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Walkthrough by Big Bob

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/05/2009

Shadow Complex Guide for the Xbox 360
Chair Entertainment, Epic Games

Guide written by Big Bob
Email: ImBigBob@gmail.com

What is Shadow Complex?

If you're reading this guide you probably don't need an explanation, but I'll
give one anyway.  Shadow Complex was created by Chair Entertainment and
published by Epic Games.  The game is a downloadable game exclusive for the
Xbox Live Arcade.  The playstyle of the game is similar to 2D platform games
like Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.  Additionally, the
game's storyline ties into Orson Scott Card's Novel, "Empire".  The game is
priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 in real money).  Personally, I think it's
an excellent game, which is why I wrote this walkthrough for it.  Enjoy!


Campaign Mode:

Main Adventure

-This is the main gameplay mode of Shadow Complex.  The vast majority of the
guide will walk you through the game, telling you where you need to go, what
items you can get, and how to get through the game

Proving Grounds

-The Proving Grounds are a series of short levels testing the skills you've
obtained throughout the game.  They grade you based on time.  I recommend that
you don't play these until you've beaten the Main Adventure.  For completing
every challenge, you get an Achievement.  Unfortunately, there's no Master
Challenge for getting platinum medals on each level.


In the first section of the game, you do not play as Jason Bailey.  Instead,
you play as Colonel Dallas, suped up with all his gear.  This section is
short-lived, but it gives you an opportunity to play with the control scheme
before getting into the actual game.  Let's see what he can do:


Left Control Stick - Move
-Move your character left and right with the left control stick.  He will
automatically aim in the direction he is facing.

Right Control Stick - Aim
-Point the control stick in the direction you want to shoot to aim in that
direction.  If there are enemies in the background, press up to aim at them.
Enemies in the foreground, press down to aim.  Aiming is important, but it's
not something that comes easily.  Fortunately, you'll have plenty of time to
practice before getting into real fights

A - Jump
-A simple jump.  Press A again to double-jump.  If you jump against the wall,
the character will stick to it for a moment, and you can press A again to jump
off the wall, giving you even more air.  Also, if you jump onto the side of a
cliff or railing, your character will hang onto it.  To climb up, press up.
To do a quick climb, Press Up and A simultaneously.

B - Action
-Stand next to a soldier to punch him, killing him instantly.  Punch 5 soldiers
to get an achievement.  Other than that, the button is used for context-
sensitive actions.

X - Run
-Normally, your character will walk around, but if you hold the X button, he
will run.  There's no downside to running, unless you intend to be cautious in
an area.  Also, while you can't do it in this area, if you run in one direction
long enough without stopping, you will activate your hyper boost and be able to
break certain walls

Y - Reload
-Reloads your weapon so you have a full clip again.  Simple enough.  Ammo's
infinite in this game, so don't worry about that.

RT - Fire Primary Weapon (your gun)
-You press the button and the peoples fall down.  Depending on what gun you
have, you can either hold down the button to fire continuously, or press it
repeatedly to fire individual shots quickly.  Destroys yellow surfaces.

RB - Fire Special Weapon
-You have four different special weapons:

Grenades (travels in an arc and explodes after a short time, destroys green

Foam Gun (Freezes enemies for a short time, destroys vents, and creates
platforms on solid surfaces, destroys purple objects)

Missiles (travels in a straight line and explodes, destroys red surfaces)

Hook (fire at a wall to hang from it or stick to it.  While hanging from a
surface you may aim elsewhere and use the hook again.  I don't know how it
works either)

LT - Crouch
-While crouching you can access vents and other small areas.  Also helps if
you're taking cover

LB - Turn Flashlight On or Off
-Use the flashlight to light up dark rooms and see secret passages.  The
battery will run out after a while, but it recharges quickly, so don't worry
about it.

D-Pad - Select Special Weapon
-Press left or right on the D-pad to change your special weapon.

Additionally, as you play the game, you will gain experience points and be able
to level up.  When you level up, you'll gain a bit more stamina or accuracy.
These changes are really small and minor, but every 10 levels you'll gain a
much better power.  At 10, you'll gain an additional 100 hit points.  At 20,
you'll be able to see the entire map.  30, infinite foam packs, 40, grenades,
and 50, missiles.  Your level carries over between games, so if you ever want to
do any of the difficult challenges, I suggest you level up first (and one of
the achievements is getting to level 50, so you might as well go for it).


Alright!  Now that that's done with, let's get on with the game.  Practice the
control scheme a bit, and when you're ready, run to the right.  You have a lot
of Health, so don't worry about getting shot.  Just kill all the soldiers on
screen (including on the upper floors and in the background).  Shortly, a 
helicopter will appear and begin shooting you.  Just return fire, maybe
shooting some missiles its way as well, and it'll go down in no time.  For
destroying the helicopter you get 15 achievement points.  You'll see a
cutscene.  Afterwards you'll be in the REAL game.

Immediately you'll notice that you don't have any of the enhancements that you
did in the last scene.  You can't even wall-jump over the rock on your left,
or grab onto ledges.  However, you do have your flashlight.  Go to the right
and follow the path in the caves (it's straightforward).  You'll eventually
come to Claire's backpack and gear.  This allows you wall jump and hang off
of ledges.  Go to the right and climb up the wall on the left side of the
screen.  Run and jump across the gap and continue on.  The door is locked, so
drop into the gap and watch the scene.  Afterwards, go through the door and
walk into the first save point.  As you pass the terminal, you'll acquire the
map of the first area.  Continue to the left, and as Jason says, run to avoid
the camera from seeing you.  Though if it does, the door just locks; nothing
else.  Walk back and try again.  Go down the stairs and ladder and drop into
the available hole.  Jump up and climb into the vents.  Jump up again.
You'll see a yellow vent; just ignore it for now and follow the path. When you
get to the top, you'll see a cutscene and obtain the pistol.

Immediately a turret will appear on the ceiling on the right.  Kill it.  Rather
than going through the door, go left back into the vents.  Go down for a while,
skipping the first vent, and shoot the second vent you see.  Inside the room is
a HEALTH PACK.  Now, go left, down, and right, back into the room you were in
before.  Now, there are two options: shoot the vent on the wall, or shoot the
vent on the floor.  Unless you want to get into a heavy firefight this early in
the game, I recommend the top vent.  Follow the path to the right, dropping
into the gap to see the room if you wish, but continue through the ceiling
route.  When you get out, you'll see a Bomba directly beneath you.  Jump to the
right, kill it, then climb up the ladder and access the next save point.  Drop
down and access the map on the wall.

Head to the right and get on the elevator.  Press down to make it go down.
Continue to the right and melee the soldier you see, to avoid alerting the
guard in the background.  Swim across the surface of the water.  There's
nothing in the room to the right yet except some enemies that will shoot you as
soon as they see you.  Instead, aim at the guy in the background and kill him,
then shoot the bomba on the wall.  Climb up in the caverns and follow the path.
Don't shoot the barrels unless you want them to explode.  By the way, Bombas
explode too, so don't stand under this next one when you kill it.  Climb up the
ladders, and shoot the Bomba over the soldier's head.  It'll drop and kill the
guy, and get you the "Look Out!" achievement.  Access the next save room.

