will appear at the bottom of the screen.  This is the boss pizza, but 
before you get the boss, you will have to remove several Foot Soldiers and 
Stone Warriors.  Once they are dead, the screen shakes slightly.  This is 
your cue to run to the bottom right to avoid damage on Cement Man's entrence.

Cement Man  (TMNTbs4)
Cement Man is the boss for Prehistoric Turtlesauras (no, not Slash). Cement 
Man can be a terror if you don't know his pattern, and judging by many people 
I have played online with, most don't.  He has two forms, but he can only be 
attacked in one.  His mud form should be avoided at all times, while his 
human form is the one where he is vulnerable.  

He appears in the middle of the screen in human form.  He will throw mud 
balls as well as pound you with his fist.  Mud balls are what he does first.  
Run up and attack him.  You can hit him between two and four times before he 
will slip into mud form.  As soon as he begins to enter mud form, run to the 
nearest corner of the screen and hold.  He will begin to chase after you.  
You have to act fast and decide which direction to run.  Choose the one that 
he is furthest from and begin to run that way and run around the edge of the 
screen in a circle.  Clockwise or counterclockwise, it doesn't matter as long 
as you keep moving along the edge of the screen.

Eventually he will pull away from the chase and go off by him self.  This is 
your indication that he is about to reassume human form.  Go up to him in a 
zig-zag fashion to avoid his mud ball that he throws.  As soon as he throws 
it, attack him a couple times until he attempts to go back into mud form.  
Flee to a corner and repeat the running in circle movements.

Mud man typically will reform into a human-like form in any of the four 
corners or the middle of the screen.  He can appear anywhere on the screen, 
but those five places are his most likely.  

Should you get hit by the mud ball or otherwise not attack him and send him 
into mud form, he will slowly move towards you in human form.  If you wisely 
left the pizza in the bottom left for later, this is a good way to draw him 
from the pizza so that you don't grab it on accident when you don't need it.  
He will continue to throw mud balls if you don't attack him, so be on your 
guard.  He will begin to use his fist pound as the battle progresses, so be 
on watch for that.

One thing you want to avoid is getting caught by him as he is moving 
clockwise in the top left corner.  He caught me once there and sent me about 
halfway across the screen on the very top.  He moved so fast that I couldn't 
recuperate in time and he hit me again, knocking me into the top right 
corner.  He followed me there and pinned me in the corner, damaging me yet 
again, then appeared in human form and I couldn't get out from behind him.  I 
had half my health left when this sequence started and it cost me a life.  
Overall, he isn't a hard boss, you just have to know what to avoid.

It has been brought to my attention by Ross Bemrose that Cement Man is indeed 
from the cartoon series.  There is a very similar figure that appears in 
season two, five entitled "Curse of the Evil Eye."  I have it on DVD, so I 
went to watch it and at 13:30, a monster very similar to Cement Man appears.  
He is out of proportion to the game, being several stories in height in the 
cartoon.  He does throw a glob of mud like the game, but does not enter into 
a puddle form.  Just an interesting tidbit I thought I'd share.

Skull and Crossbones (A.D. 1530)  (TMNTlv5)  Max points: 2,415
The first thing you need to know about this level is that it is littered with 
traps.  All throughout the level are plank boards that will pop up and smack 
you if stepped on.  They can be recognized by their off color from the rest 
of the ship's deck.  Avoid these at all costs, as they will deal substantial 

Start out by going right as always.  The first group of Foot Soldiers has a 
new type in it, the yellow disc throwers.  They carry spiked discs that they 
throw which act like boomerangs and come back to them.  They can throw them 
from across the screen, but will only throw them left or right, never up or 
down or at an angle.  If they throw it and you knock them down while it is 
flying around, they won't catch it again and will turn into regular Foot 
Soldiers (they will stay yellow).  I think these guys are a pain in the butt 
and I always make sure to take them out first, but there is no pressing need 
to do so.

Continue right, being sure to avoid the planks.  Some more green Foot 
Soldiers with the bow and arrows appear here, but this time they shoot 
flaming arrows in an arc that act like the mines in level three did.  Avoid 
touching them so you don't have to suffer through your turtle screaming about 
his toe.  They burn out pretty quickly and once they do, are no longer a 

Continue right through some Stone Warriors and several Foot Soldiers.  Move 
to the top of the screen and advance right.  There will be a mast in the 
middle of the ship.  Just below the mast will be a pizza on the other side of 
a plank.  It is best to go around the mast to the back side to grab the 
pizza, but take out the enemies first.  

When you advance the screen right, you will encounter more Stone Warriors.  
Kill them quickly and grab the pizza if you haven’t yet and continue right.  
Now you will come to several Foot Soldiers including some orange and yellow 
ones as well as a gun wielding Stone Warrior.  This Stone Warrior is deadly, 
so make sure you take him out first.  The projectiles from his gun do 
considerable damage.  

Move right and you will see more Foot Soldiers, some jumping onto the deck of 
the ship from the side.  Kill them and move right.  At the edge of the screen 
will be a spin attack.  Let the screen fill up, then grab it and clean up the 
Foot Soldiers quickly.  The spin attack disengages all the planks you step on 
while spinning, so try and take them out as well if you can.  Once done, move 

After a quick romp with a few Foot Soldiers, the screen will stop again.  
This time there is a fireworks box in the top right.  Don't hit it right 
away, let some Foot Soldiers get on screen then go and hit it and run.  If 
you time it right, it will explode just as several Stone Warriors enter the 
screen in the same spot, effectively killing or severely damaging them all.

Perform some mop-up duty then move right once again.  Another mast will 
appear on the right of the screen.  Hidden behind it is a plank.  Some Stone 
Warriors come on screen right next to the plank. They are gun holders, so be 
careful when going after them to avoid the plank.  You can let them come to 
you, but remember they shoot when not near you.  

Step right and you will find a mallet holding Stone Warrior as well as a 
diverse population of Foot Soldiers.  Kill the Stone Warrior first, then go 
after the yellow Foot Soldiers and then the rest.

Move right and more enemies come on screen, including two Stone Warriors, one 
from each side.  Take them out first and go after the Foot Soldiers in 
whatever order you think is best.  I personally like to get rid of the green 
ones first.

Move right and more Foot Soldiers will appear.  Go up to the top of the 
screen and go as far right as you can.  Several Stone Warriors will now 
appear on the lower left.  There will be a pizza in the lower right.  This is 
the boss pizza.  Save it if you can and go demolish the Stone Warriors.  The 
screen will get darker and it will start to rain.  I guess a storm's a 
brewin' when the boss nears....  Once they are dead, the boss fight with 
Tokka and Rhazar will trigger.

