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FAQ/Walkthrough by snkupo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/30/2013

                           T H E   S E C R E T   O F

            __  __      ___      _   _     _  __    _____    __   __
           |  \/  |    / _ \    | \ | |   | |/ /   | ____|   \ \ / /
           | |\/| |   | | | |   |  \| |   | ' /    |  _|      \ ' /
           | |  | |   | |_| |   | |\  |   | . \    | |___      | |
           |_|  |_|    \___/    |_| \_|   |_|\_\   |_____|     |_|

            ___     ____      _            _        _   _     ____
           |_ _|   / ___|    | |          / \      | \ | |   |  _ \
            | |    \___ \    | |         / _ \     |  \| |   | | | |
            | |     ___) |   | |___     / ___ \    | |\  |   | |_| |
           |___|   |____/    |_____|   /_/   \_\   |_| \_|   |____/

                         S P E C I A L   E D I T I O N


                       A walkthrough authored by snkupo
                   Document Version 1.0 - February 18, 2012


                             - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
| NAVIGATION: Each section has a [code] tied to it in the table of contents.  |
| Press CTRL + F to bring up a search box, then type the code of your choice. |
| Now hit ENTER on your keyboard to jump down to the section itself.          |


 - Forewords.............................................................[fi01]
 - Frequently Asked Questions............................................[fi02]
 - Achievements..........................................................[fi03]

 - PART ONE: THE THREE TRIALS............................................[pa01]
     - Starting Out......................................................[pa02]
     - To the Scumm Bar!.................................................[pa03]
     - Kitchen Thievery..................................................[pa04]
     - Clearing Circus...................................................[pa05]
     - Exploring Downtown................................................[pa06]
     - House! Captain Smirk's Sword Training!!...........................[pa07]
     - Treasure Hunt.....................................................[pa08]
     - She's Been Kidnapped, I Tell Ye!..................................[pa09]
 - PART TWO: THE JOURNEY.................................................[pb01]
     - Captain's Cabin...................................................[pb02]
     - Mixin' Voodoo Brew................................................[pb03]

 - PART THREE & FOUR: UNDER MONKEY ISLAND................................[pc01]
     - Finally, The Island of Apes!......................................[pc02]
     - After Blowing the Dam Open........................................[pc03]
     - Trapped by Human Flesh-Eaters.....................................[pc04]
     - Inside the Giant Monkey Head......................................[pc05]
     - Guybrush Kicks Ass................................................[pc06]

 - Legal Stuff...........................................................[ka01]
 - Greetings and Shoutouts...............................................[ka02]
 - Version History.......................................................[ka04]

                                   FOREWORDS                             [fi01]

 Hi there, and welcome to my walkthrough for The Secret of Monkey Island: 
 Special Edition. Whether you're playing on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPod, iPad 
 or Mac, you've come to the right place! The game is basically the same across 
 all of those platforms, but for your information, I am writing this as I'm 
 playing through the Xbox 360 version.

 This is the first piece of FAQ-related work I've attempted in a couple of 
 years, so please bear with me as I'm a little rusty to say the least. Anyway, 
 my goal this time around is to provide you with a complete guide for this 
 great little adventure game. In other words, you can use it to guide you 
 through the entire game from start to finish, or just consult it for a quick 
 solution whenever you get stuck (it's bound to happen, and you know it)!With 
 that out of the way, let's move on to my reason for covering Monkey Island at 
 this point in time. The game was released in 2009 after all, and as I write 
 this, we've already moved well into 2012. 

 My reason is simply that I'm a huge fan of adventure games, something I was 
 reminded of a few days ago when Tim Schafer, one of the writers who worked on 
 the original version of Monkey Island, started campaign for the sake of 
 raising funds for the development of a new adventure game. At this point in 
 time the campaign has raised over 1,000,000 US Dollars, which is a delight to 
 see. A few of those Dollars came from my own pocket, but in order to 
 contribute and show my passion for this genre of gaming in a more concrete and 
 more visible way, here I am with another walkthrough! Back from my (not so) 
 eternal slumber!

 As usual, my guide is not 100% spoiler free, but you'll be glad to know that I 
 never write about any events in the game not related to the part you are 
 currently reading about. In other words, if you're reading the about the 
 beginning of the game, you can be assured I won't spoil anything that's going 
 to happen at a later stage in the game. Also, I have to let it be known that 
 this guide is by no means made for the sake of letting people speedrun the 
 game. I rather take my time, and will put an emphasis on letting you 
 experience the game to it's fullest. A lot of conversations in the game are 
 entirely optional, but that does not stop me from leading you to them. The 
 Secret of Monkey Island is best experienced to its fullest, I'd say. All of 
 this kind of goes without saying, but you can never be too careful.

 So without further ado... Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                      [fi03]
 Q: What's the difference between this and the 1990 original game?
 A: This Special Edition contains the original game with original graphics.
    In addition, it contains a mode with completely redrawn graphics and 
    full voice acting.
 Q: I can't seem to learn all the insults for the "Sharp Tongue" achievement.
 A: Learning the final insults can take time. Just keep on fighting pirates 
    until you've learned them all. Even if it takes you an hour or two.
 Q: Is this the same game as I can buy on disc for the Xbox 360?
 A: Yeah, there is no difference between the XBLA game and the one that
    sells at retail on a Monkey Island 1 & 2 pack. ยจ
 Q: I heard there are two endings to the game! How to get them both?
 A: One ending is gotten by destroying your own ship using the catapult you
    run across on Monkey Island. The other ending is gotten by NOT destroying
    the ship.