Walk to the right and get a free HEALTH PACK.  Yay.  Shoot the enemies in this
next room, then drop down the long gap.  Walk to your left and you'll see a
locked door.  Jump and go into the passageway above it, killing the Bomba.
Drop into the room and you'll find a GRENADE PACK.  To place a grenade rather
than throwing it, crouch and hit the special weapon button.  However, instead
of blowing up the door, throw the grenade into the darkness on the left side of
the room.  Head over into that area you just blew up and you'll find a hole in
the floor (if you don't, try throwing another grenade).  Go to your left and
wall jump up the caverns to get a PASS KEY.  Go back the way you came, and...
oh crap. Boss Fight!


There's a place to take cover in the middle of this area.  Wait for it to stop
firing, then jump and toss a few grenades its way.  If you hit the underbelly,
you'll do a ton of damage.  Your pistol will do damage as well, just not as
much.  After it takes some damage, the machine will walk forward and lunge at
you; retreat into the grenade room to avoid it (and stock up while you're
there).  It won't fire on you in this position, but you should still be
careful.  Keep throwing grenades at it and dodge its fire and you'll beat it in
no time.

As Jason says, "Go back and grab some of the stuff you missed".  Now that you
have grenades, more areas are available to you.  I won't make you go way, way
out of your way to grab a rather unimportant item, but I will point out simple
or easily missable ones for you.  For now though, go back through the last save
room and place a grenade in the area on the ceiling.  You'll find a GRENADE
PACK.  Keep going right until you find a locked door on the ledge.  Crouch and
lay a grenade to blow open the door.  Keep going right and access the map.
Continue right two screens and kill the guards in this room.  Purple rooms are
locked to you at this point.  Climb up and go to the right, into the caverns.
Crawl through the hole on the right, then climb up the left ledges.  Jump to
the gap on the other side of the wall to find a GRENADE PACK.  Go back to the
right and climb up the right ledge.  Lay a grenade to blow up the rocks, then
fall through the hole.  Now, dive through the water, keeping X held down to
swim faster.  Take a breather when you can, and continue right.  Climb up the
cavern, go a screen to the left, killing the guard along the way, and left
again to get to a save point.  If you want, you can keep traveling left, using
some tricky jumps and carefully killing guards to get back to your jeep.  Press
B in front of the jeep to get a joke ending.  You do get a Master Challenge for
the joke ending, but no achievements.

Head to the right, taking out the guard and jumping across the gap.  Continue
right for a few screens until you see a cutscene.  Boss fight!


Take out the two soldiers in front of you as quickly as you can, then crouch
behind the crate to avoid taking damage from the boss's turret.  It might be
some distance away from you at this point, so when it stops firing, get in
front of the crate and toss some grenades its way.  In my experience, once you
get it hurt with grenades, it's powerless to stop you, so just keep them

Blow open the vent next to the crate and jump down.  On the left ledge is an
easy GRENADE PACK.  Travel to the right and climb up a bunch of ladders,
ignoring the bunch of boulders blocking the path.  Getting on the ledge for the
ladders is a little odd, but keep trying.  Kill the guard when you get to the
top.  Destroy the next group of soldiers using the ancient Chinese secret
called "exploding barrels".  Drop down the path and head left.  Swim through
the cavern to get a HEALTH PACK.  Head back to the right, killing a guard and a
Bomba along the way.  When you get to the lake, dive right in.  Very quickly, a
helicoptor will start shooting you, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Try swimming underwater part of the time to avoid its bullets.  When you're on
land again, climb over the cottage and enter it from the right to get health
and grenade reloads.  Then, do some more swimming and enter the forest on the
right side of the lake.  Drop into the cavern.  Enter the save room on the
right if you want, then go back into the previous room and kill the Bomba on
the floor.  Crawl into the space it came from.  Destroy the vent opening and
crawl through, then wait for the guard to turn his back.  Kill him and the
other guards.  Access the map on the right side of the room, then take the
ladder up.  You'll see a cutscene, then get a new gun: the WSMP50 Compact.

Head right to the save room and kill the guard, climb up the ladder, and
continue on.  This room's a huge friggin' firefight; be careful, take cover
when necessary, and use your grenades wisely.  Blow up the Devastator with your
grenades.  Carefully maneuver up the room in order to pick off the last two
soldiers.  The platform in the top right of the room contains a GRENADE PACK.
Go into the next room on the right and kill the guards.  The ladder up leads to
a dead end for now, so let's go down instead.  Kill the guard, ignore the power
up in the ceiling, and head left.  Kill the next guard, get in the elevator,
and go down.  Kill the guards on either side of you, and head left.  There's a
vent on the right you can break, but ignore it for now.  In the next room, you
can either carefully dodge the security camera's vision, or just shoot all the
turrets.  Your choice.  Head to the next room for my favorite cutscene in the

Head left and shoot the vent in the floor.  Go down the ladder and enter the
door in the bottom right corner.  Shoot open the vent, and swim through the
water and climb up the ladder.  Take out the guy at the turret, then press B to
take the turret yourself.  Use the right control stick to aim and the right
trigger to fire.  Just keep firing; there's no need to worry about overheating.
Look all over the room, making sure to get every last soldier as they pour out
of each section of the room.  Get rid of the big guy with the minigun first.
Once they're all gone, press B again to get out of the minigun and continue
right.  Save if you want, though I caution you: if you die before the next save
point, all the enemies in the room will respawn, and you won't be able to
minigun them to death.  If that happens, take out a few quick soldiers, jump
down and blow up the green vent as quickly as you can.  Might take a few tries.
Anyway, drop down the hole, jump out of the water onto the floor on the right,
then drop down several stories into more water.  Swim down to get a GOLD BAR.
Head left and drop down into the hole in between the flooring and the cavern.
Go to the left, underneath the big guy with the minigun, and climb up the
ladder.  Jump to the right, fall onto the elevator, then press up to go up.
Kill the new type of Bombas as you go to your left; try to shoot the energy
blasts they fire at you.  You'll also encounter a foam gun Bomba; their shots
won't hurt you, but you will be frozen for a brief period.  When you get to the
end, drop down and head into the save room on the right.  Go a screen to the
right, kill the soldier, then wall jump off the right wall in order to get the
GRENADE PACK in the ceiling.

Head to the left and grab the elevator from the bottom, and go up.  On the way
up, you'll see a ledge on the right.  Grab and crawl through the space, then
break the crates on the platform in order to grab a GRENADE PACK.  Wall jump up
the passage, or drop onto the top of the elevator and go up; doesn't matter.
Go to the right and kill the soldier.  Make that soldiers.  Head into the
darkness on the top right, killing the Bomba in the passage you want to crawl
through.  Follow the path and use grenades to kill the minigun soldier, as well
as dispatching the Bomba and normal soldier.  Continue through the vents on the
left and drop into the save point.  Health doesn't respawn in this room when
you die, so if you're low on health, this may be troublesome for you.  Melee
the soldier in the first screen, quickly shoot the two soldiers in the second,
and jump on the ladder and go down.  Shoot the soldiers and continue on.  In
the next room it might be best to just run right past them all.  Shoot the
soldiers at the stairs and lay a grenade to get through the door.  As you
continue on, you'll get a new gun, the WSM400AI Carbine.  Grenade the door and
move on.