Tokka and Rhazar  (TMNTbs5)
Tokka and Rhazar tripped me up for the longest time.  Because you fight two 
of them at once, you have to watch out for both of their charge attacks.  
Both will run at you with a shoulder block-esque move and Tokka will pull 
into his shell and do a spinning move all across the screen (it is similar to 
what Slash did in the SNES game).

The best strategy here is very similar to that of Metal Head, but is somewhat 
easier because neither of these guys have a gun attack.  Attack once, take a 
step back, let the counter attack happen, then step back in and repeat.

As for which to go after first, it is debatable.  Tokka (the purple one for 
those unfamiliar) has his spin attack which is devastating, but is not too 
hard to avoid.  Rhazar has a run attack that can stretch across the screen 
and knock you on your backside.  I have tried taking them each out first at 
different times and not found either way to be easier, so which ever attack 
you have difficulty avoiding is the one you should take out first.

I have found that you can attack them both in one hit if they are close 
enough to each other.  The best time to get them together is in the top right 
corner.  You can attack, step away, step back and attack again and hit them 
both each time.  They won't stay together permanently, but the more damage 
you can do while they are together, the easier time you will have.

While both are still alive, I find it best that when Tokka goes into his 
spinning attack, to do double jump attacks against Rhazar.  The double jump 
attack seems to do more damage and is a great way to avoid Tokka altogether.  
Also, Tokka seems not to go into his spin attack at all if you continuously 
attack him with the swipe, step back, step in swipe again method.  This is 
another great way to not have to deal with it.  You do have to be aware of 
Rhazar's charge attack as you attack Tokka, though.

If playing with multiple people, you should obviously split up your turtles 
between the two enemies.  With two people, have one take Tokka and one take 
Rhazar (duh).  With four people, put two turtles on each bad guy and 
alternate attacks.  Guy one attacks, backs off.  Counter attack happens, and 
guy two moves in to attack, backs off, counter attack happens.  Guy one goes 
back into attack.  Try and move Tokka and Rhazar to opposite corners of the 
screen so that there is max distance between the two groups of turtles so you 
don't bump into each other, destroying momentum.

Bury my Shell at Wounded Knee (A.D. 1885)  (TMNTlv6)  Max Points: 2,315
This is the first and only level where you don't have to advance the screen 
to have enemies show up at the beginning of the level.  Right at the start, 
some blue Foot Soldiers will come at you.  They are easy, so make short work 
of them and advance right.  

Just to the right will be two large barrels.  Before doing anything with 
them, wait for a couple of Foot Soldiers to come at you from the left.  Kill 
them, then walk up to the top barrel and smack it, sending it flying into the 
Foot Soldiers on the other side.  You can also Dash Attack it (run across the 
screen and hit attack just before the barrels) so that you advance the screen 
as they roll, potentially hitting more Foot Soldiers.  Hit both barrels for 
ten points then move right.  

Stone Warriors will come at you from both sides and you will also get 'Foot 
Soldier Riding Horse That Jumps Onto Train.'  Destroy the Stone Warriors 
first then go after all the Foot Soldiers.  Once they are gone, move right 
yet again and you'll get more Foot Soldiers as well as Stone Warriors with 
steel garters.  Besides the fact that they carry large weapons, they aren't 
any different than regular Stone Warriors.  Kill them first as always.

After everything is dead, move right.  There will be two more large barrels 
that you can attack for easy points and easy kills.  Also, a purple Foot 
Soldier on a horse comes riding up.  Kill everything and move right.  More 
Foot Soldiers and Stone Warriors appear.  Do the same as before and move 

You'll be on a train car with some boxes on the far right.  Do not go all the 
way over there yet.  Instead, kill all Stone Warriors (garter and gun holders 
this time) as well as Foot Soldiers.  Once they are all gone, slowly walk 
right and you will see a precariously placed box wobbling at the top of the 
stack.  It will fall if you step in front of it.  Get to about within one 
step of it and run away.  It should fall and miss you.  If it doesn’t fall, 
do it again, getting just a little bit closer.  Keep going until it finally 
falls, then you can move past it and to the right.

After a group of blue only Foot Soldiers, you will get a Stone Warrior with 
some blue and purple Foot Soldiers.  Once again, kill the Stone Warrior first 
(do I really need to repeat this every time?) then the Foot Soldiers.  Move 
forward and Foot Soldiers will come in the windows as well as from both sides 
along with some Stone Warriors.  Kill everything here and move right yet 

A few random blue Foot Soldiers will make a brief cameo before you destroy 
them.  Moving right brings you to the mid-level pizza (YAY) and a new kind of 
Foot Soldier.  This one is orange and carries a hook on a chain.  These guys 
are real pains in the butt.  They can attack from across the screen and have 
a quick attack speed.  They need to be taken out before anything else (except 
maybe Stone Warriors).  Save the pizza if you can afford to and go after this 
new Foot Soldier group.  

Move right.  The screen will stop before the Pizza goes away, so you can 
still save it if you can afford to.  Move right and you will get more of the 
glorious orange chain Foot Soldiers and some Stone Warriors.  At the far 
right, just on the next car, will be more boxes with one poised to fall as 
soon as a turtle walks underneath.  Kill everything first then advance just 
like before to get by without being hit.  

The next car will have an open door on the top and a fireworks box in the top 
right.  Go up to it and let some enemies get close, then strike it to set it 
off, hopefully killing the orange Foot Soldiers and wounding the Stone 
Warriors.  Grab your janitor hat and so some cleanup, then move on.  

Move right and you will find orange Foot Soldiers coming at you from behind 
and blue ones from in front.  Turn directly around and take out those orange 
ones first, then go after the blue guys.  Move right and some blue ones will 
box you in from either side as a purple one rides up on a horse.  Take them 
out and move on.

In the next car, there will be a cannon pointing out a door and a spin attack 
in the top right.  Grab it as soon as some Stone Warriors come in off the 
right side and take out everything you can.  Move right and you will see 
another precariously placed box.  Don't go over there just yet.  Instead, 
wait for the Stone Warriors to come in from the right and some orange Foot 
Soldiers from the left.  These Stone Warriors will be carrying bazookas with 
some nasty missiles inside.  They take a substantial chunk of your life when 
hit by one.  Kill the foot soldiers first since they appear in screen first, 
then go after those Stone Warriors.  Once they are dead, get by the box the 
same way as before.

Move to the top of the screen and go right.  You will advance into a rather 
empty car.  A pizza will be on the bottom right.  This is the boss pizza.  
The battle with Leatherhead happens here.

Leatherhead  (TMNTbs6)
Leatherhead is a giant alligator at the end of Burry My Shell at Wounded 
Knee.  He also appeared in TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project on the NES.

Leatherhead is a boss that takes a long time to pass, but if you do it right, 
you shouldn't lose more than half your health bar at the most.  Go to the 
bottom of the screen, in the middle, until he jumps onto the train car.