                                 ACHIEVEMENTS                            [fi03]


 If you're playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, you'll find that there's
 a bunch of achievements that you can unlock through various means in order to
 earn some Gamerscore points. Here's how to earn them all.

 | ACHIEVEMENT NAME     | HOW TO EARN                                        |
 | The Three Trials     | Complete the first chapter of the game.  (25G)     |
 | The Journey          | Complete the 2nd chapter of the game. (25G)        |
 | Under Monkey Island  | Complete the 3rd chapter of the game. (25G)        |
 | Guybrush Kicks Butt  | Complete the final chapter of the game. (45G)      |
 | Old School           | Anytime, press select to access classic mode (5G)  |
 | 10 Minutes Later     | During the first chapter, you will be thrown       |
 |                      | into the water below the Scumm Bar. Stay there for |
 |                      | 10 minutes to make the achievement pop.            |
 | Sharp Tongue         | During the first chapter, learn all the insults    |
 |                      | from pirates you meet during your swordsmanship    |
 |                      | training. For details, check the main walkthrough's|
 |                      | "House! Captain Smirk's Sword Training!!" section. |
 | Escape Artist        | When trapped by the cannobals in chapter 3, escape |
 |                      | the prison, then go back to the cannibal village   |
 |                      | and let yourself be trapped again 5 times.         |
 | Recordkeeper         | Find all the notes scattered around on Monkey      |
 |                      | Island in Chapter 3. (10G)                         |
 |                      |                                                    |
 |                      |  1 - At the beach in the beginning.                |
 |                      |  2 - On the beach southwest of the Fort.           |
 |                      |  3 - In the River Fork, under a rock.              |
 |                      |  4 - Next to the Catapult in River Fork.           |
 |                      |  5 - Ontop of the hill above  the catapult.        |
 |                      |  6 - In the Pond area.                             |
 |                      |  7 - At the beach east of the dead man / rope.     |
 |                      |  8 - At the northeastern beach.                    |
 |                      |  9 - Inside the cannibal prison / guest house.     |
 |                      |                                                    |
 | Determined           | Complete the game without using hits. Just avoid   |
 |                      | pressing the X button (10G).                       |
 | Marooned Everyone    | To get this, you need to see both endings to the   |
 |                      | game. One is gotten by destrouing your own         |
 |                      | ship using the catapult in Chapter 3. The other    |
 |                      | is gotten by NOT destroying the ship. (10G).       |
 | Human Cannonball     | Complete the game in under 3 hours. (10G).         |
 |                      | After finishing the game once, doing it once more  |
 |                      | in less than 3 hours is a piece of cake.           |
 |                      | My 2nd playthrough was finished in less than two.  |

                          PART ONE: THE THREE TRIALS                     [pa01]

--- STARTING OUT --------------------------------------------------- [pa02] ---

 Select New Game from the main menu after booting up the game, sit back and 
 enjoy some audio goodness floating out of the speakers. Once you've seen the 
 credits, including the names of three guys that turned out to become real 
 bigwigs in the business of adventure gaming (Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman and 
 Tim Schafer), you'll be in control of a wannabe pirate named Guybrush 
 Threepwood. Once you've gotten over the sheer awesomeness - or perhaps 
 silliness - of the name you're going to be stuck without throughout this 
 pirate's tale, jump into a conversation with that old man standing next to the 
 fireplace. He explains that a wannabe pirate such as yourself had better go 
 see the three pirate masters hanging around in the Scumm Bar downtown. 
 Contrary to popular belief, this particular Scumm Bar is not a joint for nerdy 
 code monkeys, but a shack full of delicious grog and smelly pirates. Anyhow, 
 Guybrush will be heading for the docks now, so just wait 'til he's there.

--- TO THE SCUMM BAR! ---------------------------------------------- [pa03] ---

 There's not a whole lot of stuff to do down   o-----------------------------o
 at the docks, so let's spice it up a bit by   | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 getting our first Achievement if you're  on   |                             |
 an  Xbox  360.  This  is  easily  done   by   |  Old School............[  ] |
 entering  classic graphics  mode using  the   |                             |
 BACK button on your controller. Whether you   o-----------------------------o
 want to stay in classic graphics mode (this
 is what  the original  1990 version  looked like!) is up to you. But any way 
 you look at it, the [OLD SCHOOL] Achievement is now yours. To get a move on, 
 head straight to the right after having a look at that poster on the wall, and 
 open the door to the Scumm Bar.  It's impossible to miss it, so go inside.
 Speak to the pirate in red clothes and tell him your name. Get through the 
 conversation to find out that this guy can't really tell you anything of 
 substance. Rather, he suggests for you to chat up three "important looking 
 pirates" somewhere inside the bar. You can also ask the red-clad pirate about 
 {Where to find the Governor} to blow the lid off a rumor about a romance 
 between the governor and a fearsome pirate by the name of LeChuck. 
 The guy in red won't go into details, but suggests asking the pirate at the 
 next table about the whole thing. If romance is your thing, why not do that? 
 It's the guy in black clothes just right of here. I'm sure this has you 
 interested. I mean, is there anything more exciting than pirate romance? No, I
 tell you. There certainly is not. So let's hear it! The conversation is quite 
 long, and there are many answers and questions to choose from. The outcome 
 however is the same no matter what you chose, so just sit back and ask the 
 pirate whatever questions you like the most. 

 The conversation with the black pirate gave you quite a bit of background 
 information on what's going on here on Monkey Island, didn't it? This is just 
 an example of many optional conversations and pieces of information spread 
 throughout the game. Standing next to the pirate in black, move right to the 
 inner part of the Scumm Bar. Tell the three important looking pirates that
 {I want to be a pirate}. Guybrush tells them that his special skill is to hold 
 his breath for 10 minutes! Impressed, the 3 pirates tell him that he can 
 become a full fledged pirate by completing 3 challenges! They include 
 thievery, swordplay and treasure hunting! Alrighties. Excuse yourself, and 
 wait for the chef to come out of the kitchen. Don't talk to him, instead sneak 
 into the kitchen while he is catering to the pirates in the left end of the 
 Scumm bar. Be quick -- this requires a wee bit of timing!