Carefully kill the several soldiers in the next room and take the ladder up.
Climb the stairs, blow up the turrets in the background, and enter the elevator
and go down.  Head left to the save point.  Run through the rooms to your left,
killing the guards along the way.  When you get to the next room, stop, and
take a good look around before you continue; this'll be a doozy.  Look for
enemies on the upper level in the background and shoot them first to get them
out of the way.  Now, as this point you should have two main enemies; a turret
sticking to the bottom of a platform, and a grunt with a missile launcher.  The
turret will shoot energy blasts at you; you can shoot these and they'll
disappear.  If you stand directly behind the box, you'll be fine, but if you
jump, you'll be vulnerable.  And jumping is the only way to fight these things.
If a missile gets shot at the ceiling above you, the splash damage will hurt
you, so be careful.  Jump repeatedly and aim at the turret first; your gun's
auto-aim should take care of it (though it might focus on the soldier, so try
to work the kinks out).  Next aim at the soldier, and try using a few grenades
along with your bullets; they'll help.  Once everything is dead, move on.  Some
more soldiers will appear on the right side of the room; shoot them if you
want, but you can just ignore them.  Enter the room to the left on the top
floor; this will give you a good angle to shoot all the enemies.  When you're
done, move on.

Run left and jump across the gap, and enter the room.  Access the map terminal.
Go left again for a save.  Shoot the vent on the floor in the room and crawl
through it to find a GRENADE PACK.  Run back to the right and drop in the gap
in the floor.  Go to the right and turn the valve; water will start pouring in.
If you want that GRENADE PACK at this point, you're going to have to take some
damage.  When the water pours in, wait by the valve as the water rises; when it
gets to the grenade pack, a piece of the ceiling will open and you can access
it.  You're guaranteed to damage some damage by doing this, and if you're not a
proficient enough swimmer, you'll die.  If you don't think you can do it, just
ignore it for now.  Anyway, swim up to a safe spot.  If you're on the left (and
you probably are), dive back down and swim to the right and up; you'll see
another area to breathe in.  Kill the guy, and climb up the right wall.  Follow
the path to get a GRENADE PACK.  Go back down.  The next part's kind of tough,
so if you want to save, climb through the vent on the left, follow the path up,
and turn the valve to move the water back down.  Yeah, it takes a while.  When
you're ready, use the water to swim up the left side of the room.  Lay a
grenade and walk through the door.

Instead of shooting the guy, drop onto the floor and aim left into the green
vent.  If you shoot a grenade into here, the guy will light on fire.  Move
left.  You can shoot another grenade in this room, but you're better off taking
cover behind the boxes and just shooting all the soldiers that appear.  When
you're done, head left, and jump behind the boxes to find a GRENADE PACK.
Shoot the vent in the ceiling and follow the path into the caverns.  Head left
until you get to a save point.  When you're ready, pull the lever next to the
elevator to head down.  Go right and pull another lever to make a mine cart
appear.  Drop onto the tracks and head right to find a GRENADE PACK.  Now, jump
in the mine cart and press B to go.  You're gonna go fast and the mine cart's
gonna fly across the gap, though you're gonna have to jump at the right time in
order to make it all the way across.  Head left, melee the guy next to the
sandbags, and stand beside them as you kill all the soldiers in the room.  Keep
going left, and grenade the vent on the floor by the door.  Drop in it and
continue left.  Keep your flashlight on here; what you want to do is stay right
below the soldier as he heads back and forth.  When you make it to the middle,
open the hatch, but don't head up until you know both of the guards are looking
away.  If they see you, you're going to have to hide until they think it's safe
again.  Jump into the vent on the ceiling to the left, and continue on, staying
in line with the guard so you don't get zapped.  Once you're through, go to the
left, jump over the gap and get to the save room.  Now drop through the gap to
get the CLD THRUST PACK (aka, Double Jump)!  Woo!

Double Jump to get out of the room, and save again.  Use the double jump on the
right side of the room.  Crawl through the gap on the right and follow the
path.  When you get to a group of soldiers, be careful before moving on; some
of them aren't easy to see.  Climb up the walkway to find a GRENADE PACK.  Head
right and drop into the room that you were in a moment ago.  Head right.  When
you get to the ledge, double jump up and kill the soldier.  Jump across the
room and climb the ladder.  Fun fact: if you hold X while climbing a ladder,
your pack will boost you up quickly.  Turn your flashlight on, and point it at
the hole in the wall on the right.  Kill the Bomba when it comes out, and crawl
through, heading right.  You'll get to a dead end, but point up and you'll see
the path to take.  Keep climbing up, and when you get to the purple vent, head
right and shoot the soldiers below you.  Head into the save room.  Leave, and
drop down and head right.  Crawl under the first platform and melee the guy.
Immediately a nearby soldier will attach to the ceiling and start shooting at
you and dropping grenades next to you.  Take him out with good old bullets, but
this is a tough fight, so you may have to retry a few times.  Kill the last guy
in the room.  Continue right, killing the bombas if you please, into another
save room.  In the next room, kill the soldier on the first floor, and fire a
few blind bullets upward to hopefully kill another guy.  Activate the console,
and shoot the yellow pipe to make the room flood.  As the water rises, keep
shooting the yellow pipes to release more water.  Climb onto the right platform
to shoot the guy in the upper left.  Keep heading up and travel right.  Kill
the soldier and access the map.  Next room has full health and ammo.  There's a
huge firefight in this next room, and if health gets too low, just head back
for more.  Head right and up, killing all the soldiers along the way.  The door
to the left is locked, so instead head up the stairs into the upper room and
drop into the vent.  Crouch, and follow the path to the left.

Drop out of the vent, head up the stairs (by jumping on them, of course), and
access a hole in the upper left side of the room to get a GRENADE PACK.  Get
out of the room, and this time jump on the vents on the ceiling, shoot the vent
on the wall, and head through it.  Drop down, kill the guy, and kill all the
enemies you see.  More will appear in the background.  Jump on the light and
onto the platform to the left.  Kill the enemies in the background, shoot the
vent in the wall, and head through.  Go into the save room, head left, and drop
to the bottom of the elevator shaft.  Head left.  Boss fight!  (and head to the
very left and crouch for a GOLD BAR)

BOSS: Thing that shoots missiles and doesn't like water

...I don't know its name.  Anyway, this sequence is pretty simple.  The enemy
only has one attack; it aims a laser at you, and a couple of seconds later it
shoots missiles in that direction.  Stay out of the laser's line of sight and
you should be fine.  To continue, shoot the yellow pipe on the floor, and water
will burst out.  Once again, shoot each yellow pipe as the water rises.
Though, this time the pipes are spread further apart, and you'll probably have
to make a few jumps in order to hit them.  All.  Just keep shooting pipes and
dodging missiles, and you should be fine.  The vulnerability of the pipes is a
little odd, too; try to hit various parts of it to ensure it gets hit in the
right place.  When the water rises to the top of the room, the boss will sink,
and the ceiling will open for you to climb through.