Leatherhead has a couple of attacks: he will thrust a knife, he will throw a 
knife, and he will do a charge attack that cannot be countered.  NEVER EVER 
ATTACK HIM DIRECTLY FROM THE LEFT OR RIGHT.  This is a guaranteed way to lose 
a life.  He will always trust or throw a knife at you if you are of his left 
or right, even if you are on the other side of the screen.  Always stay above 
or below him.  I prefer to stay below him simply because it is easier to see 
the action.  With every attack you give him, he will back up slightly.

The strategy here is very similar to that of Metal Head.  Attack, move back 
slightly, let the counter attack miss, then go right back in and attack 
again.  Leatherhead will frequently go into his charge attack.  He will let 
out a growl, which is your cue to move away.  He will do a total of three 
charges.  Don't try and out run them, just jump over them, landing on the 
side he just came from.  He will always come after you, so after his second 
charge, jump to a spot you want him to be on the screen to set him up for 
attacking.  I always try to get to the top corner (which ever side he will be 
charging to) so I can set him up and attack him from below.  In the harder 
difficulties, he will break up his charges, sometimes only charging once, 
then popping back up for a few knife throws/thrusts before doing his other 
two charges.  He will always do three charges, even if he breaks them up.

Keep up the attacks in the same fashion and he will go down eventually.  You 
can even try a double jump attack times so that you hit him at the end of his 
third charge for some extra damage, but it will sometimes set you up for an 
attack against you.  

For multiplayer games, split your turtles across the screen, half taking the 
right side and half taking the left.  Lead him to the center of either side 
after he charges and have the turtles attack from both the top and bottom 
(assuming you have four players).  If you have three players, designate one 
turtle per side of the screen and have the third one move between the two 
sides so you always attack him from both the top and bottom after his charge 

Neon Night Riders (A.D. 2021) (TMNTlv7)  Max Points: 1620
This level is similar to level three, but thankfully isn't anywhere near as 
hard.  There aren't any land mines at all and only two groups of enemies than 
can do any significant damage, but I'll explain those when you get there.

Since this level auto scrolls, it is just a matter of destroying Foot 
Soldiers.  The first group will come in as blue Foot Soldiers from both the 
left and right.  Take out the guys on the left first, then focus on the 

The next group comes in as indicated by a purple Foot Soldier struggling to 
get back onto his hover board on the right side of the screen.  There are 
some orange knife throwers on the left, so tackle them first.  The rest will 
be mostly purple.  After the orange ones are dead, maneuver your turtle to 
the top right of the screen and let everything else come to you and kill them 
in that area.

You are about to get some Heli-Foot come in on the top right.  You get as 
many as three on hardcore difficulty and I think only one on easy.  These 
guys can kill you before you have a chance to blink.  You can attack them 
from the ground, and you should.  STAY UNDERNEATH THEM!  Do not get into a 
position where they can hit you with their guns.  Slash them a couple of 
times and they will explode.  These are your priority, no matter what else is 
on the screen.

After the Heli-Foot are dead, move to the top of the screen, somewhere in the 
middle to just left of middle.  Let the Foot Soldiers come to you and kill 
them up there.  This will set you up for the pizzas that are coming up.  If 
you have multiple players, put a second player in the middle of the screen.  
There are four pizzas, so if you have three or four people, you will want to 
double up on the positions.

There will be another set of Foot Soldiers that comes in, purple on the 
right, blue on the left.  Stay in your position to attack them.  After 
several are dead, you will encounter some futuristic-looking Punching Robots 
(these do not appear on easy difficulty).  They are worth 50 points a piece, 
so if playing in a multiplayer game and if you care about points, you want to 
kill these guys.  They come in from both sides, always near the top of the 

Next come some yellow boomerang Foot Soldiers on the right.  Go plow into 
them, then do cleanup of any purple Foot Soldiers or futuristic Punching 
Robots that may be left.  The pizzas are just after the yellow Foot Soldiers, 
so make sure you are in your positions to grab them.  The instant the guy to 
the right hits a pizza, jump to the very bottom of the screen to let the guy 
behind you (if playing multiplayer) grab the next one.  They come in fast, so 
be ready.

After the pizzas, there will be a brief pause then a single orange chain Foot 
Soldier will come in, go to throw his hook at you, slip and fall off of his 
hover board.  Just a little piece of comedy the game designers threw in 
there.  Right after he falls, you will get blue Foot Soldiers from the left 
and Purple from the right.  Start attacking the right side first.  Maneuver 
your self up to the top right once again and let things come to you.  Once 
you are down to two Foot Soldiers left on screen, more Heli-Foot come in.  If 
you got into position, you shouldn't have much of a problem.  If they come in 
and you aren't prepared, get underneath them... FAST.  Two hits from the 
ground is all it takes.  No need to jump.

After this, more blue and purple Foot Soldiers come in.  Keep killing them.  
Now is also a good time to set up for the next set of pizzas.  You should go 
to the very top of the screen.  If you have anyone else playing with you, 
stack them right underneath you so that altogether you make a vertical line.  
If anyone doesn't need a pizza, send him or her to the very bottom of the 

After several Foot Soldiers bite the dust, more futuristic Punching Robots 
come in at the top.  Dispatch them and clean up any Foot Soldiers that may be 
near.  Now some yellow boomerang Foot Soldiers come in from the left and a 
couple purple Foot Soldiers from the right.  Go after the yellow ones first.  
Stay in your positions.  

If you have been fast enough, you will get some white Foot Soldiers now.  
Often times these guys will not show up.  If you hit the pizzas without them 
showing up, they won't come.  The pizzas will fly by during the battle with 
the white Foot Soldiers, so keep your eyes out.  Once they go by, you can 
abandon your positions and finish off the Foot Soldiers.  Since they are the 
white ones, the end of the level might be nigh.  Move to the bottom of the 
screen because here comes Android Krang.

Android Krang (TMNTbs7)
Android Krang is probably the easiest boss in the game after one of the 
harder levels.  He is the one boss, that when done correctly, you shouldn't 
lose a single bar of health on.

The same basic strategy of attack and move away works here, but this time you 
can attack up to five times before he does a counter attack that you cannot 
avoid unless you are away from him.  I like to try and get him from the 
bottom, hit him five times (which moves him up to the top of the screen).  
After the fifth hit, move away from him.  He will do one of two counter 
attacks: slap his hands together or a sliding kick.  The sliding kick moves 
him across the screen some while the hand clap keeps him in the same spot.