--- KITCHEN THIEVERY ----------------------------------------------- [pa04] ---

 Once you're inside  the Scumm Bar  Kitchen,   o-----------------------------o
 time seemingly freezes, so there's no  need   | ITEM CHECKLIST              |
 to go all crazy  and angsty about the  chef   |                             |
 returning to beat  you up. Take  your time,   |  Hunk of Meat..........[  ] |
 as we're doing  so item "collecting"  here.   |  Pot...................[  ] |
 First of all, head  over the the table  and   |  Fish..................[  ] |
 pick up a [HUNK OF MEAT]. On the Xbox  360,   |  Stewed Meat...........[  ] |
 just move the cursor  over it and press  UP   |                             |
 on the directional pad to toggle the  "pick   o-----------------------------o
 up" action. Do the same for the [POT] under
 the table, then open the  door on your right. As you all know wannabe pirates
 are  quite  mean-spirited, so let's  steal  that [FISH] the bird on the other
 side of the door is pecking feverishly away at.
 To do so, step on the wooden plank just right of the bird to make it fly away. 
 While the bird is airborne, hurry up and fetch that fish! Haha! Stupid bird, 
 you have no food now! Quite mean, no? Now, let's make sure we have even more 
 food for ourselves, shall we? Head over to the stew in the kitchen and drop 
 the Hunk of Meat into it. Pick it back up for some [STEWED MEAT]. We're done 
 in the Scumm Bar for now, so get back to the docks to trigger a cutscene 
 detailing LeChuck's current whereabouts. After the cutscene has ended, you 
 might want to save your game from the start menu, before heading off for the 
 world map. To reach the world map, go left from the bar up to that old geezer 
 by the campfire, then enter the "path" just right of the campfire. On the 
 world map you will see several lights, all of which are places you can go to. 
 For now, head over to the light spot in the middle titled "Clearing".

--- CLEARING CIRCUS ------------------------------------------------ [pa05] ---

 Walk  a  little   to  the  left   from  the   o-----------------------------o
 "Clearing" entrance to  find a circus  tent   | ITEM CHECKLIST              |
 out in the woods. Let yourself inside,  and   |                             |
 interrupt  the  verbal  silliness  going on   |  478 Pieces of Eight...[  ] |
 between the  two acrobat  brothers (somehow   |                             |
 they remind me of a certain couple from the   o-----------------------------o
 game Dead Rising 2). The brothers want  you
 to perform a circus trick, so ask them {how much  they  will  pay} when  you
 get  the chance to do so. 
 You don't want to lose out on some valuable pieces of eight, do you? When 
 asked whether you have a helmet, tell them the truth: {Of course I have a 
 helmet}. You can use that pot you found in the kitchen! Some pieces of old 
 meat and vegetables in your hair is healthy for growth. Anyway, give them the 
 Pot once the conversation stops. Watch the rather painful circus trick, then 
 ask the brothers {where is my helmet}, after which you will receive a whoopin' 
 [478 PIECES OF EIGHT]. Now we're talking! Pieces of Eight is the currency used 
 in Monkey Island, by the way. Confusing, yups, but it seems to be working. It 
 feels a little dirty to say this, but we only went to the circus for the cash! 
 That being the case, get out of here, and head back to the Scumm Bar entrance. 
 Outside of the bar, go right to reach the downtown district.

--- EXPLORING DOWNTOWN --------------------------------------------- [pa06] ---

 |                                                                           |
 |                        I T E M   C H E C K L I S T                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  Map...........................[  ]  Chicken........................[  ]  |
 |  Minutes.......................[  ]  Sword..........................[  ]  |
 |  2 Pieces of Eight.............[  ]  Shovel.........................[  ]  |
 |                                                                           |

 Let's spend some of that cash now, shall we? Talk to the suspicious looking 
 guy with the parrot on his shoulder and tell him you've got a {Cousin named 
 Sven}. Then get the [MAP] he offers for 100 Pieces of Eight. With the map in 
 your inventory, head a bit left to see three strange men and a rat. Move the 
 cursor onto the rat, and keep doing it until it runs away. Now chat up the 
 three men and tell them you are horribly {sorry about the rat}. Tell them that
 you {love rats}. When they mention their maps, tell them you'll {take one if 
 they give you two Pieces of Eight}. This will net you [MINUTES] as well as 
 [2 PIECES OF EIGHT]. Not bad, not bad at all!
 Proceed by walking into the door to your immediate right. This is the Voodoo 
 Woman's Den! She's the woman in red. Talk to her, have her read your future. 
 She says that you're up for a voyage, a voyage into a giant monkey! Does that 
 make sense in any other way than a very, very perverted one? On that note, she 
 leaves you. There's no way to get her back right now, so head back towards the 
 exit, but take the [CHICKEN] from ontop of the trunk before you leave. Now, 
 rush out to the streets and walk upwards to the next area. Head towards the 
 church, then wait for someone to 'pssssst' at you. Follow the voice to meet 
 the Sheriff of the island. Creepy guy. With a creepy name. Tell him your name, 
 then wait for him to leave. What was that all about, anyway?
 Head back to where you saw the church again. Right from the church there is a 
 store. Go inside, pick up the [SWORD], then the [SHOVEL] from upstairs. Talk 
 to the geezer behind the desk and buy both of them. I bet you're glad we got 
 all that money back in the circus, aren't you? Anyway, talk to the shopkeeper 
 about trying out the sword. Once he leaves to see the swordmaster, head all 
 the way back to the world map. In the right end, there is an area called 
 "House", which is your next destination. What are you waiting for? Go there!
 It's not like there's a scary doctor or anything waiting to kill you there.
--- HOUSE! CAPTAIN SMIRK'S SWORD TRAINING!! ------------------------ [pa07] ---

