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How many chapters are there in the campaign? Main Quest

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How do I beat The Ork Warboss? Enemy/Boss 4 6 years ago
Which is better the chainsword or power-axe? Side Quest 1 6 years ago
Not getting extra loadout slot after MP level 35? Side Quest 1 8 years ago
How do I beat Nemeroth? Enemy/Boss 3 8 years ago
Burn Them All Acheivement? General 3 8 years ago
Are there Terminator Space Marines in the campaign? Plot 1 8 years ago
Large Orc? Enemy/Boss 1 8 years ago
Relic and Possessed Bolters....What are these? Side Quest 1 8 years ago
Do I Have To Buy Killteam For The Power Sword? Side Quest 1 8 years ago
Unlocking armor for without completing the associated challenge? General 1 8 years ago

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