If you continually attack him, he won't get a chance to go into his offensive 
moves.  If he does get a change, he has two.  One where he shoots small fire 
balls in front of him from anywhere on the screen (so stay above or below him 
at all times) and another where he will go to the edge of the screen and 
shoot large missiles at you are his two attacks.  The second one is more 
deviating and harder to detect/avoid, but he will always shoot them in front 
of him, so make sure you stay above or below him and you will be fine.  You 
should be able to beat him in two minutes or so, then it is on to the next 

Star Base: Where No Turtle Has Gone Before 2130 (TMNTbs8) Max Points : ~3,580

I think this is the longest level in terms of time it takes to complete.  
Maybe time slows down 100 years in the future....  Anyway, go right as 
always.  Very quickly a few metallic zapper guys (I don't know their official 
names... if you do, please enlighten me!) will materialize and some orange 
knife throwing Foot Soldiers will walk on screen.  The metallic zapper guys 
will shoot lasers at you, so I like to take them out first.  They are a one 
hit kill on every difficulty level.  

Moving forward will bring more Metallic Zapper Guys materializing out of 
thing air (this is the future).  Dispatch them quickly and continue right.  
Several outlines of Foot Soldiers will appear in a circle on the screen.  Not 
all will materialize into Foot Soldiers, but most will.  As far as I can 
tell, it is random which ones do and which ones do not.  The harder the 
difficulty, the more you get, but even in hardcore, you don't get them all.  
They throw knives, so strategize accordingly.  

Move right and you will get a group of blue Foot Soldiers that are easy to 
get rid of.  Move right and a circle of Metallic Zapper Guys appear along 
with a few Foot Soldiers.  Kill the zappers first.

Move right and you will find some white Foot Soldiers (no, the level isn't 
about to end; this is the exception that proves the rule) on the left and 
orange ones on the right.  After they are gone, move to the middle of the 
screen and advance right.

The next screen will stop with a spin attack in the middle at the top.  
Several Stone Warriors will come in from the right wielding guns as well as a 
plethora of Foot Soldiers.  Take a couple steps up and grab the spin attack, 
taking out the Stone Warriors first, then going after the Foot Soldiers.  
Play mop up and move right when finished.

More Stone Warriors will show, as well as some green Foot Soldiers in 
addition to regular ones.  Kill the Stone Warriors first, then the green bow 
and arrow Foot Soldiers, then whatever remains last.  There are also some 
orange chain and hook Foot Soldiers here, so if they give you nightmares like 
the do me, you may want to consider moving them up in the "What to Kill 
First" list.

Move right.  More Foot Soldiers will materialize out of thin air as yet even 
more blue Foot Soldiers come on screen along with some Stone Warriors.  You 
know what to do.  Once they are all killed, move on.

Here comes a tricky part.  There will be two things that move vertically that 
shoot laser that look like kind of like garbage cans.  They are a one hit 
kill, but they can shoot you from off screen where you cannot reach them, so 
once you see the windows ending, perform a dash attack so the screen scrolls 
far enough that you can kill them both.  They do some major damage if you are 
hit by their lasers, so never attack them from the front.

After they are dead, go after the Foot Soldiers that appear here.  There will 
be a lot of yellow boomerang guys on the right and some purple ones will come 
out of the transporter.  Advance the screen slowly.  There will be a Stone 
Warrior that comes out.  You can lure just him and no one else if you don't 
advance the screen too far.  If you do, or once he is dead, Foot Soldiers 
will come out of the three shoots on the wall as well as another Stone 
Warrior and some green Foot Soldiers from the right side.  Kill the Stone 
Warriors first, then go after the green Foot Soldiers and finally the purple 
Foot Soldiers.

Continue right to find two more garbage can laser shooters.  There will also 
be several blue Foot Soldiers.  Make sure you advance the screen far enough 
to get both laser shooters or else they will shoot you from off screen and 
you will have a difficult time.  A Stone Warrior will also appear after a 
couple Foot Soldiers are dead.  

Move right and you will greet some blue Foot Soldiers and a couple of Stone 
Warriors.  Take the Stone Warriors out first, as always then go after the 
Foot Soldiers.  Move right.  Some dreaded yellow boomerang Foot Soldiers will 
come out, mostly from the right.  Kill them quickly and move on.

At the very top of the screen will be the mid-level pizza.  Save it for now 
if you can afford to.  Just beyond the pizza will be all kinds of blocks that 
light up blue.  These are the ice traps.  They can be a real pain.  Do not 
step on them while there are enemies on screen.  You will get some knife 
throwers on this side.  Stay on the left of the screen and let them come to 

After they are dead, grab the pizza, since you can't come back for it, and 
move to the bottom of the screen.  Wait for the bottom left most one to light 
up, then slowly walk across it after it goes away to the little gap.  Hold 
here until the next one lights up, then book it all the way across.  Do not 
stop in the next gap because the screen will stop here too and you will have 
to fight Foot Soldiers on the ice blocks, which will not be good.  If you 
make it across, you will have about a third of the screen to work with.

Go to the top left to kill the Stone Warriors and let the Foot Soldiers come 
to you.  They throw knives, so keep that in mind and keep moving around, 
rather than standing still waiting for them.  Once they are dead, advance 
right.  No more ice traps.

Stay on the bottom part of the screen all times it is advancing through this 
next part.  There will be giant balls that come rolling down the corridor.  
They hit the top and middle parts of the screen and the only way to avoid 
them is by being on the bottom.  When the screen is stopped, the balls won't 
come so you can feel free to move around to make kills.  You don't get points 
for anything the balls kill, so keep that in mind if you want to maximize 
your points.

Two balls will go rolling by, then the screen will stop and blue Foot 
Soldiers will appear.  Kill them after the balls go off screen, then move 
right.  After two more balls, you will get orange knife throwing Foot 
Soldiers in addition to blue and purple.  Kill the orange ones first, then 
the rest.  Get low and advance right.  

Another ball will come by, then you get a group of orange Foot Soldiers.  
Take them out quickly and advance right.  Some yellow boomerang Foot Soldiers 
will come out first, followed by a couple of Stone Warriors on the other 
side.  Kill the Stone Warriors first, then the Foot Soldiers.

Advance right and you will see a familiar scene with the glass floor and the 
three chutes in the wall.  Go right and you will get all kinds of Foot 
Soldiers (yellow, blue, green) and a couple Stone Warriors.  Kill the Stone 
Warriors first, then go after the Foot Soldiers in whatever order you deem 

Go right and you will get three Foot Soldiers, one per chute.  They are 
purple so they are quick.  No move right slowly.  You should hear a weird 
noise.  That's the lasers just off screen.  When you see one enter the right 
of the screen, the screen will stop and yellow and white Foot Soldiers will 
appear (yes, the white is true this time).  Kill everything while avoiding 
the right quarter of the screen.  

Once everything is dead, advance slowly to the edge of the laser.  Wait for 
it to come on, then go off.  As soon as it goes off, step to the other side.  
You will see another enter the screen.  Get about halfway in between the two 
of them (if you go too far, the screen will stop here and you will have to 
fight enemies with laser on either side of you) and wait for the second one 
to turn off, then run across.  You should end up on the other side with the 
laser still in the left half of the screen.  There will be Stone Warriors and 
orange hook and chain Foot Soldiers.  Kill the Stone Warriors first, then the 
Foot Soldiers.  