 In fact, there is something even scarier...   o-----------------------------o
 A  green troll!  To avoid  having  it t urn   | ITEM CHECKLIST              |
 your brain into dinner for itself, hurry up   |                             |
 and give  it the  Fish from  the Scumm  Bar   |  100% Cotton T-shirt...[  ] |
 Kitchen. Look at the brief silliness as the   |                             |
 troll stuffs its face, then stroll  towards   o-----------------------------o
 that  house. Look at  the  sign  outside to
 find   out  that  this house is  actually a   o-----------------------------o
 pirate  gym.  Knock  on  the  door  to  meet  | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 Captain Smirk. Ask him if {he can train  you  |                             |
 to  become  better  than  the  Swordmaster}.  |  Sharp Tongue..........[  ] |
 Listen to his story, then tell him {you have  |                             |
 what it  takes}. Repeat  {I do  so} until he  o-----------------------------o
 gives  in,  then  tell  him  {you've  got 30
 pieces  of eight}.  Show him  the Sword  you just bought in town, then watch
 the  lengthy cutscene  in  which Guybrush  learns  how to make lov.. I mean,
 in which Guybrush learns how to fight with the sword!
 The whole thing about swordfighting in Monkey Island is to successfully insult 
 your opponent - you won't actually control Guybrush's movements or anything 
 like that. During the training session with Captain Smirk, it is inevitable 
 that you fail when replying to Smirk's results, so just pick your answers and 
 wait until you've ended the sword training session and Guybrush says that he 
 feels like he's been ripped off. Anyway, from this point on, you have to go 
 around and learn some insults, until you know enough of them to take down the 
 mysterious sword master that is hiding somewhere on this island.
 Head back to the world map now, and you'll see several moving dots that were 
 not there before. These are pirates with whom you can learn more insults and 
 become better at sword-fighting. Just wait around somewhere in the western end 
 of the map until a pirate walks up to you, and tell him that he should 
 {Prepare to die}! This will initiate a sword-fight. For every sword-fight, you 
 will learn new insults from the opponent pirate. The trick here is to keep 
 fighting pirates until you've heard (and thus learned!) enough insults and 
 replies. Once you reach this point, the pirate you are fighting will tell you 
 that you're ready to fight the swordmaster. 
 Don't worry about the fact that you will lose the first few fights, as this is 
 inevitable since you haven't learned any insults yet. As you steadily hear and 
 learn more insults, they will become available to choose from as conversation 
 options when you fight pirates. Here's a diagram showcasing all the insults 
 and  their  appropriate replies. If  you want the [SHARP TONGUE] achievement, 
 keep on fighting pirates until you've heard/learned all of them. If you are 
 having a hard time learning all of these, just save your game, re-boot, and 
 the missing insults should appear briefly.

 |                                     | SWORDFIGHTING INSULT DIAGRAM!!!   |
 |   You will learn these insults and  o-----------------------------------o
 |   their appropriate answers by                                          |
 |   fighting pirates you meet on the world map. While fighting, insult    |
 |   your opponent using the insults you have learned from other pirates,  |
 |   and when they insult you, choose the appropriate reply. If you are    |
 |   not able to select an appropriate reply, it means that you simply     |
 |   have not learned it yet. Once your opponent tells you that you are    |
 |   ready to go up against the Swordmaster, you can quit fighting. If     |
 |   you want the achievement however, keep on fighting until you have     |
 |   learned ALL of the following insults and replies.                     |
 |                                                                         |
 |  .--------------------------------------.----------------------------.  |
 |  | INSULT                               | REPLY                      |  |
 |  .--------------------------------------.----------------------------.  |
 |  | You fight like a dairy farmer.       | How appropriate, you fight |  |
 |  |                                      | like a cow!                |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | My handkerchief will wipe up all     | So you got that job as a   |  |
 |  | your blood.                          | janitor after all!?        |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | Have you stopped wearing diapers     | Why? Do you want to        |  |
 |  | yet?                                 | borrow some?               |  |
 |  |                                      |                            |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | I got this scar on my face during    | I hope you've learned now  |  |
 |  | a mighty struggle.                   | to stop picking your nose. |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | I once owned a dog smarter than you. | He must've taught you      |  |
 |  |                                      | everything you know.       |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | People fall at my feet when          | Even before they've smelt  |  |
 |  | they see me coming.                  | your breath?               |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | You have the manners of a beggar.    | I wanted to make sure      |  |
 |  |                                      | you'd feel comfy with me.  |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | Soon you'll be wearing my sword      | First you'd better stop    |  |
 |  | like a shish kebab!                  | waving it like a feather   |  |
 |  |                                      | duster!                    |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | This is the end for you, you gutter  | And I've got a tip for     |  |
 |  | crawling cur!                        | you - Get the point!       |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | You make me want to puke!            | You make me think          |  |
 |  |                                      | someone already did!       |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | You're no match for my brains, you   | I'd be in real trouble if  |  |
 |  | poor fool.                           | you ever used them.        |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | There are no words for how           | Yes there are, you just    |  |
 |  | disgusting you are!                  | never learned them!        |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | I'm not going to take your           | Your Hemorrhoids are       |  |
 |  | insolence sitting down.              | flaring up again, eh?      |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | I heard you are a contemptible       | Too bad no one's ever      |  |
 |  | sneak.                               | heard of you.              |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | I've spoken to apes more polite      | Glad to hear you attended  |  |
 |  | than you.                            | your family reunion.       |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |  | No one has ever drawn blood from me, | You run that fast?         |  |
 |  | and no one ever will,                |                            |  |
 |  '--------------------------------------'----------------------------'  |
 |                                                                         |

 Once you're good enough to face the sword master, go back to the village, and 
 go see the shopkeeper that sold you the shovel and sword earlier. Tell him
 you are {looking for the swordmaster of Melee Island}. The shopkeeper will 
 leave the store to go ask the swordmaster for permission to meet you. Follow 
 him all the way to the world map. You'll see a small dot on the world map, so 
 follow it into the "Fork" area just northeast of town. This fork area is 
 really a forest labyrinth, but you'll be able to follow the shopkeeper, so 
 don't worry about losing your way. Eventually, you'll reach the Swordmaster's 
 hut. Listen to the conversation between Carla (the swordmaster) and the 
 shopkeeper. Afterwards, go fight Carla using the insults you learned from all 
 the pirates on the world map. You have to successfully insult her 5 times. If 
 you fail, repeat the process by going back to the store in the village and 
 ringing the bell on the shopkeeper's table. 
    | CARLA's INSULTS                      | REPLY                      |
    | I will milk every last drop of blood | How appropriate, you fight |
    | from your body.                      | like a cow!                |
    | My name is feared in every dirty     | So you got that job as a   |
    | corner of the island.                | janitor after all!?        |
    | I hope you have a boat ready for     | Why? Do you want to        |
    | a quick escape!                      | borrow some?               |
    |                                      |                            |
    | My last fight ended with my hands    | I hope you've learned now  |
    | covered in blood.                    | to stop picking your nose. |
    | Only once have I met such a coward.  | He must've taught you      |
    |                                      | everything you know.       |
    | My wisest enemies run away at        | Even before they've smelt  |
    | the first sight of me.               | your breath?               |
    | Every word you say to me is stupid.  | I wanted to make sure      |
    |                                      | you'd feel comfy with me.  |
    | My tongue is sharper than any sword. | First you'd better stop    |
    |                                      | waving it like a feather   |
    |                                      | duster!                    |
    | I've got a long, sharp lesson for    | And I've got a tip for     |
    | you to learn today!                  | you - Get the point!       |
    | If your brother's like you, better   | You make me think          |
    | marry a pig.                         | someone already did!       |
    | I've got the courage and skill of    | I'd be in real trouble if  |
    | a master swordsman!                  | you ever used them.        |
    | No clever moves can help you now.    | Yes there are, you just    |
    |                                      | never learned them!        |
    | You are a pain in the backside, sir. | Your Hemorrhoids are       |
    |                                      | flaring up again, eh?      |
    | My sword is famous.....              | Too bad no one's ever      |
    |                                      | heard of you.              |
    | Now I know what filth and stupidity  | Glad to hear you attended  |
    | really are.                          | your family reunion.       |
    | No one will ever catch me fighting   | You run that fast?         |
    | as bad as you do.                    |                            |