Head left.  Shoot guys.  Shoot guys in background.  Climb into the vent on the
top left corner of room and drop down.  Enter the save room and continue
through.  Kill the guys however you please.  At the end, drop down and swim
under the structure, to the right.  Careful of the camera's focus as you get
out of the water; if you're spotted, you're going to have to kill some turrets.
Grenade the door to get the SCHCA MASK (Scuba mask).  Instead of walking out,
jump behind the shelves into the water, and to the right you'll find a PASSKEY.
Exit the room to the left, swim under the structure, and climb up.  Some
enemies are now shooting you.  Shoot them, and head right into the save room.
Go right, grenade the floor, and drop through, swimming down and under.
Careful of the guy with the minigun when you get up.  Head right, and swim all
the way down.  Go into the elevator shaft, and swim all the way up to the save
point.  Head right, and have a standoff with the guy with the missile launcher.
Kill him, and jump across to the right side of the room.  Drop into the vent to
find an ARMOR UPGRADE.  Climb out and dive into the water.  Head right and
shoot the vent on the left side of the next room to find a GRENADE PACK.  Head
down through all the rooms you came through to get here, witnessing the
destruction you created. There's nothing to shoot, so just follow the path.
After the save room, the speed of the water will increase, and you'll be very
suddenly dropped into a fightfight, but you should be able to handle it.  Drop
down back into the caverns, and save if you want.

Once again, pull the lever to make the crane drop.  Head left and dive into the
lake.  Cavern to the left contains a PASSKEY.  Swim down, down, down, and when
you get to the bottom, swim left.  Climb up and shoot the vent in the upper
left.  Head through, and crawl through the passageway.  Take out the two
soldiers and the Bomba in the next room.  Grab onto that thing on the ceiling.
When it heads to the right and stops, just hold right and Jason will jump onto
the ladder.  Feels clunky, I know.  Climb up the ladder, and grenade the wall
on the right.  Head through to get a GRENADE PACK.  Now head left, access the
map, and head left some more to get to a save point.  Oh gee, Claire wants you
to save the world.  Yay!

This next room is big.  Kill the couple of enemies, and jump on the platforms
above the furnace.  When you see the group of soldiers, send a grenade their
way to kill them all at once.  Drop down to your left, careful not to fall into
the furnace.  Keep going and kill the two soldiers.  Grenade the vent in the
floor and drop in.  Once on the conveyor belt, crouch, and go a couple screens
to the left.  Jump on the ladder to not die from the furnace.  Careful when
you're climbing up; you'll be spotting.  Kill the enemies quickly.  Climb up to
the top of the shaft and go into the save room.  Now head to the right, grenade
the vent, and follow it back to the manufacturing room.  Climb onto one of the
boxes being moved across the room, and shoot the enemies as you pass them.
Jump onto the platform before the box goes into the furnace.  Leap across the
large gap to the right.  Head into the save room a couple rooms to the right.
Go left, climb up the ladder, shoot the vent, and go through.  Be ready for a
firefight as soon as you leave the vent.  When the room's cleared, crawl under
the platform, head left, grenade the vent, and get the GRENADE PACK.  Head back
and go on top of the platform now.  Go left and kill the guys in the next room.
Shoot a grenade through the hole at the door.  Climb up onto the right side,
and take out all the soldiers.  Now, jump across to the left, kill the soldiers
in the area, and jump down the ladder.  Head right for a PASSKEY.  Head back
up, and go left to the save point.  Shoot the vent in the ceiling and crawl

Shoot the next vent, and be careful when you jump up; there's fire.  Time your
movements so you don't get burned, shoot the vent, and head up and left.  A big
furnace with soldiers in it.  Kill them all and jump over the fire, heading
left.  Drop down and enter the save point below you.  Head left and drop down,
and immediately take out the turrets on the ceiling behind you, as well as the
couple of guards on the other side of the gap.  Jump across and run into the
center of the next room.  A hatch on the floor will lock, and your only option
is to grab the turret on the platform above and start shooting at everything in
sight.  This encounter's a little different from your last one.  You shoot
missiles instead of machine gun fire, so you're going to have to be more
accurate and steady with your shots.  Start by aiming at the three strong
soldiers in the back of the room that are shooting missiles back at you.  Once
they're dead, look on the right side of the room for some more turrets and
shoot them.  Same for the left side of the room.  Try to pick off some of the
grunts while you're at it.  Soon after, a couple of doors in the back of the
room will open, and giant robots will come out from the two doors on the end.
Shoot them.  Finally, some turrets on the ground in the center, and a couple
more giant robots on the floor above them.  When the encounter is over, leave
the turret and head into the hatch that opens on the floor.

Climb down the ladder, taking the time to shoot the vent on the left, which has
a GOLD BAR in it.  When you drop into the next room, head onto the conveyor
belt on the lower level.  As soon as you see a box come out from the belt, jump
over it and run to the next room.  Shoot the vent and follow the path.  Kill
the soldier in the next room and head on, dropping down a long path into a save
point.  The right door is locked, so head left.  In this room, be careful not
to get squashed by the pistons.  When you drop down, kill the soldiers around
you, and head left to get the FOAM PACK!  Use the D-Pad to switch to the foam
gun, and use it to blow open the vent on the floor, revealing an easy FOAM
PACK.  Head back to the pistons.  For the six pistons (three on top, three on
bottom), shoot a foam blast into the pipe, which will cause the piston to clog.
Getting all six will halt production in the factory, as well as unseal the save
door.  Now that you have the foam gun, you can open purple doors on the map.
To do so, just shoot a piece of foam at the light fixture above the door.  Head
right through the foam door, and shoot the two turrets on the ceiling.  Drop
down and kill the strong soldier on your left.  Left is a dead end for now, so
go right a bit and jump up through the two stacks of boxes (Bomba!).  Head up,
kill the two guys around you, and get onto the platform.  Kill the strong
soldier to your left.  Now, when this platform gets to the top, aim straight
down and hit it with a foam gun blast, then crouch and lay a grenade (and get
off so you don't get hurt).  This will blow open the green vent in the ceiling.
It may take a few tries, so keep trying.  In the above room, open the purple
door to your left to find a FOAM PACK.  Head right and drop into the vent, and
climb down the ladder.  Below is a quick moving platform; nail it with a foam
shot.  When it's stopped, jump onto it, then go to the right and in an alcove
you'll find a GOLD BAR.  Careful not to fall into the furnace.  Climb up the
ladder and head into the room on the right.

Melee the first guy you see.  You've been in this room before; head right and
up into another save point.  Now that you have the foam gun, open the purple
door and head into the next room.  This room's big, but don't worry; there's no
firefight.  Kill the soldier on the ground, and shoot the bomba on the left
wall with your foam gun.  Use him to get to the platform in the middle.  Double
jump into the ceiling above to find a FOAM PACK. Then jump to the door in the
upper left.  Don't worry if you get spotted; the doorwill still open if you
shoot the light with your foam gun; it'll just take afew seconds longer.  Next
room's a doozy; be careful here.  If you land in the water, you'll take damage
very quickly, so try to get a running start and use the most of your double
jumps.  Thankfully that save point wasn't very long ago.  After those two
annoying jumps, head upwards to the top of this next room.  Technically, you
can freeze those moving platforms, but they move at a generous speed, so it
isn't necessary.  The next room is dark, and there's a bomba right at your
feet.  Kill it.  Drop into the vents, blow open the purple vent on the right
and grab the FOAM PACK.  Head downwards, and while there's plenty of enemies in
this room, if you stay on the floor, you won't have to engage them.  Go right.
Head upwards in this room.  There's a live wire next to the soldier, so be
careful when crossing it to get to the save room.  Head up the ladder and left
into the next, huge room.  Melee the first soldier you see.  Head along the
lower path, jumping across the gaps.  It's going to take some finesse to kill
the enemies in the room, but you can do it.  Just follow the path upwards to
the left.  In this next room, kill the soldiers on the path.  Boss fight!