You will notice a pizza in the top of the screen.  This is the boss pizza 
(YAY) so leave it if you can, but grab it if you desperately need it.  
Advance the screen right and you will get some yellow boomerang Foot Soldiers 
and some laser Stone Warriors.  Kill them and go all the way right.  This is 
where the second battle with Krang happens.

Krang in Ship (TMNTbs8)
Krang, after escaping his android body, comes back in a space ship.  This is 
a harder version of Krang, but far from impossible.  When he appears on 
screen, move to the bottom middle.  He will fly around for a second and 
disappear.  Let him go.  When he comes back, you can either jump kick him or 
attack him.  Even when he is flying high, you can reach him from the ground.

Fighting Krang is more about defense than offence.  He has several attacks 
you need to avoid.  He will drop little metallic zapper guys.  When attacking 
them, aim yourself so you are facing Krang and you can hit both at once.  

Krang will also smash into the ground, effectively squishing all turtles 
underneath.  He will rise slightly and being to vibrate when he is about to 
do this.  Get out of the way.  He can get you even if you are jumping.  If he 
misses hitting a turtle, he is likely to do it again.   He will attempt this 
move up to three times before trying something else.

He also has his bubble attack, where he shoots bubbles out of either side of 
his ship.  This can be a great time to attack.  When he is low to the ground, 
stay below him, and attack.  He can't hit you with the bubbles because they 
go out the sides.  He will try and circle around you, so stay below him and 
continue attacking.

Krang is different than all other bosses because he doesn't counter, per say.  
You can continuously attack him without need to flee, except when he does his 
ground smash.  

Android Krang is one of the longest boss fights because he can disappear off 
screen.  When he does, always position yourself bottom center for his return.  
Krang will eventually disappear for good if you don't kill him within a 
certain time frame, so you cannot harvest the metallic zapper guys for easy 
points.  When he leaves, you don't get the boss points so if points are what 
you are after, make sure you kill him rather than outlast him.

Shredder (TMNTbs9)
Shredder takes the longest time to kill (he is the last boss after all).  
There are two pizzas strategically places at the far left top and far right 
top.  You will start with full health, so leave the pizzas alone until you 
need them.

Shredder has all kinds of moves, counters, and avoidance methods.  The same 
basic principal applies here as most other bosses.  Run in, attack, step out, 
step back and attack.  Except with Shredder, he can block or altogether avoid 
your attack.  

If he jumps back from your attack, run in and hit him before he has time to 
recuperate.  If he blocks, back off and let him counter.

His counters include a jumping kick that moves him up and down the screen and 
several slashes from his sword.  As soon as either one has finished, move in 
for an attack.

You can attack him up to three times in one move in, but be aware; if he is 
attacked three times consecutively, he will do a powerful energy attack that 
looks like a pink ring jetting away from him which can take about 1/4 of your 
life bar away.  I like to only attack him once and move away.  You can safely 
do two, but I find you are more apt to getting hit by a counter with two 
attacks.  You can safely do the three attacks if you jump back immediately 
after the third attack, but I think the risk is too great for three attacks, 
because you will get hit sometimes.

Once Shredder is at half health, he will jump up in the air and shoot 
something down at you.  If you get hit by what he shoots, you turn into a 
baby turtle.  It is an incredibly easy attack to avoid, so you should never 
get hit by it (I didn't know what it did until I played online and it 
happened to someone).  He always shoots it left or right, so stay above/below 
him.  The instant he lands, you can hit him with a cheap shot for some easy 

Keep after him, even when he backs up.  Always stay above or below him.  He 
will occasionally do a powerful projectile attack from the ground that can 
knock you back and do some devastating damage.  

Try and keep him away from the top corners by letting him run out and then 
hitting him from above.  Grab a pizza when you are almost out of health.  
Shredder isn't overly difficult if you are patient and don't just charge at 
him relentlessly.  Let him do his counters (and miss) then go back in for a 
counter of your own.  

Once you deal the final blow, he will go to the ledge where the Statue of 
Liberty is, fall off and be dead.  Congratulations, you have beaten the game.

Achievements (TMNTach)
Achievements in this game total up to 200 points across 12 achievements (the 
standard for x-box live arcade games).  I thought they were, for the most 
part, some of the easiest achievements ever, but I know a lot of people have 
trouble with them.  For now, this is just a list of the achievements and what 
you need to do to obtain them, but by the full version, they will include 
strategies and the best places to obtain them.

I have given each one a difficulty rating.  The ratings range from 1-5 with 
one being an easy achievement to get and five being a hard achievement to 
get.  These ratings are my opinion only and are not based on any hard facts.  
Your experiences may differ.

Toe Be of Not To Be: 20 points
-Complete level three without being hit by any traps.  This apparently only 
applies to the red mines in the water and not the spiked gates as I 
previously thought.  Thanks to psobro on the TMNT Re-shelled message boards 
for pointing it out.
--I think this is the hardest achievement in the game.  Thankfully, it can be 
done on easy mode.  Use quick play and just start at level three in easy 
mode.  Your strategy is similar to that of the general walkthrough for the 
level.  You want to make the bottom left of the screen your central base, if 
you will.  From here, you only need to maneuver around one mine per set.  The 
mine locations are the same per set, so it becomes a game of memorization 
more than anything else.  You will have to avoid Pizza Monsters and anything 
else that can get in your way.  It will likely take you several attempts.  
You have to beat the entire level (have Shredder send you into a time warp) 
to get the achievement.  Don't just quit the level before the final Pizza 
Monster attack.  You won't get the achievement.  Once you get hit by a mine, 
just start over.  You can do this in story, survival or online if you happen 
to get lucky.