 Once the swordmaster is done for, she will hand over a [100% COTTON T-SHIRT]
 as a trophy to prove you've beat her. And with that done, you've completed the 
 first of the three challenges you set out to do! Nice job! And just think 
 about it... Getting the T-shirt of a hottie like Carla isn't something that 
 happens every day in your life. Head back to the Scumm Bar and boast about 
 your deeds to the three important-looking pirates.

--- TREASURE HUNT -------------------------------------------------- [pa08] ---

 |                                                                           |
 |                        I T E M   C H E C K L I S T                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  Yellow Petal..................[  ]  Carrot Cake....................[  ]  |
 |  T-Shirt.......................[  ]  File...........................[  ]  |
 |  Meat With Condiment...........[  ]  Idol...........................[  ]  |
 |  Breath Mints..................[  ]  Note...........................[  ]  |
 |  Gopher Repellent..............[  ]                                       |
 |                                                                           |

 The second challenge is finding a treasure,   o-----------------------------o
 and we already have the means to do so.  Go   | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 back to the "Fork"  area at the world  map,   |                             |
 then  walk around  in the  woods until  you   |  10 Minutes Later......[  ] |
 find a [YELLOW PETAL]. Exit the woods, then   |                             |
 re-enter the woods  again. Now that  you're   o-----------------------------o
 back in  the first  area of  the woods, use
 the Map  that you  bought back  in town. It has directions written on it.
    |  Back - Left - Right - Left - Right - Back - Right - Left - Back |
 Follow these directions (back means UP), and you'll reach an area in which the 
 music goes silent. In the right end of this area, there is a signpost with a 
 message about the legendary treasure of Melee Island. Read it, then use your 
 Shovel on the "X" on the ground next to the signpost. Watch the cutscene, then 
 prize the lord for the treasure you'll find. It's another... [T-SHIRT]! Go 
 tell the pirates about having completed this second challenge, then head over 
 to the area where the church is. From the church you should continue to the 
 left towards the manor in the distance. There are some dogs barking outside of 
 it, but they can easily be knocked out by combining your Stewed Meat with that
 Yellow Pedal you found in the forest! Combine the two items and use the "Give" 
 option to knock out the dogs using the [MEAT WITH CONDIMENT]. If you are 
 having trouble combining the Yellow Petal with the meat, this can be done 
 using the right trigger on the Xbox 360 controller. Once the dogs are knocked 
 out, head inside.
 Open the first door you see and watch the sheriff follow you inside. After a 
 lengthy cutscene, you realize that a File is needed to proceed. Exit the 
 mansion, and enter the prison next to the church. Chat up the prisoner, then 
 go back to the store where you can now buy some [BREATH MINTS]. Take them and 
 give them to the prisoner and ask him for a file. He has none, but is willing 
 to give you a Carrot Cake if you can get rid of the rats in the prison. Give 
 him the [GOPHER REPELLENT] in trade for the [CARROT CAKE]. Open the cake to 
 reveal a [FILE]. Now manually save your game, then get back into the mansion 
 and jump through the hole in the wall. Watch the cutscene which introduces you 
 to Elaine, then try to exit the manor. The sheriff will throw Guybrush into 
 the sea. 
 Now that you are underwater, you can wait for 10 minutes to get the 
 [10 MINUTES LATER] achievement to pop. Once it pops you will die, so reload 
 the savegame and proceed to the part where you are thrown into the sea again.
 Down under the sea, pick up the [IDOL], then wait for an old geezer 
 to give you the message about Elaine being kidnapped. The geezer gives you a 
 [NOTE] about the kidnapping, and whops, the whole game turns into a love 
 story. Read the note, then head for the Scumm Bar.
--- SHE'S BEEN KIDNAPPED, I TELL YE! ------------------------------- [pa08] ---

 |                                                                           |
 |                        I T E M   C H E C K L I S T                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  Magnetic Compass..............[  ]  Melting Mug....................[  ]  |
 |  Shopkeeper's Note.............[  ]  Otis...........................[  ]  |
 |  Swordmaster...................[  ]  Meathook.......................[  ]  |
 |  Mug...........................[  ]                                       |
 |                                                                           |

