What is the best strategy for getting the Duelist (kill 100 enemies with flurries) achievement?

  1. I am near the end of the game, and do not have this achievement because I was doing flurries wrong. You have to wait until your weapon turns yellow after an attack, and then hit attack to unleash a flurry. I was just mashing attack rapidly the whole game, so I never executed any flurries. Executing flurries takes timing. I didn't figure out how to execute a flurry until near the end.

    Enemies do not respawn in this game, so now I am concerned that there may not be enough enemies for me to get this achievement. So I came up with a plan. I found an area where there are lots of enemies nearby, and I want to keep killing them and then reloading the game until I get it. My concern is whether this will unlock the achievement, since I will not be saving my game after killing the enemies. Do the kills I get using flurries still count if I do not save the game? I am pretty sure this will work, but I wanted to know if someone else had done this to get the achievement. I would hate to kills hundreds of enemeis this way, only to find out hours later that it was not counting towards the achievement because I was not saving my game.

    User Info: roachtbp

    roachtbp - 7 years ago

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