--An alternative method has been brought to my attention by David Moody in 
one of those, "Duh!  Why didn't I think of that?" moments.  This is a bit of 
a cheap way to do it, but very effective.  If you have another player, or 
even just a second controller, start a quick play game with two players and 
move both turtles down to the bottom left, with the player going for the 
achievement in the back and the other turtle right up next to him to the 
right.  As the screen scrolls, do not move either turtle out of their spots.  
Kill what Foot Soldiers you can.  The turtle in front will hit all traps and 
the turtle behind will be untouched.  This is one of those things that 
doesn't seem like it will work, but I tested it and it does indeed work.  
Thanks to David Moody for the heads up!
***Difficulty Rating: 5***

I Will Survive: 30 points
-Complete the game once on Survival Mode in normal difficulty or greater
--People seem to have trouble with this one.  You cannot do this on easy 
mode, but easy mode is good practice for it if you do have trouble.  In 
survival mode, you cannot die a single time.  This did take me a few 
attempts, but certainly is not impossible.  I suggest playing the game 
several times in story mode so you know the patterns of enemies and bosses 
before giving this one an attempt.  You will probably have to make several 
runs before getting it.  You can try it in hard or hardcore modes, but I 
don't recommend it since there is no need to.  It can be done online.
***Difficulty Rating: 4***

Turtle Tantrum!: 5 points
-Kill more than five enemies at one time using an exploding barrel or 
fireworks box
--I got this one by accident (as in I wasn't trying to get it) on the ship 
level with the fireworks box around the midway point of the level in hardcore 
survival.  This is an achievement, that theoretically possible, probably 
won't happen in easy or normal difficulty because there just aren't enough 
enemies on the screen.  Hard more or hardcore mode needs to be played to have 
an easier time to get this achievement.  The easiest place to get this 
achievement is in the second level.  There is an exploding barrel near the 
very beginning of the level.  Go into quick play mode, and choose hardcore 
and level 2.  After the very first group of Foot Soldiers, you come to the 
exploding barrel.  Let the screen get full of enemies and hit the barrel.  DO 
NOT MOVE!  The Foot Soldiers will follow you if you move away from the 
barrel, so stand still and let the explosion hit you as well as the Foot 
Soldiers.  This achievement is granted right away, so as soon as you get it, 
you can exit the level.  If you don't get it, exit the level and reload it 
until you do.  It can be done in story mode, survival mode, online or quick 
***Difficulty Rating: 3***

Heroes in a Half Shell: 30 points
-Complete the game four different times, once with every turtle.  Can be done 
in easy difficulty
--This is commonly misconstrued as being a multiplayer achievement because of 
the wording within the game.  This is not true.  You yourself have to beat 
the game four different times using each different turtle once.  You can beat 
the game fifty times with Leonardo then three more times, once with each 
turtle to get the achievement, it just has to happen with every turtle.  You 
can do a combination of online and offline play throughs to get the 
achievement.  I did it with Donatello offline in easy, Michelangelo online in 
normal, Raphael offline in normal, and Leonardo offline in hard mode.  They 
can all be done in easy mode if you like.
**Difficulty Rating: 1***

Lean, Green and Mean: 20 points
-Earn more than 8,000 points in one game
--Points are a tricky thing to earn in high quantity.  You can gain 8,000 
points in easy mode, though it is very, very difficult.  Remember that every 
time you die, you lose points.  In easy mode there just aren't enough enemies 
to allow dying, so I suggest doing this in normal difficulty.  You can easily 
score 10,000 points and still have room for a few deaths.  Remember that if 
you lose all your lives, your score resets to 0.  You can do this in story 
mode or survival.
***Difficulty Rating: 2***

Slow as a Turtle: 10 points
-Complete any level, including killing the boss, in less than three minutes.
--This is a bit of a tough one.  You have to complete the level, from 
beginning to end in under three minutes.  You should attempt this in easy 
mode since you have the fewest number of enemies in easy mode.  I personally 
did this in normal mode on the second level, and got it without even trying.  
It just happened as I was going for points.  Use quick play mode and play 
either the first or the second level on easy mode.  They are they two 
shortest and easiest to get through.
***Difficulty Rating 3***

Turtle Power: 25 points
-Complete the game once in Story Mode in normal difficulty or greater
--Simply beat the game with any turtle in normal, hard, or hardcore 
difficulty.  You must play story mode.  This cannot be done with quick play 
more.  It can be done online.
***Difficulty Rating: 1***

Staying Alive: 25 points
-Defeat Shredder without dying.  You can die before you reach Shredder, you 
just cannot die while fighting him.
--As far as I know, this can be done on any difficulty setting or game mode.  
You simply cannot die by the hands of Shredder.  Grabbing the pizzas is fine.  
Go for it in easy mode on quick play to prevent having to repeat the entire 
game again and again if you die.
***Difficulty Rating: 2*** 

Seen My Bones?: 5 points
-Get zapped by any laser in the game
--This can only be done in level one or level eight.  Just get shocked by the 
lasers that shoot out of Android Krang's eyes in level one, one of the two 
lasers that shoot out near the end of level eight or by the Stone Warriors 
that carry the laser guns.  I personally got it by being shocked by the Stone 
***Difficulty Rating: 1***

Invincible: 5 points
-Complete any level without grabbing a single pizza.  Can be done in easy 
--This is a very simple one.  Just go through a level and do not pick up a 
single pizza.  The first level is the easiest.  I personally got it online 
when playing with some pizza grabbers.  Level seven is a good one to get it 
as well since there are no pizzas that stay on the screen.  Can be done in 
any mode or difficulty.
***Difficulty Rating: 1*** 

Ice, Ice, Turtle: 20 points
-Avoid all ice traps in level 8 "Star Base: Where No Turtle Has Gone Before"  
You must complete the level to unlock the achievement.
--Since this can only be done on level eight, it is best to have level eight 
unlocked in quick play mode so you don't have to go through all the other 
levels just to get this.  I personally got it on my very first try.  What you 
need to do is stop the screen so that the ice in on the right third of the 
screen.  From here, kill all the Foot Soldiers by letting them come to you on 
the left, do not go after them.  Once they are dead, go to the bottom of the 
screen.  Wait for the very bottom left ice block to light up.  As soon as it 
goes away, move forward to the little gap at the bottom.  Hold here.  Wait 
for the next one in front of you to light up.  As soon as it goes away, book 
it all the way across, DO NOT STOP AT THE NEXT GAP.  If you stop at the next 
gap, the screen will stop and cannot be scrolled until the enemies are dead.  
If you run, you will have about half the screen on the right that is ice 
block free.  You need to complete the level by defeating Krang in order to be 
given the achievement.  This can be done in any difficulty or mode.
***Difficulty Rating: 2***

The Inflatable Reptilian Hero: 5 points
-Get flattened by any trap or boss in the game
--This is easiest obtained in the very first level.  Just stand under the 
first wrecking ball and let it smash you.  I personally got this in the 
fourth level when fighting Cement Man.  After he gets below half health, he 
smashes his fist into you.  You get it immediately and can be done on any 
difficulty level.
***Difficulty Rating: 1***


Q:  How do I buy this game?
A:  You need to have your X-box hooked up to an internet source, and have at 
least access to a silver account (silver accounts are free).  You need to go 
to the X-Box dashboard and go to arcade game section.  From there you need to 
search within arcade games for TMNT Re-shelled.  It will cost you 800 
Microsoft points (roughly US $10.00) which you can either buy on the spot, or 
buy at a retail store and enter into your system via a code.  You need to 
have a hard drive installed into your X-box to have a place to store the 
game.  Once the game is paid for, it will be downloaded to your hard drive 
and you can enjoy it once it is fully downloaded.  Remember that Microsoft 
does not accept refunds for any items purchased over X-box live, so if you 
aren't sure you want it, download the free demo first.