 With poor Elaine  kidnapped, it's time  you   o-----------------------------o
 got your own pirate crew gathered, and what   | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 better  place  to  start  looking  than the   |                             |
 Scumm  Bar? Too  bad there  are no  pirates   |  The Three Trials......[  ] |
 left there, only a crying chef.               |                             |
 Ask about Elaine to find out that 
 LeChuck's crew are responsible for the kidnapping, and has taken off for 
 Monkey Island. When asked where you can get a ship for yourself, the cook will 
 tell you to head for the shipyard. You can find it by going to the world map 
 and accessing the "Lights" area in the eastern end. Stan will greet you at the 
 entrance. Tell him you {really don't have too much to spend}, then go on to 
 ask about {getting a ship on credit}. This isn't possible, but Stan suggests 
 hearing what the shopkeeper downtown has to say about things. Better advice 
 than none, right? Head over to the shop, then, and take the [MAGNETIC COMPASS] 
 that Stan hands over upon you leaving.
 You've got nothing better to say, so tell the shopkeeper you are {interested 
 in procuring a note of credit}. Be a good liar and tell him that you
 {have a job}. The old fellow will go get a note to write on. Watch the safe as 
 he opens it, and make sure to remember the combination. 
 Once that's done, tell him you're {looking for the swordmaster} again. He'll 
 leave you alone now, so go open the safe using the combination you just 
 remembered a moment ago. You will be using the "Push" and "Pull" commands to 
 move the handle left and right. Once the safe is open, grab the 
 [SHOPKEEPER'S NOTE]. This is all we need for now, so rush back to Stan at the
 "Lights" shipyard. Ask Stan if you {could see that cheap one again}, then ask
 if he will accept {the storekeeper's credit}. Ask about {extras}, then just
 continue telling him that {you can live without that piece of junk} until 
 you've done so for a minute or so. Now that you have disarded a lot of extras, 
 tell him {you'd like to make an offer}, then {offer 5000 Pieces of Eight}. If 
 he declines, try to leave, and he will call you back. Now you can offer 5000 
 Pieces of Eight again, and he'll agree to sell the ship for 5000.
 With this out of the way, we need 3 crew members. The first one is the 
 [SWORDMASTER]. Go to her hut and ask her to join. Simple as that. Next up is 
 Otis, the guy in the prison. On your way to the prison, another cutscene will 
 trigger, and reveal more about LeChuck.. And by "more".. I mean... his 
 identity! He's actually someone you've met before. Anyway, head to the prison 
 and tell Otis that the {mayor's been kidnapped}. He'll agree to join your 
 crew, but obviously, you've got to free him from prison. To free him from 
 imprisonment, go to the Scumm Bar, and pick up a [MUG] from the table next to 
 the cook. Use it on the Grog Barrel in the kitchen to get a [MELTING MUG].
 Pick up the 4 remaining Mugs from the bar as well. While walking towards the 
 prison, your Melting Mug will turn into a broken mug that you will 
 have to use on an empty mug in your inventory before it gets destroyed. If you 
 fail to do this (some timing is required), you can repeat the process, as the 
 mugs in the bar will re-appear after you leave.  Use your Melting Mug on the 
 cage that [OTIS] is trapped in, and you'll be able to free him. Great. Only 
 one member remaining now.
 The third crew member can be found at the "Island" in the northeastern part of 
 the world map. Climb up the ladder at the Island entrance, and use the Chicken 
 (from the Voodoo Woman's house) on the cable above you. This lets you get to 
 the other side of the water. Head inside the house on the island, and talk to 
 Meathook. Tell him that {the governor has been kidnapped}. Continue talking to 
 him, and open the door that Meathook leads you to. Touch the bird inside. 
 [MEATHOOK] is now part of your crew. With all 3 members recruited, go back to 
 the Scumm Bar to meet the crew in full. Talk to them to end this chapter of 
 the game. You still have three left, so don't sulk. Oh, and just about now, 
 the [THE THREE TRIALS] achievement will pop, since you've completed the first 
 chapter. Congratulations!

                            PART TWO: THE JOURNEY                        [pb01]

--- GATHERING INGREDIENTS ----------------------------------------- [pb02] ---

 |                                                                           |
 |                        I T E M   C H E C K L I S T                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  Dusty Book....................[  ]  Gunpowder......................[  ]  |
 |  Bookmark......................[  ]  Pot............................[  ]  |
 |  Feather Pen...................[  ]  Cereal.........................[  ]  |
 |  Ink...........................[  ]  Toy Price......................[  ]  |
 |  Jolly Roger...................[  ]  Small Key......................[  ]  |
 |  Giant Piece of Rope...........[  ]  Piece of Paper.................[  ]  |
 |  Fine Wine.....................[  ]  Cinnamon Sticks................[  ]  |
 |                                                                           |
 Now, the second chapter of the game is rather short compared to the first one 
 that took place on Melee Island, and consists mainly of you walking around on 
 the ship, gathering various items for a recipe. 
 Open the drawer in fron of you and look at it to find a [DUSTY BOOK] 
 containing a log that someone wrote a long time ago. As you read the book, it 
 turns into a [BOOKMARK]. Take it with you, then grab the [FEATHER PEN] and 
 [INK] from the very same desk. Exit the door, and before speaking to your 
 crew, climb up that rope ladder to find a [JOLLY ROGER]. Fetch it, then get 
 back downstairs. Go down the hatch located behind the mast, then proceed 
 straight down the next hatch as well. Down here is the storage area you will 
 see some walls almost cracking against the seawater. And then, there's a 
 [GIANT PIECE OF ROPE] waiting for you too. Grab it and head then open the 
 chest in the lower right end of the room. It contains some [FINE WINE]. Spice 
 things up a bit and grab the [GUNPOWDER] in the kegs to your left. That's all 
 there is to do down in the storage room, so head back up the ladder. 
 Now enter the door with the blue light coming from it to reach the kitchen.
 There is a [POT] on the bench to the left, and some [CEREAL] in the cupboard. 
 Open it to get a [TOY PRICE]. Look at the prize to reveal a [SMALL KEY]. Open 
 the cabinet back in the Captain's Cabin using the small key, and you'll end up 
 with a [PIECE OF PAPER] and [CINNAMON STICKS] from inside the chest in the 
 cabin. Look more closely at the paper to reveal a recipe. You already have all 
 of the ingredients, so let's get back to the kitchen and start cooking!
--- MIXIN' VOODOO BREW  -------------------------------------------- [ba03] ---
 Back in the kitchen, stuff the following things into the huge pot:
 .-----------------------.  Before putting the final item into the brew, you
 | VOODOO RECIPE         |  can also throw other unneeded items into it, just
 '-----------------------'  for the sake of getting rid of them, but this is
 | Fine Wine             |  not in any way neccessary. Anyway, as you put the
 |-----------------------|  final item into the pot, Guybrush passes out on the
 | Cinnamon Sticks       |  floor, and several days pass. The other crewmembers
 |-----------------------|  do not seem to notice though.
 | Jolly Roger           |
 |-----------------------|  Head upstairs once you're concios again, and you'll
 | Ink                   |  see that the ship has arrived at Monkey Island. Go
 |-----------------------|  back to the storage area for some more [GUNPOWDER],
 | Breath Mints          |  then use it on the cannon back up on the deck.
 |-----------------------|  Also, use your giant piece of rope on the back part
 | Cereal                |  of the cannon, then head for the kitchen.
 | Rubber Chicken        |  Down in the kitchen throw your Map into the Red Hot
 |-----------------------|  Fire under the pot where you just mixed your Voodoo
 | Gunpowder             |  Brew in order to receive a [FLAMING MASS].
                                               | ITEM CHECKLIST              |
 Go back up  on the  deck, light  the fuse on  |                             |
 the cannon  using the  Flaming Mass, then be  |  Gunpowder.............[  ] |
 lighting  quick and  use  your  Pot  in  the  |  Flaming Mass..........[  ] |
 inventory. Guybrush puts the pot on his head  |                             |
 and shoots himself  onto  the island and the  | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 [THE JOURNEY] achievement unlocks if  you're  |                             |
 on the  Xbox  360.  That's  the end  of this  |  The Journey...........[  ] |
 chapter, but rest  assured that the next one  |                             |
 will last quite a bit longer.                 o-----------------------------o