Boss: WSA2 Tarantula IFV

This boss isn't too bad.  Keep moving to avoid his missiles, and he'll blow up
the platforms on the left and right.  Keep shooting him, maybe tossing some
grenades his way as well.  Eventually he'll jump onto your platform; back away
and drop down whichever ledge is closest, and run to the other; he should be
positioned over that ledge and you can get a ton of easy shots on his bottom
side.  He'll drop a couple of grenades on you; keep a close eye and run when
the grenades fall.  He'll wise up and jump to the center; get back onto the top
platform to goad him back up there.  Keep shooting him, and repeat this
strategy until he's dead.

Head left into the next room, killing the bombas on the wall and accessing the
map.  There's a save room on the left side of the next room.  Head upwards and
to the right, and climb up the caverns.  There's an easily spottable GRENADE
PACK on the way up.  Head left, killing the enemies along the way.  When you
get to the glowing blue boxes, just ignore them, and instead, crawl under.  The
path's simple for a while; just follow it until you're outside.  Swim into the
lake, and double jump onto the ledge.  Climb up and kill the soldier.  Head
left into a firefight.  There's a devastator, but just stand on the platform
shooting bullets and grenades at it and you'll be fine.  Continue left and swim
across the large lake.  Jump onto the middle section of the tower and crawl
through.  Drop down and kill the guard, and dive into the water.  Grenade the
panel on the left and swim through; you'll get a scene with some revolving
blades.  Swim out of the water and climb down the ladder.  Point your foam gun
at the rotating cylinder and fire away; after a few shots, the blades will stop
rotating.  Swim into the water and around the blades onto the other side of the
room, with the save point.  Keep heading up and outside.  On the roof you'll
find a foam gun turret.  Use it to shoot down the helicoptor, which will kindly
crash into the building for you.  Head into the now-destroyed building and
press down to head deeper into the base.  Right's blocked off, so go left and
down all the stairs and ladders.  On the bottom you'll find a terminal which
will turn off the red barriers.  Head back up through the barriers to receive
the OMEGA ARMOR XOS-7!  Yes!

Head left and you'll find that everybody's trying to kill you.  Carefully
navigate down, and as you exchange blows notice that you're now taking less
damage.  Head right, killing everyone in your way.  In the large room, drop
down and head left to a map and a save point.  When you run to the right side
of the room, four soldiers with miniguns will appear in the background.  Use
the appearing and disappearing cover on the floor to safely take them out.
When they're all dead, head right for another boss fight.

Boss: OXS-1

This guy's so easy.  Just keep shooting him while heading left to avoid his
attacks.  Grenades help too.  Just wail on him with whatever you've got and
you'll be fine.

Down the now open hatch, left to the save point, down into the next room.  Grab
onto the ledge on the left and plant a grenade to blow it open.  Head through
and kill all the soldiers in the next area.  Keep heading left and you'll find
the FRICTION DAMPENER.  Stand on the left side of the room, and hold X to run
right without stopping.  You'll become an indestructible force that can destroy
blue areas.  Sandbags aren't blue.  When you crash into one, try to kill all
the soldiers without getting yourself frozen by a Bomba's foam.  Jump onto the
upper platform and head right.  When you get to the blockage, jump up, and
shoot the turrets, then the soldiers on the floor.  Dive into the water and
swim to the bottom to find a rock you can grenade for a FOAM PACK.  Now, swim
back up and climb to the top to find a green vent to blow open.  Head through
and pull the lever to lower the bridge.  Run left to build some momentum, then
use your friction dampener to run right through the strong fan, as well as
another room full of now-dead soldiers. When you finally stop, climb up the
platforms, shooting everyone in your way.  Head into the vent on the right wall
and fall into it.  The room has some soldiers, so clear them all out before
continuing.  To continue, jump onto the upper right platform, then hold and run
left to destroy a box.  Now that that box is destroyed, stay on the left side
of the room and run right in order to build enough momentum to leave.  Now's a
good spot to save.  Head upwards through the familiar path.  Remember the room
with the crates hanging from the ceiling?  Get on top of them and use a couple
of grenades to blow them up.  Head as far right as you can, and then run left
into the next room.  Once you enter, quickly jump in order to break the blue
walls and grab a GOLD BAR.  As a blur, you can run up the side of walls and
jump off them to keep your speed.  Plenty of soldiers and a turret in this
room; kill them all as you climb up the ladder, head right, and drop down.
Break open the vent and enter it to drop into a save point.  Head right for
another fight with an OXS-1.  Kill it the same way you did with the first one.
Yeah, this guy can fire energy blasts at you, but he's still no problem.  Head
right and shoot the vent to drop in and find a WSAR60 COIL RIFLE.

In the next room to the right, fire a grenade to kill the clustered enemies.
Break the crates on the floor to reveal a GOLD BAR.  Jump up and continue right
through two purple doors.  Climb up the ladder and in the dome you'll find a
FOAM PACK.  Head back down and this time drop into the gap.  Head, this was
from the beginning of the game!  Remember it?  With your new double jump, go
into the alcove in the ceiling and climb up to find a GOLD BAR.  Shoot the vent
on the right to continue on into the first save point of the game.  Go right a
screen, and use your double jump to climb up.  You'll see an ARMOR UPGRADE
protected by some green rocks.  Introduce them to your grenades.  Now that
you're agile and strong, go ahead and just keep running right, jumping over all
obstacles and generally being a badass.  Pass another save point on the way ,
and make it back to the lake near the start of the game.  You've been this way
before; you shouldn't need much direction.  When you finally make it to the
lake, make sure you're in hyperspeed, and you'll run across the surface of the
water.  Jump over the cabin on the way across, and if you manage to run the
whole thing in one go, you'll get the "Walkin' on Water" Achievement.  As you
head right, take the high ground this time.  Kill soldiers, and drop into
another gap to find a FOAM PACK.  Keep climbing up and heading right,
eventually stopping once you're on the far right of the map.  Head down to find
a familiar ladder.  As you climb down it, shoot a purple vent to find an ARMOR
UPGRADE.  Keep heading down, and when you read the bottom, look at the ceiling
for another purple vent to shoot, giving you a FOAM PACK.  Head left and get in
the elevator to go down.  Head right and shoot the vent on the climb.  Fall
into it and crawl left.  Grab the elevator's bottom and push up to make the
elevator go up.  You'll find an ARMOR UPGRADE in the purple vent on the left,
and a GRENADE PACK in the right vent.  Grab onto the bottom of the elevator and
press down, then quickly climb into either vent to let it pass.  Climb to the
top of the shaft, and on the left you'll find a passageway with a PASSKEY in
it.  There's nothing on the right.