***Update!!!***  This game is no longer available to purchase.  A license ran 
out and Ubisoft was forced to remove the game several years ago.  You cannot 
redownload the game, even if you have purchased it in the past.  If you 
delete the game, it is gone for good, so don't delete it!  I no longer have 
an Xbox 360 and have no way to play this game anymore.  I do still own the 
hard drive that the game was saved on, so perhaps if I find a cheap system, I 
can play it again.  I assume that the on-line servers are no longer active.

Q:  Where is/are Slash, Bebop and Rocksteady, the Elevator level, the 
Technodrome level, the first Shredder battle and other things from the SNES 
A:  This game is not a remake of the SNES game.  Turtles in Time came out in 
the Arcade a full year before it did on the SNES.  When it was ported to the 
SNES, all those things mentioned above were added, as well as some other 
things changed (the barrel in Alley Cat Blues is a spin attack in the SNES 
game) and moved (the pizza and spin attacks were switched in Prehistoric 
Turtlesauras).  The game was actually lengthened for the SNES version.  Since 
we have a remake of the arcade game here, those parts never were in the game 
to begin with.

Q:  What else what changed?
A:  Aside from what was listed above, the obvious graphical updates in 
addition to all new music.  From my understanding, Ubisoft didn't want to pay 
for the music, so they created their own.  The original didn't have eight 
directional attacks (only two: left and right) or eight directions of 
movement.  I believe that boss AI was changed slightly to accommodate the 
attack and movement directions, but it has been fifteen years since I played 
the original arcade, so I cannot be certain.  

Q:  Can I host this guide on my site?
A:  No.  I do not allow anyone to use my guides without expressed, written 
permission.  I do not give permission unless I am asked, specifically, about 
this guide.  I do not like automated e-mails.  I will most likely only allow 
my guide to be hosted on a small website, usually one centered around the 
game or system my guide is for.  For more information, see the Copyright 
section of this guide, at the bottom.  Use of this guide without my 
permission is considered theft and will be reported to the proper 

Q:  How do I contact you about this guide?
A:  E-mail is the best way to do so.  My e-mail can be found at the beginning 
or the end of this guide, just remember to take the numbers 123 out of it 
because they do not belong.  I keep them there to prevent auto scanning 
websites from obtaining my e-mail address.  Alternatively, you can also 
contact me via MSN using the same e-mail address or on AIM using the screen 
name ArguroDeXill.  While I am almost always online, I am not always at my 
computer and it may take as many as 16 hours to get a reply from me.  Just be 
patient if this is the contact method of choice.  I am not ignoring you, 
simply doing something away from the computer.

***update!***  Hahahaha instant messenger!  I haven't used those services in 
close to a decade now, and I assume they are no longer a thing.  Just e-mail 
me if you have questions.  I will do my best to answer you, although remember 
I can no longer play the game.

Q:  What other guides have you done?
A:  Just simply click on the name Arguro at the very top or the very bottom 
(orange text in a black box) of this guide and it will take you to my 
contributor page.  From there you can see all the different things I have 
contributed to Gamefaqs.

Q:  I really like your guides.  Can I donate money to you in support?
A:  If you really want to, you can send a Pay Pal payment to my e-mail 
address which is at the top or bottom of this guide.  Please understand that 
any donated money does not mean I will name you in my guide.  It also does 
not mean I will do any special work for you and it certainly does not give 
you any rights to host this guide or publish it anywhere.  I do not want the 
user to feel obligated to pay me in any means.  This is a free guide for 
personal, private home use.  I will not reject your offer to pay me, but I do 
not want you to feel it is necessary.  If you do decide to donate to me, 
please only donate what amount you are comfortable with, even if it is a 
single penny.  Once a donation is made, it is final and there will be no 
refunds.  This is an odd question and I debated about adding it for a long 
time, but when I saw other FAQ authors had a similar question, I felt it 
would be a valid addition.

Q:  How do I beat X on level Y?
A:  It should be answered in the walkthrough.  If it isn't, and I have gone 
past that part in the walk through, chances are I just missed it.  E-mail me 
and ask about it.  If the walkthrough isn't complete and I have not got to 
that part yet, be patient and I will soon.  If it has been over a month and I 
haven't updated the guide, just send me an e-mail telling me you want me to 
finish this.  Knowing that people will use this guide is motivation enough to 
finish it.

Q:  I don't like this remake.  Where can I play the original?
A:  The original arcade cabinet is out there for purchase on the internet.  
It runs over US $1,000, not including the shipping costs.  If you don't want 
to buy it, I suggest searching out local establishments that have arcade 
games.  See if they have it.  If none do, talk to the owner about bringing it 
in.  An owner might be willing if you explain how it was just released on a 
new home system and that there are over 100,000 people who have played it and 
some people may be looking to play the original as well.  There are illegal 
ways to play it on your PC using emulators but I will not divulge how you do 
that.  Google can be your best friend if you are interested in this method.

Q:  What are the author's thoughts on this game?
A:  Well, I, like many others, was unaware that it was a remake of the arcade 
version.  To be more specific, I didn't realize the SNES and arcade versions 
were as different as they are.  The SNES original is one of my absolute 
favorite games of all time and when I saw it had differences, I was very 
angry at first.  Once I realized it wasn't the game I thought it was, I had 
to remove myself from the frame of mind that it was the same game.  I thought 
of the game as a different game entirely since it has game mechanics that are 
all new in addition to graphics and sound and I grew to like it a lot.  I 
don't think it will ever hold the same place in my heart as the SNES 
original, but it is certainly far from a bad game.  I find it to be a little 
on the easy side of things (except level 3) and wish that the difficulty 
level could be increased, but for ten bucks, I won't complain.

Q:  Where are you ranked on the leader boards and how do I get a high 
A:  I have been ranked as high as 27th and am currently 44th out of 115,042 
players with 16,235 points.  To get that high, you need to maximize your 
score by making sure you kill every enemy (enemies killed by explosions you 
didn't set won't give you scores).  Also, you lose points every time you die, 
so you need to limit your deaths.  The harder the difficulty level, the 
greater amount of enemies you encounter.  Higher scores come from higher 
difficulty settings.  As for survival mode, I am ranked 450th out of 31,612 
with 10,830 points at the time of this writing.  I was as high as 143rd.

Q:  What is your gamer tag and can I add you as a friend?
A:  My gamer tag is the same as my screen name: Arguro.  If you add me as a 
friend, I would like a little message with the request saying you added me 
because of this guide or another one of my guides.  I'd be happy to play a 
co-op game with you if I am online and not doing anything else to show you 
how to beat the game if you are having troubles. 