                        PART THREE: UNDER MONKEY ISLAND                  [pc01]


--- FINALLY, THE ISLAND OF APES! ---------------------------------- [pc02] ----

 |                                                                           |
 |                        I T E M   C H E C K L I S T                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  Banana........................[  ]  Rope...........................[  ]  |
 |  Piece of Paper................[  ]  Note...........................[  ]  |
 |  Rope..........................[  ]  Note Under a Rock..............[  ]  |
 |  Spyglass......................[  ]  Piece of Flint.................[  ]  |
 |  Cannonball....................[  ]  Note...........................[  ]  |
 |  Gunpowder.....................[  ]  Bananas........................[  ]  |
 |                                                                           |

 Watch Guybrush struggling to get out of the sand, and grab the [BANANA] on the 
 beach once back in control. Make sure to read the [PIECE OF PAPER] hanging on 
 that tree, since finding all of these will result in another achievement. Go 
 into the jungle to access the world map, and head over to the upper left 
 corner to find the "Fort". If you can't see the Fort, it's just above the tiny 
 lake. At the fort, grab the [ROPE], the [SPYGLASS] and push the cannon to 
 trigger another cutscene. Once it's over, grab the [CANNONBALL] and 
 [GUNPOWDER] that fell out of that cannon you pushed. Exit the fort, and go
 to the beach just south of here to find anohter [NOTE].
 Out on the world map again, follow the river to the right until you can access
 the "River Fork". Look at the [NOTE UNDER A ROCK] to read a message related to
 LeChuck. Also, look at the rock that kept the note in place to reveal a 
 [PIECE OF FLINT]. What are you waiting for? Grab it :)
 Cross the river, climb the mountain and read the [NOTE] on the ground. Keep on 
 climbing to reach the top of the moutnain and trigger another cutscene. When 
 you get the chance during the cutscene, ask {who} the old man is to hear some 
 interesting details. Next, once he has left, use the Spyglass. Guybrush will 
 say that he can see his piece of junk ship from here. Head back down again to 
 where you found the previous note. You will see that there is a catapult here.
 You can either push or pull it, and then use the Spyglass to determine what 
 the catapult is currently aiming at (either your ship or the tree on the 
 beach). You have to destroy the tree, but you can also aim at and destroy
 your ship. Doing so will result in an alternate ending to the game.
 So, aim at the tree (and the ship if you want to), then head back up to the 
 top, and push the rock on the ground down onto the catapult. Once that's 
 done, head back to the catapult for anohter [NOTE]. Go back down to where
 you crossed the river again, and use the Gunpowder in your inventory on 
 the dam. Then, use your Flint on your Cannonball to trigger a small
 explosion that creates a flood. Now head back to the beach to find two
 [BANANAS] where the tree used to be. Leave the beach again.
--- AFTER BLOWING THE DAM OPEN ------------------------------------- [pc03] ---
 On the world map, follow the river right  to  o-----------------------------o
 the "Pond" area. Next to the skeleton,  read  | ITEM CHECKLIST              |
 the  [NOTE]  on  the  ground,  and  grab the  |                             |
 [ROPE] next to  him. After the  cutscene and  |  Note..................[  ] |
 conversation, go back to the world map. Head  |  Rope..................[  ] |
 east to the "Beach"  and open the bottle  in  |  Note..................[  ] |
 the water for anohter [NOTE]. Now, go to the  |  Oars..................[  ] |
 "Crack"  area  on the  world  map, and  once  |  Note..................[  ] |
 there, use your  Rope  on the strong-looking  |  Bananas...............[  ] |
 branch. Climb one level down using the  rope  |                             |
 you just laid out, then use your second rope  o-----------------------------o
 on the Sturdy Stump. This will allow  you to
 reach the bottom of the area where some [OARS] are waiting for you. Use these
 Oars on the Rowboat back at the beach.
 Row the boat to the right, then upwards until you reach the northeastern side 
 of the main island. It's quite a trip, so be patient. Get onto the beach in 
 the northeastern part, and read the [NOTE] lying next to the water. 
 Afterwards, enter the jungle and continue to the "Village". It seems 
 completely empty, so let's take it easy. Grab the [BANANAS] in the left end of 
 the village, then try to leave to meet the cannibals. Let them trap you, and 
 when they ask you to give them something, just browse your inventory until 
 they take you away to the "guest house".
--- TRAPPED BY HUMAN FLESH-EATERS  --------------------------------- [pc04] ---
 Read the  [NOTE] on  the floor  in the guest  o-----------------------------o
 house,  and  take the  [BANANA  PICKER] from  | ITEM CHECKLIST              |
 under the window. If you have been following  |                             |
 this guide,  the [RECORDKEEPER]  achievement  |  Note..................[  ] |
 should pop now, since you just got the final  |  Banana Picker.........[  ] |
 Note. Also take the [SKULL] from the  floor.  |  Skull.................[  ] |
 Under it there isa loose plank. Rip it  open  |  Wimpy Little Idol.....[  ] |
 and head  into the  hole. The  banana picker  |  Banana Pekcer!........[  ] |
 has  to be  left behind  for now,  so don't   |  Monkey Head Key.......[  ] |
 worry about not getting to take it with you.  |                             |
 If you want the [ESCAPE ARTIST] achievement,  o-----------------------------o
 return  to  the village  after  escaping the
 guest house. Let yourself get caught by  the cannibals again, and repeat the
 process until you have done it five times.
 Row back  to the  southern beach,  and enter  o-----------------------------o
 the  jungle  again.  Go  visit  the "Monkey"  | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 reachable from  the world  map, and  give it  |                             |
 all of your 5 bananas. This will make it your |  Recordkeeper..........[  ] |
 follower. With the monkey tailing you, head   |  Escape Artist.........[  ] |
 north back up to the river on the world map,  |                             |
 then   east  from   there   to  reach    the  o-----------------------------o
 "Clearing" area, which is the eastmost  part
 of  Monkey  Island. Pull  the   nose on  the totem  pole to  open a gate.
 It  closes when you  let  go,  but your  monkey friend  will make  sure you
 can  enter the gate.
 Once inside, you will see a Giant Monkey Head. Next to it, there is a
 [WIMPY LITTLE IDOL]. Take it, and go back to the Cannibal Village. Give the
 cannibals the idol, and you will be able to enter their guest hut freely.
 Do so and take the [BANANA PICKER] waiting for you inside. Head outside to
 find the geezer waiting for you. Give him the Banana Picker and he will
 hand over the [MONKEY HEAD KEY] in return. Put they key to use by 
 backtracking to the Giant Monkey Skull back in the southern part of the
 island. Open it up by sticking the key in the monkey ear and go inside.
--- INSIDE THE GIANT MONKEY HEAD ----------------------------------- [pc05] ---