Again, make the elevator go back up, and hide in the middle vents to pass it
up.  Crawl to the right, activate the elevator, and just walk through it to the
other side when it's down.  You might get spotted by the camera in this room,
but at this point I doubt you care; just shoot the turrets and move on.  You'll
find that Claire is missing and being moved somewhere else.  Head left and go
down the vents in the next room, and this time go left and use your Foam Gun to
open the once-blocked door.  Head into the save point and climb up into the
vents, heading left.  When you reach the elevator, take it to the top, and
enter the top-right most vent (all the others are dead ends).  Drop into the
room and shoot the guards, then head through two yellow panels to enter another
office with two more guards.  Head left into the elevator, and take it down to
floor 2.  Shoot the vent in the ceiling and follow it.  Ignore the giant fan
and keep going.  Shoot the low vent in this next room and follow it, dropping
down into a cavern.  Kill the guard you see, and climb into the space on the
left ledge.  Jump up and head left to find an ARMOR UPGRADE.  Go right and drop
down, but this time, crouch and go left; you'll fall into a room with MISSILES!
Finally, after all this time you can shoot Red Doors!

Use this opportunity to blow open the first red door you see.  Head back into
the open area and blow up the red door there.  And then blow up a red panel.
Aren't missiles fun?  Get in the elevator and take it to the first floor and
blow up another red door for a MISSILE PACK.  Now, take the elevator all the way
up to floor 4 and kill all the enemies in the room.  Activate the panel to open
the hatch, and blow apart the tube to stop the fan in the other hall.  Head
back down to floor 2 and get into the vent in the ceiling.  Now that the fan's
off, you can easily jump up the shaft.  Head right for a GRENADE PACK.  Head
left and blow up the red panel, then take the top path to the right for a
MISSILE PACK.  Finally, go left to get to a save room.  Shoot the red vent in
the room and go left.  Kill the two soldiers in this room, then head to the
other side to get a HEALTH UPGRADE.  Get back into the room right of the save
room and head up.  Run left to find Claire and two XOS-1 soldiers on either
side of you.  Alternative between firing at both of them in order to keep their
energy blasts at bay, and if either gets too close to you, fire a missile at
him.  This fight may get a little tricky, since you have to focus on fire
coming from both sides, but really, just focus on one soldier and then the
other, and you'll be just fine.  After the fight, Jason takes Claire back to
the surface.

At this point, the entire map is pretty much yours for the taking.  All that's
left to get is a hookshot, a third jump, the final gun, and the Fusion Helmet.
If you just want to end the game, head straight for the gun.  I'm not going to
give a full listing of every item location in the game (there are visual guides
that explain it better than I could in words), but for your convenience, I'll
run you through for the hookshot, triple jump, and the last gun.  At the end of
the guide I'll point out some particularly annoying items for you.  The Helmet
can only be acquired if you collect every Passkey, but honestly?  It's not very
interesting.  What IS interesting is collecting every Gold Bar.  Doing so
unlocks a special room near the start of the game that has golden versions of
every weapon.  This room carries over into future playthroughs, so if you're
ever going for those master challenges, it'd be a huge help.  Now: Hookshot

Jump up from your current location and head right until you fall down a large
gap.  Head right more and kill everyone in this room, then open the purple door
and head through.  Shoot the soldier in the background, then navigate the pipe
maze (darn this game's 2D nature).  Drop down, but climb up the right wall for
a GRENADE PACK.  Head back and drop down about halfway.  If you did it right,
there should be a red panel on the floor to the right that you can shoot a
missile at, which will drop you into the save room.  If you miss it, just climb
back up; it's not too hard.  Right of the save room is that crane that you can
now blow apart with your missiles.  Doing so will reveal another path.  When you
land, jump on the ledge to your left for an easy ARMOR UPGRADE.  Now, head
right, climb into the vent, and drop down into a save room.  Go right for a
boss fight.

Boss: AP4 Saw

It's not so much fighting the boss as it is activating the hyperspeed and
catching up to it.  The boss will move clockwise around the room; run in the
same direction as it until your hyperspeed sets in.  At this point, what you
want to do is follow it; Jason will run just a bit faster than the boss, and if
you can keep up his momentum, he'll hit the boss in the back, killing it
instantly.  The boss will switch from the other wall to the middle platform;
make sure you do the same, otherwise you'll overtake it and have to start over.
Also, whenever you jump, make sure the control stick on the controller is
facing the direction you want to run when you hit a solid surface; otherwise
your momentum will halt in midair.  After a few laps and some practice, you
should have the boss beaten.

Head right after the battle.  Blow open the red door for the HOOK.  Woo.  Head
back out, and the door is locked, so you're going to have to head up.  It's too
high to double jump, so get some practice with your hook; just aim it wherever
you want to stick, and shoot.  Funny thing is, when you're sticking to a
surface, you can aim and shoot it somewhere else.  Kinda weird.  Enter the vent
on the right side of the room at the top for a MISSILE PACK.  Now head left and
discover another feature of the hook: pulling off the shields of those big
guys.  Jump up the ceiling of this room and pull the lever to unblock a section
of the base; now go back down where you came from.  Keep heading left, killing
a couple more guys, and at the end, drop down a hole by the wall to land in a
save point.  Left, down, right, down, and hook the wall in order to get a good
shot at the vent on the right side, which has a MISSILE PACK in it.  Keep
falling and you'll see a mine cart.  If you want to skip some items to save
time, take the cart.  I'll point out the items.

Run left for a while until you see some soldiers and a hole in the ground,
which you've probably fallen into.  Head left in this hole and up to find a
FOAM PACK.  Go back and kill the soldiers, then turn on your flashlight and
look around the ceiling.  See that blue boulder?  Let's go left.  You'll notice
that the path gets narrower up ahead.  Run along until you're a good distance
from them, then run back to gain momentum.  When you're in hyperspeed, jump and
you'll run along the ceiling, letting you shatter the boulder and access the
PASSKEY.  Now just keep running left until you reach the end of the tunnel.

Jump up and kill the guy, then activate the lever to open the door.  Take the
path up in between the containers.  Back in this room.  Kill the guy in the
middle, and by the ammo shoot the red panel on the floor to get a MISSILE PACK.
Freeze the platform and grenade the ceiling, yadda yadda, head right and up in
order to get to the save room.  Continue left, get to the upper left, and move
on.  Once again, be careful of the electrical water here.  Jump up and go left
into the big construction room you had a firefight in once.  If you look on the
ceiling on the right side of the room, you'll see a narrow champer that you can
navigate via your hookshot to get a MISSILE PACK.  Keep going left, and in the
small room, grenade the wall for a GRENADE PACK.  Missile the ceiling and climb
up the path.  Shoot the vent on the left and follow it, and missile the red
panel in the next vent.  Climb up the wall on the right, and climb up the next
room as well, entering the vent on the top right.  Follow it, and in the
following room kill everybody.  If you've forgotten how to break the boxes
here, jump into the top right corner and start running left; you'll break a
box, giving you enough room to run right.  Save if you want, then hookshot the
ceiling of this room in order to access the top left corner with the red door.
missile the door.  In this next room, there's going to be a lot of enemies
coming in from the background.  Once they're dead, lay a grenade in the center
of the room (you can't see what you're standing on).  A piece of the floor will
break away, revealing a FOAM PACK.  Head left and climb up; in this next room
there are several soldiers and turrets, so be ready.  On the right side of the
room, jump and use your hookshot to continue on.  Boss fight!


