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    Determined (secret)Completed the game without using any hints10
    Escape Artist (secret)Escaped from the monkey island cannibals hut 5 times10
    Guybrush Kicks Butt (secret)Completed Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt. Guybrush stopped LeChuck from marrying Elaine Marley45
    Human Cannonball (secret)Finished the entire game in record time. We hope you were wearing a helmet!10
    Marooned Everyone (secret)Re-marooned Herman Toothrot and marooned Carla, Otis and Meathook on Monkey Island™10
    Old School (secret)Experienced the original, classic adventure game, as it was in the early 90s5
    RecordKeeper (secret)Collected all of the notes and memos sent between Herman Toothrot, LeChuck and the Cannibals10
    Sharp Tongue (secret)Guybrush learned all of the insults, and is the wittiest/deadliest pirate what ever swung a sword15
    Ten Minutes Later... (secret)Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes, but not any longer than that10
    The Journey (secret)Complete Part Two: The Journey. Guybrush used a voodoo spell to travel to Monkey Island™25
    The Three Trials (secret)Completed Part One: The Three Trials. Guybrush proved himself worthy to be a pirate25
    Under Monkey Island (secret)Completed Part Three: Under Monkey Island. Guybrush traveled into the Monkey Head and got the root25

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