 |                                                                           |
 |                        I T E M   C H E C K L I S T                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  Navigator's Head..............[  ]  Glob of Grease.................[  ]  |
 |  Key...........................[  ]  Ghost Tools....................[  ]  |
 |  Feather.......................[  ]  Root...........................[  ]  |
 |  Grog..........................[  ]  Magic Seltzer Bottle...........[  ]  |
 |                                                                           |

 Don't  mind   all  the   lava  and   general  o-----------------------------o
 dangerous-looking environment,  just run  to  | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 the right until you  see a big head  hanging  |                             |
 on  the wall.  Look at  it, then   head back  |  Under Monkey Island...[  ] |
 outside, since we do  not have the means  to  |                             |
 navigate  through   the   monkey  head  yet.  o-----------------------------o
 Go back to the cannibal village and tell them that you
 {are looking for someone} that {is not living}. The cannibals will explain 
 that they need a very rare root that LeChuck is hiding from them inside the
 Monkey Head. Tell them that you are {off to find LeChuck and get the root} to
 gain their trust. Keep the conversation going until they eventuall start
 chatting among themselves about tropical oils.
 Now open your inventory and give them the Leaflet in trade for a nasty
 [NAVIGATOR'S HEAD]. With the head, go back inside the Monkey Head, and 
 then "Use" the Navigator's head. Look at it closely as Guybrush holds it in 
 his hands, and just follow the direction its nose is pointing, and you will
 eventually reach LeChuck's ship.
 Once you see the ship, talk to the Navigator's Head. Just beg it for the
 necklace once it hands it over to you. Use the necklace now, and you will turn 
 invisible. Walk to the ship now, after using the necklace. Ignore the 
 serevants dancing and just go left into the cabin to find LeChuck. Stand still 
 so that Chuck does not see you. Instead, use your Magnetic Compass to attract 
 the [KEY] hanging on the wall next to LeChuck. Back on the deck, walk down 
 into the hatch. Ignore the sleeping pirate, and head into the door right of 
 him. Pick up a [FEATHER] from the ghost chickens in here, and use it on the 
 sleeping ghost's feet 2 times. He will drop the [GROG]. Now head back right to 
 where the chicken was earlier, and open the crate in the floor using your key 
 from LeChuck's room. Head downstairs.
 Put some Grog on that dish next to the rats. This will allow you to pick up 
 some [GLOB OF GREASE] from the pot on your right. Dash back upstairs again and 
 try opening the door right of the hatch. It makes a sound. Use your grease on 
 it to successfully open it. Ignore the sleeping ghost guard, and take the
 [GHOST TOOLS] from the wall. Use them on the crate placed next to the chicken 
 you found earlier. Inside is a [VOODOO ROOT]. This is what the cannibals were 
 talking about. Now backtrack all the way to the cannibal village and wait for 
 them to give you a [MAGIC SELTZER BOTTLE].
 Now, the ghost ship will be gone, but a skeleton will explain to you where it 
 is. And as such, this third chapter ends. The next final chapter takes place 
 back on Melee Island, where you started out. Oh, by the way, since the third 
 chapter just ended, the [UNDER MONKEY ISLAND] achievement will pop.
--- GUYBRUSH KICKS ASS --------------------------------------------- [pc06] ---
 Welcome back to Melee Island, now  populated  o-----------------------------o
 by GHOSTS.  Go right,  talk to  the ghost on  | ACHIEVEMENT CHECKLIST       |
 the docks, and spray in its eyes. Go towards  |                             |
 the shop, and talk  to the Grim Specter  and  |  Guybrush Kicks Ass....[  ] |
 spray  him,  too! Now  run  for the  church!  |                             |
 Elaine and  LeChuck are marrying  each other  o-----------------------------o
 in here! I won't be  spoiling anything, just 
 make sure to pick up the bottle of root beer and use it on LeChuck one you are 
 back in control. And that.. is the end of the game! Congratulations  with that
 [GUYBRUSH KICKS BUTT] achievement. And  thanks  for reading  this  guide, too!

                                  LEGAL STUFF                            [ka01]


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                             GREETINGS AND SHOUTOUTS                     [ka02]


 This section's just here for the sake of some namedropping. Things I've 
 enjoyed recently apart from The Secret of Monkey Island: SE are....
 - The TVGP Podcast at TVGP.TV!
 - The Carousel Podcast at thecarouselpodcast.com!
 - Fallout: New Vegas. I kid you not, the best game in the entire series!
 - Cake!

                                VERSION HISTORY                          [ka04]


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