Boss: WSA1 Walker

This boss is a bit tedious, but manageable.  The in-game hint suggests ripping
out the wiring on its head or something, but attempting to kill it in such a
way has never helped.  Let's go with the good old method of brute force.  The
game also says that explosives won't work; they may not be instant kills, but
they've always been fine with me.  For one, at the start of the fight, run
forward as quick as you can to avoid the missiles aimed at your face.  Stay
behind him and shoot at his underside, and he'll shoot some foam grenades at
you.  Watch for them, and double jump to avoid the explosion.  He'll turn
around; you run back under his legs and do it again.  Don't stay under his
legs, though; he'll stomp you, and you'll take damage even if he's just turning
around.  Still, with machine gun fire and some missiles, he'll go down easily.

EDIT: Excuse my stupidity.  GameFAQs user "ssbm_master4" has this tip:

"When the fight starts, change to your foam gun and freeze both the legs of the 
Walker so it's stuck in place. You can then walk under the boss and grappling 
hook onto the bottom of the cockpit, and press B to rip out some of the wires. 
Every time you do this, it throws you off, but if you repeat this a few more 
times you destroy the Walker's shield, letting your missiles do full damage."


Head left for a save point.  Left again, and you'll see giant energy blasts
across the floor; don't jump into these.  Instead, head upwards and left.
You'll see a control panel on the ceiling on the right; jump up and press B to
activate it.  Shoot a missile at the control panel that opens on the left, and
the beams downstairs will fizzle out.  Head down to get the Thrust Boots, AKA
your triple jump.  Go back and save, then head to the top of your current room.
In the next room, jump in the water and watch out for the robot fish in it.
There's a bit of a pipe maze here; navigate it and swim to the surface, then
head right until you've fallen back into the base into a save point.  Follow
the path, then head through the destroyed walls (there's a box still in the
way) up to the top of the room.  Lots of enemies in the next room; engage them
if you please.  Shoot some missiles at the red door and continue on.  You'll be
in a wide open area, with two soldiers with missile launchers aimed at you; kill
them carefully.  Climb up the ladder on the right side of this room, and blow
open the red door at the top; head on in.  Fall down close to the left side of
the wall; climb into the vent to get a MISSILE PACK.  Head back down, be
stealthy or open fire; doesn't really matter.  Head left and activate the
computer panel.  A couple of strong machines will show up; just run away.
Really.  It's not worth it to fight them.  When you get back outside (sorta),
jump across the huge gap and follow the path.  Hopefully you know to shoot
yellow vents by now.  Turrets in the top room, so watch out.  When you get to
the top, run to the right into the elevator (there's an item to get involving
your speed boost, but I'll point it out at the end of the guide).  Take the
elevator down.

Head right into some offices with people for you to kill (including a bastard
with a missile launcher off-screen).  On the left wall there's a vent for you to
enter; it's easy to miss.  It's too narrow for you to wall jump, so just hook
or triple jump the way up.  Finally, you have it, the final gun: the INERTIAL
YOU OBTAIN IT RIGHT NOW.  CAPS FOR EMPHASIS.  WOO.  Head right and shoot a poor
guy in the face with your shotgun.  Keep heading right, and at the bottom of
the long room, enter the save point on the right.  Now, head left and blow open
the door with missiles.  Climb onto the top of the structure for a scene.  Now,
get the hell out of there!  Run right, boost up the ladder, run left, and wall
jump your way up the elevator shaft, and run left some more!  Finally, you're
out safe.  Ready to end this game?  I sure am!  Climb up the tower, and now
that you have a triple jump and a shotgun, run and jump to the right as much as
you can.  This is all territory you're familiar with, so go for it!  (I
happened to find an ARMOR UPGRADE and a FOAM PACK on the way there that I
hadn't pointed out; maybe you'll see them too).  Just keep moving until you get
to the lake for the final encounter...


Final Boss: Airship

So...yeah.  Pretty much every enemy you've encountered in the game is here,
boss or grunt.  You're going to be shot at a lot, so get used to it.  Enemies
both on your plane and in the background are going to be bombarding you with
attacks.  Fortunately, you're a running, gunning, flying tank.  So how to get
rid of the airship?  It takes a couple of steps.  There are three rockets on
the field; each of them has two controls panels near it.  One control panel
will activate the rocket and prepare it for launch.  The other control panel
will let Jason manually aim the rocket at the airship in the background.  So
naturally, activate the rockets and fire them at the airship!  However, it
takes some time for each rocket so be fully prepped, so in the meantime, kill
enemies, dodge fire, and generally do everything you can to not die.  Go nuts
in this fight; there's a full health & ammo restore in a room on the left side
of this giant pad, so use it whenever you need to.  After each hit, the airship
will send several rockets of its own at you; get off the platform and move on
to the next one.  Don't stay around and get hit by the counterattack.  There is
also a health refill inside the cabin that's now suspending on a tall building;
access it by climbing up the ladder in the middle of the field.  Once the third
rocket is launched, you've beaten Shadow Complex!  Congradulations!  Now you've
got the "Hero" achievement, your medal of honor.




8 Health Upgrades
10 Armor Upgrades
30 Grenade Packs
20 Foam Packs
20 Missile Packs
12 Gold Bars
12 Passkeys

I could put a big list here of the location of every single item in the game
and where it's found, but honestly, pictures do it a lot better than words.
While playing the game myself, I found IGN's item listing for the game to be
incredibly useful for those rare items that eluded me.  I highly encourage you
to check it out:


(used with permission)

Before item hunting, I recommend you at least get to level 20, so you will be
able to see the entire map.  Most of the items in the game are very easy to
find, and others are easy to obtain once you have the correct item, but there
will always be those that annoy the player.  So, I'll list a couple of the most
annoying items in the game to get:

Armor Upgrade #8: Located in the huge room on the top left of the green portion
of the map.  The camera's annoying as hell, but the upgrade is in a crevice
that requires triple jumps and a hookshot to get to.  Be patient; you'll be
able to get it.

Armor Upgrade #10: Located in a save room, so you won't be able to locate it on
your map.  Once you have missiles, head to the down-left most save room on the
purple section of the map.  The item will be under a panel in the floor.

Foam Pack #15: Located left of where you acquire the first foam pack.  Instead
of using IGN's method of tediously jumping and hookshotting your way across the
lake, get a running start so you'll sprint across the electrified water.  It
still might take a few tries, though; the hyperspeed is a bit finicky.

Foam Pack #17: A pain in the ass.  The item's near the bottom middle of the
light blue section of the map, but in order to get it, you have to go way above
it.  Walk out onto the ledge and look around on the left wall underneath the
ledge; you'll see a green panel.  You can't stick a grenade to the panel, so
you're gonna have to fire a lot of foam and set the grenade on the platform.
THEN you'll be able to access the pack.

Foam Pack #20: Near the bottom right of the map.  Remember the first portion
where you're on a minigun shooting up baddies?  Directly under that room is a
body of water, with a submerged red gate to the left.  Shoot the gate, then
quickly toggle to grenades and shoot them at the fan on the other side of the
gate.  Do it too slow, and you'll die.