***Update!!!***  I no longer have an Xbox system of any kind, so I won't be 
able to play with you at this time.

Q:  I found a different/better way to beat a boss/gain an achievement!  Why 
do you not know this method?
A:  That's great that you found an alternative way to do it.  Everything 
outlined here is my experience on what works best.  It is very likely that 
you will find another method that works for you.  I'd be more than happy to 
include your original methods in my guide if you wish.  Just e-mail me some 
detailed instructions on how it is performed and I will give it a whirl.  It 
if works, I'll be happy to include it and give you credit.

Q:  You screwed up in a section/strategy/area/itsprobablyjustatypo!  Don't 
you spell check everything?
A:  No, I don't.  There are bound to be mistakes throughout this guide.  The 
only way they can be corrected is if you e-mail me and nicely explain to me 
where and how I messed up.  Credit will be given where credit is due.  My e-
mail is at the beginning of this guide.

Q:  Just how much are you into Ninja Turtles anyway?
A:  I am hugely into the Ninja Turtles.  I own almost every video game and 
every DVD of the original series.  The Ninja Turtles were a huge part of my 
childhood and they will always hold a place in my heart, no matter how old I 

Q:  What's this about the original cartoon on DVD?
A:  In 2004 or 2005, Lion's Gate Entertainment started releasing the original 
cartoon on DVD.  They were releasing them in 13 episode sets until season 
four, when they started releasing them by season.  There are currently seven 
seasons total out on DVD.  

Version History  (TMNThis)
Version 0.50 completed August 10th, 2009 at 1:31 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the entire guide, minus the individual walkthroughs, 
detailed achievement guide and x-box live tips.  12 total pages when printed. 
33.8 KB

Version 0.55 completed August 11th, 2009 at 9:19 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of the first level walkthrough as well as 
section headers for the characters and the items and objects sections.  
Thirteen total pages when printed.  39.7 KB

Version 0.60 completed August 12th, 2009 at 9:44 pm Mountain Time
  Version included a correction in copyright year in the copyright section.  
Thanks to Raitatsu (Jon) for the heads up, included the time the last version 
was completed, typed up the entire Items and Objects section and included an 
additional two sentences to the copyright section.  Sixteen total pages when 
printed.  46.8 KB

Version 0.75 completed on August 13th, 2009 at 9:50 am Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of level two and three to the walk through.  
I also expanded on the level three boss strategy somewhat and included 
information on the origin of Cement Man.  Twenty pages when printed.  60.0 KB

Version 0.80 completed on August 13th, 2009 at 10:29 am Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of the write up for the walkthrough of level 
four.  Also included some basic information into the introduction and added a 
few frequently asked questions to the FAQ section.  Twenty two pages when 
printed.  69.6 KB

Version 0.85 completed on August 13th, 2009 at 12:27 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of several more frequently asked questions to 
the FAQ section as well as a detailed write up for every achievement.  
Achievement section is now finished, four levels of walkthrough and online 
tips are all that is left.  Twenty five total pages when printed.  78.4 KB

Version 0.88 completed on August 13th, 2008 at 1:48 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of the walkthrough through level five.  Fixed 
some typos and made some minor corrections to some information.  Almost done!  
Twenty six total pages when printed 82.9 KB

Version 0.90 completed on August 13th, 2009 at 3:04 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of the walkthrough up to level seven.  I also 
fixed a couple minor typos.  My fingers hurt, so this is it for today.  
Twenty eight total pages when printed 88.4 KB

Version 0.92 completed on August 14th, 2009 at 9:28 am Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of level seven to the walkthrough, leaving 
only level eight, character descriptions and x-box live tips left to go.  
Thirty pages when printed.  93.5 KB

Version 0.95 completed on August 14th, 2009 at 10:29 am Mountain Time
  Version included the competition of the walkthrough; all levels and boss 
strategies done!  I also added a few sentences to the copyright section and 
fixed a couple typos.  Thirty three pages when printed! 102 KB

Version 1.00 completed on August 14th, 2009 at 12:23 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the completion of the characters section with all points 
granted for enemies.  I also removed the x-box live and multiplayer tips 
section as I couldn't think of more than one thing for that section that I 
didn't include in the general walkthrough.  Added several more FAQS and 
include a section in the controls on double jumping and double jump attacks.  
Guide is complete.  Thirty five total pages when printed 109 KB

Version 1.01 completed on August 21st, 2009 at 8:30 pm Mountain Time
  Version included the addition of an alternative method for gaining the Toe 
Be or Not Toe Be achievement (thanks to David Moody).  Thirty five total 
pages when printed 110 KB

Version 1.02 completed September 26th, 2018 at 9:11 AM Mountain Time
  Version included the updates to my name, e-mail and copyright that the rest 
of my guides are getting.  This guide won FAQ of the month and was therefore 
never removed from the site when I pulled all my guides.  I also added a 
couple words to a few sentences to better make them understandable.  I also 
corrected a VERY embarrassing typo where I called a “steel girder” a “steel 
garter.”  That was there for NINE YEARS and not one person e-mailed me to 
make fun of me.  Either you people are very nice or no one reads this guide!  
I also added some updates about the purchasing of this game and how I no 
longer am able to play it.  Thirty six total pages when printed 111 KB

Copyright information (TMNTcpy)

  This guide is the copyright of Sam Skinner 2009-2018.  
This guide may not be reproduced on any website or in print form without my 
expressed, handwritten consent.  The user is hereby granted permission to 
store this guide on his or her hard drive under the following conditions: 1. 
The hard drive may only be accessed by the user and his or her immediate 
family; 2.  The guide is kept fully intact, i.e. no section, paragraph, word, 
letter or punctuation mark is missing from the guide; 3.  This section is 
kept stored with the guide and is read before any other section is read when 
the individual accesses the guide for the first time.  The user is also 
hereby allowed to print this guide in any fashion as he or she sees fit, 
provided that this section in its entirety is included with the printed 
version.  The printed version must not be sold or given away under any 
circumstance.  This guide may only be hosted on one (1) website, that site 
being www.gamefaqs.com.  If you want to use this guide on your website, you 
must send me an e-mail to Arguro AT Hotmail.com and please specify which 
guide you want to host.  I ask that you specify so that I know you actually 
are interested in my work and that I am not reading an automated e-mail that 
scans FAQS for email addresses.  If you do not specify the guide and include 
specific reasons why you would like to host it, I will NOT allow to host it 
at any time now or in the future.  I reserve the right to determine what 
sites may and may not host this guide as well as the right to ask for 
monetary compensation for the hosting of this guide as I see fit.  Failure to 
abide by these rules set forth is a violation of US copyright law and is 
subject to persecution.  Further use of this guide is considered acceptance 
of these rules set forth.  If you do not agree with these rules, do not use 
this guide.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all likeness and names are the copyright 
of Mirage Studios.  This game is copyright of Ubisoft.  I am in no way 
affiliated with either of these companies and this guide is neither 
authorized nor commissioned by either of these companies.

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