Gold Bar #3: Near the bottom left of the light blue portion of the map.
There's a room with a ladder, a furnace, and a gold bar tucked in the right
corner of the room.  Not hard to find, but annoying to actually get to.

Gold Bar #8: Near the bottom right of the light blue map.  You're gonna need
the triple jump for this.  Make sure you have at least 40 foam packs.  In the
factory room, eliminate all the soliders on and around the middle platform.
Here's where it gets tricky, so be ready to reload in case you mess up.  Stand
on the left side of the platform, and face left.  Don't touch the right stick;
just face left and leave Jason alone for a second so he recenters.  Now, fire
your foam gun repeatedly; eventually you'll see that it is forming a bridge.
Make sure the foam bridge makes it to the center platform.  Quickly, run left
over the foam bridge and jump on the crate.  Now, run right as quickly as you
can.  You should plow through the two boxes.  Immediately afterwards, double or
triple jump onto the right platform, and keep running right until the blue box
next to the save room is destroyed.  There you go.  The game is a bit annoying
about whether you were going fast enough or not, so just keep trying it until
you get it right.

Grenade Pack #12: Towards the bottom of the yellow map, in a room to the right
of a save point.  On the lower level, turn a valve and water will pour into the
room.  A panel above you will open once the lower section is filled, and you
can swim in and grab it.  You can technically get this without the Scuba Mask,
but having it makes things much easier.

Missile Pack #9: Top left of the light blue section of the map.  There's a blue
box you have to break, but there's not enough room to build up momentum.  So,
you'll have to go to the left a few rooms and start running right, falling down
as you run back into the room with the item.  Carefully run around the central
platform and jump at the right moment to break the blue box.  Then, shoot a
missile at the panel to get this pack.

Missile Pack #15: Top middle of light blue map.  When you head to that section,
you'll see a huge electrified floor that will kill you instantly, and several
red panels to destroy.  Use your hook to stick to a wall so you can shoot
missiles at the appropriate places.  This is extremely difficult if you don't
have a hookshot and a triple jump.  Once all 10 panels are destroyed, the floor
will deactivate and the pack will become available.

Missile Pack #19: In the bottom left save room on the purple part of the map.
It's easy to acquire; just hard to find because the dot won't show up in a save

Keycard #2: Upper right section of the orange map.  To the left of where you
first got grenades.  You can't see it, but hurl a grenade into the crevice to
the left of where you first found the grenades.  It'll open a path that leads
to the card.

Keycard #7: On that long horizontal streak at the bottom of the map.  You'll
see the Keycard in an alcove on the ceiling, blocked by a blue box.  Run left
for a while, then run back to the right, building up momentum.  Where the
ceiling is low, jump and you'll run on the ceiling, all the way to the blue box
and the Keycard.

Keycard #8: This one's incredibly convoluted to get.  It's above the orange
section of your map.  The drawbridge will need to be lowered in order to access
this item.  When you're on the drawbridge, head left into the building and
you'll see a lever.  Hit this level, then immediately run right and
double/triple jump onto the wall.  If you were quick enough and you did it
right, you'll run through the hole and through some debris, letting you access
the Keycard.

Keycard #12: Upper yellow portion of the map.  It's not difficult to acquire;
you just won't know that you have it because it's located in the room with the
Scuba Mask, so on the map a dot tells you that an item was already gotten
there.  Just head back there and swim in the passage behind the rack to find



You can access the Proving Grounds at any point in Shadow Complex from the
Campaign Mode menu.  Unlike the main adventure, there's no exploration here;
just use your skills to the best of your ability to finish each level as fast
as you can.  There's really no strategy I can give you here; just practice and
practice until you're good enough.  The last level might require a guide, but
it's better that you figure it out for yourself.  You get an achievement for
finishing all the levels, so go for it!



Let's Get Punchy (Melee 5 soldiers) - 15 pts
-Just play the game and you'll get this one easily

Bomba Punter (Punt 20 Bombas) - 20 pts
-When you see a Bomba on the floor, press B to kick it.  Do it 20 times to get
the achievement.

My Head A-splode (Get 50 headshots) - 20 pts
-Just keep playing the game and you'll get this one.

Make 'Em Scream (Get 100 soldiers to scream) - 20 pts
-This one might take a while, but the tally is counted through different
playthroughs, so keep at it.  How do you make them scream?  I dunno, but it's
not too hard.

To Kill a Blackbird (Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president) 
- 15 pts
-Beat the prologue to get this one

Look Out! (Kill a soldier with a bomba) - 5 pts
-You can get this one shortly in the game.

Walkin' on Water (Make it from one end of the lake to the other in 
hyperspeed) - 5 pts
-Not too hard to do; just have to get the hyperspeed upgrade to do it.

Hero (Complete the game on any difficulty setting) - 50 pts
-Just beat the game

Completionist (Complete the game with 100% of the items) - 20 pts
-Exactly what it says.  There are a few items that don't show up on the map;
I'll point them out later in the guide.

Minimalist (Complete the game with less than 13% of the items) - 10 pts
-Don't get any items aside from those necessary to progress through the game.
As well as a single Gold Bar that's unavoidable.

Proven Grounds (Complete the three challenge packs in the Proving Grounds)
- 10 pts
-Just beat all the trial levels.  Don't worry about medals; just beating the
levels will get you the achievement.

Serious Complex (Level up to experience level 50) - 10 pts
-Play, play, play.  Just keep playing until you get to level 50.  Picking
harder difficulties helps.

Additionally, Shadow Complex has "Master Challenges".  These challenges are 
for those who are looking for more than just 100% completion, and wish to 
truly prove their expertise in this game.  While I've gotten all the normal 
achievements, there's no way I could help you with these.  Just takes lots 
and lots of practice:

Jason Bailey (Complete the game at 100% in under 2 hours on any difficulty)

ChAIRness (Complete the game at 100% in under 3 hours on insane)
-Double yikes

The Insurgent (Complete the game at 4% with only the Flashlight, Backpack, 
Grenade, Foam, and Missile)
-Only attempt if you are level 50

Status Update: Single (Complete the game by abandoning Claire to her fate)
-Meh, you can get this one easily.  


Regarding using this guide elsewhere:

I put a lot of effort into this guide, so I'd be pretty pissed if somebody
took this guide and claimed it was their own work.  However, you don't need my
permission to post my guide somewhere else.  Just give me proper credit (as I
did with IGN), and it's yours.  

Questions/comments: ImBigBob@gmail.com

If you have anything to tell me about the guide, whether its a specific
question, or a suggestion, or maybe you just found a typo, go ahead and email
me.  I'll try to respond quickly.

Shameless blog plug: http://gamasutra.com/blogs/RobertBevill/4748/

Just a blog I've been working on lately, mostly rambling about various video
games.  I have a lot of fun writing it, and I'd love to have lots of readers.
Maybe if you visit it and comment, I'll be more inclined to post more.  Yay!

Thanks to:

Chair Entertainment, for making the game.
Epic Games, for publishing it.
Microsoft, for providing the 360 on which I played the game.
IGN, for their helpful item guide.
Nintendo, for originally creating Super Metroid.
Friends and family, despite none of them actually contributing to this guide.

And my Game Design professor, for requiring me to write a paper on the game of
my choice.  I ended up picking Shadow Complex, so now I know the game inside
and out.  Quite fun.

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